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Compositions Hsieh, Hank Han Yang 2006

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COMPOSITIONS by HANK HAN YANG HSIEH B.Mus., University of British Columbia, 2001 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (Composition) THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA October 2005 © Hank Han Yang Hsieh, 2005 i i A B S T R A C T The thesis for the Master of Music degree in Composition consists of a recital of original works composed during graduate study. The student is expected to have written for the recital approximately an hour of music for various media. M y compositions were performed on Titles Threads over a silent haze Prelude for String Quartet Unknown Journey Love Stay Here 1 love you (based on Folksong by Huang Jing-Ya) Miniature for Clarinet, Cello, Guitar, and Percussion Date March 9,2003 February 12, 2004 M a y 17,2005 M a y 17,2005 M a y 17, 2005 October 26, 2005 Length 9 '56" 5 '34" 3 ' 59" 4 ' 4 3 " 5 ' 41" 4 ' 4 6 " October 26,2005 15'33' i i i TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract i i Table of Contents i i i Acknowledgements iv C O M P O S I T I O N 1 Threads over a silent haze 1 Instrumentation 2 C O M P O S I T I O N 2 String Quartet "Prelude" 32 C O M P O S I T I O N 3 Miniatures 43 Instrumentation and Special Notation 44 Program Notes and Performance Directions 45 I. Gliding 46 II. /fr 53 III. Veda's Dance 56 IV. Little Song in D 68 V . Interlude 69 V I . Midnight *Sol light 72 VII . Twilight 77 C O M P O S I T I O N 4 @ (I love you) 83 Lyric 84 List o f Tracks on C D 100 ACKNOWKEDGEMENTS I would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals and organizations; without their support, the completion and performance of the works contained herein would not have been possible: Chung-Hsung Hsieh, Tsai-Lin Lee and Sandy Pei-Hua Hsieh Dr. Dorothy Chang Dr. Stephen Chatman Dr. Keith Hamel Dr. William Benjamin Dr. John Roeder Dr. Eugene Wilson Johnny Chiang Susan Chan Kim Hsieh Huang Jin-Ya Teresa Lee Grace Mo Diane Chan David Chang Siaw-Kin Lee Emily Shapiro Bo Peng Ryan Enns Annabelle Ip Monica Min Young Lee Colin Pridy UBC Symphony Orchestra Victoria Symphony Orchestra Borealis String Quartet The Office Staff of UBC School of Music The UBC Audio Recording Department and many others. threads aver a silent haze for orchestra Hank Hsieh (February 2003) threads over a silent haze INSTRUMENTATION 2 Flutes 2 Oboes 2 Clarinets in Bb 2 Bassoons 2 Horns in F 2 Trumpets in Bb Vibraphone Marimba Glockenspiel 1 Harp Violins I, II Violas Cellos Basses Play with soft mallets Play with medium hard mallets Play with hard mallets threads over a silent haze Delicate J =76 Hank Hsieh (2003) 2 Flute 2 O b o e Clar inets in Bbl 2 B a s s o o n 2 Horns in F 2 T r u m p e t s in Bb Harp Viol in I Cello Doub le Bass legato 1 ={l J>P tega/o J f J p J (c) Hank Hsieh February 2003 4 Cl. in Bb 2 Hrns. in F 2 Tpts . in Bb Pero. 1 poco cresc. mp Hrp. VI. I V ia . Vc. D B . poco cresc. poco cresc.  mP 9 11 Cl. in Bb 2 Tpts. in Bb Perc. Ob. Cl. in Bb 1 Bsn. 2 2 Hrns. in F 2 Tpts. in Bb Perc. P K T JmM V\ Hrp. Via. D.B. filffflf U. U , B p -^ ^ ^ rap cresc. dim. 14 19 22 27 2FI. 2 Cl. in Bb 2 Hrns. in F 2 Tpts. in Bb Hrp. VI. I VI. II Via. D.B. .mp . mp pp mf f - f mf a tempo 2 B s n . 2 Hrns. in F 2 Tp ts in Bb Hrp. VI . I V I . II V ia . Vc. D . B . a tempo div. a 2 J > J, 29 id 2 0 b . 2 Cl . in Bb 2 Hrns. in F 2 Tpts . in Bb Perc. Hrp. V ia. Vo. D.B. D i e l ^ PP pp unis. PP unis. . IID—i If? % T T a -Ja*—i — "~fc g —j— —~ * «J jfi \& \ I f [ = PP unis. » H£—.—S—*tte ^ fc11 " > j r *T h — t *T J -~TS—s—s— lib i r r\ = r f Is -33 34 the sign indicates speed of a trill. The smaller the ampitude, the faster the trill; the larger the amplitude, the slower the trill. 36 37 38 40 41 Miniatures for Clarinet, Cello, Guitar, and Percussion I. Gliding II. >b III. Veda's Dance IV. Little Song in D V. Interlude VI. Midnight * Sol light VII. Twilight By: Hank Hsieh 44 Instrumentations: 1 Clarinet in Bb - 1 Cello 1 Guitar (Amplified) 1 Percussion - Vibraphone - Marimba - Chime - Crotale (Note "D") - 2 Bass Bows - 2 Heavy Sand Bags Special Notations: J J J J T O J J Play the notes from Slow to Fast then Fast to Slow in the given duration (fewer line indicate slower note, more lines indicate faster note). Play the notes in the bracket as fast as possible. Play as fast grace notes. Trill goes from Slow to Fast. Trill goes from Fast to Slow. AA V A / v ^ M For Cello, scatter improvisational events on the other side of the bridge. Medium Soft Mallets X Hard Mallets 45 Program Notes A series of tone paintings about movements, gestures, and atmosphere. Performance Directions 1. This piece should display delicateness. Avoid excessive loudness. 2. Silence and Space are part of the piece. Feel the space and time between the movements. However, be careful with it; do not let the music be stagnated. 3. A sense of pulse is important. Feel the traditional strong and weak beat of the traditional time signature in each measure. 4. If sense of downbeat is NOT desired, it will be notated in seconds. About the Score 1. All movements are notated in C (all notes sound as seen) except Movement II which Clarinet in Bb is notated at written pitch. 46 47 48 49 50 5 1 52 5 4 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 Cl. in Bb Vc Gtr Perc 46 Cl. in Bb Vc Gtr Perc K> t f f f f f f •; f f ; p T u 1 i I I -/ JL v -«£ «f f f f 1 1 J u IvP «f > J > t-T LI LI = sub. p i i I I i .] ! 1 65 66 67 Warm and Gently J = 52-60 IV. Little Song in D (for solo cello) 69 70 rit. a tempo 71 72 VI. Midnight * Sol light J- 80 Cl. in Bb Vc Gtr Perc A pp P Cl. Vc. Gtr. Perc. V gradually to Scratch tone 'Let all notes on Guitar and Percussion Instruments ring, unless there are other indications 73 74 r ( 75 77 78 79 80 81 82 I love you on folksong by By HankHsieh 84 tm B & mi nn m m m m H & ^ <4 m i n i n Vrf- s a? g rm as;. $ N -fa g mi It & £ m m )& m m f i *!2 *£i » « ^ is £ i H< H g en & m m •5? *£? nn nn i n i n is; 1? tm rm IS i f l PR I ^ M M ^ fK nn Lm an -fl ^ i £ •nn i n i n g gfif- Si; 1? S ^ nn nn i t S S W & m *fr W t# t# iljin) ^ n mi (based on Folksong by j Moderate and Gently Hank Hsieh Voca Harmony Guitar Keyboard Piano Bass Percussion/Effect l & 4 = = ft " i = 'lh 4 M O t t f <ff * l ; 4 . Fantom / kh 4 #M| ghtPad § - * mp ^ — / r r r r r r ^ l> t> * II 8 = 1st time mP 2nd time mf Vox Vox Hmy Gtr 2nd time only Max Tine Rhode KB mp 1st time: Morning Star Pad 2nd time: Angels Choir Pad —r— 1st time P 2nd time mP Pn r r 1st time p 2nd time Bass Perc/Efx Vox Vox Hmy Gtr f3 $4? to 3 2nd time only ^ -5 3^L- 41 KB Pn r -i Bass Perc/Efx 13 Vox Vox Hmy Gtr p r J 0 14 i $ 1 « J l J J woo KB Pn Bass Perc/Efx Vox Vox Hmy Gtr 17 4? W @ S) 1ST J ' J , n U fc] WOO 3 E 3k KB 4 ^ * rj1J]Jiy P l i ^ l • * J * J *~ Pn Bass Perc/Efx X o > E I X CD m c a in (0 (B CD yd s a> a 37 Vox Vox Hmy Gtr Slower mp i i If 4 4p V ^3 E E m KB Leo Rhode 3k 3 S = Pn Bass Perc/Efx —1» r-r i . on - = •v —-w I I I . < £ > . » i n * ' ™--? - - t> J —t* • x r . - - -Hi ¥ " i i osJ- i . " i =1 i \ -:> ^ ^ % - - - t _ " 1 $ ' j ; * S3? <>« ;!I 1 r •1 M r L . _ L - _ 9 s : : : : V O oo *© List of Tracks on CD Track # Title Length Track 1 Threads over a silent haze for orchestra 9'56'' Track 2 Prelude for String Quartet 5 '34" Track 3 -9 Miniatures for Clarinet, Cello, Guitar, and Percussion 15' 3 3" Track 10 MBffl(Iloveyou) 4'46" (based on Folksong by Huang Jing-Ya) Track 11 Love 4'43" Track 12 Unknown Journey 3'59" Track 13 Stay Here 5 '41" o o 


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