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Role of Count de Grieux in J. Massenet’s "Manon" Welsh, Justin Joseph 2004

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ROLE OF COUNT DE GRIEUX IN J . MASSENET'S  MANON  by JUSTIN JOSEPH* WELSH B.Mus., UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA,  2002  A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC  in THE  FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School Of Music)  We accept t h i s t h e s i s as conforming to the r e q u i r e d standard  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA April 2 004 © J u s t i n Joseph Welsh 2 0 0 4  Library Authorization  In presenting this thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for an advanced degree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying or publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission.  • j g s t i o  W i s h  APQ\  Name of Author (please print)  Title of Thesis:  Degree:  Department of  jft f W c ;  f^U^lC  The University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC  Date (dd/mm/yyyy)  PreS€/YvKfV) i h l  fVvkfS  Canada  ^  Ofw  fp -c of  Coufrre  ftrfprm^cp  Year:  dt  (jntu^y  700H  ABSTRACT The  t h e s i s f o r the Master of Music degree i n  Opera c o n s i s t s of the performance of a major r o l e i n one f u l l opera production i n the f i r s t or second year. I performed r o l e of Count De Grieux i n J u l e s Massenet's Manon on the 6  th  of March 2004.  For t h i s r o l e , I had to present myself as an o l d e r gentleman of a d i s t i n g u i s h e d c l a s s . Since, I myself am a young man experience  of 23,  I had to use my  and technique  middle-aged gentleman. s t a t u r e , I was  imagination,  still  stage  to give a great p o r t r a y a l of t h i s Through my  t r a i n i n g , v o i c e c o l o r and  able to give the audience the i d e a of myself  being the s i g n i f i c a n t f a t h e r of one of the main c h a r a c t e r s . Even though I am using the r o l e of Count De Grieux my  as  t h e s i s , during rehearsals and production I a l s o had  p l a y another character that was  completely  to  the opposite.  The  Count could be considered extremely s e r i o u s and sure of himself i n h i s ways and v i r t u e s . character that I was  However, the  r e q u i r e d to play, Lescaut,  other cousin of  Manon, could be i n t e r p r e t e d as c a r e l e s s , r e c k l e s s and a  man  of the world. Since these are not the v i r t u e s of such a man Count I had the unique challenge of separating the  as  the  two  m e n t a l i t i e s and v o i c e c o l o r s even though they were the same  v o i c e type.  The Count must have a strong, powerful even  commanding v o i c e to show h i s q u a l i t y and s t a t u s . however i s more l a i d back must be portrayed going manner.  Lescaut  i n a more easy  With t h i s problem of double r o l e , i t made my  t h e s i s r o l e of the Count more c h a l l e n g i n g and gave me opportunity  express my  t a l e n t and  ingenuity.  an  Massenet's  MANON  The Chan Shun Concert Hall March 4, 5, 6, 7 2004  UBCMUSIC  The Chan Centre  MANON By Jules Massenet Opera in 5 Acts with 6 Scenes Text by Meilhac and Gille Based on the story by the Abbe Prevost With the U B C Opera Ensemble & The U B C Symphony Orchestra  Premiere, Opera-Comique, Paris, January 19, 1884 Conductor Norbert Baxa Director Nancy Hermiston Music Director Richard Epp Set and Costume Design by Alessia Carpoca Lighting Design by Jeremy Baxter There will be two twenty- minute intermissions Chan Shun Concert Hall March 4, 5, 6, 7, 2004 This production is made possible by generous assistance through the Chan Endowment Fund of the University of British Columbia  A Message from the Director of the UBC School of Dear Friends of the School of Music, Fans and Followers of U B C Opera. We are excited and very proud to welcome you to another opera production here on the University of British Columbia campus. Tonight's performance of Manon promises to be another example of what has become an important aspect of the cultural and artistic life in Vancouver and in the growing "campus town". Tonight's production is yet another wonderful cooperative event between the Department of Theatre, Film and Creative Writing and the School of Music, and we thank the faculty, staff and students who continue to support our efforts. Who can deny the success of the wonderfully-trained singers who are winning major competitions, making Metropolitan Opera debuts, finding themselves engaged in opera houses around the globe? How exciting and rewarding it is to watch the growth and development of a singer from the tentative first appearances in a minor role in a production to a full-fledged star only a few short years later. Tonight, the brilliant voices of the U B C Opera Ensemble in combination with the well-trained, responsive University Symphony Orchestra and the brilliant musical direction of our guest conductor from the C z e c h Republic, Norbert Baxa and a timeless and beautifully dramatic score promise an unforgettable evening. We hope you are ready to be transported effortlessly away from the day-to-day for a few brief moments. Enjoy, and please come back again. Warm Wishes,  Jesse Read Director, School of Music  A Message from the Head of Theatre, Film & Creative Writing  The Department of Theatre, Film, and Creative Writing is honoured to again be part of the School of Music spring opera. The artistic, scholarly, and practical collaboration between students, faculty, and staff in Music and Theatre has been a satisfying and rewarding experience over the years, and it's a pleasure to see this latest exciting result of that collaboration onstage at the Chan Centre in a wonderful production featuring distinguished guest artists and extraordinary student performers.  Robert GaVdiner Department Head Theatre, Film and Creative Writing  It  UBC  UBCMUSIC  A Message from Head of Opera  Welcome to this very special evening of opera. The U B C Opera Ensemble is pleased to present this masterpiece of the French operatic repertoire. We have performed this opera in 2002 and 2003 in Usti nad Labem, where it was produced especially for us as a showcase for our Ensemble members. W e are delighted that Maestro Norbert Baxa, who was the conductor for the Usti performances, will lead this production as well. Our audiences will remember him from last year's performance of the C z e c h masterpiece. The Bartered Bride. Mr. Baxa is one of the C z e c h Republic's youngest and most successful General Music Directors. This year we are also delighted to have the renowned C z e c h tenor Ales Briscein. Ales, who is one of his country's leading tenors, has appeared in France, Italy, Germany and Japan. His appearance with the U B C Opera Ensemble marks his Canadian debut. We are very privileged and proud to have him as one of our cast members. Another favourite tenor of the U B C Opera Ensemble is Keith Klassen. Keith also sang in the 2002 production of Manon in Usti and returns to us for these performances. He will join the Ensemble on this year's tour, singing the role of Rodolfo in La Boheme. We will return to the Czech Republic this year to perform Eugene Onegin, in Russian, under the baton of Maestro David Aglerand La Boheme, in Italian, under the baton of Maestro Baxa. Your attendance and support of our productions makes this wonderful European experience possible for our students. These trips have had a significant impact on the development of our young singers. This year has seen many of our young talent winning major competitions, engagements and contracts with companies throughout Europe, C a n a d a and the United States. I hope that you will continue to enjoy the energy, talent and exceptional voices of these wonderful young singers and through your attendance at our performances support their journey to the professional world of opera. Enjoy the performance and many thanks for choosing opera at U B C .  Nancy Hermiston Head of Opera and Voice  Norbert Baxa - C o n d u c t o r  Nobert Baxa, the gifted young C z e c h conductor, is currently the General Music Director at the Usti nab Labem City Theatre in the C z e c h Republic. Mr. Baxa was appointed there in 1999, and at the age of 24, was the youngest music director ever appointed in a major C z e c h house. Mr. Baxa began his training at the prestigious Bratislava Conservatory as a singer and conductor, and continued his studies at the Music Academy in Prague. He worked as guest singer for the Prague Chamber Choir and as a vocal coach and accompanist for singers. He graduated in 1998 and was awarded the " R e d Diploma", the Academy's top honour. In 1996, Mr. Baxa founded the progressive chamber music group C L U B 20, dedicating their performances to composers of the 20th Century. His extensive repertoire covers the operatic and ballet genres, with a special interest in the music of C z e c h and Slovak composers such as Smetana, Janacek and Martinu. In 2001, he conducted the European premiere of Robert Ward's The Crucible with a combined Canadian and C z e c h cast. Mr. Baxa is a frequent guest conductor throughout the C z e c h Republic and Germany, and has appeared in Hungary, Spain and Japan.  UBC OPERA ENSEMBLE  To inform ourpatrons of upcoming events, we are preparing an ope directory. If you wish to be added to our list, please see one of ou desk in the lobby. And, of course, any donations to the ensemble appreciated. Thank you for supporting opera at UBC. Singers for Hire Soloists and Ensembles available for all occasions.  Let the magic of these talented young performers makeyour specia with memorable musical moments. Please call the UBC School of Music Voice and Opera Division 822-8246  aHJBC  UBCMUSIC  Guest Artists  Tenor Ales Briscein Originally he studied clarinet and saxophone and later VT I operatic singing at the Prague Conservatoire (Prof. . Dr. Miloslav Pospisil. He continued in his studies at the Western-Bohemian University in Pilsen. Since 1995 Mr. Briscein has been a Prague State Opera soloist. Within a short period of time there he learned several roles (Taminofrom Mozart's The Magic Flute, Ferrando in Cosifan Tutte, Almaviva in Rossini's //barbiere di Siviglia, Jenik in Smetana's The Bartered Bride, A l f r e d o in V e r d i ' s La Traviata, L e n s k y in Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin winning a prize at the Opera festival 2003. He performed at prestigious festivals such as the Edinburgh International Festival and The Prague Spring Festival. He performs with eminent orchestras such as the Czech Philharmonic, the Scottish Royal National Orchestra and Virtuosi di Praga. He regularly guest performs in the Prague National Theatres. On a tour of J a pan he introduced himself as Tamino in The Magic Flute and a year later as Kudrjas in Kat'a Kabanova at a premiere of this opera together with the Tokyo Philharmonic. He has concertized many times in the Czech Republic as well as abroad (Germany, Austria, Italy, England, U S A , Australia and Japan). Upcoming engagements includes The Paris Opera and Barcelona's Liceu. 1  Tenor Keith Klassen Tenor keith Klassen is an Honours graduate of the University of Toronto's Opera Division, where his credits include the title roles in Albert Herring and Barbe-Bleue and Ruggero in La Rondine. Previous roles include Rinuccio in Opera Nuova's Gianni Schicchi, Tamino in the Manitoba touring production of The Magic Flute, Rodney in the Fine Young Classicals presentation of Seven Stories and he toured the C z e c h Republic as Des Grieux in Massenet's Manon. Mr. Klassen has also performed Jenik in a Vancouver production of Bartered Bride and Don Jose in Saskatoon Opera's and Toronto Summer Lyric Opera's Carmen. He appeared as Alexius in The Chocolate Soldierfor Toronto Operetta Theatre and made his debut with Opera in Concert as Ivan Lykov in The Tsar's Bride. Mr. Klassen has also appeared in a number of productions for the Canadian Opera Company.  Cast Thursday March 4  and Saturday March 6 . th  th  MANON DES GRIEUX LESCAUT GUILLOT DE BRETIGNY COUNT DES GRIEUX (understudy) POUSETTE JAVOTTE ROSETTE INNKEEPER TWO SOLDIERS Kevin Lee  Rhoslyn Jones Ales Briscein John Conlon Stephen Bell Todd Delaney Justin Welsh* Andrew Stewart Katie May Dionne Sellinger Leah Field David English  David Mitten Friday March 5  th  and S u n d a y March 7"  MANON (understudy) DES GRIEUX LESCAUT GUILLOT DE BRETIGNY COUNT DES GRIEUX POUSETTE JAVOTTE ROSETTE INNKEEPER TWO SOLDIERS  Amy LaFroy Jennifer Farrell Keith Klassen* Justin Welsh John Marino Andrew Jameson Brent Calis Jennifer Farrell Alison Nystrom Erinn Roberts Mike Broder Kevin Lee David Mitten  ' Appears courtesy of the Canadian Actors' Equity Association  LADIES CHORUS Christina Avril, Jessica Bowes, Maria Christina Fantini, Brooke Harris, Chloe Hurst, Teiya Kasahara, Gina McLellan, Paula MacNeil Whitney Sloan, Lucy Smith, Evie Vassilikakis, Anna Whelan, Katherine Landry, Margo Le Vae, Vicki Lewis, Melanie McTaggart, Megan Morrison, Rose-Ellen Nichols, Kathleen Susak, Diana Wilder, Heidi Wood, Debbie Wong MEN'S CHORUS Brian Lee, Kevin Lee, John Marino, Mike Broder, Russell Cripps, Cory Esaryk, Darrell Croft, Riley McMitchell, David Mitten, Michael Mori, Scott Brooks, David English, John Hales, Bryn Jones, Kevin Louden, Andrew Stewart  fad  aUBC  UBCMOSIC  U B C S y m p h o n y Orchestra - Manon Violin 1 *Angela Hodgson Mira Benjamin Karen Mende Erik Sum Annelies Deacock Jessica Deutsch Hyunah Cho Gigi Lau Jessica Wan Megan Wolfe  Oboes *Fleur Sweetman Emily Sadlier-Brown  Violin 2 *Jenny Atkinson Drie Ignas Young Joo Tina Lee Alana Chang Jenny Hsu Heather Wright Theresa Choi Elaine Griffiths  Horns *Allison Zaichowski MindyLian Nick Anderson Jessica Piper  Viola *Peter Ing Genevieve McKay Chantal Lemire Isla Dowing  Trombones *James Chilton Caleb Mutch Michael Schafer  Clarinets * S a m Davidson Jeanette Searle Bassoons *Gwen Seaton Rachel Fels Elliott  Trumpets *Chris Mitchell Malcolm Aitken)  Tuba Dan Pain  Cellos *Sarah Tippett Alex Sia Regina Matthew Sabrina Tsou  Harp Andrew Chan Joy Yeh Timpani Bruce Henczel  Bass *Trevor Yeates Salvador Pedraza Adam Jones  Percussion *Katie Rife Soho Fujimoto  Flutes *Cheryl McHugh Sara Kalke  * Section Leaders  Production  Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Props Crew Chief Stage Crew Stage Crew Lighting Designer Asst. Lighting Design Lighting Operator Head of Wardrobe Surtitle Preparation Surtitle Operator Costumes Sewer Properties Supervisor Properties Supervisor Properties Assistant Builder Builder Builder Builder Wigs Make up Make up Make up Assistant Production Manager TD, Carpenter Technical Advisor Opera Ensemble Technical Director Opera Ensemble Technical Assistant Opera Ensemble Technical Assistant ATD Chan Centre  Alishia Harris Melissa Tsang Rosemary Morgan Amy Peradenic Adrienne Lister Siuling Leung Jeremy Baxter Erin Harris Crystal McConeghy Parvin Mirhady Megan Morrison Krzysztof Biernacki Robert Prince Connie Sia Janet Bickford Lynn Burton Wendy Subity Helina Patience Melissa Tsang Rosemary Morgan Diana Domm Elke Englicht NelVolrich Carmen Garcia Weylon Aran Jay Henrickson Elia Kirby Ian Pratt John Conlon Andrew Jameson David English Owen Schellenberger  aUBC  UBCMUSIC  Plot Synopsis for Manon Act One In the courtyard of an inn in Amiens, two noblemen, Guillot and De Bretigny, and their actress friends, Pousserte, Javotte and Rosette, loudly demand dinner from the innkeeper. The coach arrives from Arras. Curious villagers are joined by Lescaut, who is meeting his 15-year-old cousin Manon on her way to a convent on her parent's orders. She arrives, breathless with wonder at her first journey away from home. While Lescaut leaves to search for her luggage, Guillot sees her and offers here money "for a word of love". He is rebuffed with laughter, and mocked by his companions.  He  nevertheless tells Manonthat his coach is at her disposal. Lescaut witnesses the end of the conversation and reproaches Manon for her lack of discretion, which threatens the family honour, then leaves her to gamble with his friends. Left alone once more, Manon casts envious glances at the actresses and their fine clothes, realizing sadly that prospects of a life of luxury will be shut off by the convent door. Des Grieux enters to await the coach that will take him to his father. Seeing Manon, he immediately falls in love with her. Des Grieux invites her to come with him to Paris. Manon returns his love and suggests that they take advantage of Guillot's carriage. They set off for Paris. Guillot is humiliated and swears revenge. Act Two Manon and Des Grieux are sharing an apartment together in Paris. Des Grieux is writing a letter to his father, asking for permission to marry his love. Suddenly Lescaut, accompanied by De Bretigny in disguise, bursts in. While Bretigny pretends to counsel clemency, Lescaut's anger diminishes when he hears that Des Grieux is seeking his father's approval to marry Manon. Bretigny privately informs Manon that Des Grieux will be abducted on his father's orders. This is her chance of escape to a better life. The intruders leave, and Des Grieux goes to mail the letter. Manon struggles with herself, feeling unworthy of her lover and knowing that she will be unable to resist Bretigny's offer. She bids a sentimental farewell to the domestic scene. She does not warn her lover on his return and he is subsequently abducted.  12  Synopsis continued Act Three, Scene One There is merry-making in the Cours-la-Reine. De Bretigny and Manon enter together. She draws admiration from everyone and extols the pleasures of youth and the joys of her new life. Guillot continues to be intrigued.  Manon overhears a conversation  between Bretigny and the Count des Grieux, the chevalier's father. He reveals that his son is taking holy orders and is to preach his first sermon at St Sulpice later in the day. Manon asks the Count if his son has forgotten the cause of his misery, and he answers that he has. Abruptly Manon orders a coach to take her to St Sulpice. Guillot is publicly humiliated once more. Act Three, Scene Two In the church of St Sulpice, Des Grieux has just given an eloquent sermon. The congregation is quite taken with the new Abbe .His father is there and urges him to reconsider his decision to become a priest. Des Grieux insists that it is the only way that he can forget Manon. Manon has come to the church to find Des Grieux. S h e begs forgiveness, and with a few loving gestures, his reservations are dispelled. They express their love once again. Act Four Gamblers and professional card-sharpers including Lescaut gather at the Hotel de Transylvanie. Guillot suggests a game to the honourable Des Grieux. He accepts, but is then accused of cheating. After delivering an ominous threat, Guillot leaves and then returns with the Count Des Grieux and the police. Manon and Des Grieux are arrested. Act Five D e s Grieux has been freed, but M a n o n is s e n t e n c e d to deportation. On the road to Le Havre, Des Grieux and Lescaut plan to rescue Manon by bribing a soldier in the escort party. The two lovers are reunited. Manon broken in body and spirit, begs Des Grieux's forgiveness for the shame she has brought him. She dies in his arms.  aUBC  U B C M U S I C "  Upcoming Concert Listings ~ UBC School of Music  Fri Mar 5 @ 12 noon Music @ Main Student Highlights Main Library, Rm 502 FREE Mon Mar 8 @ 12 noon U B C Student Composers Recital Hall FREE Wed M a r l O ® 12 ndon Wednesday Noon Hours Beth Orson, oboe Rita Costanzi, harp works by Bellini, Brod and Ravel Recital Hall $4.00 at the door T h u r M a r l l @ 12 noon Contemporary Players Recital Hall FREE ThurMar 11 @ 3 pm Concert & Masterclass with Dr. Jonathan Helton from the School of Music at the University of Florida Recital Hall Admission - F R E E Thur Mar 11 @ 8 pm Borealis String Quartet with Sadao Harada, cello works by Beethoven, Murphy & Schubert Recital Hall $20/$10  Wed Mar 17 @ 12 noon Wednesday Noon Hours Miranda Wong, piano Schubert Sonata in A Major, D. 959 Granados Goyescas Recital Hall $4.00 at the door Thu Mat 18 @ 12 noon Chamber Choirs of U B C The Chan Centre FREE Thu Mar 18 @ 12 noon U B C Chinese Ensemble Recital Hall FREE Mon Mar 22 @ 12 noon U B C Student Composers Recital Hall FREE Wed Mar 24 @ 12 noon Wednesday Noon Hours Alan Matheson Nonet The Birth of Cool and Beyond. . . Recital Hall $4.00 at the door Thu Mar 25 @ 12 noon U B C Symphonic Wind Ensemble The Chan Centre FREE Fri Mar 26 @ 12 noon Recital Hall Contemporary Players FREE  Fri Mar 12 @ 12 noon U B C Chamber Strings Recital Hall FREE  Fri Mar 26 @ 8 pm U B C Symphonic Wind Ensemble The Chan Centre FREE  Mon Mar 15 @ 12 noon String Chamber Ensembles Recital Hall FREE  Mon Mar 29 @ 12 noon U B C Percussion Ensemble Recital Hall FREE  14  For the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts  Acting Managing Director Director of Facilities and Operations Assistant Technical Director Director of Programming & Administration Programming Coordinator Events Manager Director of Marketing & Customer Services Head Lighting Technician Head Audio Technician Systems Administrator Front of House Coordinators Concessions Coordinator Ticket Office Manager Financial Officer Financial Clerk Reception Clerk Production Clerk Tour Guide  Sid Katz Cameron McGiil Owen Schellenberger Joyce Hinton Wendy Atkinson Lindsay Jameson Marie Edwards Andrew Riter Jay O'Keeffe Ted Clark Carl Armstrong Andrew Elliot Nathan Lee Donna Caedo Flora Lew Laura Lee Samuels Kim Claybo Sherri Fetterly Rachel Lowry  P E R S I S T E N C E OF VISION FILM FESTIVAL Friday April 30 & Saturday May 1,2004  7:30pm  www.film.ubc.ca/pov  THE LADY FROM  AAARCH 18-27, 2004  7:30pm  THE SEA by Henrik Ibsen adapted by Bryan Wade  T E L U S  STUDIO  T H E A T R E  Acknowledgements  The David Spencer Endownment Encouragement Fund The Chan family David Agler Irving Guttman Jesse Read David Boothroyd Craig Holzschuh H . L. Vanderwoude Vancouver Playhouse Arts Club theatre Vancouver Opera Capilano College Stagecraft Department Staff and Faculty of the Theatre at UBC Staff and Faculty of the School of Music Staff of the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts Clarke's Audio/Visual Brian Pollock A special thank-you to the Vancouver Opera Guild for their donation to this production.  Excerpt from Abbe Prevost's novel Manon Lescaut, the last part of a series called Memoires et aventures d'un homme de qualite.  The vacation Having arrived', I was preparing to return to my fattier, •who hadpromised to send me soon to the Academy. "My onCy regret on quitting Jimiens arose from parting with afriend, some years older than myself, to whom I had always Seen tenderly attached. 'We had been brought up together; but from the straitened circumstances of hisfamily, he was intended to take orders, and was  to remain after me at JLmiens to complete the requisite studiesfor his sacred calling. J£e had a thousandgood qualities. 'You will recognize in him the very 6est during the course of my history, and above alt, a zeal and fervor of friendship which surpass the most illustrious examples of antiquity. If I had at that time followed his advice, I should have always continued a discreet and happy man. If I had even taken counsel from his reproaches, when on the brink^ofthat gulf into which my passions afterwards plunged me, I should have been spared the melancholy wreck^of both fortune and reputation, (but he was doomed to see hisfriendly admonitions disregarded; nay, even at times repaid by contempt from an ungrateful wretch, who often dared to treat hisfraternal conduct as offensive and officious. "I had fixed the dayfor my departurefrom Jlmiens. Jilas! that I had notfixedit one day sooner! I should then have carried to myfather's house my innocence untarnished."  


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