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Role of Second Lady in W.A. Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte Landry, Katherine Jane 2003

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ROLE OF SECOND LADY IN W.A.  MOZART'S DIE  ZAUBERFLOTE  by KATHERINE JANE LANDRY B.Mus., U n i v e r s i t y o f B r i t i s h Columbia, 2002 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School o f Music)  We a c c e p t t h i s t h e s i s as c o n f o r m i n g to the r e q u i r e d standard  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA A p r i l 2003 ©  K a t h e r i n e Jane Landry 2003  Library Authorization  In presenting this thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for an advanced degree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying or publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission.  Name of Author (please print)  Date (dd/mm/yyyy)  Title of Thesis:  Degree: Department of £f The University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC Canada  Year:  ABSTRACT The t h e s i s f o r t h e M a s t e r o f M u s i c degree i n Opera c o n s i s t s  o f t h e performance o f a major r o l e i n one  f u l l opera p r o d u c t i o n i n t h e f i r s t o r second y e a r . I performed r o l e Second Lady i n Mozart's Die  Zauberflote  on t h e 1 2  th  and 1 4  th  o f December, 2003.  The Chan Centre and U B C Opera present Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's  Che oMacpc c^flute  r  Featuring the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra Nancy Hermiston, Director Richard Epp, Conductor  December 10, 12, 13, 2003, 8pm December 14, 2003, 3pm  Ad One P r i n c e T a m i n o is f l e e i n g f r o m a d r a g o n a n d f a i n t s i n t e r r o r . T h e d r a g o n is t h e n k i l l e d b y t h e T h r e e L a d i e s , a t t e n d a n t s o f t h e Q u e e n o f t h e N i g h t . W h e n T a m i n o awakes, the T h r e e Ladies have disappeared. T h e s o u n d o f panpipes a n n o u n c e s the arrival of the b i r d catcher Papageno. H e c l a i m s t h a t it w a s h e w h o k i l l e d t h e d r a g o n . T h e T h r e e L a d i e s r e a p p e a r , p a d l o c k P a p a g e n o ' s m o u t h as p u n i s h m e n t for l y i n g , a n d p r e s e n t T a m i n o w i t h a p o r t r a i t o f t h e Q u e e n ' s d a u g h t e r , P a m i n a . T a m i n o falls i n s t a n t l y  in  love w i t h her. T h e Q u e e n herself appears a n d urges T a m i n o to rescue h e r d a u g h t e r f r o m t h e w i c k e d S a r a s t r o , w h o is h o l d i n g h e r c a p t i v e . T h e r e l u c t a n t P a p a g e n o is o r d e r e d t o a c c o m p a n y T a m i n o . T h e T h r e e L a d i e s give T a m i n o a m a g i c flute a n d P a p a g e n o a c h i m e o f m a g i c bells to g u a r d t h e m against dangers. T h e T h r e e Spirits w i l l guide a n d protect  them.  In Sarastro's palace, P a m i n a has failed i n a n a t t e m p t to escape. M o n o s t a t o s , a servant o f Sarastro, has recaptured her. Papageno has f o u n d his w a y i n t o the palace, w h e r e h e c o m e s face to face w i t h M o n o s t a t o s . E q u a l l y terrified by the sight o f o n e a n o t h e r , they flee. P a p a g e n o returns, recognizes P a m i n a a n d tells h e r t h a t T a m i n o has b e e n s e n t to rescue h e r . T h e T h r e e Spirits lead T a m i n o into the temple, where he learns f r o m t h e S p e a k e r t h a t S a r a s t r o is n o t y r a n t , as t h e Q u e e n h a d m a i n t a i n e d , b u t a m a n o f w i s d o m . V o i c e s f r o m the t e m p l e reassure T a m i n o that P a m i n a is a l i v e . I n j o y f u l a n t i c i p a t i o n , T a m i n o p l a y s o n h i s m a g i c f l u t e . W i l d b e a s t s a r r i v e . P a p a g e n o a n d P a m i n a h e a r t h e f l u t e a n d set o f f t o f i n d T a m i n o . M o n a s t a t o s a n d h i s slaves try to r e c a p t u r e t h e f l e e i n g p a i r , b u t P a p a g e n o r e m e m b e r s his magic bells a n d their captors d a n c e harmlessly away. A fanfare a n n o u n c e s the arrival of Sarastro. P a m i n a confesses to h i m that she was r u n n i n g away f r o m M o n o s t a t o s , to w h i c h Sarastro replies t h a t t h e o n l y r e a s o n h e is h o l d i n g h e r c a p t i v e is t o k e e p h e r f r o m h e r m o t h e r ' s m a l i g n i n f l u e n c e . T a m i n o is b r o u g h t i n as a c a p t i v e b y Monostatos. P a m i n a and T a m i n o recognise and embrace each other. M o n o s t a t o s d e m a n d s that they be p u n i s h e d , but Sarastro sends t h e m away t o b e p u r i f i e d b e f o r e u n d e r g o i n g t r i a l s o f i n i t i a t i o n , a n d M o n o s t a t o s is p u n i s h e d in their place.  Act Twa Sarastro a n n o u n c e s to the a s s e m b l e d priests that T a m i n o wishes a d m i s s i o n to their order. T h e gods have decreed that P a m i n a a n d T a m i n o a r e d e s t i n e d for e a c h o t h e r , b u t f i r s t t h e y m u s t u n d e r g o t r i a l s . T w o  priests  impose a vow of silence on Tamino and Papageno. The Three Ladies appear and try to lure them back to the Queen. Tamino and Papageno resist and the Ladies are banished by voices from within the temple. In Sarastro's palace, Monostatos finds Pamina sleeping and desires to kiss her. The Queen of the Night arrives. She gives Pamina a knife and orders her to kill Sarastro. Swearing vengence, the Queen disappears. Monostatos has overheard everything and offers to carry out the deed himself if Pamina repays him with her love. When she rejects Monostatos, he tries to kill her. Sarastro intervenes and comforts Pamina. The ordeals continue. Papageno is confronted by an old woman who claims that she is his beloved, much to Papageno's amusement. She disappears and the Three Spirits arrive, returning the magic flute and bells to Tamino and Papageno, as well as bringing them food and drink. Tamino plays on the flute, which is heard by Pamina, who rushes in joyously. Remembering his vow of silence, Tamino refuses to speak to her. Pamina misinterprets Tamino's silence, falls into despair and prepares to take her own life. Sarastro sends Tamino away to procede with his initiation. He and Pamina are commanded to bid each other a last farewell. Grief-stricken, Pamina tries to kill herself. The Three Spirits appear and reassure her that Tamino's love is true. A priest informs Papageno that he has been denied intiation. Papageno, content to drink and be merry, expresses no regret. He receives another visit from the old woman and, under threat of imprisonment, . agrees to be faithful to her. At that moment she reveals herself to be Papagena: the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, she is hurried away by a priest before Papageno can embrace her. Two armed guards stand at the entrance to the trials. Tamino is at last joined by Pamina. She takes his hand, tells him to play the flute, and leads him through the gates. Protected by the magic flute, they pass safely through the trials of fire and water. Papageno, lamenting the loss of Papagena, is about to hang himself. The Three Spirits interrupt him and tell him that he can summon his beloved with his magic bells. Papagena reappears. Monastatos has joined the Queen of the Night and the Three Ladies in a final attempt to undermine Sarastro. Their power, however, is broken and thunder and lightning hurl them into darkness. Tamino and Pamina are welcomed into the Temple of the Sun, and the forces of good celebrate their, triumph, while Papageno and Papagena experience the joys of family life.  The Cast in order of appearance  December 10 & 13 December 12 & 14 John  Tamino  Arsenault*  Stephen Bell  December 10, 12 & 13  First Lady  Gina McLellan  Understudy  Michelle  Second Lady  Dionne  December 14  Maria Cristina Fantini  Keobke Sellinger  Understudy  Whitney Sloan  Third Lady  Rose-Ellen Nichols  Katherine  Heidi  Landry  Wood  Understudy  Leah Field  E r i n n Roberts  Papageno  Todd  Michael  Papagena  Katie M a y  Jennifer  Queen of the Night  Shauna Martin  Brooke  Stephen Bell  Craig Johnson  Monostatos  Delaney  December 10 & 12  Pamina  Neema  First Spirit  Teiya Kasahara  Second Spirit Third Spirit  Bickersteth  Mori Farrell Harris  December 13 & 14 Alison Nystrom Christina Avril  Lucy Smith  Evie Vassilakakis  Megan  Sandra Stringer*  Morrison  December 10, 12 & 13  December 14  Understudy  K a t h l e e n Susak  Speaker  Andrew Jameson  Brent Calis  Sarastro  Justin W e l s h *  Andrew  First Priest  Riley  David  Second Priest  Kevin Lee  Brian Lee  Craig Johnson  John  First Guard Second Guard  McMitchell  December 10 & 12 David  English  Stewart  English  Marino  December 13 & 14 John Hales  * appearing courtesy of Canadian Actor's Equity Association  The Chorus Jessica B o w e s Mike DJ  J o h n Hales  Broder  Nancy  Calhoun  Hasiuk  Paula M c N e i l MelanieMcTaggart  Alison Hirst  Brent Calis  Andrew  Jameson  Mimi  Miller  David Mitten  Emily  Cheung  Craig Johnson  John  Marino  John  Conlon  B r y n Jones  Erinn  Roberts  Russell Cripps Darrell  Croft  Brian Lee Kevin Lee  David English C o r y Esaryk  Margo LeVae Kevin  Leah Field  Whitney Sloan Andrew  Louden  Riley McMitchell  lain Anna  Stewart Taylor Whelan  Diana Oros  Wilder  Erin Fisher  Bird Ladies Sz Fire and Water Emily  Cheung  Hasiuk  Mimi  McTaggart  Wild Animals Jessica B o w e s E r i n Fisher Margo LeVae  English  K e v i n Lee  Anna  Whelan  Louden  Monster  David Mitten John  Miller  Croft  C o r y Esaryk  Kevin  Alison Hirst Melanie  Darrell  David  E r i n Fisher Nancy  Slaves  Marino  Jessica B o w e s Anna  Whelan  Papageno and Papagenas children  Melody Cheung Valerie C h o n g Jessica D o r f m a n  Many  t h a n k s to  Natalie  Fujisawa  Nicole Fujisawa Sophie  Harvey  all the parents  UBC Opera Ensemble Professor Nancy Hermiston and the UBC Opera Ensemble completed a successful tour to the Czech Republic and Ontario this past summer. Professor Hermiston directed a remount of the 2002 production of Massenet's Manon with the Ensemble in Usti nad Labem. In addition, the UBC Ensemble performed Mozart's Die Zauberflote with the Usti Theatre. Both productions will be seen in the Chan Centre this season. Mr. Norbert Baxa, the conductor for the two productions, as well as last year's conductor of The Bartered Bride, will return to lead Manon with renowned Czech tenor Ales Briscein. While in Europe, the UBC Ensemble also appeared in several different concerts with the Teplice Symphony. As a special ending to their tour, they stopped off in Ontario where they performed at the Westben Arts Festival. There they presented Lehar's The Merry Widow. In addition, they sang a concert of operatic excerpts and toured several elementary schools with their children's show Opera Night in Canada. Graduates of the UBC Opera Ensemble will be touring Saskatchewan in October and November with this children's show. The UBC Opera Ensemble's performances in Ontario were so successful that they have been invited back to present Die Zauberflote in the 2004 season. Professor Hermiston will be directing both Die Zauberflote and Manon at UBC, and will travel to Regina, Saskatchewan to direct Rossini's La Cenerentola for Opera Saskatchewan in February before joining the Vancouver Opera to direct their production of Verdi's La Traviata in May. The UBC Opera Ensemble will return to Usti in June of 2004 to mount a production of La Boheme, which Professor Hermiston will direct, as well as a remount of the Usti production of Eugene Onegin, lead by Czech director Martin Otava.  The Orehestra Concert Master  Cello  Etsuo Saito*  Philip Zoe  Bassoon Downey  Druick  Patricia K e e n Ward  Hunting*  First Violin  Ulrike  Karina A b e  Beverly H u n t e r  Trumpet  Erin Adams  Pat  Kathleen Bowles*  David  Sharon  Jim  Brownstein  Dery  Gebien  Laimon Norman  Annelies Reeves  Hitoshi  Ishizaka  Paul M c E w e n  Barbara D o m i n i k  M a r y Szendry  Maria Horvath  Jessica W e r b *  Horn  Barry Pierce  Bass  Maureen  Michael She  Keith Ellis  Marianne  C h e r y l Shizgal  Hendrik  Steve W o o d s i d e  Fred Kabok  Lyle  Mariel  Greidanus*  Blackwell  Hole Plenert*  Lavieri  Second Violin Rodney  Hillaby  Trombone Flute  R o d Ellard  Gayane Bobloyan  Sue B a n n i n g *  James M a r c i a *  Joan Carne*  Ruth  Oliver  David  Janet Measday  Clark  Cornish  Bass Trombone  Shirley Dunfield Patrick  Ernst  Piccolo  Reita Goldberg  Sue  Laura  Ruth  Grant  Sterczyk  Carrie  Chapman  Banning Cornish  Barbara Paterson  Timpani William Pan  Oboe Viola Amy  Grobb  Jennifer Deirdre  Cheryl Northcott  Celeste  Ron  Donna  Schubank*  Montgomery* Rogers  Gillian Taylor  Clarinet Cathy McCashin Janine Oye*  Falconer  Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra Celebrating its 40 Anniversary this season, the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra is a community orchestra offering five concerts a year. The orchestra provides an opportunity for serious amateur musicians to study and perform in the stimulating environment of a full symphony. The orchestra currently works under the baton of visiting conductor Juan Castelao. We are proud to perform again with the U B C Opera Ensemble. Please join us for our upcoming concerts in 2004. The February 21 concert will feature soprano Rosalind Beale-Dala in a composition by Cameron Wilson, commissioned by the orchestra in memory of Wallace Leung, our Music Director from 1996-2002. Dvorak's 6 Symphony will also be performed. On April 3 , we will present Schubert's 5 Symphony and Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto with soloist, Paul Luchkow. The concert May 29 will end our season with the "Linz" symphony by Mozart and cellish Carina Reeves, perfoming the Elgar Cello Concerto. These concerts will all be at Shaughnessy Heights United Church, 1550 West 33 Avenue, Vancouver.. For more information call (604) 878 9989, or check our website th  st  th  rd  th  th  rd  at www.vcn.  The Production Team Director Nancy  Hermiston  Conductor  Stage Manager  Richard Epp  Alishia  Assistant Stage  Set  Managers  Erin A.  Rosemary  Harris  Lighting  Designer  Designer  Jeremy Baxter  Harris  Morgan  Johnathan  Winsby  Properties  Lighting  Valerie Moffatt  Gillian Walpert  Operator  Costumes Parven  Mirhady  Robert Prince  Thunder Johnathan  Surtitles Winsby  Lucas  Wigs & Hair  ProductionAssistan  Elke  Stephen Bell  Jennifer  Krzysztof Biernacki  Katie M a y  Makeup  John  Whitney Sloan  Carmen Garcia  Darrell  NelVolrich  David  Englicht  Conlon Croft  ts  Wong  Front of House  Heidi  Farrell  Wood  English  Caroline  Harder  Dustin  David  Andrew Jameson  Russell Cripps  Megan  David English  Boothroyd  Richard Epp Donna  Morrison  Onwood  Wong  Jessica B o w e s  Anna  Falconer  Michael Lucas  Hiles  Headshots and Bios  Repetiteurs  Whelan  Publicity Laurie  Townsend  Justin W e l s h  Program Megan  Morrison  Please join us for our upcoming performances:  Opera Tea  Sunday February 1, 2004 2 pm UBC @ Robson Square $17 / $12' Call (604) 822-5574 to reserve Massenet's Manon A co-production with UBC Theatre sung in French with English surtitles  March 4, 5, 6, 2004 8 pm March 7, 2004 3 pm The Chan Centre $20 adults / $14 students and seniors Tickets available at ticketmaster (604) 280-3311, on-line at, or in person at the Chan Centre Ticket Office.  Special Thanks T h e David Spencer E n d o w n m e n t  Encouragement F u n d , theC h a n family,  the U B C S c h o o l o f M u s i c a n d staff, t h e C h a n C e n t r e staff a n d c r e w , Frederic W o o d Theatre, Janet B i c k f o r d , I a n Pratt, L y n n B u r t o n , t h e Vancouver O p e r a Association, theVancouver O p e r a G u i l d , , M a r t h a  Lou  H e n l e y C h a r i t a b l e F o u n d a t i o n , t h e Friends o f the U B C O p e r a E n s e m b l e , Jesse R e a d , C a m e r o n M c G i l l , S a n g T a e K i m , R i c h a r d E l s o m ( t h a n k s f o r the  Honk  set), P h y l l i s G r a n t L a v e l l e , J a n e M a c d o n a l d W a l l , a n d J Y T  Express Print and C o p y Centre.  G e n e R a m s b o t t o m f o r a l l his h e l p i n t h i s year!s  The Koerner  productions  Foundation  This production was made possible by the generous assistance from the following:  Moored PAINTS  DUNBAR LUMBER SUPPLY'S HOME ON T H E WEB  and Shafique Shivji  CtfPir wandeln durch des Tories QMa froh durch des Tjcdes dustre cHacht Gtfe walk hp the power ofmusic through death's dark night.  Q&piel du die (^auberfldte an, sie schutze uns mfunser (S&ahn. ^lap now upon pour magic flute, it will protect us on our wop.  


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