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Role of Belinda in H. Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas Koistinen, Cindy Lynne 2003

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ROLE OF BELINDA IN H. PURCELL'S DIDO & AENEAS by CINDY LYNNE KOISTINEN B.A., University of Alberta, 1994 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC i n THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School of Music) We accept t h i s thesis as conforming to the required standard THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA August 2003 ® Cindy Lynne Koistinen 2003 In presenting this thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements for an advanced degree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying or publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission. Department The University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada DE-6 (2/88) i i ABSTRACT The thesis for the Master of Music degree i n Opera consists of the performance of a major role i n one f u l l opera production i n the f i r s t or second year. I performed t h i s role March 8, 2002 and March 10, 2002. The Chan Shun Concert Hall March 7 - March 10, 2002 m TheChah at UBC UBCMUSIC present DIDO AND AENEAS B Y H E N R Y P U R C E L L IN T H E EDITION B Y B E N J A M I N B R I T T E N A N D I M O G E N H O L S T & GIANNI SCHICCHI B Y G I A C O M O PUCCINI DIRECTED B Y NANCY HERMISTON CONDUCTED BY NEIL VARON MUSIC DIRECTION B Y RICHARD EPP CHORUS PREPARED B Y BRUCE PULLAN SCENERY DESIGN BY KEVIN MCALLISTER** LIGHTING DESIGN BY JEREMY BAXTER COSTUMES FOR GIANNI SCHICCHI BY MALABAR LTD., TORONTO " M e m b e r of Associated Designers of Canada There will be one 20 - minute intermission SjW% The Chan Shun Concert Hall March 7 - March 10, 2002 TheChan n "at UBC UBCMUSIC Neil Varon - Conductor Neil Varon was born in New York in 1950 and stud-ied piano, composition and conducting at the Juilliard School. Since 1972 when he went to Europe, he first held positions at the Istanbul Opera, the Vienna Chamber Opera, the joint theatres of Krefeld and Monchengladbach, the Bremen Opera and the Nu-remberg Opera. In 1981, he was named first Kapellmeister of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Diisseldorf, and in 1987 he became the Chief Conductor of the Sudwestfalische Philharmonic. In 1991 he was appointed General Music Director of the City of Gelsenkirchen. He remained at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein as a permanent guest conductor, as well as at the Sudwestfalische Philharmonic. In addi-tion to his repertoire performances, he conducted numerous Gala Performances featuring such singers as F. Araiza, P. Capuccilli, E. Gruberova, K. Ridderbusch, R. Grist and M . Jung, as well as many others. Additionally, he has conducted in numerous theaters such as the Hamburg Staatsoper, The Nuremberg Opera, Staatstheater Wiesbaden, Stuttgart Opera, the Berliner Staatsoper and the New York City Opera. He directed the German premiere of Un Re in Ascolta by Luciano Berio in Diisseldorf, and the World Premiere of Erinys by Volker David Kirchner in Wuppertal. Neil Varon is a frequent guest to European and Asian orchestras, as well as festivals; for example: the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin, the Philharmonia Hungarica, the RSO Saarbrucken, the Radio Orchestra in Cologne, the Radio Orchestra of the SWF in Kaiserslautern, the RSO Athen, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte Carlo, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bremen, the Bochumer Symphony, the Nuremberg Philharmonic and the Niederrheinishe Sinfoniker, the Korean Symphony in Seoul, the Yomiuri Orchestra in Tokyo, and the Kyushu Philharmonic in Fukuoka. His concerts have been broadcast by the Westdeutsche Rundfunk and RIAS Berlin, and television appearances have been broadcast by RTL Luxemburg and the Bayerische Rundfunk. In 1991 and 1992, he led the Tokyo Philharmonic in a series of per-formances of The Magic Flute for the Mozart Festival in Japan. Since 1995, Neil Varon has been a Guest Professor for the renowned Toho Gakuen Conservatory in Tokyo. In the years following 1996 he has guested in Japan, Korea, Slovakia, Italy, Sweden, the USA and more recently, Canada. His Vancouver Opera Debut was made in No-vember 2001 with Die Fledermaus. Neil Varon has been named Chief Conductor of the Staatstheater in Saarbrucken, Germany beginning with the 2002-2003 season. DIDO AND AENEAS By Henry Purcell Cast Thursday March 7 , h and Saturday March 9 t h. Dido Understudy for Dido Aeneas Belinda Second Woman Sorceress First Witch Second Witch Spirit First Sailor Dido's Attendants Witches Sailors Chorus Sandra Stringer Rose-Ellen Nichols Krzysztof Biernacki Jinny Park Janet Vandertol Heidi Meundel Jennifer Farrell Rose-Ellen Nichols Alexandria Beck Craig Johnson Jeanette Gibault Cosima Groll Whitney Sloan Katie Cross Erinn Evdokimoff Brooke Harris Megan Morrison Andrew Jameson Fraser Walters The University Singers Friday March 8 t h and Sunday March 10" Dido Understudy for Dido Aeneas Belinda Second Woman Sorceress First Witch Second Witch Spirit First Sailor Dido's Attendants Witches Sailors Chorus Choral Director Beverly McArthur Rose-Ellen Nichols Elio Catana Cindy Koistinen Amy La Froy Jeanine Fynn Soula Parassidis Mia Harris Mieke Rickert Ian Paul Jeanette Gibault Cosima Groll Whitney Sloan Katie Cross Erinn Evdokimoff Brooke Harris Megan Morrison Andrew Jameson Fraser Walters The University Singers Bruce Pullan By arrangement with Boosey & Hawkes, Inc., publisher and copyright owner. ' at UBC UBCMUSIC UBC Symphony Orchestra - Dido and Aeneas Violin I Ruth Huang" Evet Kim Amy Pei Amanda Hsueh Drie Ignas Regina Ho Kimi Hamaguchi Michael Yagi Violin II Jason Ho* Angela Hodgson Tanya Tomasch Elaine Griffiths Katya Sokolovskaya James Wei Viola Beth Schaufele* James Hill Aaron Butler Brooke Day Cello Kathryn Thompson* Anne Davison Alexandra Sia Bass Jennifer Chu* Enzo Figliuzzi Harpsichord Richard Epp "Principal "Concertmaster University Singers Soprano Christy Avril Caitlin Bradley Jarlline Chuang Bree Dickey Brooke Harris Nancy Hasiuk Paula MacNeil Marizza Mislang Dionne Sellinger Whitney Sloan Alto Jennifer Chin Naomi Derksen Shirin Eskandani Elspeth Finlay Gillian Hunter Jennifer Hutchinson Christine Magee Megan Morrison Amanda Murdock Katy Skinner Sarah Smith Tenor Jordan Back David Baker Tim Burns Stephen Bell Charlie Davidson Will Howie Wei-Hsi Hu Ryan Phelps Matthew Stephanson Fraser Walters Kevin Zakresky Bass Kevin Chui John Conlon David English Andrew Jameson Mike Mori •Jonathan Ng David Poon Shane Raman Matt Ramer Joel Stephanson Al Smith Joseph Su U B C M U S I C * a t u B C GIANNI SCHICCHI By Giacomo Puccini Cast Thursday March 7th and Saturday March 9" Gianni Schicchi Lauretta Zita Rinuccio Gherardino Betto Simone Nella Gherardo Marco La C iesca Understudy for La C iesca Spinelloccio Amantio di Nicolai Pinellino Guccio Understudy for Guccio Buoso Donati Justin Welsh Neema Bickersteth Jeanine Fynn Philippe Castagner Jennifer Farrell Elio Catana Pierre Hungr Rhoslyn Jones [March 7] Shauna Martin [March 9] Alex Good Joel Klein Sheila Christie Erinn Evdokimoff Riley McMitchell John Conlon Andrew Jameson Michael Mori Riley McMitchell David English Friday March 8th and Sunday March 10" Gianni Schicchi Lauretta Zita Rinuccio Gherardino Betto Simone Nella Gherardo Marco La C iesca . Understudy for La Ciesca Spinelloccio Amantio di Nicolai Pinellino Guccio understudy for Guccio Buoso Donati Gilbert Anderson* Rhonwen Adams Katherine Landry David Doubleday Jennifer Farrell John Conlon GerritTheule Rhoslyn Jones [March 8] Shauna Martin [March 10] Joel Jaffe Stephen Bell Rosa Nam Erinn Evdokimoff Michael Mori Andrew Jameson David English John Hales Riley McMitchell David English 'Appears courtesy of the Canadian Actors' Equity Association ft 'at UBC UBCMUSIC UBC Symphony Orchestra - Gianni Schicchi Violin I Evet Kim** Adrian Dyck Ruth Huang Amy Pei Amanda Hsueh Drie Ignas Gillian Mott Regina Ho Kimi Hamaguchi Jenny Atkinson Al isa van Dijk Natalie Jeon Jason Ho Michael Yagi Violin II Amel ia ; Mori* Angela Hodgson Tanya Tomasch Elaine Griffiths Katya Sokolovskaya James We i . Karen Mende Jess ica Wan Vincent Wong Jack Tsai Simon Chow Lisa Aird Eric Zhang Viola Beth Schaufele* Meghan Verdejo* James Hill Aaron Butler Brooke Day Szabolcs Kabok Sarah Weingarten Cello Kathryn Thompson* Anne Davison Sarah Tippett Tina Hsu Alexandra Sia Richard St. Onge Wesley Attewell Chris Sanford Regina Matthew Kamilla Karoli Katherine Sepp Celeste Richard Epp Bass Peggy Tong* Jennifer Chu Enzo Figliuzzi Trevor Yeats Flute Greg Kirczenow* Sandi Chih Michelle Tsao Oboe Marisa Chang* Justina Kuo Clarinet Brenda Kim* Samuel Davidson Bassoon Meghan Dahl Anne LePage French Horn Chris Unger* Garlanda Kwan Micajah Sturgess Cheryl Lane Tatina Osokin Adrienne Wasyluk Trumpet Chris Mitchell* Alison Gorman Rachel Lowry Trombone Andrew Poirier* Shawn Wright Peter Waldkirch Tuba Matt Thompson Harp Lam Krantz Tympani Bruce Henczel Percussion Chris O'Niel Kim Ettinger "Concert Master 'Principal Production Stage Manager Assistant Stage Managers Senior Repetiteur Repetiteurs Technical Director Costume Coordinator Wig Stylist Make-up Artist Props Supervisors Scenic Artist Scenery Construction Props Builders Lighting Operator Stage Crew Student Assistant Title Operator Production Manager Business Manager Communications Poster Design Publicity Assistants Box Office Theatre Secretary Administration Assistant Web Page Jenny Inkster Alishia Harris Cat George Aaron Brown Thompson Tran Sabrina Pitre Donna Falconer Zsuzsanna Lukas Christopher Wong Lucas Wong Ken Hollands Lydia Hiebert Elke Englicht Nel Volrich Janet Bickford Lynn Burton Valerie Moffat Gennie Willoughby Senior Jim Fergusson Don Griffiths Jay Henrickson Dani Bryant Daryl Lo Natalie Gemmell Lauren Payne Maryam Najafi Adam Janusz Veronica Stewart Mike Wu Teiya Kasahara Lucas Wong Bob Eberle Marietta Kozak Joan Wei I wood James A. Glen Jennifer Ramsay Meghann Shantz Sarah Simpson Gerry Bratz Emma Luna Davis Karen Tong Gerald Vanderwoude Linda Fenton Malloy For the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts Managing Director Director of Facilities and Operations Assistant Technical Director Programming Manager Events coordinator Events Manager Customer Services Manager Audio Coordinator Systems Coordinator Front of House Coordinators Concessions Coordinator Ticket Office Coordinator Financial Officer Financial Clerk Michael Noon Cameron McGill Owen Schellenberger Joyce Hinton Wendy Atkinson Lindsay Jameson Marie Edwards Jay O'Keeffe Ted Clark Carl Armstrong Oren Bick Nathan Lee Donna Caedo Flora Lew Laura Lee Samuels For the UBC Symphony Orchestra Conductor Teaching Assistant Librarian Stage Manager Eric Wilson Neil Bennett Peggy Tong Sarah Tippett For the University Singers Assistant Conductor Stephen Smith Acknowledgements: The Chan Family, Michael Noon, the Vancouver Opera Association, The Vancou-ver Playhouse, The Arts Club Theatre, Valerie Moffat, School of Music Office Staff, Phyllis Lavalle and The Friends of UBC Opera, David Spencer Endowment Encouragement Fund, Enchanted Florist, Ian Pratt, Thomas Thompson, Norman Young representing The BC Entertainment Hall of Fame, Judith Forst, U B C Opera Ensemble, Jim Wright General Director of The Vancouver Opera, Randy Smith and Nik von Schullman, Stuart Tarbuck, Peggy Jameson. A Special Thank You to the Vancouver Opera Guild for their donation to this production. 12 Plot Synopsis - Dido and Aeneas T he action of the opera takes place in Dido's Palace, the cave of the Sorceress, a Forest and the Harbour of Carthage. The story is the familiar one concerning the tragic relationship of Dido, Queen of Carthage, and Aeneas, son of Anchises, a Trojan prince and Venus, Goddess of Love. In Virgi l , it is Mercury, messen-ger of the Gods, who is sent to shatter their dreams of love and empire-building wi th the reminder that Aeneas is to fulfill his des-tiny wi th the founding of Rome as a new Troy. In the opera, it is a false Mercury who is sent by the Sorceress, seen here not merely as a malevolent operatic prototype but a rival, an outlaw queen, who uses the black arts to achieve the downfall of Dido. Dido and Aeneas, Purcell 's only through composed opera, was written originally for perform-ance by a girls' school i n Lon-don's Chelsea in 1689. It is unique among Purcell's other principal dramatic works (77ze Fairy Queen, The Indian Queen, King Arthur and The Tempest) ^^mmmemmmmmmmWmWM in that there is no dialogue, and because it is the only one not cast in the stylized form of a Masque. It is a miniature masterpiece where the interplay of love, hatred, and despair is given full dramatic opportunity at the same time as being distilled into little more than an hour of music. The two existing manuscript copies of the score both date from the eight-eenth century and it is on these that the present version is based. In any vocal - dramatic work of the period, the arrangement of the continuo (the harpsichord, cello and string bass which accompany so much of the opera) is left to the discretion of the performer or editor and it is principally wi th this aspect, and sometimes wi th the indication of vocal ornamentation (or lack of it) and the lay-out of the string parts, where the Brit ten/Hoist realization is involved: there is no new harmonization nor reorganization of Purcell's origi-nal, in fact no alteration of any kind other than the supplying of some Purcell music from other sources for a missing scene for the witches at the end of Act II. This music does not exist in any avail-able manuscript, but the words for it do appear in the published libretto of 1698. at UBC Plot Synopsis - Gianni Schicchi T he action takes place in the house of Buoso Donati in Flor-ence, at the time of the Renaissance. The rich Buoso Donati has died and his relations and their dependents are discov-ered uncertainly mourning his departure: no one knows to whom he has left his possessions, in particular his house in Florence, his mule, and his sawmills at Signa. The relations despair at the out-come of the will and are most unsympathetic to Rinuccio's ill-timed suggestion that they should ask the wily Gianni Schicchi to help them. Apart from being the father of Rinuccio's beloved Lauretta, Gianni is a somewhat disreputable, though highly successful mer-chant who has risen from the ranks of the peasantry. It is this last fact which makes him so unpopular with Buoso's snobbish rela-tives. However, they find that they have no option but to ask for his help. But the tables are turned on them more than once before the end of the opera when, in Schicchi's words, Buoso's money is put to better use. Gianni Schicchi forms part of Puccini's Trittico, three one-act operas of which the other two are Suor Angelica and // Tabarro. Today, the operas are more often than not performed separately, but the first performance of the complete Trittico was given by the Metropolitan Opera in 1918. Giuseppe De Luca, the first Gianni Schicchi, at the Metropolitan Opera, 1918 14 Bring your ticket from tonight's Theatre at UBC performance to Sami's Restaurant and enjoy $10 off when you order two entrees of your choice at our 986 Broadway location. Complimentary tickets and tickets for shows with no charge not valid. Located just across the street in the Graduate Student Centre. Open before and after the show. T H E C R E A T I O N EDWARD KEMP MARCH 14-23, 2002 TELUS STUDIO THEATRE D I R T Y H A N D S APRIL 1 -13, 2002 A FESTIVAL OF THE PERFORMING ARTS. VARIOUS CAMPUS VENUES Box Office: 604.822-2678 www.theatre.ubc.ca 


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