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Compositions, 2000-2002 Wooden, Geoffrey Michael 2002

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Compositions, 2000 - 2002 by Geoffrey Michael Wooden B. Mus., The University of Oregon, 2000 A Thesis Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Degree Of The Faculty of Graduate Studies School of Music, Composition We accept this thesis as conforming to Master of Music in " The University 6f British Colombia April, 2002 © Geoffrey Michael Wooden, 2002 In presenting this thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements for an advanced degree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying or publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission. Department of The University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada Date CfOril 'ZOO'Z-DE-6 (2/88) Ab$tract This thesis contains 6 musical works totalling 50 minutes of music written for various ensembles including chamber groups of various sizes, electronic music, and combinations of electronic music with live performers. "From the planet of Geoff" is a piece which combines elements of reggae music with rock and roll and contains a section in the style of a broadway musical. It is scored for a mid-sized ensemble (14 instruments and 3 singers) and lasts for about 9 minutes. "Gweetar Myoozak" is piece scored for solo guitar which explores a less tonal environment than most of the other pieces in this thesis. It is organized into three contrasting movements and lasts for about 7 minutes. "Shine" is scored for a medium ensemble (16 intstruments) and an electronic tape. This song, because of the electronics, is included as track 1 on the CD which accompanies this thesis. "Shine" lasts for approximately 6 minutes. "Enough" is the only completely electronic piece in this thesis and the music is comprised entirely of of sounds heard in every day life which are organized into various rhythms. The piece is organized into four major sections which represent nature, industry, technology, and war and lasts for a total of 15 minutes. "Thank You" is a song which was written for my grandmother who helped to put me through the University of Oregon. She was an amazing lady and this song is for her. It is scored for two instruments and voice and lasts for about 8 minutes. "Anthem for a Time of Strange" is a song in a popular style which is scored for an electronic tape and voice. The lyrics describe the composer's current outlook on life and the world situation. It lasts for about 5 minutes. Table of Contents Abstract Tabic of Contents ••' Acknowledgements ' v From The Planet of Geof f 1 Gweetar Myoozak 43 Shine 50 Enough 72 Thank You 7 3 Anthem For A Time Of Strange 92 -iii-Acknowledgements I would like to thank Dr. Stephen Chatman for his open mindedness, his direct and sometimes humbling honesty, and for being the best composition teacher I have had the opportunity to work with in my career as a composition student. I would also like to thank Dr. Keith Hamel for introducing me to electronic music which I am now madly in love with. Also, I owe a big thank you to Hitomi, who has faithfully put up with all of my craziness during these two years of graduate school and who has helped me to finally start growing up a little bit. Finally, I would like to thank my family for supporting my decision to study music instead of something more "realistic." In particular, I owe the biggest thanks to Mom for supporting me, not only financially, but in many, many other ways as well. Thank you all.... -iv-Froto the P i a n e * of Geoff Geoffrey Wooden Fall, 2000 - l -From the Planet Qf Geoff For: Clarinet, E-f lat Alto Saxophone, Horn.Trumpet, 2 Tenor Trombones, Tuba, Drum Set Electric (Suitar, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Bass (Double Bass or Electric) lyrics: I am dreaming of a coconut tree, Down by the sea, Where I sit just a sippin' my long island iced tea. Suddenly it comes to me, Where I need to be, Home, where my body is sleeping without me. I tell myself I'm sorry but my spirit, it needs to fly. My body's too heavy so I guess I'm going to have to leave it behind. I hope it doesn't sound like I want to die, all this talk of flying. It's just that sometimes, I dream that I'm really alive. I am floating on this could of mine, On Hawaiian time, Where the water's so clear it mirrors my mind. And so what do I find? Reflected in this dream of mine, A picture of myself just as clear as this sky. I t may sound crazy but sometimes I cannot tell if I'm awake or asleep. It's cloudy and hazy and I wonder if my life is really what it seems. I t seems that my dreams are just too real, or could it be, That in reality, I'm just a part of your dream? Could we be dreaming now? We all are sleeping, universally, Awake in this dream, Asleep in our beds, so comfortably. And so what does this mean? We can continue to sleep, Or we can wake ourselves up and have a cup of coffee. Although I may be dreaming, it feels just as real as can be. And if I wake up, then what in the world would happen to reality? I t seems that these dreams are just too real and so what should I feel? Well I just ask myself, Could I be dreaming now? © All lyrics and music copyright Geoffrey M. Wooden, 2000 -2-Funky and Fruity (J.= «o) Eb Alto Sax Bb Trumpet Tenor Trombone I Tenor Trombone n Tuba Electric Guitar Soprano Alto Cello mf m m (Improvise a reggae type beat) mf r * P ' *• * | | J T P P ooh wan pop! mf ooh wab ooh wan pop! ooh wan pop! ooh wah ooh Pr | |J)| P * P U ' * P ooh wah ooh wah pop! ooh wah pop! ooh wah ooh wah pop! ooh a r c 0 - ^.gliss. fr^'jr P<&- simile mf ' arco. s U s s . pax. pizz. mf pizz. mf«llss-pizz. f pizz. simile gliss. mf -3 Alt. Sx. Hn. BbTpt. 3* m tnp P * *' n P > *' "r"P[ mf mf fP m itip mf fP D. S. wah pop! ooh wah 1 1 ==U= ooh wah ooh wah pop! mf J'l J p h hi- 11 J J- s J't-1 >p rii'p> ni'i ooh wah ooh wah pop! fp wah pop! ooh wah ooh wah pop! ooh wah pop! ooh wah ooh wah pop! ooh wah ooh wah pop! 6 1 | Via I Vln.n flip 1 >• > J> -mf twp tnp ? Alt. Sx. P' r rp "p > *• r"P .p>- *• P* mp BbTpt :"'pf £ f b f b f l> ['£ f E f l> f P (¥ l> f b1 \ i \ i \ i \ i \ i \ H=#f E.Gtr. ooh wah ooh wah pop! ooh wah pop! ooh wah ooh wah pop! ooh wah pop! ooh Vln.] Vln.II m is mp Tttp m mp ? r"P r j l l j mp -5-P*p* p BbTpt f Tba. m/1 i \b\b\W \ i \ v \ i\ i\i \i \i \ i( bl'bffM' 7 yv » h I" J. $ Ju- >i'iUJ pitp iap mp f wah pop! mf ooh wah ooh pop ooh wah! pop! pop! p r i mr wah ooh wah pop! wah ooh pop ooh wah pop! pop! am dream - ing Of a co-co-nut tree, Vln . I I M - *P P 7 P >"V 'P IS Bbd. mp pp BbTpt mp PP SI - mp rpr TI p^p r 'P r V ' D. S. r ' T ' - i ' P Down by the sea._ Where I sit just a sip-pin' my long is - land iced m vin.n PPP PPP PPP Bba. m 4' J L J BbTpt. Tbn.1 f mp Sud-den - ly it comes to me, Where I need to be_ Vln.1 r r 7" Trap BbCI. m mp pp BbTpt. P > "P mp pp mp pp r "P r ^ I H 1)1 M P1 I 1.1 M PI P11 H HI l> I H M M H tt-tt-fr - 0 B~l 1*11 * * 1 k r J f , f f ,1 , t J\ J . M i r r rp i > 0 Home where my bo-dy is sleep-ing with - out_ Vln.l vin.n PPP PPP PPP r^ Pr "pi p^p r "P r i' -9-BbCI. Hn. BbTpt. ff Tball ff ff Y»p r-H { mf D. S. ruriii'iii'ii'i'iii'iii'iirii'riiriir www tawmtm mf pr prp^  I tell my-self Tm sor-ry mf but my spi-rit it needs to fly_ My bo-dy's to hea • o _ 0 . pp 8" it \<rr~r o 0 ST' j r r ~ r PP PP Bass mf -10-0 Hi mp flip BbTpt. Tbn.1 ff mp flip J0" mp mm riifprprii'riirpf ur PWPP Pr g1 r prprprp1 rprpwfi i St i E.Gtr. p r p r p i r J vy so I guess I'm gon-na have to leave it be - hind_ I hope it does-n't sound like I want to die J J J'1 J- J- J vy so I guess I'm gon-na have to leave it be - hind„ I hope it does-n't sound like I want to die 4'Tprp r p j j- j- J J lr p r p r p i r r p vy so I guess Tm gon-na have to leave it be - hind-r 0 _I_ hopjeit _does-rVt_ sound_ like_ I want to die —_ o — — — o pp pp 4^ 0 ^ 0 o o PP _PP =— mf -11-BbCI. Alt. Sx. molto rit. - Tempo I j 1 p > e J r - A A # r p^r p 4' 'W?r 1 'P BbTpl Tba. rur urn' p AU this talk of fly - ing_ All this talk of fly - ing \ 4 6 Vln.1 Vlafl 0 BbCl. Hi >J r~ p *tji BbTpt Tbn.II 1&P D. S. f f f [if i1 f [if f f f f f1 f $(f f f ff1 fi\ i \ $\ i1 f f fif [>( i 0 vian i is"rp*«pp* P^ rpr r P Mp p * p m/ = J.hspp* r wfr M p J J J^PI? * "p r p* J^J* ^ r V P mp -13-BbTpt. Tbn.1 ' [i f P [' 1? f i1 f [i f i\ i \ i>1 \ i \ i \ $ \ i 1 \i \ i \ i \ i1 \ i \ i \ i\ i E.Gtr. mp mf Vln.1 I am float - ing_ On mis cloud of mine ft >. ^ 4' '• r - . M V mf mf r p,lpr p > 1P p i p i l p -14-m mf mp > BbTpt mp mp Tbn. n mp mp f ig te And so what do I find?_ Re-flee-ted in this. r r -16-Alt. Sx. m BbTpt. Tbn.1 mp pp mp pp m r qPr V p^p r nv> mf : p r PI' PT 9 r p rp r rur rr PT 1>1 ^ 0 dream of mine, A pic-hire of my - self just as clear as mis sky. rfcfcl m ppp m PPP w ppp ppp Vln.II m/ -17-\76 BbQ. Alt. Si. mp mp mp f mp ff BbTpt P I ff P ff Tba. = m / E.Gtr. mm T r p rp^ r 'p r PTP^ It may sound era - zy but some-times I cannot tell if Pm a - wake or a - sleep _ If s doud-y and ha -imcs I can-not tell if I'm a-wake or a-slee"p^_ It may sound era - zy but someti es Ifs cloud-y and ha • sp r PTPTrpr p rpHiiJi'Ji'J r^ j ;p r prp' _It_ may sound era _-_ zy but sometimes I can-not tell rl« r r n o. if I'm a-^ ake or a - sleep. Irs^oud-y and h s» i _ ° , » r r r »pr JNJ -18-\1> BbCI. >iir»J'f yfl BbTpt. Ton. n p r r p1 rJ- ^ zy and I won-der if my life is real-ly what it seems.- It seems that my dreams are just too real zy and I won-der if my life is real-ly what it It seems mat my dreams are just too real rprpr p J -H J i ' J i l J - r p-rr p r r pi r r-f ^^zyand I won-der if my life is real-ly ^ vjjat _ it n It seems mat my dreams are _ just too real vin.n -24-BbCl. BbTpt. T Tbn.II .2 I 5L -5 U-J- 1 I 1 -5 _5 I 1 D. S. l i l i 1 1 i i ^ Could we be dream - ing, Could we be dream-ing, mf Could we be dream - ing, Now?_ J J J J J Could we be dream-ing. Could we be dream-ing. Could we be dream - ing, Now?_ PP V l a H pp —== pp pp J. J J J J i i J i f PP p. pp PP j i J. J L J j i J. JL I J. J -25-Thn Tt D. S. _5 I 7 _2 i 5L _5 E 1 •J i i1 Li' i r U i i U i i1 Li i = f _2 i 7_ 1 I 5L f I I Could we be dream - ing, now? Could we be dream - ing, 5 ^ i J J J J ' i- J J J J J ' i-Could we be dream-ing, now? Could we be dream - ing, now? pp pp Via. J. Ji J mm BbTpt. Ton. I Tbn. n _2 i 5_ 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 i 2 " 5 I 5_ i 5 Could we be dream - ing, now? Could we be dream • ing, J J J J J 1 J . J J ' J J 1 J - J J J J J Could we be dream-ing, now? Could we be dream-ing, now? Could we be dream - tug, 4 r~r r 4 J~r r j . j J J nU-pp pp-j J J J j. JiJ J. J L J -27-A l t S i . m fl f / > . trfff-• • J / ' mp J M | j i i * 7J* 3 u r r CP 1 7 ^ / • * J / / n - j) = p~~j» ^ J-] i -,}r==\ / J J J ! y >=- mp mm* 1 m I f mp i i i 1 / 7 j: 7 7 * ^ 7 I 7 ' i i * ' 1 7 ^ 7 A J l J j : i - i U Ii [>' J d d J U [> [>' i j j j j U l> i ^ 1 J J — i — 1 1 * * "I 1 H * * : 1 [ •"! '•1 Ik 1 1 i 1 3 1 m / 11 H ^ 1 1 r* i " * *f v " J J J J— Could w« be dream - ing, I J J J J J J J J ^ Could we be dream - ing, Could wc be dfcam-ing, mf J j ' " 3 J ,g J J r r p ^ Could wc be dream - ing, BbTpt. Tbn.n D . S. Could we be dream - ing. Could we be dream-ing. Could we be dream-ing. Vln.I pp pp V l a H _pp-J - J j J Bass J. J t J j - j i j J. J L J J J >J _PP J. J L J -28-BbTpt. mf ff A l t S i . ff mf ff BbTpt. Tbn.II A i 5L 1 j 1 2 I 2__, 3 I 5 . 5 I 1 '•J ti ti L i ti ti U ti tilU ti U ti 3 • * 3 J « » • 3 Vln. ff Via. Vc. ff -30-BbTpt. Tbrt.1 Tba. _5 I 5_ -5 i 5_ 1 j 1 J2 i 5 , 5 7_ j J J J j « J j — «; i ' i ui 'j | j d I 1 BbTpt. D. S $ U i i Lf i i Vln.I Alt. Sx. BbTpt. j 1 i j Vln.n -33--34--35-BbCI, (accel.) Tempo I I - = Hn. BbTpt. Tbn.I ff mm ff ff m'm'ffl'ffl,|f r pr P P P P P T P rpr P P P T prprprp'rpr pffFf 3 3 3 3 pr r n r p 7 We alt are sleep - ing... Un-i-vers-al-ly.-_3 1 1 3_ Vln.H V i a . ~ff I 3-i , r — 3 - . 3 " J AI AI A C T ff 3 .1 S 3_ r— 3—-. r—3-•NJ Al jiff TO/-*pr"Pr -36-mf i mp mp pp BbTpt. i i dp mp mp pp mp P 7»p pp mp r pr J mp mf : D. S. .—f-» 1 • rf > , —tt —- M- • p..g—( —M- •— r r '-'-p A-wake in mis dream, _ A-sleep in our beds, so com - for-ta - My. Vln.I Via II m m PPP PPP PPP PPP mp -37-AltSx. ifZljfo 3 4' 'nJflJiJ'j' f > BbTpt. ri; ri?r grg'r grt?r gr t 'rt?r Pr gr p'rprErjrc'rgrfFF? - O H , t ft fwftlf ft.. h . . f - Rf »-r FFFf fiu - f - • rrr J —i p p 1 • — r — — r —r i te P ' P ' ' ' P And so what does this mean?_ We can con-tin-ue to sleep, _ V l a H =— mp -38-mp Alt. Sx. Hb. BbTpt. m mp riiriir prp'rprpr iif PT pr prprp'rprpr PCP1 r prFFfff 'p r p rp Al - though I may be mf *J J JJ J] J J J * J i'l'rp p P r Al - though I may be mf Or we can wake ourselves up and have a cup of cof - fee. Vln.I 8*>-Al-though I _may_be_ r T" PPP m PP PPP PPP pp pp PP -39--41-molto rit. Slower (J.= 7s) Alt Sx. Hn. BbTpt. /7\ ppp - PPP Tbn.n PPP /a-. .3. mf^==~ pp 'PPP E.Gtr. mm r^ J- * J J j Well I jsut ask my-self. Could I be dream - ing \1? Vln.1 S7\ pp pp Via. PP m r r p* r P* r 3-, .3-1PH PPP PPP •42-for solo guitar Geoffrey Wooden Winter, 2001 © Geoffrey M. Wooden, 2001 - 4 3 -Expressively Spooky ( J = «o) f7\ Steel String Acoustic Guitar ^1 (Let all harmonics ring as long as possible). PP l VII P -/TS o 15- o P XII TWp 2 1 nyp mp -AA-7 o 19-mf XII mp 1 — H t — J — J J J . ______ n J — F T 1 J) 1 " 4^9 " e e t e n ; P o 19- o -45--46--47--48-/// -49-Sh In P G e o f f r e y Wooden Fall, 2001 (This piece is track 1 on the accompanying Cb) -50-Shine For: Flute Oboe Clarinet Alto Saxaphone Bassoon Horn Trumpet Trombone Percussion: Rainstick Medium Tarn Tarn Suspended Cymbal Triangle Tubular Bells Acoustic Guitar Harp Electronic Tape 2 Violins Viola Cello Double Bass Performance Note: There is a two measure introductory pulse on the electronic tape which is identical to the "bass drum pulse" in the f i r s t two measures of the top s t a f f of the electronic tape part. This is to allow the conductor to find the tempo before the piece official ly begins. All sounds on the electronic tape were either created in Geoffrey Wooden's home studio were downloaded from the internet and are, to the best of the composer's knowledge, copyright free. © Copyright Geoffrey M. Wooden, 2001 -51--52-I -54--55--56--58--62--64--65--68--70--71-Enough for CO or Electronic Tape G e o f f r e y Wooden Winter, 2002 (This piece is track 2 on the accompanying CO) All sounds used in "Enough" were either created in Geoffrey Wooden's home studio or were taken from the EMU Sound Library (ESI-32 Production Soundset, vol. 12) which the composer purchased from EMU Systems Inc. and has permission to use. © Copyright, Geoffrey M. Wooden, 2002 -72-Th$nk You Geoffrey Wooden Winter, 2002 -73-Thank You For: Voice, Acoustic Guitar, and Cello Lyrics: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Maybe, somehow you can hear me. Even though you're a world and a half away. You were a nightmare, even for the prince of Lebanon, Not to mention the rest of us. You were harder than an iron And your breath was always on f ire, But your words could be so cold, And your ways, they seemed so old. So nothing that you did ever made all that much sense to me. So you seemed like an easy target to hit. Someone in another world who would put up with all my shit. But when you slapped me across the face that's where reality hit. Maybe, when I'm older I might turn out to be just like you. And what a scary thought that is. But it's not quite as frightening as if I stayed exactly the same. I was quite a nightmare for you, too. I stole your cigarettes, And I put them in my pocket with some other regrets. And after all the trouble, I went sifting through the rubble. I had never understood just what you were trying to say. Now it's my turn to say something to you. I missed my chance and now I am way way overdue. For all those years of crazy shit that we went through. Now that your f ire has burned itself to the ground. And your smoke is starting to clear. I have an image, though there's still a couple clouds in my eyes. I can almost see your real shape. You were smart enough for a scholarship, But you couldn't even pay for the airplane ticket, So you saved that dream and you gave it to me, And it's finally become a reality. And now I can finally say that today, I see you dancing in a different way. I t seems that colors have replaced those shades of grey. Your sun may have set already and I could still rain today, But it's ok, it's ok, it's ok. © Copyright Geoffrey M. Wooden, 2002 -74--75-Vce. Gtr. HH 1 ~ —i ft " = = j ri^T ] 1 ' | J J J = f 1 1 J - \ — ^ 8 XT t y , / j l n f l J—J or——————————_ _ flip J i J f ] I- J • i 1 L: e» Ir [ j * r * I r r—r=j TO® " Vic. L n mJ*TT3ffi3i 8 -§ 5 * •J- -J- -J- - J - *y J J - J J W W i r^ rj i s^) _ Vce. Gtr. Vic. L Thank you -F^-+Hi -»—-i—• —3 J * J J J J 1 = jft-ji J — J l j J j J J J J ' J J ^ Vce. Gtr. Vic. -76-Vce. mp rr * Thank you Thank you_ May-be some-how you can _ 9 '~-m —s-^^-z—• — « - 3 — * i j — a ^ Gtr. 3 Vic. r TTVp zll hear me mffl-ffB F-T r F^ r ^JS=^  Ev-enthoughyou're a woridand a half a - way. _ i J 11 U J 1J J | J-H-4-^ —h-« ' 3 * j — • j — * _ j — * — - • - • j - - - j - - j mp Vce. Gtr. Vic. mp J * * * Vce. Youwere anight - mare ev-en for theprince of Le-ba-non.. Nottomen-tiontherest of us_ rn imrrr Gtr. Vic. r mp T T -ii-Vce. m •*&m—a • -I J S m (humming). (hmm) a* ! 3-: F H J * s • fff ? r r m mi •i 9- 1 • — —— n r (i 1 J 1 io •< = Gtr. = H ™f Vic . r r mp r mf r * 3 M — a v & a — a ; j—*-f ra — a Vce. You were CD Gtr. ——— «if mp J J -a J T T 3 Vic. f -mp T r—r 3^4? r mp T = 771^ 9 5 § Vce. hard-er than an i-ron and your breathwasal - ways on fi-re but your words could be so cold, and your mm Mm Gtr. (strum) P Vic . =— P -78-Vce. p ^ a tempo 0- 0 - b waystheyseemedsoold So nothinghatyoudid e-vemadeallthatnuchense to me. So yomeemed like an - j Gtr. 9 — f f f f - - — M 0 M ¥ *** jgg£ _ > Vic. • 1 £ • • Vce. ea - sy tar-get to hit Someone in a-no-therworld whowould put up withall myshit M - * FP-flf (SIES s lire ±o-d 0- -0 Gtr. > Vic. J J J / = = = = = = = $ P Vce. / _ = = = = — 7•>i /^ _r~3Jp_i~j Butwhenyoulapped me a-cross theface, that'swherere-a-li-ty hit (hmm)_ SB Gtr. * P. > P Vic. / 113================—-— P -79-5 Vce. 1 jn n (hmm)_ -f+f > • PI Fl p • -fin £—4 * J i ' • * i Gtr. mf j J p J J J a J J ! a 0 * — Vic. r r r r r Vce. \49/ « i p May-be when I'm old - er I might turn out to be just like you And what a sca-ry thoughtthat is. J z=lpi=i=IJ J~] r9^ ==_il^ -z_._P_=»il Gtr. mp Vic. mp r Vce. J ' J i » - = » s £ . ^ r _ y __• LT Butit'snotquiteasfrighten-ing as — * J — J — J — 1 if I stayed e zr: ; 3 ~ x-act-ly the same - - j J — J — J — - 0 - - - J w w w w w mp - r - J i J— Gtr. Vic. mp -80-Vce. I was quite a night-mare for you too.. (hmm)_ Gtr. =— mp Vic. m r r mp Vce. (hmm)_ > Fl FH rr pr m Fl pn T • PI 14 0 10 0 1 ~ 0 — • — = 1 r 1 id Gtr. mf mp Vic. r r mp r r R P P P J T T 1 J J J J J H I I I — ; 1 a Vce. I stoleyour cig-a - retts and I puttheminmypock-etwithsomeo-ther-re - grets And rrp nrijj'p n 3 Gtr. Vic. r r—r mp -81-rit.. p a tempo Vce. u IS d J- J J 1 W af-ter all the trou-ble, I've been sif-tingthroughthe rub-ble I had ne-verun-der-stoodjustwhat youweretry-ingto Gtr. 0 . - M ffl r i 3 FT r rf "ffK • " T — * ~ -* « 1 0 -* — i — •0 •< r — 9 — 4 ^ Vic. inpl pp Vce. say. Now it's my turn to say something to you Imissedmychance and now I am m. f t M IP-ff w —0 —0-ZZ± J_ JJ J > Gtr. Vic. > s / p = = Vce. 3=f way way o-ver-due.. Forallthoseyears of era - zy shit that wewent through,. SES9 *~ Gtr. f r-> Vic. f -—=—— -82-41 *f-^—_ - - t f _ j—tf Vce. (hmm)_ (hmm)-rpi JTP rrs 6B. Gtr. j ^ n £~r] lj=p^1 f f n | JTTJ Vic. r r r mf r Vce. Gtr. * 5* P M / T T J " I o o (2 . ra. t » _j -• — • r —m * J * r J? = 1 N , k g 1 » — — ' — • *— » — Vic. mf V r - -f—1—ffjarfrrr?fi 8 " 1 — * — — ^ S 5 = _£ flip j £ f T r • -9 ' Vce. Gtr. Vic. ff mp -83-Vce. Gtr. B ^ ^ S ^ ^ ^ B g^^^m — _-m Js 4^ Vic . f [94] Vce. Gtr. P B S Vic . r/f. slower (J = BB) Vce. Gtr. Vic . f f f f ~f—mf\ f mf—mf m fm~ r =#=*= —ppp —=— ppp -85-Vce. 7 mp Now that your fi-re has burned it-self totheground, Andyoursmokeis start-ing toclear, Gtr. Vic . mp r$=*= ^ , , r-r , - 1 _n n j 1 H * I have an i - mage though there's * j j j—. still a cou-ple clc • m 0 uds in my ey . m m •I * es. ^4 iffl ffl/Lffl cap 0 J. ^ " m m r m l r f l ^ mp = : • ^ s - 3-^--Vce. Gtr. Vic. mp P Vce. But I can al-most see your re-al shape.. (hmm). • m - m —— » » » ——- I w-^m- m m —=• m m »_ H — » ' » T^" iff » — — — — — — — I G — | • m m- — 9—0 m-Gtr. P _ mp i s — Vic . mp -87-Vce. J7J JT ]\J}4=Jml (hmm)_ Gtr. imf m «r* m-mp ii T "5 N f — pr m Lz - - ^ 3 \ — - \ J _ if \ j Li — f ~ ~ —f~~ — # > tfr* - \ J - \ J Vic. mf mp Vce. — — i * * ' —~.~ rrji n n j j ^ n — d d d~d -0—m • L J _ J - L J _ _ • * ' w~m w~» You were smartenough for a scholar-ship butyou couldn'tev-enpayfortheaiFplanetick-etsoyou # * > ^ > > Gtr. #• 19-Vic. mp mf Vce. _Jsa * * L J J — J — * * • * " — savethatiream andyougaveittome andit's fi-nal-ly become a re-al - i-ty. And now leanfi-naHy say that today— Gtr. mp—mp-—p-Vlc. I J —-p"""" — — — Jj 3™I -Vce. w '• mf I see youdan - cingin a dif-frent way_ Itseemsthat colors have re-Gtr. f~ « , - 3 - J Vic. • i i l l i > / = = = - — = = ^ P Vce. placed those shades of grey_ Your sun may have set al - rea - dy and • r f r r | > — i* i — • p ^ — It-/ 3 1 Gtr. Vic. ^ J J , J J a. Vce. I could still rain to - day. But it's O - kay_ it's o - kay it's o - kay_ Gtr. ~xy—* f mf Vce. 0 Ed J. J**Jm[ * • J~**Fw (hmm)_ Gtr. w W W w mp mf mm Vic. > mp mf P j j j ti ifflJTtJi 'FHiTf] rjii-Tni y tf / T r j 1 -—0 1—0 * 0 9 0 — - — — -0—-* 0 J0 - - i 0 -d -0 -0-0 -0-0 -0-0 f-,.| Qfj J T T J Vce. Gtr. Vic. f ( mf r f T ¥ ' = = t—3—i rif. rrrrrmj f f l S 8 W WW P j r = ^ n — 1JJJJJJJ • L - « 9 0 0 w w Vce. Gtr. Vic. -90-i i——i— i 1 i J " — ~ j — - — j — f j .TJ J J J J J J " J J J J I'M 1 " j j — :_8 ] JUL XT J_o J r r =— pp -91-An then For A 7/>e Of Strange G e o f f r e y Wooden Winter, 2002 (This piece is track 3 on the accompanying CO) -92-Anthem For A Time Of Strange For: Voice accompanied by CD or Electric Tape Lyrics: Here, in this funny time of weird, life can be as queer, As a rhombitruntated isosidodecahedron. Now you may think that sounds bizarre, but think about where you are, This place aint exactly full of reason. Maybe our train is off the rails, maybe our ship has set its sail, And there's no one on board. Now, the light is growing dim and I suggest you learn to swim, Cause this boat won't float anymore. You see our horse is going away. Our collective brains have let go of the reigns. This may sound completely insane. But look at how things have changed, Yes it's getting quite strange. If your canoe is full of holes and your paddle is broken, Maybe you should let it go. But whatever it is you choose, Just put on a smile and do it in style and you'll almost never loose. I think our moped's out of fuel and it's hard to fine a mule, Who'll take you through the snow. So if the chain falls off your bike, you may just have to hike, To get to where you want to go. And so, onward I go, trodding through the snow in my Versace high heels. And though I may be rather slow, I know that this is faster, Than a car with no wheels. Don't let your beer run out of bubbles or your soda go flat. Then you'll really have some trouble, but it's not quite that bad. Just keep walking your way, And if people stare at your purple hair then at least you'll be able to say, I do it my own way. And so, onward I go, still pushing through the snow in my Versace Couture, And even though it gets so cold, I won't do what I'm told. Because I'm still immature. Now I no longer ride on the train, I carry my own brain, And though it may insane, I think that being normal is just a game, but I don't know how to play. And so I'm happily strange. The CD and all the sounds it contains were created in Geoffrey Wooden's home recording studio or were taken from the EMU Sound Library (ESI-32 Production Soundset, vol. 12) which the compoeser purchased from EMU Systems Inc. and has permission to use. © Copyright Geoffrey M. Wooden, 2002 -93-In a popular style* (J = «*> Introduction: (About 20 seconds) Voice Ge o f f r e y Wo o d e n (Beat starts) 4 ftftftftft 7 drums Here in this fun - ny time of weird, (approximate rhythm is fine} - -Life can be as queer as a rhom-bi-trunc-ta-ted i-so-so-do-dec - a - he - dron. J1 f r r ' J Now you may think that sounds bi - zarre,. but think a-bout where you *_ J 7 ft * m m m m are. This place aint ex-act - ly full of rea - son. P CJ LT J • 0 P # J # May - be our train is off the rails May - be our ship has set its sail, < ^ « h i r r J ] And there's no - one on board.. * Because this song is written in a popular style, improvisation is encouraged. All melodies and rhythms can be changed as long as they still fit the character of the piece. The words, however, should not be changed. -94-f, • P + Now the light is grow-ing dim And I sug - gest you learn to swim. t 7 h 1 * You see our cause this boat won't float a - ny - more. horse is go - ing a - way. Our col - lec - tive J J J E= brains have let go of the reigns.. This may sound com - plete - ly in - sane. But look at how things have § CJ J changed Yes it's get - ting quite strange.. If your ca - noe is full of holes And your pad - die is brok - en,— =#=1 K t> - ~ 1 — — — \ -) 1 = • = « • 1 J ' • • J 1 May - be you should let it go.. -95-m f J J J J * T ^ But what - e - ver it is you choose, Just =?3= r f l TO - * • « « . m m m m a m ' J ^ — ' 1 > put on a smi-le and do it in sty-le and you'll al-most ne-ver loose.. I think our mo - ped's out of fuel And it's hard to find a mule. who will take you through the snow.. So if the chain falls off your bike, You may just have to hike. to get where you want to go.. And J J * J j so on - ward I go,- trod - ding through the snow. -96-» ! M i And in my Ver - sa - ce high heels. 4 u- L-T r J J * J . though I may be ra ther slow,. I know that this is fast - er than a car with no wheels.. Don't let your beer run out of bub-bles, or your so - da go flat.. Then you'll real - ly have some trou-ble, but it's not quite that bad. Just keep walk - ing your way.. And if peo-ple stare at your pur-pie hair then at least you'll be a-ble to say.. I do it my own -97-\697 (guitar solo). (strings return) -7 way.. And • * m on - ward I go,. still push - ing through the snow in my Ver - sa - ce Cou - ture. And J J * J» e - ven though it gets so cold,_ I won't do what I'm 3 = £ —0— Now told be - cause I'm still im - ma - ture. r=r=t I no long - er ride on the train.. I car - ry my own 4^5 * • J J =i brain al - though I may look in - sane. I think that 277 rit. $LT U Lf U be - ing nor - mal is just a game,. but I don't know how to play,. -98-: J And so I'm hap - pi Outro: (About 20 Seconds) (slower) strange. -99-


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