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Compositions Amort, Joseph Scott 2001

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COMPOSITIONS  BY  JOSEPH SCOTT AMORT  B.Mus, Wilfrid Laurier University, 1999 B . B . A , Wilfrid Laurier University, 1995  A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF  MASTER OF MUSIC  in T H E FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES  School of Music  We accept this thesis as conforming to the required standard  T H E UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  April 2001  Copyright © 2001 by Joseph Scott Amort  In  presenting  degree freely  at  the  available  copying  of  department publication  this  of  in  partial  fulfilment  University  of  British  Columbia,  for  this or  thesis  reference  thesis by  this  for  his thesis  and  scholarly  or for  her  The University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada  I  I further  purposes  gain  the  shall  requirements  agree  that  agree  may  representatives.  financial  permission.  DE-6 (2/88)  study.  of  be  It not  is be  that  the  for  Library  an shall  permission for  granted  by  understood allowed  the  advanced make  extensive  head  that  without  it  of  copying my  my or  written  ABSTRACT  COMPOSITIONS  by  JOSEPH SCOTT AMORT  The following works were written during the course o f completing my Master o f M u s i c (Composition) at the University o f British C o l u m b i a , Vancouver, B C . M y composition professors during this degree were Dr. Stephen Chatman, Dr. N i k o l a i K o r n d o r f and Dr. K e i t h H a m e l . A list o f performances and/or readings o f these works is included at the end o f this thesis.  ii  T A B L E OF CONTENTS  Abstract  Table of C o n t e n t s  T a n g o ! ? , for orchestra  M o j s i j e , for SSAA choir, organ and bass drum  linea(r), for trombone quintet  bent w a l l p a p e r , for string quartet  T h e D o c t o r ' s L o s t T r e k , for tape  A p p e n d i x I: Program Notes from selected performances  Tango! for orchestra  J. Scott A m o r t  1  Instrumentation  Piccolo Flute 2 Oboes 2 Clarinets i n B t 2 Bassoons 4 Horns i n F 2 Trumpets i n C 2 Trombones Timpani in A , D Piano Harp Strings  Duration: ca. 12'  2  Transposed Score  Passionately, in the manner of a tango  J. Scott Amort  Copyright « 2000 by J. Scott Amort  3  Tango!?  5  Tango!?  Tango!?  Tango!?  Tango.'?  9  Tango!?  Tango.'?  Tango!?  Tango!?  13  Tango!?  Tango!?  16  Tango!?  17  Tango!?  Tango,'?  19  Tango!?  Tango!?  21  Tango!?  Tango!?  25  Tango!?  26  Tango!?  Tango.'?  Tango.'?  Tango!?  Tango!?  P  -f~f*=ff:  31  Tango!?  Tango!?  Tango!?  Tango!?  35  Tango!?  Y  36  Tango!?  Tango.'?  Mojsije  for Choir (SSAA), Percussion and Organ  J. Scott Amort  Duration : ca. 10'  39  C3  ST  o  ca ^> 9 S °lo  3g  o  OS  E  a SH  u  fi-  oo U  ^ca"S  .23 00 |-l <+H  eg  o  ID  cCDa ca g <!  .  I-I  H o  ca  x c ^3  a  o 43  .s * bo «> § ^ 45 fa O  «  a  ^  •o ^  O <D c^ ° ca £ <o  l^S C3 co oo -5 t> *^ 1=1 c O «3 fi  &,  u o u H  40  if*  0)  0 a  ttt*  •o  o a  o  (A  CA  o 0  111  o 0  (A O  o  "la  O  nTP  o 0  tm 5, •  mtrfc  (A <A  O  2  tttv  I  41  ttt*  42  mi  re c •  (0  c  re >  (A  c 0 c  c o I  c o E •  re a  •  re a  c •  IftOl  re (  ui  a  Ui  o  coo*  o m  0 Ui ttto * -  ^01  Ui re  13  Ui  TTT*" 5  ttto  ttt* 5  M a>  COO* ttt*  ^01  I  1 <  Q  CO  44  re c  re c  o >  re c  o > • 0)  o >  to  I  Ui  o  re  re  re  re  re  C  c  NT*-  (A  re •o  •Q  c  V  tu-  ^01 WW  V  0  O  0  o  to  a •  a • w  ^01  O  o  0 <> 0  > o  4fc  «tHfr  «tW*  <M4-  tit*  o E  rn  «M? 47  ttt*  a co  ttt*  •o  o •a  o  O  E o• c  E o• c o E •  CD  *<ot COOt  0)  E • JS  1601  a  re a  (0  Ui  •  C0OI  c E • rftis  re  (A  I  o  CJ)  O U>  o  o  O  Ui  (/) (A  CO  (0 13  13  13 •  I  o  COO*  O  o  Ui  ^01  0  Ui  $  Ui  CO  I  o  >  **0I>  > COO*  <m <m  <m  4^  Q 49  O  o £  «*0I  O  £ •o  o  2 •  lm I  rm  (0  (0  c  c  >  > i  N  rm  I  N  N  N  N O  rm 0 E  E •  I  fl)  (A  Ui  c I  r  C •  (A  o  ^01 Ui  Ui  I  0  (A •  a lift  o  N  0 E •  a> (A  51  N O  £ i  (A  CO  > I  WO*  c E 3  (A  CO  •  c E  CO >»  CO  I  I  c E  c E  3  3  CJ)  0*0*  3  (A  (A  •  i  (A  tm  CD I  0  0  0  0  (A  (A  (A  (A  O  CD  CO •  CO •  o  •a  m  o  CO  a>  p  CO  i  I  0) "0  CD  *<0*  •a  ^0*,  IttK s E  COO*  0*0*  coo*  co (A  E  CO (A  (A CD C • (A  C •  +J  CA  O  0  a  CO (A  (A  0)  (A  TTT* g • (A 4-1  0  Q.  a  E  J  (A  \  co  (A  tm a •  (A  0  co  co  CO  tTO co  co  CO  CO  co  c^fo  53  ttK  linea(r) for trombone quintet  J. Scott Amort  Duration: ca. 4'  56  a  +->  GO O  o  57  bent wallpaper for string quartet  J. Scott Amort  Duration: ca. 13'  65  U  I  ^  h.  ~~  -  £  •£  5  d  >  >  S  67 unbroken  ?  S  &.  K »'  k.  k  1  >  =  =  £  d  _  rub string with ftngerfs)  toneless, broken (on the bridge)  toneless (on the bridge)  toneless (on the bridge)  h  S.  1  1  68  41 •S 5  tt  69  i  I  *  *  i  72  1  5  —  i  I  I  1  75  76  "Si  I 1 g  78  |  a.1  2"  "a a a  NT  HI  79  [=:  80  81  The Doctor's Lost Trek for tape  J. Scott Amort  Duration: ca. 6' 30"  82  Appendix I Program Notes from Selected Performances  A N C O U V E R  5fM PHONY BRAMWEU TOVEY, M a r i e  Otrtctor  J E A N COULTHARD READINGS  ORPHEUM THEATRE OCTOBER 4 , 2 0 0 0  OK!  Generously supported by:  83  W e l c o m e to Ihe 2000/01 Joan Coultrtard Readings conducted iby Maestro Brarrwell Tovey. The Vancouver Symphony has selected worfcs by the following six composers to be read in this session:  Nea Welsansel is a \ f a r w u v e * t o ^ ^ hoWs a Master's Degree in Composition from U B C , a Bachelor's Degree in Piano Performance from the University of Manitoba,, has studied orchestral conducting at the Conservatoire National© in Toulon (France), and opera conducting wirth Christian Segarici at COpera de Toulon, His compositions and arrangements have been broadcast locally and nationally on C B C I ete vision and radio Da Canada a n d in France, He has sooted feature films, documentaries for T S N , dance videos for the Bravo! iperiorrning arts channel, and produced music for large-scale multf-medie installations at Expo zooo in Hanover, Germany Neil has also conducted all 99 performances of his four chamber operas and has recently received a mafor Canada Council grant to compose hie fifth opera, a full-scale^ work enttttod Ttm Master* Stmko.  Night Sequence The themes for Night Sequence are; taken from Ihe opera T h e Master's Stroke, a 00-mlrvute work which intermingles the myths of immortality and the archetypal Don Juan figure, placing them iin the world of professional golf. T h e first two movements of Night Sequence, played without a break, represent the prologue and overture of the opera, The inspiration for the third movement comes from the opera's beauttfui and courageous heroine:  JSectt Amort B o m in Sarnie, Ontario, in 1972, Joseph Scott Amort grew up in Windsor, Ontario. After piano and French horn lessons as a youth, Scott on toned Wilfrid Laurier University In 1990, studying business and! computer science, tn his fourth year at studies, he eflected to take a composition course in the Faculty of Music. This course confirmed his interest In music composition, and after completing an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration, h e entered Laurier'si music school in the fall of 1995. There he studied composition with Glenn Buhr, Peter Hatch and Omar Daniel. In the spring of 1999, he graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Music in Composition.. Since September 1999, Scott has continued his studies a s a graduate student at the University of British Columbia In Vancouver, B C His teachers an lh3C have Included Stephen Chatman, Nikolai Kcrndorf and Kerth Heme!  Twtgot? Tango!? takes a traditional Argentinean tango tune - B C h o d o . as Its main musical material. After a short orchestral introduction, several; solo instruments present this theme'. T h e s e presentations, however, are rudely interrupted by wfnd and brass gestures before the'tune returns forcefully in the violins, This return quickly fragments/and as the music progresses, the tango theme undergoes further o£consbiK#on. After a final tailed attempt at dominance, the tune completely dissolves into a static, nebulous texture, This stillness is soon disturbed, again by the brass end winds. These interruptions gain Gn Intensity and speed, soon engulfing the entire orchesfra, T h e texture builds lo a. dirrtaic, and the return of the tango theme, This victory is short-lived: however, and the ensuing troakdown of the tango seems final, until the last quiet chorda of (he piece are heard, triumphant in their simple closure.  Jennifer Butter Jennifer Sutler {age 24) graduated from Wttfrfd Laurier University in 1999 w h e r e she studied composition wtth Peter Hatch, Glenn Buhr and Omar Daniel, In the fag of 1999 she began a Master's degree In composition at the University of British Columbia, where she is currently studying with Keith Heme!. She has composed music for the W L U Symphony Orchestra end the W L U R u l e ensemble, a s well as many smaller chamber groups and solo performers. S h e has also achieved recognition as a  84  eSjeklra WOMEN'S  CHOIR  February 5th, 2001 ELEKTRA WOMEN'S CHOIR Diane Loomer, CM and Moma Edmundson, Co-conductors  Morna Diine  HOSTS THIRD  Edmundsoi Loomei  CO-DIRECTORS  READING SESSION OF NEW COMPOSITIONS  Ryerson United Church, Vancouver BC  7061 C y p r e s s S t r e e Vancouver B C Canada V 6 P 5M2 T E L 6 0 4 261 2 6 7 0  Eric Hominick, piano  FAX 604 264 0027 morna@portal.ca  1) O V a s Nobile  Susan Nakagawa Evans  dloomer@axionet.<  2) Dum Transisset Sabbatum  Loren Robert Carle  Carolyn  Shandler  GENERAL  MANAGER  3) Blue  Lisa Miller  4) Sanctus  Graham Porter  III37-163RD S t Surrey B C Canada V 4 N 4R7 T E L 6 0 4 5 8 4 2335 F A X 6 0 4 5 8 4 2375 shandler@interchange.  5) Song for Tamar  Stefan Smulovitz  6) Mojsije  J. Scott Amort  7) New Day Rising  Brent Belke  8) able fires are, Isobei Faire  Lisa Turner  9) Senza Nome  Robert Polzoni  Etekfra Women's Choir Is pleased to acknowledge thefinancialsupport of; The Canada Council for the Arts, The City of Vancouver through the Office of Cultural Affairs, and the province of British Columbia through the British Columbia Gaming Commission, the British Columbia Arts Council, and BC 2000 Heritage and Arts program, The Hamber Foundation, The Leon and Thea Koemer Foundation, The Martha Lou Henley Charitable Foundation, The Vancouver Foundation and Nancy's Very Own Foundation.  85  Computer Music Concert UBC Recital Hail  Final Projects from students in Music 320 Jtrt0essiofi$,  Elaine Saunders.  'Fraser W a t e r s . .  .oops, sony, the... LEFT channel  •GeoftWo^sri,.  :  Kim : : Kf*ayisl"if.  who  Mary Syvanto  Untitled  Pete Attierton  Unfitted  »4 B U I •» |:« I I»:lt«1't:iTK<ll*1^!t<< f l * * •  • }rMi0kMi^ml^ ».«...«.......... »••.« - S i e H M r p i e;*.-*  music for mechanic^ oWphins  •: Sk^a~S& ::  Sunho Kirn,..... . -~ - « > »«•• •• r^-Muh^'sM^Wofk^ :  86  


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