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Role of Hanna Glawari in Franz Lehar’s The Merry Widow Christie, Sheila Marjorie 2002

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ROLE OF HANNA GLAWARI IN FRANZ LEHAR'S THE MERRY WIDOW SHEILA M A R J 0 R I E CHRISTIE B.Mus., U n i v e r s i t y of Lethbridge, 2000 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC by xn THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School of Music) We accept t h i s t h e s i s as conforming to the required standard ^1 THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA A p r i l 2002 © S h e i l a M a r j o r i e C h r i s t i e 2002 In presenting this thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements for an advanced degree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying or publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission. The University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada DE-6 (2/88) Abstract This thesis is submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Music in opera performance. The thesis is the operatic role of Hanna Glawari in Franz Lehar's The Merry Widow. The Merry Widow is based upon the play L 'attache by Henri Meilhac, the action of which takes place at the German Embassy in Paris. The Viennese librettists Victor Leon and Leo Stein selected Meilhac's comedy as the basis for their operetta libretto that was later set to music by Franz Lehar. The librettists made many changes to the play, most importantly, the locale. They transformed the German Embassy into the legation of a small Balkan principality. For their model, they used the nation of Montenegro, on the southern boundary of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Several connections were made to Montenegro, for example the name of the lead male part Danilo was taken from Montenegro's hereditary prince, and the librettists stipulated that the costumes were to be in the style of Montenegro. However, to avoid scandal and legal problems, Stein and Leon re-christened their operetta land as the fictitious nation of Pontevedro. The Merry Widow was given its first performance at Vienna's Theater an der Wien on December 30, 1905. The action of the operetta is set in Paris in 1905. Hanna Glawari, the heroine of this German operetta, is a young widow whose late husband (a wealthy banker) left her a fortune totalling fifty million francs. Mrs. Glawari is a Pontevedrian visiting the Pontevedrian Embassy in Paris, where she hopes to expand her horizons and possibly remarry. Before her arrival in Paris, the Baron Zeta receives strict orders from Emperor Niklaus of Pontevedro to keep Mrs. Glawari's fortune in their own country, for i f she were to marry a Parisian, Pontevedro would become bankrupt. What follows is an entertaining mix of zany antics, mistaken identities, intrigues, reunited lovers, and some of the most beautiful music and Viennese Waltzes ever written, hi the end, Pontevedro and Hanna win with the announcement of her engagement to a formerly estranged lover Count Danilo Danilowitch. A l l are happy and the operetta ends on a high note (pardon the pun)! Table of Contents Abstract Table of Contents Program Accompanying Materials The Merry Widow videotape copy one The Merry Widow videotape copy two 1 Synopsis Jlct/Paris, Pontevedrian Embassy While hosting a party, Baron Mirko Zeta, the Pontevedrian envoy, receives a communique from the Fatherland that orders him to ensure that the Pontevedrian widow Hanna Glawari's fortune not become the property of a foreigner through remarriage. Zeta decides that Hanna must marry Count Danilo Danilovich, a Pontevedrian bachelor and nephew to the emperor. Meanwhile, Valencienne, Zeta's young Parisian wife, has a "talk" with Camille de Rosillon with whom she is having a flirtation. He writes on her fan "I love you". Unfortunately, the fan is left behind and becomes the centre of great intrigue. Hanna arrives at that party with several male admirers in tow. Her millions have made her a desirable catch. Danilo stumbles in from an evening at Maxim's and promptly falls asleep. Hanna enters the room and discovers her former lover. It quickly develops that their relationship did not end happily and Danilo states that he will never again say to her the words "I love you" since it could be misconstrued, as "I love your money". Zeta informs Danilo it is his patriotic duty to marry Hanna. A Ladies' Choice dance is announced and once again would-be suitors surround Hanna. She asks Danilo to dance and he offers to sell his dance to the highest bidder and donate the money to charity. This scares off the other men and Hanna and Danilo are left alone to dance together. Intermission Jlct / /Pa r i s , Hanna Glawari's villa, evening of the next day Guests are gathered in the garden where Hanna has promised a real Pontevedrian party and offers them the story of the wood nymph Vilia who fell in love with a mortal. Danilo arrives and Zeta informs him that Rosillon may be planning to propose to Hanna. Njegus reveals that Rosillon is in love with a married woman and therefore does not pose a threat. Danilo takes the fan in order to discover the identity of its owner. Hanna greets Danilo and mocks his reaction to her. The gentlemen at the party discuss the proper way to handle women. Hanna returns offering a truce and discovers what Danilo has been ordered to do. Luckily for Valencienne and Camille, Danilo has discarded the fan on which Valencienne adds the words, "I am a respectable wife" in the hopes that Camille will finally listen to reason and ask Hanna to marry him. They disappear into the pavilion for a final farewell and are caught by the Baron. Before they can exit, Njegus exchanges Valencienne with Hanna, and another intrigue unfolds. Hanna declares that she has heard the marriage proposition of Rosillon and has accepted it. Danilo furiously relates a story about a wretched young princess who breaks a young prince's heart. Hanna decides this must mean that Danilo loves her and she is determines to get him back. y\.Ct ///Paris, Hanna Glawari's villa A room in Hanna's villa has been transformed into Maxim's cabaret as part of the evening's entertainment. Njegus decides that working for ambassadors is a nightmare. The famous Maxim playgirls entertain the guests with Valencienne in the lead. Another communique arrives from the Fatherland informing Zeta that he and the embassy staff will lose their lives if they are unsuccessful at keeping the Glawari millions in the country. Njegus reveals to Danilo that it was not in fact Hanna in the pavilion with Camille but Valencienne. Danilo changes his mind about Hanna and he tells her that she cannot marry Camille because she does not love him. The moment of reconciliation is at hand but first Valencienne's actions are revealed to Zeta who declares himself divorced and proposes to Hanna. She, in turn, reveals that a clause in her late husband's will states that should she remarry she would lose her entire fortune. Valencienne begs her husband to read the words on the fan out loud and he discovers that she has not been unfaithful to him. Danilo declares his love for Hanna, and she then discloses the second part of the clause, which states that her money would be "lost" to her new husband. All agree that understanding women is difficult. The Cast Saturday Su/iday Hanna gCawari Sheila Christie Rhoslyn Jones (DaniCo Krzysztof Biernacki David Doubleday Zeta Elio Catana Justin Welsh Vatencienne Evelyn Thatcher Jennifer Farrell Camifle Alex Good Ian Paul Cascada Ian Paul Stephen Bell St. (Briocfie Craig Johnson Joel Jaffe (Bogdanowitscfi John Conlon Andrew Jameson Syfviane Shauna Martin Paula MacNeil Kfomow Pierre Hungr Pierre Hungr Otga Janet Vandertol Amy LaFroy (Pritschitscfi Joel Klein Michael Mori (Prask]awia Jeanine Fynn Katherine Landry Njegus Christopher Gaze* Christopher Gaze* LoCo Alexandria Beck Charis Vanaelst <Dodo Mieke Rickert Rosa Nam Jou-Jou Soula Parassidis Mia Harris Trou-Trou Jeanette Gibault Katie Cross Qlo-Cto Beverley McArthur Nancy Hasiuk 9AatQOt Neema Bickersteth Erinn Evdokimoff •Christopher Gaze appears with permission of the Canadian Actor's Equity 3ek The Croatian Female Choir «>fo£*maintains the genuine folk singing traditions of Croatia, but also presents "old and new" Croatian composers and best of the world choral literature for female choirs. The program is mostly a cappella with occasional instrumental accompaniment on genuine Croatian instruments, tamburica and samica. Artistic (Director (^Conductor. Dubravko Pajalic Choreographers: Ana Uzelac & Kristina Hizak (RichmondJlcademy of (Dance The Richmond Academy of Dance is a training facility for young Canadian dancers and helps to propel them toward a professional career. Its professional training program is considered to be one of western Canada's finest. On Friday Dec. 14th, 2001 at 7:30 p.m. The Professsional Dance Training Program of the Richmond Academy will perform "A Special Holiday Season Concert" with the New Westminster Symphony at the Massey Theatre, featuring excerpts from ffense/Mid Grete/zxiA TAc Nutcracker. Come bring the whole family to this wonderful production, tickets are by donation at the door. Vancouver (PfiiCfiarmonic Orchestra Now entering its 38th year, the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra is a community orchestra offering 5 concerts a year. The orchestra provides an opportunity for serious amateur musicians to study and perform in the stimulating environment of a full orchestra. Local professionals are often featured as soloists. Ifie Vancouver (pfiiQiarmonic Orchestra 'Music (Director Miyako Hewett (Bass trumpet Wallace Leung Jeff Harris Al Cone* Kathleen Bowles* Fred Kabok Julie Bavalis Hitoshi Ishizaka First Violin Barbara Paterson Glen Maclnnis Etsuo Saito* (conccrtmaster) Barry Pierce Patrick Metzger Horn Erin Adams Karl Zawadzki Marianne PIcncrt* Rodney Blackwell flute Lyle Hillaby Gayane Bobloyan Viola Janet Measday* Maureen Hole Kathy Bromley Deirdre Rodgcrs* Sue Banning Micjah Sturgess David Brownstein Amy Grobb David Clark Koko Hall Piccolo TromSone Marissa Deans Jennifer Montgomery Sue Banning Alana Brown Jim Dcry Gillian Taylor Alex Viel Barbara Dominik 06oe Shirley Dunfield Cetto Luc Gravel* (Bass Trombone David Elliot Graham Percival* Ron Schubank Barnaby Kerekes Connie McDcrmott Irene Dodek Michael She Phil Downey Clarinet timpani Cheryl Shizgal Beverley Hunter Janine Oye* Kim Holland Monika Sniatowska Sharon Norman Cathy McCashin Pat Laimon Percussion Second 'Violin Annelies Reeves (Bassoon Brad Pyke Terry Penner* Wilfrid Schmidt Ward Hunting* Karina Abe Mary Szcndry Patricia Keen 9farp Joan Carne Tzu-jung Wang Lani Krantz Miriam Gibb Jessica Werb C.ontra6assoon Reita Goldberg Ward Hunting Chorus Christina Avril, Neema Bickersteth, Kevin Chui, John Conlon, David English, Dan Fortuna, Cosima Groll, Brooke Harris, Nancy Hasiuk, Joel Jaffe, Andrew Jameson, Craig Johnson, Joel Klein, Gina McLellan, Riley McMitchell, Michael Mori, Rose-Ellen Nichols, Ryan Phelps, Stephen Rathjen, Dionne Sellinger, Whitney Sloan, Gerrit Theule, Anna Whelan (Dancers Nicole Caron, Anouk Froideveux, Laura Precesky, Claire Wardle Jefe Singers/(Dancers Anne Sekulich, Antonia Feigelstock, Barica Mrakuzic, Jelica Pavlovic, Marija Serka, Anna Kazulin-Mele, Kristina Hizak, Nada Butkovic, Maria Mcsic, Kristina Olujic, Dcsc Borojcvic, Gwen Valentic, Ankica Brkic, Ana Filipovic, Sofka Dirscherl, Ana Uzelac, Danica Ivsak Jefe Instrumentalists Richard Filipovic, samica; Junior Feigelstock, tamburica; &Friends Slider Alishia Harris V<BC Opera <Ensem6(e The University of British Columbia Opera Ensemble was founded in 1995, with the appointment of Canadian lyric coloratura Nancy Hermiston as Head of the Voice and Opera Divisions. Beginning with a core of seven performers, Ms. Hermiston has built the program to a 50-member company, performing two main productions at U B C every season, and touring the Czech Republic and Germany for the last 3 summer seasons. Past main season productions have included Mozart's Ze Nbzze di Figaro and Die Caitnerfn ausZiebe, Nicolai's The Merry Wires o/Windsor, Robert Ward's Tne Cruc/b/eixv& Humperdinck's enchanting tale of childhood, Zfansef and Crete/. The Ensemble has also performed Figaro, TAe Magic F/ute, Janacek's TAe Cunning Z/tt/e Vixen, Gounod's Faust and Strauss' Die F/edermaus in Europe. This year, the Ensemble will be performing, an exciting double bill of Puccini's Ciann/ ScA/ccAi and Purcell's Dido and Aeneas, in addition to a new Christmas production of Lehar's delightful operetta, Tne Merry Widow. The Ensemble also performed in 2001 with Canadian Heldentenor Ben Heppner, in a special concert at the Chan Centre of the Performing Arts, broadcast on C B C Radio. In the summer of 2002, the Ensemble plans to travel to the Czech Republic and Germany to repeat last summer's successful production of Tne Cunning Z/tt/e Vixen. In addition, the Ensemble will mount a new production of Massenet's Manon in French at the Usti nad Labem City Theatre and tour neighboring cities. Ms. Hermiston has recently returned from the Czech Republic where she was directing the European premier of TAe Crucible, and was accompanied by select students, past and present, who appeared in the production. The U B C Opera Ensemble has performed in the Czech Republic for dignitaries at the Canadian Embassy. Recent performances in Canada include an appearance in 2000 with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in Vaughn William's Serenade to Music, and a co-production of Monteverdi's Zi'fii'torno di D/issesinjtatria with the Ensemble Ruggiero, sponsored by the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver, BC. The Ensemble also will tour the Lower Mainland and interior of BC with their children's show, Opera NigAt in Canada. (Production Director Nancy Hermiston Conductor Wallace Leung Music Director Richard Epp Ctoreograpier Suzanne Ouelette Stage Manager Jenny Lee Inkster Assistant Stage Managers Eran Norton Natalie Gemmell Ally Kim Sandra Stringer Set (Designer Cameron McGill Cigtting Designer Jeremy Baxter (Properties Valerie Moffatt Soloists Costumes Malabar Vancouver Opera Association Ctorus Costumes Vancouver Opera Association Costume Co-ordinalor Lydia Hiebert Costume Jlssitaals Elio Catana Alexandria Beck Robert Prince •Wigs Elke Englicht Makfup Nell Volrich (Production Assistants Pierre Hungr Alex Good Ian Paul Elio Catana Craig Johnson Evelyn Thatcher Janet Vandertol Jennifer Farell Whitney Sloan Htpetiteur Zsuzsanna Luckas Chris Wong Lucas Wong (Poster Design Mike Rathjen (Program Sandra Stringer Shauna Martin Trout of Jfouse Sandra Stringer (PuBBcity Nancy Hasiuk SpecialcThank\s The UBC School of Music, the Chan Centre Staff and Crew, Owen Schellenberger as the Acting Technical Director for T/?e Merry W/dotrzX the Chan Centre, the Frederic Wood Theatre: Janet Bickford, Ian Pratt, Lynn Burton, the Vancouver Opera Association, the Vancouver Opera Guild, the David Spencer Encouragement Fund, Martha Lou Henley Charitable Foundation, Sophie Reynolds, the staff of Diane's Lingerie and Loungewear Ltd., the Richmond Academy of Dance for its kind use of studio space for the ballet rehearsals, Nancy Hasiuk for her tireless publicity faxing, Robert Prince for his design talent, Jennifer Legare, the Friends of the UBC Opera Ensemble, and an extra special thanks to Christopher Gaze for sharing his incredible talent with this ensemble. (Please join us for our upcoming performances: Opera Tea February 10, 2002 Sage Bistro Information: 604-822-3113 Giacomo Puccini Henry Purcell *sung in Italian March 7, 8, 9, 2002 8pm March 10, 2002 3pm Chan Centre for the Performing Arts Tickets available through Ticketmaster at 604-280-3311, on-line at, or in person at the Chan Centre Ticket Office. DIANE THOMSON President 2950 Granville Street Vancouver, B .C. V6H 3J7 (604) 738-5121 Fax (604) 738-3936 We didn't question why LaScala Needed Big Pots During Expo '86, La Scala asked Executive Accommodations to supply them with big pots along with the apartments for their cast & crew. Naturally, we delivered. But you should know - they cooked the pasta themselves... 'al dente,' no doubt! What might ve do for you? EXECUTIVE ACCOMMODATIONS ; We congratulate & support the UBC Opera Ensemble! ' .j>.jt W UN We feature suites P v p m T i v R Greater Vancouver n — — = o Call 604.875.6674 Wtm.travelsuites.oom area. Call us to find a location that meets your needs! Reservations & Administration: Suite 300—68 East 2nd Ave., • Vancouver, B.C, V5T 1B1 Ph. « 0 * r a « W Fax«Ot.875.«684 ToB free 1.800.5J7.84S3 Email: lnf«g'teavtlniffa.coni wwtraie] suites..: cm 


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