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Role of Meg Page in Otto Nicolai’s Merry Wives of Windsor Stringer, Sandra Alice 2000

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ROLE OF MEG PAGE IN OTTO NICOLAI'S MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR by SANDRA ALICE STRINGER B.Mus., University of Ottawa, 1997 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC (OPERA) in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School Of Music) We accept t h i s thesis as conforming to the required standard THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA August 2000 © Sandra A l i c e Stringer 7<?lOOO In presenting this thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements for an advanced degree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying or publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission. Department The University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada DE-6 (2/88) P R I / M j f i i H B M t t t t ^ _ H -Presents ~ T h e Univer isty of Brit ish Co lumb ia ' s CREATIVE WRITING R E S I D E N C Y PRIZE F O R A N ORIGINAL S T A G E PLAY s~ The Department of Theatre, Film and Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia is proud to announce the estab-lishment of UBC's Creative Writing Residency Prize in Stage Play, worth $25,000.00. The bi-annual prize, the most generous in Canada, includes a one-month residency at U B C . While on campus, the winning playwright will mentor Creative Writing students, work with The-atre students and faculty on the development of the play for per-formance, and deliver the Stage Play Residency Lecture. The winning play will be published by PRISM international, Cre-ative Writing's literary magazine, and a public performance will be presented by Theatre at UBC. For complete rules and regulations, please send a self addressed, stamped envelope to: Residency Prize in Stage Play c/o PRISM INTERNATIONAL Buchanan E462 1866 Main Mall, UBC Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z1 Or visit our web site at: U B C M U S I C P r e s e n t s The Merry Wives of Windsor B y O t t o N i c o l a i L i b r e t t o by H . v o n M o s e n t h a l E n g l i s h L i b r e t t o b y J o s e f B l a t t with T h e U B C Opera Ensemble & T h e U B C Symphony Orchestra Conduc to r ~ J e s s e R e a d S t a g e Director ~ N a n c y Hermis ton M u s i c a l Director ~ R icha rd E p p Se t Des ign by Rober t Ga rd ine r Light Des ign by J e r e m y Baxter The re will be one twenty minute in termiss ion C h a n S h u n C o n c e r t Hal l February 10-13th, 2 0 0 0 THIS PRESENTATION IS MADE POSSIBLE BY GENEROUS ASSISTANCE THROUGH THE CHAN ENDOWMENT FUND OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Page 4 A Message from the Head of Theatre, Film and Creative Writing T h e wor ld of O p e r a and the wor ld of D r a m a quite often follow separa te and some t imes not even paral lel c o u r s e s . But there are t imes w h e n those c o u r s e s spec tacu la r l y converge . The Merry Wives of Windsor s i ts at one of those intersect ions, and it is a great p leasure to be able to explore all the ways that this union c a n create exci t ing and moving Theat re . T h e Depar tment of Theat re , F i lm and Crea t i ve Wri t ing must cont inual ly a d d r e s s Marsha l l M c L u h a n ' s famous mantra "The M e d i u m is the M e s s a g e " . To ach ieve meaningfu l c o m m u n i c a -t ion, the manne r in which a story is told may be more important than the story itself. T h e t ransference of any story from one per formance med ium to another a lso involves a translat ion, and in the p rocess , s o m e e lements will be e m p h a s i z e d , and others supp ressed , maybe even abandoned altogether. S o , in the realm of human commun ica t ion , it is more than a matter of pass ing interest to c o m p a r e the way in wh ich the story of S i r J o h n is c h a n g e d by the addit ion of a mus ica l sco re . O n e of the great advan tages of operat ing a Theat re P rog ram in the d iverse env i ronment of U B C is the possibi l i ty of interraction with o ther Ar t is ts a n d S c h o l a r s , a n d input f rom c o l l e a g u e s a round the university is a vital factor in our presentat ions. T h e body of knowledge that sur rounds The Merry Wives of Windsor as a play c a n be a d d e d to the knowledge of The Merry Wives of Windsor as an ope ra . Ou r s tudents, whether they be s ingers , actors, techn ic ians , mus ico log is ts or dramaturgs, will all benefit f rom exposu re to the sort of joint presentat ion The Merry Wives of Windsor represents . W e trust that they will take forward an i nc reased unders tand ing of both the work itself and of the c o m -plexit ies of the Art of the Theat re . Head of the Department of Theatre, Film and Creative Writing Page 5 A Message from the Conductor and Director of the UBC School of Music W h o cou ld resist s u c h a combina t ion , S h a k e s p e a r e , N ico la i , the brilliant and excit ing cas t f rom the U B C O p e r a E n s e m b l e , our fine Orches t ra and the product ion s o creat ively des i gned by the Theat re Depar tment? Obv ious ly you couldn' t , you are here! W e w e l c o m e you aga in with open a rms and hearts, and we know you will leave tonight's product ion s ing ing, whist l ing and joyfully recal l ing the humour, the intrigue, the lyrical beauty of the mus ic and the engag ing unfoldment of the d r a m a wh ich w a s Falstaff! Not the Falstaff of the G l o b e Theat re , not the Falstaff of Verd i , but a vers ion s teeped in the G e r m a n i c tradi-tion no fantast ic d r e a m s and puns in this ve rs ion , but rather, Fallstaff, gull ible and se l f -dece ived , and a mus ica l cast of char-acters who s ing the story of T h e Mer ry W i v e s into life. Nicola i 's mus ic might have more in c o m m o n with Mozar t than one wou ld first imagine. (After al l , his mus ica l exper ience w a s similar, his life in V i e n n a c a n even be c o m p a r e d to Mozar t 's , ) he is forceful in his e n s e m b l e writ ing, crafty in his memorab le and lilting me lod ies , and he never lets us forget this is mus ica l / theatr ical invention at its best. S o here we are : you - our devoted and honoured aud ience . U s -cast , crew, mus i c ians and dramat ic and mus ica l superv iso rs this is why we do it, to give life to all t hese prec ious e lements -literary, mus ica l and theatr ical sp lendour , and to arr ive here tonight together with you for this, the living exper ience we know a s O P E R A . J e s s e R e a d Conduc to r Director, S c h o o l of M u s i c A Message from the Director T h e U B C O p e r a E n s e m b l e cont inues its 1999-2000 s e a s o n at the C h a n Cen t re for the Per forming Ar ts with Otto Nico la i 's delightful operat ic render ing of S h a k e s p e a r e ' s t ime less play "The Merry W i v e s of W i n d -sor". Jo in ing forces with Theat re U B C and the U B C S y m p h o n y Or -ches t ra we hope that, in the words of our two leading ladies, "wit and fancy, merry jest ing will attract you to our bait." W e greatly apprec ia te the C h a n Foundat ion 's f inancial suppor t that m a d e this product ion. S i n c e its creat ion in 1995, the O p e r a E n s e m b l e has per formed in E u -rope twice, toured B .C . , co l laborated with the Vancouve r O p e r a and the Vancouve r Symphony , appea red in senior 's homes , co l leges and schoo l s throughout the Vancouve r region and has b e c o m e an integral part of our Universi ty 's life. In M a y 2000 we return to the C z e c h R e p u b -lic to begin our assoc ia t ion with the third largest ope ra house in that count ry , M e s t s k e D ivad lo , Us t i . Wi th their p roduc t ion of M o z a r t ' s "Gartner in aus L iebe" , their orchestra and technical staff, we will present two per fo rmances in T h e Esta te Theat re in P rague , the theatre in which Mozar t p remiered his opera , "Don Giovann i . " Severa l other perform-a n c e s of the "Gar tner in " will be g iven in Usti a long with per fo rmances of J o h a n n S t rauss ' "D ie F lede rmaus " . Ou r pe r fo rmances in Eu rope last s u m m e r were well rece ived and the who le exper ience w a s truly a multi cultural event. The re we were - a group of Eng l i sh speak ing C a n a d i a n s , s ing ing in Italian, in a G e r m a n O p e r a H o u s e , with a Ukra in ian orchest ra . Ou r E n s e m b l e cons is ted of s tudents from C h i n a , J a p a n , Ko rea , India, A r m e n i a , and Swi tzer land a s well as C a n a d i a n s of G e r m a n , R u s s i a n , Scot t ish, Irish, Brit ish, Dutch, S w e d i s h and F rench Her i tage. It is no wonder that the Eu ropean aud i -e n c e s not only marve led at the voca l and dramat ic talent of the s ing -ers, but a lso del ighted in the multi-cultural nature of our E n s e m b l e . W e were told on severa l o c c a s i o n s that we were indeed C a n a d a ' s best a m b a s s a d o r s . Ou r language w a s universal - mus ic . Ou r example -literal and symbo l i c harmony. W e look forward to the 2 1 s t Cen tu ry with conf idence, determinat ion, energy, and en thus iasm. T h e E n s e m b l e and I thank you for your sup -port of and interest in our activi t ies and hope that we c a n cont inue to win your respect and loyalty in the future. Nancy Hermiston Director UBC Opera Ensemb le C A S T February 10th and 12th Mrs . Ford Mrs . P a g e Mr. Ford Mr. P a g e S i r J o h n Falstaff A n n e Fenton Mr. S l e n d e r Dr. C a j u s A Ne ighbour Lambrou la P a p p a s S a n d r a Str inger Kev in S e a n Pook S h a e A p l a n d C h a d Louwerse Mar i H a h n M ichae l Wa lke r Russe l l R o b s o n Peter Mulho l land Ian Pau l February 11th and 13th Mrs . Ford Mrs . P a g e Mr. Fo rd Mr. P a g e S i r J o h n Falstaff A n n e Fenton Mr. S l e n d e r Dr. C a j u s A Ne ighbour K imber ly W e b b S u z a n n e Abbott Gar r i ck H u a n g Just in W e l s h Dav id Jef f r ies S o o k Hyung Park Nei l Wright Ph i l ippe C a s t a g n e r E l io C a t a n a C ra ig J o h n s o n O P E R A C H O R U S R h o n w e n A d a m s Mar i anne A l o n z o - M a r i n M e l i s s a B e n c i c N e e m a Bickersteth Katy B o w e n - R o b e r t s Ju l i anna C h i n Char lo t te Cumberb i r ch Neyi r Hal l Do ry Hay ley Rhos l yn J o n e s Mar i ya Krywan iuk Kather ine Landry S h a u n a Mar t in Yoonjo Park Jane t Vander to l C ra ig J o h n s o n J o e l Kle in Ri ley McMi tche l l Matt O lver Ian Pau l Mark S a m p s o n O R C H E S T R A VIOLIN 1 +Alyc ia Au Adr ian Dyck R o s e m a r y S i e m e n s Kather ine Pawluk Gi l l ian Mott B rooke Day J a m e s Hill Emi ly Ak i ta VIOLIN 2 *Ruth H u a n g Gi l l ian Hunter Phyl l is Ho Trevor P e a r c e Jona than N g Kevin M c D o n n e l l M o n i c a Kuehn Wi l lmann L iang VIOLA *Beth Schau fe le S u z a n n e S c h w e i k l e Mant i P o o n S a r a h Kwok CELLO *Dieder ik van Dijk Co l in G i l e s A n i e l a Perry A n n e Dav ison Hs in -pe i Liu Co l l y B lenk insop Kather ine S e p p BASS * M e g a n Bradf ie ld L e a n n a W o n g Peggy Tong Dave Manse l l Jenn i fer C h u J o a n n e L e e FLUTES * J a c k C h e n R e b e c c a Obedkof f S tacey Taylor OBOES * S a r a h Cardwe l l M a r i s a C h a n g CLARINETS * B r e n d a K im Mike Dowler BASSOONS ' G o r d o n M a c L e o d J o y c e Hong HORNS "Che ry l L a n e S a r a h R o b i n s o n G a r l a n d a K w a n Adr ienne Wasy luk M e g Smi th TRUMPETS * *Mi r iam Nor ton A s h l e y Moor TROMBONES And rew Co rm ie r J i m Trarqui l la J a n i c e J e n s e n TIMPANI Mart in F isk PERCUSSION Kenneth Hs ieh D a n S i a LIBRARIAN M e g a n Bradf ie ld MANAGER Col in G i l e s Dave M a n s e l l + CONCERT MASTER * PRINCIPAL Page 9 P R O D U C T I O N FOR THE PRODUCTION ASSISTANT DIRECTOR PEGGY JAMESON REPETITEURS RICHARD EPP DANIEL CHOW DONNA FALCONER BRETT KINGSBURY CHORUS MASTER TONY FUNK TECHNICAL DIRECTOR DEREK MACK PRINCIPALS' COSTUMES MALABAR LTD WIGS ELKE ENGLICHT HEAD OF PROPERTIES VALERIE MOFFAT PROP BUILDER VICTOR WAGNER MAKE-UP NELL VOLRICH MAKE-UP ASSISTANTS FRIENDS OF U B C OPERA ASSISTANT SET DESIGN ALESSIA CARPOCA ASSISTANT LIGHTING DESIGN MIKE INWOOD LIGHTING BOARD OPERATOR MIKE INWOOD PAINTERS GENNIE WILLOUGHBY-PRICE LIZ BACA MORGAN CARRIER COSTUME COORDINATOR LYDIA HIEBERT COSTUME ASSISTANT ROMA CHIN WARDROBE MISTRESS LYDIA HIEBERT DRESSERS FRIENDS OF U B C OPERA STAGE MANAGER SUSEH NIEVARES ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER V ATHERTON TARA ROUT PROPERTIES CREW MARGARET LAM LINDSEY BAILLE PROPERTIES ASSISTANTS SERENAYAU DARCY CORRIGAN LOAD IN CREW OPERA ENSEMBLE RUNNING CREW OPERA ENSEMBLE FOR THE THEATRE DEPARTMENT TECHNICAL DIRECTOR IAN PRATT PRODUCTION MANAGER ROBERT EBERLE PROPS SUPERVISORS JANET BICKFORD LYNN BURTON COSTUME SUPERVISORS JEAN DRISCOLL-BELL STAGE CARPENTERS JIM FERGUSSON DON GRIFFITHS JAY HENRICKSON BUSINESS MANAGER MARIETTA KOZAK COMMUNICATIONS JOAN WELLWOOD HUSSEIN JANMOHAMED JULIANNA CHIN POSTER DESIGN JAMES A . GLEN BOX OFFICE GERRY BRATZ OFFICE SUPPORT G . VANDERWOUDE Page 10 FOR THE CHAN CENTRE DIRECTOR MICHAEL NOON DIRECTOR OF FACILITIES AND OPERATIONS CAMERON MCGILL PROGRAMMING MANAGER JOYCE HINTON CUSTOMER SERVICES MANAGER MARIE EDWARDS ASSISTANT TECHNICAL DIRECTOR STEVE DARKE SYSTEMS COORDINATOR TED CLARK FRONT OF HOUSE COORDINATOR KENT MARTIN CONCESSIONS COORDINATOR BASIL WAUGH TICKET OFFICE COORDINATOR SARAH ROBERTS FINANCIAL CLERK III FLORA LEW FINANCIAL CLERK II LAURA LEE SAMUELS OPERA ENSEMBLE EXECUTIVE SUZANNE ABBOTT RHONWEN ADAMS NEEMA BICKERSTETH JULIANNA CHIN ROBYN DRIEDGER-KLASSEN JEANINE FYNN RHOSLYN JONES A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T S THE VANCOUVER OPERA, THE VANCOUVER PLAYHOUSE, BRIAN KING, VALERIE MOFFAT, ROMA CHIN, SCHOOL OF MUSIC OFFICE STAFF, DR. FLOYD ST. CLAIR, PHYLLIS LAVALLE AND THE FRIENDS OF U B C OPERA, DAVID SPENCER ENDOWMENT ENCOUR-AGEMENT FUND, MAPLE LEAF STORAGE, ENCHANTED FLORIST, SAMCO PRINTERS, R S DESIGN, IAN PRATT, U B C OPERA ENSEMBLE A Very Special Thank You to the Vancouver Opera Gui ld for their monetary donation to build "Heme 's Oak" in the third act of this production. MEDIA AND PROMOTIONAL SUPPORT Plot Synopsis Setting: Windsor in the early 17th century ACT 1.i Between the houses of Ford and Page Mrs Ford is read ing a love letter f rom Falstaff; M rs P a g e joins her and they real-ize that he has sent them identical letters. The i r react ion to the effrontery of the fat old knight, and their p lans to take revenge on him are revealed in their duet. In the fol lowing dialogue Page tells Ford, S lender and Dr Ca jus that he hopes to w e d his daughter, A n n e , to S lender , though Dr C a j u s and Fenton both want to marry her. In the recitative and duet Fenton urges his suit in va in ; his ardent me lod ic l ine is effectively contrasted with Page ' s busy semiquaver patterns a s he gloats over S lender ' s wea l th . 1.ii Inside Ford's house M rs Ford cons ide rs what s h e will say to Falstaff w h e n he visi ts her; the f ine recitative and ar ia skilfully develops her character as a quick-witted, resourceful and charm ing w o m a n . Mrs P a g e enters and in d ia logue they d i s c u s s their p lan to m a k e Falstaff h ide in a wash ing basket and then have him thrown in the river. M rs P a g e c o n c e a l s herself and a s the f inale beg ins Falstaff arr ives. H is por t l iness contrasts amus ing ly with the tr ipping f igures that Nico la i g ives him to s ing a s he beg ins his court ing of Mrs Ford . Mrs P a g e bursts in a s p lanned with the news that Ford is com ing , and the two w o m e n get Falstaff into the basket . Ford , a c c o m p a n i e d by his ne ighbours , enters in a fury and s e a r c h e s the house (he has been informed, anonymous ly , by his own wife of Falstaf f 's ass igna t ion with her). Meanwh i le , the wash ing basket is removed by two servants , and Mrs Ford and Mrs P a g e laugh together, in a delightful duet, at the l e s s o n s they are teach ing the m e n . W h e n Ford returns from the s e a r c h , his wife roundly sco l ds him for his unworthy susp i c i ons ; as the curtain falls, s h e s imula tes a fainting spe l l . cont inued on next page. . . Page 12 ACT2.i The Garter Inn In a d ia logue s c e n e Falstaff is goss ip ing with his c ron ies ; he has been invited to a further meet ing with Mrs Ford . H e and his f r iends s ing a tuneful dr inking s o n g . In another short sec t ion of d ia logue the waiter tel ls Falstaff that a cer ta in Si r Brook, actual ly Ford in d isgu ise , is wait ing to s p e a k to h im. T h e fol lowing recitative and com ic duet in which Ford tries to d iscover the truth about Falstaff 's relat ionship with Mrs Ford , amus ing ly depic ts the increasingly fur ious Ford 's s t ruggles to mainta in the charac ter of S i r Brook whi le Falstaff boas ts of his s u c c e s s with Mrs Ford . 2.ii Page's garden It is the even ing and A n n e ' s three sui tors have the idea of se renad ing her. Nico la i b lends this s u c c e s s i o n of s c e n e s into a musica l ly cont inuous number. S l ende r enters with com ic fear fu lness but h ides on the arrival of Dr C a j u s , w h o s e comica l mixture of F rench and mispronounced Engl ish increases the humour of the situation. Hear-ing Fenton approach ing , he too h ides. Fenton , thinking he has the ga rden to himself, s ings a R o m a n z e wh ich is full of cha rm ing melod ic invention with a smoo th , express ive str ing accompan imen t and bird-like trills in p icco lo and flute. W h e n A n n e appea rs , they s ing a duettino, an e laborate viol in so lo en r i ches the orchestra l co lour and the sect ion c l o s e s with an ingen ious c a d e n z a for the two vo ices and so lo viol in. In the conc lud ing quartet, the lovers p ledge themse lves to e a c h other whi le S l ende r and Dr C a j u s commen t in s u p p r e s s e d fury from their hiding p laces . 2. iii Inside Ford's house In a d ia logue s c e n e Falstaff is aga in court ing Mrs Ford . A s before, Mrs P a g e interrupts them with the news that Ford is com ing . Th is t ime they d i sgu ise Falstaff as an old w o m a n . Ford and his wife confront e a c h other in the duet and s h e mocks his jea lous fury. T h e f inale fol lows without a break as S lender , Dr C a j u s and P a g e ar-rive; Falstaff is s m u g g l e d out under their very n o s e s a n d t h e y aga in s e a r c h the house fruitlessly. ACT 3./ Page's house T h e s c e n e beg ins in d ia logue. Mrs Ford and Mrs P a g e have exp la ined the si tuat ion to their h u s b a n d s ; Ford is penitent. They p lan to teach Falstaff a l esson he will not forget, and Mrs P a g e s ings the bal lad of H e m e the Hunter. Mrs P a g e privately tel ls A n n e (in d ia logue) that s h e has a r ranged for her to marry Dr C a j u s that night; then P a g e tells A n n e that he has a r ranged for her to marry S lender . A n n e , a lone , vows to c o n -found both of them and marry Fen ton , aff irming her determinat ion to outwit them in the ar ia . 3. a Windsor Park T h e moon r ises dur ing the orchestra l introduction and Fo rd , P a g e and their ne ighbours s ing the cho rus 'Oh Swee t -est M o o n ' a s they prepare for Falstaff 's arr ival . Falstaff enters d r e s s e d a s H e m e the Hunter and in the trio Mrs Ford and Mrs P a g e flirt teas ing ly with h im. T h e n fol lows a cho rus of the ne igh-bours d r e s s e d a s e lves and a harp so lo a n n o u n c e s the arrival of A n n e d r e s s e d a s T i tan ia and Fenton a s O b e r o n . P a g e appea rs d r e s s e d as H e m e and the terrif ied Falstaff is further tormented. In the meant ime, S l ende r and Dr C a j u s go off with e a c h other, d i sgu ised a s e lves, both thinking that they are with A n n e , and A n n e and Fenton hurry away to get mar r ied ; there is then a genera l d a n c e and chorus . In the final d ia logue, A n n e reconc i les her par-ents to her marr iage with Fen ton , and the ope ra conc ludes with a cha rm ing trio for the ' merry wives ' , M rs Ford and Mrs P a g e , with A n n e . About Otto Nicolai A native of Kon igsbe rg , Otto Nico la i w a s educa ted I ^ ^ ^ L largely in Ber l in , through the intervention of a s y m -j ^ L ^ r m pathet ic patron, and m a d e a n a m e for himself there, w , without great material s u c c e s s . A per iod in R o m e ivjj|! as organist at the P r u s s i a n E m b a s s y a roused his ^^PB interest in opera , an en thus iasm he was able to pur-W s u e at the Cour t O p e r a in V i e n n a , finally, in the year V before his dea th , ach iev ing the posit ion of director of the Ber l in Ca thedra l Cho i r and Kape l lme is te r of the Ber l in O p e r a . Nico la i is best known for his op-e ra b a s e d on S h a k e s p e a r e ' s c o m e d y The Merry Wives of Windsor. Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor first per formed in Ber l in in M a r c h 1849, two months before Nico la i 's ear ly dea th .The o p e r a occup ies an important posi t ion in G e r m a n Roman t i c operat ic repertoire. Otto Nico la i w a s only 38 w h e n he d ied . 1999/2000 W e d n e s d a y ! N O O N UBC School of Music Recital Hall 12:30pm February 23 Quartet for the End of Time Messiaen's masterpiece: Quartet for the End of Time per-formed by Andrew Dawes, violin Gene Ramsbottom, clarinet Heather Hay, cello Terence Dawson, piano March 1 Sound Moves Clarinet, Saxophone & Piano trio. Sound Moves' accessible, informal concerts strike a refreshing balance between new and traditional works. March 8 Miranda Wong Wilkins, piano Works by Bach, Ravel & Schumann March 15 Diversions Jazz Trio featuring Jon Bentley Drawing on influences from traditional jazz, funk, early electric jazz and free improvisations, Diversions is an electric jazz trio led by saxophonist Jon Bentley Upcoming Events at The School of Music UBC Symphony Orchestra April 6th, 12:30pm & April 7th, 8:00pm Chan Centre for the Performing Arts Bons Bons Anyone? ~ Opera Excerpts April 8th, 8:00pm & April 9th at 3:00pm The Old Auditorium For more concert information visit T h e School of Music website at: w w w . m u s i c . u b c . c a o r p h o n e 8 2 2 - 5 5 7 4 Upcoming Theatre at UBC Productions & Events Life and a Lover by Natalie Meisner March 8-18, 7:30pm, Frederic Wood Theatre Casanova by Constance Congdon March 22-April 1, 7:30pm, BC Tel Studio Theatre The Wood Carver's Wife by Marjorie Pickthall Presented by The Faculty of Arts, Women's Studies, Green College, Canadian Studies & The Department of English April 27 - 29, 7:30pm, Frederic Wood Theatre Canada's National V o i c e Intensive The National Voice Intensive is sponsored by Equity Showcase & the Department of Theatre, Film and Creative Writing. Sunday May 14th - Friday June 16th, 2000 "nothing less than one of the most searching learning events for the actors in this country, if not the whole continent." - Guy Sprung, Canadian Theatre Review #7 The National Voice Intensive, under the direction of David Smukler, is a five-week program designed for professional actors (stage and screen), other performing artists, voice teachers and advanced students. The Voice Intensive faculty has, for fourteen years, continuously refined its approach to the performer's work. The work integrates investigations of Shakespeare text with vocal , physical , intellectual and imaginative practices. For More information please contact: The Canadian National Voice Intensive at UBC, 6354 Crescent Road, Vancouver B.C., V6T 1Z2 Phone:(604)822-3093 Fax: (604) 822-5985 email: B E C K E T T B I R T H D A Y B A S H breathcatastrophecomeandgoo n e n i g h t o n l y april 13 2000 7 30pm BC Tel Studio 822-2678 


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