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Graduate recitals Han, Jeeyeon 2000

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GRADUATE RECITALS by JEEYEON HAN B.Mus., U n i v e r s i t y o f B r i t i s h Columbia, 1997 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC (PIANO) in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School O f Music)  We accept t h i s t h e s i s as conforming to-the r e q u i r e d standard  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA A p r i l 2000 ©  Jeeyeon Han  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA SCHOOL OF MUSIC Recital Hall Sunday, April 9, 2000 8:00 p.m.  M A S T E R ' S GRADUATION R E C I T A L * J E E Y E O N H A N , Piano  Partita I B W V 825  J.S. Bach  Praeludium  (1685-1750)  Allemande Corrente Sarabande Menuet I&II Gigue  Suite for Piano Op. 25  Arnold Schoenberg  Praludim  (1874-1951)  Gavotte Musette Intermezzo Menuett Gigue  Fantasy in B minor Op. 28  Skryabin (1872-1915)  -INTERMISSION-  -2-  Kreisleriana Op. 16  Shumann (1810-1856)  1. Auperst bewegt 2. Sehr inning und night zu rasch-Intermezzo I. Sehr lebhaft- Intermezzo II. Etwas bewegterLangsamer(erstes Tempo) 3. Sehr aufgeregt 4. Sehr langsam 5. Sehr lebhaft 6. Sehr Langsam 7. Sehr rasch 8. Schnell und spielend  :  In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Music degree with a major in Piano Performance  A Reception in the Faculty Lounge will follow the recital.  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA SCHOOL OF MUSIC Recital Hall Friday, March 27,1998 8:00 p.m.  MASTER'S STUDENT RECITAL* JEEYEON HAN, PIANO  Histoires Naturelles  Maurice Ravel (1875-1937)  Le Paon Le Cygne La Pintade Alan Corbishley, baritone Trio No. 1 in B major, Op. 8  Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)  Allegro con brio Scherzo Adagio Allegro Aaron Au, violin Brian Mix, cello  - INTERMISSION  Suite for Two Pianos, Op. 4b  -  B61a Bart6k (1881-1945)  Serenata Allegro diabolico Scena della Puszta Per finire David Maggs, piano  In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Music degree with a major in Piano. Reception to follow.  HISTOIRES NATURELLES (Jules Renard)  NATURAL HISTORIES *  /. Le Paon  /. The Peacock  II va surement se marier aujourd'hui. Ce devait etre pour hier. En habit de gala, il etait pret. II n'attendait que sa fiance-e. Elle n'est pas venue. Elle ne peut larder. Glorieux, il se promene avec une allure de prince indien et porte sur lui les riches presents d'usage. L'amour avive l'eclat de ses couleurs et son aigrette tremble comme une lyre. La fiancee n'arrive pas. II monte au haut du toit et regarde du cote du soleil. II jette son cri diabolique: L6on! Leon! C'est ainsi qu'il appelle sa fiancee. II ne voit rien veniret personne ne repond. Les volailles habituees ne Invent meme point la tete. Elles sont lasses de 1'admirer. II redescend dans la cour, si sur d'etre beau qu'il est incapable de rancune. Son mariage sera pour demain. Et, ne sachant que faire du reste de la journ^e, il se dirige vers le perron. II grnvit les marches, comme des marches de temple, d'un pas ollidel. II rel6ve sa robe a queue loule lourde des yeux qui n'onl pu se detacher d'elle. II repete encore une fois la ceremonie.  He will surely get married today. It was to have been yesterday. He was in full dress and ready. He was only waiting for his bride. She didn't come. She won't be long now. In his conceit, he struts about with the air of an Indian prince and wears the customary rich presents. Love heightens the brightness of his colors and his aigrette trembles like a lyre. His bride doesn'l show up. He ascends to the roof and looks toward the sun. He utters his diabolical cry: "Leon! Leon!" That's what he calls his bride. He sees nothing coming and no one answers. The chickens, who are used to it, don't even raise their heads. They are tired of admiring him. I lo romes down lo the yard again, so sure of being handsome Hint hi' is incapable ol brni'ing a grudge. I lis wedding will lake place tomorrow. And, not knowing what lo do with the test of I In* dav, he heads loi the stairway to the house. He climbs the steps, as if they were temple steps, with an official gait. He lifts his robe, with its train that is so weighed down with eyes that were unable to tear themselves away from it. He repeats the ceremony once again.  ///. Le Cygne  ///. The Swan  II glisse sur le bassin, comme un traineau blanc, de nuage en nuage. Car il n'a faim que des nuages floconneux qu'il voit naitre, bouger, et se perdre dans I'eau. C'est l'un d'eux qu'il desire. II le vise du bee, et il plonge tout a coup son col vetu de neige. Puis, tel un bras de femme sort d'une manche, il le retire. II n'a rien. II regarde: les nuages effarouches ont disparu. II ne reste qu'un instant desabuse, car les nuages tardent peu a revenir. et, la-bas, ou meurent les ondulations de l'eau, en voici un qui se reforme. Doucement, sur son leger coussin de plumes, le cygne rame et s'approche . . . II s'^puise a pecher de vains reflets, et peut-etre qu'il mourra, victime de cette illusion, avant d'attraper un seul morceau de nuage. Mais qu'est-ce que je dis? Chaque fois qu'il plonge, il fouille du bee la vase nourrissante et ramene un ver. II engraisse comme une oie.  He glides on the pond, like a white sleigh, from cloud to cloud. For his hunger is only for the fleecy clouds that he sees forming, moving and being lost in the water. It is one of them that he desires. He aims at it with his beak, and suddenly immerses his snow-clad neck. Then, just as a woman's arm emerges from a sleeve, he pulls it back. He has caught nothing. He looks: The startled clouds have disappeared. He remains disillusioned for only a moment, for the clouds return before very long, and, over there, where the ripples on the water are dying away, one cloud is already forming. Softly, on his light feather cushion, the swan paddles and approaches . . . He exhausts himself fishing for empty reflections, and perhaps he will die, a victim to that illusion, before catching a single piece of cloud. But what am I talking about? Every time he dives, he burrows in the nourishing mud with his beak and comes back with a worm. He's fattening up like a goose.  V. La Pintade  V. The Guinea Fowl  C'est la bossue de ma cour. Elle ne reve que plaies a cause de sa bosse. Les poules ne lui disent rien: Brusquement, elle se pr£cipite et les harcele. Puis elle baisse sa tete, penche le corps, et, de toute la vitesse de ses pattes maigres, elle court frapper, de son bee dur, juste au centre de la roue d'une dinde. Cette poseuse I'agacait. Ainsi, la tete bleuie, ses barbillons a vif, cocardi£re, elle rage du matin au soir. Elle sebat sans motif, peut-etre parce qu'elle s'imagine toujours qu'on se moque de sa taille, de son crane chauve et de sa queue basse. Et elle ne cesse de jeter un cri discordant qui perce I'air comme une pointe. Parfois elle quitte la cour et disparait. Elle laisse aux volailles pacifiques un moment de repit. Mais elle revient plus turbulente et plus criarde. Et, frenetique, elle se vautre par terre. Qu'a-t-elle done? La sournoise fait une farce. Elle est allee pond re son reuf a la campagne. Je peux le chercher si ca m'amuse. Et elle se roule dans la pousstere comme une bossue.  She is the hunchback of my barnyard. She is always ready for a fight because of her hump. She doesn't care for the hens: She suddenly leaps forward and harries them. Then she lowers her head, bends her body, and, with all the speed her skinny legs can muster, dashes over to bite with her hard beak right at the center of a turkey hen's outspread tail. That affected creature got her goat. Thus, her head blued, her wattles raw, blustery, she rages from morning to evening. She fights without a reason, perhaps because she always imagines that someone is making fun of her shape, her bald crown and her low tail. And she incessantly utters a discordant cry that pierces the air like a knife point. Sometimes she leaves the yard and vanishes. She grants the peace-loving fowl a moment of respite. But she returns more unruly and noisy. And, in a frenzy, she wallows on the ground. What's wrong with her? The sneak is playing a trick. She went out into the countryside to lay an egg. I can go look for it if I feel so inclined. A n d she rolls in the dust like a hunchback.  


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