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Director of The audition by Martin Kalmanoff Janmohamed, Hussein 1998

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DIRECTOR OF THE AUDITION BY MARTIN KALMANOFF by HUSSEIN JANMOHAMED B.Mus., University of British Columbia, 1996 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC (OPERA) in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School of Music) We accept this thesis as conforming to the required standard THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA October 1998 © Hussein Janmohamed In p resen t ing th is thesis in partial fu l f i lment of t h e requ i remen ts fo r an advanced d e g r e e at the Univers i ty of Brit ish C o l u m b i a , I agree that the Library shall make it f reely available f o r re ference and study. I fu r ther agree that permiss ion f o r extens ive c o p y i n g o f th is thesis f o r scholar ly pu rposes may be g ran ted by the head o f my d e p a r t m e n t or by his o r her representat ives. It is u n d e r s t o o d that c o p y i n g o r pub l i ca t i on o f th is thesis f o r f inancial gain shall n o t b e a l l o w e d w i t h o u t m y w r i t t e n permiss ion . D e p a r t m e n t of The Univers i ty o f Brit ish C o l u m b i a Vancouver , Canada DE-6 (2/88) I i with the UBC OPERA ENSEMBLE THE AUDITION THE BEAR *^7 ^ Martin Kalmanoff by William Walton Friday, January 30, 8:00pm Sunday, February 1, 2:00pm Admission Free UBC Old Auditorium (across from the School of Music) \ *L%r\t fyu-ffi'^sSLV $11111 2 Mise en Scene John Juliani* Piano/Musical Coach Donna Falconer CAST (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE) Popova Smirnov Luka Cook Groom F R I P A Y Tami Gazzola Andrew Greenwood Shae Apland Suseh Nievares Russell Robson S W P A Y Karyn Way* Andrew Greenwood Shae Apland Suseh Nievares Russell Robson * Appearing by permission of Canadian Actor's Equity Association SYNOPSIS Popova, a pretty widow, is wallowing in her grief for her late and promiscuous husband. She is confronted by Smirnov, one of her husband's boorish creditors. They quarrel to a point where he challenges her to a duel and she promptly responds by producing two of her husband's pistols. They stare each other down but neither of them can pull the trigger as they find they arc in the power of something greater than their initial dislike of each other. BACKGROUND NOTE The Bear described by its author, Anton Chckov, as a jest in one act, was written in 1888 and given its first performance in 1889 to remarkable popular and critical acclaim. In 1965 the fames of Peter Pears brought the play to the attention of Sir William Walton. What emerged two years later was The Bear, An Extravaganza in One Act with music by William Walton and a libretto adapted from Chekov and lyrics by Paul Dehn. The opera premiered on June 3, 1967 at Aldeburgh under the aegis of the English Opera Group with James Lockhart conducting the English Chamber Orchestra and direction by Colin Graham. PROGRAM NOTE Although we have made some attempt to distance the setting of this production from the late 1990s, nothing has been done from a formal design perspective to reproduce the 1898 period in which Anton Chckov's play, The Bear was written and set. For Whatever modest and eclectic elements of scenic design we have incorporated, we are grateful to the UBC Theatre Department and specifically to the Costume and Properties Division. Our special thanks for their gracious assistance to Jean Driscoll-Bell and Sarah Marchand in Costumes, and to Melanie Walden, Sheri Milne and Janet Bickford in the Props department for the loan of props and furniture. I would like to acknowledge the quietly efficient contribution of Suseh Nievares, our stage manager, and the technical support of Derek Mack and Jeremy Baxter. Special thanks must go to Donna Falconer for the indefatigable, good-natured and patient way in which she handled the music direction. In working on The Bear I have had the opportunity to observe firsthand the talent, dedication and tirelessness of the students in the Opera Program. That these young people manage, in sometimes difficult working conditions, to maintain their enthusiasm and produce excellent results suggests the presence of strong and caring leadership. And for that, Nancy Hermiston should take a bow. 1 4 Stage Director Hussein Janmohamed Musical Coach/Piano Erika Switzer CAST ( I N O R D E R O F A P P E A R A N C E ) Director Dawn Aurora Melisande Jardin Veronica Maria Callas Epstein Renata Tebaldi 0 'Rourke Hedy Iceberg Birgitl Blutnberg Carmen Carmen FRIDAY Russell Robson Cindy Keung Rapunzel Tu Maaike de Bruyn P. Mulholland Sascha Karp Ncyir Hall Irene Kurka Suzanne Abbott SUNDAY Joel Jaffe Robyn Driedger Olga Tylman Maaike de Bruyn P. Mulholland June Iwagami Eva Gcrsbach Katy Hcdalcn Jennifer Legare SYNOPSIS The Audition is dedicated to Opera. It concerns eight extraordinary sopranos auditioning for a position with an opera workshop. Each attempts to outdo the other by avoiding familiar audition material and by bringing wonderful unknown arias from previously "undiscovered" operas by such composers as Handel, Debussy, Puccini, Wagner, and Strauss. May the best woman win and may "Opera attain its rightful place/As the Queen of all the arts!" BACKGROUND NOTE The Audition, as described by the composer is. piece composed purely for entertainment. It is an aleatory opera which can be expanded or retracted based on the director's needs. The libretto and music are by Martin Kalmanoff, who currently resides in New York, New York with an assist on the words of three musical numbers by Dr. Sigmund Spaeth, lllica & Giacosa and Jay S. Harrison. DIRECTOR'S NOTE The Audition is ideal for opera workshops to accommodate young singers' first solo endeavours on stage. In working on The Audition we have all ventured into new territory and have learned a lot. For many of the singers it is their first time on stage and therefore this piece has been an excellent vehicle for them to get a good taste of life as a singing actor. We have worked together to come out of our comfort zones and have realized that it is okay to be outrageous sometimes. Everyone's hard work and dedication is fabulous and it is an amazing feeling to be part of such a fun and exciting production. On a personal note, I would not be where I am now without the love, kindness and support of my family, friends and mentor, Nancy Hermiston. I have no words to express my gratitude for their faith and confidence in me. Also a very warm thank you to all the performers, to our pianist Erika Switzer, to our stage manager Suseh Nievares and to our technical staff. Please sit back, relax and enjoy The Audition. -Hussein Janmohamed PRODUCTION Production Manager Technical Director Stage Manager Lighting Design/Operator Music Director Repetiteurs Window Unit Design Unit Construction Wigs Costumes Make up Poster Design & Illustrations Programme Publicity Photographs Video Production Nancy Henniston Derek Mack Suseh Nievares Jeremy Baxter Richard Epp Scott Knight Stephen Yorke Jocelyn Morlock James Bailey James Bailey Derek Mack Barbara's Hair Designs Nancy Hermiston Hussein Janmohamed Joanna Go Jennifer Ciresi Nancy Hermiston Diana Colquhoun Hussein Janmohamed UBC Opera Ensemble Norman Chan Dave Phipps Tom Rose ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS UBC School of Music: Voice Faculty, Office Administration Staff, Jesse Read, Isabel da Silva, Valerie Pusey, Frederic Wood Theatre: Jean Driscoll-Bell, Sarah Marchand, Janet Bickford, Sheri Milne, Mrs. Juliani, Craig Holzschuh, Vancouver Opera Association, Neena & Amir Janmohamed, Alan Corbishley, Stephen Yorke, UBC Botanical Gardens, Dunbar Lumber Supply, Shafique, Copiesplus, Al Karim, S P C A Thrift Store. 


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