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Celebration of place/place of celebration Stuart, Richard Glenn 1998-12-31

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C E L E B R A T I O N OF P L A C E / P L A C E OF C E L E B R A T I O N by Richard Glenn Stuart B.A., The University of Alberta, 1985  THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL F U F I L L M E N T OF T H E REQUIREMENTS FOR T H E D E G R E E OF M A S T E R OF L A N D S C A P E A R C H I T E C T U R E in LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE PROGRAM T H E F A C U L T Y OF A G R I C U L T U R A L SCIENCES  We accept this thesis as conforming to the required standard  T H E UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH C O L U M B I A April 1998 © Richard Glenn Stuart, 1998  In presenting  this  degree at the  thesis  in  partial fulfilment  of  University of  British Columbia,  I agree  freely available for reference copying  of  department  this or  and study.  thesis for scholarly by  publication of this  his  or  her  Department The University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada  requirements that the  I further agree  purposes  representatives.  may be It  thesis for financial gain shall not  permission.  -6 (2/88)  the  that  advanced  Library shall make it  by the  understood be  an  permission for extensive  granted  is  for  that  allowed without  head  of  my  copying  or  my written  ABSTRACT  Edmonton is home to one of the world's largest continuous urban green spaces, the North Saskatchewan River Valley.  Despite, deep incision, the river valley is used by a large  number of citizens on a yearly basis especially in the summer. Due to the extreme climate, residents of Edmonton have had to make the most of the short summer months. As a result of this seasonal enthusiasm, Edmonton has also become host to many of the largest festivals in North America.  The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is an annual  event that has enjoyed solid international success. It present home in the River Valley is in Gallagher Park, a 56 acre park located on the South side of the river valley. The park is in many ways an excellent location for the festival, with a natural amphitheater and a sense of singularity in the Edmonton landscape.  Successive sell-outs of the festival have  left organizers looking for ways to enhance the festival experience for attendees, and helping the park to have a more valid year round identity within the context of the Edmonton River Valley. Thus my final design will be an attempt to mesh the aims of the festival wit the identity and desires of the park planners.  The design process was started by first reviewing the context of the park in terms of it placement within The river valley, the parks immediate context, and then the uses placed upon the park by it's present user groups. From this information a master plan of design with detail was drafted in order to demonstrate how some of these issues could be translated into physical form.  ii  Physical enhancements involved the reconnection of the park to the greater River Valley system. With the reintroduction of green into the verge lands surrounding the park, connecting the Ravine to the River creating a sense of place to an areas that is presently void of identity. Improved edges to existing and the development of a cross axis that runs through the park unite disparate areas and makes connections beyond. The present Ski Lodge would be relocated to the base of the stairs at the junction of the two sides of the park and would function with year round flexibility.  Experiential enhancements would also include the development of a landing or viewpoint at the top of the hill, where passers by could stop to enjoy the music and the views of the river valley. This design movement would also create a home for a large festival figure whose appearance would announce to commuters on the adjacent freeways that the festival had begun. A large retention pool that collects water from the site during wet times which serves as a year round water feature, cooling the site in the summer and functioning as a skating rink in the winter. The cumulative effect of all of these design moves would be to take Gallagher Park from a place of little perceived spatial variations to a place where a great variety of different areas existed. This would enable the Festival to refine the sense of place while simultaneously enhancing the overall city image of Gallagher Park  111  TABLE OF CONTENTS  Abstract  ii  List of Drawings  iv  Context North Saskatchewan River Valley  LI  Gallagher Park and Context  L2  Aerial View of Existing Site  L3  Circulation and Access  L4  Frequency of Use  L5  Elevation and Drainage  L6  Festival Impact  L7  Exposure  L8  Spatial Perception  L9  Site Map  L10  North Axis Detail  Lll  South Axis Detail  L12  West Axis Detail  L13  East Axis Detail  L14  Variations in Edges  L15  Analysis  Design Details  iv  5  yrrz3i_-f.-w-'~-1  ^  / /  / / « . / -  *  ®  O.  rt  o  L"  1  5 « 3 = § e r g <•* £T o2 cr g  *7Sf i/1<:  m X O  c  o »  00  o 2 cr  r1  S S L  V.  „m-«rlziK3  d 2 V,  •r.  


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