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School-house : additions and renovations to White Calf Collegiate, Lebret, Saskatchewan Bitz, Hugh James 1997

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SCHOOL -HOUSE: ADDITIONS A N D RENOVATIONS TO WHITE C A L F COLLEGIATE; LEBRET,SASKATCHEWAN  .  by H U G H J A M E S BITZ B . A S c , University of Regina, 1988 A THESIS S U B M I T T E D I N P A R T I A L F U L F I L L M E N T O F THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE in T H E F A C U L T Y O F G R A D U A T E STUDIES School of Architecture We accept this thesis as conforming to the required standard  T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F BRITISH C O L U M B I A M a y 1997  © H u g h James Bitz, 1997  In  presenting  degree freely  at  this  the  University  available  copying  of  department publication  for  this or of  thesis  this  partial  of  British  reference  thesis by  in  for  his thesis  and  or for  her  Date  DE-6  (2/88)  study.  Columbia  of  I further  purposes  gain  the  requirements  I agree  that  agree  may  be  It  is  representatives.  financial  or  The University of British Vancouver, Canada  Columbia,  scholarly  permission.  "Department  fulfilment  shall  not  that  the  Library  permission  granted  by  understood be  for  allowed  an  advanced  shall for  the that  without  make  it  extensive  head  of  my  copying  or  my  written  ABSTRACT  White Calf Collegiate is a former residential school i n Lebret, Saskatchewan that offers junior and secondary academic programs and accommodation for 220 students of First Nations ancestry . The thesis explores the possibility of interventions that resist the normalizing structures  imposed by the architecture of the institution while using  them to its' advantage. The thesis project accepts the former residential school as the ground on which a new architecture is inscribed Fundamental to the thesis is a belief that minor cultures best resist marginalization, not by operating  in strict opposition  to, but upon and within the major culture.  The existing institution relies on a hierarchical and rational separation of spaces. These spaces are inflected inwards , clearly distinguishing the occupants relationships to one another , and their relationship to the surrounding landscape and to the greater community. A number of reorientations - physical and programmatic - are proposed. These reorientations where developed in relation to the physical site and ideas of movement through the landscape. A s well, they acknowledge traditional relationships between edge and centre that are evident in Cree ceremonies and encampments. Significantly the domestic and heterotropic nature of the program is accented. The effect of these reorientations is to reestablish a relationship of the building to its' immediate site, and the social relationship of the students to one another and to the greater community.  Fundamentally, there is a turning of what were once boundaries and limits, into i n between spaces and edges . Porch spaces mediate between inside and outside, and between private and public domains. The central corridors are replaced by inhabitable halls linking living rooms w h i c h in turn open onto verandas.  ii  T h e e n v e l o p e b o u n d a r i e s that once c l e a r l y established a n i n s i d e a n d a n o u t s i d e b e c o m e p e r m e a b l e m e m b r a n e s l i n k i n g the b u i l d i n g to its a d d i t i o n s . T h e e x i s t i n g i n s t i t u t i o n is b o t h l i t e r a l l y a n d f i g u r a t i v e l y u n d e r m i n e d b u t o n l y to the extent that it c a n be r e c l a i m e d . Its general o r d e r r e m a i n s v i s i b l e b u t n o l o n g e r dominates.  iii  TABLE OF CONTENTS  Abstract.  ii  Table of Contents  iv  Site plan  :  .'  .1  Ground Floor Plan  2  Second Floor Plan  ;  Third Floor Plan  ......A  Fourth Floor Plan  ..5  Sections  6  Sections Sections  3  '. :  •  Elevations  .8 9  Perspective of Front Room Perspective of L i v i n g Room  -7  10 :  11  Front V i e w of M o d e l  ...12  Back V i e w of M o d e l  13  Sectional M o d e l  14  iv  G r o u n d Floor Plan  2  1  CLASSROOM  2  SEMINAR  3  SCIENCE  4  BUSNESS ED. COMPUTERS OFFICE RESOURCE CENTRE READINCVORAL TRADITION  Second Floor Plan  9  W/C  10  STORAGE  3  Third Floor Plan  4  GROUND  OPEN SPACE  PROGRAM REFLECTED CEILING  1  UVINGROOM  2  DCflMTTORY  3  CHILD CARE WORKER  4  W/C / SHOWERS  5  LAUNDRY ROOM  6  KITCHEN  PORCH  WHITE CALF COLLEGIATE Fourth Floor Plan  FOURTH FLOOR; RESIDENCE  5  Sections  Sections  1  i —  h ,h  I ft i  n  llr  »b  :  -  i  -\ 1 l  -  i  —  ^ F  l ll  ^-1  1  I  n n n n n"IT n  WHITE CALF COLLEGIATE  Sections  n n n  T  -I  •—  HI  lrft ft 1  1  rr  SECTIONS  H  i  ir J - r J  1'  Elevations  P e r s p e c t i v e of L i v i n g R o o m  Sectional M o d e l  14  


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