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Cycling center: a multi-use center to support and promote cycling Palmer, Thomas Allan 1994

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CYCLING CENTER: A MULTI-USECENTER TO SUPPORTAND PROMOTECYCLINGbyTHOMAS ALLAN PALMERB.A., The University of British Columbia, 1990A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OFTHE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OFMASTER OF ARCHITECTUREinTHE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIESSchool of ArchitectureWe accept this thesis as conforming to the required standardTHE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIASeptember 7, 19940 Thomas Allan Palmer, 1994Signature(s) removed to protect privacyIn presenting this thesis in partial fulfillment of therequirements for an advanced degree at the University of BritishColumbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely availablefor reference and study. I further agree that permission forextensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may begranted by the head of my department or by his or herrepresentatives. It is understood that copying or publication ofthis thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without mywritten permission.(Signature)Department of A.4.IrLEThe University of British ColumbiaVancouver, CanadaDate t4/i’4.Signature(s) removed to protect privacyABSTRACTThe Cycling Center is a proposal for an architecture dedicated to cyclists and the bicycle.Although cycling has been around for over 100 years, there have been few examples ofarchitectural buildings designed for cyclists and their bicycles. In contrast, gasoline vehicleshave had many structures fashioned especially for them and continue to place considerableconstraints on most new building designs. The Cycling Center, to be located on a portion of theBurrard Street Bridge Civic Marina parking lot (adjacent to Vanier Park), is meant to function asa multi-purpose center for the promotion and support of cycling in Vancouver and BritishColumbia I. Furthermore, it serves as an attitude of global responsibility, urban renewal andcommunity spirit which many cyclists hold. In order to change the view and actions of both thegovernment and the public, a comprehensive effort to promote global awareness andresponsibility is essential. The Cycling Center conthbutes to this effort by providing thefollowing components: hotel/hostel design for use by primarily, but not exclusively, cyclists;administration center for cycling organizations; community bicycle repair/recycling center;educational facility (to promote cycling, cycling safety and cycling responsibility); retail/rentaloutlet (including bicycle storage and support facilities) and live/work business (for residentmanager of the Cycling Center).iiI I‘.4BIIS‘4‘E=II00I0%mawtaIIIpv5ITbomaa Allan Palmer Cycling CenterLIST OF MODEL PHOTOGRAPHSPagePhoto 1 Front Aerial View of Cycling Center 17Photo 2 Rear Aerial View of Cycling Center 17Photo 3 North View of Cydllng Center 18Photo 4 Marina Dry-dock 18Photo 5 Front View of Cycling Center 19Photo 6 Front View of Hotel Wing 19Photo 7 Front View of Restaurant, Health Centerand Entrance 20Photo 8 View of Retail on Grade with CyclingOffices Above 20Photo 9 View of Inner Court 21Photo 10 Rear View of Restaurant, Health Centerand Entrance 21Photo 11 View of South Cycle Path 22Photo 12 View of Cycling Center from the CityArchives 22Photo 13 View of Retail on Grade with MotelRooms Above 23Photo 14 View of Covered Tent Shelters 23Photo 15 Rear View of Hotel Wing 24Photo 16 View of Hotel Wing and Hotel Core 24Photo 17 View of Cycling Center from False Creek 25Photo 18 Aerial View of Cycling Center in VanierPark 25VThomas Allan Palmer Cycling CenterACKNOWLEDGMENTI would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the following people and organizations fortheir time, effort and insight they contributed to the Cycling Center project.I also wish to recognize the loving support of my wife Ikuko Suzuki.•Ann CarrolCity of Vancouver Archives•Annette KleinMinistry of Transportation and Highways, Victoria, BC.•Bill ThompsonUniversity of British Columbia - School of Architecture - Workshop•Doug LouieCity of Vancouver Engineering Department (Transportation Planning Branch)•James BurtonUniversity of British Columbia - Thesis Committee Member•Joe PincusUniversity of British Columbia - School of Architecture - Librarian•John GaitanakisUniversity of British Columbia - Thesis Committee Chair•Maryann HagerUniversity of British Columbia Thesis Committee Member•Rick TysonBoard of Parks and Recreation•Sandy HirshenUniversity of British Columbia - Director of The School of Architecture•Theresa JubaUniversity of British Columbia - School of Architecture - Office Staff•Trish PoehnellUniversity of British Columbia - School of Architecture - Office StaffviThoma. Allan PalmerCycling CenterPART L DESIGN PLATES°/\N jJ ( J / .‘P‘II ipi (11) —•I —._r°I!iHIiiii__________tcxD_[lJ! LI, .‘ lEE ‘ 1 !I_________________________ ____I.lIli!;tIi,II!ooooo HiPlate 1 Site Plan7fJ) 0 z CMa oC9ffigCentèrflthdfioë.pIoC”icd.100Errci, 0 Os WI, S Ml ci,a“II 2 I— a ItD--j—½-—— ( ( ( ( (l0E) z5 u /0 00 :<.C) z r cM9 0 II( ( (I0) ) ) ) ) ) )cl C — C C —I, ( (/r:t2 C) z rThomas Allan PalmerCycling CanterPART I. DESIGN PLATES1111111111111111-/_________r_________-I__.F_HL*_I I II1h111i1l_ _______________________________________II I I III II__L.1_._lj III I I 11111 I I II III IIIo.p,oopo HI!Plate S Third Floor Plan11Thema9 Allan Pa1e Cycling C.nterFourth Floor PlanPART I. DESIGN PLATESPlate 612I2 I-, I-. 0 a a.I_IIo._11OOwCl) C) z Cl)01001.1,100—Q I) I...Cl) z Cl)Thomas Allan PalmerCvclina CenterPART I. DESIGN PLATESPlate 9zE‘:1North Elevations/Section2NI0jiltIji iill liiiIIIi1IlliiJx1IIIIIIIiL1E‘1II—NTh1I II I I I I II I I P I II I I I r •I__l _I I I I1 IJ_H1 I I I ij Itill I I I Il r ü )I115A I-. I. A IICnterloomoo/d.fall.004.121i.—-=-II-a o.z r CMI-. I-,.0-I 1 O0 0 Th -0 C C C) r:j1 ci ci0 0 0C C C0 t1 8 a I- I-. IIIC) I- iiI DiI-i00 0 00 -‘. 08 IC C C Ci)00 0 C ©0 0 CfJ- C C C Cl)n 0 H0 CfJ S-.-Li0 C C -4 CI:,C C C JDn Ii© c.—.7( -IC C C Cl)0C 00 LJ 2 n I-. I-.. 0 0 0 II- 0 0 © S 0z. 0 0“3 w0 - 0 f) -II-. ii 0 I- I-. a I, IlC C C Cl)© © © © 00 0 1 0 0I 8 I- I. ItC C C CIDC C C zC C C’,C ©U’I L1 8 0 I-. I. n IIC C C C) CI)


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