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A cemetery for the city Burkitt, James 1995

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A CEMETERY FOR THE CITY by JAMES BURKITT B.A., Wilfrid Laurier University ,  1988  A THESIS SUBMITTED. IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE  in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES THE SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE We accept this thesis as conforming to the required standard  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA February 1996 © James Burkitt, 1996  In  presenting  degree freely  this  thesis  at the University  in  partial  fulfilment  of British  Columbia,  available for reference  copying  of this  department publication  or  thesis by  of this  and study.  for scholarly  his or thesis  her  •Bepartmert  of  (TEc^rvg^  -ht -^ 2  The University of British Vancouver, Canada  Date  DE-6 (2/88)  (Wft-M  1?)  Columbia  . \1<!L,  I further  purposes  gain  the requirements  I agree that  representatives.  for financial  permission.  of  agree  that  the Library shall make it permission  may be granted It  is  for an advanced  by the head  understood  shall not be allowed  for extensive  that without  of my  copying  or  my written  ABSTRACT  The intention of this thesis project will be primarily focused on issues of the cemetery that involve its utilization as a vehicle to cultivate an awareness of heritage and its role in establishing a framework on which to promote the sense of communal identity in an authentic manner. For as many divergent societies that co-exist on earth there are equally as many diverse ritualistic patterns involving death and dying particular to each society.  Although the study of these  ritualistic patterns is an intriguing one, with regard to utilization of the cemetery as a vehicle to strengthen the identity of place, I believe, it is essential to accommodate and enrich already accepted notions of death and dying particular to Vancouver and Canada. As a consequence of the country's age, it seems that there is always the pressure to import character and values from other places.  To begin to define an identity and therefore cultivate community there has to be  acknowledgment and acceptance of heritage as an initial point of growth. For these reasons, rather than replace an already existing set of rituals with foreign ideologies surrounding death and dying, it is crucial that existing rituals not be discarded. The proposed site for this project is the Grandview Cut rail corridor that extends between the False Creek Flats and Grandview Woodlands in East Vancouver. Specifically, the site is situated between Clark Drive on the west and Slocan Drive on the east.  iii  TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract T a b l e o f Contents  Site Plan  i i i i i  1  Plans: Cemetery and Greenway Crematorium  2  Plan Chapel  3  Sections: a - South Elevation, b, c  4  Sections: d - West Elevation, e, f  5  Details: Column, Handrail, Niche, Catacomb Wall and Patterns  6  Processional Illustrations: Public and Processional Entry View looking west to Lakewood Drive bridge and Outdoor Civic Room from the ramp to Chapel  7 7  View into the Ante Room of the Chapel  8  Interior view of Chapel Photographs:  8  Model of Chapel and Crematorium  9  Model of site and Context  10-11  1  a cemetery for the city wSt&SmMtem urtvuiltyol bra* okimtta  O u d to o r Cv ic i R o o m for the H o m e e ls s I nG r o u n dN c ih e s C o u lm b a r u im W a l C a a tc o m b B u r n ilg t o nN o r h te r n RaliLn ie G r e e n w a y L a k e w o o dD r v ie B r d ig eS t r u c t u r e H a n d r a li A s c e n tt oE n t r yL e v e l Stairs to C r e m a o tr u im M a n it e n a n c e and S t o r a g e 12 E e lv a t o r  Pub c il and P r o c e s s o in a l j E n r ty j D r n ik n ig F o u n t a n is j G u d ie for N c ih eT r a n s p o r t a o t in S u p p o r tS y s t e m for N c ih e > T r a n s p o r t a t o in B r d ig e H a n d r a li B u r n ilg t o nN o r h te r n Ra liLn ie G r e e n w a y C o u lm b a r u im W a l 10 A s c e n tt oC h a p e l 11 D e s c e n tt oC e m e e tr y and G r e e n w a y 12 C a w ta k l E e lv a t o r M e c h a n c ia lR o o m 5 Stairs t oC e m e e tr y 16 T e m p o r a r yS t o r a g eo fC o fn is 17 C r e m a o itn C h a m b e r 18 C r e m a o tr u im R o o m 19 C r e m a o tr u im R o o m2 20 R a m pt oC h a p e l C o f n i 22 Rali for C o f n i 23 O p e nt oT o w e r 24 S t o r a g e 25 A d m n is it r a t o in R o o m 26 Stairs t oO u d to o rS a n c t u a r y  1  3  8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24  Public and Processional Entry Guide for Niche Transportation Bridge Burlington Northern Rail-Line Columbarium Wall Ascent to Chapel Descent to Cemetery and Greenway Washroom Elevator Ante Room Ravine Coloured Glass Sliding Door Descent to Crematorium Chapel Catacomb Wall Coffin Open to Crematorium Pull Down Stair to Tower Pulpit Small Chapel Sacristy Outdoor Sanctuary Entry from Northern Edge of Grandview Cut Stairs to Crematorium  4  section a  south elevation  FC  section b  section c  5:  section f  6  catacomb wall detail  patterns  E  o o  Q£ o  > O i— o o  "5 o  CD  cn CD >  -a  o o 3  05  13  CD Q_  _c: o O ^ to o CO  - 3  CD  =  3 a. O) E  n  ° ^ ^ c  5=  ro  £- ~  8  S  E  2 CD O Q- >  J=  Q_ Q_  I  f H—  — o 15 sr  3  CD  .2  >  £  .2  or I  10  View from south-east  11  View from west  


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