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Graduate recitals Anderson, Chenoa Dawn 1995

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GRADUATE RECITALS by CHENOA DAWN ANDERSON B.Mus., U n i v e r s i t y o f Toronto,  1992  THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC (FLUTE) in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School o f Music)  We accept t h i s t h e s i s as conforming t o t h e r e q u i r e d standard  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA APRIL.1995 ' v> ©  Chenoa Dawn Anderson  In  presenting  degree freely  at  this  the  available  copying  of  department publication  thesis  in  partial  fulfilment  of  the  University  of  British  Columbia,  I  agree  for  this or of  reference  thesis by  this  for  his thesis  and  scholarly  or for  her  Department  University  Vancouver,  DE-6  (2/88)  of  Canada  British  Columbia  I  further  purposes  gain  shall  that  agree  may  representatives.  financial  permission.  The  study.  requirements  It not  be is  that  the  Library  permission  granted  by  understood be  for  allowed  an  advanced  shall for  the that  without  head  make  it  extensive of  my  copying  or  my  written  University of British C o l u m b i a S c h o o l of M u s i c Recital Hall Monday, October 4, 1993 8:00 P.M.  Master's Student Recital* Chenoa Anderson, flute  A c h t S t u c k e fur R o t e allein ( 1 9 2 7 ) [eight p i e c e s f o r f l u t e a l o n e ]  Paul H i n d e m i t h (1895-1963)  S o n a t e h-moll B W V 1 0 3 0 Andante Largo e dolce Presto  J.S. B a c h (1685-1750)  Leslie Wyber, piano  *****lntermission***** T h e m o d e r n flute of B o e h m h a s incited a n e x t r e m e l y virtuosic r e p e r t o i r e : theatrical w o r k s with superficial m u s i c a l c o n t e n t , special effects c a t a l o g u i n g t h e i n s t r u m e n t ' s i d i o s y n c r a s i e s a n d t e c h n i c a l possibilities, p a s t i c h e s of f a m o u s r o m a n t i c violin concertj. It is certainly a n o u t d a t e d repertoire, b u t r e m a i n s v e r y flattering for t h e p e r f o r m e r . T h e i n s t r u m e n t a l part of A d a g i o w a s realized f r o m 1 9 2 e x c e r p t s of virtuoso w o r k s w e l l - k n o w n t o a n y flautist ( B o e h m , K u h l a u , T o u l u , Molique, D o p p l e r a n d Faure...). T h e s e e x c e r p t s a r e i n t e r s p e r s e d with q u o t a t i o n s f r o m t h e A d a g i o of M o z a r t ' s q u a r t e t K. 2 8 5 f o r flute, violin, v i o l a a n d violincello...Mozart's A d a g i o is i n t e r m i n g l e d with s o u n d s of d a i l y life...the writing is f r a g m e n t e d a n d continually interrupted...  [from the liner notes of Anecdotes by Yves Daoust] 13'th G r a n d Solo for flute a n d Piano  J.L. T o u l u  Andrea Stoneman, piano Q u a r t e t in D m a j o r K. 2 8 5 Allegro Adagio Rondo  W.A. M o z a r t (1756-1791)  Aiyana Anderson, violin David Rose, viola Cyrena Huang, violincello A d a g i o f o r flute a n d t a p e ( 1 9 8 6 )  Yves Daoust  Warren Copeland, diffusion  (1946-)  *ln partial fulfillment of t h e r e q u i r e m e n t s for t h e M a s t e r of M u s i c d e g r e e in p e r f o r m a n c e  Reception to follow in the Faculty Lounge  3  •  -e-  .  C O I S T R U C T I O N i  .  Z O^N % \  i recita]] of works for f lu^e^'^ Chenoa Anderson - flute;;. %• V  Two (1987)  A  r  %  ,  %.*>,  0  ^ ^ % *V  /  J o h n McMillan:::-rjpiano S c r i v o i n V e n t o fvr f l u t e d alone (1$91) /  g  y  L^pglan©. .••>: . . * ^irrfee^drj^s^from V i l l i ain S&akespe^V o ^ v a^ist, S k i l l ing^sj -**voi 11 ^ .6* ^ ^steve Robb ^ :lari»<  v  (19530  tjer* Stra\iins]  i f l  s«?^ ^ 6>W  David Rose -jr V i o  I N T E R M>  3  r  <f" x> - f =Jehn McMillan - piano* 4?J~ ' ' ' " de Ronsard Op. _26JJC^<924) VB£ux Poeaffs 5 Lis Lis S S kki illlliinnog r ss -.~vofce Senate WV xu?^ 1032 * ^^C^ * senate A-dur A-aur B cwv ' A v Z / / , vivace - largo ^ ^ ^ ^ V Come vengono prodot^^glif'in TEXTS^r I | f  1. Mugick  t o h a a r e , why nea*f,6t Sweets w i t h sWeets wariee'ni  ,-musickl sadly, delights im jjoy:  oifjend thine e^i>e, th^v tie- but sweetly chide thee who confounds ^ r ^ < '* c. * im each by muifcual 'ordering; Re^&mbljLn(| sier '^cu cftfiL'ci^^a^id happy mother, who a l l in cne, one ple^f-nmn£>t,ee sao'^singf^ «£^s^^ speechless song being;many seeming to? v 5t^is f^eft %h^j^.t3ie»u\ single w i l l prov-e none. \iS2Fulr\'|afbm ^ijye tl%^^t^e?\i^.e^ OXhis. bones are_4birall made: o  ^  n  e  \^c^ow,_Gucvkiw, Su^k6w:-C>, wopd ^^^j^e^uwn^^.ftSjiag^ tgdca? ffianiried eare \ Vbea Tshephf a.i'^s pipe on ^Oat'en st^o.wff s an^^a^ri vibafSes are ploughmens > \£L%rk^s: ^wnen turtles tread, andjic«&:& .^and^^Wes, and maidens bleach v'^e'iiy.'suMe'T smocks: The Guckow tiaaq^^n every tree.cs.etc. . • ^ ^ \ % n o l ^ mon mignon, qui dans ceste &a*ai&e^as seul de branche pf\, "1)5|akdhe a tongre voletant, Et c h a n t e s r e n v i de moi qui vais chant  t-*  i  3i  


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