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A recital of compositions Crutchley, Ian Joseph 1993

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A RECITAL OF COMPOSITIONSbyIAN JOSEPH CRUTCHLEYB.Mus., The University of British Columbia, 1988A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OFTHE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OFMASTER OF MUSICinTHE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIESSchool of MusicWe accept this thesis as conformingto the required standardTHE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIAApril 1993© Ian Joseph Crutchley, 1993In presenting this thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements for an advanceddegree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make itfreely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensivecopying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of mydepartment or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying orpublication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my writtenpermission.Department of^MusicThe University of British ColumbiaVancouver, CanadaDate  April 28, 1993DE-6 (2/88)ABSTRACTEach composition in the following document has resulted from my desire toexplore problems and possibilities that are to be found in the various ensemblesand/or techniques chosen. For each new composition a particular issue or set ofissues was established at the outset and dealt with from different angles at allstages of the works' creation.Chansons PrecieuxIn these three songs I was interested in reducing my material choices to aminimum and also in creating a small fragment for the text which could beexploded into syllabic utterances. These were, over the course of the threesongs, utilized in small groups. Only in the final song is the entire text revealed.Across The Gorge Is The BridgeSynthesized and concrete sounds constitute the palette of this tape piece. Inprocessing the sounds I selected evolutionary characteristics with the intention ofexploiting these characteristics in a particular manner - the notes in the piece areof extremely long duration (c. 12') and so the evolution takes place at a very slowpace. In a sense time is slowed down in the work, almost to the point of absolutestasis.TriangleHere I examined the concept of an imagined triangular pathway in which eachintersection of two lines consisted of the same object viewed in a different way.The lines themselves are manipulations of the object. The original inspiration forthis piece came from reading about Stonehenge and other such prehistoriclaboratories designed as viewing points for the sun and moon and their risingsand settings at key times of the year.Anya ManasA small item, in this case a chord, is never presented literally, but begins its life inthis piece by already having been bent, altered, linearized and otherwisemutilated. Eventually the chord has completely lost its own sense of its ownreality. "Anya Manas" is a Sanskrit saying that refers to a state of mind in whichconfusion of identity prevails.Wo Weilest Du?This work involved the desire to eliminate such traditional concepts as motivicdevelopment, regular phrasing and clear form. Sound objects appear, vanish andmay or may not return later. There is no formal goal or climax. The piece simplybegins and ends where it does. The title is German and means where are youwaiting? It comes from Wagner's Tristan und lsolde.TABLE OF CONTENTSAbstractTable of Contents^ iiiThe Recital Program^ ivChansons Precieux^ 1Triangle^ 6Anya Manas^ 31Wo Weilest Du?^ 44Graduation Recital*Compositions By Ian Crutch leyChansons Precieux (1992)I. Freesia Scent2. The Buried Flowers3. SpringRoslyn Osborne, sopranoMelanie Sereda, celloAcross The Gorge Is The Bridge (1992)Ian Crutchley, diffusionTriangle (1991, revised 1993)David Branter, soprano saxophoneJulia Nolan, soprano saxophoneLauri Lyster, percussionJon Richmond, percussionINTERMISSIONAnya Manas (1992)Chenoa Anderson, fluteRoger Man gas, violaEllen Heinicke, harpWo Weilest Du? (1992/93)Chenoa Anderson, fluteKaren Noel-Bentley, clarinetStephanie Mason, bassoonJim Ross, trumpetStefan Femetich, hornNathan Wilkes, bass tromboneSarah Westwick, violinTina Day, violaMelanie Sereda, celloLeslie Wyber, pianoAllan Dionne, percussionWallace Leung, conductorI would like to thank the following people:Keith Hamel, Eugene Wilson, Stephen Chatman, Paul Steenhuisen,Cam McKittrick, Warren Copeland, Dieter Piltz, my mother and father,Amanda Suchocki, Richard Crutchley,and Mary Harris.Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises, sounds andsweet airs that give delight, and hurt not.Sometimes a thousand twangling instrumentsWill hum about mine ears; and sometimes voices,That if! then had waked after long sleep,Will make me sleep again; and then, in dreaming,The clouds, methought, would open, and show richesReady to drop upon me, that when I wakedI cry'd to dream again.Shakespeare, The Tempest*In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Music degreewith a major in composition.Reception to follow in the faculty lounge.V.Chansons PrecieuxThree Songs for Soprano and VioloncellorircreCa)pre!,^120 ^■.".1tteCICcs r^"',49(,nq)--1.(a 1 ) (61)^(r")^(i)^(al)(1)r.,4^all=11■•■••••■■■r r * (.-)^ (1 )(m)--fr (0,)-10'0'1)^-0-20# 7-4 qr---(4)--4Cr" )-+C^(r)(Area f1P Elep7i1. Freesia Scent^S.• rel.e.41 ^110 (ax^(^'`) ^10.(c6)---"I . +1■1■1•C___..1■•■900 mot9vc-S.,.VC.5, 7 .51, .Ye.So p .ve.Sop.(1)(13i f^ftp 530—ilgamsm(0 )^( 9)-4rE-=e rrawi-C^9.77,4g-iv -19Sep.Sop.VcI.v (r )•Lcceo2. Buried Flowers•,32)Se p.5 ep .Vc ....01112■1.■(In )0.06,GO/900,s p (' •"^! 0)0) (.9) ()4—3:r4. 4,1^s sga,41 ek.vo. a alma r(0) (0)aa.P.,^• (g)anc0.^• 0 7.1111 .■ ..71=111.:az^X z7'/"/22/19 cfC –Ye.t2t. ••■■■.11.tr) OIA CO••••••71.•(lt )^ Kck )Cr9^far,1,;t^7 7AT' - •^C., OCAS *I° ,AJ -^er- ^)11Co^,Z7(s)cious73-e3. SpringS•12/22,17F— ^P,7ez'Sop.P-rs—SIA^ireSer.Ve./10,0•MI=P^^...1.0111M10/0,^tAX^y0 IA^y e-t^ cr^-^CIen^ 0.0 f•1 tn., 4_SepVc.1".111,4.Cca i )I4-• •^•PL.t.4 /99120mez*(.3.,forfr.1F-to •^•/yr zr pr.X7)^e -14-412 .--•""Th ITS 79—^Cr*. Co-')Crn)C;0(.45p rearm pp'yip,oir-4.1r- fD ft_ cIrec,,,,^Cm-)^tl-;)^-^A—,^Ott'(D)rn^ 44r-pa^Of9,2z ----A. 19 4.^I^ .77etp.e7r.2_Cr--^ I -•▪ ry6.TriangleMusic for Two Soprano Saxophones and PercussionPerformance NotesAll Players: 1. Material that is contained within a box0 should be repeated continuously for approximatelythe duration indicated by the line attached to the box.2. In sections that are not metered, the given duration in seconds should be used to approximatelyexecute the material in proportional rhythm.^ 51,• 0..■...,dP •■•■d0In this case, for example, there should be a pause of roughly two seconds before the entry of thefour notes. The line attached to some of the notes means to hold that note until the line ends oranother event appears.Saxophones: 1. All notes should receive their full notated duration unless modified by a staccato mark, in which casethe note must be as short as possible while retaining clarity of pitch and articulation.2.A diagonal line connecting two notes calls for a glissando between those two notes. By a combination of lipbending and extremely slow key action the glissandi should be executed as smoothly and evenly aspossible.3. The final section of Triangle makes extensive use of multiphonics. Below are suggestions forfingerings. Substitutions for fingerings and for the pitches themselves are acceptable providedthe relative registral value of the pitches is retained.1^ 2^ 3^4Percussion: The following instruments are required:Player One: glockenspielsupended cymballarge tam - tamxylophonelarge woodblock2 different tom - toms2 different conga drumsPlayer Two: suspended cowbellvibraphone5 temple blockssmall woodblocksnare drumbass drummallets: 2 brass, 2 heavy cloth, 2 hard plastic mallets 2 drumsticks, 2 rubber, 2 hard plasticTriangle3r— 3• —^ norm===-_-_   —^--wm, mu^—■___11.^■11rr.-..--sm Nomernor.. mg^IiiMil illiMinnall.,MINNEMMINNWFM.7111•11111111EdiMMIIVIAMMENI /...MPI MINIM JIIIIIIIIIIMIBMI^NM NM^■11,71•1111Mr .MNIMINIIMINIIMIN^WM JIMs10.111IIIMPUIMPIP•111111111111111•••• J.111111141111:771/.■111=1•1111-11MWo.mi: m .1::!..• AK JEW A .111=0.f •Mer M111■11 AIM•11■I .MIIIILAMIIM .IIIM A.t Aft AIIK .■17..iiI MIIII■AM,C .AI JI•1 AKIO( Ac. A•( AMINIKAlof at A:4.M^Mgr ----,NW^ "MI^ .41114.11111b;'^' ow.-• _._^=-- - -- =WM^_MINIM11•1^ ■IIIMMIIIM 'MI^ MN^ ■1111M1■■■•■■••■ JI^ CI .1.1•1111=11•11M. mollW A W-'7/1/1 ■IIIMIIMMIMINMII NM Min MIIMMIIIIIIMINI•=1 MI ^ ••■•••■■■•■••■ /11111•••1■IMIINa fl.W.-4/M^•111^IMIIMEMIN.MPIINIM,MM A MINI^•1111M1•1111111M=WW111111rJ,WIMINIIIIII^IIP9Inir ..11111111=anl =I IrlIff J•Itr.M.9,111=11si=n1nnEMPIEMINs --OM1104,i; 17.• 79," Amwr......m..74.-ri...- .7.4111M. ”t A .=11•1=7.^•^ IIIIIIMMI.•=1"..=IPTA;P•KAI.MINNIAIIIND,X.A.M1 ..7.•^  .V .17111111=1•IMIM..-:.------' MAIIMP".^'...'.."...'".••••-■-r•••^:::---.------....41111111116111fr^.01111.:_:=-117:-.-----3 —I I— 3 —1SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1glockenspiel(bxass mallets)Percussion 2cowba(bun of dnisnsticks)if5 _IP  ^ if5SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 2SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 23 -.JSopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 2%7,.SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 2SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 230^ 35ctrV PPPP PPSopranoSaxophone 1Soprano ___ ■11•Ni■•■■■■....i 1111■10 'MIL!^ 11.0^PIM MP^,a/M ..1:=11■111■11W.^ agano■Saxophone 2^ -1......ey-es•f-11111■111■1101 .M1111■LANC.11111•17.111■■•■■=r_^ S Z1111■11■11IN pPto mut. cynabal and tam tam(kcavy cloth mallets)Percussion 1PPMEMPercussion 2ppMN-1.,SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2if ^NV =IIIV/ .■111u4540ft^IMMI■O■i1.1=1.■^MO'milli111111P ^Percussion 1Percussion 2 ^^ffSopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 23 —JPP507 7^■••■■•■=o7wwo^-pPercussion 1MIN IP•PPPercussion 2PP^  f55Percussion 1 Percussion 2 Elk^P^ PPP - ^- - ' ' '6 • PP• ^ MIN ota taxSopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 2PPPPSopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 2SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 2attaccaattacc,aattaccaSopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 2ifr— 3^1— 3 —1 90==—Saxophone 1 LG,-^Soprano• MI,I1O.1111■111■ININ^2311111■1111miwf .=r- MElim=11■IN=1111.111.11L-- 3 __IANIIM•11■1^MI •MNommonnumws51•4111■NUM./.7=zai■tar C.1rMII==Mg3Soprano^wSaxophone 2 ^allifPercussion 1wlophon.^'1Igo. woodblockPercussion 2I MIMI=on woodblock73SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 2attaccaattaccaattaccaattaccaSopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 2SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 23PP100SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2.Percussion 1Percussion 2PPel) = 72 105•^IfSoprano^v.aserak.sl■r..woommi.■Saxophone 2iffPC ff PSopranoSaxophone 1.11511■1111■11■1W1111=11MMINI WIWI51/-*ifEN— MEMM,JIMII^• llr•INIMIMI IMIMl^• 11111•1•11E,INOI■ammirmimr•-fi rim■smumn■r.i■latiu imm■ixim^owl.=. Elm^WI^ Mis•—Pr' r•INIMPUMM E■1111— •^ppfP PPPPILSopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 2PP PPIi I IP a IPPPPPPp - •Percussion 1 •Soprano^r:, ^Saxophone 1•^SopranoSaxophone 2fiPP27-1! 177" ^Percussion 2fiPPPP ^ifPP ^— ppff115SopranoSaxophone ISopranoSaxophone 2ipp PPif-••9-•Percussion IPercussion 2frp PP60) ppSopranoSaxophone ISopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 2El IIANI=N•ww■uolmIlliemraiw■MII■rIMmMEN11111W_JIMIANIMMIIMMY■MLAIIMAPM.ANIA■111•PMIMIBILN=1111■111=11MJIP2MININLI01■11171■1111MIMINIMOMMIAMPF M AMI■M'UMW.PPPP ^ if 125• Mr-^•is•••••MMIN^ ■IAMII---■WV i'.1.1■01M,^NUM% C11=IMIll^ IMMIIIPM7MMItMEIIL■11 ANIEMPM"INUMMINLMIN■i■11.SJIMIIMMIIIMIPIli=cin.■•■ cii11.■=-.1111111.11P'^ I ^,AL^6:1^__,,,^,illifilmq.■•=4/01,11WANI•ml•Nr.A.,■■•■■• Mf An. ■•••.=:7711M.ND•7■1111,WINIBMINIECAINim■ •^•PINIMANMIMPINUM.willIMILIIMIIIM MA^ MI111■1•Cid1111■11WPIMIMAIIIM^"IIMAMI^ = ■IANIO■■•■77•E:rittMNIMPCJIWY111■■•MINIIIMIII■PAIMIMILMAIIIM7111KillIMIIMII■CMP■C/1/1=LIMN=M1■■■• m•Inim A:MMMYAMIMPPIMINWAMMIIIMPT=11■111■11■OMM,P11111■MOMMIIIIMPCJINO• rg■^.P.CMIGMANWMI■Na a■■•■■•'.111MIW6SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2^ 5"Percussion 2^I =or •^ p^ •ANNIMMIIMEN•71111--ANEW. •IIif PP ff^PP^Percussion 13 • II I MOMnowaimmi •5"SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 1Percussion 25"5" 1^))=72•^minumeimiiiii^RIO=m., M.I■MINM..■AliellMon'■1^ r/MIMM=MMIN■■• m=MMIrr_MO=;NIM•miaBr OM.17FIEattaccaSopranoSaxophone 1111111111111EIMIllNIMill WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMIMP^Maiam= r W^NNIWANI■ wANNIMINIMill r OMMII•MarEr A■1••■11.6 r AlrEIMMIIM■IIINI■11 AUMMUM7Mi..-^ /TS r/k■-■irMs/SMIMMI=-■...........■.-^  = attaccaSopranoSaxophone 23 -4"/71attaccaPercussion 19.)attaccaPercussion 2a_if PPM.M•■: 1■PP ^1— 5= 72C's,^ .r., ..............-„,t,....^......  .......2.-- .LK... .---...........m.=^=5rirr,a nit:r.e.s-crewr 7rumin■1 11W,M1111111 1M:1•■••=111■111MI.MII_amMIEM.4••■•■•■MEMINN^lEINAMMINIET■ • .AWN,^sl 11 msf M••11••si .11.1=IMEC...M.IMIN^,W,/r-.711WV11■11MMIMIIMIIIMINIIMMIIIMIMINIIMMIM CIMOMIll M^il iiallt="1=r•IIIII!,1=NI..TANW,^NIMINIIIIIIMIIMINIMIIMIIIMI 111^ 111=■141!!..11•IMONIMIUNIMIIIIIIM_1===•—.1=----■---ImIlE ^ir111■11SIMINNIM^Ma.1111■1•15=NOM•1=.113 .7.71=11=IN IMAI .•••11M-9■111=1MIN•^MEE^PP -weimmmt^3 -JMEN=    MOOR^ 111111•111111M11"""111111-1-1-!!!!=SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 12 Tom-Toms2 Conga DrumsPercussion 2Snare Drum (an)Bang DrumSopranoSaxophone 1135> PPMIM.IMMIIMWMMIW1,10■4 111M•IMINIMIOW,■11=W■11P71•1■14.1 a=arPP V<ff411^100Mor 1!:=1■111=SopranoSaxophone 2I lAJIMT1111Percussion 1d1111411111MilliillPercussion 2LiIESIMINIMMIAITIMISININIESIIIMIRSIIM1111111■11111MINI111111111111.r.ei■••17■10:1■11■MOIINIIIIIII7JC:••■■111C.09111■INEMMIMMINCJIIIIMIM010/ .aegor Ammaii111111111•111M1111140-61 ^ J.f_frF-7."pp pp^I if Pp ffiv145PP.3+ ^)71=PP13dr^tke^if7^-017-27  1111■••••MUM^Ws..^ ■11■1••=1.1 ANIM.orwi.^ im^ EK:PLTIIINhi^114.11ffil^=owMIL .IBITINIMMEN111■111^ .■ impr JIMMI711111.MY M EMIIIM:1.=••■IIII=OMIL&IM,U11•IIMIMMIII ZNII■LIIIIIIIIMMIKA.IMM= M M=IMIMIIIMIA111=1•1= MINN---IIIME1■■•1,( JIM•r .MI 1■11•1111—_-_—•••1 _^ NEON■111111111111-111111:-."-----...--IfMINIM^AINAm=PPfitfpp .< PPSopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 12 Tom-Tarns2 Conga Dm=Percussion 2Snore Drum (on)Bam DnnaPP -•■■=1•11..PPPP• l•SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 12 Tom-Tama2 Comp DrumPercussion 2Snore Drum (cm)Bass Dramif^PP ff rpff >ftpff^PPif PPL 3 _IM4, ^160 5 secs.155SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 12 Tom-Tome2 Corp Dru""Percussion 2Sane Dram (en)Bass Drum>13^PP^pf ^ )^ff-^IIpi WF -1__I^■ . —....—4r^A -"r 4....it— ff^- PP›.i.— 3 --I^L.- 3 —1 I-- 3 —1p..^..\1..— 3 —.•^3N-1 > -PPA --, 07-1^.• # 1-r --7--• t1"-4 r #r^r iv^rr rr rSopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2j) 0^J) ;* 41•j1. y., J . • s .4.. Y •noIfIivBass and snare drums should bepnotteed. RwIthnshavanedsto ubentile.fecuruttedr withpp-...--sempre iv1- — pp15i ,. the lingers.^i • P..if ^fPercussion 12 Tom-Tome2 Conga DrumsPercussion 2Snare Drum (on)Bess Drum^Ls^ PPP▪ V.Vifonl,hand 4. • • 0.44ifPP ^ PP'P^pp —^^• -^ ifSopranoSaxophone 2••5 secs. ^SopranoSaxophone 1PPsii^— PPPif ^^- Pp .pp  ^PpP5 secs. ^PPP—165ifPercussion 12 Tam-Toms2 Conga DrumsPercussion 2Snore Drum (on)Bag DrumSopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 12 Tom-Toms2 Conga DrumsPercussion 2Snure Drum (on)Dats Drum-p2 seconds—PP's..... — — —•7.'?SopranoSaxophone 2 i ^if^-pp- PP^- PP170SopranoSaxophone 1 -Percussion 12 Tom-Toms2 Conga DrumsPercussion 2Sm. DISIM (C.)Baas DrumPP.0. ^ to .^. ..ff _ ^-^. PP• MP*-i- PP1VP if5 secs. ^ ISopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2... .il,L.,,^id .___.^._.V  P -.fPC fp. ., .--pZ:,w ,ff >- PP_ if _ -pp ^iA^PPP• . .t: PP<i>PP if J7---. PP if PP --C if > PP-C if >- P13 < ifPercussion 12 Tom-Toma2 Conga DrumsPercussion 2Snare Dnun (on)Dna Drumffp- ffff p ff>P ppz ff >- ppPPif-5 secs ^II1755 secs.Percussion 12 Tom-Toros2 Conga DILLINPercussion 2Snare Drum (oa)Bass DrumPP <^ < pp <2 i    _is ___ pp0Laif _^pp ^_a _V PP --C  ^__ifri •J..I^1 —ppVPP C if ^C -"1 1ol:C:et5 ^ ex;I II;^iSe ^.— pppp "--- PP4 A )9.91 A )1 Anr,r......  ■,-a,_.._-1.—-4.— N.4^-2, .^-. .• El : ll''a...■ ■ ..if PP <^PP < .ff.-1211.<^PP_SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 12 Tom-Tams2 Comm DaumPercussion 2Snare Drum OMBaas Drum15 secs.  ^ 18541)=72• 6• •180^5 secs. ^19'- ^—PP —^ fr pp < -PP<  PPif ppff- fif.ffPP -^ fifI^;1•• PINE. ri IM Lail^/1./11•11.11 El cz^1.1•1^. Es.it,M; , .__^_..•Al• i I: in1•AN>- PP PP12111II AM - iii; a • la^ rrilOMCIO= ^ r •play as quickly as possibleif PP <if PP< if -.P22.<.&asPP < if>— PP < ff-PP< he-PP PP < if PP <^-^SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 12 Tom-Toms  2 Conga Drums ^pp< if --.Pp< if -pp<ff^I. Bass Drum^■■■Percussion 2^J )11.1^1)3Snare Dnun (m) •if.if1 i-pp^if^- -_:..- R.-pp Iinif if —pp29(:, • Bi tr5 IPP ^—pp-pp -^^ 140^pp) ^take mallets7^SopranoSaxophone 1SopranoSaxophone 2Percussion 12 Tom-Truns2 Conga DoorsPercussion 2Snare Drum (on)^Iiflvto glockesapielSopranoSaxophone 1^fffallow glock. to.1 fade completelySopranoSaxophone 2ffPP -^PPc. 13 minutesComposed September -December 1991, revisedJanuary 1993.Percussion 12 Tom-Toms2 Conga Mum.Percussion 2Snare Drum (au)Bass Dmmglow glor-L totr.% fade completely/TN3 1.Anya ManasTrio for Flute, Viola and Harp4n.v.anya - maims5J)=46^—PPPPPParcr 3 -16.. 6. 6.sfPIT10FluteViolaPPPPFluteViolaHarpaa (#a)ddd  I- -I I- -1 dut ^=mai rJ.6c7r^ 1P.P1=1•=r- MEM"'Mitr■all•MIIIIMIL1111•11M111■10111du t,^11-711111111LEJ■11.111/OZaund1110TAMr I O11111■YIIIOPEV-MI^ *1E11 I nlama1111111111131.dd1111Miiim•i^ apwoh sourqr£1dddd--••=01. MEM..^ iN=1.3^ •I^A4IP"Pr /A.MIliow Air -- //■111Er MI=147- MINI=NELL4=karMammmigrx 7-,..;;LvrT1 •,1M=1.111■11091B^*ZZICIdd ^ dd•1111-1 110-11•=1 %elCTw[TA0318dd thw_ r) go!ACZ■111■3•44.:■//Mill1=•11:1■•■••Llaff 1=IME:=LEJ.11==1.-= --_ 1.11=== =IIIMMIIIIM=^•■111MINIIM^ONIMI=1•111NIMMIlom^ __wAM111=111=0MIWAM111=•1111WIr lf TM"^ IN 1 1m- Jr Ink....miftm- Amr armor srr ascia.di 'to elimiiiimilimmm.cry....aisbila.tii .■11=11111.1161•11•11:flI /41•1•■••■Li•//// .1,1•11:1•11W /01==..11111•LIIIIIWit•V=11•1•1■VINIIIIMIIIINIMEM■1■11=11=ladMII=IMAINMONMEMNIM.UN ^_•cTof/i11Vr— —1 r— —1^wal^ NM— —MININ-71M11• MN ---••—•MNI■11111■1111■411MINI^ =JIMMIE^MIMINEMNIMM-----^11=—=-1EZ---=.11MICIINot.111■Pf:"---q1M=1114.7111"N.M1■11/11MMIIMIIIMPI MIIIMMIMMIMII=MNIMMIIIMIIMMIINwIEN.ar1116,1! n■s...m:3■■••■■■•raimism■I■• I^timmituon'ill mai^imme■a■n■ras=6...a.:■Imiaimi.ai^ill..rMii=iir ••■•:^••••17•=.4.;■' Iv==MM.& ^ill■IlMrall6g:^=UM.MB//■•■•■1711111!•1M---ir ■•■•77■•■■■=111M=11==fflIMILILMIIII.---■111;471I■d ft  ^lo ^.11^ MUMMUM:01/1111 1111WW=I■rifdd--^mg,.=hi^ 1•■•.11M^ 11■•■••■••1^10^•dle:=11M114= 1■117•01. 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MP, JI/PT JRLIMMIGLI•1171•1•LIMEMIIIM• II.T411/1 MANE=•^ .1 MOW JEW, All.1 AWN _M.( AWE MP,- 4, Mb.•ViolaF $ E 6MIMMINIMIN11■11=MINIMIMI MINN III=1111Flute-Cf- PPI 0.^ 0 0 /^ rIMP4,0• 1111•LIIIIMIIMIL aNM^II^ II^'Jam ..n....ani,NIL.^ TIM!^MI^ MNI=IMMIII IIMMIILLtral^•=111...■1&11^RIVAMMINEM1011■115 IMIIIM•111=1111MM Will =1■IIMMI=IIIIMIW,111• Immi•■,T AMIS•MINIM•11=411■1111•11 MI ■•^MIIIMMIIMIII ma ...now■silII IWIMMII■11111■11=1.111=.1■9111^ MI MIN MN =NUMMI^IMMI 1=11111 MN M11111■11111^■IIIMMEMIIIM•1111•0.1W.IN ICS.:/•1111■IMMIMI■1.f MIMI.... MI IIMIIIIMMIEM mos■■■....■. 011111111111111/15.1r iI^.^1^1 MEM^Irl11111FP11^ g g^.^A 'LW, I m..I.LIMIINillM• -^NM !I^■-r:k■mamimmirmaure^mommilimommilmimmem^ IN IIMISI■1W. .1". iIIIIM11:7"Mf .■1.1■Ir AIIIM JIM /MI MMIr JE/I.AMII .M AM .IIIM ■1111:.41■MIIIII:TIIIIMMII. 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J.a.^ IML .1 6 1.^NEN :.d ag „----..........................,..-4,----...................,................,.._......., ANAMIIIIMINIMIMMOMMINIIM=EMIMMMImr•rz■:::----_;.:IMMIIIIMMIIIM•1■141.11MPIIIIIM—....111^•111111MIIM^111....=11111M--•••-•-...'-1M.■•••—-■----MINIMIIIIIMi^___,,im---- __ -•=111■------- ----_==== I— J===^---- ---I RAM^11=r1ML1I ki1711 MN=11-7/•1^ ..1•111=Viola =MINMINE.111•1 7HarpFluteViola^MI•!‘ N.M^"1M1Inil^LEO ■IINLY WAN vloTAgin Ida ZIT100 Flute 1 I^I .1) Iniente4.1Violaniente f•▪ iY allow to fade(7%, fompleteleyHarp473/ •C.June 29, 1992.Wo Weilest Du?Music for Eleven Players2. P,ssases _^( (• • : • e+. NO^4L...“71 /:b eS^ t,^; 44.0 .c..4.,Afre3 a 40^.(^)• 1^en. .5 Ca. 04...a.^7IFa^; 147eciS I. The^to w:^I. S.^fa.o./ .se.eh^ sS^Le^t4site.s.... Aeelaisee.,1^•2 • 7Xe.^,e,&/-14..,...e.,474. ; ••• 4'1% 4 zo,./c. Rtre.ACSIOPI mrlef^ 6. .Z. Tke.^(/,...nied^„„)^7e,las 4.-e,,,ea4-S e elect 7-Te."sle.^: a keAvy 2 e 4. I ,-/41/C haler^Z wee plea,^144; ,GSc^4.-•I•• rN n 4es rnr /3r4"nrmance. I. All^l,•,41,/^Xela( fo, /I.d,^evi 44t.^4---cre4ie., •4 74.1; 11 Zeel ol.S L (es. 07. 6-4) .1 715 k C.XeC kdirrlpel,..710'5.7 /(...),at/ 7I4e sire4 71ici e^.S4,-; •Nais I. 'Ma sivs x is) o_skse .544e A,^.,./i .. All ,,./^ 714;"^lc ie./,-toci,J;e 74 1L0^• 4./ le_ ,.,1e,ese1e•iELt as e^4 s^4 le_ ."^ : /.^ .a^S L // ie. /e /eyes/ ..Ch^- nsais/o • .s.S. .i/C .2. It) kf,e_ ^Ae.^ 11 c Yhde._^cket, /./ A•^exirem (1^8,44 4. 7±1^Aim 7i aa ec.,,/3 I^bl.cfc^=^A.'"(•^ •IL..**el“.34er,^0„..„-^ pesiae^14,e•--A3. G^..s/..././^ .71 eve.. It5"A5 5 /.4^• free- 7qe.^141 ea 1fØ4 . As^e^14A^Li Ic k mc 4 ivc,...5^ "1-1- Xt:ske-^er-hs^.71.  /43 4L.2. Tke. 4- ;.Let^a. 4., sks,^nae_ As pas klj s^s ;JO e.a. t_ dt. e-C-e SC' We-^/4.AD.Lae84.5.7LA.e6^TcoctS. r eg45e.- r.1.4 e^tea, re-site,^71A.,4e L^ .s.9 fl ,44.0Flute136 ClarinetBassoon1ff 3^ ^1TrumpetHornTrombone •^OCtPercussionViolinViola'CelloPiano30, -Ncav—4) tj 6¢0.4-ers7/2FluteBi" ClarinetBassoon•ViolinViola'CelloBr' TrumpetC)Horn(7)TrombonerIL^#717-)- •nCr)1 • C) L-7-1 ^( ^^Piano </^;Percussion• 20FluteBP ClarinetBassoon-P-sppB6 TrumpetHornTromboneViolinViola'Cello_3 _PianoPercussion (^I ^f *a.,^ zs^n 15_-._ - n>1^›i ./^1 - -/0,2v---,, mr, n_ .22.v _ _ n_4 t^. -1 i^i r--1___,i - -.9: .. n- -;6'./?/ ',.-S n— /7 2_^i IFluteB6ClarinetBassoonTrumPetTrombone_^ c.i__ ' # t.^_ /,----72 . n_ 2,)0-12 _ n^.44_.-) 4 4C:)I^_n_Piano fsPercussion / 9^ " \-3^-lePViolinViola'Cellofl (7)• =72•30acce 1jz 3.5"P,,f74.4 FluteClarinetBassoonWeMIIIIIIIIII•■...,t.^MIIIMIll■^■i-1^.7"cY" 74r/,P. •4^z;"(7)ViolinViola'Cellofr •1 /41e r SPercussionPiano *)4^• ., 4A )1• 40 .0%0-/z7)7^6 j771-FluteB6 ClarinetBassoonB12 TrumpetHornTromboneSf•3.ViolinelViola'Cello-IIPianoPercussion•I(7)7^?r^Flute17;'ClarinetBassoonB6 TrumpetHornTromcone(s)ViolinViola'Cello 9. (7) Piano 2 ^ Sf .Y44b^jeI^ .■•■•Percussion 11^J^. 0-44 —4) I v/W% SSFluteSO toaB° ClarinetBassoonB Trumpete.)4^(7)(T.^(7)^4^()4^>-+fl7^HornTrombone2^r.;c""dViolinViola'Cello 9.fl-1-:bv0^^51% - ^ _ Piano /•-X//-;flIPercussion IIFluteBP ClarinetBassoonV.MMININIMIIML10■W■Nr•^,5-53 fr-# 2141'136 TrumpetHornTrombone/-9A3,03ViolinViola'CelloPianoA.Percussion 411^1^607-- 34-Y-4^=^Ii5-5 sLz_ ^4-MTNIIMMEii •••==1. pr=.••■,---■Marl•MIMMII^mirWimiti===tm.V.W•1111r".‘ Ka■=/■.C,d■WPAINI(I7■111•4•1liGhdbollISM=11•11MMEINEWNW AMII=btFluteB6 ClarinetBassoonB6 TrumpetTromboneA13 ^=NW.--■ , , —• _11:111 , .ryza •ry_,:-...,....,), x.... x p ,-^sp—cff,.1,3SSf tat ^ ( V^( ^PercussionViolinViola'CelloPianoireI 7477krP4^ 7?7,'J^6C•'I I). 3^?^i55R/v/)Piano9-Aci/15.c.4^C)11I^(+2, 4... ^). ,Percussion ^ ,777AI 1 _j t.,_ ■77 P ,• >4- nIIMO IMPIVir•J■Pll1111111111•1111111FM■INIOL'illIMAM* r■UMMENIINII■i=MIIIIIIIIII.1,/iMMINW ■111 -_=IIIMINI■—4 ---77,, /1/0,..,• r ,e,^•It. _I,^.^-----.1i-Flute1:3 ClarinetBassoonB1" TrumpetHornTromboneViolinViola'Cello370 (")4'9- 3—1_^4(7)C.)Viola'Cello15,c,Pianoa ot--,1; eks^tAci)PercussionFluteIf° ClarinetBassoon(7)B TrumpetHornrTrombone^ .iTtr rff'2^ ir^(7)f-4 •1*).ViolinViola'CelloJ.4.09,6 ^Piano,q6(s+FluteBE' ClarinetBassoonB6 TrumpetHornTrombone1^teit^fei,-A■mmm^L1ri 4q^\4. = sff.• #5 —go >0"\Z=It'a. 3^2.FluteB6 ClarinetBassoonB' Trumpet9^ A-HornTromboneViolinViola'CelloPianoAW(""P"Percussion ^II Ir^r^ •■■••••■rr- 3;4^s, 3 , .3Flute136 ClarinetBassoonre_„.^• • • 1 , • sp• >•BP Trumpet 3^4HornaTromboner^2jViolinViola'Cellorp -0-4-PAPianos-A/6 Sv0 ,„‘Lt,^33Percussion'DIMSI I 0 •45/ 7 7PianoErvi,> 18 Percussion 11^Cd•^•4 ^9 :10.^wo/0"3^-#-B6 TrumpetHornTrombone0c=f,^M21:411111111re7 11,Allli LEIW•■••■■•■0111•1111M1••■,• ••■ I ifig;I1,-,- n n pii• I .:- _ _A ^ • ;ViolinViola'CelloFluteB6 ClarinetBassoon9^FluteB2 ClarinetBassoon • '7*B2 TrumpetHornTromboneiocn" ViolinViola'Cello- I• 4PianoPercussion If A- •/7/°/I/O327-/=88fls S-67 d. ^Percussion (^1 1^ ••9/2 • r 5-SP/71'c _6^"- cI^ 2(Ib> - - --2 I i_ _ _ (7)_.', I3^FluteB° ClarinetBassoonB° TrumpetHornTromboneViolinViola'CelloPianoJ =5,66-"15 i=88Flute1E1' ClarinetBassoon‘,ie. tr,PercussionPianoif••••-■,„.J =.-.40'7.1^3-5 5-C --^T^-,I. - ^n(  _ _J4" ; k_•^.r i CI ": 1—__.^_ -)115me.-^ii—Piano=CCCOPercussion;SFluteBI'ClarinetBassoonTrumpetHornTromboneViolinViola'Cello^ 130,-- 3 >A A—FluteB°Clarinet551,A2^Bassoon A^A-9.r--- 3.„/3A7. / B6 TrumpetHornTromboner 3 ^ViolinViola'Cello•PianoaPercussion (^ Sti ll-f,^f' •^ J-4135-t /^A4^4Violin ^ xPPercussion. v,/P.^"" P,CVN4t1^ X^le.. .21M^L&M^"'" 27' • ^ h I e Ai C-^P:C ,d(rat o cLtnrt )It4Viola' C llo iies "IN t•SN1111 ^41.■,(PianoMN ^^•^0 v, ee e_ be %.,./lot tt.S,^s^ss , 4 le_Flute13ClarinetBassoon136 TrumpetHornTrombonervovFluteB6 ClarinetBassoonss.4hr ^)9:z^-1_ -,.-1----:1° pzz, f_ 19-3^-IR +,— ^3^f-*• ^41-0-PP ^ss— _ A, A_4 _ r { /BL' TrumpetHornTromboneViolinViola'Cello_ ,/i15-^-,4.^ _ 44,_-4PianoPercussion II^a-ccel^ '1=52Percussion (^ I(6,,“ <-1 •,_-'^_4 r 4,_'^4----4-----si^±,.1-_,_^f^,^z.--._t- _ ±"---\ A-"A' =$4.A.^A— c)_J-k,---J•^1 _ri _.A7^S Spp C).. Flute1:4ClarinetBassoon(^1,*^•• •I^1 u-513P'Cello • ••XViolin•ViolaB° TrumpetTrombone•• • 1. •,41e(• 19ftflSSPiano>6r, /ThFluteClarinetBassoon.•••Ifresa,a.assownernmir AWN=■1[■••11111•11•1111111.11e,711.,M1■1■MMIIIII•11■••111■ffr■c■I■marato^ni■lr'.,■• •-•■■l+AMO:C ^4mi=17^■MIt.11=11M111•11MallaraiMIIIIM=D; IMMININIMI!In7^MINNI7M=MMIN■MNINIIIMMOM^■....---3PercussionB6 TrumpetTrombone1^/St/ evb'•-- APiano2ss Nlv/603NW_554-FluteB° ClarinetBassoonB6 TrumpetHornTrombone3a• IL ^t,^Ar.....—...ii ,---__-- ^IIG111.1AI=I ^me.1SjVe. 5,F•Jigo(' V V • V 9.a 9.4•(^PianoPercussionViolinViola'Cellort —,... 0,—›. .230-1AAAMIT---:L.=1 „1 .4 p.sT,,i . .^,-Vss. t SS._ ==iii iAIIIIMMIIIMUMINMEIN=1111•1111WIPI=^ry ._ 2 .-Cp.ss ...- •• El .•E;b2^7. 7J^ y •frr:S.p•4Crirr  • WI•_t•1;1^3^3s;f4FluteB ClarinetBassoon 7^ISEB° TrumpetHornTrombone/654.^4ViolinViola'CelloPianoPercussionI. 73 t .tiv6,2eC/e.)3 • •17055-dr-J=604".'Itt 2..,===== ....P.So al^ "Ii-11111111111l710.17E0PER,,--------.WOMMI11•11111■1■1Mlifill111111111■'•=^:MI ii11.111141—. f. .^ AMU&II.=ii^IMO!'M MEWL^ 1•4%..--•••••M/1 _ rif t?" 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