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Retrospective Theses and Dissertations, 1919-2007

The UBC Library has completed the Retrospective Theses and Dissertation Digitization Project. The Initiative's goal has been to promote open and comprehensive access to a significant body of unique information created by UBC graduate students. The resource broadly encourages scholarly communication by providing information in support of research purposes and private study only. The authors retain copyright ownership and moral rights to their theses. The content of theses may not be re-purposed or exploited for commercial gain without the explicit permission of the authors. The PDF copies of the theses have been secured in such a way that text and images may not be cut and pasted into new electronic documents. If for any reason authors have any concerns about having their theses included as part of this collection they can notify us at chris.hives@ubc.ca and the work will be immediately removed. Similarly, if copyrighted material appears in a thesis the copyright owner can request that material be removed.

In providing access to the full text of approximately 32,000 theses submitted by UBC graduates between 1919 and 2007 this new resource ensures that their work receives the broadest possible dissemination and contributes in a meaningful way to contemporary research. In addition to providing information about specific fields of study these theses also reveal important information about changes in pedagogy at the University and within the academic disciplines.

For theses completed after 2007 see the ETD Collection.

Project press coverage

Meg Walker, "Bringing Theses to the Web" / UBC Reports (June 5, 2008), p. 3.

Tom Hawthorn, "From Academic Obscurity to Digital Discovery" / The Globe & Mail (October 21, 2009).

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