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How to become an advice guru : the new age spirit of entrepreneurial selfhood : [errata] Forsey, Caitlin Andrea 2015

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		1		Errata		Original	Document:	“How	to	become	an	advice	guru:	The	new	age	spirit	of	entrepreneurial	selfhood”	Link:	https://open.library.ubc.ca/cIRcle/collections/ubctheses/24/items/1.0166462	Author:	Caitlin	Forsey	***	Page	32,	paragraph	2.	Replace	with	the	following:	This	 exposition	 should	 be	 viewed	 as	 a	 provocation	 rather	 than	 a	 prescription	 –	 a	 scholarly	 venture	structured	around	loose	themes	that	do	not	add	up	to	a	unified	account	but	which	“open	up	a	series	of	enticing	vistas”	(Ferrell	et	al.	2004:	1).	Each	chapter	should	be	seen	as	a	piece	of	the	same	intellectual	puzzle	 that	explains	and	 interlaces	with	 the	others	 to	reveal	what	we	might	call	the	New	Age	spirit	of	entrepreneurial	selfhood.		Page	33,	paragraph	1.	Replace	with	the	following:	Over	a	century	after	the	publication	of	Max	Weber’s	celebrated	thesis,	the	idea	of	having	a	“calling”	or	central	 purpose	 in	 life	 remains	 fundamental	 to	 the	 American	 culture	 of	 work	 and	 entrepreneurship	(McGee	2005).		Page	154,	paragraph	2.	Replace	with	the	following:	Implied	in	this	comment	is	the	idea	that	despite	her	educational	credentials,	Suzanne	did	not	consider	herself	 an	 expert	 until	 she	participated	 in	 the	 intimate	 and	highly	 supportive	 environment	of	 the	 live	event,	a	finding	which	I	explore	further	through	the	idea	of	“interactive	positioning”	(Davies	&	Harré	1990:	48).						


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