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EMTP-based load disaggregation at feeder levels : [errata] Shojae, Shima 2016

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  1   Errata  Original Document: ”EMTP- based Load Disaggregation at Feeder levels” Link: Author: Shima Shojae *** Page 13, line 1-6. Change: NILM, also called, load disaggregation, is an area in computational sustainability that tries to discern what electrical loads (i.e. appliance) are running within a physical area. Such areas can include communities, industrial sites, office towers, buildings, homes, or even within an appliance [17].  To: “Load disaggregation is a topic studied by computational sustainability researchers who investigate algorithms that try to discern what electrical loads (i.e. appliances) are running within a physical area where power is supplied from the main power meter. Such physical areas can include communities, industrial sites, office towers / buildings, homes, and even within an appliance. When focusing on homes, this area of research is often referred to as nonintrusive (appliance) load monitoring (NILM or NIALM)” [17].  Page 148, [17] Change [17] Stephen Makonin. Nonintrusive load monitoring, December 2014.          13 To: [17] S. Makonin, “Real-Time Embedded Low-Frequency Load Disaggregation,” Ph.D. dissertation, Simon Fraser University, School of Computing Science, Aug 2014.           13   Page 149, [25] Change [25] something that I do not know            16, 17, 27 To: [25] Khaled Chahine, Khalil El Khamlichi Drissi, Christophe Pasquier, Kamal Kerroum, Claire Faure, Thierry Jouannet, Michel Michou, “Electric Load Disaggregation in Smart Metering Using a Novel Feature Extraction Method and Supervised Classification”, Energy Procedia, Volume 6, 2011, Pages 627-632, Keywords: Matrix Pencil Method; Nonintrusive Appliance Load Monitoring; Supervised Learning; Power Saving; Smart Meters          16, 17, 27 


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