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Caminando y miando : a reflection on academic practice : [supplementary material] Horner, Geoffrey Allen 2013

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94 Chapter 2 Opening and Viewing the Chapter 2 Video essay Chapter 2 of  my dissertation is a video essay to be watched on your computer.  Made in collaboration with Doña Vicky (Refugio Gregorio Bautista), Jaalen Edenshaw, and Pedro Herminio Bautista Rojas, the video explores their ancestral practices.  After reading the In- troduction and Chapter 1, please find the files for the video essay in Supplemental Materials at the following location: Note: If  you are reading this document from the supplementary URL location, you will already be looking at the file listing. 95 To view the video essay with the subtitles, I strongly recommend using VLC Media player, a well established, free, open source, cross-platform media viewer. To download VLC, click here: Viewing Instructions 1) Download all of  the video files to a folder on your computer. 2) I’ve split the video essay into three files.  Each .AVI file has an accompanying .SRT file of the same name that contains the English subtitles for that part: Horner_G_Caminando_video_essay_p1.avi Horner_G_Caminando_video_essay_p2.avi Horner_G_Caminando_video_essay_p3.avi 3) Open the first file (Horner_G_Caminando_video_essay_p1.avi) in VLC and the subtitles should load automatically.  Press the “S” key to cycle the subtitles Off  if  you do not require them. NOTE: If  the subtitles do not load automatically, go to the Video menu: Video -> Subtitles track -> Open File... and choose the subtitles file (.SRT) that has the same name as the AVI file you are watching (e.g., “Horner_G_” for “Horner_G_Caminando_video_essay_ p1.avi” and so on). 4) When you are finished watching the first part, open the second and third AVI files (P2 & P3) in VLC.


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