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Elders’ teachings on indigenous leadership : leadership is a gift : [errata] Young, Alannah Earl 2013

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 1  Errata Original Document: “Elders’ teachings on indigenous leadership : leadership is a gift” Link: Author: Alannah Earl Young Page 32, Second Paragraph line 1, 5 th  word INSERT correct orthography for x m        m   us ueam Page 32 Second Paragraph, line 5, 14th word INSERT Correct orthograph  for  sχ a χ Page 32, Second Paragraph line 3, 7 th  word INSERT correct orthograph  for h n    min  m Page 32, Third Paragraph line 1, 6 th  word & 12 th  word INSERT correct orthograph    m        m Musqueam INSERT Sea ird Island after   m        m us ueam Page 32, Fourth paragraph, line 1, 12 th  word O IT the word… sXwayxw@y Page 32, Fifth paragraph, line 2, 10th word O IT the word… great-grandfather Page 32, Fifth paragraph INSERT the word Ti' te-in after first word Page 32, Fifth paragraph 3 rd word  INSERT correct orthograph  for   m        m  Replace with the following text: Larry Grant is   m        m   us ueam  and Coast Salish, as the anthropologists call the people. He is a sessional instructor in the First Nations language program at UBC, where he teaches h n    min  m  language. He is the current FNHL Elder in Residence and provides guidance to the LLP and teaches protocols to the FNHL community. He is a former band counsellor, a grandfather, and a big house sχ a χ    dancer.  Norma Rose  oint is   m        m   us ueam  Seabird Island) and has worked for   m        m education committee since 1965.  Gerry Oleman, Saa HiiI Thut is from the Stl’atl’im  Nation, he is a big house dancer and grandfather.  Hopokeltun Ti' te-in is   m        m Musqueam and Coastal Salish, he is a grandfather, big house dancer and traditional speaker.


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