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Turning point symposium (2014) Beckett, Ian F.W.; Grey, Jeffrey; Crawford, John; Neilson, Keith; Connelly, Mark; Durflinger, Serge; Stapleton, Tim


This record contains seven recorded sessions from a symposium held at the Royal Military College of Canada in 2014. These sessions formed the basis of Turning Point 1917: The British Empire at War, edited by Douglas E. Delaney and Nikolas Gardner. The speakers are Ian F.W. Beckett, Jeffrey Grey, John Crawford, Keith Neilson, Mark Connelly, Serge Durflinger, and Tim Stapleton. A description of the book is as follows: For the British Empire and its allies of the Great War, 1917 was a year marked by crises. But here and there glimmers of light pierced the gloom. Soldiers began solving the problems posed by trench warfare. The dominions asserted themselves in the councils of imperial power. And the US finally entered the war. This book examines the British imperial war effort during the most pivotal and dynamic twelve months of the war. Written by internationally recognized historians, its chapters explore military, diplomatic, and domestic aspects of how the empire prosecuted the war. Their rich, nuanced analysis transcends narrow, national viewpoints to provide a multi-faceted perspective of events that laid the groundwork for victory.

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