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TRADE  CATALOGUE UBCPress F A L L | W I N T E R 2 0 0 4 UBC_Trade_Catalogue_CR  5/3/04  4:39 PM  Page 2 Northern Exposures Page 2 The Behavior and Ecology of Pacific Salmon and Trout Page 3 Federalism Page 4 TRADE CATALOGUE FALL 2004 Legislatures Page 5 Aboriginal Conditions Page 6 Corporate Governance in Capital Markets Page 7 Misplaced Distrust Page 7 Shifting Boundaries Page 6 Fight or Pay Page 1 Advocacy Groups Page 5 Emerging from the Mist Page 6 Cover image: Soldier: CEF 135th C Company, Marika Pirie, private collection Mother and child: detail from “Mother with boy mounted on horse,” QC, 1917. Wm. Notman & Son, 1883-1993 Fight or Pay: Soldiers’ Families in the Great War, page 1 Hunters and Bureaucrats Page 7 UBC_Trade_Catalogue_CR  5/3/04  4:39 PM  Page 3 1F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N  V I S I T  W W W . UBCP R E S S . C A  Fight or Pay Soldiers’ Families in the Great War  Desmond Morton UBC PRESS “Our slogan has always been ‘Fight or Pay.’  We call upon the people to enlist or help others enlist. We sometimes say: ‘If you cannot put the “I” into fi ght, put the “pay” into patriotism,’ and that serves as a slogan on any platform.” —Sir Herbert Ames, founder of the Canadian Patriotic Fund Unlike the Second World War, the Great War exists in the collective memory of Canadians as a tragic war. Characterized by the brutality of trench warfare, the First World War is remembered largely for the immense sacrifi ce in life and limb of Canadian soldiers. In Fight or Pay, renowned historian Desmond Morton turns his eye to the stories of those who paid in lieu of fi ghting—the wives, mothers, and families left behind when soldiers went to war. Aware that the recruiting effort would fail if men were forced to choose between their families and the front, the Canadian govern- ment and its wealthy backers introduced the Canadian Patriotic Fund, known in its day as “the Patriotic.” Charged with support of soldiers’ loved ones, the Patriotic and its volunteers set out to take over their lives and transform them into a middle-class model of frugal self-denial. Meanwhile, the Militia Department took on the task of deciding which dependants a soldier could support. Sud- denly, the State and private philanthropists were managing family decisions that had never been their business before. A pan-Canadian story, Fight or Pay brings to light the lives of thou- sands of valiant women whose sacrifi ces have been overlooked in previous histories of the Great War. It is also an incisive and honest look at the beginnings of a social welfare system that Canadians have come to think of as intrinsic to citizenship. Social and military historians, scholars of gender studies, descendants of First World War families, and anyone with an interest in popular history will fi nd Morton’s tale a rich addition to the landscape of Canadian history. “Fight or Pay is a beautifully written book about the history of a society and its government in wartime. Not only does Morton shed fascinating light on the topic of soldiers’ dependants, but he reveals the much broader implications for the study of gender, class, state power, and race.” —Jonathan Vance, author of Death So Noble: Memory, Meaning, and the First World War “Fight or Pay is a fascinating story of how families managed during the absence of their male relatives, told by a scholar with a deep knowledge of the Great War. A major contribution to Canadian history.” —Margaret Conrad, co-author of History of the Canadian Peoples Desmond Morton is Hiram Mills Professor in the Department of History at McGill University. SEPTEMBER 350 pages est., 6 x 9” 20 b/w illus. hc $39.95 ISBN 0-7748-1108-0 Military History STUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORY Published in association with the Canadian War Museum • AUTHOR TOUR • MAJOR PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN WITH NATIONAL PRINT AND   BROADCAST MEDIA • NATIONAL ADVERTISING trade fo4.indd   1 5/3/2004   3:35:32 PM 2 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477  Northern Exposures Photographing and Filming the Canadian North, 1920–45  Peter Geller UBC PRESS To many, the North is a familiar but inaccessible place. Yet images of the region are within easy reach: in magazine racks; on our coffee tables; and on television, computer, and movie screens. In Northern Exposures, Peter Geller uncovers the history behind these popular conceptions of the Canadian North. This book examines the photographic and fi lm practice of the Canadian government, the Anglican Church of Canada, and the Hudson’s Bay Company, the three major colonial institutions involved in the arctic and sub-arctic. In the fi rst half of the twentieth century, visual representations of the region were widely circulated in offi cial publications and presented in fi lm shows and lantern slide lectures. Focusing on the work of prominent and prolifi c northern imagemak- ers, including federal government special investigator Major Lach- lan T. Burwash, fi rst Bishop of the Arctic Archibald Lang Fleming, Beaver magazine editor and publicity expert Douglas McKay, and photographer-fi lmmaker-author Richard Finnie, this book engages in a contextual approach to “reading” images, analyzing the inter- related aspects of production, circulation, and reception. Geller reveals the varied ways in which taking and displaying pictures of northern people and places contributed to the extension of control over the northern reaches of the Canadian nation. Northern Exposures contributes to understandings of twentieth- century visual culture and the relationship between photographic ways of seeing and the expansion of colonial power, while raising important questions about the role of visual representation in un- derstanding the past. It will be of interest to those concerned with Canadian and cultural history, Northern and Aboriginal studies, fi lm and communication, art history, anthropology, and visual culture. “Northern Exposures makes a very signifi cant contribution to the fi eld. Its important subject—how southern attitudes towards the North have been manipulated—has not been previously tackled, and Geller’s scholarship is very sound indeed.” —William Barr, Arctic Institute of North America Peter Geller lives and teaches in northern Manitoba and is currently a member of the University College of the North Implementation Team. AUGUST 256 pages est., 6 x 9” 85 b/w photos, hc $85.00 ISBN 0-7748-0927-2 Native Studies/History trade fo4.indd   2 5/3/2004   3:35:33 PM 3F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N  V I S I T  W W W . UBCP R E S S . C A  The Behavior and Ecology of Pacifi c Salmon and Trout  Thomas P. Quinn Few subjects have generated as much emotional dialogue around confl icting scientifi c and policy agendas as the protection and management of Pacifi c salmon resources. In this major new work, esteemed fi sheries expert Thomas P. Quinn distills from the vast scientifi c literature the essential information on the behaviour and ecology of Pacifi c salmon, including steelhead and cutthroat trout. Unlike other books that examine only selected life stages, habitats, or species, this book—richly illustrated with beautiful photographs and original artwork—thoroughly covers the complete life cycle, emphasizing common themes and differences among the various species of salmon. Representing the range of species and geographic regions, Quinn includes examples from classic studies by pioneers of salmon biology and from the most current research in order to illustrate the important features of salmon life history and behaviour and the complex physical, biological, and human factors that affect them. He introduces salmon and trout as a group, with a brief description of each species, and compares them to other fi shes. The book then follows salmon on their amazing homeward migration from the open ocean, through the complex coastal waters, upstream to the precise location where they were spawned years earlier. The Behavior and Ecology of Pacifi c Salmon and Trout explains the patterns of mate choice, the competition for nest sites, and the fate of the salmon after their death. It describes the lives of offspring during the months they spend incubating in gravel, growing in fresh water, and migrating out to sea to mature. Quinn emphasizes the importance of salmon to humans and natural ecosystems and the need to integrate sound biology into conservation efforts. This thorough, up-to-date survey should be on the shelf of everyone with a professional or personal interest in Pacifi c salmon and trout. Written in a technically accurate but engaging style, it will appeal to a wide range of readers, including students, anglers, biologists, conservationists, legislators, and armchair naturalists. “No book on salmon and salmon ecosystems is as well integrated or as up-to-date as this one. Thomas Quinn has brought together a wealth of information on salmon behaviour, life history, and ecology.” —Peter Bisson, Pacifi c Northwest Research Station, US Forest Service Thomas P. Quinn is Professor of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington. NOVEMBER 400 pages est., 8 x 10” 190 illus., 64 in colour; 62 tables hc $85.00 ISBN 0-7748-1127-7 pb $45.00 ISBN 0-7748-1128-5 Environmental Studies/Nature Canadian rights only UBC PRESS trade fo4.indd   3 5/3/2004   3:35:33 PM 4 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477 UBC PRESS Since Spring 2004, UBC Press has been publishing a groundbreaking  new series that examines the status of Canadian democracy at the outset of the twenty-fi rst century. The result of a milestone research project of the Centre for Canadian Studies at Mount Allison University, the Canadian Democratic Audit series makes a monumental contribution to our understanding of political life in Canada. Much has been written in recent years concerning the “democratic defi cit and malaise” affl icting Canada, and there is substantial evidence that many citizens are dissatisfi ed with the state of our democratic practices and institutions. At the same time, phenomena such as increased pressures of globalization and changing communications technologies pose new challenges to Canadian politics. To consider these issues, a team of top political scientists from across the country has come together to conduct this century’s fi rst wide-ranging examination of democracy in Canada. The Audit comprises a series of volumes, each examining a different aspect of Canadian democracy. Throughout the series, three central questions guide the investigation: How participatory is Canadian democracy? How responsive are our political institutions? How inclusive is our public deci- sion making? Expertly designed to introduce readers at all levels to the fundamentals of Canada’s democratic institutions, this series will also be of interest to scholars, policymakers, journalists, politicians, and anybody interested in the current state of democracy in Canada. Further information on the Canadian Democratic Audit project can be found at  Jennifer Smith  Federalism AUGUST 160 pages est., 5½ x 8½” hc $65.00 ISBN 0-7748-1060-2 Politics Jennifer Smith is Professor and Department Chair of Political Science at Dalhousie University. THE CANADIAN DEMOCRATIC AUDIT VOLUMES IN THE CANADIAN DEMOCRATIC AUDIT SERIES RELEASED SPRING 2004 Elections John C. Courtney hc $65.00 ISBN 0-7748-0917-5 Political Parties William Cross hc $65.00 ISBN 0-7748-0940-X Citizens Elisabeth Gidengil, André Blais, Neil Nevitte, and Richard Nadeau hc $65.00 ISBN 0-7748-0919-1 FORTHCOMING SPRING 2005 Communications Technology Darin Barney The Courts Ian Greene Cabinets and First Ministers Graham White In a world where federal states seem to exist pre- cariously, politicians and academics from around the globe continue to look to Canada as a model of federalism. And yet, our own system of organi- zation and governance also appears strained: Quebec nationalism, First Nations’ claims, the regionalization of party politics, and the uneven and shifting delivery of essential services have all altered the face of federal politics. Federalism explains how Canada came to be a federation (what reasons there were for it, and against it, historically); what the challenges to federalism currently are; and how we might fortify some areas of weakness in the federal system. Jennifer Smith argues that federalism is part of the democratic problem now; however, reformed, it can be part of the solution. Since theorists disa- gree on the democratic credentials of federalism, it is essential to look at how a real federal system operates. Smith examines the origins of Canadian federalism and its special features, then analyzes it in relation to the benchmarks of the Canadian Democratic Audit project: responsiveness, inclu- siveness, and participation. Finding that Canadian federalism falls short on each benchmark, she recommends changes ranging from virtual regionalism to a Council of the Federation that includes Aboriginal representatives. Democracy is about more than the House of Com- mons or elections. It is also about federalism. This sparkling account of Canadian federalism is a must-read for students and scholars of Ca- nadian politics, politicians and policymakers, and those who care about Canadian democracy. trade fo4.indd   4 5/3/2004   3:35:35 PM 5F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N  V I S I T  W W W . UBCP R E S S . C A UBC PRESS SEPTEMBER 176 pages est., 5½ x 8½” hc $65.00 ISBN 0-7748-1110-2 Politics Lisa Young is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Calgary. Joanna Everitt is an associate professor in the Department of History and Politics at the University of New Brunswick, Saint John.  Lisa Young and  Joanna Everitt  Advocacy Groups NOVEMBER 240 pages est., 5½ x 8½” hc $65.00 ISBN 0-7748-1064-5 Politics David Docherty is Professor and Department Chair of Political Science at Wilfrid Laurier University.  David Docherty  Legislatures Seventy percent of Canadians think that “advo- cacy groups” are a better vehicle for change than political parties; however, people involved in these groups are actually more involved in traditional political circles and party politics. This volume looks at who participates in these groups, which kinds of groups dominate the political agenda, what infl uence lobbying has on the government, and how, exactly, to make advocacy groups a more vibrant and accountable part of political life in this country. Advocacy Groups uses the Audit standards of responsiveness, inclusiveness, and participation to examine advocacy groups in Canada and as- sess the ways that they contribute to, or detract from, Canadian democracy. It argues that group activity represents an important form of po- litical participation. Though some interests face greater organizational challenges than others, advocacy groups can play critical compensatory roles for interests that are often unrepresented in traditional political institutions.  It also fi nds that while Canadian advocacy groups employ a wide range of strategies to draw attention to their concerns, those with greater fi nancial resources generally have greater access to government decision-makers. This has been accentuated by recent trends in the reduction of government funding to advocacy groups. The book concludes with several recommendations for “best practices” that groups can follow in their internal organization, and efforts to infl u- ence public policy, as well as for actions that governments can take to engage in constructive consultation with groups. Legislatures, and the men and women who serve in them, form the very heart of Canadian democracy. After all, with the very rare exception of nationwide referendums, Canadians speak collectively only when voting for the people who will be representing their interests in Ottawa. The same is true provincially. But how “democratic” are legislative assemblies in Canada? After we elect our representatives, are we comfortable that we are being properly, and democratically, represented? Apparently not— respect for legislatures and legislators in Canada has steadily declined, and this perception is only aggravated by the current political climate. Legislatures provides a democratic audit of Canada’s provincial and national representative assemblies. It argues that the problem existing in these bodies is not a lack of talent so much as a lack of institutional freedom. Specifi cally, the problem is largely one of resources and rules. The move to a more multi-party system nationally and the increasing tendency to downsize provin- cial assemblies has placed additional hurdles in the path to good governance. Docherty uses the series’ criteria of responsiveness, inclusive- ness, and participation to evaluate critically the performance of legislatures in Canada, and makes recommendations for legislative reform in Canada. A crucial and timely overview of legislatures, this book will appeal to students and scholars of Canadian politics, as well as politicians and policymakers and anyone interested in the cur- rent state of Canadian democracy. » ALSO OF INTEREST  Feminists and Party Politics  Lisa Young pb $25.95 ISBN 0-7748-0774-1 » ALSO OF INTEREST  Mr. Smith Goes to Ottawa  David Docherty pb $29.95 ISBN 0-7748-0639-7 trade fo4.indd   5 5/3/2004   3:35:36 PM 6 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477 UBC PRESS  Jerry P. White,  Paul S. Maxim, and  Dan Beavon, eds.  Aboriginal Conditions Research as a Foundation for Public Policy What role does social science research play in public policy decisions on Aboriginal issues? How can policymakers, Aboriginal organizations, and social scientists collaborate to best serve Aboriginal communities and the policymaking processes that affect them? Aimed at three main constituencies—Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal social scientists, government and Aboriginal policymakers, and Aboriginal communities—Aboriginal Conditions has mul- tiple purposes. First, it presents fi ndings from recent research, with the goal of advancing the research agenda and stimulating positive social development. Second, it encourages greater links between the social scientifi c and external research communities and demonstrates the kind of re- search needed as a foundation for public policy. Finally, it acts as a guide to research methods for Aboriginal communities and organizations, and promotes cooperation between researchers and Aboriginal peoples in an effort to ensure that research decisions serve both groups equally. A vital addition to public policy and Native studies, Aboriginal Conditions will be welcomed by social scientists, policymakers, and academics working in these fi elds. Jerry P. White is Chair of the Sociology Department at the University of Western Ontario; Paul S. Maxim is Associate Dean (Research) at the University of Western Ontario; and Dan Beavon is Director of the Strategic Research and Analysis Directorate, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. JULY 288 pages, 43 fi gures, 43 tables, 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1022-X Native Studies NOW IN PAPERBACK  Tim Schouls  Shifting Boundaries Aboriginal Identity, Pluralist Theory, and the Politics of Self-Government Canada is often called a pluralist state, but few commentators view Aboriginal self-government from the perspective of political pluralism. Instead, Aboriginal identity is framed in terms of cultural and national traits, while self-govern- ment is taken to represent an Aboriginal desire to protect those traits. Shifting Boundaries challenges this view, arguing that it fosters a woefully incomplete understanding of the politics of self-government. Using relational pluralism as a theoretical lens, Schouls contends that Aboriginal self-government is better understood when an “identifi cation” perspective is adopted instead of a “cultural” or “national” one. He shows that self-government is not about preserving cultural and national differences as goods in and of themselves, but rather is about equalizing current imbalances in power to allow Aboriginal peoples to construct their own identities. Shifting Boundaries adds an important perspec- tive to existing theoretical approaches to Aborigi- nal self-government. It will appeal to academics, students, and policy analysts interested in Aboriginal governance, cultural studies, political theory, nationalism studies, and constitutional theory. Tim Schouls divides his time between the University of British Columbia and Capilano College, teaching and doing research in Canadian politics, Aboriginal govern- ance issues, and political theory. JULY 240 pages, 6 x 9” pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-1047-5 Native Studies/Politics NOW IN PAPERBACK  R.G. Matson,  Gary Coupland, and  Quentin Mackie, eds.  Emerging from the Mist Studies in Northwest Coast Culture History NOW IN PAPERBACK Our understanding of the precontact nature of the Northwest Coast has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. This book brings together the most recent research on the culture, history, and archaeology of a region of longstanding anthropological importance, whose complex societies represent the most prominent examples of hunters and gatherers. Combining archaeology, ethnohistory, and eth- nography, this collection investigates several aspects of this cultural complexity, carrying on the intellectual traditions of Donald H. Mitchell and Wayne Suttles. Its interdisciplinary approach creates a broader context in which to interpret the past. The generously illustrated chapters address a wide range of topics, and include original and penetrating analyses of the fur trade, migration, household structures, and precontact metallurgy and architecture. Scholars and students of archaeology and anthro- pology, and those with an interest in Northwest Coast history, will fi nd this volume especially rewarding. R.G. Matson teaches in the Department of Anthropol- ogy and Sociology at the University of British Columbia. Gary Coupland and Quentin Mackie are members of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto and the University of Victoria, respectively. JULY 336 pages, 111 fi gures, 34 tables, 6 x 9” pb $39.95, ISBN 0-7748-0982-5 Archaeology PACIFIC RIM ARCHAEOLOGY SERIES trade fo4.indd   6 5/3/2004   3:35:38 PM 7F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N  V I S I T  W W W . UBCP R E S S . C A UBC PRESS  Paul Nadasdy  Hunters and Bureaucrats Power, Knowledge, and Aboriginal-State Relations in the Southwest Yukon Governments and First Nations in Canada have long been operating on the assumption that land claims agreements and the co-management of wildlife and other resources will resolve centuries-long inequities. This book challenges this premise, arguing that co-management and land claims processes, based as they are on European concepts of “knowledge” and “property,” are in many ways incompatible with First Nations beliefs and practices regarding human-animal-land relations. To participate effectively in these processes, Aboriginal peoples have had to develop bureaucracies that parallel those of the governments with which they must deal. These bureaucracies reproduce existing power relations and compel Aboriginal peoples to speak and act in uncharacteristic ways. As a result, Nadasdy argues, land claims and co- management may be working to undermine the very way of life they are supposed to protect. Based on the author’s fieldwork in Burwash Landing, a village of seventy people, most of whom are members of the Kluane First Nation, this book is a revealing exploration of how land claims and co-management, as aspects of an evolving relationship between the Kluane First Nation and the state, are affecting Kluane people and their way of life. Paul Nadasdy is Assistant Professor of Anthropol- ogy and American Indian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. JULY 328 pages, 23 b/w illus., 3 maps, 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0984-1 Native Studies NOW IN PAPERBACK  Janis Sarra, ed.  Corporate Governance in Global Capital Markets The recent failures of Enron, WorldCom, and other large, publicly traded corporations have catapulted the issue of corporate governance onto the international stage. In this timely book, Janis Sarra draws together the work of legal scholars and practitioners from across North America to provide a comprehensive analysis of corporate governance issues in global capital markets. This collection explores the theoretical underpin- nings of corporate governance and provides concrete illustrations of different models and their outcomes. While the perspectives of the authors sometimes differ, their common project is to explore different normative conceptions of the corporation in order to contribute to an analysis of global trends in corporate governance. The book measures diverse theoretical perspec- tives against the reality of corporate operations in current capital markets. Relationships both within and outside the fi rm are explored, includ- ing issues of accountability, ethics in decision making, and notions of effi ciency in generation of corporate wealth. Legal scholars and practitioners with an interest in corporations, insolvency, and securities, as well as corporate directors, will welcome this addition to their libraries. Janis Sarra is a professor of law at the University of British Columbia. JULY 400 pages, 6 x 9” pb $34.95, ISBN 0-7748-1005-X Law NOW IN PAPERBACK NOW IN PAPERBACK  Éric Montpetit  Misplaced Distrust Policy Networks and the Environment in France, the United States, and Canada Citizens of industrialized countries largely share a sense that national and international governance is inadequate, believing not only that public authori- ties are incapable of making the right policy deci- sions, but also that the entire network of state and civil society actors responsible for the discussion, negotiation, and implementation of policy choices is untrustworthy. Using agro-environmental policy development in France, the United States, and Canada, Éric Mont- petit sets out to investigate the validity of this dis- trust through careful attention to the performance of the relevant policy networks. He concludes that distrust in policy networks is, for the most part, misplaced because high levels of performance by policy networks are more common than many political analysts and citizens expect. Opposing the tenets of state retrenchment, his study reveals that providing participation in governance to re- sourceful interest groups and strong government bureaucracies is an essential component of sound environmental policies for agriculture. A timely contribution to the good governance debate, this book should be required reading for policymakers and politicians, as well as students and scholars of public policy, political science, environmental studies, and government. Éric Montpetit is with the Département de science politique at the Université de Montréal. JANUARY 2004 168 pages, 6 x 9” pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-0909-4 Public Policy • SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2003/2004 DONNER BOOK PRIZE trade fo4.indd   7 5/3/2004   3:35:39 PM 8 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477  People and Place Historical Infl uences on Legal Culture  Jonathan Swainger and  Constance Backhouse, eds. A groundbreaking collection of essays demonstrating the fascinating ways in which personalities interact with physical locale in shaping the law. JULY 256 pages, 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1033-5 Law LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES  The Oriental Question Consolidating a White Man’s Province, 1914–41  Patricia E. Roy A revealing history of the political and public opposition to Asian immigration in British Columbia from 1914 to 1941. JULY 344 pages, 16 b/w illus., 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1011-4 Asian Studies  Selling British Columbia Tourism and Consumer Culture, 1890–1970  Michael Dawson An entertaining and illustrated account of the development of BC’s tourist industry between 1890 and 1970, examining how BC’s history of colonialism was deftly marketed to potential tourists. OCTOBER 288 pages est., 25 b/w illus., 2 maps 8 tables, 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1054-8 History/Tourism The  Courts and the Colonies The Litigation of Hutterite Church Disputes  Alvin J. Esau A detailed account of the litigation between various Hutterite factions and colonies in Manitoba and the US that led to a major division in the 1990s. OCTOBER 416 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1116-1 Law/Religious Studies LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES UBC PRESS | NOW IN PAPERBACK & NEW SCHOLARLY BOOKS  Canada and the End of Empire  Phillip Buckner, ed. This thoughtful collection surveys Cana- da’s relations with Britian since the Second World War, and examines the signifi cance of the British connection in Canada’s past and present. NOVEMBER 352 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-0915-9 History  Frigates and Foremasts The North American Squadron in Nova Scotia Waters, 1745– 1815  Julian Gwyn A meticulously researched study of the activities and motivations of the Brit- ish Navy on North America’s eastern seabord. JULY 224 pages, 18 b/w photos, 6 x 9” pb $27.95, ISBN 0-7748-0911-6 Military History LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES  Collective Insecurity The Liberian Crisis, Unilateralism, and Global Order  Ikechi Mgbeoji A probing analysis and critique of the historical dysfunction of the postcolonial African state and the tragic collapse of Liberia. JANUARY 200 pages, 6 x 9” pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-1037-8 Law/African Studies LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES  Hometown Horizons Local Responses to Canada’s Great War  Robert Rutherdale Alive with personal stories, Hometown Horizons considers how people and communities on the Canadian home front perceived the Great War. OCTOBER 352 pages est., 20 b/w illus. 10 charts, 3 maps, 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1013-0 Military History  Despotic Dominion Property Rights in British Settler Societies  John McLaren,  A.R. Buck, and  Nancy E. Wright, eds. This collection on the evolution of colo- nial property law locates property law and rights within the broader contexts of the societies in which they operated. DECEMBER 352 pages est., 10 b/w illus., 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1072-6 Law LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES  Masculinities without Men? Female Masculinity in Twentieth-Century Fictions  Jean Bobby Noble Noble examines how the construction of gender was thrown into crisis during the twentieth century, and how masculinity has become altered across time, region, social class, and ethnicity. JULY 222 pages, 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0997-3 Gender Studies SEXUALITY STUDIES SERIES  Gay Male Pornography An Issue of Sex Discrimination  Christopher N. Kendall Using the 2000 Little Sisters v Customs Canada case as a springboard, Kendall argues that gay male pornography violates the legal right to sex equality, and that there is little to be gained from sexualized conformity. SEPTEMBER 320 pages, 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1076-9 Law/Gender Studies LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES The  Red Man’s on the Warpath The Image of the “Indian” and the Second World War  R. Scott Sheffi eld A revealing look at English Canadians’ perceptions of First Nations people, with an emphasis on how the Second World War and the military service of Native people affected these perceptions. AUGUST 248 pages est., 10 b/w illus., 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1094-7 Native Studies The  Dominion and the Rising Sun Canada Encounters Japan, 1929–41  John D. Meehan An overview of Canada’s initial foray into Pacifi c affairs, beginning with the opening of its legation in Tokyo in 1929 and concluding with the outbreak of the Second World War in 1941. NOVEMBER 288 pages est., 20 b/w illus., 1 map, 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1120-X History  Gender and Change in Hong Kong Globalization, Postcolonialism, and Chinese Patriarchy  Eliza W.Y. Lee An analysis of women’s changing roles amidst the forces of globalization, postcolonialism, and Chinese patriarchy. JANUARY 224 pages, 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0995-7 Asian Studies/Gender Studies CONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIES SERIES US paperback rights not available  Canadians Behind Enemy Lines, 1939–1945 With a New Preface  Roy MacLaren Back in print after two decades, this bestseller is a history of the activities and lives of undercover Canadian operatives in Europe and Asia during the Second World War. MARCH 352 pages, 38 b/w illus., 3 maps 6 x 9” pb $25.95, ISBN 0-7748-1100-5 Military History  When Coal Was King Ladysmith and the Coal-Mining Industry on Vancouver Island  John R. Hinde This readable history of the Ladysmith miners, the Great Strike of 1912–14, and the coal-mining industry on Vancouver Island will appeal to anyone interested in the history of Vancouver Island. JANUARY 288 pages, 22 b/w illus., 3 maps 6 x 9” pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-0936-1 History trade fo4.indd   8 5/3/2004   3:35:40 PM 9F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N  V I S I T  W W W . UBCP R E S S . C A UBC PRESS | NEW SCHOLARLY BOOKS  If I Had a Hammer Retraining That Really Works  Margaret Hillyard Little A book about heroes, If I Had a Ham- mer explores the very best Canadian retraining programs, and is fi lled with fascinating interviews with the women involved (many of whom are Aboriginal), and innovative policy prescriptions. NOVEMBER 192 pages est., 20 b/w photos 4 tables, 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1118-8 Politics/Gender Studies  Shaped by the West Wind Nature and History in Georgian Bay  Claire Elizabeth Campbell An environmental history of the eastern shore of Georgian Bay that explores land- scape, culture, and regional identity. NOVEMBER 256 pages est., 16 colour plates 10 b/w photos, 10 b/w illus., 5 maps 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1098-X Environmental Studies NATURE | HISTORY | SOCIETY SERIES  Second Growth Community Economic Develop- ment in Rural British Columbia  Sean Markey,  John Pierce,  Mark Roseland, and  Kelly Vodden A look at historical and contemporary restructuring, linking development of rural communities with resource development and Aboriginal marginalization. NOVEMBER 352 pages est., 43 tables, 15 fi gures 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1058-0 Law  Holding the Line Borders in a Global World  Heather N. Nicol and  Ian Townsend-Gault, eds. This collection looks at the signifi cance and implications of the world’s border- lands in political, social, and cultural contexts. SEPTEMBER 384 pages est., 10 maps, 5 tables 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-0931-0 Geography/Planning  Bioregionalism and Civil Society Democratic Challenges to Corporate Globalism  Mike Carr Carr supports bioregional values and community-building tools for a diverse, democratic, socially-just civil society. SEPTEMBER 352 pages est., 8 maps, 3 b/w illus. 1 fi gure, 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-0944-2 Environmental Studies SUSTAINABILITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT SERIES  Intensive Agriculture and Sustainability A Farming Systems Analysis  Glen Filson, ed. An analysis of intensive agriculture and sustainable farming examining food qual- ity, manure runoff, greenhouse gases, extra-label use of antibiotics, pesticide use, and rural confl ict. SEPTEMBER 256 pages est., 16 b/w illus., 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1104-8 Environmental Studies SUSTAINABILITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT SERIES  Our Box Was Full An Ethnography for the Delgamuukw Plaintiffs  Richard Daly This fi rst-hand account provides fasci- nating insight into British Columbia’s landmark Delgamuukw case and sheds much-needed light on the role of anthro- pology in Aboriginal rights litigation. NOVEMBER 394 pages est., 39 b/w illus., 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1074-2 Native Studies/Anthropology  This Elusive Land Women and the Canadian Environment  Melody Hessing,  Rebecca Raglon, and  Catriona Sandilands, eds. This thought-provoking, multi-discipli- nary collection introduces readers to women’s experience of the Canadian environment. SEPTEMBER 384 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1106-4 Environmental Studies/Gender Studies  “Real” Indians and Others Mixed-Blood Urban Native Peoples and Indigenous Nationhood  Bonita Lawrence A pioneering look at how mixed-blood ur- ban Native people understand their identi- ties and struggle to survive in a world that often fails to recognize them. JULY 320 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $69.95, ISBN 0-7748-1102-1 pb $34.95, ISBN 0-7748-1103-X Native Studies Canadian rights only  Imagining Difference Legend, Curse, and Spectacle in a Canadian Mining Town  Leslie A. Robertson This analysis of a popular local legend about a curse cast on Fernie, BC, reveals how successive interpretations of the story show a complicated landscape of memory and silence, and offi cial and contested histories. NOVEMBER 320 pages est., 20 b/w illus., 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1092-0 Anthropology/Native Studies  Student Affairs Experiencing Higher Education  Lesley Andres and  Finola Finlay, eds. This collection reveals how much institu- tional change has occurred in the social organization of postsecondary education, and how much more change is required to achieve equitable access and inclusion. DECEMBER 224 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1114-5 Education  Social Policy and the Ethic of Care  Olena Hankivsky Over the last twenty years, the feminist ethic of care has had a significant impact on the study of ethics and politi- cal philosophy. Hankivsky develops the concept of a publicly viable ethic of care, and applies it to several Canadian social policy issues. SEPTEMBER 192 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1070-X Politics/Gender Studies  Insiders and Outsiders Alan Cairns and the Reshaping of Canadian Citizenship  Gerald Kernerman and  Philip Resnick, eds. A celebration of the work of Alan Cairns, one of the most influential Canadian social scientists of the contemporary period. NOVEMBER 384 pages est., 6 X 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1068-8 Politics  The  Canadian Yearbook of International Law/ Annuaire canadien de droit interna- tional Volume/Tome XLI, 2003  Donald M. McRae, ed. Issued annually by the Canadian Branch of the International Law Association, the Yearbook contains the latest articles in the fi eld of international legal studies. DECEMBER 600 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $145.00, ISBN 0-7748-1124-2 Law  From UI to EI Waging War on the Welfare State  Georges Campeau Translated by  Richard Howard An examination of the history, structure, and evolution of Canada’s unemployment insurance system and the rights it grants to the unemployed. NOVEMBER 288 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1122-6 Law LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES  International Environmental Law and Asian Values Legal Norms and Cultural Infl uences  Roda Mushkat A comprehensive assessment of relevant Asian policies and their applications in key areas in light of international envi- ronmental norms and practices. JULY 264 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1056-4 Law/Environmental Studies trade fo4.indd   9 5/3/2004   3:35:41 PM 10 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477  Michael E. O’Hanlon  Neither Star Wars nor Sanctuary Constraining the Military Uses of Space As the military and technological capabilities of the world’s great powers have advanced, concern over the future role of weapons in space has increased. Michael E. O’Hanlon, noted expert in military and security issues, argues that space has become home to many tools of the tactical warfi ghter, particularly since the end of the cold war. Satellites have been used for decades by major powers to provide strategic communica- tion, early warning of missile launch, and arms control verifi cation. The United States increas- ingly uses space assets to fi nd targets on the battlefi eld, quickly communicate their locations from one platform to another, and guide weapons to strike them. Neither Star Wars nor Sanctuary asserts that the goal of American policy should be to slow the movement toward weaponizing space, without going as far as preventing the option of devel- oping space weapons if necessary. O’Hanlon believes that extreme positions that would either hasten to weaponize space or permanently rule it out are not consistent with technological realities and US security interests. Michael E. O’Hanlon is a senior fellow in Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution and holder of the Sydney Stein Jr. Chair. APRIL 120 pages, 6 X 9” pb $23.95, ISBN 0-8157-6457-X Politics/Security Studies BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRESS  Joel S. Wit,  Daniel B. Poneman, and  Robert L. Gallucci  Going Critical The First North Korean Nuclear Crisis A decade before gaining notoriety as a charter member of the “axis of evil,” North Korea raised concerns when a robust plutonium production program of an alarming scale was revealed, which, unconstrained, would soon be big enough to build about thirty Nagasaki-sized nuclear weapons annually. In Going Critical, three key players in the 1994 crisis trace the intense efforts that led North Korea to freeze—and pledge ultimately to dismantle—its dangerous plutonium produc- tion program. Drawing on internal government documents, memoranda, cables, and notes, the authors chronicle the complex web of diplomacy that led to the negotiation of an Agreed Frame- work to resolve the nuclear dispute. Nearly a decade later, the Agreed Framework lies in ruins and North Korea claims to possess some nuclear weapons, while threatening to produce even more. The story of the 1994 crisis provides important lessons as it grapples once again with a nuclear crisis on a peninsula that once claimed 50,000 lives and today bristles with arms along the last frontier of the Cold War confrontation: the De-Militarized Zone separating North and South Korea. Joel S. Wit served for 15 years in the Department of State and was coordinator for the 1994 US–North Korea Agreed Framework. Daniel B. Poneman served on the National Security Council staff under Presidents Bush and Clinton. Robert L. Gallucci led the team that negotiated the Agreed Framework and served in the Department of State for over twenty years. APRIL 448 pages, b/w photos, 6 x 9 hc $45.00, ISBN 0-8157-9386-3 Politics  Jason Kindopp and  Carol Lee Hamrin, eds.  God and Caesar in China Policy Implications of Church- State Tensions Religion’s dramatic revival in post-Mao China has generated tensions between the ruling Commu- nist party-state and China’s increasingly diverse population of religious adherents. Such tensions are rooted in centuries-old governing practices, and refl ect pressures of rapid modernization. The Party-state’s policy response has been a mixture of accommodation and repression with the aim of preserving monopoly control over religious organization. Its inability to do so effectively has led to cycles of persecution of religious groups that resist the Party’s control efforts. American concern over offi cial acts of religious persecution has become a leading issue in US policy toward China. The passage of the 1998 International Religious Freedom Act, which institutionalized concern over religious freedom abroad in US foreign policy, cemented this issue as an item on the agenda of US-China relations. God and Caesar in China examines religion policy in China, the history and growth of Catholic and Protestant churches in China, and the implica- tions of church-state friction for US-China rela- tions. It concludes with recommendations for US policy. Jason Kindopp is a visiting scholar at the Sigur Center for Asian Studies, George Washington University. Carol Lee Hamrin is a Chinese affairs consultant and re- search professor at George Mason University. MARCH 144 pages, 6 x 9” pb $28.95 ISBN 0-8157-4937-6 Politics/Religious Studies trade fo4.indd   10 5/3/2004   3:35:41 PM 11F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N  V I S I T  W W W . UBCP R E S S . C A BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRESS  Charles H. Ferguson The  Broadband Problem Anatomy of a Market Failure and a Policy Dilemma While the Internet revolution has vastly improved communication among businesses and individu- als, pressure has been building for faster and less expensive broadband data services. Such services could not only yield vastly improved and less expensive provision of traditional applica- tions such as voice telephony and Web browsing, but could also enable new applications such as Internet-based television, videoconferencing, and software distribution. However, broadband services and prices have not kept pace either with demand or with progress in information technology. The Broadband Problem analyzes the markets and policy issues underlying the broadband dilemma. The combined result of these is inad- equate technological progress, innovation, and productivity growth in advanced Internet services, and in telecommunications services gener- ally. This signifi cantly retards global economic growth, perhaps by as much as one percent per year.Ferguson recommends several policy changes, including limits on confl icts of interest in government and academia, and possibly tax measures to stimulate construction of competi- tive infrastructure systems. Charles Ferguson founded and served as the CEO of Vermeer (sold to Microsoft). He is a nonresident senior fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution, and his area of interest is international economic policy. JUNE 150 pages, 6 X 9” pb $24.95, ISBN 0-8157-0645-6 Policy/Current Events  Henry J. Aaron and  William B. Schwartz, eds.  Coping with Methuselah The Impact of Molecular Biology on Medicine and Society Many medical authorities predict that average life expectancy could well exceed 100 years by mid century and rise even higher soon thereafter. This astonishing prospect, brought on by the revolution in molecular biology and information technology, confronts policymakers and public health offi cials with a host of new questions: How will increased longevity affect demographic trends, government taxation and spending, the workplace, and health care? What ethical and quality-of-life issues are raised by these new breakthroughs? Coping with Methusaleh explores these ques- tions as a group of practicing scientists and public policy experts come together to address the technical aspects and policy implications of increased longevity. This book is intended to begin a discussion in political, social, and medi- cal circles, and will serve to prepare us for the extraordinary possibilities that may await us. Henry J. Aaron is Bruce and Virginia MacLaury Senior Fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Insitution. William Schwartz, M.D. is a professor of Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. MAY 264 pages, 6 X 9” pb $28.95, ISBN 0-8157-0039-3 Science President George W. Bush is leading a revolu- tion in American foreign policy. Galvanized by the terrorist attacks of September 11, he has radically amended, and in some cas- es abandoned, strategies and institutions that for decades guided America’s engage- ment in the world. With terrorists, tyrants, and technologies of mass destruction posing a grave and growing danger, Bush believes that the best—if not the only way—to ensure Ameri- ca’s security is to shuck the constraints imposed by friends, allies, and international institutions. In America Unbound, Ivo Daalder and James Lindsay explore how Bush became a foreign policy revolutionary. They show how Bush believed from the outset that the confident and unilateral exercise of American power was the best way to promote America’s national interests. September 11, rather than transform- ing US foreign policy, in fact reinforced Bush’s worldview. For Bush, the need to defeat enemies abroad before they could strike again became not just his priority, but his mission. Ivo H. Daalder is a senior fellow in Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution, and holds the Sydney Stein Jr. Chair in International Security. James M. Lindsay is vice president and director of studies of the Council on Foreign Relations, where he holds the Maurice R. Greenberg Chair. 2003 246 pages, 6 x 9” hc $32.95, ISBN 0-8157-1688-5 Politics • WINNER OF THE 2003 LIONEL GELBER PRIZE FOR BEST BOOK ON INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS  Ivo H. Daalder and  James M. Lindsay  America Unbound The Bush Revolution in Foreign Policy AWARD WINNER trade fo4.indd   11 5/3/2004   3:35:43 PM 12 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477 EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY PRESS  Neil Campbell The  Cultures of the American New West This book is an introductory survey of the im- portant debates about key issues in the cultural history of the contemporary American West. Neil Campbell introduces the ways in which the West has been represented and interpreted within American culture, myth, and ideology, especially questioning the concept of the “New West.” In so doing he looks at the way contemporary theories such as feminism, multiculturalism, and environ- mentalism can be used to revise long-held notions of the West. The book looks in turn at the ways the West has been represented in landscapes and environments, art and photography, fi lm, and literature. The Cultures of the American New West is original in its combining of ideas, texts, and materials rarely brought together, and in its employment of the tools of cultural studies and interdisci- plinary practice. As such it will challenge the reader to reconsider conventional ideas about the American West. Illustrated with black and white photographs, this is an accessible and exciting intervention in one of the most popular aspects of American history. Neil Campbell is Principal Lecturer and Head of American Studies at the University of Derby. 2000 182 pages, 10 b&w illus., 5½ x 8½” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7486-1176-2 History  Islamic Political Thought  W. Montgomery Watt Examining the close relationship between re- ligious beliefs and political doctrine in Islamic countries, Islamic Political Thought offers a clear account of how Islamic political thought has developed from the politico-religious structure established by Mohammed and his immediate successors. W.  Montgomery Watt is Professor Emeritus of Arabic at Edinburgh University, and author of many works on Islamic history, philosophy, and culture. 1998 186 pages, 5½ x 8½” pb $36.95, ISBN 0-7486-1098-7 Politics RECENTLY RELEASED  Reynold Humphries The  American Horror Film An Introduction “Humphries encourages readers to delve further into issues important to horror by providing a use- ful fi lmography and bibliography … The author’s passion and respect for the horror fi lm contrib- utes to the energy and force of this study.” — European Association of American Studies The American Horror Film is the fi rst overview of this popular genre. It moves from Dracula in 1931 to contemporary fi lms such as Scream and The Sixth Sense. The various characters that recur in horror fi lms—Dracula, Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll, the Mummy, the Werewolf—are discussed, as are repeated themes such as the mad scientist, nuclear anxiety, psychological “monsters,” the living dead, and “slasher” movies. Key directors including Jacques Tourneur, David Cronenberg, Roger Corman, and Joe Dante are covered. The emphasis is on accessibility. While theory is included through reference to gender and politics, women’s studies and psychoanalysis, it is introduced carefully and in direct relation to the fi lms being discussed. An extensive fi lmography is included and reference is made at the appropri- ate point to the most pertinent writing on horror. Overall, this will be an ideal introduction for all readers interested in the American horror fi lm. Reynold Humphries is Professor of Film Studies at the University of Lille III. 2002 224 pages, 6 x 9” pb $39.95, ISBN 0-7486-1416-8 Film RECENTLY RELEASED RECENTLY RELEASED trade fo4.indd   12 5/3/2004   3:35:44 PM 13F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N  V I S I T  W W W . UBCP R E S S . C A EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY PRESS  Jewish-American Literature since 1945 An Introduction  Stephen Wade “A broad-ranging student guide which offers a comprehensive and accessible introduction to major writers and their cultural and philosophical backgrounds.” — The Years work in English Studies Jewish-American writing is an exciting and con- troversial genre within post-war literature. In this book, Stephen Wade offers a guide to major writers and their key works and to infl uential back- ground factors including the postmodern, the masternarrative, and metafi ction. The themes, issues, and philosophies of writers including Saul Bellow, Philip Roth, and Isaac Bashevis Singer are inter-related, and wider literary and historical topics are alluded to and explained. Covering women’s writing, novels, poetry, and drama, Jewish-American Literature since 1945 offers a readable guide to the achievements of a key group of writers in twentieth-century American literature. Stephen Wade is Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Huddersfi eld. 1999 224 pages, 5½ x 8½” pb $39.95, ISBN 1-85331-226-6 Literature/Jewish Studies  Daren Kemp  New Age A Guide “A nuanced, meticulously researched overview of different approaches to the New Age. In addition to being an ideal textbook, this work contains the most comprehensive, up-to-date literature review in the burgeoning fi eld of New Age studies. A must read for anyone with a serious interest in this area.” — James R. Lewis, University of Wisconsin What is New Age? Crystals, meditation, and astrology. T’ai Chi, Reiki, and Feng Shui. Refl ex- ology, aromatherapy, and past-life regression. Esalen, the Findhorn Community, and Damanhur. Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, and David Spangler. But many such examples of alternative spirituali- ties are explicitly not New Age—and few practi- tioners now describe themselves as New Age. Scholars cannot agree on a defi nition of New Age, or even whether it exists at all! New Age surveys the whole range of descriptions of New Age from a wide variety of angles. New Agers themselves are consulted, as well as their critics in the Church, the media, and other inter- est groups, including rationalists, feminists, and Native American Indians. Daren Kemp is author of The Christaquarians? A Sociology of Christians in the New Age and has pub- lished a number of academic journal articles on New Age. He is book review editor for the Journal of New Age Studies. 2003 224 pages, 6 x 9” pb $36.95, ISBN 0-7486-1532-6 New Age/Spirituality RECENTLY RELEASEDRECENTLY RELEASED  Peter William Evans and  Celestino Deleyto, eds.  Terms of Endearment Hollywood Romantic Comedy of the 1980s and 1990s RECENTLY RELEASED Taking into account romantic comedy’s cur- rent popularity and the genre’s adaptability to changing historical circumstances, as well as its powerful tendency to contain and assimilate social changes, Terms of Endearment explores the complex ways in which recent cultural dis- courses on gender and sexuality have found their way into the apparently infl exible structure of romantic comedy. Focusing on a wide range of well-known fi lms (including Working Girl, Murphy’s Romance, Peggy Sue Got Married, When Harry Met Sally, and Green Card), the chapters cover topics relating to formal, historical, and ideologi- cal questions, including issues of romance, love, and female subjectivity. Peter William Evans is Professor in the Department of Hispanic Studies at Queen Mary and Westfi eld Col- lege, London. Celestino Deleyto is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Zaragon, Spain. 1998 240 pages, 6 x 9” pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7486-0885-0 Film trade fo4.indd   13 5/3/2004   3:35:45 PM 14 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS JULY 160 pages, 9½ x 12” 149 illus., 106 in colour HC $59.95 ISBN 0-295-98411-2 Published with Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, Washington Sculpture/Northwest Art Deloris Tarzan Ament is author of Iridescent Light: The Emergence of Northwest Art, winner of a 2003 Washington State Book Award. From 1971 to 1995 she was art critic for the Seattle Times. She lives on Whidbey Island, in Puget Sound. Theodore F. Wolff is an art critic and writer who lives in New York City. He is the author of Morris Graves: Flower Paintings; The Many Masks of Modern Art is an anthology of his writings as art critic for The Christian Science Monitor. NOVEMBER 352 pages, 8½ x 11” 335 colour illus., 11 maps pb $59.95 ISBN 0-295-98427-9 Published with Museum of International Folk Art World Art /Anthropology Barbara Mauldin is curator of Latin American folk art at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The other contributors are Jason Berry, Donald Cosentino, Alessandro Falassi, Valeria Fol, Carl Lindahl, Antonio Muñoz Carrión, John Nunley, Katarina Real, Mariana Regalado, Cynthia LeCount Samaké, and Peter Tokofsky. Edited by  Barbara Mauldin  ¡Carnaval! Carnival, Fasnacht, Entroido—the annual pre- Lenten festival most people know as Mardi Gras—is celebrated in cities and rural villages throughout Europe and the Americas. With more than 300 dazzling photographs, this book offers a look at Carnivals around the world. Carnival takes shape everywhere European Catholics carried their religion and its festivals. People parade through the streets in costumes or masks, eating, drinking, and making music, before Lenten fast begins on Ash Wednesday. Indigenous customs have become integrated into the festival to give each one distinctive local fl avor. In the rural sites, festival rituals are meant to promote fertility; in urban Carnivals, groups compete through ingenious masquerades and spectacular performances. ¡Carnaval! takes readers on a colorful journey to far-fl ung places, outlining the history of Carnival in each area and its present form. The major mas- querades are introduced—from Venice’s classic Harlequin and Pierrot to Bulgaria’s “Kouker” and Port of Spain’s “Midnight Robber”—along with the groups who participate, such as Recife and Olinda’s African “nations” and Tlaxcala’s charro dancers. The Carnival events in each location are described, from excited preparation to last-gasp revelry, with tastes of festival food and drink, and the rhythm of music along the way. Whatever deeper religious or civic signifi cance Carnival may hold, it is always a time of play, conviviality, and fantasy—a time when alterna- tives to the status quo can be imagined and people feel unleashed from everyday restraints. This book is a joyous celebration of this many- faceted festival and a tribute to those who have kept Carnival traditions alive.  Deloris Tarzan Ament Foreword by  Theodore F. Wolff  600 Moons Fifty Years of Philip McCracken’s Art Phillip McCracken is a native son of the North- west whose art may be regional but is never provincial. McCracken’s sculpture has been informed as much by the time he spent working in Henry Moore’s studio and during a sojourn in New York as a young artist as it has by the fl ora, fauna, and climate of Western Washington. Fa- mous for his birds, he refuses to be pinned down to one theme or medium; McCracken’s probing creativity and quest for both signifi cant subjects and formal perfection have also manifested in art about war, humorous tableaux, future fossils, and in paintings and sculptures of the night sky. In this fi rst comprehensive publication on the artist since 1980, Deloris Tarzan Ament recounts McCracken’s formative experiences on Puget Sound and traces his career from his early studies and fi rst solo show in New York in 1960 to the present. The text incorporates numerous unpublished artist statements and chronicles a diverse body of work concerned with the pro- found mysteriousness of nature—and humanity. 600 Moons establishes McCracken as an impor- tant link between contemporary Northwest art and infl uential artists of the “Northwest School” who were his friends and exemplars. The book will be an important addition to the libraries of collectors, students, and lovers of contemporary American art and of the Pacifi c Northwest. » ALSO OF INTEREST Dress and Globalisation Margaret Maynard pb $33.95 ISBN 0-7190-6389-2 (see page 18) trade fo4.indd   14 5/3/2004   3:35:46 PM 15F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N  V I S I T  W W W . UBCP R E S S . C A UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS  John Stevenson  Japanese Kite Prints Selections from the Skinner Collection The popular urban culture that developed in the city of Edo, now called Tokyo, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries is vibrantly conveyed through colour woodblock prints. In a book that brings together two of Edo culture’s most colourful traditions, prints and kites, author John Stevenson celebrates the charm and signifi cance of the mass-produced, elegant broadsheets known collectively as ukiyo-e. The term means “pictures of the fl oating world,” a pun on the Buddhist concept of the fl eeting world of desires that is, coincidentally but poetically, appropriate for a study of kites borne on the wind. Edo artists experimented with woodblock- printing techniques during the eighteenth century as kite-fl ying became increasingly popular. Each infl uenced the other: kite-makers copied wood- block-print designs to decorate their creations of bamboo, cloth, and paper, and printers used images of kites in their designs. The prints from the Skinner Collection illustrated in Japanese Kite Prints are products of Tokugawa Edo (1603–1867) and Meiji Tokyo (1868–1912). They record highlights of the Kabuki theater, brothels, and Sumo wrestling, enthusiastically presenting star actors and celebrity courtesans and vignettes of everyday life. These images capture for us the character of life as it was lived and imagined by the printmakers and kite-fl iers of Old Japan. It seems that everyone thrills to the sight of a kit straining upward into the sky, and woodblock prints are perhaps the most acces- sible form of traditional Japanese visual culture; kite afi cionados and lovers of Japanese art alike will be delighted by this study.  Lloyd Herman  Looking Forward, Glancing Back Northwest Designer Craftsmen at Fifty Looking Forward, Glancing Back documents the fi ftieth anniversary of the fi ve-state craft membership organization Northwest Designer Craftsmen, with 136 colour photographs of art objects made by its members. Lloyd Herman discusses the evolution of hand- made objects in the past fi fty years, contrast- ing objects made in the 1950s with objects made in the present. He observes not only the change from functional to purely expressive art objects in clay, metal, wood, fi bres, and glass, but the technical and stylistic diversity in the fi eld today. SEPTEMBER 200 pages, 10 x 12” 115 illus., 100 in colour hc $65.00 ISBN 0-295-98454-6 Distributed for Drachen Foundation, Seattle Asian Art Graduating from Oxford at the age of twenty with a degree in modern his- tory, John Stevenson hit the road. He worked and studied in the United States and Nigeria and, for twenty years, in Asia. He served as acting curator of Chinese art at Seattle Art Museum and currently works in book production. He has writ- ten books on Japanese woodblock prints and ancient Vietnamese ceramics. JULY 80 pages, 8½ x 11” 136 colour illus. pb $29.95 ISBN 0-295-98431-7 Distributed for Northwest Designer Craftsmen and Whatcom Museum of History and Art Crafts/Northwestern Art Lloyd Herman is found- ing director of the Smith- sonian’s Renwick Gallery. He lives in Seattle. » ALSO OF INTEREST John Cole The Enduring Northwest Landscape DelorIs Tarzan Arment pb $35.95 ISBN 0-938506-09-9 (see page 32) trade fo4.indd   15 5/3/2004   3:35:46 PM 16 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477 PLUTO PRESS SEPTEMBER 256 pages, 5½ x 8½” 20 fi gures pb $35.00 ISBN 0-7453-2305-7 Politics David Domke is As- sociate Professor of Communication at the University of Wash- ington. His research examines how political leaders and news media shape public discourse, policy, and opinion within the US political system. Domke is a former jour- nalist and received his PhD from the University of Minnesota in 1996.  David Domke  God Willing? Political Fundamentalism in the White House, the “War on Terror” and the Echoing Press In the aftermath of the September 11 terror- ist attacks, President George W. Bush and his administration offered a “political fundamental- ism” that capitalized upon the fear felt by many Americans. Political fundamentalism is the adap- tation of a conservative religious worldview, via strategic language choices and communication approaches, into a policy agenda that feels politi- cal rather than religious. These communications dominated public discourse and public opinion for months on end and came at a signifi cant cost for democracy. In particular, the administration closed off a substantive societal—and international—conver- sation about the meaning of the terrorist attacks and the direction of the nation by consistently showing antipathy toward complex conceptions of reality, framing calls for immediate action on administration policies as part of the nation’s “calling” and “mission” against terrorism, issuing declarations about the will of God for America and the values of freedom and liberty, and dem- onstrating an intolerance for dissent. The administration had help spreading its mes- sages. The mainstream press consistently echoed the administration’s communications —thereby disseminating, reinforcing, and embedding the administration’s fundamentalist worldview and helping to keep at bay Congress and any substantive public questioning. God Willing? analyzes hundreds of administration communications and news stories from Septem- ber 2001 to spring 2003 to examine how this occurred and what it means for US politics and the global landscape. APRIL 288 pages, 5 x 8” pb $29.95 ISBN 0-7453-2250-6 Economics/Politics Clive Hamilton is Executive Director of the Australia Institute, Australia’s foremost public-interest think tank. He has held visiting academic positions at the ANU, University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, and the University of Cam- bridge. Described in the press as Australia’s most infl uential economist on the left and Australia’s leading environmental economist, he is the au- thor of six books, and his views feature regularly in major news outlets.  Clive Hamilton  Growth Fetish “Right on target and badly needed.” — Noam Chomsky “Breaks new ground by asking us to think what a post-growth, environmentally stable society might actually be like ... Clearly, stylishly writ- ten.” — Hugh Stretton For decades US political leaders and opinion makers have touted higher incomes as the way to a better future. Economic growth means bet- ter lives for us all. But after many years of sustained economic growth and increased personal incomes we must confront an awful fact: we aren’t any happier. This is the great contradiction of modern politics. In this provocative new book, Clive Hamilton argues that, far from being the answer to our problems, growth fetishism and the marketing society lie at the heart of our social ills. They have corrupted our social priorities and political structures, and have created a profound sense of alienation among young and old. Growth Fetish is the fi rst serious attempt at a poli- tics of change for rich countries dominated by sicknesses of affl uence, where the real yearning is not for more money but for authentic identity, and where the future lies in creating a society that promotes the things that really do improve our well-being. » ALSO OF INTEREST  How America Gets Away with Murder  Michael Mandel pb $29.95 ISBN 0-7453-2151-8 trade fo4.indd   16 5/3/2004   3:35:48 PM 17F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N  V I S I T  W W W . UBCP R E S S . C A PLUTO PRESS  William Engdahl  A  Century of War Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order “This is the only accurate account I have seen of what really happened with the price of oil in 1973. I strongly recommend reading it.” — Sheikh Zaki Yamani, former Oil Minister of Saudi Arabia Already a bestseller in Europe, this book is a gripping account of the murky world of the inter- national oil industry and its role in world politics. From George W. Bush’s election victory to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, US politics and oil enjoy a controversially close relationship. The US economy relies upon the cheap and unlimited supply of this single fuel. A Century of War takes the reader through a history of the oil industry’s grip on the world economy. Moving from the post-World War I pe- riod up to the present day, Engdahl shows how oil is—and has always been—the motivating factor in international policy and confl icts. Shedding light on the 1970s oil shocks and Wash- ington’s grand strategy after the Cold War, the author presents a convincing case that geopoli- tics and oil were behind the collapse of the Soviet Union, the breakup of Yugoslavia, and the rise and fall of the Taliban. He reveals evidence to show that the US and UK decision to go to war in Iraq was not simply an issue of corporate greed, but a strategic move to control the world economy for the following half century or more. William Engdahl has written on issues of energy, politics, and economics for more than 30 years. NOVEMBER 312 pages, 8 b&w photos, 5½ x 8½” pb $35.95, ISBN 0-7453-2309-X Economics/Current Events  Greg Philo and  Mike Berry (Glasgow University Media Group)  Bad News from Israel “This superb study ... is extensive in scope, and scrupulously fair. It will be a landmark.” — Edward S. Herman, co-author (with Noam Chomsky) of Manufacturing Consent This authoritative book examines media coverage of the current confl ict in the Middle East and the impact it has on public opinion. Bringing together senior journalists and ordinary viewers, it exam- ines how audiences understand the news and how public belief and opinion have been shaped by media reporting. Focusing on television news, the authors illustrate major differences in the way Israelis and Palestin- ians are represented, including how casualties are shown and the presentation of the motives and rationales of both sides. They combine this with an extensive audience study involving hundreds of participants from the US, Britain, and Germany, which shows extraordinary differ- ences in levels of knowledge and understanding, especially among young people. Bad News from Israel looks at patterns of own- ership and at how public relations, information control and the close political links between the US and Britain affect what we see and hear in the media. The authors set the study in context by providing a history of the present crisis from the period of the British mandate in Palestine through to the Oslo and Wye Accords and the intifadas. Greg Philo and Mike Berry are with the Glasgow University Media Group. JULY 304 pages, 5 maps, 5½ x 8½” pb $26.95, ISBN 0-7453-2061-9 Media/Politics/Current Events  Negotiating Outside the Law Why Camp David Failed  Ray Helmick Foreword by  Jesse Jackson In the summer of 2000, President Clinton, Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat came together to negoti- ate peace between Israel and Palestine. It was a moment laden with hope that ended in infamous failure. But why did it fail? The Camp David negotiations made headlines around the world, but the real debates took place behind closed doors. Jesuit priest and longtime peace activist Ray Helmick is one of the few people who maintained communication with all parties throughout the process. This book is his startling account of the argu- ments, the relationships, and the strategies that played out over the summer of 2000. Based on personal correspondence and position papers with all three leaders, Negotiating Outside the Law offers a unique account of the real reasons behind the failure of Camp David. Helmick believes that a key factor in this failure was the scant attention given to international law. He explains the negotiations and subsequent Taba talks, detailing the complex history of Israeli and Palestinian efforts to achieve peace. Written with empathy for all parties involved, above all it is a hopeful book: Helmick shows that, despite the renewed violence, people have an enormous capacity to overcome animosity. Ray Helmick is a Jesuit Priest and professor of Confl ict Resolution at Boston College. He has been active in confl ict resolution activities since 1972, fi rst in northern Ireland and then in the Middle East. OCTOBER 336 pages, 6x9” hc $45.00, ISBN 0-7453-2219-0 Politics/Current Events  trade fo4.indd   17 5/3/2004   3:35:49 PM 18 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477 MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY PRESS  David Cottington  Cubism and its Histories Cubism was the most infl uential artistic movement of the many that emerged within modernism. The hallmarks of its visual style were stamped on the art, design, and architecture of a whole genera- tion, and its aesthetic principles governed the representation of modernity across all the arts, from cinema to music. Yet just what cubism was, or stood for, at the time of its emergence is still in dispute, while the explanations offered for its importance and legacy through the twenty-fi rst century are continually bewildering. This groundbreaking book by a leading historian of cubism offers a way beyond this confusion: a narrative of its beginnings, consolidation, and dissemination that takes into account not only what the style and the movement signifi ed at the time of their emergence—and why—but also the principal writings through which their subsequent signifi cance for modernism has been established. Cubism and its Histories, for the fi rst time, brings cubism’s historiography into its history, revealing the interests and allegiances that, from the po- lemics of Apollinaire to the semiotics of Rosalind Krauss, have shaped this most seminal contribu- tion to the history of modernist art. David Cottington is Professor of Art History at Fal- mouth College of Arts. AUGUST 352 pages,100 b/w illus., 20 colour plates 6½ x 9½” pb $42.95, ISBN 0-7190-5004-9 CRITICAL PERSPECTIVES SERIES Art History  Richard Wilson  Secret Shakespeare Studies in theatre, religion, and resistance Shakespeare’s Catholic context was the most important literary discovery of the last century. No biography or criticism of the Bard is now complete without chapters on the paranoia and persecution in which he was educated, or the treason that engulfed his family. In Secret Shakespeare, Wilson asks why the dramatist remained so enigmatic about his own beliefs and so mute on the atrocities he survived. Shakespeare’s ghosts included not only his pa- pist father calling for revenge, but also Edmund Campion, the charismatic Jesuit whose mission to Stratford and horrifi c execution must have been among the most traumatic episodes of the dramatist’s life. In recoil from this martyrdom, Shakespeare staged the “bloody question” of al- legiance in play after play, where rulers demand to know who “doth love us most,” but subjects refuse to heave their hearts into their mouths. Born into a world of secret chapels, priest-holes, subterranean passages, and trap-doors, Shake- speare constructed a theatre—not of discovery, like his rivals—but of darkness, deferral, evasion, and disguise, where, for all his hopes of a “golden time” of future toleration, “what’s to come” is always still unsure. So, whether or not “he died a papist,” it is because we can never “pluck out the heart” of his mystery that Shakespeare’s writing continues to resist interpretation and retains the secrets of the crypt. Richard Wilson is Professor of Renaissance Studies in the Department of English at the University of Lancaster. JULY 320 pages, 6 x 9” pb $37.95, ISBN 0-7190-7025-2 Literature  Dress and Globalisation  Margaret Maynard Dress and Globalisation introduces a new ap- proach to the subject of dress. It is the fi rst attempt to account for dress around the world, and draws together the threads of studies of consumption, ethnicity, gender, and the body, as well as anthropological accounts and studies of representation. It examines international western style dress, including jeans and business suits, headwear and hairdressing, ethnicity and so called “ethnic chic,” clothes for the tourist market, the politicization of traditional dress, “alternative” dressing, and T-shirts as temporary markers of identity. The fi nal chapter considers dress and environmental issues, touching on adventure gear, the “green” consumer and the impact of “smart” clothing. Incontrovertibly dispelling the myth of universal, “world” attire, this book demonstrates that western style clothing transcends geographical boundaries, and can form a montage of differ- ing tastes, ethnic preferences, and national and local imperatives. Theorizing about the nature of globalization, this book shows that, if economics permit, all cultures are selective in their choice of what to wear. Margaret Maynard is Senior Lecturer in the School of English, Media Studies and Art History at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. AUGUST 192 pages, 28 b/w illus., 6½ x 9½” pb $38.95, ISBN 0-7190-6389-2 STUDIES IN DESIGN SERIES Design History trade fo4.indd   18 5/3/2004   3:35:50 PM 19F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N  V I S I T  W W W . UBCP R E S S . C A UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND NOVEMBER 128 pages, 5½ x 8” pb $24.95 ISBN 1-58465-423-6 Religion/Poetry Brandeis University Press Marcia Falk is a widely published poet and translator of Hebrew and Yiddish poetry. Her most recent publications include a groundbreak- ing new prayer book, The Book of Blessings (1996), and a volume of translations of the modern mystic poet Zelda, The Spectacular Difference (2004).  Marcia Falk  The  Song of Songs “An exceptional poetic job. Marcia Falk has great power in her language.” —Isaac Bashevis Singer “Insightful and inspired ... Falk’s Song of Songs has a lasting life ahead of it in lovers’ laps, whether those lovers are lovers of the literature of the Bible, or lovers of the clear sound of an American poet in intimate embrace with a tradi- tion, or simply lovers.“ —Cynthia Ozick “Marcia Falk’s translation is a beautiful and sen- sual poem in its own right ... one of the great classics of the art of translation. It’s always a thrill when (as rarely happens) the scholar’s mind and the poet’s soul come together.” —Adrienne Rich The Song of Songs is an acclaimed translation of the Bible’s celebrated collection of love poetry. Striking in its appeal to the senses, this transla- tion of the Bible’s only book of love poems is remarkable for its lack of sexual stereotyping and its expression of mutuality in relationships between men and women. Marcia Falk’s rich and lyrical translation, praised by poets and scholars alike, is paired here with the original Hebrew text. Love Lyrics from the Bible JULY 280 pages, 6 X 9” 17 illus. pb $26.95 ISBN 1-58465-384-1 Ecology & Environmental Studies / International Studies Dartmouth College Press Michael M. Gunter, Jr. holds a PhD in Political Science and a graduate certifi cate in Environmen- tal Systems from the Uni- versity of Kentucky. He received his bachelor’s degree with honors from Vanderbilt University. A former Eagle Scout, Gunter is currently an Assistant Professor at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.  Michael M. Gunter, Jr.  Building the Next Ark How NGOs Work to Protect Biodiversity With the extinction of perhaps 50,000 species per year, we are at a critical juncture in history. Humanity’s most basic resource, the diversity of life on earth is threatened, and this rapid decline of global biodiversity is too vast to be handled solely by states or their existing international institutions. In an eye-opening appraisal of the current threat to global biodiversity, Gunter concludes that nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) are the best, and perhaps only, actors situated to negotiate the powerful array of politi- cal and economic interests involved in species loss as well as species preservation. Showing how NGOs fi t into the landscape of international biodiversity protection and what makes them so effective, Gunter’s innovative work demonstrates that NGOs provide invaluable assistance by fostering fundamental linkages be- tween domestic and international, ecological and economic, and short- and long-term considera- tions. These strategic linkages defuse special- interest political agendas and open up avenues for discussing biodiversity issues worldwide. In short, they help build the next ark. Gunter focuses on the strategies employed by a diverse group of well-known environmental NGOs (Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, etc). Determin- ing which strategies work and which do not, this text offers a detailed prescription for how NGOs can improve their species protection efforts. It looks at how NGOs work within the system,  how NGOs work with people, and how NGOs must work on themselves. While other books have previously outlined the essential functions of NGOs, Building the Next Ark is the fi rst to look at how their day-to-day operations translate into truly effective biodiversity protection. » ALSO OF INTEREST The Goddess Power, Sexuality, and the Feminine Divine Shahrukh Husain pb $22.95 ISBN 0-472-08934-X (see page 33) trade fo4.indd   19 5/3/2004   3:35:51 PM 20 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477 UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND OCTOBER 304 pages, 5½ X 8½” 9 maps/fi gures hc $37.95 ISBN 0-8195-6719-1 History/Ethics/General Interest Wesleyan University Press Reviel Netz is Associate Professor at Stanford University, teaching his- tory and the philosophy of science. His books include The Shaping of Deduction in Greek Mathematics: A Study in Cognitive History (1999), and the forthcoming Archimedes: Translation and Commentary.  Reviel Netz  Barbed Wire “Stunningly thought-provoking and beautifully grim in bearing witness to a larger meaning of technology, this book makes a supple use of traditional sources to discuss place and contain- ment, with utterly novel generalizations about human economic activities and the appropriation of space.” —Paul F. Starrs, author of Let the Cowboy Ride In this original and controversial book, histo- rian and philosopher Reviel Netz explores the development of a controlling and pain-inducing technology—barbed wire. Surveying its devel- opment from 1874 to 1954, Netz describes its use to control cattle during the colonization of the American West and to control people in Nazi concentration camps and the Russian Gu- lag. Physical control over space was no longer symbolic after 1874. This is a history told from the perspective of its victims. With vivid examples of the interconnect- edness of humans, animals, and the environment, this dramatic account of barbed wire presents modern history through the lens of motion be- ing prevented. Drawing together the history of humans and animals, Netz delivers a compelling new perspective on the issues of colonialism, capitalism, warfare, globalization, violence, and suffering. Theoretically sophisticated but written with a broad readership in mind, Barbed Wire calls for nothing less than a reconsideration of modernity. An Ecology of Modernity SEPTEMBER 160 pages, 5½ X 8½” pb $25.95 ISBN 1-58465-414-7 Current Events/Resource Management/ Economics Tufts University Press Thomas A. Lyson is Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor, Department of Development Sociol- ogy, Cornell University. His most recent book, co-edited with Richard K. Olsen, is Under the Blade: The Conversion of Agricultural Landscapes (1998). Lyson is cur- rently Associate Editor of the Journal of Sustain- able Agriculture.  Thomas A. Lyson  Civic Agriculture While the North American agricultural and food systems follow a path of industrialization and globalization, a counter trend has appeared toward localizing some agricultural and food production. Thomas A. Lyson calls this rebirth of locally based agriculture and food production “civic agriculture” because these activities are tightly linked to a community’s social and eco- nomic development. Civic agriculture embraces innovative ways to produce and distribute food, and it represents a sustainable alternative to the destructive practices associated with conven- tional large-scale agriculture. Lyson argues that farming in the United States was modernized using the same techniques that transformed the manufacturing sector from a system of craft production to one of mass production. Viewing agriculture as just another industrial sector that leads to transformations in both the production and the processing of food, Lyson enumerates the shortcomings of the current agriculture and food systems, and then introduces the concept of community problem solving and demonstrates that a re-localization of the food production system is underway. Civic Agriculture is an engaging analysis of food production emphasizing that sustainable agricul- ture is important to community health. Reconnecting Farm, Food, and Community » ALSO OF INTEREST Intensive Agriculture and Sustainability A Farming Systems Analysis Glen Filson, ed. hc $85.00 ISBN 0-7748-1104-8 (see page 9) trade fo4.indd   20 5/3/2004   3:35:52 PM 21F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N  V I S I T  W W W . UBCP R E S S . C A UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND NOVEMBER 166 pages, 6 x 9” 11 b/w illus., 15 musical examples Audio CD hc $37.95 ISBN 0-8195-6742-6 Music/Nature/Alaska Wesleyan University Press John Luther Adams has released 11 recordings and worked with many prominent performers. He has taught at the University of Alaska, Bennington College and the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Kyle Gann is a composer, new music critic for The Village Voice, and author of American Music in the 20th Century (1997).  John Luther Adams Foreword by  Kyle Gann  Winter Music “John Luther Adams is one of the most important American composers who defi nes his work in the context of the natural world. His delicate essays collected here help to illuminate why his music is so different, and so powerful.” —David Rothenberg, author of Sudden Music “It would be my hope that John Luther Adams’s book might inspire other musicians and compos- ers to explore ways that music can celebrate and serve the greater community of life on Earth.” —Paul Winter, musician Composer John Luther Adams makes his home in the boreal forest near Fairbanks, Alaska, where he has created a unique musical world grounded in the elemental landscapes and indigenous cultures of the North. Winter Music, a collection of Adams’s essays, journal entries, and other writings is poetic and inspirational and delves into the environmental and cultural awareness that creates his refl ective, almost spiritual, approach to music. The accompanying audio CD includes two previously unrecorded works by Adams. Adams’s music explores natural phenomena from the songs of birds to the complex nature of chaos, fractal geometry, and elemental noise. Similarly, his writings explore “that region be- tween place and culture, between environment and imagination,” refl ecting a philosophy of deep awareness that makes him one of the most original composers working today. Composing the North DECEMBER 304 pages, 5½ X 8½” 10 b/w illus. pb $29.95 ISBN 0-8195-6738-8 AMERICAN SCIENCE FICTION SERIES Popular Culture Wesleyan University Press Jan Johnson-Smith  is Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Theory at Bournemouth University’s Media School in the UK.  Jan Johnson-Smith  American Science Fiction TV Star Trek, Stargate, and Beyond “An original and signifi cant study. American Sci- ence Fiction TV is the fi rst thoroughgoing analysis of the genre. Johnson-Smith writes with both the authority of a scholar and the passion of a genre fan. The book is to be welcomed as an important contribution to TV studies.” —James Chapman, author of Licence to Thrill: A Cultural History of the James Bond Films From The Next Generation and The X-Files to Farscape and Enterprise, science fi ction televi- sion shows have millions of devoted fans. Ameri- can Science Fiction TV is the fi rst full-length study of this popular genre. Writing with the clarity of a scholar and the passion of a fan, Jan Johnson- Smith shows how science fi ction television has displaced the Western in the American cultural imagination. As advances in special effects have made science fi ction television technically fea- sible on a more lavish scale than ever before, visual style has become as important as nar- rative—sometimes even more important—in expressing the meaning of the genre. The main part of the book uses case studies of several key science fi ction series, including Space: Above and Beyond, StarGate SG-1, and Babylon 5, to exemplify particular narrative patterns and visual styles. The case studies explore themes such as politics, ideology, race and ethnicity, gender difference, militarism, and the use of science fi ction narratives as allegories of present-day social and political concerns. American Science Fiction TV opens an important new area of genre studies and will be of interest to scholars and fans alike. » ALSO OF INTEREST Water Music Photographed and Orchestrated by Marjorie Ryerson hc $54.95 ISBN 0-472-11338-0 (see page 33) » ALSO OF INTEREST  H.G. Wells Traversing Time  W. Warren Wagar hc $47.95 ISBN 0-8195-6725-6 trade fo4.indd   21 5/3/2004   3:35:53 PM 22 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477 UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA PRESS  Navajo Weaving in the Late Twentieth Century Kin, Community, and Collectors  Ann Lane Hedlund This book presents 74 dazzling color plates of Navajo rugs and wall hangings woven between 1971 and 1996, representing the work of sixty of the fi nest native weavers in the American Southwest. The creations depicted here refl ect a number of styles—revival, sandpainting, pictorial, miniature, sampler—and a number of major regional variations, from Ganado to Teec Nos Pos. Textile authority Ann Lane Hedlund provides an introductory narrative about the development of Navajo textile collecting and a brief review of the history of Navajo weaving. She then com- ments on the shaping of the particular collection represented in the book, offering a rich source of knowledge and insight for other collectors. Hedlund introduces each section of plates with a description of the representative style, its signifi - cance, and the weavers who perpetuate and devi- ate from it. Additional color photographs show the families, landscapes, livestock, hogans, and looms that surround today’s Navajo weavers. Navajo Weaving in the Late Twentieth Century explores many of the important connections that exist today among weavers through their families and neighbors, and the signifi cant role that collectors play in perpetuating this dynamic art form.  Susan Zwinger Photographs by  Skip Smith The  Hanford Reach A Land of Contrasts The desert country along the Columbia River is one of the American West’s loneliest desert places—one that most people don’t even drive through unless they are unusually curious travel- ers. The Hanford Reach is the last free stretch of the river between the McNary and Priest Rapids Dams, a place boasting a varied landscape of fl oodplains, wetlands, deserts, orchards—and nuclear reactors. Known primarily for hosting the country’s most toxic nuclear outpost, this is public land that barely exists in public consciousness. But be- cause the Reach has been posted off-limits by the military since 1943, this book offers readers a little-seen glimpse into what the Pacifi c North- west’s arid east was like before the postwar boom. Susan Zwinger outlines the geographical extent of the Reach, reviews its history, and takes readers through the terrain by foot, on road, and on the river. Skip Smith’s striking photos capture the subtleties of its contrasting vistas. In 2000, President Clinton protected 560 square miles of land as the Hanford Reach National Monument. The Hanford Reach celebrates what is preserved in that buffer zone at the dawn of a new era of environmental responsibility. OCTOBER 160 pages, 132 color plates, 10 x 10” hc $45.00 ISBN 0-8165-2412-2 Art/Native American Studies Ann Lane Hedlund is Director of the Gloria F. Ross Center for Tapestry Studies and curator of ethnology at the Arizona State Museum. OCTOBER 100 pages, 14 halftones, 6 x 7” pb $18.95 ISBN 0-8165-2376-2 DESERT PLACES SERIES Nature/Travel Susan Zwinger is the author of The Last Wild Edge: One Woman’s Jour- ney from the Arctic Circle to the Olympic Rain For- est. Skip Smith is a pro- fessional photographer in Langley, Washington. » ALSO OF INTEREST Blanket Weaving in the Southwest Joe Ben Wheat hc $99.95 ISBN 0-8165-2304-5 (see page 34) » ALSO OF INTEREST Living with Wildlife in the Pacifi c Northwest Russell Link pb $38.95 ISBN 0-295-98386-8 (see page 32) trade fo4.indd   22 5/3/2004   3:35:53 PM 23F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N  V I S I T  W W W . UBCP R E S S . C A CANADIAN MUSEUM OF CIVILIZATION MARCH 456 pages 6¾ x 9” 6 fi gures, 7 maps pb $45.00 ISBN 0-660-19167-9 Native Studies Edward Sapir was a leader in the devel- opment of modern linguistics, as well as a perceptive ethnologist. In 1910, he was invited to Ottawa to head the Division of Anthropology at the Geological Survey of Canada at the new National Museum. Over the following decade, Dr. Sapir not only amassed the corpus known as the Nootka Texts, but also wrote outstanding works such as Time Perspec- tives in Aboriginal American Culture: A Study in Method (1916) and Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech (1921). In 1925, he returned to the United States to teach at the University of Chicago and at Yale. Sapir’s brilliant career was cut short by his untimely death in 1939, the year in which the fi rst volume of the Nootka Texts appeared. MARCH 36 pages, 11 x 8½” 50 b&w and 68 colour photos, 20 graphs pb $10.95 ISBN 0-660-19255-1 Sports Sheldon Posen is curator of the Canadian Folklife Programme at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. He is an ardent fan of Maurice “The Rocket” Richard.  Sheldon Posen  626 by 9 A Goal-by-Goal Timeline of Maurice “The Rocket” Richard’s Scoring Career in Pictures, Stats and Stories “626” and “9.” For hockey fans, these two num- bers conjure up one of the most important fi gures in the history of Canadian hockey: Maurice “The Rocket” Richard. For 18 seasons—from 1942 to 1960—the Montreal Canadiens’ right winger in sweater Number 9 dominated the sport, elec- trifying spectators and blazing his way into the record books with 626 career goals. His “fi re on ice” awed journalists and won the hearts of fans. Hockey old timers who played with The Rocket or against him still reverently declare, “From the blue line in, there was no one like him.” Richard’s unique status outlasted his playing career. Quebeckers never forgot what The Rocket had meant to them, and by the end of his life, far from losing his heroic stature, Maurice Richard had become a living legend. His Number 9 hockey sweater took on a life of its own as a Canadian icon. Maurice Richard has become a part of Canadian myth, folklore, and history, and 626 by 9 is a goal-by-goal chronicle in pictures, stats, and stories celebrating his remarkable career. The book is amply illustrated with pictures of The Rocket in action, the sticks he used to score the milestones, and the awards and trophies he won for setting record after scoring record. Other images of items and events in Richard’s life hint at how important he was not only to hockey but also to Canada’s history and sense of itself. Eugene Arima, Terry Klokeid and Katherine Robinson, eds. In 1910–1923, Edward Sapir—then head of the Division of Anthropology, Geological Survey of Canada—together with his chief West Coast interpreters, Frank Williams and Alexander Tho- mas, collected an extensive corpus of Native accounts of the Nuu-chah-nulth (“Nootka”) from Alberni Inlet and Barkley Sound, Vancouver Is- land. These accounts covered a wide spectrum of traditional life, and were intended by Sapir to provide an ethnography of these peoples from the Native point of view. Sapir organized the texts into a dozen sections, each dealing with a major cultural or social as- pect of life among the Nuu-chah-nulth and related groups. Of the 147 known texts, 79 have already been published by Sapir and his colleague, Mor- ris Swadesh, in volumes which appeared in 1939 and 1955. Sadly, all of the principals mentioned in these volumes passed on before the third and fi nal volume could be prepared. Because of the quantity of material involved, and for practical reasons, the third volume appears in installments as part of the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s Mercury Series, under the overall title The Whal- ing Indians. The present Part 9 of the original dozen sections, Legendary Hunters, focuses on Native whalers of the West Coast. Of the book’s 28 texts, Sapir collected 11 of these in 1913; the remainder were collected by Thomas in 1915–1916. Whaling is the subject of 24 of these accounts, which include two narratives about “drift-whal- ing,” whereby a chief magically causes a dead whale to drift ashore in his territory. These texts are rich in information on whaling techniques and practices, and details on the lengthy rituals required for success in whaling. The  Whaling Indians: West Coast Legends and Stories. Legendary Hunters Part 9 of the Sapir-Thomas Nootka Texts 626 by 9 is based on a section of the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s 2004-2008 exhibition, “Rocket” Richard: The Legend—The Legacy.  trade fo4.indd   23 5/3/2004   3:35:54 PM 24 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477 PLUTO PRESS OCTOBER 268 pages, 6 × 9” 21 photographs pb $24.95 ISBN 0-472-03023-X Pop Culture Since his days as the original editor of Creem, Dave Marsh has been revered as one of rock’s greatest critics. During the 70s he was record editor at Rolling Stone, and in 1983 he founded Rock & Roll Confi den- tial. His other books include Glory Days: Bruce Springsteen in the 1980s (1987), and Be- fore I Get Old: The Story of the Who (1983).  Dave Marsh  Louie, Louie The History and Mythology of the World’s Most Famous Rock ‘n’ Roll Song; Including the Full Details of Its Torture and Persecution at the Hands of the Kingsmen, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI, and a Cast of Millions; and Introducing for the First Time Anywhere, the Actual Dirty Lyrics The subtitle says it all. Louie, Louie, the song, has been around for nearly half a century, and this new edition of Dave Marsh’s classic work reminds us why it was an inspiration for an entire generation of rock ‘n’ rollers and the song that will never die. Praise for the original: “A tale as compelling as any John Grisham thriller.” —Rolling Stone “Dave Marsh’s Louie, Louie is part rant, part rock criticism, and part cultural analysis, with a good dose of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! thrown in.” —The New York Times Book Review “Marsh keeps the story of one trashy song in- teresting by revealing how ‘three chords and a cloud of dust’ contains within it the history and future of rock ‘n’ roll.” —Booklist “Crammed with trivia and wit, this text convinc- ingly argues in mock-profound terms its thesis that Louie is a melodic phenomenon far bigger than the mere mortals who performed it.” —Publishers Weekly “What you don’t know about Louie, Louie prob- ably won’t hurt you. But everything you need to know is in Marsh’s book, including the lyrics—the real ones and the ones people thought they heard. If there is a better measure of your pop- cultural IQ, I don’t know where to fi nd it.” —USA Today UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PRESS OCTOBER 336 pages, 6 x 9” 17 fi gures, 13 photographs pb $26.95 ISBN  0-472-03022-1 Current Affairs Robert J.S. Ross is Professor of Sociology, Clark University. He is an expert in the area of sweatshops and globali- zation. He is an activist academic who travels and lectures extensively and has published nu- merous related articles.  Robert J.S. Ross  Slaves to Fashion Poverty and Abuse in the New Sweatshops Just as Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed exposed the plight of North America’s working poor, Slaves to Fashion is both a lesson in American business history and a warning about one of the most important issues facing the global capital economy: the reappearance of the sweatshop. In vivid detail supported by carefully researched evidence, author Robert J.S. Ross traces the twentieth-century fall and tragic rebirth of sweat- shop conditions in the American apparel industry. He explains the new sweatshops as a product of unregulated global capitalism and associated deregulation, union erosion, and exploitation of undocumented workers. Using historical material and economic and social data, the author shows that after a brief thirty-fi ve years of fair practices, the US apparel business has once again sunk to shameful abuse and exploitation. Refreshingly jargon-free but documented in depth, Slaves to Fashion is the only work to estimate the size of the sweatshop problem and to systematically show its impact on apparel workers’ wages. It is also unique in its analysis of the budgets and personnel used in enforcing the Fair Labor Standards Act. Anyone who is concerned about this urgent social and economic topic and wants to go beyond the headlines should read this important and timely contribution to the rising debate on low-wage factory labour. » ALSO OF INTEREST One Nation under a Groove Motown and American Culture Gerald Early pb $22.95 ISBN 0-472-08956-0 (see page 33) trade fo4.indd   24 5/3/2004   3:35:55 PM 25F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N  V I S I T  W W W . UBCP R E S S . C A UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PRESS SEPTEMBER 240 pages, 6 x 9” pb $26.95 ISBN 1-84310-777-5 Biography/Health Ken Patterson holds both an AA degree in Journalism from Canada College and a BA degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. He has written four novels and numer- ous short stories. He has also received four literary awards for four different pieces of fi ction. Most recently, Ken published a behind-the-scenes article on training sheep dogs. He was also the subject of interest in his local newspaper which showcased his life as a writer and a stay-at-home dad. Ken currently lives in Rhode Island with his wife and two children.  Ken Patterson “I’m always in a fog. I just don’t seem to think very well. I am a man who has Attention Defi cit Disorder and I invite you to take an impromptu trip through my life. But put on your fog lights and hold on for the ride.” —Ken Patterson In his personal account of life with Attention Defi cit Disorder (ADD), award-winning author Ken Patterson richly illustrates the way in which the symptoms of ADD curtail the ability of an intelligent man to succeed in the most ordinary of life’s events. Through episodes of childhood, educational experiences, employment, military career, and relationships, he reveals the subtle complexities of coping with situations most people take for granted. This entertaining and compassionate book un- sparingly describes a life distorted by impulsivity, distractions, obsessions, and anger. Illuminating, and deeply insightful, it will fascinate anyone who has come into contact with ADD.  ADD and Me Forty Years in a Fog NOVEMBER 240 pages, 6 x 9” hc $49.95 ISBN 0-472-11443-3 Politics/Current Events Nicholas O’Shaughnessy is a Fellow of Hughes Hall, Cambridge, and of the Royal Society of Arts. His most recent books are The Phenomenon of Political Marketing (Palgrave Macmillan) and The Marketing Power of Emotion (Praeger). A former political consult- ant, he is currently work- ing on a book entitled Selling Hitler.  Nicholas Jackson O’Shaughnessy A far-ranging and erudite look at the history of propaganda, this innovative book asks two urgent questions: Why, in this time of widespread distrust of politics and the media, do politicians continue to use the familiar techniques of propa- ganda? And why are we still so vulnerable to their nonrational appeals? One answer may lie in the power of emotional appeal and the tenacity of belief once established. Nicholas O’Shaughnessy, a renowned author, scholar, and founder of the fi eld of political marketing, fi nds propaganda to be one of the prime movers of human history. Filled with elegant examples and anecdotes, Politics and Propaganda explores one of the most-studied but least-understood aspects of civilized society. This is the fi rst book to draw on a comprehensive study of rhetoric, myth, and symbol in order to explain the evolution and success of propaganda. O’Shaughnessy asks provocative and essential questions about why propaganda persists—and succeeds—in our age of high media literacy and intense political and social skepticism.  Politics and Propaganda Weapons of Mass Seduction » ALSO OF INTEREST Bad News from Israel Greg Philo and Mike Berry pb $17.95 ISBN 0-7453-2061-9 (see page 17) JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS trade fo4.indd   25 5/3/2004   3:35:55 PM 26 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477 JESSICA KINGLSEY PUBLISHERS NOVEMBER 176 pages, 6 x 9” pb $28.95 ISBN 1-84310-774-0 Health/Parenting Ann Boushéy is the parent of Jon, a teenager with autism. She has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and lives with her family in the Midwest, US  Ann Boushéy  Parent to Parent Information and Inspiration for Parents Dealing with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome When a child is diagnosed with autism or As- perger’s Syndrome, what a parent needs most is information and inspiration. After her son Jon was diagnosed with high-functioning autism in kindergarten, Ann Boushéy soon learned that, for her, knowledge was the key to peace. Written out of her own experience, this inspirational book provides the information that will empower other parents who fi nd themselves in her situation, and inspire them in their quest for the right diagnosis and the right help for their child. With a good dose of humour, she encourages parents in the day-to-day challenges they face in parenting a child with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. Short vignettes—“Chicken Nuggets for the Soul”—at the end of each chapter make the reader feel like sitting down with her, Parent to Parent, over a cup of coffee. After reading this book, parents will come away with a sense of empowerment and feeling that they are not alone, while professionals will gain a valuable and compassionate insight into the world of parenting a child on the autism spectrum. » ALSO OF INTEREST How to Live with Autism Practical Strategies for Parents Chris Williams and Barry Wright pb $26.95 ISBN 1-84310-184-X (see page 35)   Nancy Burger Foreword by  Byron P. Rourke Sharing the experience of bringing up a child with nonverbal learning disability (NLD), this warm and accessible book offers advice on subjects ranging across diagnosis and therapy, children’s interaction with each other, suitable activities for a child with NLD, and how to discuss NLD with children. An essential guide, this book will reassure, advise, and inform parents and profes- sionals who work with children with NLD. CONTENTS Foreword, Byron P. Rourke 1. What’s the Matter with Jimmy? 2. The Diagnosis and Dealing With It 3. At Home: Parenting the NLD Child 4. Managing “Infl ow”: The Kid in the Candy Store 5. Persever-What? Fountain Soda and Batman 6. Socialization: It’s a Jungle Out There 7. Teaching Social Skills 8. Activities for the NLD Child 9. NLD at School: Working with the System 10. Discussing NLD with Your Child 11. Living with NLD Every Day 12. Trips, Holidays, Vacations 13. Getting Involved: Support Groups, Septas, Workshops 14. Seeking Outside Help for Your NLD Child Afterthoughts Acknowledgements Resources Bibliography A  Special Kind of Brain Living with Nonverbal Learning Disability DECEMBER 224 pages, 6 x 9” pb $28.95 ISBN 1-84310-762-7 Health/Parenting Nancy Russell Burger is a freelance writer whose eight-year-old son, Jimmy, was diagnosed with NLD at the age of three. She lives in Red- ding, Connecticut. trade fo4.indd   26 5/3/2004   3:35:56 PM 27F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M A T I O N  V I S I T  W W W . UBCP R E S S . C A JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  Louise Emanuel  Understanding Your Three- Year-Old What changes when babies begin to leave tod- dler-hood behind them? How can parents manage their child’s transition from home to nursery? What is the best way to cope with temper tantrums? Providing detailed and reassuring advice, Louise Emanuel explains everything a parent needs to know about three-year-olds, from how to get a good night’s sleep, to managing sibling rivalry and encouraging imaginative play and conver- sation. CONTENTS Introduction 1. Understanding your child 2. Family life 3. A new baby in the family 4. Coping with anger 5. Working things out 6. Off to nursery Conclusion References and Acknowledgements Further reading Helpful organizations Index Louise Emanuel is consultant child psychotherapist in the Child and Family Department of the Tavistock Clinic, London, and works with families with young children. She lives in London with her husband and two children. NOVEMBER 108 pages, 5½ x 8½” pb $18.95, ISBN 1-84310-243-9 Education/Parenting  Sarah Gustavus-Jones  Understanding Your One- Year-Old How does a baby’s mind and personality develop and grow? What happens when a child begins to walk and explore the world around her? This book considers what it feels like to be a parent as your baby becomes a toddler, trying out her fi rst words, learning to dress herself and share toys. CONTENTS Introduction 1. Brave new world 2. The value of exploration 3. Emerging personality 4. Having a good idea and keeping it 5. A life of my own Conclusion References Index Sarah Gustavus-Jones works at the Tavistock Clinic, London. NOVEMBER 108 pages, 5½ x 8½” pb $18.95, ISBN 1-84310-241-2 Education/Parenting  Sophie Boswell How do you decide whether to breastfeed your baby—and what are the emotions involved for mother and baby when the baby rejects a feed or when breastfeeding stops? What happens when a baby starts moving around on its own? What if your baby’s distress makes you feel that you cannot cope? This book takes the reader through the entire fi rst year of a baby’s life, anticipating parents’ questions and covering topics ranging from parental feelings during pregnancy to a ten-month-old’s sociability and relationships with other children. Sophie Boswell is a child psychotherapist, trained at the Tavistock Clinic. She lives in London and is the mother two children, one of whom is a young baby. NOVEMBER 108 pages, 5½ x 8½” pb $18.95, ISBN 1-84310-242-0 Education/Parenting UNDERSTANDING YOUR CHILD SERIES The guides in this series present balanced and sensitive advice that will help adults to become, or to feel that they are, “good enough” parents. Each book concentrates on a key transition in a child’s life from birth to adolescence, look- ing especially at how parents’ emotions and experiences interact with those of their children. Written by professionals working in the child and adolescent department at London’s internation- ally respected Tavistock Clinic, the titles in the Understanding Your Child series are essential reading for new and experienced parents, relatives, friends and carers, as well as for the multi-agency professionals who are working to support children and their families.  Understanding Your Baby trade fo4.indd   27 5/3/2004   3:35:57 PM 28 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477 SELECTED BACKLIST  Aboriginal Plant Use in Canada’s Northwest Boreal Forest  Robin J. 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Warren  21 Wang-ngai, Siu  32 War No More  36 War of Patrols, A  30 Water Music  33 Watt, W. Montgomery  12 Wedding Song  34 Weldon, Fay  36 Whaling Indians, The  23 Wheat, Joe Ben  34 When Coal Was King  8 White, Jerry P.  6 Williams, Chris  35 Willis, John  31 Wilson, Colleen  31 Wilson, Richard  18 Winter Music  21 Wit, Joel S.  10 Wodnik, Bob  32 Wolf, Edward C.  31 Wolff, Theodore F.  14 Women and War  33 Women Filmmakers  30 World Challenged, A  36 Wright, Barry  35 Wright, Nancy E.  8 Yapko, Diane  35 Yeats, Robert S.  31 Young, Lisa  5 Zimbalist, Andrew  36 Zuckerman, Seth  31 Zwinger, Susan  22 trade f04backlist.indd   39 4/29/2004   10:49:44 AM 40 O R D E R  F R O M  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477 SALES AND ORDERING INFORMATION CONTACT US UBC Press The University of British Columbia 2029 West Mall Vancouver, BC Canada  V6T 1Z2 Phone:  604.822.5959 (front desk) or  604.822.9462 (marketing) Fax:  1.800.668.0821 or 604.822.6083 E-mail: Examination Copies: Elizabeth Whitton, Academic Marketing Manager Phone:  604.822.8226 or 1.877.377.9378 E-mail: Review Copies: Requests should be submitted on offi cial letterhead to: Kerry Kilmartin, Reviews Coordinator Fax: 604.822.6083 For up-to-date information on UBC Press, the publish- ers we represent, and our titles, please visit our website at ORDERS Canada uniPRESSES 34 Armstrong Avenue Georgetown ON L7G 4R9 Phone:  905.873.9781 or 1.877.864.8477 Fax:  905.873.6170 or 1.877.864.4272 E-mail: USA University of Washington Press P.O. 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Johnson • Winner, 2003 National Women in Planning Award, American Planning Association The Cost of Climate Policy by Mark Jaccard, John Nyboer, and Bryn Sadownik • Shortlisted, 2002/2003 Donner Prize, the Donner Foundation • Winner, 2002 Canadian Policy Research Award for Outstanding Research Contribution, Policy Research, Government of Canada • Shortlisted, 2003 Doug Purvis Memorial Prize Gendering Government by Louise Chappell • Selected, Outstanding Academic Title, CHOICE • Winner, 2003 Victoria Schuck Award, American Political Science Association Globalization and Well-Being by John F. Helliwell • Winner, 2002/2003 Donner Prize, the Donner Foundation The Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy by John Griffith Armstrong • Winner, 2003 John Lyman Book Award for Canadian Naval and Maritime History, the North American Society for Oceanic History • Honourable Mention, 2003 Keith Matthews Prize, The Canadian Nautical Research Society • Shortlisted, 2003 Dartmouth Book Award, Non-fiction • Shortlisted, John and Mary Savage First Book Award, Dartmouth Book Awards Hidden Agendas by Lydia Miljan and Barry Cooper • Shortlisted, 2003/2004 Donner Prize, Donner Foundation Making Native Space by Cole Harris • Winner, 2002 Sir John A. Macdonald Prize, Canadian Historical Association • Winner, 2002 Clio Award for British Columbia, Canadian Historical Association • Finalist, Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize for best non-fiction literary book, BC Book Prizes • Winner, 2003 Massey Medal, Royal Canadian Geographical Society • Winner, 2003 K.D. Srivastava Prize for Excellence in Scholarly Publishing Misplaced Distrust by Éric Montpetit • Shortlisted, 2003/2004 Donner Prize, Donner Foundation Taking Stands by Maureen Reed • Winner, 2004 K.D. Srivastava Prize for Excellence in Scholarly Publishing A Trading Nation by Michael Hart • Nominated, 2002/2003 Donner Prize, The Donner Foundation • Shortlisted, 2003 Donald Smiley Award, Canadian Political Science Association • Selected, Outstanding Academic Title, CHOICE • Shortlisted, 2003 Dafoe Book Prize, J.W. Dafoe Foundation • Shortlisted, 2003 Doug Purvis Memorial Prize Unnatural Law by David R. Boyd • Shortlisted, 2004 Donald Smiley Award, Canadian Political Science Association The Vancouver Achievement by John Punter • Recipient, 2004 City of Vancouver Heritage Award of Recognition, City of Vancouver When Coal Was King by John Hinde • Honourable Mention, 2003 Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for Historical Writing, BC Historical Foundation PUBLISHERS REPRESENTED WORLDWIDE Canadian Forest Service Laval University Press (English Language Books) Royal British Columbia Museum Sierra Legal Defence Fund Western Geographical Press PUBLISHERS REPRESENTED IN CANADA Brookings Institute Press Canadian Museum of Civilization Edinburgh University Press Hong Kong University Press Jessica Kingsley Publishers KITLV Press Manchester University Press Michigan State University Press National Gallery of Australia Oregon State University Press Paul Holberton Publishers Pluto Press Silkworm Press University of Arizona Press University of Michigan Press University of Washington Press University Press of New England University of New South Wales Press Waanders Publishers Washington State University Press Wesleyan University Press UBC_Trade_Catalogue_CR  5/3/04  4:38 PM  Page 1


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