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Full Text / 1 877 864 8477 1 Birds of the World Les Beletsky This stunning collection of art and text captures the grace, beauty, and flamboyance of the world’s birds. In more than 500 pages, ornithologist Les Beletsky has gathered over 1600 original paintings that reveal the form, posture, and plumage of all the avian families, with featured illustrations of 1307 species. The paintings are from eleven of the world’s leading bird artists, with many being published here for the first time. Beletsky’s detailed, yet eminently readable, descriptions are paired with the vivid images to show the diversity of the world’s approximately 200 bird families. Backyard birdwatchers, avid birders, and professional ornithologists alike will find in these pages everything from the everyday to the exotic, from diminutive hummingbirds to massive ostriches, from Antarctic penguins to tropical parrots. Comprehensive, authoritative, and beautifully illustrated, Birds of the World will amaze and inspire everyone with an interest in this remarkable fauna. Les Beletsky is series editor of the Travelers’ Wildlife Guides and Visiting Scholar at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, University of Washington. Illustrators include David Nurney, John Sill, Frank Knight, Brian Small, H. Douglas Pratt, John Gale, David Beadle, Diane Pierce, Dan Lane, John O’Neill, and Norman Arlott. The layout and design is being produced by famed designers Scott & Nix, whose clients include David Sibley, author of The Sibley Guide to Birds. NATURE / BIRDING » Also available Birds of Ontario: Habitat Requirements, Limiting Factors, and Status Volume 1: Nonpasserines, Loons through Cranes Al Sandilands 2005, 368 pages, 8 x 10” 88 illustrations, 84 maps 0-7748-1066-1 / 978-0-7748-1066-1 cloth $95.00 Birds of the Yukon Territory Edited by Pamela Sinclair, Wendy Nixon, Cameron Eckert, and Nancy Hughes 2003, 596 pages, 9 x 12” 235 maps, 223 colour photos, 400 b/w photos 0-7748-1012-2 / 978-0-7748-1012-8 cloth $125.00 Birds of Oregon A General Reference Edited by David B. Marshall, Matthew G. Hunter, and Alan L. Contreras 2006, 768 pages, 8.5 x 11” line drawings; maps 0-87071-182-2 / 978-0-87071-182-4 paper $56.95 Birds of British Columbia, Volumes 1–4 See page 21 SEPTEMBER 528 pages, 6.8 x 11” 187 colour plates; 1,690 images 0-7748-1358-X / 978-0-7748-1358-7 cloth $55.00 UBC Press / 1 877 864 84772 Keeping It Living Traditions of Plant Use and Cultivation on Northwest Coast of North America Edited by Douglas Deur and Nancy J. Turner The European explorers who first visited the Northwest Coast of North America assumed that the entire region was virtually untouched wilderness whose occupants used the land only minimally, hunting and gathering shoots, roots, and berries that were peripheral to a diet and culture focused on salmon. Colonizers who followed the explorers used these claims to justify the displacement of Native groups from their land. Scholars now understand, however, that Northwest Coast peoples were actively cultivating plants well before they experienced contact with Europeans. Keeping It Living tells the story of traditional Northwest Coast cultivation practices, and of how they came to be overlooked by Europeans. Bringing together some of the world’s most prominent specialists on Northwest Coast cultures, this book discusses plant management methods found from the Oregon Coast to Southeast Alaska. It looks at tobacco gardens among the Haida and Tlingit, managed camas plots among the Coast Salish of Puget Sound and the Strait of Georgia, estaurine root gardens along the central coast of British Columbia, wapato plot maintenance on the Columbia and Fraser Rivers, and tended berry plots up and down the entire coast. With contributions from ethnobotanists, archaeologists, anthropologists, geographers, ecologists, and Native American scholars and elders, Keeping It Living documents practices, many quite different from those characteristic of European agriculture, that involve manipulating plants as well as their environments in a way that enhanced both the quantity and the quality of plant production. JULY 384 pages, 6 x 9” 42 b/w illustrations, 16 tables 0-7748-1267-2 / 978-0-7748-1267-2 new in paper $29.95 UBC PRESS Douglas Deur is a professor of geography at the University of Nevada, Reno. Nancy J. Turner is Distinguished Professor in Environmental Studies and Geography at the University of Victoria. The other contributors include Kenneth M. Ames, E. Richard Atleo (Umeek), Melissa Darby, Douglas Hallett, James T. Jones, Dana Lepofsky, Ken Lertzman, Rolf Mathewes, James McDonald, Sonny McHalsie, Madonna L. Moss, Sandra Peacock, Bruce D. Smith, Robhin Smith, Wayne Suttles, and Kevin Washbrook. NATURE / PHILOSOPHY NATIVE STUDIES / BOTANY Brute Souls, Happy Beasts, and Evolution The Historical Status of Animals Rod Preece In this provocative inquiry into the status of animals in human society from the fifth century BC to the present, Rod Preece provides a wholly new perspective on the human-animal relationship. He skillfully demonstrates that, counter to prevailing intellectual opinion, ethical attitudes toward animals are neither restricted to the twentieth century nor the result of Darwin’s theory of evolution. They have been part of Western thought and culture for centuries. With his usual eloquence, Preece builds a cogent and persuasive argument, challenging current assumptions about the historical status of animals in Western civilization. He dispels the notion that animals were denied ethical consideration by Christian doctrine, refutes the claim that the Cartesian conception of animals as automata was widely embraced, and proves that “theriophily” -- the notion of animal superiority over humans -- was given greater credence than is commonly recognized. The exhaustive research and breadth of knowledge that Preece reveals in this book are matched by his belief in our ethical responsibilities to animals. Brute Souls, Happy Beasts, and Evolution will be required reading for animal lovers and animal rights activists, and for scholars as well as laypeople who have an interest in the history and philosophy of animal ethics. “A marvelous scholarly tour de force. Preece is the most learned person writing in the area today. His knowledge is encyclopedic, and unlike many historians, he has a gift for relating the historical to contemporary conceptual issues.” – Bernard Rollin, author of Animal Rights and Human Morality and The Unheeded Cry: Animal Consciousness. Rod Preece is Professor Emeritus at Wilfrid Laurier University. He has edited and written several books, including Awe for the Tiger, Love for the Lamb, and Animals and Nature, which received a Choice Outstanding Academic Book Award and was shortlisted for the Raymond Klibansky Prize. JULY 224 pages, 6 x 9” 0-7748-1157-9 / 978-0-7748-1157-6 paper $34.95 UBC PRESS / 1 877 864 8477 Science, Society, and the Search for Life in the Universe Bruce Jakosky Are we alone in the universe? What is life’s future on Earth and beyond? How does life begin and develop? These are age-old questions that have inspired wonder and controversy ever since the first people looked up into the sky. With today’s technology, however, we are closer than ever to finding the answers. Astrobiology is a relatively new and fast-growing discipline that seeks to understand the origin, evolution, and distribution of life within the universe. It is one of the few scientific fields that attracts the public’s intense curiosity and attention. This interest stems largely from the deep personal meaning that the possible existence of extraterrestrial life has for so many. Whether this relates to deep spiritual and existential questions or the possibility of making contact with alien beings, there is no doubt that the public is deeply vested in finding answers. In this broadly accessible introduction to the field, Bruce M. Jakosky looks at the search for life in the universe not only from a scientific perspective, but also from a distinctly social one. Bruce Jakosky is a professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is the author of The Search for Life on Other Planets. NOVEMBER 160 pages, 6 x 9” 0-8165-2613-3 / 978-0-8165-2613-0 paper $24.95 UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA PRESS Big Fleas Have Little Fleas How Discoveries of Invertebrate Diseases Are Advancing Modern Science Elizabeth W. Davidson Ever since Louis Pasteur saved the French silk industry by identifying a disease affecting silkworms, scientists have focused their attention on ever smaller organisms. In Big Fleas Have Little Fleas, Elizabeth Davidson shares amazing stories about diseases of insects and other invertebrates – and the scientists who learn from them. Davidson reveals how human health often comes down to a contest of bug against bug. Even sewage, seething with bacteria, teems with invertebrate life – animals that, like ourselves, have ways of fighting infection. Scientific curiosity about what allows these creatures to survive in such polluted environments has led to the discovery of chemicals with remarkable properties and potential usefulness to humankind. From shellfish diseases to bee parasites, Davidson sheds light on a world most of us never consider – but which matters far more than we might imagine. In our pandemic era, Big Fleas Have Little Fleas is as timely as our headlines, showing us how the most exciting discoveries can emerge from the smallest sources. Elizabeth W. Davidson is a professor in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University. SEPTEMBER 208 pages, 6 x 9” 22 b/w photos, 1 illustration 0-8165-2544-7 / 978-0-8165-2544-7 paper $24.95 UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA PRESS Renewing Salmon Nation’s Food Traditions Gary Paul Nabhan Among all the “food nations” of North America, Salmon Nation is the richest in mushrooms, berries, wild roots, fish, and shellfish. Native American traditions are at its core, but other culinary accents – from Spanish to Japanese – have added to the mix. Renewing Salmon Nation’s Food Traditions describes over 180 species of local plants and animals – many now at risk, others recovering, and all deserving of recognition – that have formed the basis of food traditions in the Pacific Northwest. This illustrated handbook brings together farmers, chefs, fisherfolk, food historians, orchardists, activists, educators, and wild foragers in an unprecedented effort to assess the current state of foods unique to the Pacific Northwest. The result is a comprehensive guide to the foods which have nurtured Salmon Nation for centuries. Renewing Salmon Nation’s Food Traditions describes the appearance and taste of each species, its origin and history, geographic range, and culinary uses. Foods range from the Bing cherry, Hood strawberry, and Nez Perce bean to Chinook salmon, candlefish smelt, and geoduck to wild items such as Oregon black truffle, wapato, and blackcap raspberry. A resource list provides names of nurseries, seed companies, and suppliers working to safeguard and revitalize the heritage foods of Salmon Nation. Gary Paul Nabhan directs the Center for Sustainable Environments at Northern Arizona University. JULY 66 pages, 7 x 8.5” b/w photos 0-9779332-0-2 / 978-0-9779332-0-4 paper $12.95 OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY PRESS BOTANY / NATIVE STUDIES SCIENCE / HEALTH SCIENCE / ASTROBIOLOGY / 1 877 864 84774 The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome Tony Attwood NOVEMBER 1 464 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84310-495-4 / 978-184310-495-7 cloth $34.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS AUTISM / ASPERGER’S SYNDROME » Also available from Jessica Kingsley Publishers Tony Attwood’s breadth of knowledge and expert understanding of Asperger’s syndrome (AS) has been encapsulated in this fully comprehensive Complete Guide – essential reading for parents, professionals and people who have the syndrome. Professor Attwood revisits the theoretical basis for understanding AS, its manifestations and the commonly shared experiences of individuals with Asperger’s. He explains current theories on the possible causes of AS, as well as evaluating psychotherapeutic interventions and providing professional advice for their successful application. One by one, chapters cover all of the key issues relating to Asperger’s Syndrome in depth, including diagnosis, cognitive and linguistic ability, sensory issues and areas of life that frequently present a challenge to people with AS such as careers and relationships. Professor Attwood draws on 25 years of knowing and working with individuals of all ages with Asperger’s and includes frequent personal accounts, making this a Complete Guide for children, young people and adults alike. This will be an indispensable book for people with AS, their parents and the professionals working with them. Tony Attwood is a practising clinical psychologist who specialises in the field of Asperger’s Syndrome. For the last 25 years he has met and worked with several hundred individuals with this syndrome, ranging widely in age, ability and background. ‘I usually say to the child, ‘Congratulations, you have Asperger’s syndrome’, and explain that this means he or she is not mad, bad or defective, but has a different way of thinking.’ – from The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome Asperger’s Syndrome A Guide for Parents and Professionals Tony Attwood 1998, 240 pages, 6 x 9” 1-85302-577-1 / 978-1-85302-577-8 paper $24.95 Freaks, Geeks, and Asperger Syndrome A User Guide to Adolescence Luke Jackson, Foreword by Tony Attwood 2003, 217 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84310-098-3 / 978-1-84310-098-0 paper $24.95 Children, Youth and Adults with Asperger Syndrome Edited by Kevin P. Stoddart 2005, 336 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84310-319-2 / 978-1-84310-319-6 paper $44.95 Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Asperger’s, Tourette’s, Bipolar, and More! The one stop guide for parents, teach- ers, and other professionals Martin L. Kutscher MD, with contributions from Tony Attwood and Robert R Wolff MD 2005, 224 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84310-810-0 / 978-1-84310-810-8 paper $24.95 / 1 877 864 8477 5 HEALTH & HEALING / CHILDREN When a Child Dies How Pediatric Physicians and Nurses Cope Robert S. McKelvey, MD How is it possible for practitioners of the healing arts to cope with the deaths of children and the devastating grief of their families? Physician Robert McKelvey looks squarely at this painful question and gets to the heart of it in When a Child Dies. Although the stories he tells are replete with heartbreak, he achieves a higher purpose by illuminating the successes and failures of medical training in helping doctors and nurses confront these deaths. McKelvey interviews members of a pediatric hospital staff, specifically those working in intensive care and hematology-oncology units where, along with the emergency room, children are most likely to die and where caretakers have a great deal of experience with terminal illness. His interview subjects discuss their family backgrounds and what led them into medicine; their education, training, and on-the-job experience that helps them deal with death; their emotional reactions to the death of a young person; and their styles of coping, both personally and professionally. This is the first book to focus on the grieving process of physicians and nurses for their child patients. There is a wealth of information here that will be recognizable and comforting to those already in the medical profession and that will help in the training of those about to enter the profession. Physicians, nurses, and medical students, as well as sociologists, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, the clergy, and families will find this book invaluable. DECEMBER 240 pages, 6 x 9” 0-295-98653-0 / 978-0-295-98653-1 paper $29.95 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS Robert S. McKelvey is professor of psychiatry at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. He is the author of The Dust of Life: America’s Children Abandoned in Vietnam and A Gift of Barbed Wire: America’s Allies Abandoned in South Vietnam. Shattered Lives Children Who Live with Courage and Dignity Camilla Batmanghelidjh “This wonderful bombshell of a book is a sustained, honourable and timely paen of fury on behalf of the children whose murdered childhood haunts and damages us all. In these circumstances ‘neutrality is offensive’ from all professionals and indeed adults who disguise the real level of pain they witness in children for the sake of easier research, policy, [and for] relationships with peers and superiors.” – Valerie Sinason, Director of Dissociation in the UK Shattered Lives bears witness to the lives of children who have experienced abuse and neglect, and highlights the effects of early traumatic episodes. Chapters take the form of letters to a child capturing their life experiences, hugely impacted by sexual abuse, parental substance misuse and loss, leading to feelings of shame, rejection and worthlessness. Batmanghelidjh offers understanding for those baffled by these hard-to-reach children and warns against stigmatizing them for their problem behaviour. In her critique of existing structures, she exposes the plight of children who are overlooked by the authorities and denounces those who value bureaucracy over the welfare of the individual child. Society’s failure to acknowledge the truth of their experiences and act to change the environment in which such mistreatment can flourish is, she strongly argues, leading to the death of childhood. The book is a clarion call for change. “Camila Batmanghelidjh is a remarkable woman, a child who grew up to fight for children and childhood. This is a truly remarkable book. We must all ensure that it becomes life changing. Politicians should read it with a view to examining why and how we let children fall between the cracks of societal aspiration, legislation and protection... As parents we should read it and then love and understand our children a little better in the future. Read it and weep. Read it and resolve that we must do better. If it was hard to write and at times hard to read, imagine what it was to live.’ – Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty (the National Council for Civil Liberties) Camila Batmanghelidjh trained as a psychotherapist and for more than twenty years has worked with exceptionally disturbed children and young people in the two charities she has founded, The Place 2 Be and Kids Company. JULY 176 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84310-434-2 / 978-1-84310-434-6 paper $24.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS HEALTH / DEATH & DYING “This book by Dr. McKelvey is as important and valuable as any I’ve ever read. It is such a pleasure to read, no matter the melancholy moments in the stories told, and will appeal to a general audience as well as a medical one. I will with some passion urge this book on everyone I know. It’s a major effort of mind, heart, and soul, conveyed to us lucky – and needy – colleagues with splendidly poignant and penetrating prose. I wish my one-time teacher (and hero), Dr. William Carlos Williams, were with us today. He’d clap his hands with gusto and say, ‘Hurrah!’” –Robert Coles, Harvard Medical School / 1 877 864 84776 Baj and the Word Launcher Space Age Asperger Adven- tures in Communication Pamela Victor When Baj is given a a magical communication kit, he has the chance to discover the complex rules of social skills. An invisible Calming Cape comforts his body, making it easier to keep his cool in difficult situations; a Word Launcher guides him in choosing the best words for the situation; and Listening Aids help him spot the most important words when people talk. Will these magical instruments make Baj a strong communicator? Can he learn to communicate without them? This entertaining adventure story will capture children’s imagination while exploring the complexities of the social world. Children can read about Baj independently or with a parent or helper, and the reader can learn about body language and the unspoken rules of communication. Parents and teachers can also use this book to teach social skills to children in storytelling groups. Pamela Victor and her family live in Massachusetts, USA, where she works as a homeschooling mother, a teacher, and a comedian. JULY 112 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84310-830-5 / 978-1-84310- 830-6 paper $17.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS People with Asperger’s Syndrome have difficulty with interpersonal relationships, yet are well known to be loyal and dependable friends. Wendy Lawson felt she had a knack for upsetting people and was surprised to be told that she ‘did friendship rather well’. In her frank and thoughtful analysis of what makes and breaks friendships, she explores what it means to have friends or be a friend; what happens when times are tough and friends are scarce; whether one can be a “good friend” without effort; and what other kinds of friendship exist. These ideas are accompanied by practical examples, poetry and stories. Insightful and relevant to people both on and off the autism spectrum, Friendships: The Aspie Way is a fresh approach to a universal issue in human relationships. Wendy Lawson is a mother of four who was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in 1994. AUGUST 112 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84310-427-X / 978-1-84310-427-8 paper $17.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS Friendships The Aspie Way Wendy Lawson All Cats have Asperger’s Syndrome Kathy Hoopmann Do You Understand Me? My Life, My Thoughts, My Autism Spectrum Disorder Sofie Koborg Brøsen Sofie Koborg Brøsen is 11, goes to a mainstream school, likes reading comics, and loves being with her family and her cat, Teddy. But Sofie is not the same as everyone else – she has autism spectrum disorder. Fed up of being misunderstood by her classmates, she has written a book about her world so others can learn to understand her, and vice versa. Sofie describes her day-to-day life in clear language and tells readers about things she finds difficult: being given too many instructions, disruptions to her routine, being teased, strong lights and smells and too much noise. She also tells about what she really likes – feeling accepted by other children, reading, nature, her autism camp and her cat. This fully illustrated book is a readable insider’s view of attending school with autism and will be an invaluable resource to other children for understanding their classmates with autism spectrum disorders. Sofie Koborg Brøsen lives and goes to school in Denmark. JUNE 128 pages, 18 illustrations, 6 x 9” 1-84310-391-5 / 978-1-84310- 391-2 paper $17.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS AUTISM This child-friendly book uses full colour photographs of cats to illustrate the social difficulties that children with Asperger Syndrome (AS) may encounter in their day-to- day lives. All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome describes the different ways in which children with AS respond to the world through a medium that will be fun and engaging for children with or without spectrum conditions. It takes an accessible look at AS characteristics such as motor clumsiness, unusual use of language and sensory difficulties, and will be a useful tool in helping children to understand and welcome individuality. Kathy Hoopmann lives in Dubai with her husband and three children. She is also the author of the Asperger Adventure series for younger children; Haze, Blue Bottle Mystery, Of Mice and Aliens, and Lisa and the Lacemaker, all published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. OCTOBER 288 pages, 6 x 9” 72 pages, 73 photos 1-84310-481-4 / 978-1-84310-481-0 paper $19.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS / 1 877 864 8477 7 Chasing Ideas The Fun of Freeing Your Child’s Imagination Christine Durham Encouraging Ap- propriate Behavior for Children on the Autism Spectrum Shira Richman Christine Durham shows how to help children be better, brighter thinkers and helps parents and teachers discover the joys of discussing ideas with children. Chasing Ideas shows parents of children aged 3 to 15 how to encourage them to explore ideas, think, judge, make decisions and communicate effectively and to develop these important life skills to take into adulthood. The author’s treasure trove of techniques, tips and activities will help children let their imagination and natural curiosity reign free. Chasing Ideas will help parents and teachers enrich, broaden and deepen their relationships with children; expand their children’s horizons; and explore issues, ideas and understanding with children in a delightful way. It will also empower children, and enhance their self- confidence and self-esteem. Christine Durham, M.Ed., has presented over 4000 workshops teaching thinking skills to schoolchildren. JULY 192 pages, illustrations, 6 x 9” 1-84310-460-1 / 978-1-84310-460-5 paper $24.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS Written in an accessible question-and- answer format for easy navigation, this book provides detailed, practical answers to the real questions asked by parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). 100 questions, organized by topic, cover everyday problems, from advice on what to do if your autistic child routinely runs away when in the supermarket to tips on stopping him from spitting. Richman outlines succinct behavioural plans to help parents and professionals encourage appropriate behavior and help their child make progress with learning positive behavioral patterns. She also offers advice on how to recognise maladaptive behaviors and explains the reasoning behind taking a proactive approach with children. This book can be read cover to cover or used as a handy quick reference. It will be invaluable to parents of children with ASDs and the professionals working with them. Shira Richman is a behavior therapy consultant who attained her MA in psychology at New York University. MAY 224 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84310-825-9 / 978-1-84310-825-2 paper $24.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS In this controversial new book, Richard Lathe contends that the recent rise in cases of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) is a result of increased exposure to environmental toxicity combined with genetic predisposition. Autism, Brain, and Environment proposes that autism is a disorder of the limbic brain, which is damaged by toxic heavy metals present in the environment. Lathe argues that most ASD children have additional physiological problems that, far from being separate from the psychiatric aspects of ASD, can produce and exacerbate the condition. This groundbreaking book makes a careful scientific case for the role of both environmental and physiological factors in autism. Lathe’s argument will be of great interest to doctors, caregivers, activists, teachers, and not least, people with ASDs. Richard Lathe is director of Pieta Research, a biotechnology consultancy based in Edinburgh, UK. JULY 288 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84310-438-5 / 978-1-84310-438-4 paper $29.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS Autism, Brain, and Environment Richard Lathe Touch and Go Joe An Adolescent’s Experience of OCD Joe Wells As many as 2 in 100 people suffer from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and 16-year-old Joe Wells is one of them. In Touch and Go Joe, he tells the story of his battle with OCD. Having struggled to keep the condition a secret for years, he now talks and writes openly about OCD and how he battled to overcome it. This book is packed with advice and coping strategies, as well as first-hand accounts of treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy and medication. Written in an accessible style, with Joe’s own illustrations, Touch and Go Joe gives an upbeat yet realistic look at the effect of OCD on adolescent life. This honest and amusing account will raise awareness of this common, yet frequently misdiagnosed disorder and will interest anyone who has suffered from or knows someone with OCD, including teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health professionals, and parents. Joe Wells is a 16-year-old student who talks and writes about his experience with OCD. JUNE 128 pages, 18 illustrations, 6 x 9” 1-84310-391-5 / 978-1-84310-391-2 paper $17.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS AUTISM / 1 877 864 84778 The Story of Modern Skiing John Fry The Same River Twice A Boatman’s Journey Home Michael Burke In the summer of 1991 Michael Burke, an experienced river guide, embarked on a three- week journey down a series of remote rivers in British Columbia. Leaving behind his pregnant wife, he embraces the voyage with a companion he barely knows in a raft that may not weather the trip. He attempts to reconcile his transition from river guide to husband, father, and academic. He also explores his connection to a distant relative, Sid Barrington, a champion “swiftwater pilot of the North” in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As Burke contemplates what he and Sid may have had in common, he meditates on the changing meaning of rivers and the challenge of recovering the past. In clear and graceful prose, Burke blends Sid’s colourful history with his own journey.  He reflects upon the quick currents of time and the fierce passion he shares with Sid for the life of river running in the Northwest. The Same River Twice introduces readers to rough and unfamiliar rivers in the northern wilderness. Burke has an intimate understanding of these remote, free-flowing rivers. He brings readers into a confluence of rivers, where past and present merge, revealing the power of wilderness and the truth about changing course. Michael Burke is an associate professor in the English Department at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, and director of the honors program at the University of Maine at Farmington. MAY 224 pages, 6 x 9” 0-8165-2531-5 / 978-0-8165-2531-7 paper $22.95 UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA PRESS John Fry is the former editor-in-chief of SKI, America’s oldest ski magazine, and founding editor of the award-winning New York Times magazine Snow Country. His contributions to skiing include direct roles in launching the NASTAR (National Standard Ski Race) program, The Nations Cup of alpine ski racing, and the Graduated Length Method of teaching. Fry is a member of the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame and has received the International Skiing History Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. NOVEMBER 376 pages, 86 illustrations, 6 x 9” 1-58465-489-9 / 978-1-58465-489-6 cloth $34.95 UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND This is the definitive history of the sport that has exhilarated and infatuated about 30 million Americans and Canadians over the course of the last fifty years. In this absorbing history, consummate insider John Fry recounts the birth of modern skiing and its transformation since the Second World War. He chronicles the rise of a ski culture and every aspect of the sport’s development, including the emergence of the mega-resort and advances in equipment, technique, instruction, and competition. The Story of Modern Skiing is laced with revelations from the author’s personal relationships with skiing greats such as triple Olympic gold medalists Toni Sailer and Jean-Claude Killy, double gold medalist and environmental champion Andrea Mead Lawrence, first women’s World Cup winner Nancy Greene, World Alpine champion Billy Kidd, Sarajevo gold and silver medalists Phil and Steve Mahre, and industry pioneers such as Vail founder Pete Seibert, metal ski designer Howard Head, and plastic boot inventor Bob Lange. Fry writes authoritatively of alpine skiing in North America and Europe, of Nordic skiing, and of newer variations in the sport: freestyle skiing, snowboarding, and extreme skiing. He looks closely at skiing’s relationship to the environment, its portrayal in the media, and its response to social and economic change. Maps locating major resorts, records of ski champions, and a timeline, bibliography, glossary, and index of names and places make this the definitive work on modern skiing. Skiers of all ages and abilities will revel in this lively tale of their sport’s heritage. SPORT / HISTORY MEMOIR / 1 877 864 8477 9 Longitude and Empire How Captain Cook’s Voyages Changed the World Brian Richardson Before Captain Cook’s three voyages, to Europeans the globe was uncertain and dangerous; after, it was comprehensible and ordered. Written as a conceptual field guide to the voyages, Longitude and Empire offers a significant rereading of both the expeditions and modern political philosophy. More than any other work, printed accounts of the voyages marked the shift from early modern to modern ways of looking at the world. The globe was no longer divided between Europeans and savages but populated instead by an almost overwhelming variety of national identities. Cook’s voyages took the fragmented and obscure global descriptions available at the time and consolidated them into a single, comprehensive textual vision. Locations became fixed on the map and the people, animals, plants, and artifacts associated with them were identified, collected, understood, and assimilated into a world order. This fascinating account offers a new understanding of Captain Cook’s voyages and how they affected the European world view. Brian Richardson is a librarian at Windward Community College in Hawaii and is editing a collection of Hawaiian myths and legends. JULY 256 pages, 6 x 9” 6 maps, 24 b/w photos 0-7748-1190-0 / 978-0-7748-1190-3 paper $29.95 UBC PRESS Alaska, An American Colony Stephen Haycox Alaska has not evolved in a vacuum. It has been part of larger stories: the movement of Native peoples and their contact with and accommodation to Western culture, the spread of European political economy to the New World, and the expansion of American capitalism and culture. Alaska, an American Colony traces Alaska’s development from the early postcontact period through Russian America and U.S. territorial status and statehood, including an overview of the region’s geography and of Alaska’s Native peoples, whose involvement in the state’s economic, political, and social life and development continues to this day. In contrast to the stereotype of Alaska as a place where rugged individualists triumph over a harsh environment, distinguished historian Stephen Haycox offers a less romantic, more complex history of Alaska’s past and the similarities between Alaska and the American West. Stephen Haycox, a professor of history at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, is author of Frigid Embrace: Politics, Economics and Environment in Alaska. AUGUST 392 pages, 6 x 9” 38 illustrations; maps 0-295-98629-8 / 978-0-295-98629-6 paper $24.95 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS Commanding Canadians The Second World War Diaries of A.F.C. Layard Michael Whitby Commander A.F.C. Layard, RN, wrote almost daily in his diary, in bold, neat script, from the time he entered the Royal Navy as a cadet in 1913 until his retirement in 1947. The pivotal 1943-45 years of this edited volume offer an extraordinarily full and honest chronicle, revealing Layard’s preoccupations, both with the daily details and with the strain and responsibility of wartime command at sea. Enhanced by Michael Whitby’s explanatory essays, the diary sheds light on the inshore anti-submarine campaign in British waters; discusses pivotal events such as the invasions of North Africa and Normandy and convoys to Russia; describes encounters with important personalities; and records the final surrender of German U-boats. It is a highly personal piece of history that greatly enhances our understanding of the Canadian naval experience and the Atlantic war as a whole. A consummately well-researched work, Commanding Canadians will appeal to naval scholars as well as to general readers interested in military history. Michael Whitby is Senior Naval Historian at the Canadian National Defence Headquarters. STUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORY PUBLISHED IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM JULY 416 pages, 6 x 9” 0-7748-1194-3 / 978-0-7748-1194-1 paper  $29.95 UBC PRESS HISTORYHISTORY MILITARY HISTORY / 1 877 864 847710 HISTORY / NATIVE STUDIES Unsettling Encounters First Nations Imagery in the Art of Emily Carr Gerta Moray Unsettling Encounters radically re-examines Emily Carr’s relationship with the First Nations of the Northwest Coast, and her goals and achievements in representing Native villages and totem poles in her paintings and writings. Gerta Moray analyzes a body of work that is of vital importance to Canadians today, not only as a representation of our culture, but also as a signpost of a new stage of accommodation with the country’s First Nations. Unsettling Encounters includes a vivid recreation of the rapidly changing historical and social circumstances in which Carr painted and wrote. Carr’s famous, highly expressive, later paintings were based to a great extent on the results of this early experience. At the same time they were a response to new currents in North American culture in the 1920s and 1930s. Moray explores Carr’s participation in the Group of Seven’s agenda to build a national culture, and her sense of her own position as a woman artist in this masculine arena. Featuring nearly 300 illustrations, including over 90 colour plates, Unsettling Encounters is the definitive study of Carr’s “Indian” images, locating them both within the local context of Canadian history and the wider international currents of visual culture. JULY 392 pages, 8.5 x 12” 200 b/w and 85 colour illustrations, 4 maps 0-7748-1282-6 / 978-0-7748-1282-5 cloth $75.00 UBC PRESS Gerta Moray is a professor of Art History at the University of Guelph. Good Intentions Gone Awry Emma Crosby and the Methodist Mission on the Northwest Coast Jan Hare and Jean Barman Unlike most missionary scholarship that focuses on male missionaries, Good Intentions Gone Awry chronicles the experience of a missionary wife. It is based on the letters that Emma Crosby, wife of the well-known Methodist missionary Thomas Crosby, wrote to her family and others in Cobourg, Ontario, while she lived at Fort Simpson, near present- day Prince Rupert. Crosby’s letters to her mother are at the heart of this volume. Her correspondence begins just prior to her meeting the missionary suitor who would become her husband. The exchange of letters continued from 1874 until 1881, when her mother passed away. The deaths of her mother and then of her father five years later slowed her letters to her family to a trickle. Good Intentions Gone Awry is a fascinating collection. Crosby, besides being a prolific letter-writer, was well-educated and an informative writer. Her letters shed light on a particular era and bear witness to the contribution of missionary wives. They show that mission work was something much more complex than simple tales of conversion by men invested in Christianity. Multiple participants shaped the missionary enterprise, each of them acting on their own motivations with consequences that no one would have anticipated. Jan Hare is Anishinabe. She teaches in the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia. Jean Barman taught for many years in the Department of Educational Studies at UBC and is a well- known historian of British Columbia. OCTOBER 368 pages, 6 x 9” 25 b/w photos 0-7748-1271-0 / 978-0-7748-1271-9 paper $29.95 UBC PRESS ART / HISTORY / NATIVE STUDIES “This is an erudite, richly illustrated, and compelling narrative of how Carr related to the First Nations imagery that brought her national recognition and iconic status. Gerta Moray’s extraordinary account is sensitive to language, gender, colonial, and racial issues, reconstructing a multi- layered and well-researched context for Carr’s expeditions. Avoiding simplistic oppositions, Unsettling Encounters keeps the expressive drive and creative ambitions of Emily Carr firmly in the centre.” – Johanne Lamoureux, Université de Montréal » Also available Undelivered Letters to Hudson’s Bay Company Men on the Northwest Coast of America, 1830-57 Edited by Judith Hudson Beattie and Helen M. Buss “[Beattie and Buss] bring to readers what has been unread for more than a century and a half. The letters offer an unusual look at a broad spectrum of lives, largely from the perspective of the women who remained behind. At turns vivid and poignant, the writings are a powerful invocation of the past.” – The Beaver 2003, 0-7748-0974-4 978-0-7748-0974-0 paper $29.95 UBC PRESS / 1 877 864 8477 11 The Many Faces of Edward Sherriff Curtis Portraits and Stories from Native North America Steadman Upham and Nat A. Zappia Edward Sherriff Curtis spent more than forty years documenting the Native peoples of North America, taking over 40,000 photographs and amassing a staggering archive of material about North American tribes and social groups. While many books have explored the artistic value of the images he created, this book assesses his contributions to the field of anthropology. Curtis began documenting the Native peoples of North America in 1889, at a time when the U.S. government had pushed most Native Americans onto reservations and was destroying Native cultures and social organizations by forcing their children into government boarding schools, undermining their languages and religions, and by carving up tribal lands and giving away sizable pieces to non-Natives. Curtis believed his generation might be the last to see and hear these Native people in the flesh. The Many Faces of Edward Sherriff Curtis is a book for our time. Its clear-eyed assessment of the past, its focus on images and words too long out of the public eye, and its message of endurance bespeak the future of Native peoples worldwide. Steadman Upham is president and professor of anthropology at The University of Tulsa. Nat Zappia is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Santa Cruz. OCTOBER 160 pages, 9 x 12” 103 duotone illustrations 0-295-98626-3 / 978-0-295-98626-5 paper $49.95 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS Drawing on the special historical relationship between the Native people of southeastern Alaska and nature, Blonde Indian is a story about returning. This enchanting memoir traces the author’s life from her difficult childhood in the Tlingit community, through her adulthood in Seattle and San Francisco, to her return home. Ernestine Hayes’s journey away from her native land and back is complicated by her racially mixed heritage. Neither fully Native American nor Euro-American, she encounters a unique sense of alienation from both her Native community and the dominant culture. She struggles beside other Tlingit men and women – many of who never left their Native community but wrestle with their own challenges, including unemployment, prejudice, alcoholism, and poverty. The author’s journey, contemporary Native stories, and the legends that have circulated among the Tlingit people for centuries are all woven together, making this much more than the story of a woman’s life. Blonde Indian is a document of cultural heritage, a tribute to the Alaskan landscape, and a moving testament to how going back – in nature and in life – allows movement forward. Ernestine Hayes is an assistant professor of English at the University of Alaska Southeast. SEPTEMBER 200 pages, 15 b/w illustrations, 6 x 9” 0-8165-2537-4 / 978-0-8165-2537-9 paper $29.95 UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA PRESS Blonde Indian An Alaska Native Memoir Ernestine Hayes The First Nations of British Columbia An Anthropological Survey, Second edition Robert J. Muckle The First Nations of British Columbia provides an up-to-date, concise, and accessible overview of First Nations’ peoples, cultures, and issues in B.C. Robert Muckle surveys the history, diversity, and complexity of First Nations from an anthropological perspective, incorporating archaeological, ethnographic, historic, and legal-political issues. Muckle begins by describing today’s First Nations, including information on populations, settlements, territories, bands, and other affiliations. The following sections focus on prehistory, traditional lifeways and cultural change over the past few hundred years, as well as the impact of the fur trade, gold rushes, European and American settlement and government, missionaries, and residential schools. Current issues regarding aboriginal rights and the treaty negotiation process are also discussed. This new edition contains new information on plant management, wage labour, the Nisga’a agreement, and the discovery of Kwaday Dan Sinchi – a 600-year-old frozen man found in northwestern B.C. The appendices, readings, and all names, numbers, and spellings have been updated. The First Nations of British Columbia is an indispensable resource for teachers and students, and an excellent introduction for anyone interested in B.C.’s First Nations. Robert J. Muckle teaches anthropology at Capilano College in North Vancouver. MAY 168 pages, 5.5 x 8.5” 0-7748-1349-0 / 978-0-7748-1349-5 paper $19.95 UBC PRESS ANTHROPOLOGY / NATIVE STUDIES PHOTOGRAPHY / NATIVE STUDIES NATIVE STUDIES / MEMOIR / 1 877 864 847712 POLITICS / THE MIDDLE EAST Perilous Power The Middle East and U.S. Foreign Policy: Dialogues on Terror, Democracy, War, and Justice Noam Chomsky and Gilbert Achcar NOVEMBER 224 pages, 6 x 9” 1-59451-312-0 / 978-1-59451-312-1 cloth $29.95 PARADIGM PUBLISHERS » Also available from Paradigm Publishers The volatile Middle East is the site of vast resources, profound passions, frequent crises, and long-standing conflicts, as well as a major source of international tensions and a key site of direct U.S. intervention. Two of the most astute analysts of this part of the world are Noam Chomsky, the preeminent critic of U.S. foreign policy, and Gilbert Achcar, a leading specialist of the Middle East who lived in that region for many years. In their first book together, Chomsky and Achcar bring a keen understanding of the internal dynamics of the Middle East and of the role of the United States, taking up all the key questions of interest to concerned citizens, including such topics as terrorism, fundamentalism, conspiracies, oil, democracy, self-determination, anti-Semitism, and anti-Arab racism, as well as the war in Afghanistan, the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the sources of U.S. foreign policy. In Perilous Power, Chomsky and Achcar offer an engaging and readable introduction for all who wish to understand the complex issues related to the Middle East from a perspective dedicated to peace and justice. Noam Chomsky is the author of 9-11 and Middle East Illusions. His articles and books revolutionized the contemporary study of linguistics and his political essays are widely read and translated throughout the world. Gilbert Achcar lived in Lebanon until 1983, when he moved to France, where he teaches politics and international relations at the University of Paris. A frequent contributor to Le Monde Diplomatique, his most recent book is The Clash of Barbarisms. Letters from Lexington Reflections on Propaganda Noam Chomsky 2004, 192 pages, 5.5 x 8.5” 1-59451-029-6 / 978-1-59451-029-8 paper $19.95 Left Turn Forging a New Political Future Stanley Aronowitz 2006, 128 pages, 6 x 9” 1-59451-311-2 / 978-1-59451-311-4 paper $19.95 The Politics of Fear How Republicans Use Money, Race, and the Media to Win Manuel G. Gonzales and Richard Delgado 2005, 232  pages, 5 x 8” 1-59451-242-6 / 978-1-59451-242-1 paper $29.95 Monsters to Destroy The Neoconservative War on Terror and Sin Ira Chernus 2006, 272 pages, 6 x 9” 1-59451-276-0 / 978-1-59451-276-6 paper $29.95 / 1 877 864 8477 13 The Clash of Barbarisms The Making of the New World Order Gilbert Achcar The London bombings of July 7th, 2005, revived the debates that raged after 9/11. What relation did they bear to the foreign and war policies of the United Kingdom and the United States? Were they symptoms of a “cultural clash” between deep-seated “values” or signs of a social crisis at the root of the ongoing conflict? How should we analyze the present-day emergence of fanatical forms of Islamic fundamentalism? The title of the book alludes to the famous thesis on the “Clash of Civilizations.” Achcar develops a counterthesis, namely that the clashes we are witnessing do not oppose civilizations, but their dark sides. Each civilization produces a specific form of barbarism, which tends to take over in periods of crisis. Accordingly, the Bush administration doesn’t embody the values of Western civilization nor does Islamic fanaticism of the al-Qa‘ida type represent Islamic civilization. The clash between them is a “clash of barbarisms” in which the main culprit remains the most powerful. The war of aggression and occupation in Iraq led to blatant manifestations of Western barbarism, most strikingly epitomized by the torture at Abu Ghraib, and inevitably nurtured fanatical Islamic and other counterbarbarisms. Gilbert Achcar is also the co-author, with Noam Chomsky, of Perilous Power. AUGUST 192 pages, 6 x 9” 1-59451-309-0 / 978-1-59451-309-1 paper $24.95 PARADIGM PUBLISHERS Dead for Good Martyrdom and the Rise of the Suicide Bomber Hugh Barlow Dead for Good vividly describes how history gave rise to the suicide bombers of today. The passionate submission of ancient Jewish and Christian martyrs was largely supplanted by militant self-sacrifice as Islam spread and holy war erupted in the Crusades. In the Indian Punjab, the Khalsa Sikhs made warrior-martyrdom an instinct and policy in their defense of community and of justice. In a last-ditch effort to defeat the Allies in World War II, the Japanese transformed warrior-martyrs into martyr-warriors trained to sacrifice themselves in attacks on enemy carriers. The current suicide bomber is the latest phase: Whether motivated by nationalism, religious ideology, or a combination of both, the new “predatory” martyr dies for the cause while killing indiscriminately. Exploring martyrdom across cultures and throughout history, this book gives us new insights into today’s suicide bombers and answers to the common question “Why do they do it?” Hugh Barlow is Professor Emeritus and Director of Criminal Justice Studies at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. He is the author, most recently, of Criminal Justice in America. NOVEMBER 224 pages, 6 x 9” 1-59451-325-2 / 978-1-59451-325-1 paper $24.95 PARADIGM PUBLISHERS Gandhi and Beyond Nonviolence for an Age of Terrorism David Cortright “David Cortright presents an overview of nonviolence that is warm yet critical, theoretical yet practical, historical and also transcontinental. Scholars and practitioners of peaceful struggle will profit from it and also enjoy it.” – Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Visiting Professor, University of Illinois Is there room for nonviolence in an age of terrorism? Long-time peace activist and authority on creative nonviolence David Cortright makes a strong case for the need for nonviolent action now more than ever. Drawing on the legend and lessons of Gandhi, Cortright traces the history of nonviolent social activism through the early twentieth century to the civil rights movement, the Vietnam era, and up to the present war in Iraq. Gandhi and Beyond offers a critical evaluation and refinement of Gandhi’s message, laying the foundation for a renewed and deepened dedication to nonviolence as the universal path to social progress and antidote to terrorism. David Cortright is president of the Fourth Freedom Forum and a professor at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame. His most recent books include a new edition of Soldiers in Revolt: GI Resistance During the Vietnam War and A Peaceful Superpower: The Movement Against War in Iraq. AUGUST 256 pages, 6 x 9” 1-59451-266-3 / 978-1-59451-266-7 paper $29.95 PARADIGM PUBLISHERS POLITICS / 1 877 864 847714 Animals, Ethics, and Trade The Challenge of Animal Sentience Edited by Jacky Turner and Joyce D’Silva The use of animals for meat, for hide, for their labour and in laboratories has long been justified with the assumption that unlike humans, animals aren’t fully sentient beings. This book challenges that assumption with groundbreaking new research that brings into question everything we’ve ever thought about the ways animals experience the world. The complexities of animal behaviour revealed in the last few decades are astonishing, but what are the implications? In this book, internationally respected contributors are brought together for the first time to debate and attempt to answer these questions. The first sections discuss scientific and ethical perspectives on the consciousness, emotions and mental abilities of animals. Later sections address how human activities such as science, law, farming, food production, trade, development and education respect or ignore animals’ sentience and welfare, and review the options for changes in our policies, our practices and our thinking. JUNE 228 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84407-255-X / 978-1-84407-255-2 paper $29.95 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS Jacky Turner is a freelance researcher and writer working on animal welfare. Joyce D’Silva is the former Chief Executive and current Ambassador for Compassion in World Farming Trust and is the co- editor of The Meat Business, also published by Earthscan. Over twenty contributions from internationally- renowned experts on animal behaviour and agriculture include big names such as Jane Goodall, Tim Lang and Vandana Shiva. ENVIRONMENT / NATURE ENVIRONMENT / ETHICS » Also available The Ethical Travel Guide Your Passport to Exciting Alternative Holidays Polly Patullo for Tourism Concern “As ever, Tourism Concern is at the forefront of efforts to ensure that the benefits of tourism are shared much more equitably” – Jonathon Porritt, Co-Founder of Forum for the Future 2006, 1-84407-321-1 978-1-84407-321-4 paper $24.95 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS Invasive Species in the Pacific Northwest Edited by P. D. Boersma, S. E. Reichard, and A. N. Van Buren Invasive species have been recognized as an environmental issue since Charles Darwin’s voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle. Invasive Species in the Pacific Northwest examines the intentional and accidental introductions of invasive species in the region. Whether these species were deliberately brought to the Northwest for agricultural, horticultural, aquacultural, or hunting and fishing purposes, or accidentally introduced as stowaways and contaminants, knowledge about them is integral to the protection of our environment. For each of 108 species, the book includes species description and current range; impacts on communities and native species; control methods and management; life histories and species overview; and a history of invasiveness. Species covered include fish, plants, invertebrates, mammals, and birds. Among the entries are the American bullfrog, blackberries, domestic cats and pigs, European fruit flies, Japanese eelgrass, Mediterranean mussels, rats, and terrestrial mollusks. The book also includes suggestions to help reduce the spread of invasive species, habitat preferences of Pacific Northwest invasive species, and a questionnaire to evaluate ecological impact and invasive potential. P. Dee Boersma holds the Wadsworth Endowed Chair in Conservation Science in the Department of Biology, University of Washington. Sarah Reichard is an associate professor affiliated with the Center for Urban Horticulture, University of Washington. Amy Van Buren is a Ph.D. candidate in biology at the University of Washington. NOVEMBER 276 pages, 7 x 10” 108 colour illustrations, 108 maps 0-295-98596-8 / 978-0-295-98596-1 paper $37.95 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS » Also available Living with WIldlife in the Pacific Northwest Russell Link “Link does a tremendous job of distilling the most important information and presenting it in a highly accessible format. The result is a valuable reference for those seeking to understand, and to act upon, the ways that wild animals inabit the places that we call home.” – BC Studies 2004, 0-295-9836-8 978-0-295-98386-8 paper $36.95 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS / 1 877 864 8477 15 A Short History of the Future Surviving the 2030 Spike Colin Mason “Mason believes that within 30 years six factors – depleted fuel supplies, population growth, poverty, famine, water shortages and climate change – will converge to tear humanity apart. And it’s hard to disagree with him” – The Ecologist “An impressive tour of our current world: from sexual slavery to sailing ships, from malaria to microcredits, from nanotechnology to neopaganism, all the horrors and promises of our troubled Zeitgeist seem to be reflected here” – Resurgence A Short History of the Future is a major update and development of the themes of the bestselling The 2030 Spike, which described the huge confluence of seven natural and human-made drivers that will converge around 2030 and wreak havoc: depleted fuel supplies, massive population growth, poverty, global climate change, famine, growing water shortages and international lawlessness. Yet Mason is not a doom-sayer. Indeed, the three years since the first edition have seen a startling amount of change, much of it for the better (particularly in the fields of energy and communications). The main point is that humanity can save itself if we take decisive action now. SEPTEMBER 256 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84407-346-7 / 978-1-84407-346-7 paper $29.95 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS Colin Mason was a senator in the Australian Federal Parliament for nine years and served on the Senate Standing Committee for Science and Environment. A well-known former foreign correspondent and broadcaster, he was also the SEATO adviser to the Thai government. Mason is the author of 12 books, including A Short History of Asia and the international best-seller Hostage. Stormy Weather Hurricane Katrina and the Politics of Disposability Henry A. Giroux In his newest provocative book, prominent social critic Henry A. Giroux shows how the tragedy and suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina signals a much larger crisis in the United States – one that threatens the very nature of individual freedom and inclusive democracy. This crisis extends far beyond matters of leadership, governance, or the Bush administration. It is a crisis that strikes at the very heart of democracy and must be understood within a broader set of antidemocratic forces that not only made the social disaster underlying Katrina possible, but also contribute to an emerging authoritarianism in the United States. Questions regarding who is going to die and who is going to live are driving a new form of authoritarianism in the United States. Within this form of “dirty democracy” a new and more insidious set of forces – embedded in our global economy – have largely given up on the sanctity of human life, rendering some groups as disposable and privileging others. Giroux offers up a vision of hope that creates the conditions for multiple collective and global struggles that refuse to use politics as an act of war and markets as the measure of democracy. Making human beings superfluous is the essence of totalitarianism, and democracy is the antidote in urgent need of being reclaimed. Katrina will keep the hope of such a struggle alive because for many of us the images of those floating bodies serve as a desperate reminder of what it means when justice, as the lifeblood of democracy, becomes cold and indifferent. Henry A. Giroux holds the Global TV Network Chair in Communications at McMaster University. OCTOBER 128 pages, 6 x 9” 1-59451-329-5 / 978-1-59451-329-9 paper $19.95 PARADIGM PUBLISHERS POLITICS / ENVIRONMENT ENVIRONMENT / FUTURISM » Also available The Giroux Reader Henry A. Giroux Edited by Christopher G. Robbins 2006, 1-59451-230-2 978-1-59451-230-8 paper $34.95 Beyond the Spectacle of Terrorism Global Uncertainty and the Challenge of the New Media Henry A. Giroux 2006, 1-59451-240-X 978-1-59451-240-7 paper $19.95 PARADIGM PUBLISHERS » Also available The 2030 Spike Countdown to Global Catastrophe Colin Mason 2003, 1-84407-018-2 978-1-84407-018-3 paper $42.95 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS / 1 877 864 847716 The Business Guide to Sustainability Practical Strategies and Tools for Organizations Darcy Hitchcock and Marsha Willard Sustainability promises both reduced environmental impacts and real cash savings for any organization – be it a business, non-profit/NGO, or government department. This easy-to-use manual has been written by top business consultants specifically to help managers, business owners, organizational leaders and aspiring environmental managers and sustainability co-ordinators to lower their environmental impact and improve the bottom line. The authors demystify ‘sustainability’, untangle the plethora of sustainability frameworks, tools and practices, and make it easy for the average person in any organization to move towards sustainability. Organized by sector (manufacturing, services, government) and function (senior management, facilities, human resources, purchasing, environmental affairs and compliance, marketing and PR, and finance and accounting), the authors show how organizations can incorporate sustainability in their everyday work through the application of useful tools and self-assessments. SEPTEMBER 276 pages, 7 x 8.5” 1-84407-320-3 / 978-1-84407-320-7 paper $49.95 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS Darcy Hitchcock and Marsha Willard are consultants and experts in implementing sustainable business practices. They manage an 8-course Implementing Sustainability certificate programme with Portland State University and a sustainability study tour programme, called SustainABLE Frontiers, for Sustainable Northwest. Suiting Themselves How Corporations Drive the Global Agenda Sharon Beder “Beder’s analysis is comprehensive, steely and clinical. She lifts the lid on an elaborate tapestry of lies, deceit, intimidation and destruction” – Harold Pinter In this brilliantly researched exposé, ‘communications Rottweiler’ Sharon Beder blasts open the backrooms and boardrooms to expose how the international corporate elite dictate global politics for their own benefit. Beder shows how they created business associations and ‘think tanks’ in the 1970s to drive public policy, forced the worldwide privatization and deregulation of public services in the 1980s and 1990s (enabling a massive transfer of ownership and control over essential services) and, still not satisfied, have worked relentlessly since the late 1990s to rewrite the very rules of the global economy to funnel wealth and power into their pockets. Want a globalized and homogenized world of conflict, poverty and massive environmental degradation run by a corporate oligarchy that wipes its feet on democracy? Or a democratic world, where poverty is history, companies work for people and clean water is a right not a privilege you pay for? Beder’s message is clear - it’s your world, and it’s time to fight for it. Sharon Beder is a professor in the School of Social Sciences, Media and Communication at the University of Wollongong, Australia. She is author of Global Spin: The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism, Power Play: The Fight for Control of the World’s Electricity and Selling the Work Ethic: From Puritan Pulpit to Corporate PR. JUNE 224 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84407-331-9 / 978-1-84407-331-3 cloth $37.95 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS ENVIRONMENT / BUSINESSENVIRONMENT / BUSINESS » Also available Capitalism As if the World Matters Jonathon Porritt ’The world is on the brink of a vast and mostly unpleasant change that may mark the end of the present civilization. To renew and rebuild, we need to listen to the voices of the few truly selfless and thoughtful indi- viduals among us, and Jonathon Porritt is one of them.” – Jim Lovelock, aothor of Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth 2006, 1-84407-192-8 978-1-84407-192-0 paper $39.95 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS / 1 877 864 8477 17 Separating Fools From Their Money A History of American Financial Scandals Scott B. MacDonald and Jane E. Hughes What do Michael Milken and Martha Stewart have in common? Both became public scapegoats for an outrageous era of greed and excess. Jack Welch and Jim Fisk? Both were captains of industry, eventually undone by extracurricular philandering. Which U.S. war hero president became party to, and victim of, an unabashed con man known as the Napoleon of Wall Street? That would be Ulysses S. Grant, but it’s a long story. Scott MacDonald and Jane Hughes discuss these questions and more in Separating Fools from Their Money. They trace the history of financial scandals from the early 18th century through the Enron/WorldCom debacle of today. A host of colourful characters inhabit the pages of this history, revealing human nature in all of its dubious shades of grey. At the same time, the book exposes themes common to all financial scandals, which remain astonishingly unchanged over more than two centuries – greed, hubris, media connections, self-interested politicians, and booms-gone-bust, to name a few. Informative and entertaining, Separating Fools From Their Money will interest the casual business reader, investors, and academics seeking supplemental readings for their students. Scott B. MacDonald is a partner and co-head of research at Aladdin Capital Management, LLC. Jane E. Hughes is a professor of finance at Hult International Business School in Boston. NOVEMBER 272 pages, 6 x 9” 0-7658-0356-9 / 978-0-7658-0356-6 cloth $39.95 TRANSACTION PUBLISHERS Fresh Water Women Writing on the Great Lakes Edited by Alison Swan Fresh Water will take you back – to the Great Lakes or to the lakes, rivers, streams and creeks you have known. The writings here will change you: stimulating you to read, to see more clearly, and perhaps to write your own words of water and of place. – Patricia Clark, author of My Father On A Bicycle and Poet Laureate of Grand Rapids, Michigan Fresh Water is a collection of nonfiction works by women writers from Canada and the United States. These works focus on living with the five interconnected, freshwater seas that we know as the Great Lakes. The contributors are renowned poets, essayists, and fiction writers, all of whom live and work in the Midwest, amid the fresh waters of the Lakes, many hundreds of rivers, and their own creative streams of consciousness. Contributors include Loraine Anderson, Judith Arcana, Rachel Azima, Mary Blocksma, Gayle Boss, Sharon Dilworth, Beth Ann Fennelly, Linda Nemec Foster, Gail Griffin, Rasma Haidri, Aleta Karstad, Laura Kasischke, Janet Kauffman, Jacqueline Kolosov, Susan Laidlaw, Lisa Lenzo, Linda Loomis, Anna Mills, Stephanie Mills, Judith Minty, Anne-Marie Oomen, Rachael Perry, Susan Power, Virginia Sanderson, Donna Seaman, Heather Sellers, Gail Louise Siegel, Sue William Silverman, Claudia Skutar, Annick Smith, Leslie Stainton, Kathleen Stocking, Judith Strasser, Alison Swan, Elizabeth A. Trembley, Jane Urquhart, Diane Wakoski, Alinda Dickinson Wasner, and Leigh Allison Wilson. Alison Swan is an award-winning environmentalist. OCTOBER 256 pages, 6 x 9” 0-87013-789-1 / 978-0-87013-789-1 paper $34.95 MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY PRESS Serious Leisure A Perspective for Our Time Robert A. Stebbins Serious Leisure offers a comprehensive perspective on leisure. Defining the way people use their free time, Stebbins divides such activity into categories of serious, casual, and project- based leisure, which together comprise what he calls “serious leisure”. Serious leisure entails the systematic pursuit of an amateur, hobbyist, or volunteer activity that is substantial, interesting and requiring special skills, knowledge, and experience. Casual leisure, though immediately, intrinsically rewarding, is by contrast a relatively short-lived pleasurable activity, requiring little or no special training to enjoy it. Project-based leisure is a short-term, reasonably complicated, occasional creative undertaking carried out in free time. Stebbins sees “serious leisure” realized by way of a set of foundational concepts – organization, community, history, lifestyle, and culture. He reviews the history and background of the concept of serious leisure and then adds historical commentary on, first, casual leisure and, then, project-based leisure. Finally, he examines the future and the importance of the serious leisure perspective in a globalizing world, and some of its critical links with other fields of knowledge and practice, notably the nonprofit sector and preventive medicine. Serious Leisure offers a single, handy, coherent, comprehensive insight into leisure. It will be of interest to sociologists, labor studies specialists, and economists. Robert A. Stebbins is a professor of Sociology at the University of Calgary. DECEMBER 157 pages, 8 x 10” 0-7658-0363-1 / 978-0-7658-0363-4 cloth $34.95 TRANSACTION PUBLISHERS WOMEN /  ENVIRONMENTRECREATION / LEISURECURRENT EVENTS / BUSINESS Long Journey showcases work by over 80 of the Pacific Northwest’s leading poets. Of the nearly two hundred poems collected in this remarkable anthology, most are new and previously unpublished – providing readers with a fresh look at the state of contemporary poetry in the region. The poets featured in Long Journey include both well-known names and those deserving greater recognition; both poets long associated with the Northwest as well as recent arrivals. David Biespiel’s goal in compiling Long Journey was to produce “an early 21st century snapshot of how various and engaging this region’s poetry is,” a record of what poets living in the Northwest are working on right now. The poems display a wide range of styles, forms, voices, and language, and highlight the ongoing achievements of the many diverse poets of the Northwest. For each featured poet, Biespiel provides a brief, interpretive biographical sketch and a broad list of publications. For poetry enthusiasts, readers interested in Northwest literature, and students of creative writing, Long Journey offers a rich view of the poetry of our time and place. David Biespiel is a poet and author of Wild Civility and Shattering Air. Canadian contributors include John Barton, Lorna Crozier, Catherine Greenwood, Eve Joseph, Michael Kenyon, Patrick Lane, Don McKay, George McWhirter, Susan Musgrave, P. K. Page, Miranda Pearson, Steve Price, Jay Ruzesky, Esta Spaulding, Sharon Thesen, Derk Wynand, and Patricia Young. NOVEMBER 320 pages, 6 x 9” 0-87071-098-2 / 978-0-87071-098-8 paper $29.95 OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY PRESS Long Journey Contemporary Northwest Poets Edited by David Biespiel Sarah Anne Johnson interviews some of today’s most popular and accomplished writers. Steeped in a thorough knowledge of each writer’s work, Johnson asks about a range of topics on the writing craft, nurturing fictional ideas, and the daily practice of writing. The authors offer insights and practical advice that will delight their fans and be cherished by aspiring writers. Michael Cunningham recalls how the structure of The Hours evolved as he wrote it. Edwidge Danticat honors the Haitian storytelling tradition she encountered in her childhood. And Jonathan Lethem reflects on working from inside and outside the literary establishment. Johnson’s interviews are praised for “thoughtful and knowledgeable questions” (Bloomsbury Review) that “provoke thoughtful responses from her subjects” (Publishers Weekly) and provide “an opportunity to participate in intimate and often illuminating dialogue” (Library Journal). Other writers include Rick Moody, Donna Tartt, Myla Goldberg, Mary Gaitskill, Ha Jin, Bret Anthony Johnston, Edward P. Jones, Chang-rae Lee, Alice Mattison, Nancy Rawles, Marilynne Robinson, lê thi diem thúy, and Mary Yukari Waters. Sarah Anne Johnson teaches at Lesley University and conducts workshops on “The Art of the Author Interview.” DECEMBER 256 pages, 17 illustrations, 6 x 9” 1-58465-594-1 / 978-1-58465-594-7 paper $24.95 UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND The Very Telling Conversations with American Writers Sarah Anne Johnson POETRY POETRY WRITING / LITERATURE / 1 877 864 847718 Nominated for the 2006 Griffin Poetry Prize. “Those who lament that the Age of Giants is over have evidently never read Kamau Brathwaite. His is not the poetry of one man in the world but of an entire world in one man.” – Eliot Weinberger Kamau Brathwaite’s newest work, Born to Slow Horses, is a series of poetic meditations on islands and exile, language and ritual, and the force of personal and historical passions and griefs. These poems are haunted, figuratively and literally, by spirits of the African diaspora and drenched in the colours, sounds, and rhythms of the islands. But they also encompass the world of the exile and return, and the events of 9/11 in New York City. Brathwaite is one of the foremost voices in postcolonial inquiry and expression, and his poetry is densely rooted and expansive. Using his unusual “sycorax” signature typography and spelling, Brathwaite brings a cultural specificity, with distinct accents, sonic gestures, and pronunciations, into his pages—making them new, exciting, and rich in nuances. Kamau Brathwaite is an internationally celebrated poet, performer, and cultural theorist. Co-founder of the Caribbean Artists Movement, he has served on the board of directors of UNESCO’s History of Mankind project since 1979, and as cultural advisor to the government of Barbados from 1975-79 and since 1990. AVAILABLE 160 pages, 8.25 x 10.25” 0-8195-6745-0 / 978-0-8195-6745-1 cloth $27.95 WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY PRESS Born to Slow Horses Kamau Brathwaite / 1 877 864 8477 19 Community Mental Health in Canada Policy, Theory, and Practice Simon Davis A timely critical survey of mental health service provision in Canada. 0-7748-1281-8 / 978-0-7748-1281-8 384 pages, 6 x 9” paper $34.95 MENTAL HEALTH / SOCIAL POLICY Contact Zones Aboriginal and Settler Women in Canada’s Colonial Past Edited by Katie Pickles and Myra Rutherdale Essays on contacts between Native and settler women in colonial Canada. 0-7748-1136-6 / 978-0-7748-1136-1 320 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 HISTORY / NATIVE STUDIES Critical Disability Theory Essays in Philosophy, Politics, Policy, and Law Edited by Dianne Pothier and Richard Devlin Essays on the potential for developing a critical theory of disability. 0-7748-1204-4 / 978-0-7748-1204-7 352 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 DISABILITY STUDIES / LAW & SOCIETY SERIES Every Inch a Woman Phallic Possession, Femininity, and the Text Carellin Brooks An exploration of the potential and practice of phallic female masculinity in contemporary culture. 0-7748-1210-9 / 978-0-7748-1210-8 224 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 GENDER / SEXUALITY STUDIES SERIES Global Biopiracy Patents, Plants, and Indigenous Knowledge Ikechi Mgbeoji A critique of laws governing traditional knowledge of the uses of plants. 0-7748-1253-6 / 978-0-7748-1153-8 236 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 LAW / ENVIRONMENT Governing with the Charter Legislative and Judicial Activism and Framers’ Intent James B. Kelly Considers the question of whether judicial activism is undermining Canadian politics. 0-7748-1212-5 / 978-0-7748-1212-2 336 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 POLITICS / LAW & SOCIETY SERIES Haida Gwaii Human History and Environment from the Time of Loon to the Time of the Iron People Edited by Daryl Fedje and Rolf Mathewes A collection of archaeological studies of the Queen Charlotte Islands. 0-7748-0922-1 / 978-0-7748-0922-1 320 pages, 6 x 9” paper $39.95 ARCHAEOLOGY / NATIVE STUDIES A History of Migration from Germany to Canada, 1850-1939 Jonathan Wagner A study of the history of German migration to Canada. 0-7748-1216-8 / 978-0-7748-1216-0 296 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 HISTORY Laws and Societies in the Canadian Prairie West, 1670-1940 Edited by Louis A. Knafla and Jonathan Swainger Essays on the legal culture of the prairies from frontier days to the mid-20th century. 0-7748-1167-6 / 978-0-7748-1167-5 224 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 GENDER / SEXUALITY STUDIES SERIES Linking Industry and Ecology A Question of Design Edited by Ray Côté, et al. An examination of the history and potential of the emerging field of industrial ecology. 0-7748-1214-1 / 978-0-7748-1214-6 288 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 ENVIRONMENT Mapping Marriage Law in Spanish Gitano Communities Susan Drummond A study of the evolution of Gitano marriage law in Spain. 0-7748-0926-4 / 978-0-7748-0926-9 288 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 ANTHROPOLOGY / LAW & SOCIETY SERIES The Middle Power Project Canada and the Founding of the United Nations Adam Chapnick A history of Canada’s participation in the creation of the United Nations. 0-7748-1248-6 / 978-0-7748-1248-1 224 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 HISTORY Prisoners of the Home Front German POWs and “Enemy Aliens” in Southern Quebec, 1940-46 Martin Auger A look at German prisoners of war and other captives in Quebec during WWII. 0-7748-1224-9 / 978-0-7748-1224-5 240 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 MILITARY HISTORY Protecting Aboriginal Children Christopher Walmsley An examination of approaches to the well-being of aboriginal children through interviews with practicing social workers. 0-7748-1171-4 / 978-0-7748-1171-2 192 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 NATIVE STUDIES / SOCIAL WORK Racing to the Bottom? Provincial Interdependence in the Canadian Federation Edited by Kathryn Harrison Essays on whether interprovincial competition leads to a downward spiral in provincial standards. 0-7748-1226-5 / 978-0-7748-1226-9 320 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 POLITICS Reclaiming Adat Contemporary Malaysian Film and Literature Gaik Cheng Khoo A study of the movement to traditional Malay custom, or Adat, as a way of countering Islamic discourse in Malaysia. 0-7748-1173-0 / 978-0-7748-1173-6 272 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 ASIAN STUDIES Sanctuary, Sovereignty, Sacrifice Canadian Sanctuary Incidents, Power, and Law Randy Lippert An examination of sanctuary practice in Canada. 0-7748-1250-8 / 978-0-7748-1250-4 240 pages, 6 x 9” paper $29.95 LAW & SOCIETY SERIES With Good Intentions Euro-Canadian and Aboriginal Relations in Colonial Canada Edited by Celia Haig-Brown and David Nock A look at the work of Europeans against colonial injustice in early Canadian history. 0-7748-1138-2 / 978-0-7748-1138-5 368 pages, 6 x 9” paper $32.95 HISTORY / NATIVE STUDIES NEW IN PAPERBACK ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES The Culture of Flushing A Social and Legal History of Sewage Jamie Benidickson 0-7748-1291-5 / 978-0-7748-1291-7 12 b/w illustrations, est. 368 pages, 6 x 9” cloth $85.00 Eau Canada The Future of Canada’s Water Edited by Karen Bakker 0-7748-1339-3 / 978-0-7748-1339-6 2 maps, 2 figures, 12 tables, 9 b/w photos 320 pages, 6 x 9” cloth $85.00 The Culture of Hunting in Canada Edited by Jean L. 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Chrstofides, ed. 2006, pb $37.95 0-295-98614-X 978-0-295-98614-2 Pacific Voices Keeping Our Cultures Alive Miriam Kahn and Erin Younger 2005, pb $37.95 0-295-98550-X 978-0-295-98550-3 Sleeping Around The Bed From Antiquity to Now Annie Carlano and Bob- bie Sumberg 2006, pb $39.95 0-295-98598-4 978-0-295-98598-5 / 1 877 864 847728 CONTACT US UBC Press The University of British Columbia 2029 West Mall Vancouver, BC Canada  V6T 1Z2 Phone:  604.822.5959 (reception) or  604.822.9462 (marketing) Fax:  1.800.668.0821 or 604.822.6083 E-mail: Examination Copies: Elizabeth Whitton, Academic Marketing Manager Phone:  604.822.8226 or 1.877.377.9378 E-mail: Review Copies: Please submit review requests on official letterhead to Kerry Kilmartin, Reviews Coordinator Fax: 604.822.6083 For up-to-date information on UBC Press, the pub- lishers we represent, and our titles, please visit our website at ORDERS Canada uniPRESSES 34 Armstrong Avenue Georgetown ON L7G 4R9 Phone:  905.873.9781 or 1.877.864.8477 Fax:  905.873.6170 or 1.877.864.4272 E-mail:  USA University of Washington Press P.O. 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