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These slides are intended for use by instructors who have adopted Forest Economics for use in their course. For more information on the book, please visit www.ubcpress.ca. About the book: Forestry cannot be isolated from the forces that drive economic activity. While forestry involves using land, labour, and capital to produce goods and services from forests, economics helps in understanding how this can be done in ways that will best meet the needs of society. Therefore, a firm grounding in economics is integral to sound forestry policies and practices. This book, a major revision and expansion of Peter H. Pearse’s 1990 classic, provides this grounding. Updated and enhanced with advanced empirical presentation of materials, it covers the basic economic principles and concepts and their application to modern forest management and policy issues. Topics range from valuation of forest investments and unpriced forest goods and services to product markets, government intervention, property rights, taxation, and global issues of forests and the environment. Each chapter contains review questions and suggestions for further reading. Forest Economics draws on the strengths of two of the field’s leading practitioners who have more than fifty years of combined experience in teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in forest economics in the United States and Canada. Its comprehensive and systematic analysis of forest issues makes it an indispensable resource for students and practitioners of forest management, natural resource conservation, and environmental studies.

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