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spring 2013UBC Press acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Book Fund; the Canada Council for the Arts; the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences through the Awards to Scholarly Publications Program; and the Province of British Columbia through the British Columbia Arts Council.books by subjectAboriginal Studies?1?5, 18?19Academic Freedom & Culture?23?24Agriculture / Biotechnology?10Asian Studies?25?27Canadian Studies?13Child, Youth & Family Studies?24Criminology?21Education Policy?21Environmental History?11?12Enrivonmental Studies?10?12Food Studies?10Gender Studies?24Geography?13Globalization?23Health?9History?6?9, 20Law?17?21Media / Communications?22Political Philosophy?16Political Science?14?17Rural Studies?13Technology?11Sexuality Studies?22Sociology?22?23recent paperback releases?28?29title index?30 author index?31ordering information?inside back covercontentscover:  Lake Reflecting Mountains by David Thaubergerorder online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     1 Edited by Charlotte Townsend-Gault, Jennifer Kramer, and K. i-k.e-inNative Art of the Northwest CoastA historY of ChAnging iDEAsThe Northwest Coast of North America has long been recognized as one of the world?s canonical art zones. This volume records and scrutinizes the history of how and why this has come about. A work of critical historiography, it makes accessible for the first time in one place a broad selection of the 250 years of writing on Northwest Coast art. Organized thematically, the excerpted texts are from both published and unpublished sources, some not previously available in English. The contributors  ? leading scholars, writers, and artists ? provide perspectives on the diverse intellectual traditions that have influenced, stimulated, and clashed with each other. In un-settling the conventions that have shaped ?the idea of Northwest Coast Native art,? this book joins the lively, often heated, and now global, debates about what constitutes Native art and who should decide.Un-settles and re-thinks received ideas about Native art on the Northwest Coast and, by implication, elsewhere.provides a history of ideas, opinions, and arguments that have shaped and disputed Northwest Coast Native art.Written by leading Indigenous and non-Indigenous historians, art historians, anthropologists, legal experts, artists, and holders of traditional Indigenous knowledge.Will be of interest to scholars in a variety of disciplines as well as to general and international readers.CHARLOTTE TOWNSEND-GAULT is a professor in the Department of Art History and Visual Art at the University of British Columbia. JENNIFER KRAMER holds a joint position at the University of British Columbia as Curator of the Pacific Northwest at the Museum of Anthropology and as an associate professor of cultural anthropology in the Department of Anthropology. K. I-K. E-IN is a Nuuchaanulth historian, poet, and creator of many things, with forty years experience as a speaker and ritualist. Ne W reLe A SeJuly 2013, 960 pages, 7 x 10?25 colour photos, 70 b&w photos978-0-7748-2049-3HC $195.00Image: K. i-k.e-in2      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     3 TRADEABORIGIN L STUDIESABORIGINAL STUDIESABORIGINAL STUDIES  Indigenous in the City Contemporary identities and Cul t ural innovation  edited by  evelyn Peters and  chris A ndersen  Research on Indigenous issues rarely focuses on life in major metropolitan centres. Instead, there is a tendency to frame rural and remote locations as emblematic of authentic or ?real? Indigeneity. While such a perspective may support Indigenous struggles for territory and recognition, it fails to account for large swaths of contemporary Indigenous realities, not the least of which is the increased presence of Indigenous people in cities. The contributors to this volume explore the implications of urbanization on the production of distinctive Indigenous identities. In doing so, they demonstrate the resilience, creativity, and complexity of the urban Indigenous presence, both in Canada and internationally.  EVELYN PETERS is a professor and Canada Research Chair in Urban and Inner City Studies at the University of Winnipeg. CHRIS ANDERSEN is an associate professor in the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta.  Ne W re Le A Se  April 2013 ,  368 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2464-4   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2466-8   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Aboriginal Studies ,  Urban Studies ,  Sociology, Geography  Situated within the area stretching from Georgian Bay in the north to Lake Simcoe in the east, the Wendat Confederacy flourished for two hundred years. By the mid-seventeenth century, however, Wendat society was threatened by European disease and Iroquois attacks. Dispersed but Not Destroyed depicts the creation of a powerful Wendat diaspora in the wake of their dispersal and throughout the latter half of the century. Turning the story of the Wendat conquest on its head, this book demonstrates the resiliency of the Wendat Confederacy and its people and writes a new chapter in Canadian history.  KATHRYN MAGEE LABELLE is an assistant professor in the History Department at the University of Saskatchewan.  Ne W re Le A Se  May 2013 ,  256 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2555-9   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2557-3   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Aboriginal Studies , Canadian History, Gender Studies  The recognition of Indigenous rights and the management of land and resources have always been fraught with complex power relations and conflicting expressions of identity. Indigenous Encounters with Neoliberalism explores how this issue is playing out in two countries very differently marked by neoliberalism?s local expressions ? Canada and Mexico. Weaving together four distinct case studies, this book presents insights from Indigenous feminism, critical geography, political economy, and post-colonial studies. These examples highlight Indigenous people?s responses to neo-liberalism, reflecting the tensions that result from how Indigenous identity, gender, and the environment have been connected. ISABEL ALTAMIRANO-JIM?NEZ (Zapotec) is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science and the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta. Ne W re Le A Se  May 2013 ,  224 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2508-5   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2510-8   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Indigenous Studies, Political Science, Globalization,  Women's Studies , Resource Management  Women and Indigenous Studies Series   Dispersed but Not Destroyed A history of t he seventeenth -Century wendat people  Kathryn Magee Labelle  Indigenous Encounters with Neoliberalism place, women, and the Environment in Canada and Mexico  I sabel A l tamirano - Jim ? nez order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     3 ABORIGINAL STUDIESABORIGINAL STUDIESABORIGINAL STUDIES Indigenous scholars strive to produce research to improve Native communities in meaningful ways. They also recognize that long-lasting change depends on effective leadership. This collection showcases innovative research and leadership practices from diverse nations and tribes in Canada, the United States, and New Zealand. The contributors use storytelling to highlight the distinctive nature of Indigenous leadership, which finds its most powerful expression in embodied concepts such as land, story, ancestors, and elders. These vibrant narratives give a voice to the wives, mothers, and grandmothers who are using their knowledge to mend hearts and minds and to build strong communities.  CAROLYN KENNY is a professor of human development and Indigenous studies at Antioch University. TINA NGAROIMATA FRASER, a Ma-ori scholar, is an assistant professor in the School of Education at the University of Northern British Columbia, where she also teaches in the School of Nursing and in the First Nations Studies program. rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  October 2012 ,  256 pages,  6 x 9 " 5 photos and 4 figures  978-0-7748-2346-3   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2348-7   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Aboriginal Studies, Leadership Studies, Aboriginal Education ,  Health, Women's Studies  Standing Up with Ga'axsta'las tells the remarkable story of Jane Constance Cook (1870-1951), a controversial Kwakwaka?wakw leader and activist who lived during a period of enormous colonial upheaval. Working collaboratively, Robertson and Cook?s descendants draw on oral histories and textual records to create a nuanced portrait of a high-ranked woman, a cultural mediator, devout Christian, and Aboriginal rights activist who criticized potlatch practices of her day. This powerful meditation on historical and contemporary colonialism documents how the Kwagu?? Gixsam have revived their long-dormant clan in the hopes of forging a positive cultural identity for future generations through feasting and potlatching.  LESLIE A. ROBERTSON is an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology and the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at the University of British Columbia. The  KWAGU?? GIXSAM CLAN includes approximately one thousand members descended from a common ancestor. Their cultural root is Tsaxis (Fort Rupert).  rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  October 2012 ,  596 pages,  6 x 9 " 56 b&w photos, 1 map, 3 tables  978-0-7748-2384-5   HC  $125.00  978-0-7748-2386-9   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Aboriginal Studies, Anthropology, Canadian History, BC History,  Anthropological Theory & Methods  The Dane-zaa people have lived in British Columbia?s Peace River area for thousands of years. Elders documented their peoples? history and worldview, passing them on through storytelling. Language loss, however, threatens to break the bonds of knowledge transmission. At the request of the Doig River First Nations, anthropologists Robin and Jillian Ridington present a history of the Dane-zaa people based on oral histories collected over a half century of fieldwork. These powerful stories not only preserve traditional knowledge for future generations, they also tell the inspiring story of how the Dane-zaa learned to succeed and flourish in the modern world.  ROBIN RIDINGTON is a professor emeritus of anthropology at the University of British Columbia and has worked with the Dane-zaa First Nations since the 1960s.  JILLIAN RIDINGTON is an ethnographer and researcher who has worked with the Dane-zaa First Nations since 1978.  Prev Io U S L Y  A N No U NceD  February 2013 ,  336 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2295-4   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2297-8   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Aboriginal Studies, History ,  Anthropology, BC Studies  Living Indigenous Leadership native narratives on building strong Comm unities  edited by  carolyn Kenny and  Tina Ngaroimata Fraser  Standing Up with Ga'axsta'las Jane Constance Cook and the politics of Memory, Church, and Custom  Leslie A. roberts o n and the  Kwagu'? Gix sa m clan  Where Happiness Dwells A history of t he Dane-zaa first nations  robin ridingto n and  Jil lian ridingto n in c o l laboration with the  Dane-zaa First Natio n s 4      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     5 ABORIGINAL STUDIESABORIGINAL STUDIESABORIGINAL STUDIES Over the course of a century, until the late 1700s, the British Crown, the Iroquois, and other Aboriginal groups of eastern North America developed an alliance and treaty system known as the Covenant Chain. Bruce Morito offers a philosophical re-reading of the historical record of negotiations, showing that the parties developed an ethic of mutually recognized respect. This ethic, Morito argues, remains relevant to current debates about Aboriginal and treaty rights because it is neither culturally nor historically bound. Real change is possible, if efforts can be shifted from piecemeal legal and political disputes to the development of an intercultural ethic based on trust, respect, and solidarity.  BRUCE MORITO is a professor of philosophy in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Athabasca University.  rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  October 2012 ,  240 pages,  6 x 9 " 5 figures and 1 map  978-0-7748-2244-2   HC  $90.00  978-0-7748-2246-6   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Aboriginal Studies, Canadian History ,  British Empire History ,  Canadian Legal History ,  Philosophy ,  Political Science   An Ethic of Mutual Respect the Covenant Chain and Aboriginal-Crown relations  Bruce Morito Aboriginal Peoples and Sport in Canada uses sport as a lens through which to examine issues such as individual and community health, gender and race relations, culture and colonialism, and self-determination and agency. In this groundbreaking volume, leading scholars offer a multidisciplinary perspective on how unequal power relations influence the ability of Aboriginal people in Canada to implement their own visions for sport. The diverse analyses illuminate how Aboriginal people employ sport as a venue through which to assert their cultural identities and find a positive space for themselves and upcoming generations in contemporary Canadian society.  JANICE FORSYTH is the director of the International Centre for Olympic Studies and an assistant professor in the School of Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario.  AUDREY R. GILES is an associate professor in the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa.  rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  December 2012 ,  256 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2420-0   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2422-4   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Aboriginal Health ,  Aboriginal History, Aboriginal Studies, Sports and Recreation, Sociology   Aboriginal Peoples and Sport in Canada historical foundations and Contemporary issues  edited by  Janice Forsyth and  Audrey r. Giles Aboriginal people in Canada have long struggled to regain control over their traditional forest lands. Aboriginal Peoples and Forest Lands in Canada brings together the diverse perspectives of Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals to address the political, cultural, environmental, and economic implications of forest use. This book discusses the need for professionals working in forestry and conservation to understand the context of Aboriginal participation in resource management. It also addresses the importance of researching traditional knowledge and traditional land use and examines the development of co-management initiatives and joint ventures between government, forestry companies, and Aboriginal communities.  D.B. TINDALL is an associate professor in the Department of Forest Resources Management and in the Department of Sociology at the University of British Columbia. RONALD L. TROSPER is head of American Indian Studies at the University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. PAMELA PERREAULT is a member of the Garden River First Nation and currently works as an independent consultant for First Nation communities. Prev Io U S L Y  A N No U NceD  February 2013 ,  320 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2334-0   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2336-4   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Aboriginal Studies ,  Environmental Policy ,  Resource Management ,  Resource Policy & Politics  Aboriginal Peoples and Forest Lands in Canada edited by  D.B . Tindall ,  ronald Tros per, and  Pamela Perreault order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     5 ABORIGINAL STUDIESABORIGINAL STUDIESABORIGINAL STUDIES The Middle Fraser Canyon contains some of the most important archaeological sites in British Columbia, including the remains of ancient villages that supported hundreds, if not thousands, of people. How and why did these villages come into being? Why were they abandoned? In search of answers to these questions, Prentiss and Kuijt take readers on a voyage of discovery into the ancient history of the St??t?imc, or Upper Lillooet, a people whose struggles and successes are brought to vivid life through photographs, artistic and fictionalized reconstructions of life in the villages, and discussions of evidence from archaeological surveys and excavations.   ANNA MARIE PRENTISS is a professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Montana.? IAN KUIJT is a professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame.   Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  256 pages,  6.5 x 9.5 " 40 photos, 15 maps, 25 drawings  978-0-7748-2168-1   HC  $90.00  978-0-7748-2169-8   PB  $32.95  978-0-7748-2170-4   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Aboriginal Studies , Archaeology ,  Anthropology, BC Studies, Canadian History   People of the Middle Fraser Canyon An Archaeological history  A n na Marie Prentis s and  Ian Kuijt  The presence of Indigenous people among the ranks of British missionaries in the nineteenth century complicates narratives of all-powerful missionaries and hapless Indigenous victims. What compelled these men to embrace Christianity? How did they reconcile being both Christian and Indigenous in an age of empire? Tolly Bradford finds answers to these questions in the lives of Henry Budd, a Cree missionary from western Canada, and Tiyo Soga, a Xhosa missionary from southern Africa. He portrays these men not as victims of colonialism but rather as individuals who drew on faith, family, and their ties to Britain to construct a new sense of indigeneity in a globalizing world.  TOLLY BRADFORD is an assistant professor of history at Concordia University?College of Alberta in Edmonton.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  236 pages,  6 x 9 " 5 b&w photos, 3 maps  978-0-7748-2279-4   HC  $85.00  978-0-7748-2280-0   PB  $32.95  978-0-7748-2281-7   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Aboriginal Studies, Missiology,  British Empire History , African Studies    Prophetic Identities indigenous Missionaries on british Colonial frontiers, 1850-75  Tol ly Bradford  In 1992, the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan, the only federally recognized Algonquin reserve in Ontario, launched a comprehensive land claim. The action not only drew attention to the fact that Canada had acquired Algonquin land without negotiating a treaty, but it also focused attention on the two-thirds of Algonquins who have never been recognized as Indian.  Fractured Homeland is Bonita Lawrence?s stirring account of how the claim forced federally unrecognized Algonquin in Ontario to confront both the issue of their own identity and the failure of Algonquin leaders ? who launched the claim ? to develop a more inclusive vision of nationhood.   BONITA LAWRENCE (Mi?kmaw) teaches Indigenous studies at York University in Toronto. She is the author of  ?Real? Indians and Others: Mixed-Blood Urban Native People and Indigenous Nationhood .   Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  344 pages,  6 x 9 " 7 maps, 1 b&w photo  978-0-7748-2287-9   HC  $90.00  978-0-7748-2288-6   PB  $34.95  978-0-7748-2289-3   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Aboriginal Studies, Canadian History ,  Sociology   Fractured Homeland federal recognition and Algonquin identit y in ontario  B o nita Lawrence 6      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     7 CANADIAN HISTORYCANADIAN HISTORYCANADIAN HISTORY In 1948, a small ship carrying Estonian refugees arrived at Pier 21 in Halifax. In this absorbing work, anthropologist Lynda Mannik analyzes the refugee experience through the photographic record of those who made that harrowing voyage. Drawing on a collection of photographs taken during the voyage and at Pier 21, Mannik asks surviving passengers to describe their journey, their reception in Canada, and to what extent the photos reflect their experiences as they remember them. The photographs in the SS Walnut Collection, she argues, bear witness to the refugee experience even as the meanings attached to them have changed over time and in shifting contexts.  LYNDA MANNIK is a postdoctoral fellow at Memorial University.  Ne W re Le A Se  April 2013 ,  244 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2444-6   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2446-0   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Canadian History, Social & Cultural Anthropology ,  Immigration & Emigration ,  Canadian Social History ,  European History , Museum Studies   Photography, Memory, and Refugee Identity the Voyage of t he ss Walnut, 1948  Lynda Mannik  The Ku Klux Klan had its origins in the American South. It was suppressed but rose again in the 1920s, spreading into Canada, especially Saskatchewan. This book offers a new interpretation for the appeal of the Klan in 1920s Saskatchewan. It argues that the Klan should not be portrayed merely as an irrational outburst of intolerance but as a populist aftershock of the Great War ? and a slightly more extreme version of mainstream opinion that wanted to keep Canada British. Through its meticulous exploration of a controversial issue central to the history of Saskatchewan and the formation of national identity, this book shines light upon a dark corner of Canada?s past.  JAMES M. PITSULA is a professor of history at the University of Regina.  Ne W re Le A Se  May 2013 ,  310 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2489-7   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2491-0   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Canadian History, Saskatchewan History ,  History of Civil Liberties & Human Rights ,  Social Movements   Keeping Canada British the Ku Klu x Klan in 1920s saskatchewan  James M . Pit sula  The Canadian Rangers stand sentinel in the farthest reaches of our country. For more than six decades, this dedicated group of citizen-soldiers has quietly served as Canada?s eyes, ears, and voice in isolated coastal and northern communities. Drawing on official records, interviews, and participation in Ranger exercises, Lackenbauer argues that the organization offers an inexpensive way for Canada to ?show the flag? from coast to coast to coast. The Rangers have also laid the foundation for a successful partnership between the modern state and Aboriginal peoples, a partnership rooted in local knowledge and crosscultural understanding.  P. WHITNEY LACKENBAUER is an associate professor and chair of the Department of History at St. Jerome?s University and the author of numerous books, including Battle Grounds: The Canadian Military and Aboriginal Lands (2007).   Ne W re Le A Se  March 2013 ,  592 pages,  6.5 x 9.5 " 28 maps, 114 b&w photos, 25 colour photos  978-0-7748-2452-1   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2454-5   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Canadian History ,  Aboriginal Studies ,  Military History ,  Security Studies , Northern Studies, Geography  Studies in Canadian Military History Series    Published in association with the Canadian War Museum  The Canadian Rangers A living history  P . Whitney Lackenbauer order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     7 CANADIAN HISTORYCANADIAN HISTORYCANADIAN HISTORY One of the most enduring images of Quebec?s Quiet Revolution is of Charles de Gaulle proclaiming ?Vive le Qu?bec  libre! ? from the balcony of Montreal City Hall. The incident laid bare Canada?s unity crisis and has since dominated interpretations of the Canada-Quebec-France triangle. David Meren demystifies this  cri du balcon by looking beyond de Gaulle to Quebec?s evolving relationship with France after the?Second World War?and the clash of nationalisms that resulted. By seeking to understand Quebec, Gaullist, and Canadian nationalism, Meren not only casts doubt on established interpretations of events, he also reveals how the challenge of responding to American superpower and influence shaped the triangle.  DAVID MEREN is an assistant professor in the D?partement d?histoire at the Universit? de Montr?al.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  372 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2224-4   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2225-1   PB  $34.95  978-0-7748-2226-8   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Canadian History ,  European History ,  Political Science    With Friends Like These Entangled nationalisms and the Canada-quebec-france triangle, 1944-1970  David Meren  Devout imperialist, loyal Canadian, and dedicated British Columbian, Richard McBride served as British Columbia premier from 1903 to 1915. During this period of great economic growth, McBride brought order to the legislature, encouraged the development of natural resources by facilitating new railways, championed the province in its quarrels with Ottawa, and promoted Canada?s links with the British Empire. His vision of a modern, industrialized, and wealthy province helped shape its institutions and its place in the British world.  Boundless Optimism brings McBride?s political career into focus, chronicling his many accomplishments and putting his activities into historical context without neglecting the downsides of optimism.  PATRICIA E. ROY , professor emerita of history at the University of Victoria, is the author of many books on the history of British Columbia, including  The Truimph of Citizenship: The Japanese and Chinese in Canada, 1941-67, The Oriental Question: Consolidating a White Man's Province, 1914-41, and  A White Man's Province: British Columbia Politicians and Chinese and Japanese Immigrants, 1858-1914.  rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  November 2012 ,  428 pages,  6 x 9 " 19 cartoons, 17 b&w photos, 1 map  978-0-7748-2388-3   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2390-6   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Canadian History, BC History ,  Political Biography  Boundless Optimism richard Mcbride's british Colu mbia  Patricia e. roy  First signed in 1886, the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works is still the cornerstone of international copyright law. Set against the backdrop of Canada?s development from a British colony into a middle power, this book reveals the deep roots of conflict in the international copyright system and argues that Canada?s signing of the convention can be viewed in the context of a former British colony?s efforts to find a place on the world stage. In this unique examination, Sara Bannerman examines Canada?s struggle for copyright sovereignty and explores some of the problems rooted in imperial and international copyright that affect Canadians to this day.  SARA BANNERMAN is an assistant professor at McMaster University. Ne W re Le A Se  March 2013 ,  288 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2404-0   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2406-4   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Canadian History,  Canadian Legal History , Communications Studies  The Struggle for Canadian Copyright im perialism to internationalism, 1842-1971  Sara Bannerman 8      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     9 HISTORYCANADIAN HISTORYCANADIAN HISTORY This volume is a fascinating look at how shopping habits helped define a generation. Positioning consumer culture in Canada within a wider international context, Consuming Modernity explores the roots of modern Western mass culture during the interwar period of 1919 to 1945, when the female worker, student, and homemaker relied on new products to raise her standard of living and separate herself from oppressive traditional attitudes. Mass-produced consumer products freed up affluent women to pursue other interests shaped by marketing campaigns, advertisements, films, and radio shows; concerns over fashion, personal hygiene, body image, and health reflected these new expectations.  CHERYL KRASNICK WARSH is a professor of history at Vancouver Island University. DAN MALLECK is an associate professor in community health sciences at Brock University.   Ne W re Le A Se  May 2013 ,  304 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2468-2   HC  $90.00  978-0-7748-2470-5   LIBRARY E-BOOK   History, Women's Studies,  Communication & Cultural Studies ,  History of Business & Marketing   Consuming Modernity gendered behaviour and Consumerism before the baby boom  edited by  cheryl Krasnic k Warsh and  Dan Malleck  As the body of First World War literature continues to grow, women?s experiences of this period remain largely obscure. This innovative collection addresses the invisibility of women in this literature, particularly with regard to Canadian and Newfoundland history. Drawing upon a multidisciplinary spectrum of recent work ? studies on mobilizing women, paid and volunteer employment at home and overseas, grief, childhood, family life, and literary representations  ? this book brings Canadian and Newfoundland women and girls into the history of the First World War and marks their place in the narrative of national transformation.   SARAH GLASSFORD teaches history at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University.  AMY SHAW is an associate professor of history at the University of Lethbridge and author of  Crisis of Conscience: Conscientious Objection in Canada during the First World War.   Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  356 pages,  6 x 9 " 12 b&w photos  978-0-7748-2256-5   HC  $90.00  978-0-7748-2257-2   PB  $34.95  978-0-7748-2258-9   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Canadian History,  Military History, Women's History    A Sisterhood of Suffering and Service women and girls of Canada and newfoundland during t he first world war  edited by  Sarah Glass f ord and  Amy Shaw  During the Second World War, the Congress of Industrial Organizations in Canada grew from a handful of members to more than a quarter-million. What was it about the ?good war? that brought about this phenomenal growth?  Labour Goes to War argues that both economic and cultural forces were at work. Labour shortages gave workers greater economic power in the workplace. But cultural factors ? workers? patriotism, ties to those on active service, and allegiance to the ?people?s war? ? also fueled the CIO?s growth. The complex, often contradictory, motives of workers during this period left the Canadian labour movement with an ambivalent progressive/conservative legacy.   WENDY CUTHBERTSON has worked for the Canadian Auto Workers Union, the Ontario Pay Equity Commission, and the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  240 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2342-5   HC  $85.00  978-0-7748-2343-2   PB  $32.95  978-0-7748-2344-9   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Canadian Labour History , Military History,  Women's History  Studies in Canadian Military History Series    Published in association with the Canadian War Museum   Labour Goes to War the Cio and the Construction of a new social order, 1939-45  Wendy cuthberts o n order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     9 HISTORY / HEALTHHISTORY / HEALTHHISTORY / HEALTH Health crises such as the SARS epidemic and H1N1 have rekindled interest in the 1918 influenza pandemic, which swept the globe after the First World War and killed approximately 50 million people.  Epidemic Encounters zeroes in on Canada, where one-third of the population took ill and fifty-five thousand people died, to consider the various ways in which this country was affected by the pandemic. How did military and medical authorities, health care workers, and ordinary citizens respond? What role did social inequalities play in determining who survived? Contributors answer these questions as they pertained to both local and national contexts. In the process, they offer new insights into medical history?s usefulness in the struggle against epidemic disease.   MAGDA FAHRNI is an associate professor in the Department of History at the Universit? du Qu?bec ? Montr?al.  ESYLLT W. JONES is an associate professor in the Department of History at the University of Manitoba.?  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  304 pages,  6 x 9 " 13 tables, 2 maps, 7 charts, and 5 photos  978-0-7748-2212-1   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2213-8   PB  $34.95  978-0-7748-2214-5   LIBRARY E-BOOK  Canadian Social History,  Public Health, History of Medicine   Epidemic Encounters infl uenza, society, and Cul t ure in Canada, 1918-20  edited by  Magda Fahrni and  esyll t W . J o nes  The prohibition era of gangsters and bootleggers has captured our imagination. But what happened when government turned the taps back on? Dan Malleck shows that contrary to popular belief, post-prohibition Ontario was an age when the government struggled to please both the ?wets? and the ?drys.? Rather than pandering to temperance groups, officials sought to define and promote manageable drinking spaces in which citizens would follow the rules of proper drinking and foster self-control. The regulation of liquor consumption was a remarkable bureaucratic balancing act between temperance and its detractors but equally between governance and its ideal drinker.  DAN MALLECK is an associate professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at Brock University.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  324 pages,  6 x 9 " 4 line art images, 1 b&w photo, 2 charts, 6 tables  978-0-7748-2220-6   HC  $85.00  978-0-7748-2221-3   PB  $32.95  978-0-7748-2222-0   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Canadian Social History, Health Policy ,  Canadian Social Policy , Drug & Alcohol Studies   Try to Control Yourself the regu lation of public Drinking in post-prohibition ontario, 1927-44  Dan Malleck  In the late 1930s and early 1940s, a wave of state-sponsored ?national fitness? programs swept Britain and its former settler colonies. In Strong, Beautiful and Modern, Charlotte Macdonald shows how governments encouraged citizens to be healthier and more active, thereby reinforcing the cultural ties of the Empire. At a time when government concern over public health issues such as obesity are once again on the rise, Macdonald explains why the first national fitness drive ultimately failed. This book is a lively investigation into how people and governments think about their health and well-being, and how those historical views have shaped our modern life.  CHARLOTTE MACDONALD is a professor of history at Victoria University of Wellington.  Ne W re Le A Se  January 2013 ,  240 pages,  6 x 9 " 53 b&w illustrations  978-0-7748-2528-3   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2530-6   LIBRARY E-BOOK   British Empire History ,  Canadian Social History ,  Social Policy , Sports & Recreation, Public Policy  World rights except New Zealand   Strong, Beautiful and Modern national fitness in britain, new zealand, Australia and Canada, 1935-1960  charlo t te Macdonald 10      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     11 FOOD / ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIESAGRICULTURE / BIOTECHNOLOGYFOOD STUDIESFor decades, government, industry, and the mainstream media have extolled the virtues of biotechnology while downplaying its negative side effects. Focusing on agriculture, Resistance Is Fertile challenges this dominant rhetoric by analyzing the major issues around which opponents of biotechnology in Canada are mobilizing resistance ? namely, the enclosure of the biological and the knowledge commons, which together form the BioCommons. What emerges is an empirically and theoretically informed analysis of Canada?s regulatory regime, the corporate control of seeds, and attempts to construct and control public discussions about agricultural biotechnology.  WILHELM PEEKHAUS is an assistant professor at the School of Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Ne W re Le A Se  March 2013 ,  288 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2310-4   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2312-8   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Food & Agricultural Studies,  Environmental Policy , Sociology, Environmental Advocacy & Activism ,  Political Economy ,  Science & Technology   Resistance Is Fertile Canadian strug g les on the bioCommons  Wilhelm Peekhaus  Civil society organizations are among the most vociferous critics of the modern food system. Yet even after decades of campaigns, governments have largely failed to address health and sustainability issues in an effective way. This volume showcases the research of experts from multiple disciplines who argue that solutions lie not just in lobbying elected officials but in initiatives at the subparliamentary level. Real change will come, they argue, when advocacy groups develop innovative strategies capable of influencing decision makers more resistant?to public pressure: business lobbies well connected to government agencies, middle managers, and ministries unused to collaborating across departmental mandates.  ROD MACRAE is an associate professor of food policy in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University.  ELISABETH ABERGEL is a professor in the Sociology Department and a member of the Institut des Sciences de l?Environnement at the Universit? du Qu?bec ? Montr?al.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  308 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2268-8   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2269-5   PB  $34.95  978-0-7748-2270-1   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Food & Agricultural Studies, Environmental Policy ,  Sustainability ,  Health Policy  Sustainability and the Environment Series   Health and Sustainability in the Canadian Food System Advocacy and opportunit y for Civil society  edited by  rod Macrae and  elisabeth Abergel The Industrial Diet chronicles the long-term transformation of food from a natural resource into an edible commodity that far too often fails to nourish us. Anthony Winson reveals how a combination of technological changes, population growth, and political and economic factors helped constitute and transform mass dietary regimes from the nineteenth century to the present day, and he offers new evidence linking broad-based dietary changes with negative health effects. With its focus on the degradation of food and the emergent struggle for healthful eating, this book encourages us to reflect on the state of our food environments and to create realistic and innovative strategies that can lead to a healthier future.  ANTHONY WINSON is a professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Guelph.  Ne W re Le A Se  May 2013 ,  320 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2551-1   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2553-5   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Food Studies ,  Sociology, Public Health, Human Geography , Nutrition,  Political Economy    The Industrial Diet the Degradation of food and the stru g g le for healt h y Eating  A n thony Win s o n order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     11 ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORYENVIRONMENTAL HISTORYTECHNOLOGY In the 1970s, Hydro-Qu?bec declared ?We Are Hydro-Qu?b?cois.? The slogan symbolized the intimate ties that had emerged between hydroelectric development in the North and French Canadian aspirations in the South. Caroline Desbiens focuses on the first phase of the James Bay hydroelectric project to explore how this culture of hydroelectricity hastened the erasure of Aboriginal homelands and the manipulation of Northern Quebec?s material landscape. She concludes that truly sustainable resource development will depend on all actors bringing an awareness of their cultural histories and visions of nature, North, and nation to the negotiating table.  CAROLINE DESBIENS is a professor of geography at Laval University. She holds the Canada Research Chair in Historical Geography of the North.  Ne W re Le A Se  April 2013 ,  272 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2416-3   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2418-7   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Environmental History ,  Resource Management ,  Historical Geography, Northern Studies  Nature | History | Society Series   Power from the North territory, identit y, and the Cul t ure of hydroelectricity in quebec  caroline Desbiens  In early December 2006, a powerful windstorm ripped through Vancouver?s Stanley Park. The storm transformed the city?s most treasured landmark into a tangle of splintered trees and shattered a decades-old vision of the park as timeless virgin wilderness. In Inventing Stanley Park, Sean Kheraj traces how this tension between popular expectations of idealized nature and the volatility of complex ecosystems helped shape the landscape of one of the world?s most famous urban parks. This beautifully illustrated book not only depicts the natural and cultural forces that shaped the park?s landscape, it also examines the roots of our complex relationship with nature.  SEAN KHERAJ is an assistant professor in the Department of History at York University.  Ne W re Le A Se  April 2013 ,  304 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2424-8   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2426-2   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Environmental History, BC History ,  Urban Studies & Planning ,  Canadian History  Nature | History | Society Series   Inventing Stanley Park An Environmental history  Sean Kheraj  New technologies and the science that created them have transformed our lives, posing challenges as to how technological change can be better integrated in society. Recognition of these issues has led to different ways of engaging the public in the assessment and regulation of emerging technologies. This book puts the subject of publics and their engagement in emerging technologies on a robust theoretical footing. With a strong, though not exclusive, focus on genomic technologies, leading theorists and practitioners in the field provide precise and clear insights into the key issues in public participation studies, including ethics, process, and principles of knowledge distribution in democratic societies.  KIERAN O?DOHERTY is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Guelph. EDNA EINSIEDEL is a professor of communication studies in the Department of Communication and Culture at the University of Calgary. rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  December 2012 ,  356 pages,  6 x 9 " 18 tables, 8 figures  978-0-7748-2460-6   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2462-0   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Technology & Society ,  Law ,  Political Science ,  Science & Technology ,  Sociology   Public Engagement and Emerging Technologies edited by  Kieran o'Doherty and  edna einsiedel 12      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     13 ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIESENVIRONMENTAL HISTORYENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY Mountains bear the imprint of human activity. Scars from logging and surface mining sit alongside national parks and ski lodges. Although the environmental effects of extractive industries are well known, skiing is more likely to bring to mind images of luxury, wealth, and health. Drawing on interviews, field observations, and media analysis, Stoddart reveals the multiple, often conflicting meanings attached to skiing by skiers, mass media, First Nations, industry leaders, and environmentalists in British Columbia. Stoddart challenges us to reflect on skiing?s negative effects as he exposes how certain groups came to be viewed as the ?natural? inhabitants and legitimate managers of mountain environments.  MARK C.J. STODDART is an assistant professor of sociology at Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  240 pages,  6 x 9 " 10 b&w photos, 4 tables  978-0-7748-2196-4   HC  $85.00  978-0-7748-2197-1   PB  $32.95  978-0-7748-2198-8   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Environmental Studies , Sports & Recreation,  Environmental Politics ,  Sociology   Making Meaning Out of Mountains the political Ecology of skiing  Mark c.J . S t oddart  Throughout history most people have associated northern North America with wilderness ? with abundant fish and game, snow-capped mountains, and endless forest and prairie. Canada?s contemporary picture gallery, however, contains more disturbing images ? deforested mountains, empty fisheries, and melting ice caps. Adopting both a chronological and thematic approach, Laurel MacDowell examines human interactions with the land, and the origins of our current environmental crisis, from first peoples to the Kyoto Protocol. This richly illustrated exploration of the past from an environmental perspective will change the way Canadians and others around the world think about ? and look at ? Canada.  LAUREL SEFTON MACDOWELL is a professor of history in the Department of Historical Studies at the University of Toronto.  rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  July 2012 ,  352 pages,  8 x 10 " 65 b&w photos, 16 maps, 13 graph, 95 sidebars  978-0-7748-2102-5   PB  $49.95  978-0-7748-2103-2   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Environmental History ,  Canadian History ,  Environmental History   An Environmental History of Canada Laurel Seft o n MacDowell  Despite the popular assumption that wildlife conservation is a recent phenomenon, it emerged over a century and a half ago in an era more closely associated with wildlife depletion than preservation. As Darcy Ingram shows in Wildlife, Conservation, and Conflict in Quebec, many of the wildlife conservation strategies currently in place today were inspired by a longstanding belief in progress, improvement, and social order. In Quebec, a lease-based regulatory system emerged in which leassees, the province, and fish and game clubs effectively privatized Quebec?s wildlife resources, often to the detriment of commercial and subsistence hunters and fishers.  DARCY INGRAM is an environmental historian in the History Department at the University of Ottawa.  Ne W re Le A Se  March 2013 ,  230 pages,  6 x 9 " 2 b&w photos, 3 maps, 11 figures  978-0-7748-2140-7   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2142-1   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Environmental History ,  Canadian History , Quebec Studies  Nature | History | Society Series   Wildlife, Conservation, and Conflict in Quebec, 1840-1914 Darcy Ingram order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     13 GEOGRAPHYRURAL STUDIESCANADIAN STUDIES Investing in Place is about creating the foundations for renewing northern British Columbia?s rural and small-town economies. Markey, Halseth, and Manson argue that renewal is not about nostalgic reliance on the policies and economic strategies of the past ? rather, it is about building a pragmatic and innovative vision for development, one that acknowledges both the opportunities and the challenges posed by resource development and global and technological change. The path to renewal lies in place-based development, in people working together at all levels of the community and region to take advantage of local opportunities in a sustainable, responsible way.  SEAN MARKEY is an associate professor in the School of Resource and Environmental Management and the Centre for Sustainable Community Development at SFU.  GREG HALSETH is director of the Community Development Institute and?Canada Research Chair in Rural and Small Town Studies at UNBC.  DON MANSON is an adjunct professor of geography and coordinator of the Community Development Institute at UNBC.   Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  352 pages,  6 x 9 " 11 figures, 15 tables  978-0-7748-2291-6   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2292-3   PB  $34.95  978-0-7748-2293-0   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Geography, Resource Management , Community Development,  Political Economy  Investing in Place Economic renewal in northern british Colu mbia  Sean Markey,  Greg Halseth, and  Don Mans o n  The rapidly changing nature of life in Canadian rural communities is more than a simple response to economic conditions. People living in rural places are part of a new social agenda characterized by transformation of livelihoods, landscapes, and social relations, inviting us to reconsider the meanings of community, culture, and citizenship. This volume presents the work of researchers from a variety of fields who explore social transformation in rural settlements across the country. The essays collectively generate a nuanced portrait of how local forms of action, adaptation, identity, and imagination are reshaping aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities?in rural Canada.  JOHN R. PARKINS is an associate professor in the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology at the University of Alberta. MAUREEN G. REED is a professor in the School of Environment and Sustainability and the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Saskatchewan.  rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  December 2012 ,  428 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2380-7   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2382-1   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Rural Studies, Geography, Community Development, Sustainability ,  Sociology   Social Transformation in Rural Canada Comm unit y, Cul t ures, and Collective Action  edited by  John r. Parkin s and  Maureen G. reed  More than an ancient means of transportation and trade, the canoe has come to be a symbol of Canada itself. In Canoe Nation, Bruce Erickson argues that the canoe?s sentimental power has come about through a set of narratives that attempt to legitimize a particular vision of Canada that overvalues the nation?s connection to nature. From Alexander Mackenzie to Grey Owl to Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the canoe authenticates Canada?s reputation as a tolerant, environmentalist nation, even when there is abundant evidence to the contrary. Ultimately, the stories we tell about the canoe need to be understood as moments in the ever-contested field of cultural politics.  BRUCE ERICKSON is an assistant professor in the Department of Geography at York University in Toronto.  Ne W re Le A Se  May 2013 ,  240 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2248-0   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2250-3   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Environmental History ,  Canadian History ,  Canadian Studies   Canoe Nation nature, race, and the Making of a Canadian icon  Bruce erick s o n 14      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     15 POLITICAL SCIENCEPOLITICAL SCIENCEPOLITICAL SCIENCEWith restrictive immigration policies, increased interdiction, and the detention of asylum seekers, it is clear that Canada?s approach to border control has shifted in recent years. Yet such practices are just the latest in a long and complex national history. Canadian Liberalism and the Politics of Border Control sheds light on the first century of Canada?s efforts to control its borders, framing pivotal moments within a long-standing but often overlooked debate over the rights of non-citizens. Anderson provides valuable insights into contemporary liberal-democratic control by demonstrating that today?s more restrictive approach reflects traditions deeply embedded within liberal democracies.  CHRISTOPHER G. ANDERSON is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at Wilfrid Laurier University.  rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  November 2012 ,  280 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2392-0   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2394-4   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Political Science, Immigration & Emigration ,  Multiculturalism & Transnationalism ,  Canadian Legal History ,  History of Civil Liberties & Human Rights ,  Socio-Legal Studies ,  Canadian Political History   Canadian Liberalism and the Politics of Border Control, 1867-1967 christ o pher G. A nderso n  On 2 May 2011, as Canadians watched the federal election results roll in and Stephen Harper?s Conservatives achieve a majority, it appeared that we were witnessing a major shift in the political landscape. In reality, Canadian politics had been changing for quite some time. This volume provides the first account of the political upheavals of the past two decades and speculates on the future of the country?s national party system. By documenting how parties and voters responded to new challenges between 1993 and 2011, this book sheds new light on one of the most tumultuous periods in Canadian political history. AMANDA BITTNER is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at Memorial University. ROYCE KOOP is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Manitoba. Ne W re Le A Se  March 2013 ,  320 pages,  6 x 9 " 37 graphs, 33 tables  978-0-7748-2408-8   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2410-1   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Political Science, Canadian Federal Politics ,  Canadian Political Parties & Elections   Parties, Elections, and the Future of Canadian Politics edited by  A manda Bit t ner and  royce K o o p Following significant increases in women?s electoral representation in the 1980s and '90s, progress has stalled. Today there are only a few more women in Canada?s parliament and legislatures than a decade ago. What has happened to the representational gains for women and why does gender parity remain so elusive? To answer these questions, Stalled provides a detailed roadmap of women?s political representation as candidates, office-holders, cabinet ministers, party leaders, and as representatives of the Crown at all levels of government across Canada. Comprehensive and accessible, this volume makes clear that women are far from achieving equality in sites of formal political power.  LINDA TRIMBLE is a professor in the Political Science Department at the University of Alberta. JANE ARSCOTT is an associate professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Athabasca University. MANON TREMBLAY is a professor in the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa. Ne W re Le A Se  May 2013 ,  320 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2520-7   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2522-1   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Political Science,  Gender & Politics , Women's Studies  Stalled the representation of women in Canadian governments  edited by  Linda Trimble,  Jane Arsc o t t , and  Mano n Tremblay order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     15 POLITICAL SCIENCEPOLITICAL SCIENCEPOLITICAL SCIENCEThis book occupies the same niche as Raymond Aron?s 1962 classic, Peace and War: A Theory of International Relations. While Aron wrote during the Cold War, Thierry de Montbrial writes about the post-Soviet international system, a system that is multipolar, ideologically heterogeneous, and thus highly unstable. In this book, he lays the foundation for a praxeology, or a ?science of action? to facilitate a better understanding of the dynamics of international problems and a more systematic approach to policy making. A major contribution to international relations theory and winner of the 2002 Georges Pompidou Prize, this book offers the necessary keys to decrypt the international system in the 21st century.  THIERRY DE MONTBRIAL is the president and founder of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) and of the World Policy Conference (WPC). Prev Io U S L Y  A N No U NceD  January 2013 ,  352 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2472-9   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2474-3   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Political Science, Globalization ,  History ,  International Relations ,  Political Economy   Action and Reaction in the World System the Dynamics of Economic and political power  Thierry de Mo n tbrial  Canada and the United States are consistently ranked among the most democratic countries in the world, yet voices expressing concern about the quality of these democracies are becoming louder and more insistent. Critics maintain that the two countries suffer from a ?democratic deficit,? a deficit that raises profound questions about the legitimacy and effectiveness of their democratic institutions. Imperfect Democracies brings together Canadian and American scholars to compare how the democratic deficit plays out in the two nations. An important contribution to the field of democratic theory and the study of democratic institutions, this timely book will spark debate on both sides of the border.  PATTI TAMARA LENARD is an assistant professor of applied ethics at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa. RICHARD SIMEON is a professor emeritus in the Political Science Department at the University of Toronto. rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  October 2012 ,  360 pages,  6 x 9 " 16 figures, 12 tables  978-0-7748-2376-0   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2378-4   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Political Science, Comparative Politics, Canadian Federal Politics ,  US Politics, Political Theory & Philosophy  Imperfect Democracies the Democratic Deficit in Canada and the United states  edited by  Patti Tamara Lenard and  richard Simeon  So Near Yet So Far provides an in-depth look at the multiple dimensions of Canada?US relations, particularly since 9/11. Based on almost 200 interviews with policy makers, opinion-shapers, and interest group leaders in both countries, this book considers the interaction of domestic and cross-border politics at several levels, including political-strategic, trade-commercial, cultural-psychological, and institutional-procedural. It will appeal to practitioners, scholars, and citizens of both countries who want a better understanding of how the Canada?US relationship works ? and can be made to work more effectively. Balanced and fair, it gets to the core issues without distorting perspectives on either side of the border.  GEOFFREY HALE is a professor of political science at the University of Lethbridge.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  November 2012 ,  440 pages,  6 x 9 " 7 figures, 32 tables  978-0-7748-2041-7   HC  $90.00  978-0-7748-2042-4   PB  $34.95  978-0-7748-2043-1   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Political Science, Canadian Foreign Policy ,  Canadian Public Policy & Administration ,  US Politics , US Foreign Policy   So Near Yet So Far the public and hidden worlds of Canada?Us relations  Geoff rey Hale 16      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     17 POLITICAL SCIENCEPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHYPOLITICAL SCIENCE Why do Canadians vote the way they do? For more than forty years, the primary objective of the ongoing Canadian Election Studies (CES) has been to investigate that question. This volume brings together principal investigators of the Studies to document the history of this impressive collection of surveys, examine what has been learned, and consider their future. The wide-ranging collection of essays provides useful background and insights on the relevance of the CES and lends perspective to the debate about where to steer the CES in the years ahead.   MEBS KANJI is an associate professor of political science at Concordia University.  ANTOINE BILODEAU is an associate professor of political science at Concordia University.  THOMAS J. SCOTTO is a reader in government at the University of Essex.   Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  284 pages,  6 x 9 " 15 figures, 22 tables  978-0-7748-1911-4   HC  $85.00  978-0-7748-1912-1   PB  $32.95  978-0-7748-1913-8   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Political Science, Canadian Political Parties & Elections ,  Canadian Public Policy & Administration  The Canadian Election Studies Assessing four Decades of infl uence  edited by  Mebs Kanji,  A n t oine Bil odeau, and  Thomas J . S c o t t o  Canadians take pride in being good citizens of the world, yet our failure to meet global commitments raises questions. Do Canadians need to transcend national loyalties to become full global citizens? Is the idea of rooted cosmopolitanism simply a myth that encourages complacency about Canada?s place in the world? This volume assesses rooted cosmopolitanism both in theory and practice. By exploring how Canadians are accommodating ?the world? in areas such as multiculturalism, climate change, and humanitarian intervention, the contributors test the possibility of reconciling national allegiances with commitments to human rights, global justice, and international law.   WILL KYMLICKA is the Canada Research Chair in Political Philosophy at Queen?s University.  KATHRYN WALKER is a postdoctoral fellow at l?Universit? de Montr?al.   Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  252 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2260-2   HC  $85.00  978-0-7748-2261-9   PB  $32.95  978-0-7748-2262-6   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Political Philosophy ,  Political Science ,  Globalization ,  Sociology  Rooted Cosmopolitanism Canada and the world  edited by  Wil l Kymlic ka and  Kathryn Walker  During the first half of the?twentieth century, Canada?s and Germany?s responses to questions of national membership consisted of discriminatory policies aimed at harnessing migration for economic ends. Yet, by the end of the century, both countries were transformed into highly diverse multicultural societies. How did this remarkable shift come about? Triadafilopoulos argues that, after the war, global human rights norms intersected with domestic political identities and institutions, opening the way for the liberalization of Canada?s and Germany?s immigration and citizenship policies. His is a thought-provoking analysis that sheds light on the dynamics of membership politics and policy making in contemporary liberal-democratic countries.  TRIADAFILOS TRIADAFILOPOULOS is an assistant professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto Scarborough.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  304 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1566-6   HC  $90.00  978-0-7748-1567-3   PB  $32.95  978-0-7748-1568-0   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Political Science, Multiculturalism & Transnationalism, Immigration & Emigration ,  History ,  Canadian Social Policy ,  Political Theory & Philosophy ,  Race & Ethnicity, Sociology   Becoming Multicultural im migration and the politics of Membership in Canada and germany  Triadafi los Triadafi lopoulos order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     17 LAW / POLITICAL SCIENCELAW / POLITICAL SCIENCEPOLITICAL SCIENCE Access to information (ATI) is widely regarded as a fundamental democratic right. Yet in Canada there still exists a struggle between the public?s quest for accountability and our government?s culture of secrecy. Drawing together the perspectives of social scientists, journalists, and ATI advocates,  Brokering Access explores the policies and practices surrounding access to information at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels. This groundbreaking volume is the first of its kind to promote the idea that ATI should be used as a critical research strategy. It is a vital resource for scholars, policy makers, journalists, and anyone who is concerned about access to information and its effect on all Canadians.  MIKE LARSEN is an instructor in the Criminology Department of Kwantlen Polytechnic University.  KEVIN WALBY is an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Victoria.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  400 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2322-7   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2323-4   PB  $34.95  978-0-7748-2324-1   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Law & Society ,  Political Science, Canadian Government ,  Sociology   Brokering Access power, politics, and freedom of information process in Canada  edited by  Mike Larsen and  Kevin Walby In Governing from the Bench, Emmett Macfarlane demystifies the inner workings of the Supreme Court of Canada. Drawing on interviews with current and former justices, law clerks, and other staff members of the court, Macfarlane sheds light on the institution?s internal environment and decision-making processes. He explores the complex role of the Supreme Court as an institution; exposes the rules, conventions, and norms that shape and constrain its justices? behaviour; and situates the court in a broader governmental and societal context. At once enlightening and engaging, Governing from the Bench is a much-needed and comprehensive exploration of an institution that touches the lives of all Canadians.  EMMETT MACFARLANE is Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Waterloo, Ontario.  Ne W re Le A Se  December 2012 ,  264 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2350-0   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2352-4   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Law & Politics, Law & the Courts ,  Political Science, Courts & Constitution ,  Public Policy & Administration  Law and Society Series   Governing from the Bench the supreme Court of Canada and the Judicial role  emmett Macfarlane  In contrast with most literature on Canadian politics, this book resurrects the relevance of Canada?s Parliament by examining what MPs do, why they do it, and what effect it has. Constituency Influence in Parliament examines the rules and conduct of Private Members? Business to assess the complex relationship between constituency representation and policy proposals. This revealing study shows that Members of Parliament pursue various types of goals in the legislature ? not all of which focus upon parties or leaders ? and each MP plays an important representative role in shaping policy.   KELLY BLIDOOK is an assistant professor of political science at Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  196 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2156-8   HC  $85.00  978-0-7748-2157-5   PB  $32.95  978-0-7748-2158-2   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Political Science, Canadian Federal Politics ,  Canadian Public Policy & Administration   Constituency Influence in Parliament Countering t he Centre  Kelly Blidoo k 18      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     19 LAW / ABORIGINAL STUDIESLAW / ENVIRONMENTADMINISTRATIVE LAWScholars often accept without question that the Indian Act (1876) criminalized First Nations. Drawing on court files, police and penitentiary records, and newspaper accounts from the Saskatchewan region of the North-West Territories between 1870 and 1905, Shelley Gavigan argues that the notion of criminalization captures neither the complexities of Aboriginal participation in the criminal courts nor the significance of the Indian Act as a form of law. This illuminating book paints a vivid portrait of Aboriginal defendants, witnesses, and informants whose encounters with the criminal law and the Indian Act included both the mediation and the enforcement of relations of inequality.  SHELLEY A.M. GAVIGAN is a professor of law at Osgoode Hall Law School and a member of the graduate faculties in Law, Socio-Legal Studies, and Women?s Studies at York University.  rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  October 2012 ,  304 pages,  6 x 9 " 28 b&w photos, 2 maps, 3 tables  978-0-7748-2252-7   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2254-1   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Law ,  Aboriginal Studies, Criminology,  Legal History ,  Law & Society  Law and Society Series Published by UBC Press for the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History  Hunger, Horses, and Government Men Criminal law on the Aboriginal plains, 1870-1905  Shelley A. M . Gavigan  Canada has abundant natural wealth, beautiful landscapes, vast forests, and thousands of rivers and lakes. The land defines Canadians as a people, yet the country has one of the industrialized world?s worst environmental records. Building on his previous book,  The Environmental Rights Revolution (2012), David R. Boyd describes how recognizing the constitutional right to a healthy environment could have a transformative impact by empowering citizens, holding governments and industry accountable, and improving Canada?s green record. This important and provocative book provides a road map to protect human health, the well-being of the planet, and the interests of future generations.  DAVID R. BOYD is one of Canada?s leading experts in environmental law and policy and an adjunct professor in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University.    Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  December 2012 ,  336 pages,  6 x 9 " 3 maps, 10 tables  978-0-7748-2412-5   HC  $85.00  978-0-7748-2413-2   PB  $29.95  978-0-7748-2414-9   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Environmental Law , Constitutional Law ,  Law & Politics ,  Environmental Politics  Law and Society Series  The Right to a Healthy Environment revitalizing Canada's Constit u tion  David r. B oyd Canadian legislatures routinely assign court functions to non-court, government tribunals. These substitute courts constitute a little-known executive-branch system of administrative justice that annually makes hundreds of thousands of contentious, life-altering judicial decisions concerning the rights of businesses and individuals. This book demonstrates that, except perhaps in Quebec, the executive branch?s administrative justice system is a justice system in name only. Failing to conform with rule-of-law and constitutional structural norms, its tribunals are neither independent nor impartial and are only providentially competent. Unjust by Design describes a justice system in transcendent need of fundamental reform and provides a blueprint for change.  RON ELLIS is an administrative law lawyer, teacher, academic, arbitrator, and former chair and CEO of a major administrative judicial tribunal. He has been teaching, speaking, and writing about administrative justice system issues for more than twenty-five years.  Ne W re Le A Se  March 2013 ,  380 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2477-4   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2479-8   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Administrative Law ,  Canadian Courts & Constitution ,  Political Science, Public Policy & Administration  Law and Society Series   Unjust by Design the Administrative Justice system in Canada  ron ellis order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     19 INTERNATIONAL LAWLAW / RELIGIONLAW / ABORIGINAL STUDIESThe contents of this volume reflect the diversity of Canadian and international thought, opinion, and practice on current problems of international law. Included are cutting-edge analyses and commentary on such varied topics as Canadian mining practices abroad in light of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the role of the International Labour Organisation in advancing the rights of Indigenous peoples, themes emerging from the recent boundary jurisprudence of the International Court of Justice, the impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the European Union, and the status of animal welfare in international law.  JOHN H. CURRIE , editor-in-chief, is a professor in the Faculty of Law at University of Ottawa.  REN? PROVOST , associate editor, is a professor in the Faculty of Law at McGill University.  Prev Io U S L Y  A N No U NceD  February 2013 ,  640 pages,  6.25 x 9.5 " 978-0-7748-2501-6   HC  $175.00  978-0-7748-2502-3   LIBRARY E-BOOK   International Law ,  Reference  Canadian Yearbook of International Law   Canadian Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 49, 2011 edited by  John H . currie and  ren? Provos t  Often when a religious minority challenges mainstream customs, the phrase ?reasonable accommodation? is at the centre of the ensuing debate. But does reasonable accommodation achieve its goal of integrating the rights of religious minorities with those of mainstream society, or does it really emphasize inequality? Reasonable Accommodation seeks to define the meaning of this phrase and to provide a much-needed critical assessment of its use within Canada and abroad. Woven throughout is commentary about whether there really is a religious majority in Canada, how the idea of ?shared values? obscures debate, and how tolerating religious differences simply isn?t enough to guarantee equality.  LORI G. BEAMAN is Canada Research Chair in the Contextualization of Religion in a Diverse Canada, director of the Religion and Diversity Project and a professor in the Department of Classics and Religious Studies at the University of Ottawa.  rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  September 2012 ,  248 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2265-7   HC  $85.00  978-0-7748-2277-0   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Law & Religion ,  Law & Society ,  Sociology   Reasonable Accommodation Managing religious Diversity  edited by  Lori G. Beaman This bold exploration of Aboriginal justice grapples with the difficult question of how Aboriginal justice systems can be fair to their constituents but still comply with the protections guaranteed to all Canadians by the Charter. Until now, scholars have explored idealized notions of what Aboriginal justice might look like. David Milward strikes out into new territory by asking why Aboriginal communities seek reform and by identifying some of the constitutional barriers in their path. He identifies specific areas of the criminal justice process in which Aboriginal communities may wish to adopt different approaches, tests these approaches against constitutional imperatives, and offers practical proposals for reconciling the various matters at stake.   DAVID MILWARD is an assistant professor of law at the University of Manitoba.  rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  November 2012 ,  332 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2456-9   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2458-3   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Law ,  Aboriginal Studies,  Constitutional Law   Law and Society Series   Aboriginal Justice and the Charter realizing a Cul t urall y sensitive interpretation of legal righ ts  David Mil ward 20      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     21 LAW / HISTORYINTERNATIONAL LAWINTERNATIONAL LAW Interwar Halifax was a city in flux, a place where citizens debated adopting new ideas and technologies but agreed on one thing: modernity was corrupting public morality and unleashing untold social problems on their fair city. To create a bulwark against further social dislocation, citizens, policy makers, and officials modernized the city?s machinery of order ? courts, prisons, and the police force ? and placed greater emphasis on crime control. These tough-on-crime measures, Boudreau argues, did not resolve problems but rather singled out ethnic minorities, working-class men, and female and juvenile offenders as problem figures in the eternal quest for order.   MICHAEL BOUDREAU is an associate professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at St. Thomas University.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  352 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2204-6   HC  $85.00  978-0-7748-2205-3   PB  $34.95  978-0-7748-2206-0   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Legal History, Criminology ,  Socio-legal Studies  Law and Society Series   City of Order Crime and society in halifax, 1918-35  Michael B oudreau  The face of modern warfare is changing as more and more humanitarian organizations, private military companies, and non-state armed groups enter complex security environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Haiti. Although this shift has been overshadowed by legal issues connected to the War on Terror and intervention in countries such as Rwanda and Sudan, it has caused some to question the relevance of the laws of war.  Modern Warfare explores the law?s failure ? and potential ? to ensure compliance in the context of a changing military landscape; by doing so, it opens a path to preventing further unnecessary suffering and violence.   BENJAMIN PERRIN is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of British Columbia. He is currently serving as Special Advisor, Legal Affairs and Policy, in the Prime Minister's Office in Ottawa.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  420 pages,  6 x 9 " 6 b&w figures  978-0-7748-2232-9   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2233-6   PB  $29.95  978-0-7748-2234-3   LIBRARY E-BOOK   International Law ,  Political Science,  Foreign Policy ,  Security Studies   Modern Warfare Armed groups, private Militaries, humanitarian organizations, and the law  edited by  Benjamin Perrin  Critics of the World Trade Organization argue that its binding dispute settlement process imposes a neoliberal agenda on member states. If this is the case, why would any nation agree to participate? Jacqueline Krikorian explores this question by examining the impact of the WTO?s dispute settlement mechanism on domestic policies in the United States and Canada. She demonstrates that the WTO?s ability to influence domestic arrangements has been constrained by three factors: judicial deference, institutional arrangements, and strategic decision making by political elites in Ottawa and Washington.   JACQUELINE D. KRIKORIAN ?is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science and in the Law and Society program at York University. She is a specialist in government and public law.   Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  320 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2306-7   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2307-4   PB  $34.95  978-0-7748-2308-1   LIBRARY E-BOOK   International Law ,  International Political Science , Globalization   Law and Society Series  International Trade Law and Domestic Policy Canada, the United states, and the wto  Jacqueline D. Krikorian order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     21 LAW / EDUCATION POLICYCRIMINOLOGYLAW / CRIMINOLOGYRecent cases of teen suicide linked with homophobic bullying have thrust the issue of school safety into the national spotlight. In ?Don?t Be So Gay!? Queers, Bullying, and Making Schools Safe, Donn Short considers the effectiveness of safe-school legislation. Drawing on interviews with queer youth and their allies in the Toronto area, Short concludes that current legislation is more responsive than proactive. Moreover, cultural influences and peer pressure may be more powerful than legislation in shaping the school environment. Exploring how students? own experiences, ideas, and definitions of safety might be translated into policy reform, this book offers a fresh perspective on a hotly debated issue.  DONN SHORT is an assistant professor of law at Robson Hall Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba and the founding editor and editor-in-chief of the Canadian Journal of Human Rights.  Ne W re Le A Se  March 2013 ,  256 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2326-5   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2328-9   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Law, Education ,  Queer Studies  Law and Society Series   "Don't Be So Gay!" queers, bul l ying, and Making schools safe  Don n Short  From the passage of Bill C-10, with its punitive, tough-on-crime provisions, to sensationalist media accounts of dangerous ex-convicts, it is no wonder that Canada is perceived as a country increasingly taking a hard line on crime. In reality, however, the vast majority of prisoners who serve out their sentences will never see the inside of a prison cell again. On the Outside explores the post-carceral lives of men who have successfully resettled into the community after serving at least a decade in Canada?s penitentiaries. Exploring the transition from imprisonment to the challenges of resettlement, this book will change the way you think about prisoners and open up the discussion on the perils of tough-on-crime legislation.  MELISSA MUNN is a professor in the Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies Departments at Okanagan College. CHRIS BRUCKERT is an associate professor in the Department of Criminology at the University of Ottawa. Ne W re Le A Se   May 2013 ,  174 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2536-8   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2538-2   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Criminology ,  Law & Society ,  Socio-legal Studies ,  Sociology , Social Work  Law and Society Series   On the Outside from lengt h y im prisonment to lasting freedom  Melis sa Munn and  chris Bruckert In 1992, a preventable explosion at the Westray Mine in Plymouth, Nova Scotia, killed twenty-six miners. More than a decade later, the government enacted Bill C-45, commonly known as the Westray bill, to hold organizations criminally liable for seriously injuring and killing workers and the public. In Still Dying for a Living, Steven Bittle turns a critical eye on the Westray bill, revealing how legal, economic, and cultural discourses surrounding the bill downplayed the seriousness of workplace injury and death, effectively characterizing these crimes as regrettable but largely unavoidable accidents and in the process obscuring their underlying causes.  STEVEN BITTLE is an assistant professor in the Department of Criminology at the University of Ottawa.  rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  October 2012 ,  268 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2359-3   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2361-6   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Law, Criminology, Corporate Law ,  Law & Society ,  Socio-legal Studies ,  Canadian Federal Politics  Law and Society Series   Still Dying for a Living Corporate Criminal liabilit y after t he westray Mine Disaster  S teven Bit t le 22      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     23 SOCIOLOGYMEDIA / COMMUNICATIONSSEXUALITY STUDIES Following 9/11, the securitization of state practices and policies have chipped away at the citizenship and personal rights of all Canadians, particularly those of Arab descent. This book argues that, in a securitized global context and through racialized immigration and security policies, Arab Canadians have become ?targeted transnationals.? Media representations have further legitimized their homogenization and racialization. The contributors to this book draw on qualitative interviews, policy, and media analysis to examine state practices towards, and media representations of, Arab Canadians. They also present voices that counter the dominant discourse and that trace forms of community resistance to their racialization.  BESSMA MOMANI is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Waterloo and the Balsillie School of International Affairs. JENNA HENNEBRY is an associate professor in communications studies at Wilfrid Laurier University and the Balsillie School of International Affairs and associate director of the International Migration Research Centre.  Ne W re Le A Se  February 2013 ,  288 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2440-8   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2442-2   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Sociology, Multiculturalism & Transnationalism, Race & Transnationalism in Politics, Media Studies ,  Race & Ethnicity , Diaspora  Targeted Transnationals the state, the Media, and Arab Canadians  edited by  Jenna Hennebry and  Bess ma Mo mani  Alternative media hold the promise of building public awareness and action against the constraints and limitations of media conglomeration and cutbacks to public broadcasting. But what, exactly, makes alternative media alternative? This path-breaking volume gets to the heart of this question by focusing on the three interconnected dimensions that define alternative media in Canada: structure, participation, and activism. The contributors reveal not only how various kinds of alternative media?? including indigenous, anarchist, ethnic, and feminist media?? are enabled and constrained within Canada?s complex policy environment but also how, in the context of globalization, the Canadian experience parallels media and policy challenges in other nations.   KIRSTEN KOZOLANKA is an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University.  PATRICIA MAZEPA and  DAVID SKINNER are both associate professors in the Department of Communication Studies at York University.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  348 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2164-3   HC  $90.00  978-0-7748-2165-0   PB  $29.95  978-0-7748-2166-7   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Media Studies ,  Journalism, Communications , Cultural Studies,  Sociology  Alternative Media in Canada edited by  Kirsten K o z o lanka,  Patricia Mazepa, and  David Skin ner  Despite being dubbed ?the world?s oldest profession,? prostitution has rarely been viewed as a legitimate form of labour. Instead, it is often criminalized, sensationalized, and polemicized. In Selling Sex, Emily van der Meulen, Elya Durisin, and Victoria Love present a more nuanced view of the sex industry. They bring together a vast collection of voices ? including feminists, researchers, advocates, and sex workers of every stripe ? to challenge dominant narratives surrounding sex work. Presenting a variety of perspectives on such diverse topics as social stigma, police violence, labour organizing, and human trafficking, Selling Sex is an eye-opening, challenging, and necessary book. EMILY VAN DER MEULEN is an assistant professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Ryerson University. ELYA M. DURISIN is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at York University. VICTORIA LOVE is a sex worker, activist, and member of Maggie?s: The Toronto Sex Workers Action Project. Ne W re Le A Se  April 2013 ,  352 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2448-4   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2450-7   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Sexuality Studies, Gender Studies, Sociology, Labour Studies, Criminology ,  Human Rights ,  Socio-legal Studies   Sexuality Studies Series  Selling Sex Experience, Advocacy, and research on sex work in Canada  edited by  emily van der Meulen,  elya M. Durisin , and  vict oria Love order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     23 ACADEMIC FREEDOMGLOBALIZATIONSOCIOLOGY In 2009, an international conference exploring models of statehood for Israel and Palestine was held at York University. The conference became a cause c?l?bre when extraordinary pressures were exerted on organizers and university administrators by academics, private donors, pro-Israel lobbies, and other groups concerned with this issue. This book covers the events from the perspective of one of the conference organizers. Based on her own experiences and communications, as well as drawing from confidential emails released under Freedom of Information legislation, Susan Drummond offers a behind-the-scenes, insider?s look at these extraordinary events and their implications for academic freedom.  SUSAN G. DRUMMOND is an associate professor of law at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University. She was one of the organizers of the Mapping Models of Statehood in Israel/Palestine conference in 2009.   Ne W re Le A Se  May 2013 ,  320 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2208-4   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2210-7   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Academic Freedom, Current Affairs, Higher Education ,  International Political Science   Unthinkable Thoughts Academic freedom and Models of statehood for israel and palestine  Susan G . Drummo nd  Why are globalizing processes unevenly distributed between poor and wealthy countries? What effect do these disparities have on the lives of ordinary people? The contributors to this volume find answers to these questions in the Mediterranean, a region divided between the wealthier nations of the north shore and their poorer neighbours to the south. The divergent histories, economies, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, education systems, and political structures of these two regions lead to explanations not only for uneven globalization but also for the wave of demonstrations that have sparked unrest in North Africa and the Near East.  YASSINE ESSID is an expert on the history of Islamic economic thought and on the history and place of Islam in North Africa and the Middle East.  WILLIAM D. COLEMAN has overseen the writing of the books in the Globalization and Autonomy Series. He carries out research on different theories about globalization and on global governance.   Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  440 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2318-0   HC  $90.00  978-0-7748-2319-7   PB  $32.95  978-0-7748-2320-3   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Globalization ,  Political Economy ,  International Political Science ,  Development Studies  Globalization and Autonomy Series  Two Mediterranean Worlds Diverging paths of globalization and Autonomy  edited by  Yassine essid and  Wil liam D. coleman Muslim communities have become increasingly salient in the social, cultural, and political landscape in Canada largely due to the aftermath of 9/11 and the racial politics of the ongoing ?war on terror? that have cast Muslims as the new ?enemy within.? Featuring some of Canada?s top Muslim Studies scholars, Islam in the Hinterlands examines how gender, public policy, media, and education shape the Muslim experience in Canada. A timely volume addressing some of the most hotly contested issues in recent cultural history, it will be essential reading for academics as well as general readers interested in Islamic studies, multiculturalism, and social justice. JASMIN ZINE is an associate professor of sociology and the Muslim studies option at Wilfrid Laurier University.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  340 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2272-5   HC  $90.00  978-0-7748-2273-2   PB  $32.95  978-0-7748-2274-9   LIBRARY E-BOOK  Sociology,  Diaspora ,  Media Studies ,  Multiculturalism & Transnationalism ,  Race & Transnationalism in Politics   Islam in the Hinterlands Muslim Cul t ural politics in Canada  edited by  Jasmin Zine 24      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     25 CHILD, YOUTH & FAMILY STUDIESCHILD, YOUTH & FAMILY STUDIESACADEMIC CULTURE / GENDER STUDIES Poverty and unemployment are on the rise among Canadian youth.  Reimagining Intervention in Young Lives looks at the issue from the perspective of those most affected, revealing the difficulties young people encounter with the ?support system.? In-depth interviews with forty-five young people in Ottawa reveal that solutions do exist, predicated on recognition that the problem lies not with incorrigible youth, but with a social-aid structure that imposes barriers to success.?Intervention is necessary, argue the authors, but not so much in the lives of young people as in the faulty structures that incorrectly presume how they interpret risk, poverty, and their own potential.   KAREN R. FOSTER is Banting Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Management Department of the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary 's University.  DALE C. SPENCER is an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Manitoba.   Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  196 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2330-2   HC  $90.00  978-0-7748-2331-9   PB  $32.95  978-0-7748-2332-6   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Family & Childhood Studies, Sociology of Work & Labour , Canadian Social Policy ,  Social Work  Reimagining Intervention in Young Lives work, social Assistance, and Marginalization  Karen r. F o s ter and  Dale c. S pencer  Father Involvement in Canada brings together almost two dozen leading scholars to examine the roles of Canadian fathers. They look at the experiences of fathers from many angles, considering different ages, ethnicities, marital statuses, gender partnering, and economic brackets, and examining issues such as the impact of poverty, access to paternity leave, and the availability of support from social institutions. By co-considering these dimensions and viewpoints, the contributors bring to light interlocking individual, familial, and socio-economic systems in which fathers are embedded. This is the first book to summarize and challenge current scholarship on Canadian fatherhood and offer new concepts, theoretical frameworks, and research directions. JESSICA BALL is Professor in the School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria. KERRY DALY is Dean of the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences at the University of Guelph. rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  December 2012 ,  268 pages,  6 x 9 " 15 tables  978-0-7748-2400-2   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2402-6   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Family & Childhood Studies, Parenting, Sociology,  Psychology ,  Social Work, Health   Father Involvement in Canada Diversity, renewal, and transformation  edited by  Jessica Ball and  Kerry Daly  Women earn nearly half of all new PhDs in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Why, then, do they occupy a disproportionate number of the junior-level university positions while men occupy 80 percent of the more prestigious jobs? Maureen Baker draws on candid interviews with male and female scholars, previous research, and her own thirty-eight-year academic career to explain the reasons behind this inequality. She argues that current university priorities and collegial relations often magnify the impact of gendered families and identities and perpetuate the gender gap. Tracing the evolution of university priorities and practices, Baker reveals significant and persistent differences in job security, working hours, rank, salary, job satisfaction, and career length.   MAUREEN BAKER is a professor of sociology at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.   Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  January 2013 ,  220 pages,  6 x 9 " 8 tables  978-0-7748-2396-8   HC  $90.00  978-0-7748-2397-5   PB  $32.95  978-0-7748-2398-2   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Women's Studies ,  Family & Childhood Studies ,  Sociology & Gender ,  Sociology of Work & Labour   Academic Careers and the Gender Gap Maureen Baker order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     25 ASIAN STUDIESASIAN STUDIESASIAN STUDIESIn Milestones on a Golden Road, Richard King discusses pivotal works of fiction published under the watchful eye of China?s Communist regime between 1945 and 1980. Addressing questions of literary production, King looks at how writers dealt with shifting ideological demands, what indigenous and imported traditions inspired them, and how they were able to depict a utopian Communist future to their readers, even as the present took a very different turn. Early ?red classics? were followed by works featuring increasingly lurid images of joyful socialism, and later by fiction exposing the Mao era as an age of irrationality, arbitrary rule, and suffering ? a Golden Road that had led nowhere.RICHARD KING is Professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Victoria, teaching Chinese literature and film, Asian popular culture, research methods, and Chinese language. He is the editor of Art in Turmoil: The Chinese Cultural Revolution, 1966-76 (UBC Press, 2010). rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  January 2013 ,  288 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2372-2   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2374-6   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Chinese Studies ,  Literature, Asian History ,  Art History  Contemporary Chinese Studies Series   Milestones on a Golden Road writing for Chinese socialism, 1945-80  richard King  While official Chinese history has always been written from a centrist viewpoint, Chieftains into Ancestors describes the intersection of imperial administration and chieftain-dominated local culture in the culturally diverse southwestern region of China. Contemplating the rhetorical question of how one can begin to rewrite the story of a conquered people whose past was never transcribed in the first place, the authors combine anthropological fieldwork with historical textual analysis to build a new regional history ? one that recognizes the ethnic, religious, and gendered transformations that took place in China?s nation-building process.  DAVID FAURE is Wei Lun Professor of History at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. HO TS?UI-PING is an associate research fellow at the Institute of Ethnology at Academia Sinica and an adjunct associate professor in the Institute of Anthropology at National Tsing Hua University. Ne W re Le A Se  March 2013 ,  288 pages,  6 x 9 " 3 maps  978-0-7748-2368-5   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2370-8   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Chinese Studies,  Social & Cultural Anthropology ,  Asian History, Ethnographies & Case Studies   Contemporary Chinese Studies Series  Chieftains into Ancestors im perial Expansion and indigenous society in sout h west China  edited by  David Faure and  Ho Ts'ui-p 'ing  Sporting Gender is the first book to explore the rise of female athletes in China in the early twentieth century. It shows how female athletes coped with the conflicting demands of nationalist causes, unwanted male attention, and modern fame, arguing that the athletic female form helped to create a new ideal of modern womanhood in China. Gao brings vividly to life the histories of individual Chinese female athletes and demonstrates how intertwined they were with the aims of the state and the needs of society.  YUNXIANG GAO is an associate professor of Asian history at Ryerson University. N e W re Le A Se  May 2013 ,  320 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2481-1   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2483-5   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Chinese Studies ,  Women's Studies ,  Asian History  Contemporary Chinese Studies Series   Sporting Gender women Ath letes and Celebrity -Making during China?s national Crisis, 1931-45  Yunxiang Gao 26      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     27 ASIAN STUDIESASIAN STUDIESASIAN STUDIES In the early 1900s, the Qing dynasty implemented a nationwide school system to buttress its power. Although the Communists, contemporary observers, and more recent scholarship have all depicted rural society as feudal and these educational reforms a failure, Elizabeth VanderVen draws on untapped archival materials to show that villagers and local officials capably integrated foreign ideas and models into a system that was at once traditional and modern, Chinese and Western. Her portrait of education reform both challenges received notions about the modernity-tradition binary in Chinese history, and addresses topics central to debates on modern China, including state making and the impact of global ideas on local society.   ELIZABETH R. VANDERVEN is an historian of modern and late imperial China. She was on the faculty of the History Department at Rutgers University, Camden.  Ne W I N  P A Per B Ac K  February 2013 ,  240 pages,  6 x 9 " 2 maps and 12 tables  978-0-7748-2176-6   HC  $85.00  978-0-7748-2177-3   PB  $34.95  978-0-7748-2178-0   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Chinese Studies ,  Education ,  Asian History ,  Education History  Contemporary Chinese Studies Series   A School in Every Village Educational reform in a northeast China County, 1904-31  elizabeth r. vanderven  Intoxicating Manchuria reveals how the powerful alcohol and opium industries in Northeast China were altered by warlord rule, Japanese occupation, political conflict, and a vigorous anti-intoxicant movement. Through the lens of the Chinese media?s depictions of alcohol and opium, Norman Smith examines how intoxicants and addiction were understood in this society, the role the Japanese occupation of Manchuria played in the portrayal of intoxicants, and the efforts made to reduce opium and alcohol consumption. This is the first English-language book-length study to focus on alcohol use in modern China and the first dealing with intoxicant restrictions in the region.  NORMAN SMITH is an associate professor in the History Department of the University of Guelph. He is the author of Resisting Manchukuo: Chinese Women Writers and the Japanese Occupation and co-editor of Beyond Suffering: Recounting War in Modern China. rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  October 2012 ,  312 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2428-6   HC  $90.00  978-0-7748-2430-9   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Chinese Studies ,  Health Policy ,  Asian History ,  Sociology, Drug & Alcohol Studies  Contemporary Chinese Studies Series   Intoxicating Manchuria Alcohol, opiu m, and Cul t ure in China's northeast  N orman S mith Merry Laughter and Angry Curses reveals how the late-Qing-era tabloid press became the voice of the people. As periodical publishing reached a fever pitch, tabloids had free rein to criticize officials, mock the elite, and scandalize readers. Tabloid writers produced a massive amount of anti-establishment literature, whose distinctive humour and satirical style were both potent and popular. This book shows the tabloid community to be both a producer of meanings and a participant in the social and cultural dialogue that would shake the foundations of imperial China and lead to the 1911 Republican Revolution.  JUAN WANG is an independent scholar of Chinese history.  rece NT LY  re Le A SeD  October 2012 ,  248 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2338-8   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2340-1   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Chinese Studies ,  Media Studies ,  Asian History ,  Literature  Contemporary Chinese Studies Series   Merry Laughter and Angry Curses the shanghai tabloid press, 1897-1911  Juan Wang order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     27 ASIAN STUDIESASIAN STUDIES  Red Stamps and Gold Stars explores the professional, political, and private dilemmas faced by non-native ethnographic field researchers in contemporary China, Vietnam, and Laos. The geographers and anthropologists contributing to this volume are actively engaged in research with upland ethnic minorities. Debating the realities of such fieldwork in socialist regimes and analyzing their positionality and subjectivity in the field, the contributors consider a range of ethical quandaries. Highlighting the rewards that can be gained from critical reflection, these unique contributions will advance the study of international fieldwork practices.  SARAH TURNER is an associate professor in the Department of Geography at McGill University.  Ne W re Le A Se  May 2013 ,  336 pages,  6 x 9 " 20 photos and 8 maps  978-0-7748-2493-4   HC  $95.00  978-0-7748-2495-8   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Social & Cultural Anthropology, Geography, Ethnographies & Case Studies ,  Southeast Asian Studies,  Chinese Studies   Red Stamps and Gold Stars fieldwork Dilemmas in Upland socialist Asia  edited by  Sarah Turner  In the 1930s and ?40s, Japanese rulers in Manchukuo enlisted writers and artists to promote imperial Japan?s modernization program. Ironically, the cultural producers chosen to spread the imperialist message were previously left-wing politically. In Glorify the Empire, Annika Culver explores how these once anti-imperialist intellectuals produced avant-garde works celebrating the modernity of a fascist state and reflecting a complicated picture of complicity with, and ambivalence toward, Japan?s utopian project. Glorify the Empire magnifies the intersection between politics and art in a rarely examined period of Japanese history.  ANNIKA A. CULVER is an assistant professor of Asian history and the Asian Studies coordinator at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. She also serves as a scholar in the US-Japan Network for the Future.  Ne W re Le A Se  February 2013 ,  288 pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2436-1   HC  $90.00  978-0-7748-2438-5   LIBRARY E-BOOK   Art History ,  Asian Studies ,  Asian History   Glorify the Empire Japanese Avant-garde propaganda in Manchukuo  A n nika A. culver 28      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     29 Prin cip les o f TsawalkAn Indigenous Approach to Global CrisisU meek / e. richard At leo2012, 220 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2127-8  pb $32.95N o o k sack P lace NamesGeography, Culture, and LanguageA l lan richardson and Brent Gall o way2012, 248 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2046-2  pb $29.95creative Subversion sWhiteness, Indig eneity, and the National ImaginaryMargot Francis2012, 252 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2026-4  pb $32.95A Wilder WestRodeo in Western CanadaMary-ellen Kelm2012, 312 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2030-1  pb $27.95Architecture and the canadian Fabricedited by rhodri Windsor Lis c o mbe2012, 536 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-1940-4  pb $39.95redisc overing Thomas AdamsRural planning and Development in CanadaWayne J. caldwell2011, 428 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-1924-4  pb $39.95Jewels o f the QilaThe Remarkable Story of an Indo-Canadian FamilyHugh J. M . J ohns t o n2012, 336 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2217-6  pb $32.95chasing the Dragon in ShanghaiCanada?s Early Relations with China, 1858-1952J ohn D. Meehan2012, 260 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2038-7  pb $32.95canada's road to the Pacific WarIntelligence, Strategy, and the Far East CrisisTimo thy Wil f ord2012, 312 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2122-3 pb $34.95Studies in Canadian Military History Series; published in association with the Canadian War Museumcold War FightersCanadian Aircraft pro-curement, 1945-54randall Wakelam2012, 208 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2149-0  pb $32.95Studies in Canadian Military History Series; published in association with the Canadian War MuseumGive Me ShelterThe Failure of Canada?s Cold War Civil DefenceA ndrew Burtch2012, 300 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2241-1  pb $32.95Studies in Canadian Military History Series; published in association with the Canadian War MuseumHealth in rural canadaedited by Judith c. Kulig and Al lis o n M . Wil liams2012, 568 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2173-5  pb $39.95Feminis t com munity researchCase Studies and  Methodologiesedited by Gil lian creese and Wendy Frisby2012, 268 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2086-8  pb $32.95The environ mental rights revolutio nA Global Study of Constitutions, Human Rights, and the Environ-mentDavid r. B oyd2012, 468 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2161-2  pb $34.95Law and Society SeriesB lue-Green ProvinceThe Environment and the political Economy of OntarioMark S. Winfield2012, 296 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2237-4  pb $34.95rethinking the Great White NorthRace, Nature, and the Historical Geographies of Whiteness in Canadaedited by Andrew Baldwin , Laura cameron , and Audrey Kobayashi2012, 356 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2014-1  pb $34.95Temagami's Tangled WildRace, Gender, and the Making of Canadian NatureJ o celyn Thorpe2012, 220 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2201-5  pb $32.95Nature | History | Society SeriesOffshore Petroleum P o litic sRegulation and Risk in the Scotian basinPeter clancy2012, 436 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2055-4  pb $34.95rECEnt pApErbACK rElEAsEsorder online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     29 P o licies f or Sustain-ably Managing canada?s F orest sTenure, Stumpage Fees, and Forest practicesMartin K. Luckert, David Haley, and George Hoberg2012, 228 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2067-7  pb $34.95Sustainability and the Environment SeriesPinerosLatino Labour and the Changing Face of Forestry in the pacific NorthwestBrinda Sarathy2012, 208 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2114-8  pb $32.95F orest eco n o mic sDaowei Zhang and Peter H. Pearse2012, 412 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2153-7  pb $49.95A nimal Sensibility and In c lusive Justice in the Age of Bernard Shawrod Preece2012, 336 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2110-0  pb $32.95P o litical Marketing in canadaedited by Alex Marland, Thierry Giass o n , and Jennifer Lees-Marshment2012, 320 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2229-9  pb $32.95Agains t orthodoxyStudies in Nationalismedited by Trevor W. Harriso n and Sl obodan Drakulic2012, 376 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2094-3  pb $34.95Identity Po litic s in the Public realmbringing Institutions back Inedited by Avigail eisenberg and Wil l Kymlic ka2012, 308 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2082-0  pb $34.95Ethnicity and Democratic Governance SeriesThe Perils o f IdentityGroup Rights and the politics of Intragroup Differencecaroline Dick2012, 260 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2063-9  pb $29.95voluntary Sect or organizatio n s and the Statebuilding New Relationsrachel Laforest2012, 192 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2145-2pb $32.95Troubling SexTowards a Legal Theory of Sexual Integrityelaine craig2012, 220 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2181-0  pb $32.95Law and Society SeriesHuman rightsThe Commons and the CollectiveLaura Westra2012, 392 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2118-6  pb $34.95Being relatio nalReflections on  Relational Theory and Health Lawedited by Jo celyn Dow nie and Jennifer J. L lewellyn2012, 352 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2189-6  pb $34.95Law and Society SeriesConflict in CaledoniaAboriginal Land Rights and the Rule of LawLaura Devries2012, 260 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2185-8  pb $32.95Law and Society SeriesGhos t Dancing with col o nialis mDecolonization and Indigenous Rights at the Supreme Court of CanadaGrace Li Xiu Wo o2012, 360 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-1888-9  pb $34.95Law and Society SeriesThe Media GazeRepresentations of Diversities in CanadaAugie Fleras2012, 314 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2137-7  pb $32.95The end of children?Changing Trends in Childbearing and  Childhoodedited by Nathanael Lauster and Graham Al lan2012, 212 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2193-3  pb $32.95child and Youth careCritical perspectives on pedagogy, practice, and policyedited by Alan Pence and Jennifer White2012, 260 pp., 6 x 9"978-0-7748-2131-5  pb $32.95rECEnt pApErbACK rElEAsEs30      spring 2013     |     order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca order online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     31 Aboriginal Justice and the Charter?19Aboriginal Peoples and Forest Lands in Canada?4Aboriginal Peoples and Sport in Canada?4Academic Careers and the Gender Gap?24Action and Reaction in the World System?15Alternative Media in Canada?22Becoming Multicultural?16Boundless Optimism?7Brokering Access?17Canadian Election Studies?16C anadian Liberalism and the Politics of Border   ?Control, 1867-1967?14The Canadian Rangers?6Canadian Yearbook of International Law,  ?Vol. 49, 2011?19Canoe Nation?13Chieftains into Ancestors?25City of Order?20Constituency Influence in Parliament?17Consuming Modernity?8Dispersed but Not Destroyed?2"Don't Be So Gay!"?21An Environmental History of Canada?12Epidemic Encounters?9An Ethic of Mutual Respect?4Father Involvement in Canada?24Fractured Homeland?5Glorify the Empire?27Governing from the Bench?17Health and Sustainability in the Canadian  ?Food System?10Hunger, Horses, and Government Men?18Imperfect Democracies?15Indigenous Encounters with Neoliberalism?2Indigenous in the City?2The Industrial Diet?10International Trade Law and Domestic Policy?20Intoxicating Manchuria?26Inventing Stanley Park?11Investing in Place?13Islam in the Hinterlands?23Keeping Canada British?6Labour Goes to War?8Living Indigenous Leadership?3Making Meaning Out of Mountains?12Merry Laughter and Angry Curses?26Milestones on a Golden Road?25Modern Warfare?20Native Art of the Northwest Coast?1On the Outside?21Parties, Elections, and the Future of  ?Canadian Politics?14People of the Middle Fraser Canyon?5Photography, Memory, and Refugee Identity?6Power from the North?11Prophetic Identities?5Public Engagement and Emerging Technologies?11Reasonable Accommodation?19Red Stamps and Gold Stars?27Reimagining Intervention in Young Lives?24Resistance is Fertile?10The Right to a Healthy Environment?18Rooted Cosmopolitanism?16A School in Every Village?26Selling Sex?22A Sisterhood of Suffering and Service?8Social Transformation in Rural Canada?13So Near Yet So Far?15Sporting Gender?25Stalled?14Standing Up  with G a ' a x sta'las?3Still Dying for a Living?21Strong, Beautiful, and Modern?9The Struggle for Canadian Copyright?7Targeted Transnationals?22Try to Control Yourself?9Two Mediterranean Worlds?23Unjust by Design?18Unthinkable Thoughts?23Where Happiness Dwells?3Wildlife, Conservation, and Conflict in Quebec,  ?1840-1914?12With Friends Like These?7title indexorder online @ w w w. ubcpress.ca     |    spring 2013     31 Abergel, Elisabeth  10Altamirano-Jim?nez, Isabel  2Andersen, Chris  2Anderson, Christopher G.  14Arscott, Jane  14Baker, Maureen  24Ball, Jessica  24Bannerman, Sara  7Bilodeau, Antoine  16Bittle, Steven  21Bittner, Amanda  14Blidook, Kelly  17Boudreau, Michael  20Boyd, David R.  18Bradford, Tolly  5Bruckert, Chris  21Coleman, William D.  23Culver, Annika A.  27Currie, John H.  19Cuthbertson, Wendy  8Daly, Kerry J.  24Dane-zaa First Nations  3Desbiens, Caroline  11Drummond, Susan G.  23Durisi, Elya M.  22Einsiedel, Edna  11Ellis, Ron  18Erickson, Bruce  13Essid, Yassine  23Fahrni, Magda  9Faure, David  25Forsyth, Janice  4Foster, Karen R.  24Fraser, Tina Ngaroimata  3Gao, Yunxiang  25Gavigan, Shelley A.M.  18Giles, Audrey R.  4Glassford, Sarah  8Hale, Geoffrey  15Halseth, Greg  13Hennebry, Jenna  22Ingram, Darcy  12Jones, Esyllt W.  9Kanji, Mebs  16Kenny, Carolyn  3Kheraj, Sean  11K . i-k. e-in  1King, Richard  25Koop, Royce  14Kozolanka, Kirsten  22Kramer, Jennifer  1Krikorian, Jacqueline D.  20Kuijt, Ian  5K w agu '?  Gi x _ sa _ m  C l an  3Kymlicka, Will  16Labelle, Kathryn Magee  2Lackenbauer, P. Whitney  6Larsen, Mike  17Lawrence, Bonita  5Lenard, Patti Tamara  15Love, Victoria  22Macdonald, Charlotte  9MacDowell, Laurel Sefton  12Macfarlane, Emmett  17MacRae, Rod  10Malleck, Dan  8, 9Mannik, Lynda  6Manson, Don  13Markey, Sean  13Mazepa, Patricia  22Meren, David  7Milward, David  19Momani, Bessma  22Montbrial, Thierry de  15Morito, Bruce  4Munn, Melissa  21O'Doherty, Kieran  11Parkins, John R.  13Peekhaus, Wilhelm  10Perreault, Pamela  4Perrin, Benjamin  20Peters, Evelyn  2Pitsula, James  6Prentiss, Anna Marie  5Provost, Ren?  19Reed, Maureen G.  13Ridington, Jillian  3Ridington, Robin  3Robertson, Leslie A.  3Roy, Patricia E.  7Scotto, Thomas J.  16Shaw, Amy  8Short, Donn  21Simeon, Richard  15Skinner, David  22Smith, Norman  26Spencer, Dale C.  24Stoddart, Mark C.J.  12Tindall, D.B.  4Townsend-Gault, Charlotte  1Tremblay, Manon  14Triadafilopoulos, Triadafilos  16Trimble, Linda  14Trosper, Ronald  4Ts'ui-p'ing, Ho  25Turner, Sarah  27van der Meulen, Emily  22VanderVen, Elizabeth R.  26Walby, Kevin  17Walker, Kathryn  16Wang, Juan  26Warsh, Cheryl Krasnick  8Winson, Anthony  10Zine, Jasmin  23a uthor indexR. peter Milroy, who became the Director of UbC press twenty-two years ago, retired at  the end of 2012. It is not an overstatement to say that peter breathed new intellectual life into UbC press. Under his leadership, the press began focusing on publishing in key disciplines, including political science, Aboriginal studies, Canadian history, law and society, environmental studies, and Asian studies. The success of peter?s vision is evident not only in the impressive individual books published by UbC press, but also in the highly successful series it has established, including Nature | History | Society, Studies in Canadian Military History,  Law and Society, and Contemporary Chinese Studies. In transforming the press, peter also changed us, the people who worked with him.  We have learned to think broadly about the value of scholarly publishing and in great detail about how each and every step in the process of publishing a scholarly book contributes to  its excellence. We have been mentored and challenged to meet sometimes difficult goals.  And, above all, we have been invited to join peter in his passion for the profession of publishing, respect for the power and purpose of the written word, and joy in bringing these two things together in the company of very fine colleagues. Peter's commitment to Canadian publishing is unparalleled and he leaves an immeasurable and far-reaching legacy.We thank you peter and we will miss you. Have a wonderful retirement!The staff at UBC PressORDERSCAnADAUTP Distribution  5201 Dufferin Street  Toronto, Ontario M3H 5T8Phone:  1 800 565 9523 / 416 667 7791 Fax:  1 800 221 9985 / 416 667 7832 E-mail:  utpbooks@utpress.utoronto.caOrder online at www.ubcpress.caUsAUniversity of Washington Press c/o Hopkins Fulfillment Service PO Box 50370 Baltimore, MD  21211-4370 USAPhone:  1 800 537 5487 / 410 516-6956 E-mail:   hfscustserv@press.jhu.edu UK, EUropE, MiDDlE EAst, AnD AfriCA Eurospan Group c/o Turpin Distribution Pegasus Drive Stratton Business Park Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 8TQ, UKPhone: 44 0(20) 1767 604972 Fax: 44 0(20) 1767 601640 E-mail: eurospan@turpin-distribution.comsoUth AMEriCACelso FonsecaSBS - Special Book ServicesAv. Casa Verde, 463S?o Paulo ? SP - BrasilCEP 02519-000Phone:  (55+11) 2238 4480Email:  cfonseca@sbs.com.brAsiA (Ex. ChinA, tAiwAn, KorEA,  hong Kong) AnD thE pACifiC  (inCl. AUstrAliA AnD nEw zEAlAnD)Royden Muranaka East West Export Books 2840 Kolowalu Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 USAPhone:  808 956 8830  Fax:  808 988 6052 E-mail:  eweb@hawaii.eduChinA, hong Kong, KorEA, AnD tAiwAnAsia Publishers Services Ltd. 16/F Wing Fat Commercial Building218 Aberdeen Main RoadAberdeen, Hong KongTel:  852 2553 9289 / 2553 9280Fax:  852 2554 2912  E-mail:  aps_hk@asiapubs.com.hkLIbRARY E-bOOKSUBC Press titles are now available to libraries in e-book (PDF) format via a number of different suppliers, including Ingram Content Group?s MyiLibrary?, ebrary, and EBSCO. For more information, please visit www.ubcpress.ca. For information on UBC e-books generally, please contact Laraine Coates, Marketing Manager, coates@ubcpress.ca.RIGHTSitAliAn lAngUAgE rights Studio Nabu Via San Romano 60  50135 Settignano (Florence) Italy Phone:  (055) 697 517; Fax: (055) 697 626 E-mail: info@studionabu.itJApAnEsE lAngUAgE rightsTaeko Nagatsuka Toyodo Jinbocho, No 2 Bldg 1-27 Kanda Jinbocho Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo, 101-0051 Japan Phone:  3 3295 0301 Fax: 3 3294 5173EXAMINATI ON COpIESUBC Press invites faculty members to write, on departmental letterhead or via a departmental email address, to request the title you wish to consider for course adoption. Please state the course name, semester, anticipated enrolment, and the book currently in use. Paperback titles of interest for courses may be available before their paperback release date. Please contact Harmony Johnson, Academic Marketing Manager, johnson@ubcpress.ca,  604 822 5370, or toll free 877 377 9378.UBC Press charges a shipping and handling fee for each examination copy requested. In Canada the fee is $8.50 per title; in the US, $15.00; and elsewhere, $25.00. Please include payment with your request. Thank you.REVI EW COpIESPlease submit review requests to  Kerry Kilmartin, Reviews Manager,  kilmartin@ubcpress.ca, Fax: 604 822 6083.Please note: All examination and review copy requests are provided at the publisher?s discretion.RETURNSPermission to return is not required. Current editions of clean, re-saleable books are eligible for credit at invoice discount if returned not less than 3 months nor more than 12 months from purchase date. Invoice numbers must be supplied. CDs are non-returnable unless arrived damaged. Damaged books, short shipments, or errors must be reported within 10 days of shipping date. For up-to-date information on UBC Press,  please visit our website at www.ubcpress.ca.CATALOGUES sUbsCription & inqUiriEsYou can download electronic copies of our seasonal and subject catalogues from our website, www.ubcpress.ca.  To receive notice that a new catalogue is available for download, please subscribe via our online form at www.ubcpress.ca. For more information, contact Alexa Love, Advertising & Promotions Manager,  love@ubcpress.ca.ONIX / b IbLIOGRApHIC DATAFor more information, contact Murray Tong, Bibliographic Data Coordinator,  tong@ubcpress.ca. orderingThe University of british Columbia press 2029 West Mall Vancouver, bC  V6T 1Z2


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