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UBCPress S P R I N G | S U M M E R 2 0 0 4 TRADE CATALOGUE The Heiress vs the Establishment Page 2 Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers Page 3 Rodents and Lagomorphs of British Columbia Page 9 TRADE CATALOGUE SPRING 2004 Living with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest Page 16 Lifesaving Letters Page 17 A Garden for Life Page 24 Salmon Nation Page 26 Double or Nothing? Page 29 The Sensitive Self Page 30 Regime Unchanged Page 18 Journey to the Ice Age Page 1 America Unbound Page 10 Munitions of the Mind Page 23 On the Brink Page 27 Succeeding in College with Asperger Syndrome Page 31 Cover image: “Attack on all Fronts”: World War II propaganda campaign, courtesy National Archives of Canada, C-103527 Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers: Canada’s Second World War, page 3 ¡Tequila! Page 23 1F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A Journey to the Ice Age Discovering an Ancient World At the end of the Ice Age, small groups of hunter-gatherers crossed from Siberia to Alaska and opened the last chapter in the human settlement of the earth. Many left little or no trace. But one group -- the Early Paleo-Indians -- exploded suddenly on the archaeological record about 11,500 years ago and expanded rapidly throughout North America and, eventually, into South America. Why was this group so successful? To understand this, we need to know how they coped with change and different Ice Age environments. This book, by archaeologist and curator Peter Storck, focuses on the challenges faced by the Early Paleo-Indians of northeastern North America. A revealing, autobiographical account, Journey to the Ice Age is at once a captivating record of Storck’s archaeological discoveries, as well as an introduction to the practice, challenges, and spirit of archaeology. Whether you’re in your teens or in your 80s, if you’ve ever wanted to roll back the present and see the landscape of the past, this book is sure to delight you. Designed to take readers on their own journey to the Ice Age, the book includes a guided tour across ancient beaches, through glacially scoured valleys, and up into formerly remote highlands – places evocative of another geological epoch and which contain hidden traces of Southern Ontario’s, and Canada’s, founding peoples. Of interest to both professional and amateur, student and teacher, special- ist and novice, this personal, often evocative, account is bound to satisfy anyone who’s ever yearned to ask an archaeologist: How do you know where to dig? Why do you do what you do? Or what does it all mean? “A passionate yet consummately erudite account of his intellectual odyssey from young scientist to pre-eminent scholar of Ice Age archae- ology. It is an honest, inspiring, and well-written story of a life devoted to science combined with a remarkably intimate portrait of the Ice Age people that Storck has been tracking for his entire professional career.” – Bradley Lepper, Curator of Archaeology, Ohio Historical Society “This book will open the consciousness of North Americans to the ancient world that surrounds their daily lives. Familiar landscapes will carry new significance as the settings for primeval iceberg-laden seas, exotic animals, and peoples whose way of life is totally alien to that of the modern world.” – Robert McGhee, author of Ancient People of the Arctic Peter L. Storck is Senior Curator Emeritus at the Department of Anthropology, Royal Ontario Museum. APRIL 384 pages, 6 x 9” 22 drawings, 19 photos, 21 maps, 3 tables hc $39.95, ISBN 0-7748-1028-9 Science/Archaeology Peter L. Storck UBC PRESS Published in association with: 2 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 The Heiress vs the Establishment Mrs. Campbell’s Campaign for Legal Justice In 1922, Elizabeth Bethune Campbell, a Toronto-born socialite, unearthed what she initially thought was an unsigned copy of her mother’s will, designating her as the primary beneficiary of the estate. The discovery snowballed into a fourteen-year battle with the Ontario legal establishment, as Mrs. Campbell attempted to prove that her uncle, a prominent member of Ontario’s legal circle, had stolen funds from her mother’s estate. In 1930, she argued her case before the Law Lords of the Privy Council in London. A non-lawyer and Canadian, with no formal education, Campbell was the first woman to ever appear before them. She won. Reprinted here in its entirety, Where Angels Fear to Tread, Campbell’s self-published manuscript, is an eloquent and rare first-person account of the world of overlapping intrigue and influence that constituted the early-twentieth-century legal system. Extensive commentary and annotations illuminate the context for Campbell’s story, and allow readers to better understand the implications of her case for Canadian legal history. So much more than a simple case study, The Heiress vs the Establishment is a vibrantly written account that will be wel- comed by legal and social historians, those with an interest in Canadian letters, scholars of gender studies, as well as the public at large. Constance Backhouse is Professor of Law, Director of the Human Rights Research and Education Centre, and University Research Chair at the University of Ottawa. Madam Justice Nancy Backhouse sits on the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario. Constance Backhouse and Nancy Backhouse UBC PRESS JUNE 356 pages est., 6 x 9” 36 b/w photos hc $45.00, ISBN 0-7748-1052-1 Law/Canadian History/Women’s Studies Published for The Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal  History by UBC Press. LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES “I belong to the old Canada, that Canada which is rapidly passing away. My own father, James Bethune, Q.C., was one of the  leading counsel at the Ontario Bar, and my step-father, Sir William Howland, K.C.M.G., C.B., was the second Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, for whom Government House in Toronto was built ... I should like to say just here that in my father’s and step-father’s day the legal profession of Ontario and the trust companies, if any existed, were of the highest repute. My reading public will no doubt, as my story proceeds, form their own opinion as to whether these traditions of honor still hold good in high places throughout Ontario today.” – From Where Angels Fear to Tread by Elizabeth Bethune Campbell, published in 1940 3F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers Canada’s Second World War It was the “Good War.” Its cause was just; it ended the Depres- sion; and Canada’s contribution was nothing less than stellar. Canadians had every reason to applaud themselves, and the heroes that made the nation proud. But the dark truth was that not all Canadians were saints or soldiers. Indeed, many were sinners. In this eye-opening and captivating reassessment of Canadian commitment to the cause, some disturbing questions come to light. Were citizens working as hard as possible to back the war effort?  Was there illegal profiting from the conflict? Did Canadian society suffer from a general decline of “morality” during the war?  Would women truly “back the attack” in new factory jobs and the military, and then quietly return home? Would unattended youth produce a crisis with juvenile delin- quency?  How would Canada reintegrate a million veterans who, policy-makers feared, would create a social crisis if treated like their Great War counterparts? The first-ever synthesis of both the patriotic and the problematic in wartime Canada, Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers shows how moral and social changes, and the fears they generated, precipitated numerous, and often contradictory, legacies in law and society.  From labour conflicts, to the black market, to prostitution, and beyond, Keshen acknowledges the under- belly of Canada’s Second World War, and demonstrates that the “Good War” was a complex tapestry of social forces – not all of which were above reproach. Essential to both military and social historians, this book will also prove fascinating to anyone interested in the evolution of Canada’s social fabric. “Opening up a large number of new questions about the 1940s and, by extension, other periods of the 20th century, Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers will become a standard work in Canadian social history.” – Terry Copp, author of Fields of Fire: The Canadians in Normandy “Jeffrey Keshen’s Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers is an extraordinary look at how Canadians lived, loved, and worked on the homefront during the Second World War. His massive research into the sources that other historians usually skip over has produced the single best study of rapidly changing social values in a time of great crisis that we have. Absolutely first-rate…” – J.L. Granatstein, author of Canada’s Army: Waging War and Keeping the Peace Jeffrey A. Keshen is a member of the Department of History at the University of Ottawa. APRIL 448 pages est., 6 x 9” 38 b/w illus. hc $45.00, ISBN 0-7748-0923-X Military History Jeffrey A. Keshen UBC PRESS STUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORY Published in association with the Canadian War Museum 4 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 Canadians Behind Enemy Lines, 1939-1945 With a New Preface by the Author Roy MacLaren UBC PRESS BACK IN PRINT During the Second World War, Canadians found themselves behind enemy lines in Europe and Asia. Not all were ill-fated airmen, shot down in the fury of battle. In fact, some were there by design. As volunteers who risked their lives in extremely hazardous assignments, almost one hundred Canadians served the Allied forces by passing as locals in occupied countries. At the behest of two secret British services, these men made language and custom their costumes and wove themselves into the social fabric of France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Burma, Malaya, and Sarawak. As “citizens” of these countries, they were uniquely positioned to assist resistance groups in sabotage and ambush missions, and to smuggle Allied airmen out of the occupied territories. Quiet heroes of the war, these bold Canadians helped to make the brutal and unrelenting warfare of the underground a potent weapon in the Allied arsenal. Out of print for more than two decades, this bestselling book recognizes the unique contribution of these individuals to the underground war effort in WWII. It is also a study of unstinting personal courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Military and Canadian historians, veterans, and anyone interested in this fascinating piece of Canada’s past will appreciate MacLaren’s engaging, well-researched account. The Honourable Roy MacLaren, a graduate of the Universities of British Columbia, Toronto, and Cambridge, was a diplomat, business- man, and Member of Parliament.  He was Minister of State (Finance), Minister of National Revenue, and Minister of International Trade. He is the author of four other books on Canadian military and political subjects. PRAISE FOR THE ORIGINAL EDITION: “A rattling adventure yarn.” – The Vancouver Sun “Documents yet another stage in Canada’s reluctant coming of age.” – The Globe and Mail “An intensely interesting account of an unusual and little-known aspect of Canada’s fighting men overseas.” – The Canadian Historical Review MARCH 352 pages est., 6 x 9” 38 b/w illus., 3 maps pb $25.95, ISBN 0-7748-1100-5 Military History 5F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A UBC PRESS David R. Boyd Unnatural Law Rethinking Canadian Environmental Law and Policy RECENTLY RELEASED “David Boyd has examined our condition, given us a diagnosis, and written a prescription for a sustainable future. The doctor is in.” – Thomas R. Berger “For all our sakes, read this book and help make the changes David Boyd prescribes.” – Elizabeth May, Sierra Club of Canada While governments assert that Canada is a world leader in sustainability, Unnatural Law provides extensive evidence to refute this claim. A comprehensive assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of Canadian environmental law, the book provides a balanced, critical examination of Canada’s record, focusing on laws and policies intended to protect water, air, land, and biodiversity. The struggle for a sustainable future is one of the most daunting challenges facing humanity in the twenty-first century. Unnatural Law prescribes the changes Canada must make in order to respond to the ecological imperative of living within the Earth’s limits. Everyone -- academics, lawyers, students, policymakers, and concerned citizens -- interested in the health of the Canadian and global environments will find this book an invaluable source of information and insight. David R. Boyd is an environmental lawyer, profes- sor, and former executive director of the Sierra Legal Defence Fund. 2003 488 pages, 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1049-1 LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES Environmental Studies/Current Affairs Murdering Holiness The Trials of Franz Creffield and George Mitchell Jim Phillips and Rosemary Gartner Murdering Holiness explores the story of the “Holy Roller” sect led by Franz Creffield in the early years of the twentieth century. Creffield, a charismatic, self-styled messiah based in Corvallis, Oregon, taught his followers to forsake their families and worldly possessions and to seek salvation through him. As his teachings became more extreme, the local community reacted: Creffield was tarred and feathered and his followers were incarcerated in the state asylum. Creffield himself was imprisoned for adultery but later revived the sect. This proved too much for some of the adherents’ families, and in 1906 George Mitchell, the brother of two women in the sect, shot Creffield dead in Seattle. This was just the beginning of a remarkable sequence of events that included Mitchell’s trial for murder, his acquittal and almost immediate death in a revenge killing, and the proceedings against Mitchell’s murderers. This captivating book takes us into the courtroom for the trial that made headlines across North America and sheds light on the rise of ardent religion in the Pacific Northwest, the justice system in Seattle, and the role of the press in influencing public opinion. Jim Phillips is Director of the Centre of Criminology and a professor in the Faculty of Law and Depart- ment of History. Rosemary Gartner is a professor at the Centre of Criminology and the Department of Sociology. Both are at the University of Toronto. 2003 360 pages, 21 b/w illus., 6 x 9” hc $45.00, ISBN 0-7748-0906-X LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES True Crime/History RECENTLY RELEASED Lydia Miljan and Barry Cooper Hidden Agendas How Journalists Influence the News RECENTLY RELEASED “H idden Agendas breaks new ground and expands our understanding of Canada’s media. But be forewarned: Whatever your preconcep- tions about who’s right, who’s left and who’s wrong, this little book is full of surprises.” – Terence Corcoran, Editor-in-Chief, Financial Post In our news-hungry society, journalists have become celebrities and, often, political proxies. To a large degree, our world is shaped by their commentaries on everything from war to health care to trade. Hidden Agendas is a no-holds- barred exposé of how reporters’ opinions shape the information that we consider news. Focusing primarily on the political orientation of journalists, Miljan and Cooper investigate the link between what journalists believe about politics and how they report political issues. Using data gathered from interviews with over 800 Canadians and some 270 journalists, the book arrives at the controversial conclusion that journalists, more so than media owners, are the architects of news, engineering not only its drama but also its ideological thrust. Lydia Miljan and Barry Cooper are both professors of political science. They teach at the University of Windsor and the University of Calgary, respectively. 2003 188 pages, 6 x 9” pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-1020-3 Journalism/Current Affairs/Politics 6 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 UBC PRESS Edited by John Barker and Douglas Cole At Home with the Bella Coola Indians T.F. McIlwraith’s Field Letters, 1922–4 NOW IN PAPERBACK Between 1922 and 1924, the young Canadian anthropologist T.F. McIlwraith spent eleven months in the isolated community of Bella Coola, British Columbia, living among the people of the Nuxalk First Nation. During his time there, McIlwraith gained intimate knowledge of the Nuxalk culture and of their struggle to survive in the face of massive depopulation, loss of traditional lands, and the efforts of the Canadian government to ban the potlatch. McIlwraith's resulting ethnography, The Bella Coola Indians (1948), is widely considered the finest published study of a Northwest Coast First Nation. This volume is a rich complement to McIlwraith’s classic work, incorporating his letters from the field with previously unpublished essays on the Nuxalk. Vivid and lively, the letters show the human side of the anthropologist, and provide a fascinating insight into the famous Northwest winter ceremonials and potlatch – events in which McIlwraith was one of the few white men privileged to participate as a dancer and partner. John Barker is an associate professor in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at the University of British Columbia. Douglas Cole was a professor in the Department of History at Simon Fraser University. He died in 1997. JANUARY 224 pages, 15 b/w illus., 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0980-9 Anthropology/Native Studies John Punter The Vancouver Achievement Urban Planning and Design NOW IN PAPERBACK This book examines the development of Vancouver’s unique approach to zoning, planning, and urban design from the early 1970s to the beginning of the twenty-first century. By the late 1990s, Vancouver had established a reputation in North America for its planning achievement, especially for its creation of a participative, responsive, and design-led approach to urban regeneration and redevelopment. This system has other important features: an innovative approach to megaproject planning, a system of cost and amenity levies on major schemes, a participative process to underpin active neighbourhood planning, and a sophisticated panoply of design guidelines. These systems, processes, and their achievements place Vancouver at the forefront of international planning practice. The Vancouver Achievement explains the keys to its success, and evaluates its approach to planning and design against internationally accepted criteria. Generously illustrated with over 160 photos and figures, this book – the first comprehen- sive account of contemporary planning and urban design practice in any Canadian city – will appeal to academic and professional audiences, as well as the general public. John Punter is with the Department of City and Regional Planning, Cardiff University, Wales. JANUARY 448 pages, 69 b/w photos, figures, maps, 6 x 9” pb $34.95, ISBN 0-7748-0972-8 Planning/Urban Studies NOW IN PAPERBACK John R. Hinde When Coal Was King Ladysmith and the Coal-Mining Industry on Vancouver Island The town of Ladysmith was one of the most important coal-mining communities on Vancouver Island during the early twentieth century. The Ladysmith miners had a reputa- tion for radicalism and militancy and engaged in bitter struggles for union recognition and economic justice, most notably the Great Strike of 1912-14. This strike, one of the longest and most violent labour disputes in Canadian history, marked a watershed in the history of the town and the coal industry. This book explains the origins of the 1912-14 strike by examining the development of the coal industry on Vancouver Island, the found- ing of Ladysmith, the experience of work and safety in the mines, the process of political and economic mobilization, and how these factors contributed to the development of identity and community. Unique to this analysis is Hinde’s emphasis on the importance of class, ethnicity, gender, and community in creating the conditions for the mobilization of the working-class population. Informed by current academic debates, this readable history draws on extensive archival research, and will appeal to historians and others interested in the history of Vancouver Island. John R. Hinde has taught at the University of Victoria and Malaspina University College. His first book, Jacob Burckhardt and the Crisis of Modernity, was awarded the 2001 Wallace K. Ferguson Prize by the Canadian Historical Association. JANUARY 288 pages, 22 b/w illus., 3 maps, 6 x 9” pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-0936-1 History 7F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A Growth and Governance of Canadian Universities An Insider’s View Howard C. Clark A veteran of university administration considers the effect of remarkable change on the growth and governance of the modern Canadian university. JANUARY 240 pages, 6 x 9” pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-1024-6 Higher Education Japan at the Millennium Joining Past and Future David W. Edgington, ed. A critical, multidisciplinary study of economics, politics, society, and culture, this collection of essays examines the concepts of “change” and “continuity” in contemporary Japan. JANUARY 288 pages, 11 b/w illus., 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0899-3 Asian Studies In the Long Run We’re All Dead The Canadian Turn to Fiscal Restraint Timothy Lewis A superb analysis of how the decline of Canadian Keynesianism has made way for the emergence of politics organized around balanced budgets. JANUARY 288 pages, 6 x 9” pb $27.95, ISBN 0-7748-0999-X Political Science/Public Policy Collective Insecurity The Liberian Crisis, Unilateralism, and Global Order Ikechi Mgbeoji A probing analysis and critique of the historical dysfunction of the postcolonial African state and the tragic collapse of Liberia. JANUARY 200 pages, 6 x 9” pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-1037-8 Law/African Studies LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES UBC PRESS | NOW IN PAPERBACK & NEW SCHOLARLY BOOKS The Integrity Gap Canada’s Environmental Policy and Institutions Eugene Lee and Anthony Perl, eds. This thoughtful collection exposes the gap between rhetoric and performance in Canada’s response to environmental challenges. JANUARY 304 pages, 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0986-8 Environmental Studies/Public Policy Training the Excluded for Work Marjorie Griffin Cohen, ed. In an attempt to redress social inequities in the workplace, the authors examine various kinds of training programs and recommend specific policy initiatives to improve access to these programs. JANUARY 288 pages, 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1007-6 Sociology/Policy Studies Taking Stands Gender and the Sustainability of Rural Communities Maureen Reed Going beyond simple notions of “pro” and “anti” environmentalism, Reed explores the perspectives of women who support the forestry industry, and seek to protect its role in their livelihoods and communities. JANUARY 296 pages, 10 b/w illus., 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1018-1 Forestry/Gender Studies Not the Slightest Chance The Defence of Hong Kong, 1941 Tony Banham “This meticulously researched book opens up rich new detail on many aspects of the battle of Hong Kong.” – Roger Sarty JANUARY 452 pages, 10 b/w illus., maps, 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1045-9 Military History/Asian Studies New Perspectives on the Public-Private Divide The Law Commission of Canada Part of a series designed to explore the role of law in structuring human relationships, this collection of essays re-evaluates the public-private divide to examine how it affects the legal forms that shape our personal relationships. JANUARY 200 pages, 6 x 9” pb $27.95, ISBN 0-7748-1043-2 Law LEGAL DIMENSIONS SERIES Published in association with The Law Commission of Canada Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place Localizing Sanctity in Asian Religions Phyllis Granoff and Koichi Shinohara, eds. An interdisciplinary contemplation of sacred place and biography in Asia that shows how secular politics, religion, and sectarian rivalry intersect. JANUARY 392 pages, 31 b/w illus., 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1039-4 Asian Studies/Religious Studies ASIAN RELIGIONS AND SOCIETY SERIES Elections John Courtney This first volume of the Canadian Democratic Audit series is a concise analysis of the complex history, development, and issues surrounding the Canadian electoral system. MARCH 192 pages est., 5½ x 8½” hc $65.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0917-5 Political Science Representation and Democratic Theory David Laycock, ed. A thought-provoking collection of essays by leading political theorists that illuminates the complexity of political representation in contemporary democratic politics. MAY 304 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1078-5 Political Science Political Parties William Cross An examination of the history, structure, mechanisms, and performance of Canadian political parties, which also assesses how they function as vehicles for grassroots political participation. APRIL 176 pages est., 5½ x 8½” hc $65.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0940-X Political Science * Denotes titles which are available at short discount only Citizens Elisabeth Gidengil, André Blais, Richard Nadeau, and Neil Nevitte A comprehensive assessment of the level of engagement of Canadian citizens in the nation’s democratic life. MAY 192 pages est., 5½ x 8½” hc $65.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0919-1 Political Science Gender and Change in Hong Kong Globalization, Postcolonialism, and Chinese Patriarchy Eliza W.Y. Lee An analysis of women’s changing roles amidst the complex interaction of the three important forces of globalization, postcolonialism, and Chinese patriarchy. JANUARY 224 pages, 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0994-9 Asian Studies/Gender Studies CONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIES SERIES Stepping Stones to Nowhere The Aleutian Islands, Alaska, and American Military Strategy, 1867-1945 Galen Roger Perras This book provides a probing analysis of how the Aleutian Islands and Alaska figured in American military strategy up to and during the second world war. JANUARY 288 pages, 14 b/w illus., maps, 6 x 9” pb $25.95, ISBN 0-7748-0990-6 Military History 8 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 UBC PRESS | NEW SCHOLARLY BOOKS Feminist Activism in the Supreme Court Legal Mobilization and the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund Christopher P. Manfredi A cogent analysis of legal mobilization as a strategy for social movements. FEBRUARY 256 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0946-9 Law LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES Tournament of Appeals Granting Judicial Review in Canada Roy B. Flemming An innovative study that offers a qualitatively and quantitatively based explanation of how Canada’s justices grant judicial review. MAY 176 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $80.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1082-3 Law Compulsory Compassion A Critique of Restorative Justice Annalise Acorn A multi-faceted consideration and critique of the compelling and emotionally seductive rhetoric of restorative justice. MARCH 256 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0942-6 Law LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES What Is a Crime? Defining Criminal Conduct in Contemporary Society The Law Commission of Canada, ed. A sustained and critical interrogation of the definition of crime and its control in contemporary society. MAY 224 pages, 6 x 9” hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1086-6 Law Limiting Arbitrary Power The Vagueness Doctrine in Canadian Constitutional Law Marc Ribeiro The first full-length study of the void-for-vagueness doctrine and its implications in Canadian constitutional law. MAY 256 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1050-5 Law CCF Colonialism in Northern Saskatchewan Battling Parish Priests, Bootleggers, and Fur Sharks David M. Quiring Quiring draws on extensive archival research and oral histories to examine the colonial relationship between the CCF and communities in northern Saskatchewan between 1944 and 1964. MAY 384 pages est., 1 map, 6 x 9” hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0938-8 History/Politics Tsawalk A Nuu-chah-nulth Worldview Umeek (E. Richard Atleo) Tsawalk, a Nuu-chah-nulth worldview that unifies the physical and the spriritual, is presented here as an alternative and complement to Western scientific views on the nature of the universe. MARCH 160 pages est., 16 b/w illus., 6 x 9” hc $75.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1084-X Native Studies/Anthropology Paddling to Where I Stand Agnes Alfred, Qwiqwasut’inuxw Noblewoman Martine J. Reid, ed., and Daisy Sewid-Smith, trans. A first-hand account of the greatest period of change experienced by the Kwakwaka’wakw people since their first contact with Europeans. MAY 320 pages est., 35 b/w illus., 6 x 9” hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0912-4 Native Studies/Anthropology Intercultural Dispute Resolution in Aboriginal Contexts Catherine Bell and David Kahane, eds. This collection considers how alternative dispute resolution can be used to settle conflict between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal groups. MARCH 384 pages est., 6 x 9” hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1026-2 Native Studies Musqueam Reference Grammar Wayne Suttles In this definitive work, Wayne Suttles draws on half a century of linguistic research to document an endangered First Nations language. APRIL 632 pages est., 2 maps, 6 x 9” hc $125.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1002-5 Native Studies/Linguistics FIRST NATIONS LANGUAGES SERIES The Cult of Happiness Nianhua, Art, and History in Rural North China James A. Flath An interdisciplinary study of the historical, cultural, and social signifi- cance of the Chinese woodblock print form of nianhua. MARCH 256 pages est., 80 illus., 6 x 9” hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1034-3 Asian Studies/Art History CONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIES SERIES Images in Asian Religions Texts and Contexts Phyllis Granoff and Koichi Shinohara, eds. A comprehensive look at the role of images in Asian religions, which examines aspects of image worship that have only begun to be studied. MAY 384 pages est., 60 b/w illus., 6 x 9” hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0948-5 Asian Studies/Religion ASIAN RELIGIONS AND SOCIETY SERIES LEGAL DIMENSIONS SERIES Published in association with The Law Commission of Canada Negotiated Memory Doukhobor Autobiographical Discourse Julie Rak Using aspects of cultural studies and autobiography studies, Rak examines how the Doukhobours used autobiogra- phy to create and sustain their own sense of identity. MARCH 192 pages, 3 b/w photos, 6 x 9” hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1030-0 History/Cultural Studies Obedient Autonomy Chinese Intellectuals and the Achievement of Orderly Life Erika E.S. Evasdottir An anthropological study of Chinese archaeologists which examines the moral, ethical, political, and economic underpinnings of the discipline in context. FEBRUARY 320 pages, 1 map, 6 x 9” hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0929-9 Anthropology/Asian Studies CONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIES SERIES * Denotes titles which are available at short discount only Redrawing Local Government Boundaries An International Study of Politics, Procedures, and Decisions John Meligrana, ed. An international comparative study of local boundary reform that presents a systematic examination of such critical municipal restructuring. APRIL 288 pages est., 15 maps, 6 x 9” hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0933-7 Planning/Politics Governing Ourselves? The Politics of Canadian Communities Mary Louise McAllister A new approach to the study of local government and planning that addresses the challenges of globalization to both large and small Canadian communities. MAY 356 pages est., 12 b/w illus., maps, 6½ x 9½” hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1062-9 Political Science 9F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A MAY 176 pages, 5½ x 8½” illustrated pb $25.95 ISBN 0-7748-0914-0 ROYAL BRITISH COLUMBIA MUSEUM HANDBOOKS SERIES Natural History Robert Forsyth is an amateur malacologist who has studied terrestrial molluscs in British Columbia since 1990. He is a research associate with the Royal British Columbia Museum and has published more than a dozen articles on molluscs. This is his first book. JUNE 352 pages, 5½ x 8½” illustrated pb $25.95 ISBN 0-7748-0729-6 ROYAL BRITISH COLUMBIA MUSEUM HANDBOOKS SERIES Natural History David Nagorsen owns a private biological consulting business specializing in mammals. He is former Curator of Mammalogy at the Royal British Columbia Museum, and the author of several books, including Bats of British Columbia (with R. Mark Brigham), Opossums, Shrews and Moles of British Columbia, and The Mammals of British Columbia: A Taxonomic Catalogue. David W. Nagorsen Rodents and Lagomorphs of British Columbia The rodents are the world’s most numerous and diverse group of mammals. British Columbia is home to 45 species, from the tiny western harvest mouse to the large and toothy beaver, from the ubiquitous rats and squirrels to the endangered Vancouver Island marmot. Just seven species of lagomorphs inhabit BC: five rabbits and hares, and two pikas. Most people regard these small mammals as pests or vermin, but we cannot overlook their importance to the province’s ecosystems. Because of their abundance, rodents and lagomorphs are vital prey species for raptors and mammalian carnivores. Burrowing species play an important role in aerating soils. Some rodents, such as chipmunks, voles, and flying squirrels, are also important in forest ecosys- tems because they consume truffles or underground fungi and disperse their spores on the forest floor. In Lagomorphs and Rodents of British Columbia, David Nagorsen summarizes the most up-to-date information on these mam- mals. He discusses their general biology, including ecology, diet, anatomy, conservation and relations with humans. Illustrated keys aid in identification of the 52 species inhabiting the province. For each species, the author describes its natural history, identifying characteristics, taxonomy, and conservation, status in the province. Each species account is accompanied by illustrations and a distribution map. Robert G. Forsyth Land Snails of British Columbia Snails and slugs have a reputation as slimy, repulsive creatures that are nothing more than garden pests, but they are important compo- nents of the ecosystems in which they live. Worldwide there are more species of snails and slugs than all the mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians combined, yet they are often overlooked because of their relatively small size. Land snails and slugs are well adapted to live in almost any kind of environment, from high arctic tundra to tropical forests. In British Columbia, they can be found just about everywhere. Land Snails of British Columbia is the first book on land snails (including slugs) that describes all the species in a region of Canada. Robert Forsyth describes the 88 species known to live in our province and includes photographs and detailed drawings of each. Diagnostic keys and a selection of colour photographs also aid in identification. With each species description, the author discusses its natural history and distribution in the province. Reproduction, life history, diet, locomotion, and shell structure (yes, even slugs have shells!), are also discussed. Gardeners, nature buffs, and anyone inter- ested in looking past the bad reputation of the much-maligned snail will find this handbook an eye-opening guide. UBC PRESS AND THE ROYAL BRITISH COLUMBIA MUSEUM » ALSO OF INTEREST Bats of British Columbia David W. Nagorsen and R. Mark Brigham pb $19.95 ISBN 0-7748-0482-3 » ALSO OF INTEREST Introducing the Dragonflies of British Columbia and the Yukon Robert A. Cannings pb $12.95 ISBN 0-7726-4637-6 10 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRESS 2003 246 pages, 6 x 9” hc $32.95 ISBN 0-8157-1688-5 Politics Ivo H. Daalder is a senior fellow in Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution, and holds the Sydney Stein Jr. Chair in International Security. His books include Winning Ugly: NATO’s War to Save Kosovo and Getting to Dayton: The Making of America's Bosnia Policy. James M. Lindsay is vice president and director of studies of the Council on Foreign Relations, where he holds the Maurice R. Greenberg Chair.  He was previously deputy director and senior fellow in Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution. His books include Agenda for the Nation and Defending America: The Case for Limited National Missile Defense. MARCH 240 pages, 6 x 9” hc $38.95 ISBN 0-8157-0904-8 Politics/Slavic Studies Isaiah Berlin (1909– 97) taught for most of his life at Oxford University, where he was successively professor of social and political theory and founding president of Wolfson College. His other books include Karl Marx: His Life and Environment and Russian Thinkers. Henry Hardy is a fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford University.  He is one of Isaiah Berlin’s literary trustees and has edited a number of other collections of Berlin’s essays. Strobe Talbott is president of the Brookings Institution and previously served as US Deputy Secretary of State (1994–2001). He is author of several books on Russia and the Soviet Union. Isaiah Berlin, edited by Henry Hardy Foreword by Strobe Talbott The Soviet Mind Russian Culture under Communism Isaiah Berlin’s response to the Soviet Union was central to his identity, both personal and intellectual. Born a Russian subject in Riga in 1909, he spoke Russian as a child and witnessed both revolutions in St. Petersburg in 1917, emigrating to the West in 1921. He first returned to Russia in 1945, when he met Anna Akhmatova and Boris Pasternak. These formative encounters helped shape his later work, especially his defense of political freedom and his studies of pre-Soviet Russian thinkers. Berlin’s writings about the USSR have not previously been collected. Some are not widely known, having been published under a pseudonym to protect his relatives in Russia. Three of these pieces have never been published before, and two appeared only posthumously. Here are Berlin’s accounts of his famous meetings with Russian writers shortly after the Second World War; his celebrated 1945 Foreign Office memorandum on the state of the arts under Stalin; his account of Stalin’s manipulative “artificial dialectic;” portraits of Osip Mandel’shtam and Pasternak; his survey of Soviet Russian culture written after a visit in 1956; a surprised but delighted postscript stimulated by the events of 1989; and more besides. The Soviet Mind will take its rightful place among Berlin’s works and will be welcomed by all his readers. It will also prove invaluable for policymakers, students, and other observers of Russian politics as they explore the roots of current trends. Ivo H. Daalder and James M. Lindsay America Unbound President George W. Bush is leading a revolution in American foreign policy. Galva- nized by the terrorist attacks of September 11, he has radically amended, and in some cases abandoned, strategies and institutions that for decades guided America’s engage- ment in the world. With terrorists, tyrants, and technologies of mass destruction posing a grave and growing danger, Bush believes that the best – if not the only way – to ensure America’s security is to shuck the constraints imposed by friends, allies, and international institutions. In America Unbound, Ivo Daalder and James Lindsay explore how Bush became a foreign policy revolutionary. They show how Bush believed from the outset that the confident and unilateral exercise of American power was the best way to promote America’s national interests. September 11, rather than transforming US foreign policy, in fact rein- forced Bush’s worldview. For Bush, the need to defeat enemies abroad before they could strike again became not just his priority, but his mission. The Bush revolution in foreign policy, the authors argue, carries with it high risks and possibly high costs. An America unbound by the need to convince others of the justice of its cause is an America that conveys an arrogance born of power rather than principle. At some point, they warn, America’s friends and allies may refuse to follow its lead, and some may actively oppose its chosen course. At that point, the United States will stand all alone – a great power shackled in its pursuit of its most important goals. The Bush Revolution in Foreign Policy RECENTLY RELEASED 11F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRESS Stephen Philip Cohen The Idea of Pakistan Many observers have criticized Pakistan as a failed state, or even a “rogue” state, particu- larly for its support of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan prior to the September 11th terrorist attacks. Armed with nuclear weapons and working to develop more effective and devastating delivery mechanisms, Pakistan is often portrayed as hapless and on the verge of imminent catastrophe. However, as noted South Asian affairs expert Stephen Cohen contends, this is not necessarily the case. Instead he argues that it is important to take a nuanced view of the issues surround- ing the idea of “state failure,” particularly before that term is applied to Pakistan. This book examines the factors contributing to state failure and asks whether they are present in the case of Pakistan. It also investigates the distinctive political and social institutions of the country, as well as the debates taking place within Pakistan, particularly following the 1999 coup, about the future of the country. Finally, Cohen scrutinizes evidence indicating a reversal of the prevailing trend of decline in Pakistan, and considers whether it is possible for this country to fulfill its promise of joining the community of nations as a functioning partner. Stephen Philip Cohen is a senior fellow in the Foreign Policy Studies program at the Brookings Institution. He is the author of several books on South Asia, including Nuclear Weapons and Conflict in South Asia  and India: Emerging Power. MAY 240 pages, 6 x 9” hc $42.95, ISBN 0-8157-1502-1 Politics Beyond Tiananmen The Politics of US-China Relations 1989–2000 Robert L. Suettinger It has been thirteen years since soldiers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) raced into the center of Beijing, and killed student demonstrators. The U.S. and other Western countries recoiled in disgust after the horrific incident, and the relationship between the US and China went from amity and strategic cooperation to hostility, distrust, and misunder- standing. According to Robert Suettinger, the calamity in Tiananmen Square marked a critical turning point in U.S.-China affairs. This book traces the turbulent bilateral relationship since that time, with a particular focus on the internal political factors that shaped it. Through a series of candid anecdotes and observations, Suettinger sheds light on the complex and confused decision-making process that affected relations between the US and China between 1989 and the end of the Clinton presidency in 2000. By illuminating the way domestic political ideas, beliefs, and prejudices affect foreign policymaking, Suettinger reveals policy deci- sions as outcomes of complex processes, rather than the results of grand strategic trends. He also refutes the view that strategic confron- tation between the superpowers is inevitable. Robert L. Suettinger served as East Asia national intelligence officer for the National Intelligence Council, Director of Asian affairs for the National Security Council, and in similar positions with the US Department of State and the CIA. 2003 556 pages, 6 x 9” hc $56.95, ISBN 0-8157-8206-3 Politics/Asian Studies RECENTLY RELEASED Yevgeny M. Primakov A World Challenged Fighting Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century In this candid account, former Russian premier Yevgeny M. Primakov considers the threats posed by independent terrorist organizations to international security. As the attacks of September 11 made clear, the course of international affairs is no longer shaped exclusively by cooperation and confrontation among nations. Yet, the way states respond to terrorism – including America’s war on terror – can have a profound impact on the structure of the international system. In Primakov’s view, coordinated responses to terrorism can limit its impact. However, he argues, a unilateral American approach to the problem of international terrorism could make such cooperation difficult. In this context, Primakov explains Russian concerns about the US war in Iraq – and reveals new details of his final personal attempt to persuade Saddam Hussein to step down. Primakov urges Russia and the US to join forces more readily to share information and intelligence about emerging terrorist threats. More broadly, he writes, if America is prepared to work within a “multi-polar world,” Russia can be a true and loyal partner. On the other hand, if the United States tries to go it alone, it could face the consequences in isolation. Yevgeny M. Primakov, one of Russia’s most distinguished statesmen, served as Russian premier from 1998 to 1999. FEBRUARY 144 pages, 6 x 9” hc $32.95, 0-8157-7194-0 Politics 12 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRESS The Media and the War on Terrorism Edited by Stephen Hess and Marvin Kalb This dynamic collection of candid conversa- tions between journalists and federal officials captures the tensions between the press and the state during wartime. Begun in late 2001, shortly after the US launched its ground campaign in Afghanistan, the discussions engage a number of complex issues, including military censorship and the difficulties of maintaining security in an era of satellite technology. Participants include current and former high-ranking government officials, as well as respected journalists, among them: Jill Abramson (New York Times), Hafez Al-Mirazi (Al Jazeera), Victoria Clarke (Department of Defense), Ted Koppel (ABC News), Mike McCurry (former White House press secretary), Alan Murray (Wall Street Journal and CNBC), Susan Page (USA Today), Bob Schieffer (CBS News), Daniel Schorr (National Public Radio), James R. Schlesinger (former Secretary of Defense), Andrei Sitov (ITAR-TASS), R. James Woolsey (former director of the CIA), Judy Woodruff (CNN), and Robin Wright (Los Angeles Times). Accessible and informative, this book will be of great value to anyone concerned about the tensions between the state and the fourth estate. Stephen Hess is a senior fellow in the Governance Studies program at the Brookings Institution. Marvin Kalb is a former journalist and senior fellow at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy. 2003 320 pages, 6 x 9” pb $32.95, ISBN 0-8157-3581-2 Politics Andrew Zimbalist Foreword by Bob Costas May the Best Team Win Baseball Economics and Public Policy Major League Baseball is experiencing a period of distinct uncertainty. Average game attend- ance has fallen since the 1994 strike. Broad- cast rights disputes have created complica- tions for fans. However, new stadium facilities and the renewed excitement brought to the game by the shattered records of the late ’90s brought fans back. A strike was narrowly averted at the end of the 2002 season, a campaign that yielded one of the most exciting post-seasons yet, with the unlikely Anaheim Angels claiming the coveted World Series trophy. Beneath these encouraging developments, however, deep problems persist within Major League Baseball. This book explores the abuses and inefficiencies in the functioning of the baseball industry and how these problems are directly connected to Major League Baseball’s monopoly status, its presumed exemption from antitrust regulation, and public policy. May the Best Team Win provides a solid, hard-hitting analysis of the current state of America’s pastime. Easily accessible and highly informative, it is bound to become a standard reference tool for fans seeking a deeper understanding of the important issues underlying the game. Andrew Zimbalist is Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. 2003 198 pages, 6 x 9” hc $35.95, ISBN 0-8157-9728-1 Sport/Economics/Politics RECENTLY RELEASEDRECENTLY RELEASED Vartan Gregorian Islam A Mosaic, Not a Monolith RECENTLY RELEASED As terrorist activity is increasingly linked to militant Islamism, some western leaders and scholars have begun to fear the rise of a Pan-Islamic totalitarian movement fueled by monolithic Muslim ideology. In this succinct, powerful survey of the world’s fastest-growing religion, Vartan Gregorian dispels these fears by focusing on Muslim diversity and division, and portraying the faith and its people as a mosaic, not a monolith. Beginning with an accessible overview of Islam through history, Gregorian concentrates on the historical struggle between modernists and traditionalists, interaction between religion and nationalism, and key developments that have caused bitter divisions among Muslim nations and states. Today, Islamist views range across the entire spectra of religious and political thought, and Islamism is anything but a unified movement. This book urges Westerners to distinguish between activist Islamist parties, which promote – sometimes violently – Islam as an ideology in a theocratic state, and Islamic parties, whose traditional members want their secular political systems to co-exist with the moral principles of their religion. Vartan Gregorian is president of the Carnegie Corporation of New York. He has served as president of Brown University, president of the New York Public Library, and founding dean and provost of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. 2003 164 pages, 5½ x 8½” hc $28.95, ISBN 0-8157-3282-1 Religion/Politics 13F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRESS Deadly Arsenals Tracking Weapons of Mass Destruction Joseph Cirincione with Jon B. Wolfsthal and Miriam Rajkumar An authoritative study of the dangers posed today by weapons of mass destruction. With maps, charts, and graphs, this proliferation atlas documents the spread of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and missile delivery systems. The book describes the weapons and the regimes that try to control them; it also details the countries that have, want, or have given up weapons of mass destruction. Deadly Arsenals provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive assessment available on the subject and is a valuable resource for policy- makers, scholars, students, and the media. 2002 450 pages, 7 x 10” pb $42.95, ISBN 0-87003-193-7 Politics/Security Studies Putin’s Russia Lilia Shevtsova On December 31, 1999, Boris Yeltsin abruptly handed the country’s leadership over to the virtually unknown Vladimir Putin. With Putin’s ascendancy to power, Russian leadership and Russia have changed dramatically. A pragmatic manager, Putin has tamed the Russian elite and arrogant tycoons, pushed forward economic reforms previously stalled under Yeltsin, and instituted a pro-Western foreign policy. He has accomplished all of this while maintain- ing an astonishing 70 percent approval rating. In Putin’s Russia, Lilia Shevtsova, one of Russia’s top political analysts and award-winning journalists, examines how, under Putin, the country vacillates between optimism and anguish, hope and resentment. She examines the true nature of Putin’s leadership and how far he is willing and capable to go with further transformation. 2003 298 pages, 6 x 9” pb $28.95, ISBN 0-87003-201-1 Politics/Slavic Studies Integrating China into the Global Economy Nicholas Lardy China’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) has been hailed as the biggest coming-out party in the history of capitalism. In this book, Nicholas Lardy considers why the Chinese communist regime would agree to comply with the complex rules of the global trading system when it has already become the world’s seventh largest trading country, despite its exclusion from the WTO. This book will become an important tool for those who wish to understand China’s new role in the global trading system, to take advantage of the new opportunities for investment in China, or simply to gain a better understand- ing of what former President Clinton called a “once in a generation event.” 2003 256 pages, 6 x 9” pb $28.95, ISBN 0-8157-5135-4 Economics/Asian Studies Japan’s Policy Trap Dollars, Deflation, and the Crisis of Japanese Finance Akio Mikuni and R. Taggart Murphy Winner of the 2002 Association of American Publishers Professional and Scholarly Publishing Award for Economics “A provocative new book.” – Financial Times Japan’s Policy Trap offers a provoca- tive new analysis of the country’s protracted economic stagnation. Japanese insider Akio Mikuni and long- term Japan resident R. Taggart Murphy contend that the country has landed in a policy trap that defies easy solution. The authors, who have together spent decades at the heart of Japanese finance, expose the deep-rooted political arrangements that have distorted Japan’s monetary policy in a deflationary direction. 2003 304 pages, 6 x 9” pb $32.95, ISBN 0-8157-0223-X Economics/Asian Studies The Siberian Curse How Communist Planners Left Russia Out in the Cold Fiona Hill and Clifford G. Gaddy The Siberian Curse is a provocative look at a problem that has been overlooked since the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1917, the Bolsheviks forcibly industrialized the gigantic landmass they inherited from the tsars. They deployed slave labor to build factories and cities, and operated industries in some of the most forbidding places on the planet. They then used costly incentives to attract new workers when the prison camps closed. Today, people and factories languish in places Communist planners put them – not where market forces would have attracted them. The book explains why this problem was not rectified in the 1990s, and why it is likely to persist. It concludes by considering ways in which Russian leaders should rethink the relationship between Russia, its economy, and its territory, espe- cially Siberia. 2003 303 pages, 6 x 9” pb $26.95, ISBN 0-8157-3645-2 Economics/Politics/Slavic Studies Engaging India Diplomacy, Democracy, and the Bomb Strobe Talbott From June 1998 to September 2000, following controversial nuclear testing by both India and Pakistan, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott and Indian Minister of External Affairs Jaswant Singh met fourteen times in what was the most extensive dialogue ever between the United States and India. They discussed the security and nonproliferation agenda, as well as their wider visions for the US-India relationship and the potential for cooperation between the two coun- tries. As the relationship improved over the course of the talks, the US was able to play a role in averting the possibility of nuclear war over the contested territory of Kashmir – the specifics of which are included for the first time in this book. This book provides, for the first time, an accessible insider’s perspective on the ground-breaking efforts to build a cordial relationship between the United States and India. It is an indispensable tool for understanding America’s current role in South Asia. APRIL 250 pages, 6 x 9” hc $39.95, ISBN 0-8157-8300-0 Politics/Security Studies 14 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 CANADIAN MUSEUM OF CIVILIZATION 2003 94 pages, 6¾ x 9½” 85 b/w illus. pb $19.95 ISBN 0-660-19078-8 MERCURY SERIES, CULTURAL STUDIES PAPER 76 History/Asian Studies Dr. Ban Seng Hoe is Curator of Asian Studies of the Canadian Museum of Civilization. His other publications include Beyond the Golden Mountain: Chinese Cultural Traditions in Canada and Semelai Communities at Tasek Bera. 2003 212 pages, 7 x 9½” 104 b/w and 68 colour illus. pb $39.95 ISBN 0-660-18998-4 MERCURY SERIES, CANADIAN POSTAL MUSEUM, PAPER NO. 1 History Chantal Amyot has worked with the Canadian Postal Museum since 1988. She is Exhibition Manager at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. John Willis is a historian with the Canadian Postal Museum, Canadian Museum of Civilization. He is the author of many articles and books on postal communication and social history. Chantal Amyot and John Willis Country Post Rural Postal Service in Canada, 1880 to 1945 The rural post office was once a vibrant institution of sociability and communication in Canada. Its impact was both tangible and inescapable. Everyone who lived in a rural community was touched by it. The mail was a necessity for anyone conducting business, running a farm or raising a family, no matter how far you lived “out of town.” As a mode of communication, the mail brought books, magazines, and newspapers that helped to shape the politics and culture of the country.  It brought letters, sometimes money, from friends and family away at work or at war. It brought parcels and care-pack- ages, some marked fragile, some containing good things to eat. In addition, mail order catalogues, postal savings banks, and the introduction of the money order all had a significant effect on the economies of rural and small-town Canada. Country Post strives to recreate the postal world of the period 1880 to 1945. Never before or since have postal communications had a more immediate impact on the lives of Canadians, transforming rural life well into the 20th century. Twenty-eight postmasters from all regions of Canada were interviewed for this book and their memories and insightful views provide a vivid picture of rural postal service. Their perspective is supported by a vast body of research presented in a readable and cogent text and complemented by over 200 pictures gathered from sources in every province of the country. Ban Seng Hoe Enduring Hardship The Chinese Laundry in Canada Faced with systematic discrimination in Canada, early Chinese immigrants had little choice but to create their own economic niche. From the turn of the twentieth century through the Second World War, a majority of Canada’s Chinese immigrants were laundry workers in towns and cities from coast to coast. Although the hand laundry was not a traditional trade in China, laundry work required little capital, and could be performed despite a lack of familiarity with Western languages and financial systems. The hours were long, the work was physically demand- ing, and most Chinese laundry workers lived a marginal existence – as poignantly evoked in this important new work. With the advent of modern laundry equipment and synthetic fibres in the 1950s, and the ageing of the laundrymen themselves, the Chinese hand laundry came to an end. To generations of Chinese-Canadians, however, it remains a symbol of hard work, sacrifice, and enduring hardship. » ALSO OF INTEREST Being Chinese Voices from the Diaspora Wei Djao pb $29.95 ISBN 0-8165-2302-9 University of Arizona Press 15F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A CANADIAN MUSEUM OF CIVILIZATION 2003 160 pages, 9 x 11” 300 colour illus. hc $39.95 ISBN 0-660-19075-3 History Georges-Hébert Germain is a well-known Quebec writer and journalist and co-author of Inuit: Glimpses of an Arctic Past. Georges-Hébert Germain Adventurers in the New World The Saga of the Coureurs des Bois For almost three centuries, the coureurs des bois traveled the length and breadth of North America, finding their way through its trackless forests and paddling its vast network of lakes and rivers – essential skills that they had learned from the Aboriginal inhabitants. This book highlights the experience of these adventurers in the New World. Over 300 photographs and illustrations provide glimpses of the land and the life that they shared with their Indian brothers. The book introduces the donnés, pork eaters, winterers, and wagon men, inviting readers to accompany these guides, interpreters, voyageurs, hunters and trappers as they advance ever farther inland in pursuit of the beaver, braving the rivers in their birchbark canoes and traversing the frozen wilderness by dogsled and on snowshoes. As the coureurs des bois begin to mingle with the Indians, the readers follow their acculturation, from their horrendous initiation until their eventual adoption as full-fledged members of the tribe. On the Prairies, the mixed-blood descendants of these white Indians and their country wives developed a unique culture revolving around the buffalo and a democratic society founded on freedom, tolerance, and equality. The history of the Métis people and their struggle to defend their concept of a just society is an inspiring heritage that remains worthy of emulation to this day. 2003 160 pages, 9 x 10” 30 b/w and 70 colour illus. pb $45.00 ISBN 0-660-19088-5 Art Dr. Aïda Kaouk is a curator and researcher at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and was curator of the original exhibition, The Lands within Me. Dominique Bourque has a doctorate in French literature from the University of Ottawa and has published articles in a number of periodicals. Edited by Aïda Kaouk and Dominique Bourque The Lands within Me Expressions by Canadian Artists of Arab Origin Celebrating the diversity of expression, media, styles, and ideas in contemporary Arab-Canadian artistic practice, this important new work expands on themes presented in the landmark exhibition The Lands within Me, which was shown at the Canadian Museum of Civilization from October 2001 through March 2003. Profiling the works of twenty-six Arab-Canadian artists, this book also addresses themes such as cultural cross-pollination, identity, and the meaning of “home” in a series of essays written by artists, critics, and scholars. Lavishly illustrated with more than 100 colour and black-and-white images, this book prom- ises to raise the profile of the Arab-Canadian contribution to Canada’s arts scene, as well as that of the immigrant experience, and the way this experience has been translated into works of undeniable impact. 16 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS APRIL 224 pages, 6 x 9” hc $35.95 ISBN 0-295-98397-3 WEYERHAEUSER ENVIRONMENTAL BOOKS Environmental Studies Thomas Dunlap is professor of history at Texas A&M University. His books include DDT: Scientists, Citizens and Public Policy and Saving America’s Wildlife. 350 pages, 8½ x 11” 150 b/w illus., 6 maps pb $38.95 ISBN 0-295-98386-8 Natural History/Home and Garden Russell Link is an urban wildlife biologist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. He is the author of the popular Landscaping for Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest. Russell Link Living with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest Living with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest is all about coexisting with the animals commonly found in gardens, ponds, attics, crawl spaces, and other places where humans and wildlife cross paths throughout Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. From bats to woodpeckers, sixty-eight species are described here, including details about feeding and mating habits, family structures, and life cycles. Living with Wildlife explains how to attract animals; how to spot their presence by identifying tracks, droppings, and other signs; and how and where to look to view them safely. Focusing on the species that provoke the most calls to wildlife agencies and nonprofit groups, the book provides detailed information on how to prevent and solve conflicts with wildlife. A valuable reference, this book will be welcomed by homeowners, property owners, property managers, and habitat restoration professionals, as well as anyone interested in wildlife protection and management. Thomas Dunlap Faith in Nature Environmentalism as Religious Quest The human impulse to religion – the drive to explain the world, humans, and humans’ place in the universe – can be seen to encompass environmentalism as an offshoot of the secular, material faith in human reason and power that dominates modern society. Faith in Nature traces the history of environmental- ism – and its moral thrust – from its roots in the Enlightenment and Romanticism, through the Progressive Era to the present. Drawing astonishing parallels between religion and environmentalism, the book examines the passion of the movement’s adherents and enemies alike, its concern with the moral conduct of daily life, and its attempt to answer fundamental questions about the underlying order of the world and of humanity’s place within it. Originally trained as a chemist, Thomas Dunlap is among the leading environmental historians and historians of science in the United States. He has a rigorous understand- ing of science and appreciates its vital importance to environmental thought. But he is also a devout practising Catholic who believes that the insights of religious revelation need not be necessarily at odds with the insights of scientific investigation. This book has grown from his own religious journey and his attempts to understand human ethical obligations and spiritual debts to the natural world. » ALSO OF INTEREST Landscaping for Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest Russell Link pb $45.95 ISBN 0-295-97820-1 17F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS FEBRUARY 208 pages, 6½ x 8½” 15 b/w photos, map hc $35.95 ISBN 0-295-98370-1 Literature/Southeast Asian Studies Roslyn Jolly is a senior lecturer in the School of English at the University of New South Wales. She is the editor of Robert Louis Stevenson’s South Sea Tales. MARCH 206 pages, 6 x 9” 13 illus. hc $35.95 ISBN 0-295-98377-9 A SAMUEL AND ALTHEA STROUM BOOK World War II/Jewish Studies Milena Roth is a retired psychiatric social worker living in England. Milena Roth Lifesaving Letters A Child’s Flight from the Holocaust In 1939, in the shadow of Hitler’s occupation of Czechoslovakia, six-year-old Milena Roth was sent away from her home and her parents and taken to safety by what came to be known as the Kindertransport, which rescued ten thousand Jewish children from the Holocaust and placed them with guardians in England. Even at her young age, Milena was aware of the danger that surrounded her: “I knew I would die if I didn’t go.” Milena settled into the household of her mother’s English friend, who had agreed to take Milena in and who planned to bring her parents to England as well. For six years, she endured her foster mother’s complex ambiva- lence, as she waited for her parents to join her. It was only after the war that Milena learned their fate: deported from Czechoslovakia in July 1943, they died at Auschwitz. Whatever the faults of Milena’s guardian, she had been genuinely fond of Milena’s mother and preserved her friend’s letters. These she gave to Milena, and they form the heart of this book. The first letter dates from 1930; the last, written less than a year before Milena’s parents were captured and murdered, is heavy with “an air of despairing farewell,” an under- standing that escape was no longer possible. As an adult, Milena Roth spent many years piecing together the fate of her family and making sense of her life. In this book, drawing on her mother’s poignant letters and on her own memories and experiences, she recounts the challenges of integrating, in adulthood, the wounds and bereavements of childhood and of “regaining the confidence of my place in the universe that had been lost.” “I can see her now – a small woman in a blue dress, sitting barefoot on the roof of the after- cabin of a trading schooner in the South Seas. Her Panama hat, set at a rakish angle, shades a face of breath-taking beauty. She is holding a large silvered revolver in each hand, shoot- ing sharks with deadly accuracy as they are caught and hauled to the taffrail by excited sailors.” – Austin Strong on Fanny Stevenson, “The Most Unforgettable Character I’ve Met” In April 1890 the steamer Janet Nichol set off from Sydney for a three-month trading voyage through the central and western Pacific. Aboard were seven European men, a crew of forty islanders, and one woman: a short-haired, barefoot, cigarette-smoking American, Fanny Van de Grift Stevenson, wife of Robert Louis Stevenson. The Cruise of the Janet Nichol among the South Sea Islands is Fanny’s account of her journey with her husband and grown son through what are today the Cook Islands, Tuvalu, Kiribati, and the Marshall Islands. Fanny Stevenson’s spirited personality led her into scenes and situations few Europeans, and even fewer European women, had experienced. Her diary and its photographs offer unique glimpses of life in some of the last independent Pacific kingdoms and those just coming under colonial rule at the end of the nineteenth century. This extraordinary travel book is the story of an unconventional woman, her unusual marriage, and her adventurous journey through a rapidly changing Pacific world. » ALSO OF INTEREST The River of Angry Dogs A Memoir Mira Hamermesh hc $39.95 ISBN 0-7453-2233-6 Pluto Press (see p. 22) » ALSO OF INTEREST Undelivered Letters to Hudson’s Bay Company Men on the Northwest Coast of America, 1830-57 Judith Hudson Beattie and Helen M. Buss, eds. pb $29.95 ISBN 0-7748-0974-4 UBC Press A Diary by Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson Edited by Roslyn Jolly The Cruise of the Janet Nichol among the South Sea Islands 18 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 Robyn Maxwell Sari to Sarong Five Hundred Years of Indian and Indonesian Textile Exchange “Sari to Sarong shows the 500-year-old tradition of Indonesian textiles as art, not ethnography. But the subtext is how Indonesia, frequently in the news for terrorist acts by Islamic extremists, draws much of its cultural heritage from the Hindu and Buddhist beliefs that crossed the ocean from India.” – The New York Times Sari to Sarong brings together some of the greatest surviving examples of traditional Indian and Indonesian textiles to demonstrate the remarkable exchanges of ideas, materials, designs, and imagery – royal and religious – between the two great cultures of India and Indonesia over the last thousand years. The publication shows not only the great variety and beauty of the cloths but also the many sources of inspiration carried across the Indian Ocean by sailors and merchants, priests and warriors. Drawn from the National Gallery of Australia’s famous Asian textiles collection, the silks, cottons, batiks, gold brocades, tie-dyes, and embroideries feature Ramayana epics, elephant and camel processions, trading ship and floral designs from Indian chintz. 2003 224 pages, 225 colour illus., 9½ x 11½” pb $63.95, ISBN 0-642-54113-2 Textiles National Gallery of Australia UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS Christine Giles and Dave Hickey Introduction by David Hockney Icons and Legends The Photographs of Michael Childers Icons and Legends documents the career of American photographer Michael Childers. One of the founding photographers for Andy Warhol’s magazine Interview, Childers has photographed magazine covers for Elle, Life, and Vogue; and has done special work for films and London National Theatre productions. Working mostly in black and white, Childers has captured the giants of popular culture and the art world. His stunning portraits include Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Clint Eastwood, Catherine Deneuve, Rock Hudson, and Carol Channing.  Included here as well are several celebrity portraits, taken before the subjects – Sissy Spacek, Demi Moore, Mel Gibson, John Travolta, Richard Gere, Arnold Schwarzenegger – became household names. Artists, architects, writers, and musicians have also fallen under Childers’ discerning lens. A series of photographs of Andy Warhol and David Hockney are included in this book, as well as portraits of artists Sam Francis, Edward Ruscha, Robert Graham, and Ed Moses; architects Richard Meier and E. Stewart Williams; musicians Ringo Starr, Cat Stevens, Grace Jones, and Rod Stewart; and writers Tennessee Williams, Micky Spillane, and Christopher Rice. 2003 80 pages, 78 illus., 9 x 12” pb $35.95, ISBN 0-295-98396-5 Photography Palm Springs Desert Museum John Cole The Enduring Northwest Landscape Deloris Tarzan Ament John Cole is a painter whose canvases, building on the compositional and coloristic freedom of the twentieth-century masters, evoke the natural world of the Northwest in its rugged variety. This volume samples thirty years of his painting and graphic work; it includes images of such diverse natural features as towering Alaskan glaciers and rushing Oregon waterfalls. An avid outdoorsman, Cole usually includes hiking, camping, and fishing as well as painting and drawing in his excursions. Decades of these trips into the wilderness have given him an intimate familiarity with the landscape. This deep understanding of nature is clearly communicated in his paintings. Cole’s bold colour combinations and abstracted shapes convey the essence of the region’s beauty. As shown in the abundant colour plates and profiled in the essay by Deloris Tarzan Ament, Cole delves deeply into the enduring Northwest landscape. Deloris Tarzan Ament served as art critic for the Seattle Times from 1971 through 1995 and is the author of Iridescent Light: the Emergence of Northwest Art. 2003 112 pages, 104 illus., 84 in colour, 10¾ x 8½” pb $35.95, ISBN 0-938506-09-9 Art Whatcom Museum of History and Art 19F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A The Hidden Web Finding Quality Information on the Net Maureen Henninger In just a few years a generation has grown up believing that everything can be found on the Web, and indeed there are now more than two billion documents in cyberspace, not including the 550 billion documents that can be accessed via the “deep” or “invisible” Web. But how do you separate high quality, authori- tative information from all the dross? It seems that the difficulties of finding valid information on the Web are growing as fast as the Internet itself. New search tools appear every few weeks and the familiar ones are constantly evolving. Effective searching in this ever- expanding environment requires new strate- gies. Maureen Henninger assumes that for most readers the Internet is no longer a mystery, and that the finding of quality information has become a major concern. So often it is the valuable that remains hidden to Web users, even very experienced ones, and it is the role of The Hidden Web to provide strategies for uncovering worthwhile information, whether it is an HTML document, a paper buried deep within a public website, or a full-text document in a publicly accessible database. Maureen Henninger is author of Don’t Just Surf: Effective Research Strategies for the Net.  She is senior lecturer in knowedge management at the University of Technology, Sydney. 2003 284 pages, illus., 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-86840-566-3 Computers/Technology University of New South Wales Press Charles Birch and David Paul Life and Work Challenging Economic Man “One of the key issues in a globalizing world, with a widening gap between rich and poor, is the role peoples’ jobs play in their attempts to lead fulfilling lives. Life and Work is a brilliant contribution to the debate on this issue: it’s a road map to a needed transformation in the workplace, and a truly thought-provoking read.” – Paul R. Ehrlich, Stanford University To get higher profits we need to work harder and longer. Right? Wrong! In this original look at the working lives of employees, managers, and executives, Charles Birch and David Paul propose a new agenda for achieving a sensible work/life balance. Their basic message is that if companies get their relationships with employees and custom- ers right, profits follow as a matter of course. Too many organizations fixate on the bottom line and are insensitive to the needs and dignity of individuals. Charles Birch, emeritus professor of the University of Sydney and winner of the prestigious Templeton Prize, has published many books on ecology and the philosophy of biology. David Paul has worked with banks and government organizations and has been an adjunct lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney Graduate School of Business. 2003 208 pages, 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-86840-670-8 Business/Economics University of New South Wales Press UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS Stuart Rees; Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu Passion for Peace Exercising Power Creatively “Stuart Rees speaks to a wide public of citizens whatever their cultural allegiances, occupations, or religious beliefs. If the vision which characterizes this ‘passion for peace’ spread like an epidemic, universal human rights could be attained and the well-being of a common humanity would be assured.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu Engaging and optimistic, Passion for Peace shows how the creative use of power contrib- utes to peace with justice in any context or country. A book about current affairs, such as the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, Passion for Peace explores the idea of resolving conflict through peaceful rather than violent means. As examples, Rees considers charismatic leaders who have used non-violence as a means of promoting civil and human rights, justice and democracy. In addition, however, Rees goes beyond international affairs and the big questions of the day. He makes the case that individuals can also develop a passion for peace, and use it every day in their personal and working relationships. Inspirational quotes enhance his discussion of this creative power, and strengthen his appeal to redefine sovereignty by challenging any fundamentalism – including countries’ preoccupation with nationalism, religious dogmatism or border protection. 2003 164 pages, 5½ x 8½” pb $33.95, ISBN 0-86840-750-X Current Affairs/Spirituality University of New South Wales Press 20 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 PLUTO PRESS 2003 256 pages, 6 x 8” pb $25.95 ISBN 0-7453-2199-2 Current Affairs Milan Rai is the author of War Plan Iraq, co- founder of ARROW (Active Resistance to the Roots of War) – a UK direct-action affinity group – as well as co- founder of Voices in the Wilderness UK, which worked for the lifting of UN sanctions in Iraq. Milan Rai Regime Unchanged “This is a magnificent exposé of the lies that propelled the criminal attack on Iraq.” – John Pilger Milan Rai’s previous book became an interna- tional bestseller in the run up to war. Regime Unchanged picks up where War Plan Iraq left off: it is a shocking, brilliantly persuasive account of the conflict and its aftermath that is essential reading for anyone who cares about peace and democracy. Regime Unchanged shows how the United States government has involved itself in a political quagmire in Iraq, which threatens to evolve into a long and bloody conflict. As the number of US casualties rise every day, and fighting continues, the idea that the war has been won has begun to fade. The longer the chaos continues, the more the conflict threatens to engulf other regions already bitterly opposed to American intervention. Rigorously dissecting official propaganda and media misrepresentation, Regime Unchanged documents the real aftermath of the war. Milan Rai presents damning evidence that Ba’athists were deliberately restored to power. In the confusion of the first month of Iraq’s “libera- tion,” the US and Britain pursued a path very similar to that taken in liberated territories after WWII: demobilization of resistance movements and the restoration of collabora- tors and fascists. A shocking exposé, Regime Unchanged demonstrates that this was not a war for disarmament, or for “regime change,” but a war for power. Why the War on Iraq Changed Nothing JANUARY 168 pages, 5 x 7” pb $25.95 ISBN 0-7453-2175-5 Current Affairs/International Politics Motasser al-Zayyat joined the Islamic movement inEgypt in 1974. He was arrested following the assassina- tion of former President Anwar al-Sadat in 1982. After the trial, his activities as an Islamist shifted to defending Islamists in Egyptian courts. Ahmed Fekry is a Middle East Times journalist. Montasser al-Zayyat Translated by Ahmed Fekry; Edited by Sara Nimis Introduction by Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi’ The Road to Al-Qaeda The Story of Bin Laden’s Right-Hand Man The Road to Al-Qaeda is a controversial book. Written by an Egyptian human rights lawyer, it is the first English-language account of the development of tensions between violent and non-violent factions in radical Islamist move- ments, from the perspective of an insider. It is also a biography of one of the world’s most- wanted terrorists: Egyptian-born Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri. Widely recognized as the man who will take over the leadership of Al-Qaeda after Osama bin Laden, he is also the reputed architect of the Riyadh bombings in Saudi Arabia. The original version of this book sold widely across the Arabic world. Reproduced in translation here, with an extensive introduction from distinguished scholar Ibrahim Abu Rabi’, it stands alone as an unrivalled account of the divisions within militant Islamist ideology. The author provides insight into the internal politics of Islamic Jihad, and the radicalization of bin Laden’s deputy; he examines Zawahiri’s opposition to efforts by other militant Islamists to call a ceasefire with the Egyptian authori- ties; and he narrates the redirection of Zawahiri’s activities towards the US and Israel. As an insight into one of the key minds behind Al-Qaeda, this book makes unparalleled and disturbing reading. It is an important document for anyone who seeks to understand how a minority extremist ideology came to have such an impact on world events. » ALSO OF INTEREST The Pre-Emptive Empire A Guide to Bush’s Kingdom Saul Landau pb $38.95 ISBN 0-7453-2140-2 » ALSO OF INTEREST Modern Jihad Tracing the Dollars Behind the Terror Networks Loretta Napoleoni hc $38.95 ISBN 0-7453-2117-8 21F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A PLUTO PRESS FEBRUARY 176 pages, 5 x 7” pb $22.95 ISBN 0-7453-2077-5 Current Affairs/Agriculture Patrick Herman is a long-time member of the Confédération Paysanne and a full-time farmer and trade-union activist. Richard Kuper has been a publisher, university lecturer, farmer, and trade-union and political activist. He is also a member of the Confédération. José Bové is a global leader of movements to save family farms. He is also a leader of the international farmers’ movement Via Campesina. 2003 240 pages, 5½ x 8½” pb $25.95 ISBN 0-7453-2191-7 Current Affairs Joseph Rotblat was involved in the creation of the first atom bomb, but left the project during the war, when it became clear that Nazi Germany was not building its own bomb. He is a co-founder of the Pugwash conferences. Robert Hinde was a pilot in World War II, is now a Cambridge University professor and has written extensively on war and strategies for peace. Robert Hinde and Joseph Rotblat Foreword by Robert S. McNamara War No More Eliminating Conflict in the Nuclear Age Never before have so many people worried about the effects of military conflict. At a time when terrorism is opening the way for new forms of warfare worldwide, this book provides a much-needed account of the real dangers we face, and argues that the elimination of weapons of mass destruction and of war are attainable and necessary goals. Written by Nobel Peace prizewinner and former nuclear physicist Joseph Rotblat, and biologist/psychologist Robert Hinde, War No More provides expert insight into the nature of modern warfare – including “weapons of mass destruction.” Examining the key factors that are believed to contribute to conflict, they explain how best to approach a peaceful future. If war is ever to be eliminated, Hinde and Rotblat argue that we must address key issues such as the gap between rich and poor; we must have fully effective arms controls; and above all we must have better education. The authors emphasize that the United Nations – as well as non-governmental organizations, religious groups, and grassroots movements – also have important parts to play. Patrick Herman and Richard Kuper for the Confédération Paysanne Introduction by José Bové The French radical farmers union Confédération Paysanne, with its charismatic leader José Bové, has led the world in demonstrating the possibility of a socially progressive future for farming. Rejecting the increasing intensifica- tion and industrialization of agriculture, the Confédération has argued for the need for local food production by small, independent farmers – both for the sake of the quality of the food we consume and to support the kind of societies we want to live in. Originally published in French, Food for Thought has been expanded and adapted for an English-speaking audience. Patrick Herman and Richard Kuper demonstrate how the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy and now the WTO’s Agreement on Agriculture are both designed to encourage an increas- ingly free-market, profit-maximizing, destruc- tive agriculture. The majority of farmers have lost out and continue to lose. Agri-business thrives at their expense. The consequences are dire in terms of social and environmental costs in the industrialized world, and devastat- ing for developing countries, whose ability to feed themselves is being destroyed. This book describes and celebrates alternative ways of thinking about and doing farming. Showing how some farmers with an alternative vision are trying to change the face of farming, Food for Thought holds out the possibility of a radical, human-centred way of producing our food and organizing our society. Food for Thought Towards a Future for Farming » ALSO OF INTEREST Searching for Peace The Road to TRANSCEND, Second Edition Johan Galtung, Carl G. Jacobsen, and Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen pb $38.95 ISBN 0-7453-1928-9 » ALSO OF INTEREST Invisible Giant Cargill and Its Transnational Strategies, Second Edition Brewster Kneen pb $29.95 ISBN 0-7453-1958-0 22 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 Stolen Youth The Politics of Israel’s Detention of Palestinian Children Catherine Cook, Adam Hanieh, and Adah Kay Stolen Youth is the first book to explore Israel’s incarceration of Palestinian children. Based on first-hand information from international human rights groups and NGO workers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, it also features interviews with children who have been imprisoned. The result is a disturbing and often shocking account of the abuses that are being carried out by Israel, and that have been widely documented by human rights groups such as Amnesty, but yet have never been addressed by the international community. The book presents a critical analysis of the international legal framework and the UN system, arguing that a major failure of these institutions is their appeal to neutrality while ignoring the reality of power. The book attempts to address the inadequacy of these institutions by placing the issue of Palestinian child prisoners within the framework of Israeli strategy and the overall system of control. Adam Hanieh was Research Co-ordinator for Defence for Children International/Palestine Section in Ramallah on the West Bank (2000-2002) where Catherine Cook has worked as International Advocacy Co-ordinator. Adah Kay is senior consultant with CVS, a policy and consultancy unit specialiszing in social welfare, health care and housing. She is Honorary Professor at City University Business School. APRIL 176 pages, 5½ x 8½” pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7453-2161-5 Current Affairs/Middle Eastern Studies Transparency International Global Corruption Report 2004 Special Focus: Political Corruption With a focus on political corruption, the 2004 edition of Transparency International’s Global Corruption Report (GCR) identifies some of today’s most pressing issues in the fight against corruption around the world. Essays examine the role of money in politics – assessing the regulation of political party financing, suggesting ways to “rewire” the arms and oil trades for greater transparency and analyzing the problem of vote buying. Reports consider attempts to repatriate assets stolen by politicians, disclosure regulations, the nexus between the media, politics, and business as well as the issue of immunity from prosecution. This year’s GCR also features special contribu- tions by Jimmy Carter and former UN human rights commissioner Mary Robinson, who argues that “corruption hits hardest at the poorest in society.” Transparency International is the only non- governmental organization devoted to combatting corruption. With 90 offices around the world, it works at a national and international level to bring govern- ments, businesses, and civil society together to raise awareness about corruption, and to advocate policy reforms. APRIL 288 pages, 6¾ x 9½” pb $35.95, ISBN 0-7453-2230-1 Current Affairs/Politics PLUTO PRESS Mira Hamermesh Introduction by Fay Weldon The River of Angry Dogs A Memoir “An extraordinary book, an extraordinary, frightening life. To be Polish without nation, Jewish without family, hunted down in a land at war – and to be a genius in the making – well, it's not the normal teenager’s life. Mira Hamermesh sees past and present with a film-maker’s flawless eye, in this shattering written memorial to those she loved and lost.” – Fay Weldon Mira Hamermesh is an award-winning film- maker, painter, and writer. This moving memoir gives a vivid account of her remarkable life. As a young Jewish teenager she escaped the horrors of German-occupied Poland with only her natural creativity, a rebellious spirit, and a talent for good fortune to rely on. Of the millions of words written about WWII, few come from women, and even fewer recount such adventure. Spared the experience of the ghetto and the concentration camp that claimed most of her family, Mira’s story is a life-affirming account of a life lived to the full, and a meditation on survival and coincidence, that pays homage to other people’s courage. Mira Hamermesh was born in Lodz, Poland. As a filmmaker she has won may international awards including the Prix Italia and the Royal Television Society Award. She has been a visiting lecturer at the National Film School and the Australian Film School. MAY 352 pages, 5½ x 8½” hc $39.95, ISBN 0-7453-2233-6 Memoir/Jewish Studies 23F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A PLUTO PRESS 2003 352 pages, 5½ x 8½” pb $35.95 ISBN 0-7190-6767-7 History Philip M. Taylor is Professor of International Communications at the University of Leeds Philip M. Taylor Munitions of the Mind A History of Propaganda, Third Edition A classic work, Munitions of the Mind traces how propaganda has formed part of the fabric of conflict since the dawn of warfare, and how in its broadest definition it has also been part of a process of persuasion at the heart of human communication. Stone monuments, coins, broadsheets, paintings and pamphlets, posters, radio, film, television, computers and satellite communications – propaganda has had access to ever more complex and versatile media. This third edition has been revised and expanded to include a new preface, new chapters on the Gulf War, information-age conflict in the post-Cold War era, and the world after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. It also offers a new epilogue and a comprehensive bibliographical essay. The extraordinary range of this book, as well as the original and cohesive analysis it offers, makes it an ideal text for all international courses covering media and communications studies, cultural history, military history, and politics. It will prove fascinating and accessible to the general reader. MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY PRESS MARCH 320 pages, 5½ x 8½” pb $28.95 ISBN 0-7453-2201-8 Current Affairs/Journalism David Miller is based at Stirling Media Research Institute. Contributors include: John Pilger Noam Chomsky Robert Fisk Edward Herman Mark Thomas Mark Steel Phillip Knightley Tim Llewelyn Abdul Hadi Jiad David Cromwell David Edwards Mark Curtis John Stauber Sheldon Rampton Pat Holland Norman Solomon Nancy Snow Doug Kellner Julian Petley Yvonne Ridley Tim Gopsill Faisal Bodi Alistair Alexander Greg Philo Steve Dorrill Andy Rowell Granville Williams Steve Bell Steve Caplin Polyp Edited by David Miller Foreword by Mark Thomas Tell Me Lies Propaganda and Media Distortion in the Attack on Iraq What did the media tell us in the run up to war on Iraq? Was it all true? Where are the weapons of mass destruction? This book is for everyone who is appalled by the duplicity and misinformation churned out by the media in the lead up to war with Iraq, and in its long and continuing aftermath. Written by some of the world’s leading journalists and commentators, it’s a scathing indictment of the media’s role in creating public support for a war which, day by day, is taking a heavy toll in coalition and Iraqi lives, and which threatens to create further instability and resentment of the US throughout the Middle East. Critics, activists and journalists from both sides of the Atlantic destroy the idea that the mainstream media have anything to do with objectivity and balance. The propaganda machinery in the Iraq war is exposed as fundamentally dishonest and as a significant threat to freedom of thought and expression. Drawing on the experience of leading anti-war and media activists, Tell Me Lies provides indispensable analysis and guidance on how to resist the media war. » ALSO OF INTEREST The Media and the War on Terrorism Stephen Hess and Marvin Kalb, eds. pb $32.95 ISBN 0-8157-3581-2 Brookings Institution Press (see p.12) 24 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PRESS MAY 235 pages est., 8½ x 11” 11 patterns, 120 illus. pb $29.95 ISBN 0-472-06855-5 Biography/Crafts & Hobbies Gwen Marston is a nationally known quilt maker, teacher, and author. She is the author of over fifteen books on quilting, including Liberated String Quilts, 70 Classic Quilting Patterns, and Amish Quilting Patterns. MARCH 260 pages est., 8 x 10” colour photos and illustrations pb $35.95 ISBN 0-472-03012-4 Gardening/Nature Diana Beresford- Kroeger is a botanist, medical and agricultural researcher, lecturer, and self-defined “renegade scientist” in the fields of classical botany, medical biochemistry, organic chemistry, and nuclear chemistry. She is the author of Arboretum America: A Philosophy of the Forest. Beresford- Kroeger lives in Merrickville, Ontario. Diana Beresford-Kroeger Photographs by Christian H. Kroeger A Garden for Life The Natural Approach to Designing, Planting, and Maintaining a North Temperate Garden The avid gardener will need no other resource than this book to plan and maintain a natural garden on the country farm or in the suburban backyard, a habitat congenial to the scarlet tanager, the monarch butterfly, and the toad. Unique to this book is author Beresford- Kroeger’s concept of bioplanning, in which the gardener views the site as a biological system and the activity of gardening as an ecological task. To assist in bioplanning a garden, the author provides both plans that are adaptable to different garden sizes and shapes, as well as planting instructions emphasizing organic care, ecofunction, and environmentally friendly means of pest control. A Garden for Life challenges everyone to create an ecologically valuable garden for the joy of doing so, and for the salvation of our natural world. Gwen Marston Extensively illustrated, with over 100 drawings and 11 unique Mary Schafer patterns, Mary Schafer, American Quilt Maker is a must-have book for anyone passionate about American quilting. While we take that passion for granted today, author Gwen Marston shows that it wasn’t always so; indeed, one woman, Mary Schafer, was largely responsible for the restoration of interest in one of the greatest folk arts – long before the American bicentennial turned quilting into what seemed like an overnight sensation. Marston presents the picture of Schafer as an unassuming scholar: the anonymous quilter, remaining humble and somewhat retiring. Behind the modest façade, however, Schafer displayed a remarkable devotion to research, historical accuracy, and community through her efforts to make quilting available to as many people as possible. Nonquilters will find Mary Schafer, American Quilt Maker a welcome addition to their collection of the work of masters of American folk art, while quilting aficionados will appreci- ate it not only for the story it tells, but for the generous selection of patterns and illustrations it offers. Mary Schafer, American Quilt Maker » ALSO OF INTEREST Arboretum America A Philosophy of the Forest Diana Beresford-Kroeger pb $38.95 ISBN 0-472-06851-2 » ALSO OF INTEREST Wild by Design Two Hundred Years of Innovation and Artistry in American Quilts Janet Catherine Berlo and  Patricia Cox Crews, eds. pb $54.95 ISBN 0-295-98309-4 University of Washington Press 25F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PRESS JUNE 250 pages est., 6 x 9” 210 photos, 52 drawings, 40 colour line drawings, 213 maps pb $35.95 ISBN 0-472-11371-2 Nature/Science Carl Hubbs and Karl Lagler were influential leaders in twentieth- century American ichthyology and fishery management; both brought their knowledge of fish to the University of Michigan. Gerald R. Smith is Curator Emeritus at the University of Michigan Zoology Museum and is a leading expert in fish identifica- tion in the Great Lakes region. APRIL 226 pages est., 5¼ x 8” pb $22.95 ISBN 0-472-08956-0 Music/Social Science Gerald Early is Merle Kling Professor of Modern Letters in the Department of Arts and Sciences at Washington University. His book, The Culture of Bruising: Essays on Prizefighting, Literature, and Modern American Culture, won the 1994 National Book Critics Circle Award for criticism. Gerald Early One Nation under a Groove Motown and American Culture, Revised and Expanded Edition “Gerald Early and Motown, together at last in One Nation under a Groove, seem as inevitable and harmonious a coupling as Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.” – The Nation Gerald Early, an award-winning music, sports, and popular-culture scholar, brings us a concise study of Motown Records, the most famous and successful black-owned business in American history, and, arguably, the most significant of all American independent record labels. Early tells the story of the historical and cultural conditions that made this record company possible, including the dramatic shifts in American popular music, changes in race relations and racial attitudes, and the rise of a black urban population. Early concentrates in particular on the 1960s and 70s, when Motown had its biggest impact on American musical tastes and styles. In addition, he provides an up-to-date bibliogra- phy of the major books that have been written about Motown Records specifically, and black American music generally. With new appendi- ces featuring interviews with four of the major creators of the Motown Sound: Berry Gordy, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, and Marvin Gaye. Carl L. Hubbs and Karl F. Lagler Revised by Gerald R. Smith For everyday anglers, armchair enthusiasts, and serious students of fish alike, Fishes of the Great Lakes remains the definitive guide in the identification and study of the fishes of this important freshwater region. Organized by fish family, with sections on waters of the Great Lakes region, zoogeography, field study and collection, preservation of fishes for study, fish identifica- tion, anatomy, terminology, and more, Fishes of the Great Lakes is comprehensive in its scope and breadth of information – truly the classic work on Great Lakes fishes. It also documents a half century of changes in fish population in the region that have resulted from pollution, development, and the introduction of non-native species. This edition will thus inspire future generations of anglers and students to take a fresh look at one of our most important fauna. Fishes of the Great Lakes Region Revised Edition » ALSO OF INTEREST Guitars, Bars, and Motown Superstars Dennis Coffey JUNE hc $32.95 ISBN 0-472-11399-2 » ALSO OF INTEREST Great Lakes Nature An Outdoor Year, Revised and in Colour Mary Blocksma APRIL pb $32.95 ISBN 0-472-08982-X 26 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY PRESS APRIL 384 pages est., 6 x 9” illus. pb $42.95 ISBN 0-87071-024-9 Nature/Science Robert S. Yeats is senior consultant for Earth Consultants International and professor emeritus in the geosciences department at Oregon State University. He lives in Corvallis, Oregon. JANUARY 92 pages, 7 x 9” b/w illus., maps pb $13.95 ISBN 0-9676364-1-8 AN ECOTRUST BOOK Nature/Science Edward C. Wolf is a writer and editor whose previous books include The Rain Forests of Home and A Tidewater Place. He lives in Portland, Oregon. Environmental writer Seth Zuckerman covers relations between people and the rest of nature for Ecotrust’s online news service at He lives in Petrolia, California. Edited by Edward C. Wolf and Seth Zuckerman Salmon Nation People, Fish, and Our Common Home Second Edition “An essential book for understanding the situation of these magnificent magical fish in the big picture of history and economy. The maps, the range of accessible and informed essays, make it invaluable.” – Gary Snyder, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and ecological restorationist Along the Pacific coast of North America, the fates of people and salmon have been intertwined since the end of the last Ice Age. Salmon Nation leads readers deep into the watersheds of the West Coast in the company of six knowledgeable guides to better under- stand the most celebrated fish of western North America. Thoughtful essays by Native American writer Elizabeth Woody, fisheries biologist Jim Lichatowich, journalist Richard Manning, former commercial fisherman Freeman House, and environmental writer Seth Zuckerman trace the relationship be- tween people and salmon from the abundance that sustained Northwest Coast cultures to the troubled world of salmon today, and depict a future of rivers restored and fishing livelihoods revived – a future still within our reach. Geographer Dorie Roth’s full-colour maps of the state of Pacific salmon today offer a powerful “big-picture” perspective that lends a new urgency to efforts to heal the breach between people and salmon. Though imperiled across much of their range, salmon populations can rebound when people mend their ways. With words, maps, and images, Salmon Nation invites its readers home to a place where people and fish can thrive together. Robert S. Yeats In 2001, earthquake preparedness in the Northwest was tested by the Nisqually earthquake, which damaged Seattle and Olympia. In this revised edition, Yeats de- scribes that earthquake and the planning that worked and didn’t work. Combining cutting-edge research with practical safety information, Living with Earthquakes: • updates knowledge about the likelihood of future earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest; • explores topics ranging from earthquake forecasting and catastrophe insurance to the risks of tsunamis and soil liquefaction; • reviews the current level of earthquake preparedness and disaster response; • suggests actions that citizens can take to protect their families and homes. An essential guide for anyone interested in understanding earthquake science or in preparing for the next major tremor, Living with Earthquakes is also a call to action. Earthquakes cannot be prevented, but this book shows how society can learn to live with earthquakes – and survive them. Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest A Survivor’s Guide, Second Edition » ALSO OF INTEREST First Fish, First People Salmon Tales of the North Pacific Rim Judith Rosch and Meg McHutchison, eds. pb $29.95 ISBN 0-7748-0686-9 UBC Press 27F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY PRESS FEBRUARY 160 pages, 5½ x 9¼” 20 halftones pb $19.95 ISBN 0-8165-1938-2 Nature/Cultural Studies Ana G. Valenzuela- Zapata is recognized in Mexico and the United States as the foremost botanical and horticul- tural expert on agaves used in the tequila industry. Gary Paul Nabhan has done field research on agave conservation and use for a quarter century, and his sixteen previous books include the John Burroughs Medal-winner Gathering the Desert. APRIL 288 pages, 6 x 9” illus. pb $35.95 ISBN 0-87013-705-0 Environmental Studies/Great Lakes Studies Dave Dempsey is Policy Advisor for the Michigan Environmental Council and was environmental advisor to Michigan Governor James J. Blanchard. He was appointed in 1994 by President Clinton to serve on the Great Lakes Fishery Commission. Dempsey is the author of Ruin and Recovery: Michigan’s Rise as a Conservation Leader and teaches environmental policy and law at Michigan State University. Dave Dempsey On the Brink The Great Lakes in the 21st Century Dave Dempsey weaves the natural character and phenomena of the Great Lakes and stories of the schemes, calamities, and unusual human residents of the Basin with the history of their environmental exploitation and recov- ery. Contrasting the incomparable beauty and complexity of the Lakes and the poetry, folklore, and citizen action they have inspired with the disasters that short-sighted human folly has inflicted on the ecosystem, Dempsey makes this history both engaging and relevant to today’s debates and decisions. Underlying the neglectful treatment of the Lakes are two irreconcilable and faulty human assumptions: that the Lakes are a system so big that human beings cannot do it great harm, and that the Lakes are a resource that can be bent to the will of humankind. Dempsey finds evidence that, despite great changes in the laws governing the Lakes and public attitudes toward them in the last fifty years, government policy and institutions are still dominated by these dangerous attitudes. A central theme of On the Brink is that citizens, who have displayed an increasing sense of commitment to the Lakes and a growing sense of place, must challenge their leaders to reform Great Lakes institutions. Dempsey shows that it is necessary to create a governing system that reflects the realities of life “on the ground” in communities and that taps into the passion and determination of citizens to protect these treasures. Ana G. Valenzuela-Zapata and Gary Paul Nabhan Tequila – more properly, mescal de tequila – was the first mescal to be codified and recognized by its geographic origin and is the only one known internationally by that name.  In this book, the leading agronomist in Mexico’s tequila industry and one of America’s most respected ethnobotanists plumb the myth of tequila as they introduce the natural history, economics, and cultural significance of the blue agave plant cultivated for its production. Valenzuela-Zapata and Nabhan take readers into the agave fields of Mexico to convey their passion for the “century plant” and its popular by-product. They trace tequila’s progress from its modest beginnings to one of the world’s favoured spirits, reveal how the cultivation of tequila azul is maintained through traditional techniques passed down over generations, tell how innovations from cross-cultural exchanges made fortunes for José Cuervo and other distillers, and educate readers about the grades of tequila, from blanco to añejo. ¡Tequila! A Natural and Cultural History will feed anyone’s passion for the gift of the blue agave as it heightens their appreciation for its rich heritage. ¡Tequila! A Natural and Cultural History UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA PRESS » ALSO OF INTEREST Restoration of the Great Lakes Promises, Practices, and Performances Mark Sproule-Jones pb $27.95 ISBN 0-7748-0871-3 UBC Press 28 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO PRESS MAY 208 pages, 5½ x 8½” hc $26.95 ISBN 0-8263-3266-8 Fishing/Leisure and Recreation Gordon M. Wickstrom is the editor and publisher of The Boulder Creek Angler, where many of these essays first appeared. He is a retired professor of English and a Shake- spearean actor. MARCH 144 pages, 5½ x 9” 8 line illustrations pb $19.95 ISBN 0-8263-3363-X Nature/Home and Garden Richard Fagerlund is a Board Certified Entomologist on the staff of the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Johnna Strange is a writer, artist, and technical illustrator living in Albuquerque. Richard Fagerlund and Johnna Strange The Bugman on Bugs Understanding Household Pests and the Environment This sequel to the authors’ Ask the Bugman (2002) contains more valuable information on how to identify assorted insects and arthropods and the best ways to keep them out of your house, all presented with Fagerlund’s trademark wry humour. Fagerlund and Strange are proponents of Integrated Pest Management rather than the technique they label “Spray and Pray” used by most extermi- nating businesses. Anyone concerned about the health effects of pesticides will want to follow the useful advice in The Bugman on Bugs, including specific information on what kinds of substances and techniques work best for particular pests. In addition to illustrated chapters on roaches, ants, flies, spiders, centipedes and scorpions, fleas, lice, bed bugs, mice, termites, and other kinds of pests, the authors discuss human reactions to these creatures, turning their attention both to phobias and to the place of insects in our religious and spiritual lives. Amazing pest control tales are sprinkled throughout the book (have you thought about greasing your linens with hog lard to make yourself disgusting even to fleas?), as well as peculiar facts and even a recipe for sautéed termites. Gordon M. Wickstrom Fishing is a pursuit for which writers have had an affinity as far back as Izaak Walton, and Walton’s spirit hovers over this collection of musings by well-known literary fisherman Gordon Wickstrom. These writings use fishing as a lens through which to view and evaluate most things in life: politics, art, friendship, religion, globalization, relations between the sexes, time, seasonality, and old age. The result is a book that will lift your spirits even when it expresses annoyance with the technol- ogy-obsessed graphite rod fly fishermen and looks back on a golden age when it was acceptable to use grasshoppers as bait. Wickstrom does not confine himself to philosophizing. He discusses technical matters such as equipment and techniques. He reviews the literature. He addresses the sticky issues of nativism and catch-and-release-ism.  In short, he writes about all the things that matter to people who love to fish, and those people will be grateful to him for having produced a book they can read when they are not fishing. Late in an Angler’s Life Essays on the Sport » ALSO OF INTEREST Ask the Bugman Environmentally Safe Ways to Control Household Pests Richard Fagerlund and Johnna Lachnit pb $26.95 ISBN 0-8263-2835-0 29F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND JUNE 356 pages, 5½ x 8½” pb $32.95 ISBN 0-8195-6693-4 EARLY CLASSICS OF SCIENCE FICTION Science Fiction/Literature Olaf Stapledon (1886– 1950) served as Lecturer in Psychology and Philosophy at Liverpool University. Patrick McCarthy is Professor of English at the University of Miami, author of Olaf Stapledon and editor of The Legacy of Olaf Stapledon . Freeman J. Dyson is Professor of Physics, Emeritus, at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, NJ. MARCH 256 pages, 6 x 9” hc $42.95 ISBN 1-58465-206-3 BRANDEIS SERIES IN AMERICAN JEWISH HISTORY, CULTURE, AND LIFE Sociology/Jewish Studies Sylvia Barack Fishman directs the program in Contemporary Jewish Life in the Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Department at Brandeis University, where she is a professor. She is the author of several previous books on the American Jewish experience. Sylvia Barack Fishman Double or Nothing? Jewish Families and Mixed Marriage If intermarriage is a blessing, North American Jews are among the prime beneficiaries. Recent statistical studies show that about half of all recent marriages involving a Jew have been to non-Jews. Many of these Jews maintain at least some ties to their own ethnoreligious heritage. At the same time, very few of the non-Jews marrying Jewish men and women today convert to Judaism. The same cultural tolerance that nurtures mixed marriage also promotes the idea that each partner can maintain his or her own distinctive, premarriage identity. Thus, the homes they form include two religious identities, and, often, two or more ethnic identities. Drawing on more than 250 original interviews with mixed-married men and women, focus group discussions with their teenaged children, materials produced by communal, secular, and religious organizations, and conferences, books, and films created by and for interfaith audiences, Fishman examines family dynamics in mixed-married households. She looks at the responses of Jewish and non-Jewish family and friends. She investigates how the “December dilemma” plays itself out in diverse mixed Jewish households and explores popular cultural depictions of mixed marriages in fiction, film, television, and in material artifacts such as the “Mixed Message Greeting Card Company.” Olaf Stapledon Edited with an introduction by Patrick McCarthy Foreword by Freeman J. Dyson “A buried treasure of 20th century literature reemerges in this splendid and practical edition. McCarthy’s revealing introduction and notes display the genius of Star Maker to a new century.” – Robert Crossley, author of Olaf Stapledon: Speaking for the Future Widely regarded as one of the true classics of science fiction, Star Maker is a poetic and deeply philosophical work. The story details the mental journey of an unnamed narrator, who is transported not only to other worlds but also other galaxies and parallel universes, until he eventually becomes part of the “cosmic mind.” First published in 1937, Olaf Stapledon’s descriptions of alien life are a political commentary on human life in the turbulent inter-war years. The book challenges preconceived notions of intelligence and awareness, and ultimately argues for a broadened perspective that would free us from culturally ingrained thought and our inevitable anthropomorphism. This is the first scholarly edition of a book that influenced such writers as C.S. Lewis and Arthur C. Clarke and which Jorge Luis Borges called “a prodigious novel.” Star Maker » ALSO OF INTEREST Celebrating the Jewish Holidays Poems, Stories, Essays Steven J. Rubin hc $46.95 ISBN 1-58465-184-9 WESLEYAN’S EARLY CLASSICS OF SCIENCE FICTION SERIES Providing a new venue for publication of early works of science fiction, this important series includes new scholarly editions of classic English-language works and new translations of non-English-language science fiction, with critical introductions, extensive notes, and bibliographic materials. 30 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND MAY 224 pages, 6¼ x 9½” 25 b/w illus. pb $26.95 ISBN 1-84310-184 Health Chris Williams is a consultant clinical psychologist working with children and adolescents with learning disabilities. She also trains special school staff to under- stand and manage autistic behaviour. Barry Wright is a consultant child psychiatrist. He is widely published and currently researching autistic children’s language abilities, emotional recognition, and memory. APRIL 224 pages, 5½ x 8½” pb $25.95 ISBN 0-8195-6685-3 Psychology/Spirituality Michael Eigen is a psychologist and psychoanalyst. The author of numerous books, he is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology in the Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis at New York University and a Senior Member of the National Psychological Association for Psycho- analysis. Michael Eigen The Sensitive Self “Michael Eigen teaches by example. In this remarkable work he lets us feel our aliveness by showing us his own. He is a creative force in psychoanalysis: vulgar, frightening, fearless and inspiring.” – Mark Epstein, M.D., author of Thoughts Without a Thinker We are all sensitive beings, both physically and emotionally. What do we do with our sensitivity? How much of our sensitivity can we take? How do we become partners with our sensitivity in ways that make life worthwhile? In The Sensitive Self, renowned psychologist Michael Eigen explores the varied nuances of sensitivity as it threads its way through all facets of our lives. Individual case studies, often achingly honest, are woven together by Eigen’s deeply felt meditations, bringing us into the heart of psychotherapy. We see how our sensitivity to self and others plays a crucial role in sustaining our sense of aliveness. Ultimately, Eigen argues, sensitivity is the basis for a humane ethics. Powerful and illuminating, The Sensitive Self follows up on the themes of Eigen’s previous books, Rage and Ecstasy, with which Eigen has established himself as one of today’s most creative thinkers in psychology. Chris Williams and Barry Wright Illustrated by Olive Young This accessible and valuable introduction to caring for a child with autism is an ideal resource for teachers and members of autistic children’s immediate and extended families. In clear and simple language, with many illustra- tions, the authors tackle common problems experienced in everyday routines such as eating, sleeping, and going to the toilet, as well as how to cope with aggression and tantrums, preoccupations and compulsions, and how to enable better communication and socializing. Step-by-step, the authors consider why each problem may be happening and suggest a number of possible solutions. CONTENTS Part One: First Worries Early Detection • Assessment Part Two: How Does Your Child View the World? Understanding Autism • In a World of His Own • Sensory Interests • Communication Difficul- ties • Time Perception • Self Concept • Behaviour Part Three: Specific Problems Feeding • Toileting • Sleeping • Preoccupa- tions • Compulsions • Routines • Tantrums • Aggression and Frustration • Socialization Part Four: Other Issues Carer Exhaustion • Grandparents • Benefits • Diets • Alternative Therapies • The Future • Transition to Adulthood How to Live with Autism Practical Strategies for Parents JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS » ALSO OF INTEREST Rage Michael Eigen pb $27.95 ISBN 0-8195-6586-5 Ecstasy Michael Eigen pb $24.95 ISBN 0-8195-6531-8 » ALSO OF INTEREST Snapshots of Autism A Family Album Jennifer Overton pb $29.95 ISBN 1-84310-723-6 31F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS FEBRUARY 272 pages, 6 x 9” pb $29.95 ISBN 1-84310-201 Health/Self-Help John Harpur is a lecturer in the Depart- ment of Computer Science at the National University of Ireland. His current research includes a multidisciplinary project on Emotional Intelligence and Asperger Syndrome. Maria Lawlor is a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist at the Child and Family Centre, St. Mary’s Hospital, Drogheda, Ireland. Michael Fitzgerald is professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at the Child and Family Centre in Dublin. FEBRUARY 272 pages, 6 x 9” pb $29.95 ISBN 1-84310-766 Health/Self-Help Yvona Fast lives in Lake Clear, New York. She has NLD and has worked as a librarian and missionary and is now a freelance writer. Her invited contributors are experts in their field. Yvona Fast and others Employment for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome or Non-Verbal Learning Disability Stories and Strategies Most people with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder (NLD) or Asperger Syndrome (AS) are under- employed. With practical and technical advice on everything from job hunting to interview techniques, from ‘fitting in’ in the workplace to whether or not to disclose a diagnosis, this book successfully guides people with NLD or AS through the employment field. Full of valuable information for employers, agencies, and career counsellors, the book also includes an analysis of typical strengths, and how to use these positively in the workplace. Other key areas addressed are: career planning, presentation skills, workplace communication, sociability, challenges people with NLD/AS may be likely to encounter, and ongoing career management. Practical information and resource material is supported by numerous case studies to inspire and advise. Employment for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome or Non-Verbal Learning Disability is an essential resource for people with NLD or AS seeking or in employment, and their employers. John Harpur, Maria Lawlor, and Michael Fitzgerald College life is particularly stressful for students with Asperger Syndrome (AS). This much- needed handbook provides information to help AS students prepare for the rites and rituals of studying, interact with staff and fellow students, cope with expectations and pres- sure, and understand their academic and domestic responsibilities. How will I cope with the workload? What do I do if I feel ill? How do I make friends and initiate relationships? Drawing on interviews with AS students and direct clinical experience, the authors address these and many other questions. The book is a must for these students, their parents, and counsellors alike. CONTENTS • Preparing for College: A Brief Preamble • Welcome to the Rest of Your Life • The College Environment for the Asperger Student • Attending to Academic Demands with AS • Working with Student Support Services • Communication: Getting Along with Others • Interacting with the Opposite Sex: Sex and Sexuality • Managing Anxiety and Stress • Establishing an AS Support Group • Inspirational Thinkers and Scientists • Life After College Succeeding in College with Asperger Syndrome A Student Guide » ALSO OF INTEREST Asperger Syndrome and Long-Term Relationships Ashley Stanford pb $29.95 ISBN 1-84310-734-1 32 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 How to Find Work that Works for People with AS The Ultimate Guide for Getting People with AS into the Workplace (and Keeping Them There!) Gail Hawkins For those who want to help somebody with Asperger Syndrome (AS) find and keep a satisfying job, this book is a vital tool. Gail Hawkins guides readers through the entire process of gaining employment, from building a supportive team, identifying and addressing workplace challenges, to securing an appropri- ate post. Including practical tips on topics such as finding potential employers and creating a dazzling CV, as well as sensitive advice on assessing when somebody is ready for work, and how, when, and where to disclose a disability to an employer, Hawkins’ well-tested approach aims to provide all the information needed for a fast, realistic, and successful path to fulfilling employment. This book is an indispensable resource for special education teachers, social service and employment professionals, employers who have staff with autism spectrum disorders, psychologists and psychiatrists, and people on the autism spectrum in or seeking employment and their families. Gail Hawkins is an experienced vocational consult- ant based in Toronto. Formerly Director of the Kerry’s Place Autism Services, in 1995 she founded Mission Possible, the first agency in North America to find avenues to employment specifically for people with Asperger Syndrome. MAY 240 pages, 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 1-84310-151-3 Health/Self-Help/Education Laurie Leventhal-Belfer and Cassandra Coe Asperger Syndrome in Young Children A Developmental Approach for Parents and Professionals This landmark book is unique in answering pressing questions specific to younger children with AS: How can parents help their AS child develop speech and language? What help is available at school and home? When, if at all, should a child be informed about AS? The authors provide a diagnostic model based on assessment of the child in contrast to ‘neurotypical’ children, considering relation- ships at home, in school, or in care. An essential guide for parents and professionals, this book shows how to develop tailored early intervention strategies and make informed decisions which will nurture the development of AS children. Laurie Leventhal-Belfer is Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford Medical School, Palo Alto, California, and Founder and Director of Friends Connections, which runs therapeutic groups for young AS children and their families. Cassandra Coe is a clinical social worker in San Francisco, California, and has taught, mentored, and assessed a wide range of children and families. FEBRUARY 250 pages, 6 x 9” pb $26.95, ISBN 1-84310-748-1 Parenting/Education JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS Deirdre V. Lovecky Different Minds Gifted Children with AD/HD, Asperger Syndrome, and Other Learning Deficits Giftedness is commonly associated with AD/ HD or Asperger Syndrome and this original book explores the nature of giftedness and its characteristics in children with these condi- tions. Lovecky guides readers through meth- ods of diagnosis and on how best to nurture individual needs, positive behaviour, and relationships at home and school. She explores asynchrony and the effects of such ‘uneven’ development, using case studies to illustrate emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social development. She explains what is required to understand and help these children to meet their needs positively. Different Minds, with its wealth of practical and background information, is essential reading for all those who live or work with gifted children with attention difficulties. Deirdre V. Lovecky is a clinical child psychologist at the Gifted Resource Center of New England, Providence, Rhode Island, specializing in the needs of gifted children, adolescents, and their families. She is a psychotherapist and consultant, a frequent speaker at conferences, and a regular writer on giftedness. FEBRUARY 512 pages, 7 x 10” pb $33.95, ISBN 1-85302-964-5 Psychology/Education 33F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A Latika Vasil and Harvey Molloy How do teenagers with Asperger Syndrome view themselves and their own lives? This book is based on extensive interviews with adolescents diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. It includes six life stories, written in collaboration with the teenagers themselves. These present an authentic and fascinating look at the lives of the teenagers and how AS has shaped their growing identities. The stories provide the basis for a discussion of common themes and issues facing teenagers with AS. Asperger Syndrome, Adolescence, and Identity also questions the medicalized deficit approach to Asperger Syndrome and discusses the social repercussions of labelling teenagers as having AS. Latika Vasil has a doctorate in educational psychology and is a researcher and writer specializ- ing in Asperger Syndrome based in Singapore. Harvey Molloy is an Assistant Professor in the Scholars’ Programme at the National University of Singapore. Both authors research and write on Asperger Syndrome, and do volunteer work with autism and AS organizations. MAY 240 pages, 6 x 9” pb $26.95, ISBN 1-84310-126-2 Health/Psychology Alison Morton-Cooper Health Care and the Autism Spectrum A Guide for Health Professionals, Parents, and Carers Planning and managing health care for individuals with autistic spectrum conditions presents a unique set of challenges, from dealing with communication difficulties and sensory overload to problems with physical examinations. This groundbreaking volume tackles all the issues that health professionals can encounter on a day-to-day basis, as well as addressing ethical issues and more specific aspects of health care. Professionals in all fields of health care, as well as individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their carers, will find this wide-ranging and informative book an essential, practical reference tool. Alison Morton-Cooper is a lecturer in Health Studies at Glasgow University, and an Associate Fellow in Continuing Education at Warwick University. Last but not least, she is mother to Alastair, who has Asperger Syndrome. MARCH 176 pages, 6 x 9” pb $26.95, ISBN 1-85302-963-7 Health JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS Lise Pyles Homeschooling the Child with Asperger Syndrome Real Help for Parents Anywhere and on Any Budget Packed with inspiring ideas and tips that can be used with any curriculum and on any budget, Homeschooling the Child with Asperger Syndrome explains how to design a varied study programme built around the child’s own interests, making use of simple material as well as computers and on-line resources. Parents planning to homeschool their child with Asperger Syndrome will appreciate Lise Pyles’ encouraging and practical advice, including step-by-step instructions on how to assess and improve body language and social skills, accommodating the child’s need for ritual or perfectionist tendencies, and how to develop handwriting and coordination skills. Lise Pyles lives with her family in Aurora, Colorado, and is the parent of a child with Asperger Syndrome and the author of Hitchhiking through Asperger Syndrome. Her family’s journey has included several schooling options, including homeschooling. APRIL 272 pages, 6 x 9” pb $29.95, ISBN 1-84310-761-9 Education/Parenting Asperger Syndrome, Adolescence, and Identity Looking Beyond the Label 34 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 SELECTED BACKLIST Aboriginal Plant Use in Canada’s Northwest Boreal Forest Robin J. 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8 Lawlor  Succeeding in College with Asperger Syndrome 31 Lawren Stewart Harris  37 Laycock  Representation and Democratic Theory 7 Lee  Gender and Change in Hong Kong  7 Lee  Integrity Gap  7 Lelooska  37 Leventhal-Belfer  Asperger Syndrome in Young Children  32 Levitin  Women Filmmakers  36 42 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 AUTHOR/TITLE INDEX Lewis  In the Long Run We’re All Dead  7 Life and Work  19 Life Lived Like a Story  35 Lifesaving Letters  17 Light People  38 Limiting Arbitrary Power  8 Lindner  James Bond Phenomenon  39 Lindsay  America Unbound  10 Link  Landscaping for Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest  16 Link  Living with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest 16 Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest 26 Living with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest  16 Love in Good Time  38 Lovecky  Different Minds  32 M Machel  Impact of War on Children  34 MacLaren  Canadians Behind Enemy Lines  4 Macnair  Magic Leaves  36 Magic Leaves  36 Making Native Space  35 Manfredi  Feminist Activism in the Supreme Court  8 Marie  Dene Spruce Root Basketry  36 Marles  Aboriginal Plant Use in Canada’s Northwest Boreal Forest  34 Marshall  Birds of Oregon  36 Marston  Mary Schafer, American Quilt Maker 24 Mary Schafer, American Quilt Maker  24 Matthews  Women and War  37 Maxwell  Sari to Sarong  18 May the Best Team Win  12 McAllister  Governing Ourselves?  8 McClellan  My Old People Say - Vol. 1  36 McClellan  My Old People Say - Vol. 2  36 McGhee  Ancient People of the Arctic  34 McHugh  Glottal Stop  37 McHutchison  First Fish, First People  26 Media and the War on Terrorism  12 Meligrana  Redrawing Local Government Boundaries  8 Mgbeoji  Collective Insecurity  7 Mikuni  Japan’s Policy Trap  13 Miljan  Hidden Agendas  5 Miller  Tell Me Lies  23 Milner  Civic Literacy  37 Milord  Ghost on the Hearth  37 Modern Jihad  20, 39 Molloy  Asperger Syndrome, Adolescence, and Identity  33 Momaday  Way to Rainy Mountain  38 Morse  Nature of Gold  37 Morton-Cooper  Health Care and the Autism Spectrum  33 Muckle  First Nations of British Columbia  34 Munitions of the Mind  23 Murdering Holiness  5 Murphy  Japan’s Policy Trap  13 Murray  Writing About Nature  38 Musqueam Reference Grammar  8 My Old People Say - Vol. 1  36 My Old People Say - Vol. 2  36 N Nabhan  ¡Tequila!  27 Nadeau  Citizens  7 Nagorsen  Bats of British Columbia  9 Nagorsen  Rodents and Lagomorphs of British Columbia  9 Napoleoni  Modern Jihad  20, 39 Natural Grace  37 Nature of Gold  37 Negotiated Memory  8 Negus  Popular Music in Theory  38 Nevitte  Citizens  7 New Perspectives on the Public-Private Divide  7 Nimis  Road to Al-Qaeda  20 Nixon  Birds of the Yukon Territory  34 No Place to Learn  35 No Place to Run  35 Not the Slightest Chance  7 Nyboer  Cost of Climate Policy  34 O Obedient Autonomy  8 On the Brink  27 One Nation under a Groove  25 Open the Door  37 Ortiz  Out There Somewhere  38 Out of the Mist  36 Out There Somewhere  38 Overton   Snapshots of Autism  30, 39 P Paddling to Where I Stand  8 Palast  Best Democracy Money Can Buy  39 Palmer  Couture and Commerce  34 Passion for Peace  19 Passion for Wildlife  35 Paul  Life and Work  19 Pepper in Our Eyes  35 Perl  Integrity Gap  7 Perras  Stepping Stones to Nowhere  7 Philip Larkin I Knew  39 Phillips  Murdering Holiness  5 Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place  7 Pitt   Greatest Sedition Is Silence  39 Planning the New Suburbia  35 Plant Technology of First Peoples of British Columbia  35 Plessis  Women Filmmakers  36 Pocklington  No Place to Learn  35 Political Parties  7 Popov  Glottal Stop  37 Popular Music in Theory  38 Preece  Awe for the Tiger, Love for the Lamb 34 Pre-Emptive Empire  20,  39 Primakov  World Challenged  11 Prometheus Wired  35 Pue  Pepper in Our Eyes  35 Punter  Vancouver Achievement  6 Putin’s Russia  13 Pyles  Homeschooling the Child with Asperger Syndrome  33 Pyne  Smokechasing  38 Q Quiring  CCF Colonialism in Northern Saskatchewan 8 R Rage  30 Rai  Regime Unchanged  20 Railscapes  37 Rajkumar  Deadly Arsenals  13 Rak  Negotiated Memory  8 Raoul  Women Filmmakers  36 Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision  35 Redrawing Local Government Boundaries  8 Reed  Taking Stands  7 Rees  Passion for Peace  19 Regime Unchanged  20 Reid  Paddling to Where I Stand  8 Rentz  They Can’t Take That Away From Me  38 Reporters without Borders  Israel / Palestine 39 Representation and Democratic Theory  7 Restoration of the Great Lakes  27 Ribeiro  Limiting Arbitrary Power  8 Rise of the Nazis  39 River of Angry Dogs  17, 22 Road to Al-Qaeda  20 Robson  Love in Good Time  38 Rodents and Lagomorphs of British Columbia  9 Rogue Scholar  37 Rosch  First Fish, First People  26 Rotblat  War No More  21 Roth  Lifesaving Letters  17 Rubin  Celebrating the Jewish Holidays  29 Running with Walker  39 Ryerson  Water Music  37 S Sadownik  Cost of Climate Policy  34 Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers  3 Salmon Nation  26 Sari to Sarong  18 Searching for Peace  21 Sensitive Self  30 Sewid-Smith  Paddling to Where I Stand  8 Shevtsova  Putin’s Russia  13 43F O R  M O R E  I N F O R M AT I O N  V I S I T  W W W. U B C P R E S S . C A AUTHOR/TITLE INDEX Shinohara  Images in Asian Religions  8 Shinohara  Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place  7 Siberian Curse  13 Simulacra and Simulation  37 Sinclair  Birds of the Yukon Territory  34 Siu  Hong Kong Ballet  36 Smith  Fishes of the Great Lakes Region  25 Smokechasing  38 Snapshots of Autism  30, 39 Songhees Pictorial  36 Soviet Mind  10 Sproule-Jones  Restoration of the Great Lakes 27 Stanford  Asperger Syndrome and Long-Term Relationships  31 Stapledon  Star Maker  29 Star Maker  29 Stars of David  38 Stein  Street Protests and Fantasy Parks  35 Stepping Stones to Nowhere  7 Stevenson  Cruise of the Janet Nichol among the South Sea Islands 17 Stewart  Implements of Golf  36 Stolen Youth  22 Storck  Journey to the Ice Age  1 Strange  Bugman on Bugs  28 Street Protests and Fantasy Parks  35 Succeeding in College with Asperger Syndrome 31 Suettinger  Beyond Tiananmen  11 Sullivan  First Do No Harm  34 Suttles  Musqueam Reference Grammar  8 T Taking Stands  7 Taking Trade to the Streets  37 Talbott  Engaging India  13 Tales from the Attic  36 Tales of Ghosts  35 Taylor  Munitions of the Mind  23 ¡Tequila!  27 Tell Me Lies  23 They Can’t Take That Away From Me  38 This Is Rebel Music  38 Thom  Lawren Stewart Harris  37 Thompson  Dene Spruce Root Basketry  36 Too Much of a Good Thing Is Wonderful  38 Totem Poles  35 Tournament of Appeals  8 Trading Nation  35 Transparency International  Global Corruption Report 2004  22 Trischler  Exposing Electronics  38 Tsawalk  8 Tupper  No Place to Learn  35 Turner  Plant Technology of First Peoples of British Columbia 35 U Umeek  Tsawalk  8 Undelivered Letters to Hudson’s Bay Company Men on the Northwest Coast of America, 1830-57  17, 35 Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders  39 Unnatural Law  5 Unsettled Boundaries  37 V Valenzuela-Zapat  ¡Tequila!  27 Vancouver Achievement  6 Vasil  Asperger Syndrome, Adolescence, and Identity  33 W War No More  21 War of Patrols  35 Water Music  37 Way to Rainy Mountain  38 Wedding Song  38 Weston  Dining at the Lineman’s Shack  38 What Is a Crime?  8 When Coal Was King  6 Wheat  Blanket Weaving in the Southwest  38 Wickstrom  Late in an Angler’s Life  28 Wild by Design  24 Williams  How to Live with Autism  30 Willis  Country Post  14 Wilson  Tales from the Attic  36 Wodnik  Captured Honor  37 Wolf  Salmon Nation  26 Wolfsthal  Deadly Arsenals  13 Women and War  37 Women Filmmakers  36 World Challenged  11 Wright  How to Live with Autism  30 Writing About Nature  38 Y Yapko  Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders  39 Yeats  Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest  26 Z Zimbalist  May the Best Team Win  12 Zuckerman  Salmon Nation  26 44 O R D E R  F R O M  u n i P R E S S E S  T E L :  1  8 7 7  8 6 4  8 4 7 7 SALES AND ORDERING INFORMATION CONTACT US UBC Press The University of British Columbia 2029 West Mall Vancouver, BC Canada  V6T 1Z2 Phone: 604.822.5959 or 604.822.9462 (marketing) Fax: 1.800.668.0821 or 604.822.6083 E-mail: Examination Copies: Elizabeth Whitton, Academic Marketing Manager Phone: 604.822.8226 or 1.877.377.9378 E-mail: Review Copies: Requests should be submitted on official letterhead to: Kerry Kilmartin, Reviews Coordinator Fax: 604.822.6083 For up-to-date information on UBC Press, the publishers we represent, and our titles, please visit our website at ORDERS Canada uniPRESSES 34 Armstrong Avenue Georgetown ON L7G 4R9 Phone: 905.873.9781 or 1.877.864.8477 Fax: 905.873.6170 or 1.877.864.4272 E-mail: USA University of Washington Press P.O. 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For 20 of UBC Press’ 32 years, one of its most important resources was the intellectual and emotional commitment of Berit Kraus to promoting its books. Her devotion to the scholarly works that the Press published was exceptional, and her loyalty to the Press and its authors has been unwavering. Like our books, Berit’s catalogues were meticulously crafted: each page an expression of extraordinary integrity. She never let her standards slip towards even a hint of hyperbole. There was never a misplaced ISBN or a wrong initial in an author’s name, and every word was carefully considered and the product of a careful reading of the manuscript and the reviewers’ notes. Berit was not without contradictions. On one hand, she was the picture of Scandinavian precision and order, a baker of perfect delicate little delights and a disciplined runner. But even in a world of publishers and academic strewn with papers and books, her office was a monument to chaos. There should have been avalanche warnings at the entrance. Generous to a fault, Berit was always willing to give a colleague the benefit of the doubt or a second chance. Most importantly she was a devoted wife to Alan, a mother to Per and Kajsa, and grandmother to Nathalie, Stella, and Linnea. And a very brave woman. All of us at the Press shared a little bit of her pain as she struggled against the scourge of brain cancer that so suddenly assailed her in the summer of 2000. We marveled at her resilience and shared the joy of her recovery as twice she fought back and seemed to triumph. Losing her has been a great blow to all of us. Berit was an important pioneer of scholarly publishing in western Canada. She was also the dearly loved matriarch of our little family of authors and publishers. We will miss her. R. Peter Milroy Director, UBC Press 2002/2003 AWARD WINNERS The Cost of Climate Policy Policy Research Initiative Award for Outstanding Contribution to Public Policy Driven Apart First Annual Book Prize, Canadian Women’s Studies Association Pierre Savard Prize, International Council for Canadian Studies Gendering Government Victoria Schuck Award, American Political Science Association Globalization and Well-Being Donner Prize, Donner Foundation The Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy John Lyman Book Award, North American Society for Oceanic History Making Native Space Sir John A. Macdonald Prize, Canadian Historical Association Clio Award for British Columbia, Canadian Historical Association Preserving What Is Valued Outstanding Achievement Award, Conservation Category, Canadian Museums Association 2002/2003 SHORTLISTED The Cost of Climate Policy Donner Prize, Donner Foundation The Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy Keith Matthews Prize, Canadian Nautical Research Society Dartmouth Book Award, Non-fiction John and Mary Savage First Book Award, Dartmouth Book Awards Making Native Space Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize, BC Book Prizes Modern Women Modernizing Men Sir John A. Macdonald Prize, Canadian Historical Association A Trading Nation Donner Prize, Donner Foundation Donald Smiley Award, Canadian Political Science Association Dafoe Book Prize, J.W. 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