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Fall Winter 2003UBCPressLawPage 1HistoryPage 5Military HistoryPage 8Asian StudiesPage 11PoliticsPage 13Public PolicyPage 15Native StudiesPage 18AnthropologyPage 19Sexuality StudiesPage 23UBC PRESS NEW BOOKSLAWUnnatural LawMurdering HolinessNew Perspectives on the Public?Private DividePeople and PlaceCorporate Governance in Global Capital MarketsCollective InsecurityCanadian Yearbook of International LawHISTORYThe ?Oriental? QuestionParties Long EstrangedWhen Coal Was KingGame in the GardenA Voyage to the Northwest Side of AmericaUndelivered LettersMILITARY HISTORYAvoiding ArmageddonFrigates and ForemastsThe Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian NavyA War of PatrolsStepping Stones to NowhereNot the Slightest ChanceASIAN STUDIESGutenberg in ShanghaiJapan at the MillenniumGender and Change in Hong KongPilgrims, Patrons, and PlacePOLITICSHidden AgendasLiberalism, Nationalism, CitizenshipShifting BoundariesGendering GovernmentECONOMICSGlobalization and Well-BeingPUBLIC POLICYIn the Long Run We?re All DeadFirst Do No HarmMisplaced DistrustENVIRONMENTAL STUDIESThe Integrity GapTaking StandsPLANNINGThe Vancouver AchievementThe Co-WorkplaceNATIVE STUDIESAboriginal ConditionsTales of GhostsANTHROPOLOGYEmerging from the MistAt Home with the Bella Coola IndiansHunters and BureaucratsBeing a TouristSOCIOLOGYTraining the Excluded for WorkHIGHER EDUCATIONGrowth and Governance in Canadian UniversitiesNATURAL HISTORYA Passion for WildlifeBirds of the Yukon TerritorySEXUALITY STUDIESMasculinities without Men?FILMWomen FilmmakersOrdering Information122334455667789910101011111212131314141515151616171717181819192020212122232323241LAWUnnatural LawRethinking Canadian Environmental Law and PolicyWhile governments assert that Canada is a worldleader in sustainability, Unnatural Law providesextensive evidence to refute this claim. A compre-hensive assessment of the strengths and weak-nesses of Canadian environmental law, the bookprovides a balanced, critical examination ofCanada?s record, focusing on laws and policiesintended to protect water, air, land, andbiodiversity.Three decades of environmental laws have pro-duced progress in a number of important areas,such as ozone depletion, protected areas, andsome kinds of air and water pollution. However,Canada?s overall record remains poor. In this vitaland timely study, David Boyd explores the reasonswhy some laws and policies foster progress whileothers fail. He ultimately concludes that the rootcause of environmental degradation in industrial-ized nations is excessive consumption of re-sources. Unnatural Law outlines the innovativechanges in laws and policies that Canada mustimplement in order to respond to the ecologicalimperative of living within the Earth?s limits.The struggle for a sustainable future is one of themost daunting challenges facing humanity in thetwenty-first century. Everyone ? academics,lawyers, students, policymakers, and concernedcitizens ? interested in the health of the Canadianand global environments will find Unnatural Law aninvaluable source of information and insight.?[Boyd] reminds us that as biological creatures, werequire clean air, water, soil, energy, andbiodiversity and once that is acknowledged, thepath of legislation is obvious: to protect thoseneeds for all life above anything else. That wouldbe legislation for genuine sustainability.?? Dr. David SuzukiSEPTEMBER416 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1048-3pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-1049-1David R. BoydWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LAWLAW AND SOCIETY SERIES?David Boyd?s magisterial work takes the oftentechnical and dry subject of environmental law toits proper realm of what really happens on theground, in the water, and the air -- and why. Boydpresents a clear diagnosis and compelling pre-scription for Canada?s appalling environmentalrecord. Here finally is a well-written, comprehen-sive, and proactive strategy to overcome the falsedichotomy of economic and environmental impera-tives. In the post-Kyoto world, Unnatural Law givesus a roadmap to a sustainable future.?? Michael M?Gonigle, Professor of Law and Eco-Research Chairin Environmental Law and Policy, University of Victoria.David R. Boyd is an environmental lawyer, professor,and former executive director of the Sierra LegalDefence Fund. He is the editor of Northern Wild: BestContemporary Canadian Nature Writing and lives onPender Island, British Columbia.? ALSO OF INTERESTThe Cost of Climate PolicyMark Jaccard, John Nyboer,and Bryn Sadownikpb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0951-5Restorationof the Great LakesPromises, Practices,PerformancesMark Sproule-Jonespb $24.95ISBN 0-7748-0871-3US pb rights held by MichiganState University Press.2 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Edited by the Law Commissionof CanadaNew Perspectives on thePublic?Private DivideThe separation between public and privatespheres has structured much of our thinkingabout human organizations. Scholars frommany disciplines use the notion of a public?private divide as a means to order knowledgeand better understand the mechanisms thatgovern and shape human behaviour andinstitutions. In legal and socio-legal analysis, thedistinction informs the differences betweenstate and non-state actors and between publicgood and private property.This rich collection of essays explores how thepublic?private divide influences, challenges, andinteracts with law and law reform. Throughvarious case studies, the contributors reflect onthis complex dichotomy?s role in structuring thesocio-legal environment for the personal, social,economic, and governance relationships ofcitizens. They demonstrate that while the splitbetween the public and the private is a usefulway to understand the world, it is always onlyan ideological construct, and as such open tochallenge.The Law Commission of Canada is an independ-ent federal law reform agency that advisesParliament on how to improve and modernizeCanada?s laws.2003208 pages, 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1042-4Murdering HolinessThe Trials of Franz Creffieldand George MitchellJim Phillips and Rosemary GartnerMurdering Holiness explores the story of the?Holy Roller? sect led by Franz Creffield in theearly years of the twentieth century. Creffield,a charismatic, self-styled messiah, taught hisfollowers to forsake the worldliness of materialgoods and their families and seek onlysalvation. As his teachings became moreextreme, the local community reacted bytarring and feathering him and incarcerating hismainly female followers in the asylum andother institutions. Creffield himself wasimprisoned after a conviction for adultery, butrevived the sect shortly after his release.George Mitchell, the brother of two ofCreffield?s female followers, pursued him toSeattle and shot him dead. In a trial that madeheadlines across America, Mitchell wasacquitted, ostensibly on the basis of insanitybut in reality due to the ?unwritten law? thatjustified killing in defence of a female relativewho had been sexually ?wronged.? Mitchellhimself was then murdered two days after hisacquittal by his own sister, Esther, whom hehad claimed to be defending. In a final twist tothis gripping story, Esther did not stand trialfor the murder of her brother but was placed inthe asylum, ultimately taking her own life bypoison a few years later.In this fascinating story, Phillips and Gartnerexplore the relationships among formal andinformal law, gender relations, and religiousrepression. It will interest scholars and generalreaders in law, religion, and gender studies, aswell as anybody interested in the history ofOregon and Washington.Jim Phillips is a professor at the Centre of Criminol-ogy and Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto.Rosemary Gartner is a professor of criminologyand sociology at the University of Toronto.SEPTEMBER352 pages est., 6 x 9?25 photos, 2 mapshc $45.00ISBN 0-7748-0906-X?This book is a major contributionto the field of cultural legal history.It stands in the ranks of the very bestworks in which case studies have beenused to open up and excavate thecultural and social assumptions thatsurround, affect, and in some instancespervert the application of the law andthe operation of justice system ... Itis also a model of clarity and engagingprose.?-? John McLaren, Lansdowne Professorof Law, University of VictoriaRECENTLY RELEASEDLAWWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LAWLAW AND SOCIETY SERIESLEGAL DIMENSIONS SERIESPublished in association withthe Law Commission of Canada3AUGUST392 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1004-1Janis Sarra is aprofessor of law at theUniversity of BritishColumbia.Corporate Governancein Global Capital MarketsThe recent failures of Enron, WorldCom, andother large publicly traded corporations havecatapulted the issue of corporate governanceonto the international stage. In this timelybook, Janis Sarra draws together the workof legal scholars and practitioners fromacross North America to provide a compre-hensive analysis of corporate governanceissues in global capital markets.The contributors to this collection explorethe theoretical underpinnings of corporategovernance and provide concrete illustrationsof different models and their outcomes. Whilethe perspectives of the authors sometimesdiffer, their common project is to exploredifferent normative conceptions of thecorporation in order to contribute to ananalysis of global trends in corporate govern-ance. The book measures diverse theoreticalperspectives against the reality of corporateoperations in current capital markets, andexplores the norms that inform shifts ingovernance practice and the influence ofregulatory regimes on governance change.Relationships both within and outside the firmare explored, including issues of accountabil-ity, ethics in decision making, and notions ofefficiency in the generation of corporatewealth.Legal scholars and practitioners with aninterest in corporations, insolvency, andsecurities, as well as corporate directors,will welcome this thoughtful collection totheir libraries.Edited by Janis SarraPeople and PlaceHistorical Influences on Local CultureEdited by Jonathan Swaingerand Constance BackhouseNOVEMBER288 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1032-7Constance Backhouseis a professor of law atthe University of Ottawa.Jonathan Swainger is aprofessor of history atthe University of NorthernBritish Columbia.People and Place presents a path-breakingcollection of essays demonstrating thefascinating ways in which personalitiesinteract with physical locale in shaping thelaw.  Examining law through the frameworkof history, this anthology presents a mixtureof innovative and wide-ranging articles.The collection represents a rich array ofinterdisciplinary expertise, with authors whoare law professors, historians, sociologists,and criminologists. Their essays includestudies into the lives of judges and lawyers,rape victims, prostitutes, religious sectleaders, and common criminals. The geo-graphic scope touches Canada, the UnitedStates, and Australia. The essays explorehow one individual, or a small self-identifiedgroup, was able to make a difference in howlaw was understood, applied, and inter-preted. They also probe the degree to whichlocale and location influenced legal culturehistory.The essays offer snapshots of human history,capturing the centrality of law as individualslocated themselves in relation to others andto the places and times in which they lived.Accessible to academics, students, andgeneral readers interested in the formationof law within a social context, this collectionoffers a compelling perspective of thissubtle, multifaceted relationship.LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES? ALSO OF INTERESTRegulating LivesHistorical Essays on theState, Society, theIndividual, and the LawJohn McLaren, RobertMenzies, and Dorothy E.Chunn, eds.pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0887-XLAWWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LAW4 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Edited by Donald M. McRaeThe Canadian Yearbookof International Law /Annuaire canadien de droitinternationalVolume/Tome XL, 2002Since its advent in 1961, The CanadianYearbook of International Law has hadthree main objectives: to make available toCanadians and the international communitya systematic presentation of the best Canadianthought on problems of international law; topromote the development of Canadianresearch on international law; and to makeavailable documents and commentaries thatreveal the practice of Canadian institutions inmatters of international law. UBC Press ishonoured to have been involved with thisvenerable project, and is proud to celebratethe publication of its fortieth volume this year.Issued annually under the auspices of theCanadian Branch of the International LawAssociation (Canadian Society of InternationalLaw) and the Canadian Council on InternationalLaw, the Yearbook contains articles of lastingsignificance in the field of international legalstudies; a notes and comments section; adigest of international economic law; a sectionon current Canadian practice in internationallaw; a digest of important Canadian cases inthe fields of public international law, privateinternational law, and conflict of laws; a listof recent Canadian treaties; and book reviews.Donald M. McRae is a professor in the Facultyof Law at the University of Ottawa.DECEMBER550 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $145.00ISBN 0-7748-0937-XCollective InsecurityThe Liberian Crisis, Unilateralism,and Global OrderIkechi MgbeojiAfrica?s notorious civil wars and seeminglyendless conflicts constitute one of the mostintractable threats to global peace and securityin the post-Cold War era. This book providesboth a superb analysis of the historicaldysfunction of the postcolonial African stategenerally and, more specifically, a probingcritique of the crisis that resulted in the tragiccollapse of Liberia.Using a historical deconstruction and recon-struction of the theories and practice ofinternational law and politics, Ikechi Mgbeojiultimately shows that blame for this endlesscycle of violence must be laid at the feet ofboth the Western powers and African statesthemselves. He further posits that threemeasures ? a reconstructed regime of Africanstatehood, legitimate governance, and reformof the United Nations Security Council ? areimperative for the creation of a stable Africanpolity. In the post-9/11 era, this holistic andmultilateral approach to collective securityremains the world?s best route to peace andsocio-political stability.Collective Insecurity is a vital addition to thestudy of international law and will be of interestto students and practitioners of internationallaw and international relations, and those withan interest in security studies, politics, andAfrican studies.Ikechi Mgbeoji is a professor in the Faculty of Law,University of British Columbia.AUGUST200 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $80.00ISBN 0-7748-1036-X?The book is a significant contributionto the fields of international law andAfrican studies ... It points the wayforward and clarifies the difficulthistorical and intellectual problemsthat must be comprehended if Africais to be understood both by Africansas well as outsiders.?-? Makau Mutua, Professor of Law andDirector of the Human Rights Centerat the State University of New York atBuffalo School of Law, and author ofHuman Rights: A Political and CulturalCritique.LAW AND SOCIETY SERIESLAWWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LAW5Edited by Margaret MacMillanand Francine McKenzieParties Long EstrangedCanada and Australiain the Twentieth CenturyThis book brings together recent and originalwork to illuminate comparisons and contrastsbetween two former colonies of the BritishEmpire. The contributors include some of thetop names in history and political science, inCanada and Australia.Parties Long Estranged covers the entiretwentieth century and examines differentaspects of Canadian-Australian relations,including trade, civil aviation, military, constitu-tional, imperial, and diplomatic relations. Thecomparisons include Aboriginal rights, nation-building, middle powers, and attitudes towardsthe Empire.This timely volume is well situated in the fieldof comparative studies, a new and growing areaof study. It will be of interest to students andscholars of foreign affairs, the British common-wealth and its dismantling, constitutional history,and international relations.Margaret MacMillan is Provost of Trinity College,University of Toronto, and the author of Paris 1919:Six Months That Changed the World, and severalother publications. Francine McKenzie teacheshistory at the University of Western Ontario and isthe author of Redefining the Bonds of Common-wealth 1939-1948: The Politics of Preference.JULY320 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0976-0The Oriental QuestionConsolidating a White Man?s Province,1914-41Patricia E. RoyThe sequel to her 1989 groundbreaking work,A White Man?s Province: British ColumbiaPoliticians and Chinese and Japanese Immi-grants, 1858-1914, Patricia E. Roy?s latestbook, The Oriental Question: Consolidating aWhite Man?s Province, 1914-41, continues herstudy into why British Columbians ? and manyCanadians from outside the province ? werehistorically so opposed to Asian immigration.Drawing on contemporary press and govern-ment reports, as well as the correspondenceand memoirs of individuals, Roy shows how,from 1914 to 1941, British Columbiansconsolidated a ?white man?s province? bysecuring a virtual end to Asian immigration andplacing stringent legal restrictions on Asiancompetition in the major industries of lumberand fishing. While its emphasis is on politicalaction and politicians, the book also examinesthe popular pressure for such practices andgives some attention to the reactions of thosemost affected: the province?s Chinese andJapanese residents.The Oriental Question is a critical investigationof a troubling period in Canadian history.It will be of vital interest to scholars of BritishColumbian and Canadian history and politics,Asian studies, diaspora, ethnicity, and immigra-tion.Patricia E. Roy is a professor in the Departmentof History, University of Victoria.NOVEMBER384 pages est., 6 x 9?10 b/w illus.hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1010-6NOW IN PAPERBACK? ALSO OF INTERESTThe Chinese in Vancouver,1945-80The Pursuit of Identity and PowerWing Chung Ngpb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0733-4HISTORYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HISTORY6 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477George W. ColpittsGame in the GardenA Human History of Wildlifein Western Canada to 1940When Coal Was KingLadysmith and the Coal-Mining Industryon Vancouver IslandJohn R. HindeThe town of Ladysmith was one of themost important coal-mining communitieson Vancouver Island during the early twentiethcentury. The Ladysmith miners had a reputa-tion for radicalism and militancy and engagedin bitter struggles for union recognition andeconomic justice, most notably the GreatStrike of 1912-14. This strike, one of thelongest and most violent labour disputes inCanadian history, was a watershed in thehistory of the town and the coal industry.This book explains the origins of the 1912-14strike by examining the development of thecoal industry on Vancouver Island, the foundingof Ladysmith, the experience of work andsafety in the mines, the process of politicaland economic mobilization, and how thesefactors contributed to the development ofidentity and community.NOVEMBER288 pages est., 6 x 9?29 b/w illus., 2 mapshc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0935-3While the Island coal industry and the strikehave been the subject of a number of popularhistories, no scholarly work currently exists.Although the book is driven by current aca-demic debates and archival research, it will beof interest to both historians and a broaderreading public.John R. Hinde teaches history at the Universityof Victoria and at Malaspina University College.In what is now western Canada, humans havelong used wildlife in order to survive theirsurroundings, better understand their naturalworld, and form aspects of their identity.Game in the Garden identifies the imaginativeuse of wild animals in early western society toexplore a previously neglected avenue ofsocial history.By examining grassroots conservationactivities, early slaughter rituals, iconographictraditions, and subsistence strategies,Colpitts clearly demonstrates how westernattitudes to wild animals changed accordingto subsistence and economic needs ?through the fur trade, game and sporthunting, and farming ? and how wildlifehelped to shape the social relationships ofpeople in western Canada. It is a thought-provoking work that will appeal to environ-mental historians, Native studies specialists,conservationists, and nature enthusiasts.George W. Colpitts has his doctorate in historyfrom the University of Alberta. He lives in Hull,Quebec.JULY216 pages, 6 x 9?14 b/w illus.pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0963-9NOW IN PAPERBACKHISTORYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HISTORY? ALSO OF INTERESTRoaring DaysRossland?s Mines and the Historyof British ColumbiaJeremy Mouatpb $25.95ISBN 0-7748-0519-67Edited by Judith Hudson Beattieand Helen M. BussUndelivered Letters toHudson?s Bay CompanyMen on the NorthwestCoast of America, 1830-57In the early nineteenth century, when theHudson?s Bay Company sent men to its furthestposts along the coast of North America?sPacific Northwest, letters addressed to thosemen followed them in the Company?s supplyships. Some of these letters missed theirintended recipients, who had returned toBritain, deserted their ships, or died. TheCompany kept the correspondence andamassed a file of ?undelivered letters,? many ofwhich remained sealed for 150 years.The letters tell the stories of ordinary peoplewhose lives are rarely recounted in traditionalhistories. Editorial commentaries frame, forcontemporary readers, the words of earlynineteenth-century working- and middle-classBritish folk as well as letters to ?voyageurs?from Quebec. Their stories offer rare insightsinto the varied worlds of men and women whosettled the Pacific Northwest.Judith Hudson Beattie is the former Keeper of theArchives at the Hudson?s Bay Company. Helen M.Buss, Department of English, University of Calgary,is a literary scholar who works with memoirs,diaries, and letters.512 pages, 6 x 9?38 b/w illus., 4 mapspb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0974-4A Voyage to the Northwest Sideof AmericaThe Journals of James Colnett, 1786-89Edited by Robert GaloisThe journal of James Colnett is the lastunpublished account of the early maritime furtrade on the Northwest Coast. Between 1786and 1789, Colnett?s expedition traversed thecoast from Prince William Sound to the Straitof Juan de Fuca. Its members were the firstEuropeans to encounter the Tsimshian and thesouthern Heiltsuk, and the first to land on thesouthern Queen Charlotte Islands.The journal is reproduced with full scholarlyapparatus, as well as with extracts from asecond journal by Andrew Bracey Taylor, 3rdmate on one of the ships in Colnett?s com-mand. Focusing on the expedition?s remarkableencounters with the Native peoples of theNorthwest Coast, Galois? introductory essayalso addresses the geopolitical context of thevoyage and the intellectual background thatshaped the writing of the journals.This fascinating account gives us a newunderstanding of early European presencein the Northwest and of Native responses tothese developments. It will interest historians,geographers, and ethnographers of theNorthwest Coast and beyond.Robert Galois teaches in the Department ofGeography at the University of British Columbia.NOVEMBER448 pages est., 6 x 9?21 b/w illus., 15 mapshc $95.00ISBN 0-7748-0855-1NOW IN PAPERBACKHISTORYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HISTORY? ALSO OF INTERESTPacific EmpiresEssays in Honourof Glyndwr WilliamsAlan Frost and Jane Samson, eds.pb $27.95ISBN 0-7748-0758-XNorth American rights only8 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Andrew RichterAvoiding ArmageddonCanadian Military Strategyand Nuclear Weapons,1950-63The advent of nuclear weapons in the 1940sbrought enormous changes to doctrinesregarding the use of force in resolving disputes.American strategists have been widely creditedwith most of these; Canadians, most haveassumed, did not conduct their own strategicanalysis. Avoiding Armageddon soundlydebunks this notion.Drawing on previously classified governmentrecords, Richter reveals that Canadian defenceofficials did come to independent strategicunderstandings of the most critical issues of thenuclear age. Canadian appreciation of deter-rence, arms control, and strategic stabilitydiffered conceptually from the US models, asdid Canadian thinking on the controversialissues of air defence and the domestic acquisi-tion of nuclear weapons.Avoiding Armageddon illustrates Canada?sconsiderable latitude for independent defencethinking while providing key historical informa-tion that helps make sense of the contemporaryCanadian defence debate.Andrew Richter is Assistant Professor in theDepartment of Political Science, University ofWindsor.JULY224 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95ISBN 0-7748-0889-6US pb rights held by Michigan State University Press.NOW IN PAPERBACKSTUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORYPublished in association with theCanadian War MuseumMILITARY HISTORYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/MILITARYHISTORYFrigates and ForemastsThe North American Squadronin Nova Scotia Waters,1745-1815Julian GwynSEPTEMBER224 pages est, 6 x 9?20 b/w illus.hc $75.00ISBN 0-7748-0910-8The first comprehensive study of navaloperations involving North American squadronsin Nova Scotia waters, Frigates and Foremastsoffers a masterful analysis of the motivesbehind the deployment of Royal Navy vesselsbetween 1745 and 1815, and the navy?s roleon the Western Atlantic.Interweaving historical analysis with vividdescriptions of pivotal events from the firstsiege of Louisbourg in 1745 to the end of thewars with the United States and France in1815, Gwyn illuminates the complex story ofcompeting interests among the Admiralty, NavyBoard, sea officers, and government officialson both sides of the Atlantic. In a grippingnarrative encompassing sea battles,impressments, and privateering, Gwyn bringsto life key events and central figures. Heexamines the role of leadership and the lack ofit, not only of seagoing heroes from PeterWarren to Philip Broke, but also of land-basedofficials, such as the various Halifax naval yardcommissioners, whose important contributionsare brought to light.Gwyn?s brilliant evocation of people andevents, and the scholarship he brings to bearon the subject make Frigates and Foremasts auniquely authoritative history. Wonderfullyreadable, it will attract both serious navalhistorians and general readers interested in the?why? and ?what? of naval history on NorthAmerica?s eastern seaboard.Julian Gwyn is Professor Emeritus in the Depart-ment of History at the University of Ottawa. He isthe author of Excessive Expectations: MaritimeCommerce and the Economic Development of NovaScotia, 1740-1870.STUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARYHISTORYPublished in association with theCanadian War Museum9RECENTLY RELEASEDSTUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORYPublished in association with theCanadian War MuseumMILITARY HISTORYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/MILITARYHISTORYWilliam Johnstonis Historian with theDirectorate of Historyand Heritage, NationalDefence Headquarters,Ottawa.2003448 pages, 6 x 9?43 b/w illus., 17 mapshc $45.00ISBN 0-7748-1008-4John Griffith ArmstrongThe Halifax Explosion and theRoyal Canadian NavyInquiry and IntrigueThe Halifax Explosion of 1917 is a definingevent in the Canadian consciousness, yet ithas never been the subject of a sustainedanalytical history. Astonishingly, until now noone has consulted the large federal govern-ment archives that contain first-hand accountsof the disaster and the response of nationalauthorities.Canada?s recently established navy was at theepicentre of the crisis. Armstrong reveals thenavy?s compelling, and little-known, story bycarefully retracing the events preceding thedisaster and the role of the military in itsaftermath. He catches the pulse of disasterresponse in official Ottawa and provides acompelling analysis of the legal manoeuvres,rhetoric, blunders, public controversy, andcrisis management that ensued. His disturbingconclusion is that federal officials knew ofpotential dangers in the harbour before theexplosion, took no corrective action, and keptthe information from the public. As a result, aHalifax naval officer was made a scapegoatand the navy received lasting, and mostlyundeserved, vilification.NOW IN PAPERBACKSTUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORYPublished in association with theCanadian War MuseumJohn Griffith Armstrongis a retired career officerwho taught history at theRoyal Military College ofCanada and was part ofthe team at the Depart-ment of NationalDefence?s Directorateof History that wroteVolume 3 of The OfficialHistory of the RCAF.JULY256 pages, 6 x 9?16 b/w illus., 3 mapspb $24.95ISBN 0-7748-0891-8A War of PatrolsCanadian Army Operationsin KoreaThe extended peace the world anticipatedfollowing the decisive Allied victory in theSecond World War was abruptly shattered inJune 1950 by the invasion of South Korea bycommunist North Korea. Responding to aUnited Nations call to assist the South Koreanregime, Canada deployed an 8,000-manbrigade to the peninsula to fight as part of anAmerican-led UN force.This comprehensive account of the Canadiancampaign in Korea provides the first detailedstudy of the training, leadership, operations,and tactics of the brigade under each of itsthree wartime commanders, as well as itsrelationship with American and Commonwealthallies. An impeccably researched analyticalhistory, the book examines the unevenperformance of the various Canadian units andargues that the soldiers of the ?Special Force?initially sent to Korea were more thorough andprofessional in their operations than were thearmy?s regular battalions that eventuallyreplaced them at the front.William Johnston?This is far and away themost valuable study ofthe Canadians in Korea.Johnston?s work has thedepth of archivalresearch characteristicof the best officialhistorians, while hisiconoclastic, analyticalapproach yields newinsights and new ways oflooking at old questions.There will be consider-able interest in this bookin the United States,Britain, Australia, andNew Zealand, as well asCanada.?? Terry Copp, authorof Fields of Fire: TheCanadians in Normandy?A finely honed piece ofinvestigative writing.Reveals a network ofimplications, accusa-tions, innuendo, andsuspicion, all turning adisastrous navigationalaccident ? with itssailors, bit players,victims, politicians, andmedia hacks ? into agraphic benchmark inthe Canadian conscious-ness.?? Michael L. Hadley, co-author of Tin Pots andPirate Ships: CanadianNaval Forces andGerman Sea Raiders10 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477MILITARY HISTORYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/MILITARYHISTORYRECENTLY RELEASEDGalen Perras is anarchivist working forHuman ResourcesDevelopment Canada.A former StrategicAnalyst at the Depart-ment of NationalDefence, he has taughtat four Canadianuniversities. He is theauthor of FranklinRoosevelt and theOrigins of the Canadian-American SecurityAlliance, 1933-1945(Praeger, 1998).2003288 pages, 6 x 9?14 b/w illus., 1 maphc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0989-2Galen PerrasStepping Stones to NowhereThe Aleutian Islands, Alaska, and AmericanMilitary Strategy, 1867-1945The Aleutian Islands, a mostly forgotten portionof the United States on the southwest coastof Alaska, have often assumed a key role inAmerican military strategy. W.H. Seward, theUS secretary of state who brokered thepurchase of Alaska, believed that the acquisi-tion would permit the United States to dominatethe Pacific. In the 1990s, Bill Clinton attemptedto install an American ballistic missile defencesystem on the islands. But for most Americans,prior to the Second World War, the bleak andbarren islands were of far less interest thanthe Philippines.In Stepping Stones to Nowhere, Galen Perrasshows how that changed with the Japaneseoccupation of the western Aleutians, whichclimaxed in the horrendous battle for Attu.Efforts to make the area a major theatreof war rivalling Europe or the South Pacificfoundered, but certainly not for lack of effort.The campaign was unique in its involvementof Britain, the Soviet Union, and Canada.Perras reveals how this clash in the NorthPacific demonstrated serious problems withthe way that American civilian and militarydecision makers sought to incite a globalconflict.Thoroughly researched and accessible, thisbook will be invaluable to military and navalhistorians as well as those with a generalinterest in the history of the Second World War.RECENTLY RELEASEDTony Banham has beenstudying the Battle ofHong Kong for well overa decade. He has writtenextensively on thesubject, and has been aconsultant for televisiondocumentaries about thebattle.2003452 pages, 6 x 9?10 b/w illus., 17 mapshc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1044-0North American rights only.?Not the slightest chance? was WinstonChurchill?s April 1941 estimate of Hong Kong?sprospects in the face of a Japanese assault.When the attack came in December, hisprediction proved sadly accurate. In thisbook, Tony Banham tells the story of thebattle hour-by-hour, remarkably at the levelof the individual participants. As he namesindividuals and describes their fates, so hepresents a uniquely human view of the fightingand gives a compelling sense of the chaosand cost of battle.More than 10% of Hong Kong?s defenderswere killed in battle; a further 20% died incaptivity. Those who survived seldom spokeof their experiences. Many died young. Thelittle primary material surviving ? written inPOW camps or years after the events ? iscontradictory and muddled. Yet with just14,000 defending the colony, it was possibleto write from the individual?s point of viewrather than that of the Big Battalions sofavoured by God (according to Napoleon)and most historians.The book assembles a phase-by-phase, day-by-day, hour-by-hour, and death-by-deathaccount of the battle. It considers theindividual actions that made up the fighting,as well as the strategies and plans and themany controversies that arose.Not the Slightest ChanceThe Defence of Hong Kong, 1941Tony Banham?This is something of aninternational history,drawing on materialsfrom Australia, Canada,Great Britain, and theUnited States. It will be amajor contribution to thefield ... truly impressiveresearch.?? Brian McAllister Linn,author of Guardians ofEmpire: The U.S. Armyand the Pacific, 1902-1940?Written from theperspective of theuniquely internationalcity itself, this meticu-lously researched bookopens up rich new detailon many aspects of thebattle of Hong Kong.It provides a balancedview of complex andcontroversial events,not least the importantparticipation of theCanadian Army?s ?C?Force. Indispensable foranyone with an interestin the Hong Kong battle.?? Roger Sarty, authorof The Maritime Defenceof Canada and TheBattle of the Atlantic11Gutenberg in ShanghaiChinese Print Capitalism, 1876-1937Christopher A. ReedAUGUST384 pages est., 6 x 9?36 b/w illus., 3 mapshc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1040-8CONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIES SERIESIn the mid-1910s, what historians call the?Golden Age of Chinese Capitalism? began,accompanied by a technological transforma-tion that included the drastic expansion ofChina?s ?Gutenberg revolution.? Gutenberg inShanghai is a brilliant examination of thisprocess. It finds the origins of that revolutionin the country?s printing industries of the lateimperial period and analyzes their subsequentdevelopment in the Republican era.Under diverse social, political, and economicinfluences, this technological and culturalrevolution saw woodblock printing replacedwith Western mechanical processes. In thisbook, which relies on documents previouslyunavailable to both Western and Chineseresearchers, Christopher Reed demonstrateshow Western technology and evolving tradi-tional values resulted in the birth of a uniqueform of print capitalism whose influence onChinese culture was far-reaching and irrevers-ible. His conclusion contests scholarly argu-ments that view China?s technological develop-ment as slowed by culture, or that interpretChinese modernity as mere cultural continuity.A vital re-evaluation of Chinese modernity,Gutenberg in Shanghai will appeal to scholarsof Chinese history. Likewise, it will be enthusi-astically received by specialists in culturalstudies, political science, sociology, the historyof the book, and the anthropology of scienceand technology.A graduate of McGill University and of the universi-ties of Glasgow and of California at Berkeley,Christopher A. Reed is a member of the HistoryDepartment at the Ohio State University, Columbus,Ohio.Edited by David W. EdgingtonJapan at the MillenniumJoining Past and FutureJapan today is at an important historicaljuncture. Buffeted in recent years by rapideconomic, social, and political change, yet stillvery much steeped in custom and history, thenation has become an amalgam of thetraditional and the modern. As a result, thecountry has become increasingly difficult tocategorize: How are we to represent today?sJapan effectively, and fairly predict its future?This critical, multi-disciplinary collectionexplores the convergence of past and future incontemporary Japan. Contributors commenton a wide range of economic, socio-cultural,and political trends ? such as the mobilizationof Japanese labour, the burgeoning Ainuidentity movement, and the shifting place ofthe modern woman ? and conclude thatdespite the rapid changes, many of thetraditional facets of Japanese society haveremained intact. Institutional change, theyassert, is unlikely to occur quickly, and Japanmust find alternate ways to adjust to twenty-first-century pressures of global competitionand interdependence. A pleasure to read, thisbroad volume will be welcomed by upper-levelundergraduates, graduates, and specialists inJapanese studies.David W. Edgington is Associate Professor inthe Department of Geography, University of BritishColumbia.2003288 pages, 6 x 9?11 b/w illus.hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0898-5RECENTLY RELEASEDASIAN STUDIESWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ASIANSTUDIES?There is nothing in any language thatapproaches what Reed covers in thisbook.  A more thorough explorationof printing as an element in the earlymodernization of Chinese politics andeconomy could scarcely be imagined.Essential reading for those interestedin the history-of-the-book?? Timothy Brook, author of TheConfusions of Pleasure: Commerce andCulture in Ming China?By placing the technicalities ofmachinery and finance squarely in thecenter of his analysis, Reed offersbrilliant insights into the birth of ?printcapitalism? in Shanghai.?? Francesca Bray, author of Technologyand Gender: Fabrics of Power in LateImperial China12 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Gender and Change in Hong KongGlobalization, Postcolonialism,and Chinese PatriarchyEdited by Eliza W.Y. LeeAUGUST224 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0994-9The period of the 1980s and 1990s wasa critical historical juncture for Hong Kong.Significant changes were brought about bypolitical transition, economic restructuring,and societal transformation which providedboth obstacles and opportunites for thewomen of Hong Kong.This incisive volume looks at how the inter-action of globalization, postcolonialism, andChinese patriarchy has affected the identitiesand agencies of Hong Kong women. Thechapters shed light on these issues byexamining legal changes, political participation,the situation of working-class and professionalwomen, sexuality, religion, and internationalmigration.Gender and Change in Hong Kong is an en-gaged collection of sophisticated theoreticaland conceptual discussions, as well as originalempirical findings. Scholars and studentsof Asian studies, gender studies, postcolonialstudies, and globalization will find this awelcome addition to their libraries.Eliza W.Y. Lee is Associate Professor in theDepartment of Government and Public Administra-tion at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.Edited by Phyllis Granoffand Koichi ShinoharaPilgrims, Patrons, and PlaceLocalizing Sanctity in AsianReligionsThis book brings together essays by anthro-pologists, scholars of religion, and art histori-ans on the subject of sacred place and sacredbiography in Asia. The chapters span a broadgeographical area that includes India, Nepal,Thailand, Indonesia, and China, and exploreissues from the classical and medieval periodsto the present. They show how sacred placeshave a plurality of meanings and how in theirconstruction, secular politics, private religiousexperience, and sectarian rivalry intersect.Contributors explore the fundamental chal-lenges that religious groups face as theyexpand from their homeland or confront thedemands of modernity. While some chaptersdeal with well-known religious movements andsites, others discuss little known groups andhelp to enrich our understanding of thediversity of religious belief in Asia.The book will be of interest not only to scholarsof Asian religion and hagiography, but also toothers who seek to understand the ways inwhich religious groups accommodate thechallenges of new environments and new times.Phyllis Granoff and Koichi Shinohara are bothprofessors in the Department of Religious Studies atMcMaster University.ASIAN RELIGIONS AND SOCIETY SERIESA Buddha Dharma Kyokai Foundation Bookon Buddhism and Comparative Religion2003384 pages, 6 x 9?31 b/w illus., 3 mapshc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1038-6RECENTLY RELEASEDASIAN STUDIESWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ASIANSTUDIES? ALSO OF INTERESTSex and BordersGender, National Identity,and Prostitution Policy in ThailandLeslie Ann Jeffreypb $27.95ISBN 0-7748-0873-XUS pb rights held by the University of Hawai?iPress; Asian pb rights ? excluding Hong Kong,the People?s Republic of China, Taiwan, Korea,and Japan ? held by Silkworm Books.13Hidden AgendasHow Journalists Influence the NewsLydia Miljan and Barry CooperSEPTEMBER188 pages est, 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1019-Xpb $24.95ISBN 0-7748-1020-3Few books in Canada have systematicallyexamined the role journalists play in the news-making process. While there are several booksthat look at how journalists do their jobs, andothers that examine the political process, none? until now ? has analyzed the opinions ofjournalists and how the news is reported.Focusing primarily on the political orientationof journalists, Miljan and Cooper investigatethe link between what journalists believe aboutpolitics and how they report political issues.Using data gathered from interviews with over800 Canadians and some 270 journalists, theauthors compare how the attitudes of journal-ists differ from those of the general population,and how the journalists? opinions influence thedaily news. By examining the way they respondto questions on the economy, social issues,and national unity, and comparing theseresponses with how the stories were reportedin Canadian news outlets, the book arrives atthe controversial conclusion that journalists,more so than the owners of the media, are thearchitects of the news, engineering not only itsdrama, but also its ideological thrust.This book should be read by journalists,politicians, academics, and all Canadians whoare concerned about the hidden agendas ofjournalists.Lydia Miljan and Barry Cooper are both professorsof political science. They teach at the University ofWindsor and the University of Calgary, respectively.Ronald BeinerLiberalism, Nationalism,CitizenshipEssays on the Problemof Political Community?In this important book, Ronald Beiner exploresthe limits and possibilities of a reinvigoratedcitizenship ? more demanding than liberalismallows, and less parochial than nationalismsometimes requires. He offers a masterful tourof contemporary political theory and illuminatessome of the hardest political questions of ourtime.?? Michael J. Sandel, author of Democracy?sDiscontent: America in Search of a PublicPhilosophyIn Liberalism, Nationalism, Citizenship,Beiner engages critically with a wide rangeof important political thinkers and currentdebates in light of the Aristotelean idea thatshared citizenship is an essential humancalling. Virtually every aspect of contemporarypolitical experience -- globalization, interna-tional migration, secessionist movements, thepolitics of multiculturalism -- pose urgentchallenges to modern citizenship. Beiner?swork on the philosophy of citizenship isessential reading not just for students ofpolitics and political philosophy, but for allthose who rightly sense that these kinds ofrecent challenges demand an ambitiousrethinking of the nature of political community.Ronald Beiner is Professor of Political Scienceat the University of Toronto.JULY240 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95ISBN 0-7748-0988-4NOW IN PAPERBACK? ALSO OF INTERESTMorals and the MediaEthics in Canadian JournalismNicholas Russellpb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0457-2No Place to LearnWhy Universities Aren?t WorkingTom Pocklington and Allan Tupperpb $24.95ISBN 0-7748-0879-9POLITICSWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/POLITICS14 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Shifting BoundariesAboriginal Identity, Pluralist Theory,and the Politics of Self-GovernmentTim SchoulsOCTOBER192 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $80.00ISBN 0-7748-1046-7While Canada is often called a pluralist state,few commentators attempt to comprehendAboriginal self-government from the perspec-tive of political pluralism. Instead, Aboriginalidentity is almost always framed in terms ofunique cultural and national traits, while self-government is taken to represent the Aborigi-nal communal desire to protect and promotethose traits. In Shifting Boundaries, TimSchouls challenges this view, arguing that itfosters a woefully incomplete understandingof the complex politics of Aboriginal self-government in Canada.Taking the position that a relational theory ofpluralism offers a fuller interpretation of thesepolitics, Schouls contends that Aboriginal self-government is better understood when an?identification? perspective on Aboriginalidentity is adopted as opposed to a ?cultural?or ?national? one. Using this approach, hedemonstrates that Aboriginal self-governmentis not about preserving cultural and nationaldifferences as goods in and of themselves, butrather about equalizing current imbalances inpower to allow Aboriginal communities andindividuals to construct their identities accord-ing to their own design.In focusing on relational pluralism, ShiftingBoundaries adds an important perspective toexisting theoretical approaches to Aboriginalself-government. It will appeal to academics,students, and policy analysts interested in thepolitics and theory of Aboriginal governance,cultural studies, political theory, nationalismstudies, and constitutional theory.TimSchouls divides his time between the Universityof British Columbia and Capilano College teachingand doing research in Canadian politics, Aboriginalgovernance issues, and political theory.Louise ChappellGendering GovernmentFeminist Engagement with theState in Australia and CanadaWhether working towards equal pay, anti-domestic violence laws, or the creation ofrefuges and childcare centres, women engagewith, and work within, state structures.Gendering Government looks at the extentand quality of this interaction, and comparesfeminist involvement with political institutions inAustralia and Canada. Chappell goes beyondthe standard debate that asks if feministsshould engage with the state. Instead, sheoutlines a new facet of the relationshipbetween gender interests and governmentand finds that the interaction is dynamic andmutually constructed.?Gendering Government skilfully compares theparliamentary and federal systems in Australiaand Canada, making a significant contributionto the field. It is directed to a wide audience,including readers who are interested in feministstudies, comparative  analysis, politicalscience, and political theory.?? Elizabeth van Acker, School of Politics and PublicPolicy, Griffith University, AustraliaLouise Chappell is a lecturer at the School ofEconomics and Political Science, University ofSydney, Australia.JULY224 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95ISBN 0-7748-0966-3NOW IN PAPERBACKPOLITICSWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/POLITICS? ALSO OF INTERESTCitizens PlusAboriginal Peoples and theCanadian StateAlan Cairnspb $25.95ISBN 0-7748-0768-715In the Long RunWe're All DeadThe Canadian Turn to FiscalRestraintCanadian politics in the 1990s were character-ized by an unwavering focus on the deficit. Atthe beginning of the decade, it seemed thatfiscal deficits were intractable ? a fait accompliof Canadian politics ? yet by the end of thedecade, Ottawa had taken remarkable actionsto eliminate its budgetary shortfalls and hadsuccessfully eradicated its deficits. In the LongRun We?re All Dead offers the first comprehen-sive scholarly account of this vital public policyissue. Lewis deftly analyzes the history ofdeficit finance from before Confederationthrough Canada?s postwar Keynesianism to theretrenchment of the Mulroney and Chr?tienyears. In doing so, he illuminates how thepolitical conditions for Ottawa?s deficit elimina-tion in the 1990s materialized after overtwenty consecutive years in the red, and howthe decline of Canadian Keynesianism hasmade way for the emergence of politicsorganized around balanced budgets.?The best examination of Canadian fiscalpolitics in ages ... This is a brilliantly sweepinghistorical, theoretical, and political study.?-- Robert Campbell, author of Grand Illusions: ThePolitics of the Keynesian Experience in Canada,1945-1975Timothy Lewis has a PhD in political science and alaw degree from the University of Toronto. He hasworked in both the private and the public sectors.2003288 pages, 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0998-1Timothy LewisRECENTLY RELEASEDTerrence Sullivan andPatricia M. BaranekFirst Do No HarmMaking Sense of CanadianHealth ReformIs there a crisis in Canadian health care? Whilethe establishment of the Canadian health caresystem is widely considered a triumph ofcitizenship, after four decades the nationalprogram is in a fragile state marked by decliningpublic confidence. In First Do No Harm, Sullivanand Baranek provide a concise introduction tothe fundamentals of health care in Canada andexamine various ideas for reforming the systemsensibly. Arguing that administrators and policymakers should follow Hippocrates? dictum ?firstdo no harm? when evaluating and reforming theCanadian health care system, the authorsdiscuss health care financing, popular Canadianhealth care myths, waiting lists and emergencyroom overcrowding, and home- and community-based health care. An accessible introductionto the issue, this book is an invaluable invitationto Canadians to think carefully and creativelyabout the present and future of our health caresystem.Terrence Sullivan is a professor in the Depart-ments of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation,and Public Health Sciences at the University ofToronto. Patricia M. Baranek is an independenthealth services research consultant.2002120 pages, 6 x 9?pb $14.95ISBN 0-7748-1016-5RECENTLY RELEASEDResearchers and policymakers are taking anew look at public policies to find broadergrounds for assessing their economic andsocial impacts on individuals, families, commu-nities, and nations. This book introduces thisnew research on social capital and well-beingand applies it to key issues facing individualsand governments in the age of globalization.John Helliwell first looks at the latest evidenceabout the extent to which globalization hasaltered the scope and salience of nation-states. He then deals with the implications forboth domestic and international policies.Throughout the book, the author emphasizeswell-being as an explicit focus for research andfor public policies. He argues that, whateverone thinks of globalization, there is amplescope for countries like Canada to not onlyretain their distinctive qualities but also to haveindependent national and international policies.Globalization and Well-Being is essentialreading for all those trying to think their waythrough the welter of conflicting assertionsabout what is left for national policies intoday?s world. It will be of special interest tothose thinking about whether Canada shouldfocus on its North American linkages or onbuilding bridges to the broader internationalcommunity.John F. Helliwell is Professor of Economics,University of British Columbia.JULY104 pages, 6 x 7 ??pb $19.95ISBN 0-7748-0993-0Globalizationand Well-BeingJohn F. HelliwellNOW IN PAPERBACKECONOMICS ? PUBLIC POLICYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ECONOMICS ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/PUBLICPOLICY? Shortlisted for the 2002/2003 Donner Prize16 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Misplaced DistrustPolicy Networks and the Environmentin France, the United States, and Canada?ric MontpetitAUGUST168 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $75.00ISBN 0-7748-0908-6Citizens of industrialized countries largely sharea sense that their national governance isinadequate, believing not only that govern-ments are incapable of making the right policydecisions, but also that the entire network ofstate and civil society actors responsible forthe discussion, negotiation, and implementa-tion of policy choices is untrustworthy.Using agro-environmental policy developmentin France, the United States, and Canada as acase study, ?ric Montpetit sets out to investi-gate the validity of citizens? mistrust throughcareful attention to the policy-making perform-ance of the relevant policy networks. Heconcludes that distrust in policy networks is,for the most part, misplaced because highlevels of performance by policy networks aremore common than citizens appear to expect.Moreover, his analysis reveals that policynetworks providing for a participation ingovernance to powerful interest groups andstrong government bureaucracies are morelikely to succeed in producing sound environ-mental policies for agriculture.A timely and crucial contribution to the goodgovernance debate, Misplaced Distrust shouldbe required reading for policy makers andpoliticians, as well as students and scholars ofpublic policy, political science, environmentalstudies, and government.?ric Montpetit is with the D?partement de sciencepolitique at the Universit? de Montr?al.Edited by Eugene Leeand Anthony PerlThe Integrity GapCanada?s Environmental Policyand InstitutionsThis thoughtful collection exposes the gapbetween rhetoric and performance in Canada?sresponse to environmental challenges.Canadians, despite their national penchant forenvironmental discussion, have fallen behindtheir G-8 peers in both domestic commitmentsand international actions. In a cogent examina-tion of the issue, eight authors demonstratehow Canada?s configuration of political andeconomic institutions has limited effectiveenvironmental policy. Canadian environmentalinstitutions, the authors argue, have producedan integrity gap: the sustainability rhetoricadopted by policy makers fails to achieveconcrete results. In an analysis that penetratesseveral policy domains and combines variousdisciplinary, sectoral, and geographic perspec-tives, the authors demonstrate how Canada fellfrom leader to laggard within the internationalenvironmental community.Placing the study of Canadian environmentalpolicy within a sound theoretical frameworkfor the first time, this book makes a significantcontribution to existing policy scholarship.It will find an enthusiastic audience amongpolitical scientists, neo-institutional theorists,policy analysts, and students at both under-graduate and graduate levels.Eugene Lee is a member of the Department ofPolitical Science, Sookmyung Women?s University,Korea. Anthony Perl is in the Department ofPolitical Science, University of Calgary.2003304 pages, 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0985-XRECENTLY RELEASEDPUBLIC POLICY ? ENVIRONMENTWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/PUBLICPOLICY ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ENVIRONMENT?Drawing on extensive primary researchand interviews with key decision makersand participants, Montpetit has produceda first class comparative study of state-network interactions in the area of agro-environmental policy making in the U.S.,Canada, and France.?? Michael Howlett, Burnaby MountainProfessor, Department of PoliticalScience, Simon Fraser University, andauthor of Canadian Forest Policy(Toronto, 2001), The Political Economyof Canada (Oxford, 1999), and CanadianNatural Resource and EnvironmentalPolicy (UBC Press, 1997).17The VancouverAchievementUrban Planning and DesignThis book examines the developmentof Vancouver?s unique approach to zoning,planning, and urban design from the early1970s to the beginning of the twenty-firstcentury. By the late 1990s, Vancouver hadestablished a reputation in North Americafor its planning achievement, especially forits creation of a participative, responsive,and design-led approach to urban regenerationand redevelopment. This system has otherimportant features: an innovative approachto megaproject planning, a system of costand amenity levies on major schemes, aparticipative CityPlan process to underpinactive neighbourhood planning, and a sophisti-cated panoply of design guidelines. Thesesystems, processes, and their achievementsplace Vancouver at the forefront of interna-tional planning practice. The VancouverAchievement explains the keys to its success,and evaluates its design success againstinternationally accepted criteria.Heavily illustrated with over 160 photos andfigures, this book ? the first comprehensiveaccount of contemporary planning and urbandesign practice in any Canadian city ? willappeal to academic and professional audi-ences, as well as the general public.John Punter is with the Department of City andRegional Planning, Cardiff University, Wales.2003448 pages, 6 x 9?69 b/w illus., figures, mapshc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0971-XJohn PunterRECENTLY RELEASEDLaura C. JohnsonThe Co-WorkplaceTeleworking in theNeighbourhoodThanks to telecommunications breakthroughs,almost half of all jobs in North America andEurope could today be performed away from atraditional office. In considering one of thecentral policy and planning issues of our time,this book explores the ?co-workplace? ? a newtype of neighbourhood-based facility offering thebenefits of remote work while maintainingboundaries between workplace and home.In this practical and thoughtful book, Johnsondraws lessons from spaces used collaborativelyby software developers, artists, lawyers, andother professionals to explain how officeinfrastructure can be important for productivityas well as the quality of work life.?In her fascinating and well-researched account,Laura C. Johnson discusses home work inhistorical perspective, looks at North Americantelecommuting experiences by class, gender,and household type, and exposes the potentialof architectural design to improve live-worksolutions. The Co-Workplace is essential readingfor anyone contemplating work from home andfor all architects and urban planners.?? Dolores Hayden, Yale University, author ofRedesigning the American Dream: Gender,Housing, and Family LifeLaura C. Johnson teaches at the School ofPlanning at the University of Waterloo and is aconsultant on issues of social policy.JULY160 pages, 6 x 9?figurespb $24.95ISBN 0-7748-0970-1NOW IN PAPERBACKEnvironmental activism in rural places frequentlypits residents whose livelihood depends onresource extraction against those who seek toprotect natural spaces and species. While manystudies have focused on women who seek toprotect the natural environment, few haveexplored the perspectives of women who seekto maintain resource use.This book goes beyond the dichotomies of?pro? and ?anti? environmentalism to tell thestories of these women. Maureen Reed usesparticipatory action research to explain theexperiences of women who seek to protectforestry as an industry, a livelihood, a commu-nity, and a culture. She links their experiencesto policy making by considering the effects ofenvironmental policy changes on the socialdynamics of workplaces, households, andcommunities in forestry towns of BritishColumbia?s temperate rainforest. The result isa critical commentary about the social dimen-sions of sustainability in rural communities.A powerful and challenging book, TakingStands provides a crucial understanding ofcommunity change in resource-dependentregions, and helps us to better tackle thecomplexities of gender and activism as theyrelate to rural sustainability.Maureen G. Reed is Associate Professor, Depart-ment of Geography, University of Saskatchewan.2003296 pages, 6 x 9?10 b/w illus.hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1017-3Taking StandsGender and the Sustainabilityof Rural CommunitiesMaureen G. ReedRECENTLY RELEASEDENVIRONMENT ? PLANNINGWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ENVIRONMENT ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/PLANNING18 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Ronald W. HawkerTales of GhostsFirst Nations Art in BritishColumbia, 1922-61Ronald Hawker?s insightful examination focuseson the complex functions of Northwest Coastobjects, such as the ubiquitous totem pole andceremonial masks, produced between 1922and 1961. He demonstrates how theseobjects asserted the integrity and meaningful-ness of First Nations identities, while simultane-ously resisting the intent and effects ofassimilation enforced by the Canadian govern-ment?s denial of land claims, its ban of thepotlatch, and its support of assimilationisteducation.Those with an interest in First Nations andCanadian history and art history, anthropology,museology, and postcolonial studies will bedelighted by this significant contribution to theirfields.Ronald W. Hawker is a professor in the Depart-ment of Art and Design, Zayed University, UnitedArab Emirates.JULY248 pages, 6 x 9?47 b/w illus.pb $27.95ISBN 0-7748-0955-8Aboriginal ConditionsResearch as a Foundationfor Public PolicyJerry P. White, Paul S. Maxim, and Dan BeavonWhat role does social science research play inpublic policy decisions on Aboriginal issues?How can policymakers, Aboriginal organiza-tions, and social scientists collaborate to bestserve Aboriginal communities and the policy-making processes that affect them? AboriginalConditions considers such questions, with anaim to promote policymaking that is firmlybased on social scientific evidence.Aimed at three main constituencies ? Aborigi-nal and non-Aboriginal social scientists,government and Aboriginal policymakers, andAboriginal communities ? the book has multiplepurposes. First, it presents findings fromrecent research, with the goal of advancingresearch agenda, and stimulating positivesocial development. Second, it encouragesgreater links between the social scientific andexternal research communities and demon-strates the kind of research needed as afoundation for public policy. Finally, it acts asa guide to research methods for Aboriginalcommunities and organizations, and promotescooperation between researchers and Aborigi-nal peoples in an effort to ensure that researchdecisions serve both groups equally.A vital addition to public policy and Nativestudies, Aboriginal Conditions will be welcomedby social scientists, policy makers, andacademics working in these fields.Jerry P. White is the Chair of the SociologyDepartment at the University of Western Ontario.Paul S. Maxim is Associate Dean (Research) atWestern, and Dan Beavon is Director of theStrategic Research and Analysis Directorate,Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.AUGUST288 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1021-1NOW IN PAPERBACKNATIVE STUDIESWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATIVESTUDIES? ALSO OF INTERESTMaking Native SpaceColonialism, Resistance,and Reserves in British ColumbiaCole Harrispb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0901-919Emerging from the MistStudies in Northwest Coast Culture HistoryEdited by R.G. Matson, Gary Coupland,and Quentin MackieEthnographic, ethnohistoric, and archaeologi-cal understanding of the pre-contact nature ofthe Northwest Coast has changed dramaticallyover the last twenty years. The ethnography ofthis area, which describes the most prominentexamples of socially-complex hunters andgatherers, is known and studied across theglobe but its archaeology is much less wellknown.Emerging from the Mist expands and updatesour understanding of the nature and evolutionof pre-contact Northwest Coast society.Addressing a wide-range of topics, includingoriginal and penetrating analyses of the furtrade, pre-contact metallurgy and architecture,and migration, the collection makes a signifi-cant contribution to our understanding of theNorthwest Coast. Scholars and students ofarchaeology and anthropology, and those withan interest in pre-contact Northwest Coasthistory will find this volume especially reward-ing. This volume carries on the intellectualtraditions of Wayne Suttles? grounded andempirical approach, and that of Donald H.Mitchell, who more than any other researcherintegrated archaeology, ethnography, andethnohistory into his own research.R.G. Matson is a member of the Department ofAnthropology and Sociology at the University ofBritish Columbia. Gary Coupland is a member ofthe Department of Anthropology at the University ofToronto. Quentin Mackie is a member of theDepartment of Anthropology at the University ofVictoria.OCTOBER336 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $95.00ISBN 0-7748-0981-7PACIFIC RIM ARCHAEOLOGY SERIESEdited by John Barkerand Douglas ColeAt Home with the BellaCoola IndiansT.F. McIlwraith?s Field Letters,1922-4Between 1922 and 1924, the young Canadiananthropologist T.F. McIlwraith spent elevenmonths in the isolated community of BellaCoola, British Columbia, living among thepeople of the Nuxalk First Nation. During histime there, McIlwraith gained intimate knowl-edge of the Nuxalk people and of their struggleto survive in the face of massive depopulation,loss of traditional lands, and the efforts of theCanadian government to ban the potlatch.McIlwraith?s resulting ethnography, The BellaCoola Indians (1948), is widely considered thefinest published study of a Northwest CoastFirst Nation.This volume is a rich complement toMcIlwraith?s classic work, incorporating hisletters from the field as well as previouslyunpublished essays on the Nuxalk. Extensiveeditorial annotations and striking photographsmake this book a pleasurable read that willappeal to anthropologists and historians, aswell as those with interests in Northwestcultures and the history of anthropology inCanada.John Barker is an associate professor in theDepartment of Anthropology and Sociology at theUniversity of British Columbia. Douglas Cole was aprofessor in the Department of History at SimonFraser University. He died in 1997.2003224 pages, 6 x 9?15 b/w illus., 1 maphc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0979-5RECENTLY RELEASEDANTHROPOLOGYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ANTHROPOLOGY? ALSO OF INTERESTSince the Time of theTransformersThe Ancient Heritage of theNuu-chah-nulth, Ditidaht, andMakahAlan D. McMillanpb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0701-620 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Hunters and BureaucratsPower, Knowledge, and Aboriginal-StateRelations in the Southwest YukonGovernments and First Nations in Canadahave long been operating on the premise thatland claims agreements and the co-manage-ment of wildlife and other resources willresolve centuries-long inequities. But, asPaul Nadasdy demonstrates, this premise isseriously flawed because these processesare themselves based on European conceptsof ?knowledge? and ?property,? which arepartially incompatible with First Nations beliefsand practices regarding human-animal-landrelations. In addition, these processes inevita-bly require the development of parallel bureau-cracies within Aboriginal communities, whichreproduce existing power relations, and forceAboriginal peoples to behave and speak inuncharacteristic ways. Thus, land claims andco-management may be helping to underminethe very way of life they are supposed to beprotecting.Hunters and Bureaucrats is based on theauthor?s ethnographic fieldwork in the South-west Yukon. Nadasdy spent thirty-two monthsin Burwash Landing, a village of seventypeople, most of whom are status Indians andmembers of the Kluane First Nation. The resultis a revealing exploration of how land claimsand co-management, as aspects of a new andevolving relationship between Kluane FirstNation and the state, are affecting Kluanepeople and their way of life.Anthropologists, policy makers, scholars ofNative studies, and those concerned with theever-evolving relationship between Aboriginalpeoples and the state will find this study awelcome addition to their fields.Paul Nadasdy is a member of the Departmentof Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.SEPTEMBER360 pages est., 6 x 9?23 b/w illus., 3 mapshc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0983-3Paul Nadasdy Julia HarrisonBeing a TouristFinding Meaning in PleasureTravelWhat feeds the impulse to explore newhorizons? What makes travel meaningful? InBeing a Tourist, Julia Harrison explores themotivations of a large group of middle-classtravellers to find out why people travel.Engagingly and thoughtfully written, Being aTourist goes beyond current debates aboutauthenticity and consumption to analyze thenuanced moral and political complexity ofprivileged travel.?Being a Tourist will come to figure as abenchmark work in the anthropology oftourism ? a book to which all subsequentstudies will want to refer. Finally, a study oftourism from the tourist?s point of view!?? David Howes, editor of Cross-CulturalConsumption?The stories told by these travel enthusiastsabout their experiences provide one of therichest sources of data on tourism that I haveever read, so mulit-layered that it shattersmany easy generalizations. At last we havetourist voices, insoghtfully analyzed andplaced in context.?? Edward M. Bruner, co-editor of The Anthropologyof ExperienceJulia Harrison, formerly a museum curator, is anassociate professor in the Department of Anthropol-ogy, Trent University.JULY272 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95ISBN 0-7748-0978-7NOW IN PAPERBACKANTHROPOLOGYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ANTHROPOLOGY? ALSO OF INTERESTThe Social Life of StoriesNarrative and Knowledgein the Yukon TerritoryJulie Cruikshankpb $25.95ISBN 0-7748-0649-4Canadian rights only.21Training the Excluded for WorkAccess and Equity for Women, Immigrants,First Nations, Youth, and People with LowIncomeEdited by Marjorie Griffin Cohen2003288 pages, 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1006-8Marjorie Griffin Cohenis a member of theDepartment of PoliticalScience, Simon FraserUniversity.In recent years job training programs havesuffered severe funding cuts and the focusof training programs has shifted to meet thedirectives of funders rather than the needsof the community. How do these changes tojob training affect disadvantaged workersand the unemployed?In an insightful and comprehensive discussionof job education in Canada, Cohen and hercontributors pool findings from a five-yearcollaborative study of training programs.Good training programs, they argue, areessential in providing people who arechronically disadvantaged in the workplacewith tools to acquire more secure, better-paying jobs. In the ongoing shift toward aneoliberal economic model, governmentpolicies have engendered a growing relianceon private and market-based trainingschemes. These new training policies haveundermined equity.In an attempt to redress social inequities inthe workplace, the authors examine variouskinds of training programs and recommendspecific policy initiatives to improve accessto these programs. This book will be ofinterest to policy makers, academics, andstudents interested in policy, work, equity,gender, and education.RECENTLY RELEASEDGrowth and Governanceof Canadian UniversitiesAn Insider?s ViewHoward C. Clark2003240 pages, 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1023-8Howard C. Clark isPresident and Vice-Chancellor Emeritus ofDalhousie University, aformer Vice-PresidentAcademic at theUniversity of Guelph,and former Professorof Chemistry at theUniversities of BritishColumbia and WesternOntario.Over the last fifty years, Canadian universitieshave experienced remarkable change. Theexplosion of a so-called ?knowledge-based?economy, increasing corporate presence andfunding on campus, and the unprecedentedrise in enrolment, among other factors, haveall played significant roles in the shaping ofthe modern Canadian university.In this thoughtful book, Howard C. Clarkconsiders how such changes to growth andgovernance have altered the nature of theinstitution itself. Tracing the development ofthe university from the end of the SecondWorld War, through the seismic changes inthe 1960s and 70s, Clark argues that whileCanadian universities  made remarkableaccomplishments during this period, theywere ill prepared for the financial constraintsof the 1980s and early 1990s. As a result,they were left in a state of institutionalparalysis that has hindered their ability toadapt to the needs of a changing society.Comparing the present state of Canada?suniversities to those of the United States, theUnited Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand,Clark concludes that Canadian governmentshave been far less willing to legislate changesin university governance than their Anglophonecounterparts.Historians of education, cultural historians,university administrators, government policymakers, and those with a stake in publiceducation will welcome this important volumeby one of Canada?s most respected univer-sity administrators and educators.RECENTLY RELEASEDSOCIOLOGY ? HIGHER EDUCATIONWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/SOCIOLOGY ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/EDUCATION? ALSO OF INTERESTInjury and the NewWorld of WorkTerrence Sullivanpb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0748-2? ALSO OF INTERESTAcademic Freedomand the InclusiveUniversitySharon E. Kahn andDennis Pavlich, eds.pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0808-X22 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477A Passion for WildlifeThe History of the CanadianWildlife ServiceJ. Alexander BurnettJULY346 pages, 6 x 9?66 b/w illus.pb $27.95ISBN 0-7748-0961-2J. Alexander Burnett isa naturalist and freelancewriter who has contrib-uted dozens of populararticles on natural historyand wildlife conservationtopics to national andregional newspapers andperiodicals.A Passion for Wildlife chronicles the historyof the Canadian Wildlife Service and theevolution of Canadian wildlife policy over itsfirst half century. It presents the exploits andaccomplishments of a group of men andwomen whose dedication to the ideals ofscience, conservation, and a shared vision ofCanada as a country that treasures itsnatural heritage has earned them the respectof their profession around the world.Drawing on interviews and anecdotes,personal correspondence, and the publishedrecord, the book addresses topics as variedas game law enforcement, field biology,habitat conservation, environmental educa-tion, toxicology, federal-provincial relations,and international diplomacy. Accessible toanyone interested in nature, it will appealparticularly to wildlife managers, scientists,and naturalists, as well as students ofbiology, wildlife technology, and environmen-tal studies.NOW IN PAPERBACK? ALSO OF INTERESTThe Birds of BritishColumbia, Volume 4Wood Warblers throughOld World SparrowsWayne Campbell et al.hc $125.00ISBN 0-7748-0621-4NATURAL HISTORYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATURALHISTORYBirds of the Yukon TerritoryEdited by Pamela H. Sinclair, Wendy A. Nixon,Cameron D. Eckert, and Nancy L. HughesThe editors all live in theYukon Territory and areavid birders andmembers of the YukonBird Club. Pamela H.Sinclair, Wendy A.Nixon, and Nancy L.Hughes are biologists atthe Canadian WildlifeService in Whitehorse.Cameron D. Eckert isConservation Biologistfor the Parks andProtected Areas Branchof the Yukon Departmentof Environment.The Yukon is a land of remarkable wilderness,diverse ecosystems, and profound beauty. Itis also home to a unique assemblage of birds.These birds occupy an amazing range ofhabitats, from the most barren mountainpeaks to lush valley bottom forests, and arean integral part of the cultural heritage ofYukon First Nations people.Birds of the Yukon Territory is the result of adecade-long project initiated to gather andshare what is known about the Yukon?sbirdlife. Lavishly illustrated with 600 colourphotographs and 223 hand-drawn birdillustrations, the book presents a wealth ofinformation on bird distribution, migration andbreeding chronology, nesting behaviour, andhabitat use, and on conservation concerns.Two hundred and eighty-eight species of birdsare documented, including 223 regularspecies, and 65 casual and accidentalspecies. In compiling this meticulouslyresearched volume, the authors consultedover 166,000 records in a database createdby the Canadian Wildlife Service, with informa-tion dating back to 1861.Sections on birds in Aboriginal culture andhistory, and bird names in the Yukon FirstNations and Inuvialuit languages, enhance thebook, as do the numerous easily interpretedcharts and graphs. Destined to become abasic reference work on the avifauna of theNorth, Birds of the Yukon Territory is a must-have for bird enthusiasts and anyone inter-ested in the natural history of the Yukon andthe North.RECENTLY RELEASED2003596 pages, 8 ? x 11?600 colour photos, 223 b/w illus.,235 mapshc $125.00ISBN 0-7748-1012-2? ALSO OF INTERESTAwe for the Tiger,Love for the LambA Chronicle of Sensibilityto AnimalsRod Preecepb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0897-7US and UK paperback rightsheld by Routledge.23Masculinities without Men?Female Masculinity in Twentieth-CenturyFictionsJean NobleMasculinities without Men? traces the emer-gence of female masculinity in twentieth-century culture. In the late 1980s and 1990s,the field of gender studies began to theorizefemale masculinity as a subject of bothhistorical and contemporary significance andto situate this emergence with the fields ofsexuality, gender, and cultural studies.In this groundbreaking study, Jean Noble mapshistorical similarities in fictional, cultural, andrepresentational practices between the periodsof modernism and postmodernism ? from1918 to 1999. Noble looks at nineteenth-century sexology, drama, and trial transcripts,and at late twentieth-century counter-culturaltexts, popular film and documentaries, andtheoretical texts. Arguing that the masculinefemale figure which appears in late twentieth-century culture and fiction has much incommon with that of the late nineteenthDECEMBER224 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0996-5SEXUALITY STUDIES SERIESSEXUALITY STUDIES ? FILMWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/SEXUALITY ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/FILMEdited by Jacqueline Levitin,Judith Plessis, and Valerie RaoulWomen FilmmakersRefocusingWhat difference does it make when a womanwields the camera? Women Filmmakers:Refocusing casts a critical eye on the often-overlooked work of women filmmakers. Itprovides a rich sampling of the wealth ofthought and experience of women in the filmindustry and brings together in a unique waythe views of creators and critics from aroundthe world. This wide-ranging volume includescontributions from prominent filmmakers andscholars, such as Helma Sanders Brahms,Deepa Mehta, Pratibha Parmar, Margarethevon Trotta, Ann Wheeler, and E. Ann Kaplan.Questions of history and theory, genre,creativity, funding and distribution, national andcultural identity, and class all come to the forein this unparalleled contemporary study ofwomen?s film culture.Equally accessible to non-specialists andresearchers, this book will appeal to filmmak-ers, film studies faculty and students, filmbuffs, and those with an interest in women?sstudies and cultural studies.Jacqueline Levitin is a filmmaker who teaches inWomen?s Studies and the School for ContemporaryArts at Simon Fraser University. Judith Plessis isDirector of Language Programs and Services at theUniversity of British Columbia (UBC). Valerie Raoulis Professor of French and Women?s Studies at UBC.JULY512 pages, 6 x 9?64 b/w illus.pb $34.95ISBN 0-7748-0903-5US, UK, and European pb rights held by Routledge.NOW IN PAPERBACK? ANNOUNCING A NEW SERIESInterdisciplinary scholarship on sex-related topics is flourishing, a directresult of thirty years of grassrootsactivism by sexual minorities in NorthAmerica. In recognition of theproliferation of activity in sexualitystudies, the Sexuality Studies serieswill focus on original, provocative,scholarly research examining from arange of perspectives the complexity ofhuman sexual practice, identity,community, and desire. Masculinitieswithout Men? is the first title in thisimportant series.century, she illustrates the ways in which bothare represented through the same types ofnarratives, structures, and thematic tech-niques. Among the twentieth-century fictionsNoble analyzes most closely are texts thathave been the focus of lesbian, queer, andfeminist analysis: Radclyffe Hall?s The Well ofLoneliness (1928), Leslie Feinberg?s StoneButch Blues (1993), and the film Boys Don?tCry (1999). In addition, her study includes ananalysis of Rose Tremain?s Sacred Country, atext that has never before been studied withinthe context of female masculinity.Of interest to scholars and students with aninterest in sexuality and gender studies, thisbook also makes a vital contribution to bothliterary criticism and cultural studies.Jean Noble teaches in the Department of English,Stong College, York University.24 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477SALES AND ORDERING INFORMATIONWWW.UBCPRESS.CACONTACT USUBC PressThe University of British Columbia2029 West MallVancouver, BCCanada  V6T 1Z2Phone: 604.822.5959 or 604.822.9462 (marketing)Fax: 1.800.668.0821 or 604.822.6083E-mail: info@ubcpress.caExamination Copies:Elizabeth Whitton, Academic Marketing ManagerPhone: 604.822.8226 or 1.877.377.9378E-mail: whitton@ubcpress.caReview Copies:Requests should be submitted on official letterhead to:Jessica Metters, Reviews CoordinatorFax: 604.822.6083For up-to-date information on UBC Press, thepublishers we represent, and our titles, please visitour website at www.ubcpress.ca.ORDERSCanadauniPRESSES34 Armstrong AvenueGeorgetown ONL7G 4R9Phone: 905.873.9781 or 1.877.864.8477Fax: 905.873.6170 or 1.877.864.4272Email: orders@gtwcanada.comUSAUniversity of Washington PressP.O.Box 50096Seattle, WA 98145-5096USAPhone: 1.800.441.4115; Fax: 1.800.669.7993E-mail: uwpord@u.washington.eduUK, Europe, Middle East, and AfricaEurospan University Press Group3 Henrietta StreetCovent GardenLondon WC2E 8LUUKPhone: 44 0(20) 7240 0856Fax: 44 0(20) 7379 0609E-mail: info@eurospan.co.ukAsia (excluding China, Taiwan and Hong Kong)and the Pacific (including Australia and NewZealand)Royden MuranakaEast West Export Booksc/o University of Hawaii Press2840 Kolowalu SreetHonolulu, Hawaii 96822USAPhone: 808.956.8830; Fax: 808.988.6052E-mail: eweb@hawaii.eduChina, Hong Kong, and TaiwanAsia Publishers Services Ltd16/F Wing Fat Commercial Building218 Aberdeen Main RoadAberdeenHong KongPhone: 852 2553 9280; Fax: 852 2554 2912E-mail: apshk@netvigator.comRETURNSPermission to return is not required. Current editionof clean, re-saleable books are eligible for full creditat invoice discount if returned not less than 3months and not more than 12 months from the dateof purchase. Invoice number must be supplied orreturn will be refused. All CDs are non-returnableunless damaged. Damaged books, short shipments,or errors must be reported within 10 days ofshipping date.SALES REPRESENTATIVESKATE WALKER AND COMPANYBritish Columbia and YukonVancouver Head OfficeKate Walker, Linda Garrett, Dot Middlemass, PeterMacDougall, Cheryl Fraser (gift accounts)9050 Shaughnessy Street, Vancouver, BC, V6P 6E5Phone: 604.323.7111; Fax: 604.323.7118E-mail: katew@katewalker.comlindag@katewalker.comdotm@katewalker.com,peterm@katewalker.comcherylf@katewalker.comVancouver Island and Gulf IslandsSouth Island and Gulf IslandsLorna MacDonald1333 Fairfield Road, Victoria, BC, V8S 1E4Phone: 250.382.1058; Fax: 250.383.0697E-mail: lornam@katewalker.comNorth Island and Discovery IslandsCaroline Woodward398 Denman Street, Comox, BC, V9M 3A8Phone: 250.339.1095; Fax: 250.339.1096E-mail: carolinew@katewalker.comPrairiesNorthern Alberta / NWTElin Logan16112 78A Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T5R 3G3Phone: 780.484.6457; Fax: 780.487.3052E-mail: elogan@telusplanet.netSouthern AlbertaAnthony Cooney2523 Charlebois Dr. NW, Calgary, AB, T2L 0T5Phone: 403.245.1585; Fax: 403.245.5377E-mail: acooney@agt.netManitoba / Saskatchewan / LakeheadRorie Bruce737 Montrose Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3M 3M5Phone: 204.488.9481; Fax: 204.487.3993E-mail: rorbruce@mts.netOntario/Quebec/Atlantic CanadaTorontoSaffron Beckwith, Karen Beattie, Kathleen Ardill(Atlantic), Ellen Warwick (gift accounts)626 King Street W., Ste. 303, Toronto, ON, M5V 1M7Phone: 416.703.0666 or 1.866.736.5620Fax: 416.703.4745 or 1.866.849.3819E-mail: saffronb@katewalker.comkarenb@katewalker.comkathleena@katewalker.comellenw@katewalker.comSouthwestern OntarioPaul Duncan169 Sunset Blvd, Cambridge, ON, N1S 4G8Phone: 519.622.3778; Fax: 519.622.5883E-mail: phduncan@sympatico.caOttawa and QuebecSandra Leef2047 Cabot Street, Ottawa, ON, K1H 6J7Phone: 613.260.0314; Fax: 613.260.8952E-mail: sleef@sympatico.caRIGHTSGerman, Italian, and Spanish language rights,please contact:Studio NabuVia San Romano, 6050135 Settignano (Florence)  ITALYPhone: (055) 697 517; Fax: (055) 697 626E-mail: info@studionabu.itJapanese language rights, please contact:Taeko NagatsukaToyodo Jinbocho, No 2 Bldg1-27 Kanda Jinbocho Chiyoda-KuTokyo 101-0051JapanPhone: 3 3295 0301; Fax: 3 3294 5173UBC Press acknowledges the financial support ofthe Government of Canada through the BookPublishing Industry Development Program (BPIDP).We also gratefully acknowledge the assistance ofthe Province of British Columbia through the BritishColumbia Arts Council and the Humanities andSocial Science Federation of Canada (Aid toScholarly Publications Programme).UBC Press would like to express its appreciation tothe Canada Council for the Arts in grateful recogni-tion of its major contribution to all aspects ofCanadian culture.NEW IN PAPERParties Long EstrangedPage 5Game in the GardenPage 6Undelivered LettersPage 7 Avoiding Armageddon*Page 8The Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian NavyPage 9Liberalism, Nationalism, CitizenshipPage 13Gendering GovernmentPage 14The Co-WorkplacePage 17Tales of GhostsPage 18Being a TouristPage 20 A Passion for WildlifePage 22Women Filmmakers*Page 23Globalization and Well-BeingPage 15*Titles with rights restrictions.Please see full title listing formore information.The University of British Columbia2029 West MallVancouver BCCanada V6T 1Z2www.ubcpress.caAWARD WINNERSDriven ApartCHOICE Outstanding AcademicTitle for 2002Pierre Savard Prize, InternationalCouncil for Canadian StudiesCouture and Commerce2002 Clio Award for Ontario,Canadian Historical Association2002 Tom Fairley Award forEditorial Excellence, Editors?Association of CanadaPreserving What Is ValuedOutstanding Achievement Award,Conservation Category, CanadianMuseums AssociationCost of Climate Policy2002 Policy Research InitiativeAward for OutstandingContribution to Public PolicyA Trading NationCHOICE Outstanding AcademicTitle for 2002SHORTLISTEDThe Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian NavyDartmouth Non-Fiction BookAward, Atlantic Writing AwardsMargaret and John Savage First Book Award, Atlantic Writing AwardsMaking Native SpaceHubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize,BC Book AwardsPrometheus WiredHarold Adams Innis Prize,Humanities and Social SciencesFederation of CanadaCis dideen kat ? When the Plumes RiseHarold Adams Innis Prize,Humanities and Social SciencesFederation of CanadaFlexible CrossroadsHarold Adams Innis Prize,Humanities and Social SciencesFederation of CanadaA Trading Nation2002/2003 Donner Prize2003 Donald Smiley Prize,Canadian Political ScienceAssociationDafoe Book Prize, J.W. DafoeFoundationGlobalization and Well-Being2002/2003 Donner PrizeThe Cost of Climate Policy2002/2003 Donner PrizePUBLISHERS REPRESENTEDWORLDWIDECanadian Forest ServiceLaval University Press (EnglishLanguage Books)Royal British Columbia MuseumSierra Legal Defence FundWestern Geographical PressPUBLISHERS REPRESENTEDIN CANADACanadian Museum of CivilizationHong Kong University PressJessica Kingsley PublishersKITLV PressManchester University PressMichigan State University PressNational Gallery of AustraliaOregon State University PressPaul Holberton PublishersPluto PressSilkworm PressUniversity of Arizona PressUniversity of Michigan PressUniversity of New Mexico PressUniversity of Washington PressUniversity Press of New EnglandUniversity of New South Wales PressWaanders PublishersWashington State University PressWesleyan University Press


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