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UBCPressSPRING | S UMMER 2004POLITICSPage 1PUBLIC POLICYPage 5LAWPage 16UBC PRESS CATALOGUE SPRING 2004POLITICS1 Elections2 Political Parties2 Citizens3 Representation and Democratic Theory3 Hidden Agendas4 Governing Ourselves?4 Shifting BoundariesPUBLIC POLICY5 In the Long Run We?re All Dead5 The Integrity Gap5Misplaced DistrustLAW6 The Heiress vs the Establishment6 People and Place7 Feminist Activism in the Supreme Court7New Perspectives on the Public-Private Divide8Tournament of Appeals8 Corporate Governance in Global Capital Markets9 Compulsory Compassion9 Collective Insecurity10 What Is a Crime?10 Murdering Holiness11 Limiting Arbitrary Power11 Unnatural LawMILITARY HISTORY12 Canadians Behind Enemy Lines, 1939-194513 Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers14 Not the Slightest Chance14 Stepping Stones to Nowhere14 Frigates and ForemastsHISTORY15 CCF Colonialism and Socialism in Northern Saskatchewan15 When Coal Was King16 Negotiated Memory16 A Voyage to the Northwest Side of AmericaNATIVE STUDIES17 Paddling to Where I Stand17 Hunters and Bureaucrats18 Tsawalk18 Musqueam Reference Grammar19 Intercultural Dispute Resolution in Aboriginal Contexts19 Aboriginal ConditionsARCHAEOLOGY20 Journey to the Ice Age20 Emerging from the MistANTHROPOLOGY21 At Home with the Bella Coola Indians21 Obedient AutonomyASIAN STUDIES22 The Cult of Happiness22 Gutenberg in Shanghai23 Images in Asian Religions23 Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place24 Japan at the Millennium24 The Oriental Question24 Gender and Change in Hong KongGENDER STUDIES25 Taking Stands25 Masculinities without Men?PLANNING26 Redrawing Local Government Boundaries26 The Vancouver AchievementHIGHER EDUCATION27 Growth and Governance of Canadian UniversitiesSOCIOLOGY27 Training the Excluded for Work28 Sales and Ordering InformationCover image: ?Attack on all Fronts?: World War II propaganda campaign, courtesy National Archives of Canada, C-103527Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers: Canada?s Second World War, page 3MILITARY HISTORYPage 12HISTORYPage 15ARCHAEOLOGYPage 20ANTHROPOLOGYPage 21ASIAN STUDIESPage 22GENDER STUDIESPage 25PLANNINGPage 26NATIVE STUDIESPage 171Beginning this season, UBC Press will publish a groundbreakingnew series that examines the status of Canadian democracyat the outset of the twenty-first century. The result of a milestoneresearch project of the Centre for Canadian Studies at MountAllison University, the Canadian Democratic Audit series makes amonumental contribution to our understanding of political life inCanada.Much has been written in recent years concerning the ?democraticdeficit and malaise? afflicting Canada, and there is substantialevidence that many citizens are dissatisfied with the state of ourdemocratic practices and institutions. At the same time, phenom-ena such as increased pressures of globalization and changingcommunications technologies pose new challenges to Canadianpolitics. To consider these issues, a team of top political scientistsfrom across the country has come together to conduct thiscentury?s first wide-ranging examination of democracy in Canada.The audit comprises a series of volumes, each examining adifferent aspect of Canadian democracy. Throughout the series,three central questions guide the investigation: How participatory isCanadian democracy? How responsive are our political institutions?How inclusive is our public decision making?Expertly designed to introduce students at all levels to the funda-mentals of Canada?s democratic institutions, this series will also beof interest to scholars, policymakers, journalists, politicians, andanybody interested in the current state of democracy in Canada.Further information on the Canadian Democratic Audit project canbe found at www.CanadianDemocraticAudit.caJohn CourtneyElectionsOpen and competitive elections governed bywidely accepted rules and procedures areessential to any political system?s legitimacy.This volume, by eminent political scientist JohnCourtney, assesses the history and develop-ment of five ?building blocks? of Canada?selectoral regime: the franchise, electoraldistricts, voter registration, election machin-ery, and plurality voting.Arguing that on balance, Canada?s electoralregime can be judged to be truly democratic,the book demonstrates the vast improvementsthat have been made over the years: the rightto vote is generously interpreted; the processof redrawing electoral districts is no longer inthe hands of elected officials; voter registra-tion lists include all but a small share of eligiblevoters; and those who manage and superviseelections on behalf of all citizens are honestand trustworthy officials. Using the recentpush for the reform of the plurality votesystem as one example, it also examines whycertain electoral institutions have beenamenable to change and others have not.In a democracy such as Canada?s, it isimportant for citizens to understand the mostessential parts of their electoral system.Elections is designed with this goal in mind.A concise analysis of complex issues, itpresents reasoned judgments on links be-tween electoral institutions and representativedemocracy, and is an ideal primer for under-graduate students, journalists, politicians,and anyone interested the current state ofCanadian democracy.POLITICSWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/DEMOCRATICAUDITMARCH192 pages est., 5? x 8??hc $65.00ISBN 0-7748-0917-5John Courtney is aprofessor of politicalscience at the Universityof Saskatchewan.THE CANADIANDEMOCRATIC AUDITElectionsJohn Courtney(see page 1)Political PartiesWilliam Cross(see page 2)CitizensElisabeth Gidengil,Andr? Blais, Neil Nevitte,and Richard Nadeau(see page 2)LegislaturesDavid DochertyFederalismJennifer SmithAdvocacy GroupsLisa Young and Joanna EverittCommunicationsTechnologyDarin BarneyThe CourtsIan GreeneCabinets and First MinistersGraham WhiteVOLUMES IN THE CANADIAN DEMOCRATIC AUDIT SERIES2 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477APRIL176 pages est., 5? x 8??hc $65.00ISBN 0-7748-0940-XWilliam Cross is Edgarand Dorothy DavidsonChair in Canadian Studiesand a professor ofpolitical science at MountAllison University.William CrossPolitical PartiesPolitical parties a key component of Canadiandemocracy. They choose our prime ministers,premiers, and candidates for public office;they decide which policy issues are consideredin the provincial and federal legislatures; theydominate our election campaigns. As a result,a democracy that is participatory, responsive,and inclusive can only be achieved if Canadianpolitical parties share these values andoperate in a manner respecting them. In aconcise and accessible manner, this bookdelves into the history, structure, mechanisms,and roles of Canada?s political parties, andassesses the degree to which Canadians todaycan rely on political parties as vehicles forgrassroots participation.With an emphasis on Canada?s federal parties,Cross examines party membership, candidaterecruitment, leadership selection, policydevelopment, election campaigning, andparty financing. Throughout, he maintains aclear focus on how well Canadian parties areserving the Canadian people. In keeping withthe aims of the Democratic Audit project, heinterrogates their performance in terms ofparticipation, inclusiveness, and responsive-ness. The book also addresses the experi-ences of provincial parties, and comparesCanadian parties with those in other Westerndemocracies.A crucial and timely overview of politicalparties, this book will appeal to all those whoseek a fuller understanding of the Canadianparty system.POLITICSWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/DEMOCRATICAUDITMAY176 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $65.00ISBN 0-7748-0919-1The authors are allprofessors of politicalscience. ElisabethGidengil is at McGillUniversity; Andr? Blaisand Richard Nadeauare both at the Universit?de Montr?al;  NeilNevitte is at theUniversity of Toronto.Elisabeth Gidengil, Andr? Blais, Neil Nevitt,and Richard NadeauCitizensCitizens are central to any meaningful defini-tion of democracy. So what does it say aboutthe health of Canadian democracy when fewercitizens are exercising their right to vote andparty membership rolls are shrinking? Is anincreasingly well-educated citizenry turningaway from traditional electoral politics insearch of more meaningful forms of demo-cratic engagement? Or is an ever-wider swatheof Canadian society simply disengaging frompolitics altogether?This volume draws on a rich array of publicopinion data to determine how engagedCanadians are in the country?s democratic lifeand which Canadians are most ? and least ?engaged. Comparisons are made acrossgenerations and educational levels, betweenwomen and men, and haves and have-notsin Canadian society. Today?s Canadians arecompared with earlier generations and withthe citizens of other established westerndemocracies.The first comprehensive assessment of citizenengagement in Canada, this volume raiseschallenging questions, not just about theinterests and capabilities of Canadians asdemocratic citizens, but also about theperformance of our democratic institutions.This is essential reading for politicians andpolicymakers, students and scholars ofCanadian politics, and all Canadians who careabout the quality of Canadian democracy.? ALSO OF INTERESTRebuilding CanadianParty PoliticsR. Kenneth Carty, WilliamCross, and Lisa Youngpb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0778-4? ALSO OF INTERESTQuasi-DemocracyParties and LeadershipSelection in AlbertaDavid Stewart and KeithArcherpb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0791-13Representation and DemocraticTheoryWith public confidence in representativeinstitutions dropping to distressing levels,it is time for political theorists to turn theirattention to representation, and to reconceiveits normative  foundations and connectionsto other aspects of a revived public life.This volume investigates theoretical andpractical aspects of contemporary politicalrepresentation in the early twenty-firstcentury. Some contributors tackle problematicdimensions of representation head on, whileothers explore democratic participation anddeliberation, multicultural pluralism, contestedcitizenship, and other background conditionsof representation. Still others consider thechallenges posed to representation byminorities, national boundaries, multinationaland federal governance, and cultural andsocial obstacles to either individual or groupautonomy. Throughout, the volume revealsDavid Laycock, ed.MAY304 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1078-5Lydia Miljan and Barry CooperHidden AgendasHow Journalists Influencethe News?With care and skill, Miljan and Cooper subjectthe poisonous debate over media bias to ahealthy dose of scientific analysis. All futuredebate over the media will have to take theirresearch into account.?? Bob Lichter, President, Center for Media andPublic Affairs, Washington, DC.In our news-hungry society, journalists havebecome celebrities and, often, politicalproxies. To a large degree, our world isshaped by their commentaries on everythingfrom war to health care and trade. HiddenAgendas is a no-holds-barred expos? of howreporters? opinions shape the information thatwe consider news. Focusing primarily on thepolitical orientation of journalists, Miljan andCooper investigate the link between whatjournalists believe about politics and how theyreport political issues. Using data gatheredfrom interviews with over 800 Canadians andsome 270 journalists, the book arrives at thecontroversial conclusion that journalists, moreso than media owners, are the architects ofnews, engineering not only its drama but alsoits ideological thrust.Lydia Miljan and Barry Cooper are both profes-sors of Political Science. They teach at the Univer-sity of Windsor and the University of Calgary,respectively.2003188 pages, 6 x 9?pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-1020-3hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1019-Xthe complexity of contemporary politicalrepresentation, and demonstrates hownormative attention to the problem of repre-sentation can crystallize and illuminatedebates over  the nature of justice, equality,citizenship, and deliberation in moderndemocratic politics.A crucial supplement to empirical studiesof conventional political representation,Representation and Democratic Theory offersa timely and thought-provoking contributionto contemporary democratic theory. It will bea necessary and welcome addition to thelibraries of many political and social scientists.David Laycock is a professor in the Department ofPolitical Science at Simon Fraser University.POLITICSWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/POLITICSRECENTLY RELEASED?A very interesting volume by leadingtheorists that will provoke further debateon the nature of representation in relationto democratic citizenship.?-? Barbara Arneil, author of Politics andFeminism: An Introduction?The scholarship is excellent. The subjectof represention has been pivotal to politicaltheory since Hobbes, and it is crucial todemocratic theory and to the empiricalstudy of democracy. This volume isdistinctively interesting in its melding ofphilosophical and theoretical inquiry, on theone hand, and attention to contemporaryissues, problems, and concerns, on theother.?-? Tom Pocklington, editor of LiberalDemocracy in Canada and the UnitedStates: An Introduction to Politics andGovernment4 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Governing Ourselves?The Politics of Canadian CommunitiesPopular rhetoric suggests that the twenty-firstcentury has ushered in an era of homogeneity.Urbanization, globalization, amalgamation,media conglomeration, and technologicalconvergence have become familiar terms tous -- terms coined to reflect the effect of thecomplex forces at work in communities acrossthe country. Given such overwhelming pres-sures, how are people within these communi-ties able to make decisions about their ownenvironment, either individually or collectively?To what extent can they govern themselves?This stimulating book considers questionsof influence and power within local institutionsand decision-making processes using numer-ous illustrations from municipalities acrossCanada.  The challenges to local governanceare examined from a wide array of perspec-tives; communities large and small fromIqualuit to Toronto are offered as examples.Mary Louise McAllisterMAY356 pages est., 6 x 9?10 b/w illus., 3 tableshc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1062-9Tim SchoulsShifting BoundariesAboriginal Identity, PluralistTheory, and the Politics ofSelf-GovernmentCanada is often called a pluralist state, butfew commentators view Aboriginal self-government from the perspective of politicalpluralism. Instead, Aboriginal identity is framedin terms of cultural and national traits, whileself-government is taken to represent anAboriginal desire to protect those traits.Shifting Boundaries challenges this view,arguing that it fosters a woefully incompleteunderstanding of the politics of self-govern-ment.Using relational pluralism as a theoretical lens,Schouls contends that Aboriginal self-govern-ment is better understood when an ?identifica-tion? perspective is adopted instead of a?cultural? or ?national? one. He shows that self-government is not about preserving culturaland national differences as goods in and ofthemselves, but rather is about equalizingcurrent imbalances in power to allow Aborigi-nal peoples to construct their own identities.Shifting Boundaries adds an importantperspective to existing theoretical approachesto Aboriginal self-government. It will appeal toacademics, students, and policy analystsinterested in Aboriginal governance, culturalstudies, political theory, nationalism studies,and constitutional theory.Tim Schouls divides his time between the Universityof British Columbia and Capilano College, teachingand doing research in Canadian politics, Aboriginalgovernance issues, and political theory.2003240 pages, 6 x 9?hc $80.00, ISBN 0-7748-1046-7In an original approach to the subject,McAllister pays particular attention to smallerand more remote cities of Canada. Casestudies of Prince George, Sherbrooke, SaintJohn, and Kitchener-Waterloo, are used toillustrate historic and contemporary challengesfor local governance.Governing Ourselves? covers traditionaltopics related to Canadian local governmentstructures, institutions, and intergovernmentalrelations. At the same time, it reaches morebroadly into other areas of inquiry that arerelevant to geography, urban planning,environmental studies, public administration,sociology, and Canadian studies.Mary Louise McAllister is Associate Professorin the Department of Environment and ResourceStudies, University of Waterloo.POLITICSWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/POLITICSRECENTLY RELEASED?The author is admirably abreast of theliterature. I believe this book can serve, notonly as the standard Canadian localgovernment text for decades to come, butalso as an authoritative guide to the stateof the literature.?-? Christopher Leo teaches in the Depart-ment of Politics, University of Winnipeg,and in the Department of City Planning,University of Manitoba.? ALSO OF INTERESTRedrawing LocalGovernment BoundariesAn International Studyof Politics, Procedures,and DecisionsJohn Meligrana, ed.hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0933-7(see page 26)5NOW IN PAPERBACKTimothy LewisIn the Long RunWe're All DeadThe Canadian Turnto Fiscal RestraintCanadian politics in the 1990s were character-ized by an unwavering focus on the deficit. Atthe beginning of the decade, it seemed thatfiscal deficits were intractable, yet by the endof the decade, Ottawa had taken remarkableactions to eliminate its budgetary shortfallsand had successfully eradicated its deficits.How such a radical change of political coursecame to pass is still not well understood.This book offers the first comprehensivescholarly account of this vital public policyissue. Lewis deftly analyzes the history ofdeficit finance from before Confederationthrough Canada?s postwar Keynesianism tothe retrenchment of the Mulroney and Chr?tienyears. In doing so, he illuminates how thepolitical conditions for Ottawa?s deficit elimina-tion in the 1990s materialized after overtwenty consecutive years in the red, and howthe decline of Canadian Keynesianism hasmade way for the emergence of politicsorganized around balanced budgets.An important book, In The Long Run We?re AllDead provides scholars and students ofCanadian politics with a new framework bywhich to understand the adoption of govern-ment policy, the economic and fiscal legacyof the Mulroney administrations, and theemergence of the new ?politics of the surplus.?Timothy Lewis has a PhD in political science and alaw degree from the University of Toronto. He hasworked in both the private and the public sectors.JANUARY288 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95, ISBN 0-7748-0999-XPUBLIC POLICYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/PUBLICPOLICYNOW IN PAPERBACKEugene Lee and Anthony Perl,eds.The Integrity GapCanada?s EnvironmentalPolicy and InstitutionsThis thoughtful collection exposes the gapbetween rhetoric and performance in Canada?sresponse to environmental challenges. Canadi-ans, despite their national penchant for environ-mental discussion, have fallen behind their G-8peers in both domestic commitments andinternational actions. In a cogent examinationof the issue, eight authors demonstrate howCanada?s configuration of political and economicinstitutions has limited effective environmentalpolicy. Canadian environmental institutions, theauthors argue, have produced an integrity gap:the sustainability rhetoric adopted by policy-makers fails to achieve concrete results. Inan analysis that penetrates several policydomains and combines various disciplinary,sectoral, and geographic perspectives, theauthors demonstrate how Canada fell fromleader to laggard within the internationalenvironmental community.Placing the study of Canadian environmentalpolicy within a sound theoretical framework forthe first time, this book makes a significantcontribution to existing policy scholarship.It will find an enthusiastic audience amongpolitical scientists, neo-institutional theorists,policy analysts, and students at both under-graduate and graduate levels.Eugene Lee is a member of the Department ofPolitical Science, Sookmyung Women?s University,Korea.  Anthony Perl is in the Department ofPolitical Science, University of Calgary.JANUARY304 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0986-8RECENTLY RELEASED?ric MontpetitMisplaced DistrustPolicy Networks and theEnvironment in France,the United States, and CanadaCitizens of industrialized countries largely sharea sense that national and international govern-ance is inadequate, believing not only that publicauthorities are incapable of making the rightpolicy decisions, but also that the entire networkof state and civil society actors responsible forthe discussion, negotiation, and implementationof policy choices is untrustworthy.Using agro-environmental policy development inFrance, the United States, and Canada as casestudies, ?ric Montpetit sets out to investigatethe validity of this distrust through carefulattention to the performance of the relevantpolicy networks. He concludes that distrust inpolicy networks is, for the most part, misplacedbecause high levels of performance by policynetworks are more common than many politicalanalysts and citizens expect. Opposing thetenets of state retrenchment, his study revealsthat providing participation in governance toresourceful interest groups and strong govern-ment bureaucracies is an essential componentof sound environmental policies for agriculture.A timely contribution to the good governancedebate, this book should be required reading forpolicymakers and politicians, as well as studentsand scholars of public policy, political science,environmental studies, and government.?ric Montpetit is with the D?partement de sciencepolitique at the Universit? de Montr?al.2003168 pages, 6 x 9?hc $75.00, ISBN 0-7748-0908-66 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477The Heiress vs the EstablishmentMrs. Campbell?s Campaign for Legal JusticeIn 1922, Elizabeth Bethune Campbell, aToronto-born socialite, unearthed what sheinitially thought was an unsigned copy of hermother?s will, designating her as the primarybeneficiary of the estate. The discoverysnowballed into a fourteen-year-battle with theOntario legal establishment, as Mrs. Campbellattempted to prove that her uncle, a prominentmember of Ontario?s legal circle, had stolenfunds from her mother?s estate. In 1930, sheargued her case before the Law Lords of thePrivy Council in London. A non-lawyer andCanadian, with no formal education, Campbellwas the first woman to ever appear beforethem. She won.Reprinted here in its entirety, Where AngelsFear to Tread, Campbell?s self-publishedmanuscript, is an eloquent and rare first-person account of the world of overlappingintrigue and influence that constituted theConstance Backhouse and Nancy BackhouseMAY356 pages est., 6 x 9?36 b/w illus.hc $45.00ISBN 0-7748-1052-1Jonathan Swainger andConstance Backhouse, eds.People and PlaceHistorical Influenceson Legal Cultureearly twentieth century legal system. Extensivecommentary and annotations illuminate thecontext for Campbell?s story, and allowreaders to better understand the implicationsof her case for Canadian legal history.So much more than a simple case study,The Heiress vs the Establishment is a vibrantlywritten account that will be welcomed by legaland social historians, those with an interest inCanadian letters, scholars of gender studies,as well as the public at large.Constance Backhouse is Professor of Law andUniversity Research Chair at the University ofOttawa. Madam Justice Nancy Backhouse sitson the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario.LAWWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LAWRECENTLY RELEASEDLAW AND SOCIETY SERIESPeople and Place demonstrates the fascinat-ing ways in which personality and localeinteract to shape the law, and how locationinfluences legal cultural history. The essays,by a diverse array of scholars ? including legaltheorists, historians, and criminologists ?examine law through the framework of history.They look at the lives of judges and lawyers,rape victims, prostitutes, religious sectleaders, and common criminals to explorehow individuals or small groups have beenable to make a difference in how law hasbeen understood, applied, and interpreted.The essays allow readers to explore law?svarious meanings across communities andtime and to develop a more profound aware-ness of the complexity of human society.Accessible to academics, students, andgeneral readers interested in the formationof law within a social context, this collectionoffers a compelling perspective on the subtlerelationship of people, place, and the law.Jonathan Swainger is an associate professor ofhistory at the University of Northern British Columbiaand author of The Canadian Department of Justiceand the Completion of Confederation, 1867-78.Constance Backhouse is a professor of law at theUniversity of Ottawa and co-author of The Heiress vsthe Establishment.2003256 pages, 6 x 9?5 b/w illus.hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1032-7LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES? ALSO OF INTERESTGender in the LegalProfessionFitting or Breakingthe MouldJoan Brockmanpb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0835-7Published for The Osgoode Society forCanadian Legal History by UBC Press.7Feminist Activism in the Supreme CourtLegal Mobilization and the Women?s LegalEducation and Action FundSince 1980, the Canadian women?s movementhas been an active participant in constitutionalpolitics and Charter litigation. This book,through its focus on the Women?s LegalEducation and Action Fund (LEAF), presentsa compelling examination of how Canadianfeminists became key actors in developingthe constitutional doctrine of equality, andhow they mobilized that doctrine to supportthe movement?s policy agenda.The case of LEAF, an organization that hadas its goal the use of Charter litigation toinfluence legal rules and public policy, providesrich ground for Manfredi?s keen analysis oflegal mobilization. In a multitude of areas suchas abortion, pornography, sexual assault,family law, and gay and lesbian rights, LEAFhas intervened before the Supreme Court tobring its understanding of equality to bear onlegal policy development. This study offersChristopher P. ManfrediJANUARY256 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0946-9The Law Commission of Canada,ed.New Perspectiveson the Public-PrivateDivideThe separation between public and privatespheres has structured much of our thinkingabout human organizations. Scholars fromnearly all disciplines use the notion of a public-private divide as a means to order knowledgeand better understand the mechanisms thatgovern and shape human behaviour andinstitutions. In legal and socio-legal analysis,the distinction informs the differences betweenstate and non-state actors and between publicgood and private property.This rich collection of essays explores how thepublic-private divide influences, challenges,and interacts with law and law reform. Throughvarious case studies, the contributors reflecton this complex dichotomy?s role in structuringthe socio-legal environment for the personal,social, economic, and governance relation-ships of citizens. They demonstrate that whilethe split between the public and the private isa useful way to understand the world, it isalways only an ideological construct, and assuch open to challenge.The Law Commission of Canada is an independ-ent federal law reform agency that advises Parlia-ment on how to improve and modernize Canada?slaws.JANUARY200 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95, ISBN 0-7748-1043-2a deft examination of LEAF?s arguments andseeks to understand how they affected theCourt?s consideration of the issues. Perhapsmost importantly, it also contemplates thelong-term effects of mobilization, and consid-ers the social impact of the legal doctrinethat has emerged from LEAF cases.A major contribution to law and societystudies, Feminist Activism in the SupremeCourt is unparalleled in its analysis of legalmobilization as an effective strategy forsocial movements. It will be widely readand welcomed by legal scholars, politicalscientists, lawyers, feminists, and activists.Christopher P. Manfredi is Professor of PoliticalScience at McGill University.LAWWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LAWNOW IN PAPERBACKLAW AND SOCIETY SERIESLEGAL DIMENSIONS SERIESPublished in association withThe Law Commission of Canada?An important contribution to the legalmobilization literature that straddles thedisciplines of law and political science?[It] provides a thorough and detailedaccount of how a prominent feministorganization has used law to shape theCanadian constitution and public policy.?-? Judy Fudge, Osgoode Hall Law School,York University8 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Tournament of AppealsGranting Judicial Review in CanadaCanada?s Supreme Court decides cases withfar-reaching effects on Canadian politics andpublic policies. When the Supreme Court setscases on its agenda, it exercises nearlyunrestrained discretion and considerablepublic authority. But how does the Courtchoose these cases in the first place? Fromthe several hundred requests for judicialreview filed every year, how and why do thejustices pick some cases but not others forreview?Tournament of Appeals investigates the leaveto appeal process in Canada and explores howand why certain cases ?win? a place on theCourt?s agenda and others do not. Taking theapproach that the process mimics a sportstournament, this study raises several vitalquestions. For example, is there an eliteSupreme Court ?bar? that routinely wins thetournament? Do the Court?s rules affect theRoy B. FlemmingMAY176 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $80.00ISBN 0-7748-1082-3Janis Sarra, ed.Corporate Governancein Global Capital MarketsThe recent failures of Enron, WorldCom, andother large publicly traded corporations havecatapulted the issue of corporate governanceonto the international stage. In this timelybook, Janis Sarra draws together the workof legal scholars and practitioners from acrossNorth America to provide a comprehensiveanalysis of corporate governance issues inglobal capital markets.This collection explores the theoreticalunderpinnings of corporate governance andprovides concrete illustrations of differentmodels and their outcomes. While the per-spectives of the authors sometimes differ,their common project is to explore differentnormative conceptions of the corporation inorder to contribute to an analysis of globaltrends in corporate governance. The bookmeasures diverse theoretical perspectivesagainst the reality of corporate operationsin current capital markets. Relationships bothwithin and outside the firm are explored,including issues of accountability, ethics indecision making, and notions of efficiencyin generation of corporate wealth.Legal scholars and practitioners with aninterest in corporations, insolvency, andsecurities, as well as corporate directorswill welcome this addition to their libraries.Janis Sarra is a professor of law at the Universityof British Columbia.2003400 pages, 6 x 9?hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1004-1tournament?s outcomes? Or does winning andlosing reflect the resources of the parties? Asplayers in this tournament, how do the judgesplay the game and how does it affect theirvotes to grant or deny judicial review?Drawing from information on the process,applications, and lawyers that has neverbefore been used in studies of Canada?sSupreme Court, Flemming offers both aqualitatively and quantitatively based explana-tion of how Canada?s justices grant judicialreview. The first of its kind, this innovativestudy will draw the attention of lawyers,academics, and students in North America aswell as in the Commonwealth and Europeancountries whose high courts share manyfeatures of the appeals process in Canada.Roy B. Flemming is a professor in the Departmentof Political Science at Texas A & M University.LAWWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LAWRECENTLY RELEASED?The fact that the Supreme Court decidesfor itself what cases it is going to hear is anextremely important dimension of itsstrategic capacity, and to the best of myknowledge this has never been thoroughlyexplored. This book does an excellent jobof examining the issue and makes asignificant original contribution to its field.?-? Peter McCormick, author of Supreme atLast: The Evolution of the Supreme Courtof CanadaLAW AND SOCIETY SERIES9Compulsory CompassionA Critique of Restorative JusticeOften touted as the humane and politicallyprogressive alternative to the rigid philosophyof retributive punishment that underpins manyof the world?s judicial systems, restorativejustice aspires to a theoretical and practicalreconciliation of the values of love andcompassion with justice and accountability.Emotionally seductive, the rhetoric of restora-tive justice appeals to a desire for a ?rightrelation? among individuals and communities,and offers us a vision of justice that allows forthe mutual healing of victim and victimizer, andwith it, a sense of communal repair.In Compulsory Compassion, Annalise Acorn,a one-time advocate for restorative justice,deconstructs the rhetoric of the restorativemovement. Drawing from diverse legal,literary, philosophical, and autobiographicalsources, she questions the fundamentalassumptions behind that rhetoric: that we canAnnalise E. AcornMARCH256 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0942-6Ikechi MgbeojiCollective InsecurityThe Liberian Crisis,Unilateralism, and GlobalOrderAfrica?s notorious civil wars and seeminglyendless conflicts constitute one of the mostintractable threats to global peace andsecurity in the post-Cold War era. This bookprovides both a superb analysis of thehistorical dysfunction of the postcolonialAfrican state generally and, more specifically,a probing critique of the crisis that resultedin the tragic collapse of Liberia.Using a historical deconstruction and recon-struction of the theories and practice ofinternational law and politics, Ikechi Mgbeojiultimately shows that blame for this endlesscycle of violence must be laid at the feet ofboth the Western powers and African statesthemselves. He further posits that threemeasures ? a reconstructed regime of Africanstatehood, legitimate governance, and reformof the United Nations Security Council ? areimperatives for the creation of a stable Africanpolity. In the post-9/11 era, this holistic andmultilateral approach to collective securityremains the world?s best route to peace andsocio-political stability.Collective Insecurity is a vital addition to thestudy of international law and will also be ofinterest to those engaged in security studies,politics, and African studies.Ikechi Mgbeoji is a professor at Osgoode Hall LawSchool, York University.JANUARY200 pages, 6 x 9?pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-1037-8LAW AND SOCIETY SERIEStrust wrongdoers? capacity for meaningfulaccountability and respectful community, andthat we can, in good conscience, deploy theidea that healing lies in the (re)encounterbetween victim and offender, and seducevictims to participate in restorative processes.Essential reading for anyone with an interestin restorative justice, Compulsory Compassionshould also be read by scholars and studentsof criminal justice and legal theory.Annalise E. Acorn is a professor of law at theUniversity of Alberta.LAWWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LAWNOW IN PAPERBACKLAW AND SOCIETY SERIES?The literature on restorative justice is largeand growing and this book is a uniquecontribution to this field ? It offers animportant new adjustment to the landscapeof responding to crime. I have seen nocritique of restorative justice that comesclose to this one in its depth, fairness, andrichness ? It may well redefine andreorient the field.?-? Frances Olsen, Professor of Law, UCLA10 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477What Is a Crime?Defining Criminal Conduct in ContemporarySocietyWe all have notions of what it means tocommit a crime. Most of us are very muchaware of the behaviours which, by law,constitute crime. Rarely, however, do westop to consider why certain activities andbehaviours are deemed criminal and othersare not.  What Is a Crime? examines how wedefine criminal conduct in contemporarysociety, and how we respond to it once ithas been identified.Drawing from diverse scholarly traditions ?including law, sociology, criminology, andsocio-legal studies ? contributors to thiscollection reflect on the processes of definingcrime, and consider the varied and compleximplications of our decisions to criminalizecertain unwanted behaviour. Employing variouscase studies, the contributors reflect on thesocial processes that inform definitions ofcrime, criminal law, and its enforcement, whileThe Law Commission of Canada, ed.MAY224 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1086-6Jim Phillips and RosemaryGartnerMurdering HolinessThe Trials of Franz Creffieldand George MitchellMurdering Holiness explores the story of theOregon-based ?Holy Roller? sect led by FranzCreffield in the early years of the twentiethcentury. Creffield, a charismatic, self-styledmessiah, taught his followers to forsake theirfamilies and worldly goods and to seeksalvation through him. As his teachingsbecame more extreme, the local communityreacted: Creffield was tarred and featheredand his followers were incarcerated in thestate asylum. Creffield himself was imprisonedfor adultery, but later revived the sect. Thisproved too much for some of the adherents?families, and in May 1906, Creffield waspursued to Seattle and shot dead by GeorgeMitchell, the brother of two women in the sect.The authors take us into the courtroom for thesensational trial, as Mitchell was acquitted ofmurder. Though the formal plea was insanity,the defence built its case on the unwritten lawthat justified killing to protect or avenge familyhonour. Based on court records and archivalsources, this case study sheds light on therise of ardent religion in the Pacific Northwest,the justice system in Seattle, and the role ofthe press in influencing public opinion.Jim Phillips is Director of the Centre of Criminologyand a professor in the Faculty of Law and Depart-ment of History. Rosemary Gartner is a professorat the Centre of Criminology and the Department ofSociology. Both are at the University of Toronto.2003360 pages, 6 x 9?21 b/w illus.hc $45.00, ISBN 0-7748-0906-XLAW AND SOCIETY SERIESilluminating the subjective nature of crimeand questioning the role of law in dealingwith complex social issues. Collectively, theauthors provide a critical dialogue on lawand governance in contemporary society.What Is a Crime? will be of interest to a broadspectrum of readers concerned with thegovernance of crime and its control incontemporary society. Students and scholarsof law, sociology, political science, philosophy,and criminology will find this book invaluablein furthering their understanding of theprocesses of defining crime and criminalbehaviour. It will also appeal to policymakers,criminal justice practitioners, and anyone witha stake in our current approaches to crime.The Law Commission of Canada is an independ-ent federal law reform agency that advises Parlia-ment on how to improve and modernize Canada?slaws.LAWWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LAWRECENTLY RELEASEDLEGAL DIMENSIONS SERIESPublished in association withThe Law Commission of Canada? ALSO OF INTERESTNew Perspectives onthe Public-Private DivideThe Law Commission ofCanada, ed.pb $27.95ISBN 0-7748-1043-2(see page 7)?The scholarship here is superb overall andthe work as a whole is remarkably original? This book should have a wide audienceamong students, scholars, and that portionof the general reading public concernedabout criminalization.?-? Jonathan Simon, Professor of Law,University of California, Berkeley11Limiting Arbitrary PowerThe Vagueness Doctrine in CanadianConstitutional LawUnder the emerging void-for-vaguenessdoctrine, a law lacking precision can bedeclared invalid. In this first book publishedon the subject, Marc Ribeiro offers a balancedanalysis of this doctrine and its application inthe context of the Canadian constitution.Taking as its starting point a cogent analysisof the fundamental concepts of ?legality? andthe ?rule of law,? Limiting Arbitrary Powerundertakes a specific study of the contentsof the vagueness doctrine.Ribeiro presents an in-depth exploration of thecourts? current approach, and suggests how itmay be refined in the future. In that regard, heproposes techniques for legislative drafting inwhich certainty could be enhanced withoutcompromising the flexibility required in law.Acknowledging that to date, the doctrine hasyet to be been granted an autonomous statusMarc RibeiroMAY256 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1050-5David R. BoydUnnatural LawRethinking CanadianEnvironmental Law and Policy?David Boyd deftly explores the differencesand similarities between US and Canadianenvironmental laws with thorough clarity,authorial grace, and welcome concern.?? Robert F. Kennedy Jr.While governments assert that Canada is aworld leader in sustainability, Unnatural Lawprovides extensive evidence to refute thisclaim. A comprehensive assessment of thestrengths and weaknesses of Canadianenvironmental law, the book provides abalanced, critical examination of Canada?srecord, focusing on laws and policies intendedto protect water, air, land, and biodiversity.The struggle for a sustainable future is oneof the most daunting challenges facinghumanity in the twenty-first century. UnnaturalLaw prescribes the changes Canada mustmake in order to respond to the ecologicalimperative of living within the Earth?s limits.Everyone ? academics, lawyers, students,policymakers, and concerned citizens ?interested in the health of the Canadian andglobal environments will find this book aninvaluable source of information and insight.David R. Boyd is an environmental lawyer,professor, and former executive director of theSierra Legal Defence Fund.2003488 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1049-1LAW AND SOCIETY SERIESfor invalidating legislation, he also examinesin detail the possible situations in whichvagueness may become applicable underthe Charter.An important addition to Canadian law librar-ies, Limiting Arbitrary Power will be eagerlyreceived by legal professionals, legislators,and scholars of constitutional law and legaltheory.Marc Ribeiro holds a Bachelor of Laws from theUniversit? de Montr?al, and a Doctor of Jurispru-dence from Osgoode Hall. He is a member of theBar of Quebec.LAWWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LAWRECENTLY RELEASED?A remarkable scholarly work ? I like verymuch the presentation, the structure, andthe style. It will be a useful book forresearchers and practitioners.?-? Patrice Garant, Faculty of Law, LavalUniversity12 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Canadians Behind Enemy Lines, 1939-1945With a New Preface by the AuthorRoy MacLarenBACK IN PRINTDuring the Second World War, Canadians found themselvesbehind enemy lines in Europe and Asia. Not all were ill-fatedairmen, shot down in the fury of battle. In fact, some were thereby design. As volunteers who risked their lives in extremelyhazardous assignments, almost one hundred Canadians servedthe Allied forces by passing as locals in occupied countries.At the behest of two secret British services, these men madelanguage and custom their costumes and wove themselvesinto the social fabric of France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary,Burma, Malaya, and Sarawak. As ?citizens? of these countries,they were uniquely positioned to assist resistance groups insabotage and ambush missions, and to smuggle Allied airmenout of the occupied territories. Quiet heroes of the war, thesebold Canadians helped to make the brutal and unrelentingwarfare of the underground a potent weapon in the Alliedarsenal.Out of print for more than two decades, this bestselling bookrecognizes the unique contribution of these individuals to theunderground war effort in WWII. It is also a study of unstintingpersonal courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Militaryand Canadian historians, veterans, and anyone interested in thisfascinating piece of Canada?s past will appreciate MacLaren?sengaging, well-researched account.The Honourable Roy MacLaren, a graduate of the Universities ofBritish Columbia, Toronto, and Cambridge, was a diplomat, business-man, and Member of Parliament.  He was Minister of State (Finance),Minister of National Revenue, and Minister of International Trade. He isthe author of four other books on Canadian military and politicalsubjects.PRAISE FOR THE ORIGINAL EDITION:?A rattling adventure yarn.?? The Vancouver Sun?Documents yet another stage in Canada?s reluctant coming of age.?? The Globe and Mail?An intensely interesting account of an unusual and little-known aspectof Canada?s fighting men overseas.?? The Canadian Historical ReviewMARCH352 pages est., 6 x 9?38 b/w photos, 3 mapspb $25.95ISBN 0-7748-1100-5MILITARY HISTORYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/MILITARYHISTORY13Saints, Sinners, and SoldiersCanada?s Second World WarIt was the ?Good War.?  Its cause was just; it ended the Depres-sion; and Canada?s contribution was nothing less than stellar.Canadians had every reason to applaud themselves, and theheroes that made the nation proud. But the dark truth was thatnot all Canadians were saints or soldiers. Indeed, many weresinners.In this eye-opening and captivating reassessment of Canadiancommitment to the cause, some disturbing questions cometo light. Were citizens working as hard as possible to backthe war effort?  Was there illegal profiting from the conflict?Did Canadian society suffer from a general decline of ?morality?during the war?  Would women truly ?back the attack? in newfactory jobs and the military, and then quietly return home?Would unattended youth produce a crisis with juvenile delin-quency?  How would Canada reintegrate a million veterans who,policymakers feared, would create a social crisis if treated liketheir Great War counterparts?The first-ever synthesis of both the patriotic and the problematicin wartime Canada, Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers shows howmoral and social changes, and the fears they generated,precipitated numerous, and often contradictory, legacies inlaw and society.  From labour conflicts, to the black market,to prostitution, and beyond, Keshen acknowledges the under-belly of Canada?s Second World War, and demonstrates thatthe ?Good War? was a complex tapestry of social forces ? notall of which were above reproach. Essential to both military andsocial historians, this book will also prove fascinating to anyoneinterested in the evolution of Canada?s social fabric.?Opening up a large number of new questions about the 1940s and,by extension, other periods of the 20th century, Saints, Sinners, andSoldiers will become a standard work in Canadian social history.?? Terry Copp, author of Fields of Fire: The Canadians in Normandy?Jeffrey Keshen?s Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers is an extraordinarylook at how Canadians lived, loved, and worked on the homefrontduring the Second World War. His massive research into thesources that other historians usually skip over has produced thesingle best study of rapidly changing social values in a time ofgreat crisis that we have. Absolutely first-rate??? J.L. Granatstein, author of Canada?s Army: Waging War and Keepingthe PeaceJeffrey A. Keshen is a member of the Department of Historyat the University of Ottawa.MARCH448 pages est., 6 x 9?38 b/w illus.hc $45.00ISBN 0-7748-0923-XJeffrey A. KeshenSTUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORYPublished in association with theCanadian War MuseumMILITARY HISTORYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/MILITARYHISTORY14 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Stepping Stones to NowhereThe Aleutian Islands, Alaska,and American Military Strategy,1867-1945Galen Roger PerrasThe Aleutian Islands, a mostly forgotten portionof the United States on the southwest coastof Alaska, have often assumed a key role inAmerican military strategy. W.H. Seward, theUS secretary of state who brokered thepurchase of Alaska, believed that the acquisitionwould permit the US to dominate the Pacific. Inthe 1990s, Bill Clinton attempted to install anAmerican ballistic missile defence system on theislands. But for most Americans, prior to theWWII, the bleak and barren islands were of farless interest than the Philippines.In Stepping Stones to Nowhere, Galen Perrasshows how that changed with the Japaneseoccupation of the western Aleutians. Efforts tomake the area a major theatre of war rivallingEurope or the South Pacific foundered, butcertainly not for lack of effort. The campaignwas unique in its involvement of Britain, theSoviet Union, and Canada. Perras reveals howthis clash in the North Pacific demonstratedserious problems with the way that Americancivilian and military decision makers soughtto incite a global conflict.This book will be invaluable to military andnaval historians as well as those with a generalinterest in the history of the Second World War.Galen Roger Perras is the author of FranklinRoosevelt and the Origins of the Canadian-AmericanSecurity Alliance, 1933-1945.JANUARY288 pages, 14 b/w illus., 6 x 9?pb $25.95, ISBN 0-7748-0990-6US paperback rights held by US Naval Institute PressNOW IN PAPERBACKMILITARY HISTORYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/MILITARYHISTORYFrigates and ForemastsThe North American Squadronin Nova Scotia Waters, 1745-1815Julian GwynThe first comprehensive study of naval opera-tions involving North American squadrons inNova Scotia waters, Frigates and Foremastsoffers a masterful analysis of the motivesbehind the deployment of Royal Navy vesselsbetween 1745 and 1815, and the navy?s roleon the Western Atlantic.Interweaving historical analysis with vividdescriptions of pivotal events from the firstsiege of Louisbourg in 1745 to the end of thewars with the United States and France in 1815,Julian Gwyn illuminates the complex story ofcompeting interests among the Admiralty, NavyBoard, sea officers, and government officials onboth sides of the Atlantic. In a gripping narrativeencompassing sea battles, impressments, andprivateering, Gwyn brings to life key events andcentral figures.Gwyn?s evocation of people and events, and thescholarship he brings to bear on  the subjectmakes Frigates and Foremasts an authoritativehistory. Wonderfully readable, it will attract boththe serious naval historian and the generalreader interested in the ?why? and ?what? ofnaval history on North America?s easternseaboard.Julian Gwyn is Professor Emeritus in the Depart-ment of History at the University of Ottawa.2003224 pages, 18 b/w illus., 2 maps, 6 x 9?hc $75.00, ISBN 0-7748-0910-8RECENTLY RELEASEDSTUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORYPublished in association with theCanadian War MuseumNot the Slightest ChanceThe Defence of Hong Kong,1941Tony BanhamUntil now, the story of the Battle of Hong Konghas defied a coherent retelling. Over a thirdof its defenders were killed in battle or died incaptivity; those who survived seldom spokeabout their experiences; and written accountsrecorded while in combat were largely de-stroyed during the Japanese occupation. Theonly primary historical material that remainswas written from memory in POW camps,or years after the fact.This book represents the first attempt to piecetogether all existing accounts of the December1941 fighting between the Garrison and theinvading Japanese. Banham makes use of theGarrison?s small size ? only 14,000 soldiers ?to weave a historical account from the per-spectives of individuals, rather than bigbattalions. His story covers the fighting phaseby phase, and considers the individual actionsthat made up the battle, the military strategies,and the many controversies that arose bothduring the struggle and after.Military historians interested in the Hong Kongbattle, and the role of Canadian and Britishforces in the combat, will welcome this originaland comprehensive account.Tony Banham has been studying the Battle of HongKong for well over a decade and has writtenextensively on the subject.JANUARY452 pages, 10 b/w illus., 17 maps, 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1045-9North American rights only.NOW IN PAPERBACK15John R. HindeWhen Coal Was KingLadysmith and the Coal-MiningIndustry on Vancouver IslandThe town of Ladysmith was one of the mostimportant coal-mining communities onVancouver Island during the early twentiethcentury. The Ladysmith miners had a reputa-tion for radicalism and militancy and engagedin bitter struggles for union recognition andeconomic justice, most notably the GreatStrike of 1912-14. This strike, one of thelongest and most violent labour disputes inCanadian history, marked a watershed in thehistory of the town and the coal industry.This book explains the origins of the 1912-14strike by examining the development of thecoal industry on Vancouver Island, the found-ing of Ladysmith, the experience of work andsafety in the mines, the process of politicaland economic mobilization, and how thesefactors contributed to the development ofidentity and community. Unique to this analysisis Hinde?s emphasis on the importance ofclass, ethnicity, gender, and community increating the conditions for the mobilization ofthe working-class population. Informed bycurrent academic debates, this readablehistory draws on extensive archival research,and will appeal to historians and othersinterested in the history of Vancouver Island.John R. Hinde has taught at the University ofVictoria and Malaspina University College. His firstbook, Jacob Burckhardt and the Crisis of Modernity,was awarded the 2001 Wallace K. Ferguson Prizeby the Canadian Historical Association.JANUARY288 pages, 22 b/w illus., 3 maps, 6 x 9?pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-0936-1HISTORYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HISTORYNOW IN PAPERBACKCCF Colonialism in Northern SaskatchewanBattling Parish Priests, Bootleggers, and Fur SharksOften remembered for its humanitarianplatform and its pioneering social programs,Saskatchewan?s Co-operative CommonwealthFederation (CCF) wrought a much less scruti-nized legacy in the northern regions of theprovince during the twenty years it governed.Until the 1940s churches, fur traders, andother wealthy outsiders held uncontestedcontrol over Saskatchewan?s northern region.Following its rise to power in 1944, the CCFundertook aggressive efforts to unseat thesetraditional powers and to install a new socialisteconomy and society in largely Aboriginalnorthern communities. The next two decadesbrought major changes to the region as well-meaning government planners grossly mis-judged the challenges that confronted thenorth and failed to implement programs thatwould meet northern needs. As the CCF?sefforts to modernize and assimilate northernDavid M. QuiringMAY384 pages est., 6 x 9?1 maphc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-09388people met with frustration, it was the northernpeople themselves who inevitably sufferedfrom the fallout of this failure.In an elegantly written history that documentsthe colonial relationship between the CCF andthe communities in northern Saskatchewan,David Quiring draws on extensive archivalresearch and oral history to offer a fresh lookat the CCF era. This examination will find awelcome audience among historians ofnorthern Canada, Aboriginal scholars, andgeneral readers.David M. Quiring teaches in the Department ofHistory at the University of Saskatchewan.? ALSO OF INTERESTMaking Native SpaceColonialism, Resistance,and Reserves in BritishColumbiaCole Harrispb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0901-916 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Negotiated MemoryDoukhobor Autobiographical DiscourseThe Doukhobors, Russian-speaking immigrantswho arrived in Canada in 1899, are primarilyknown to the Canadian public through sensa-tionalist images of them as nude protestors,anarchists, and religious fanatics ? representa-tions largely propagated by governmentcommissions and the Canadian media. InNegotiated Memory, Julie Rak examines theways in which autobiographical strategies havebeen employed by the Doukhobors themselvesin order to retell and reclaim their own historyin the face of these images.Drawing from oral interviews, court docu-ments, government reports, prison diaries,and newspapers, Rak demonstrates howthe Doukhobors employed both ?classic?and alternative forms of autobiography tocommunicate their views about communalliving, vegetarianism, activism, and spirituallife, as well as to pass on traditions toJulie RakMARCH208 pages est., 6 x 9?3 b/w illus.hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1030-0successive generations. More than a historicalwork, this book brings together recent theoriesconcerning subjectivity, autobiography, andidentity, and shows how Doukhobor autobio-graphical discourse forms a series of ongoingnegotiations for identity and collective survivalwhich at times is successful in gaining visibilitywithin dominant discourses of the subject, andat times is not. An innovative study, NegotiatedMemory will appeal to those interested inautobiography studies, historians, literarycritics, and students and scholars of Canadiancultural studies.Julie Rak is Assistant Professor of English at theUniversity of Alberta.HISTORYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HISTORYRobert Galois, ed.A Voyage to the NorthWest Side of AmericaThe Journals of JamesColnett, 1786-89The journal of James Colnett is the lastunpublished account of the early maritime furtrade on the Northwest Coast. Between 1786and 1789, Colnett?s expedition traversed thecoast from Prince William Sound to the Straitof Juan de Fuca. Its members were the firstEuropeans to encounter the Tsimshian and thesouthern Heiltsuk, and the first to land on thesouthern Queen Charlotte Islands.The journal is reproduced with full scholarlyapparatus, as well as with extracts from asecond journal by Andrew Bracey Taylor, 3rdmate on one of the ships in Colnett?s com-mand. Focusing on the expedition?s remark-able encounters with the Native peoples of theNorthwest Coast, Galois? introductory essayalso addresses the geopolitical context of thevoyage and the intellectual background thatshaped the writing of the journals.This fascinating account gives us a newunderstanding of early European presencein the Northwest and of Native responses tothese developments. It will interest historians,geographers, and ethnographers of theNorthwest Coast and beyond.Robert Galois is a member of the Department ofGeography at the University of British Columbia.2003448 pages, 21 b/w illus., 15 maps, 6 x 9?hc $95.00, ISBN 0-7748-0855-1RECENTLY RELEASED17Paddling to Where I StandAgnes Alfred, Qwiqwasut?inuxw NoblewomanThe Kwakwaka?wakw people and their culturehave been the subject of more anthropologicalwritings than any other ethnic group on theNorthwest Coast. Until now, however, nobiography had been written by or about aKwakwaka?wakw woman. Paddling to WhereI Stand presents the memoirs of AgnesAlfred (c.1890-1992), a non-literate nobleKwakwaka?wakw woman and one of the lastgreat storytellers among her peers in theclassic oral tradition.Agnes Alfred documents through myths,historical accounts, and personal reminis-cences the foundations and the enduringpulse of her living culture. She shows howa First Nations woman managed to quietlyfulfil her role as a noble matriarch in her ever-changing society, thus providing a role modelfor those who came after her. She alsocontributes significant light and understandingAs told to Martine Reid, ed.,and Daisy Sewid-Smith, trans.MARCH304 pages est., 35 b/w illus., 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0912-4of several traditional practices, includingprearranged marriages and traditionalpotlatches.Paddling to Where I Stand is more thananother anthropological interpretation ofKwakwaka?wakw culture. It is the first-handaccount, by a woman, of the greatest periodof change she and her people experiencedsince first contact with Europeans, and hermemoirs flow from her urgently felt desireto pass on her knowledge to youngergenerations.Martine J. Reid is a French ethnologist, independ-ent scholar, author, and curator of Northwest Coastart. Daisy Sewid-Smith is Agnes Alfred?s grand-daughter and a Kwakwaka?wakw linguist.NATIVE STUDIESWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATIVESTUDIESPaul NadasdyHunters and BureaucratsPower, Knowledge, andAboriginal-State Relationsin the Southwest YukonRECENTLY RELEASEDGovernments and First Nations in Canadahave long been operating on the assumptionthat land claims agreements and the co-management of wildlife and other resourceswill resolve centuries-long inequities. This bookchallenges this premise, arguing that co-management and land claims processes,based as they are on European concepts of?knowledge? and ?property,? are in many waysincompatible with First Nations beliefs andpractices regarding human-animal-landrelations. To participate effectively in theseprocesses, Aboriginal peoples have had todevelop bureaucracies that parallel those ofthe governments with which they must deal.These bureaucracies reproduce existing powerrelations and compel Aboriginal peoples tospeak and act in uncharacteristic ways. Asa result, Nadasdy argues, land claims and co-management may be working to undermine thevery way of life they are supposed to protect.Based on the author?s fieldwork in BurwashLanding, a village of seventy people, most ofwhom are members of the Kluane First Nation,this book is a revealing exploration of how landclaims and co-management, as aspects of anevolving relationship between the Kluane FirstNation and the state, are affecting Kluanepeople and their way of life.Paul Nadasdy is Assistant Professor of Anthropol-ogy and American Indian Studies at the Universityof Wisconsin-Madison.2003328 pages, 23 b/w illus., 3 maps, 6 x 9?hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-0983-3? ALSO OF INTERESTCis dideen kat ?When the Plumes RiseThe Way of the LakeBabine NationJo-Anne Fiskeand Betty Patrickpb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0812-818 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477APRIL160 pages, 6 x 9?hc $75.00ISBN 0-7748-1084-XUmeek (E. RichardAtleo) is a Nuu-chah-nulth hereditary chiefand served as co-chairof the former internation-ally recognized ScientificPanel for SustainableForest Practices inClayoquot Sound. Heteaches in the FirstNations StudiesDepartment at MalaspinaUniversity College.Umeek (E. Richard Atleo)TsawalkA Nuu-chah-nulth WorldviewWestern philosophy has long held scientificrationalism in a place of honour. Reason, thatparticularly exalted human quality, has becomesteadily distanced from the metaphysicalaspects of existence, such as spirit, faith, andintuition. In Tsawalk, hereditary chief Umeekintroduces us to an alternative indigenousworldview ? an ontology drawn from the Nuu-chah-nulth origin stories.?Tsawalk,? meaning ?one,? encapsulates theNuu-chah-nulth understanding of the natureof existence. It serves as the foundation ofan indigenous theory, whereby the universeis seen as an integrated and orderly wholeand the physical and the spiritual are seenas part of a the same continuum. By retellingand analyzing the origin stories of the Sonof Raven and the Son of Mucus, Umeekdemonstrates how tsawalk provides a viablealternative that both complements andexpands the worldview presented by Westernscience. Tsawalk, he argues, allows for thepossibility of combining both Western andindigenous worldviews in order to advanceour understanding of the universe. In addition,he shows how various fundamental aspectsof Nuu-chah-nulth society are based upon thisconcept, and what implications it has todayfor both Native and non-Native peoples.A valuable contribution to Native studies,anthropology, philosophy, and the studyof science, Tsawalk offers a revitalizing andthoughtful complement to Western scientificworldviews.NATIVE STUDIESWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATIVESTUDIESAPRIL632 pages, 6 x 9?2 mapshc $125.00ISBN 0-7748-1002-5FIRST NATIONS LANGUAGES SERIESWayne Suttles isProfessor Emeritus ofAnthropology at PortlandState University.Wayne SuttlesMusqueam Reference GrammarHere is the long-awaited grammar of theMusqueam dialect of Halkomelem, whichWayne Suttles began work on in the late1950s. The Musqueam people are the FirstNation whose aboriginal territory includesmuch of the Fraser Delta and the city ofVancouver. Halkomelem, one of the twenty-three languages that belong to the SalishFamily, is spoken in three distinct forms:Upriver, by the St?:lo? of the Fraser Valley;Downriver, of which Musqueam is the onlysurviving representative; and Island, spokenby the Nanaimo and Cowichan of VancouverIsland.Suttles, an anthropologist, worked withknowledgeable older people, eliciting tradi-tional stories, personal narratives, andethnographic accounts. The grammar coversthe usual topics of phonology, morphology,and syntax, illustrated by numerous sentencesselected for their cultural relevance, providinginsight into traditional practices, socialrelations, and sense of humour.There are also chapters on kinship and onspace and time as well as five texts andappendices giving an index of grammaticalelements, names of places and peoples, andthe history of work on Halkomelem. It is writtenusing the terms of traditional grammar asmuch as possible, without following a particu-lar theoretical perspective. It is perhaps thefullest account of any Salish language. It willbe welcomed by linguists, anthropologists,and the Musqueam people.? ALSO OF INTERESTHuron WendatThe Heritage of theCircleGeorges Siouipb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0715-6US paperback rights heldby Michigan State UniversityPress? ALSO OF INTERESTThe Lillooet LanguagePhonology, Morphology,SyntaxJan Van Eijkhc $75.00ISBN 0-7748-0625-719MARCH384 pages, 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1026-2Catherine E. Bell isa professor of law andAssociate Dean ofGraduate Studiesand Research. DavidKahane is an associateprofessor in theDepartment of Philoso-phy. Both are at theUniversity of Alberta.Catherine Bell and David Kahane, eds.Intercultural Dispute Resolutionin Aboriginal ContextsIn the last twenty years, there has been agrowing interest in alternative dispute resolu-tion (ADR), as scholars and practitioners seekmore effective, context-sensitive approachesto conflict. Where formerly conflict was tackledand ?resolved? in formal legal settings andwith an adversarial spirit, more conciliatoryapproaches ? negotiation, mediation, problem-solving, and arbitration ? are now gainingfavour. These new methods are provingespecially appropriate in intercultural contexts,particularly for Aboriginal land claims, self-government, and community-based disputes.The essays collected here by Catherine Belland David Kahane provide a balanced view ofADR, exploring its opportunities and effective-ness alongside its challenges and limits. Theyare international in scope, with examples ofefforts (some successful, some not) at disputeresolution involving Inuit and Arctic peoples,Dene, Gitxsan and Wet?suwet?en, Tsuu T?ina,Cree, Metis, Navajo, Maori, Aboriginal Austral-ians, and Torres Strait Islanders. They havebeen written by theorists and practitioners,and by Aboriginals as well as non-Aboriginals.This book will appeal to students and scholarsof Aboriginal law and alternative disputeresolution; legal and political theorists; disputeresolution practitioners; and anyone involved inland claims, treaty, and self-governmentagreements in Canada or abroad.NATIVE STUDIESWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATIVESTUDIES2003288 pages, 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1021-1Jerry P. White isChair of the SociologyDepartment at theUniversity of WesternOntario. Paul S. Maximis Associate Dean(Research) at theUniversity of WesternOntario, and DanBeavon is Director ofthe Strategic Researchand Analysis Directorate,Indian and NorthernAffairs Canada.Jerry P. White, Paul S. Maxim, and Dan Beavon, eds.Aboriginal ConditionsResearch as a Foundation for Public PolicyWhat role does social science researchplay in public policy decisions on Aboriginalissues? How can policymakers, Aboriginalorganizations, and social scientists collaborateto best serve Aboriginal communities and thepolicymaking processes that affect them?Aboriginal Conditions considers such ques-tions, with an aim to promote policymakingthat is firmly based on social scientificevidence.Aimed at three main constituencies ? Aboriginaland non-Aboriginal social scientists, governmentand Aboriginal policymakers, and Aboriginalcommunities ? the book has multiple purposes.First, it presents findings from recent research,with the goal of advancing research agenda,and stimulating positive social development.Second, it encourages greater links betweenthe social scientific and external researchcommunities and demonstrates the kind ofresearch needed as a foundation for publicpolicy. Finally, it acts as a guide to researchmethods for Aboriginal communities andorganizations, and promotes cooperationbetween researchers and Aboriginal peoplesin an effort to ensure that research decisionsserve both groups equally.A vital addition to public policy and Nativestudies, Aboriginal Conditions will bewelcomed by social scientists, policymakers,and academics working in these fields.RECENTLY RELEASED?This book offersinvaluable insights to thereader. It belongs on theshelf of every student,scholar, or practitionerwith an interest inalternative disputeresolution and Aboriginalissues.?-? Paul Chartrand,Faculty of Law, Univer-sity of Saskachewan20 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Journey to the Ice AgeDiscovering an Ancient WorldAt the end of the Ice Age, small groups ofhunter-gatherers crossed from Siberia toAlaska and opened the last chapter in thehuman settlement of the earth. Many left littleor no trace. But one group -- the Early Paleo-Indians -- exploded suddenly on the archaeo-logical record about 11,500 years ago andexpanded rapidly throughout North Americaand, eventually, into South America.Why was this group so successful? To under-stand this, we need to know how they copedwith change and different Ice Age environ-ments. This book, by archaeologist and curatorPeter Storck, focuses on the challenges facedby the Early Paleo-Indians of northeasternNorth America. A revealing, autobiographicalaccount, Journey to the Ice Age is at once acaptivating record of Storck?s archaeologicaldiscoveries, as well as an introduction to thepractice, challenges, and spirit of archaeology.Peter L. StorckMARCH384 pages, 6 x 9?22 drawings, 19 photos, 21 mapshc $39.95ISBN 0-7748-1028-9Whether you?re in your teens or in your 80s,if you?ve ever wanted to roll back the presentand see the landscape of the past, this bookis sure to delight you. Designed to takereaders on their own journey to the Ice Age,the book includes a guided tour across ancientbeaches, through glacially scoured valleys, andup into formerly remote highlands -- placesevocative of another geological epoch andwhich contain hidden traces of SouthernOntario's, and Canada's, founding peoples.Of interest to both professional and amateur,student and teacher, specialist and novice, thispersonal, often evocative, account is bound tosatisfy anyone who?s ever yearned to ask anarchaeologist: How do you know where to dig?Why do you do what you do? Or what does itall mean?Peter L. Storck is Senior Curator Emeritus at theDepartment of Anthropology, Royal Ontario Museum.ARCHAEOLOGYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ARCHAEOLOGYR.G. Matson, Gary Coupland,and Quentin Mackie, eds.Emerging from the MistStudies in Northwest CoastCulture HistoryRECENTLY RELEASEDOur understanding of the precontact nature ofthe Northwest Coast has changed dramaticallyover the last twenty years. This book bringstogether the most recent research on theculture history and archaeology of a regionof longstanding anthropological importance,whose complex societies represent the mostprominent examples of hunters and gatherers.Combining archaeology, ethnohistory, andethnography, this collection investigatesseveral aspects of this cultural complexity,carrying on the intellectual traditions of DonaldH. Mitchell and Wayne Suttles. Its interdiscipli-nary approach creates a broader context inwhich to interpret the past. The generouslyillustrated chapters address a wide range oftopics, and include original and penetratinganalyses of the fur trade, migration, householdstructures, and precontact metallurgy andarchitecture.Scholars and students of archaeology andanthropology, and those with an interestin Northwest Coast history, will find thisvolume especially rewarding.R.G. Matson teaches in the Department ofAnthropology and Sociology at the Universityof British Columbia. Gary Coupland and QuentinMackie are members of the Department ofAnthropology at the University of Toronto and theUniversity of Victoria, respectively.2003336 pages, illus., 6 x 9?hc $95.00, ISBN 0-7748-0981-7PACIFIC RIM ARCHAEOLOGY SERIES?This book will open the consciousnessof North Americans to the ancient worldthat surrounds their daily lives. Familiarlandscapes will carry new significance asthe settings for primeval iceberg-ladenseas, exotic animals, and peoples whoseway of life is totally alien to that of themodern world.?-? Robert McGhee, author of AncientPeople of the ArcticPublished in association with:21ANTHROPOLOGYWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ANTHROPOLOGYNOW IN PAPERBACKObedient AutonomyChinese Intellectuals and the Achievementof Orderly LifeIn the west, the idea of autonomy is oftenassociated with a sense of freedom ? a self-interested state of being unfettered by rules.This original anthropological study exploresa type of ?obedient? autonomy that blossomsas more rules are imposed, that thrives onset-backs, and flourishes in adversity. ObedientAutonomy analyzes this model, and explains itsprecepts by examining the highly organizeddiscipline of archaeology in China.The book follows Chinese students on theirjourney to becoming full-fledged archaeologistsin a bureaucracy-saturated environment. Oftenrequired to travel in teams to the countryside,archaeologists are uniquely obliged to over-come divisions among themselves, betweenthemselves and their peasant-workers, andbetween themselves and bureaucratic officials.This analysis reveals how these interactionsprovide teachers of archaeology with examplesErika E.S. EvasdottirFEBRUARY320 pages, 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0929-9CONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIESSERIESused to foster obedient autonomy in theirstudents. Moreover, it demonstrates how thisform of autonomy enables persons to orderand control their future careers in whatappears to be a disorderly and uncertain world.A brilliant contextualization of archaeologyin China, Obedient Autonomy shows how thediscipline has accommodated itself to aChinese social structure, and uncovers themoral, ethical, political, and economic under-pinnings of that context. It will be accessibleto students of anthropology, social theoristsof science, philosophers, gender theorists,and students of Chinese society.After receiving her doctorate in Social Anthropologyfrom Harvard University, Erika E.S. Evasdottir wasa Killam post-doctoral fellow at the University ofBritish Columbia. She is presently studying law atColumbia University with a specialization in Chineselegal studies.John Barker and Douglas Cole, eds.At Home with the BellaCoola IndiansT.F. McIlwraith?s Field Letters,1922?4Between 1922 and 1924, the young Canadiananthropologist T.F. McIlwraith spent elevenmonths in the isolated community of BellaCoola, British Columbia, living among the peopleof the Nuxalk First Nation. During his time there,McIlwraith gained intimate knowledge of theNuxalk culture and of their struggle to survivein the face of massive depopulation, loss oftraditional lands, and the efforts of the Canadiangovernment to ban the potlatch. McIlwraith?sresulting ethnography, The Bella Coola Indians(1948), is widely considered the finest publishedstudy of a Northwest Coast First Nation.This volume is a rich complement to McIlwraith?sclassic work, incorporating his letters from thefield with previously unpublished essays on theNuxalk. Vivid and lively, the letters show thehuman side of the anthropologist, and providea fascinating insight into the famous Northwestwinter ceremonials and potlatch ? events inwhich McIlwraith was one of the few white menprivileged to participate as a dancer andpartner.John Barker is an associate professor in theDepartment of Anthropology and Sociology at theUniversity of British Columbia. Douglas Cole was aprofessor in the Department of History at SimonFraser University. He died in 1997.JANUARY224 pages, 15 b/w illus., 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0980-9?A fresh, original, and important book thatstands to make a significant contributionto China studies.?-? Judith Shapiro, author of Cold Winds,Warm Winds: Intellectual Life in ChinaToday22 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477The Cult of HappinessNianhua, Art, and History in Rural North ChinaThis interdisciplinary study brings history andart together in a definitive discussion of theChinese woodblock print form of nianhua(literally ?New Year pictures?). At the same timeit is an extraordinary account of the cultural lifeof rural North China during the late nineteenthto mid-twentieth century.Beginning with an overview of nianhua produc-tion, Flath makes the critical point that ruralChina was embedded in a highly developedprint culture. Through an analysis of the role ofnianhua first in the home, and later in commer-cial and political theatres, the author considersthe relationship of the prints to the social,cultural, and political milieu of North China fromthe late Qing dynasty to the early 1950s. Usingnianhua as historical documents, he offers anoriginal reconstruction of popular conceptionsof domesticity, morality, gender, society, andmodernity. He concludes with an examinationJames A. FlathMARCH288 pages est., 6 x 9?78 illus., 28 in colourhc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1034-3CONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIESSERIESof how communist authorities conscripted andtransformed the nianhua genre for use as apropaganda tool in the 1940s and early1950s.The Cult of Happiness is among the firststudies in any field to treat folk art and folkprint as historical text. As such, this richlyillustrated volume will appeal to a wide rangeof scholars in Asian studies, history, art history,folklore, and print, as well as anyone having apassion for the creativity and culture of ruralsociety.James A. Flath is a professor in the Department ofHistory at the University of Western Ontario.ASIAN STUDIESWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ASIANSTUDIESChristopher A. ReedGutenberg in ShanghaiChinese Print Capitalism,1876-1937RECENTLY RELEASEDIn the mid-1910s, what historians call the?Golden Age of Chinese Capitalism? began,accompanied by a technological transforma-tion that included the drastic expansion ofChina?s ?Gutenberg revolution.? Gutenberg inShanghai is a brilliant examination of thisprocess. It finds the origins of that revolutionin the country?s printing industries of the lateimperial period and analyzes their subsequentdevelopment in the Republican era.Under diverse social, political, and economicinfluences, this technological and culturalrevolution saw woodblock printing replacedwith Western mechanical processes. Thisbook, which relies on documents previouslyunavailable to both Western and Chineseresearchers, demonstrates how Westerntechnology and evolving traditional valuesresulted in the birth of a unique form of printcapitalism whose influence on Chinese culturewas far-reaching and irreversible. Its conclu-sion contests scholarly arguments that viewChina?s technological development as slowedby culture, or that interpret Chinese modernityas mere cultural continuity.Christopher A. Reed is a member of the HistoryDepartment at Ohio State University.2003408 pages, 36 b/w illus., 6 x 9?hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1040-8CONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIES SERIESSTUDIES OF THE WEATHERHEAD EAST ASIAN INSTITUTE,COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY?A fascinating and ambitious interdiscipli-nary study of popular and print culture innineteenth and twentieth century China.The Cult of Happiness is a pioneeringWestern-language work. It is one of only ahandful of books worldwide on thisimportant topic.?-? Christopher A. Reed, author ofGutenberg in Shanghai: Chinese PrintCapitalism, 1876-193723Images in Asian ReligionsTexts and ContextsThe study of images in Asian religions hastended to emphasize the centrality of imageworship in both Hinduism and Buddhism. Littleattention has been paid, however, to thearguments against such image worship inthese religious traditions. This volume offersa comprehensive and balanced look at the roleof images in Asian religions, and examinesaspects of the reception of image worship thathave only begun to be studied.Bringing together anthropologists, art histori-ans, and scholars of religion with interestsin India, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia,Images in Asian Religions challenges currentunderstandings of image worship in Asianreligions. Areas addressed include thecomplex, fluid, and contested nature of thereligious image; the reception of images withinthe intellectual culture of Hinduism andBuddhism; and the importance of historicalPhyllis Granoff and Koichi Shinohara, eds.MAY384 pages est., 6 x 9?60 b/w illus.hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0948-5ASIAN RELIGIONS AND SOCIETY SERIESA Buddha Dharma Kyokai Foundation Bookon Buddhism and Comparative Religionand cultural context in the study of religiousimages. The result is a compelling collectionthat demonstrates the range of debate overpractices of image worship, and expands ourappreciation of the religious image to includea wide array of objects that serve as supportsof divine presence.Of primary interest to scholars of Asianreligions, this book will also appeal to arthistorians, anthropologists, semioticians, andstudents of religion who concern themselveswith images, icons, and material culture.Phyllis Granoff and Koichi Shinohara areprofessors in the Department of Religious Studies atMcMaster University.ASIAN STUDIESWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ASIANSTUDIESPhyllis Granoff and KoichiShinohara, eds.Pilgrims, Patrons, and PlaceLocalizing Sanctity in AsianReligionsNOW IN PAPERBACKThis book brings together essays by anthro-pologists, scholars of religion, and art histori-ans on the subject of sacred place and sacredbiography in Asia. The chapters span a broadgeographical area that includes India, Nepal,Thailand, Indonesia, and China, and exploreissues from the classical and medieval periodsto the present. They show how sacred placeshave a plurality of meanings and how in theirconstruction, secular politics, private religiousexperience, and sectarian rivalry intersect.Contributors explore the fundamental chal-lenges that religious groups face as theyexpand from their homeland or confront thedemands of modernity. While some chaptersdeal with well-known religious movementsand sites, others discuss little-known groupsand help to enrich our understanding of thediversity of religious belief in Asia.The book will be of interest not only to scholarsof Asian religion and hagiography, but also toothers who seek to understand the ways inwhich religious groups accommodate thechallenges of new environments and new times.Phyllis Granoff and Koichi Shinohara areprofessors in the Department of Religious Studiesat McMaster University.JANUARY392 pages, 31 b/w illus., 3 maps, 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1039-4ASIAN RELIGIONS AND SOCIETY SERIESA Buddha Dharma Kyokai Foundation Book on Buddhismand Comparative Religion24 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Japan at the MillenniumJoining Past and FutureDavid W. Edgington, ed.Patricia Roy?s latest book, The OrientalQuestion, continues her study into whyBritish Columbians ? and many Canadiansfrom outside the province ? were historicallyso opposed to Asian immigration. Drawing oncontemporary press and government reportsand individual correspondence and memoirs,Roy shows how British Columbians consoli-dated a ?white man?s province? from 1914to 1941 by securing a virtual end to Asianimmigration and placing stringent legalrestrictions on Asian competition in the majorindustries of lumber and fishing. While itsemphasis is on political action and politicians,the book also examines the popular pressurefor such practices and gives some attentionto the reactions of those most affected: theprovince?s Chinese and Japanese residents.The Oriental Question is a critical investigationof a troubling period in Canadian history. Itwill be of vital interest to scholars of BritishColumbian and Canadian history and politicsand of Asian, diaspora, ethnicity, and immigra-tion studies.Patricia E. Roy is a professor in the Department ofHistory, University of Victoria. The Oriental Questionfollows her 1989 groundbreaking work, A WhiteMan?s Province, which covered the period 1858-1914. A third volume will take the story from theoutbreak of the Pacific War in 1941 to the removal,in 1967, of the last barriers to ?first class citizen-ship? for Canadians of Chinese and Japanese origin.2003344 pages, 16 b/w illus., 6 x 9?hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1010-6NOW IN PAPERBACKASIAN STUDIESWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ASIANSTUDIESThe Oriental QuestionConsolidating a White Man'sProvince, 1914-41Patricia E. RoyRECENTLY RELEASEDGender and Changein Hong KongGlobalization, Postcolonialism,and Chinese PatriarchyEliza W.Y. Lee, ed.The 1980s and 1990s represent a criticalhistorical juncture for Hong Kong, as it under-went important social, political, and economictransformations. This period of transition, duringwhich the state worked to redefine itself,significantly altered the role and status of HongKong women. Colonial modernity, which arosethrough the integration of the colonial state, thecapitalist economy, and the Hong Kong Chinesesociety, proved favourable for some women butalso had adverse consequences for others.Gender and Change in Hong Kong analyzeswomen?s changing identities and agenciesamidst the complex interaction of threeimportant forces, namely, globalization,postcolonialism, and Chinese patriarchy. Thechapters examine the issues from a numberof perspectives to consider legal changes,political participation, the situation of working-class and professional women, sexuality,religion, and international migration.This incisive volume will appeal to a widerange of scholars and students in genderand women?s studies, postcolonialism,globalization, and Asian studies.Eliza W.Y. Lee is Associate Professor in theDepartment of Government and Public Administrationat The Chinese University of Hong Kong.2003224 pages, 6 x 9?hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-0994-9CONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIES SERIESUS paperback rights held by University of Hawai?i PressAsian paperback rights held by Hong Kong University PressNOW IN PAPERBACKJapan today is at an important historicaljuncture. Buffeted in recent years by rapideconomic, social, and political change, yetstill very much steeped in custom and history,the nation has become an amalgam of thetraditional and the modern. As a result, thecountry has become increasingly difficult tocategorize: How are we to represent today?sJapan effectively, and fairly predict its future?This critical, multi-disciplinary collectionexplores the convergence of past and futurein contemporary Japan. Contributors commenton a wide range of economic, socio-cultural,and political trends ? such as the mobilizationof Japanese labour, the burgeoning Ainuidentity movement, and the shifting placeof the modern woman ? and conclude thatdespite the rapid changes, many of thetraditional facets of Japanese society haveremained intact. Institutional change, theyassert, is unlikely to occur quickly, and Japanmust find alternate ways to adjust to twenty-first-century pressures of global competitionand interdependence. A pleasure to read, thisbroad volume will be welcomed by upper-levelundergraduates, graduates, and specialistsin Japanese studies.David W. Edgington is Associate Professor inthe Department of Geography, University of BritishColumbia.2003288 pages, 11 b/w illus., 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0899-325JANUARY296 pages, 6 x 9?10 b/w illus.pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-1018-1Maureen G. Reed isAssociate Professor,Department of Geogra-phy, University ofSaskatchewan.Maureen G. ReedTaking StandsGender and the Sustainability of RuralCommunitiesEnvironmental activism in rural places frequentlypits residents whose livelihood depends onresource extraction against those who seek toprotect natural spaces and species. While manystudies have focused on women who seek toprotect the natural environment, few haveexplored the perspectives of women who seekto maintain resource use.This book goes beyond the dichotomies of?pro? and ?anti? environmentalism to tell thestories of these women. Maureen G. Reeduses participatory action research to explainthe experiences of women who seek to protectforestry as an industry, a livelihood, a commu-nity, and a culture. She links their experiencesto policy making by considering the effects ofenvironmental policy changes on the socialdynamics of workplaces, households, andcommunities in forestry towns of BritishColumbia?s temperate rainforest. The result isa critical commentary about the social dimen-sions of sustainability in rural communities.A powerful and challenging book, Taking Standsprovides a crucial understanding of communitychange in resource-dependent regions, andhelps us to better tackle the complexities ofgender and activism as they relate to ruralsustainability. Social and environmental geogra-phers, feminist scholars, and those engaged inrural studies, environmental sustainability,community planning, and policy making will findit invaluable.GENDER STUDIESWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/GENDERSTUDIES2003224 pages, 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0996-5SEXUALITY STUDIES SERIESJean Bobby Noble isAssistant Professor ofCritical Theory andCultural Studies in theDepartment of English atMcMaster University.Jean Bobby NobleMasculinities without Men?Female Masculinity in Twentieth-CenturyFictionsIn the late 1980s and 1990s, the field ofgender studies began to theorize femalemasculinity as a subject of both historical andcontemporary significance and to situate thisemergence with the fields of sexuality, gender,and cultural studies.In this groundbreaking study, Jean BobbyNoble maps historical similarities in fictional,cultural, and representational practicesbetween the periods of modernism andpostmodernism ? from 1918 to 1999. Noblelooks at nineteenth-century sexology, drama,and trial transcripts, and at late twentieth-century counter-cultural texts, popular film anddocumentaries, and theoretical texts. Arguingthat the masculine female figure whichappears in late twentieth-century culture andfiction has much in common with that of thelate nineteenth century, she illustrates theways in which both are represented throughthe same types of narratives, structures, andthematic techniques. Among the fictions Nobleanalyzes are: Radclyffe Hall?s The Well ofLoneliness, Leslie Feinberg?s Stone ButchBlues, and the film Boys Don?t Cry. In addition,her study includes an analysis of RoseTremain?s Sacred Country, a text that hasnever before been studied within the contextof female masculinity.Of interest to scholars and students with aninterest in sexuality and gender studies, thisbook also makes a vital contribution to bothliterary criticism and cultural studies.RECENTLY RELEASED?Maureen Reed hascreated a significant andsophisticated study thatwill establish a bench-mark not only in how weunderstand and engagewith community changeand debate in resource-dependent regions, butalso in how we conceptu-alize gender, women,and activism in thosedebates.?-? Greg Halseth, CanadaResearch Chair in Ruraland Small Town Studies,Geography, University ofNorthern BritishColumbia? THE SEXUALITYSTUDIES SERIESInterdisciplinaryscholarship on sex-related topics isflourishing, a directresult of thirty years ofgrassroots activism bysexual minorities inNorth America. Inrecognition of theproliferation of activity insexuality studies, theSexuality Studies serieswill focus on original,provocative, scholarlyresearch examining froma range of perspectivesthe complexity of humansexual practice, identity,community, and desire.26 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Redrawing Local Government BoundariesAn International Study of Politics, Procedures,and DecisionsLocal government boundaries today areunder extreme pressure for reform. The globaltrend towards urbanization has brought with iteconomic, environmental, social, and regionaldemands that have severe implications forlocal governments and their territories. Asa result, changing the areal jurisdiction of thismost basic level of government has becomean ongoing and pressing challenge confrontingnations around the globe.The first international comparative study oflocal boundary reform, this collection presentsa systematic examination of the legal andregulatory procedures involved in suchmunicipal restructuring. Case studies fromthe United States, Canada, Spain, Germany,Israel, Korea, China, and South Africa investi-gate how and why local governments havebeen enlarged and reduced in number withineach country. In each case, four key areas areJohn Meligrana, ed.MARCH288 pages est., 6 x 9?15 maps, 2 figureshc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-0933-7examined: the geography of the local govern-ment boundary problem; the proceduresassociated with boundary reform; the rolesof the various institutions and actors ofboundary reform; and the implications ofboundary reform for urban and regionalgovernance. As a result, Redrawing LocalGovernment Boundaries offers a broadtheoretical understanding of local governmentboundary reform.A valuable reference for academics andpolicymakers interested in boundary reform,this book will also be of interest to scholarsand students of political science, publicadministration, geography, urban studies,and urban planning.John Meligrana teaches in the School of Urban andRegional Planning at Queen?s University.PLANNINGWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/PLANNINGJohn PunterThe VancouverAchievementUrban Planning and DesignNOW IN PAPERBACKThis book examines the development ofVancouver?s unique approach to zoning,planning, and urban design from the early1970s to the beginning of the twenty-firstcentury. By the late 1990s, Vancouver hadestablished a reputation in North Americafor its planning achievement, especially forits creation of a participative, responsive,and design-led approach to urban regenerationand redevelopment. This system has otherimportant features: an innovative approachto megaproject planning, a system of costand amenity levies on major schemes, aparticipative process to underpin activeneighbourhood planning, and a sophisticatedpanoply of design guidelines. These systems,processes, and their achievements placeVancouver at the forefront of internationalplanning practice. The Vancouver Achievementexplains the keys to its success, and evaluatesits approach to planning and design againstinternationally accepted criteria.Generously illustrated with over 160 photosand figures, this book ? the first comprehen-sive account of contemporary planning andurban design practice in any Canadian city ?will appeal to academic and professionalaudiences, as well as the general public.John Punter is with the Department of City andRegional Planning, Cardiff University, Wales.JANUARY480 pages, 6 x 9?69 b/w photos, figures, mapspb $34.95, ISBN 0-7748-0972-8? ALSO OF INTERESTGoverning Ourselves?The Politics of CanadianCommunitiesMary Louise McAllisterhc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1062-9(see page 4)Planning CanadianRegionsGerald Hodge and Ira M.Robinsonpb $39.95ISBN 0-7748-0851-927Training the Excluded for WorkAccess and Equity for Women, Immigrants,First Nations, Youth, and People with LowIncomeMarjorie Griffin Cohen, ed.JANUARY288 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-1007-6Marjorie Griffin Cohenis a member of theDepartment of PoliticalScience, Simon FraserUniversity.In recent years job training programs havesuffered severe funding cuts and the focusof training programs has shifted to meet thedirectives of funders rather than the needsof the community. How do these changesto job training affect disadvantaged workersand the unemployed?In an insightful and comprehensive discus-sion of job education in Canada, Cohen andher contributors pool findings from a five-year collaborative study of training pro-grams. Good training programs, they argue,are essential in providing people who arechronically disadvantaged in the workplacewith tools to acquire more secure, better-paying jobs. In the ongoing shift toward aneoliberal economic model, governmentpolicies have engendered a growing relianceon private and market-based trainingschemes. These new training policies haveundermined equity.In an attempt to redress social inequities inthe workplace, the authors examine variouskinds of training programs and recommendspecific policy initiatives to improve accessto these programs. This book will be ofinterest to policy makers, academics, andstudents interested in policy, work, equity,gender, and education.Growth and Governanceof Canadian UniversitiesAn Insider?s ViewHoward C. ClarkJANUARY240 pages, 6 x 9?pb $24.95ISBN 0-7748-1024-6Howard C. Clark isPresident and Vice-Chancellor Emeritus ofDalhousie University, aformer Vice-PresidentAcademic at theUniversity of Guelph,and former Professorof Chemistry at theUniversities of BritishColumbia and WesternOntario.Over the last fifty years, Canadian universi-ties have experienced remarkable change.The explosion of a so-called ?knowledge-based? economy, increasing corporatepresence and funding on campus, and theunprecedented rise in enrolment, amongother factors, have all played significantroles in the shaping of the modern Canadianuniversity.In this thoughtful book, Howard C. Clarkconsiders how such changes to growth andgovernance have altered the nature of theinstitution itself. Tracing the development ofthe university from the end of the SecondWorld War, through the seismic changes inthe 1960s and 70s, Clark argues that whileCanadian universities made remarkableaccomplishments during this period, theywere ill prepared for the financial constraintsof the 1980s and early 1990s. As a result,they were left in a state of institutionalparalysis that has hindered their ability toadapt to the needs of a changing society.Comparing the present state of Canada?suniversities to those of the United States, theUnited Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand,Clark concludes that Canadian governmentshave been far less willing to legislatechanges in university governance than theirAnglophone counterparts.Historians of education, cultural historians,university administrators, government policymakers, and those with a stake in publiceducation will welcome this important volumeby one of Canada?s most respected univer-sity administrators and educators.? ALSO OF INTERESTInjury and the NewWorld of WorkTerrence Sullivanpb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0748-2? ALSO OF INTERESTNo Place to LearnWhy Universities Aren?tWorkingTom Pocklington andAllan Tupperpb $24.95ISBN 0-7748-0879-9NOW IN PAPERBACKSOCIOLOGY ? HIGHER EDUCATIONWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/SOCIOLOGY ? 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November 3, 2003Much is made of the premise that scholarly communication is the driving force behindscholarly books and journals, but in this editorially-driven environment, the engine of that communication process, the marketing of scholarly books, is usually given shortshrift and takes a back seat to the editorial role. Without effective marketing it is impossible to communicate the ideas contained in the books we publish.For 20 of UBC Press? 32 years, one of its most important resources was the intellectualand emotional commitment of Berit Kraus to promoting its books. Her devotion to thescholarly works that the Press published was exceptional, and her loyalty to the Pressand its authors has been unwavering. Like our books, Berit?s catalogues were meticulously crafted: each page an expressionof extraordinary integrity. She never let her standards slip towards even a hint of hyperbole. There was never a misplaced ISBN or a wrong initial in an author?s name,and every word was carefully considered and the product of a careful reading of themanuscript and the reviewers? notes. Berit was not without contradictions. On one hand, she was the picture of Scandinavianprecision and order, a baker of perfect delicate little delights and a disciplined runner.But even in a world of publishers and academic strewn with papers and books, her office was a monument to chaos. There should have been avalanche warnings at the entrance. Generous to a fault, Berit was always willing to give a colleague the benefit of the doubtor a second chance. Most importantly she was a devoted wife to Alan, a mother to Per and Kajsa, and grandmother to Nathalie, Stella, and Linnea. And a very bravewoman. All of us at the Press shared a little bit of her pain as she struggled against the scourge of brain cancer that so suddenly assailed her in the summer of 2000. We marveled at her resilience and shared the joy of her recovery as twice she foughtback and seemed to triumph. Losing her has been a great blow to all of us.Berit was an important pioneer of scholarly publishing in western Canada. She was also the dearly loved matriarch of our little family of authors and publishers. We willmiss her.R. Peter Milroy Director, UBC Press2002/2003 AWARD WINNERSThe Cost of Climate PolicyPolicy Research Initiative Award for Outstanding Contribution toPublic PolicyDriven ApartFirst Annual Book Prize, CanadianWomen?s Studies AssociationPierre Savard Prize, InternationalCouncil for Canadian StudiesGendering GovernmentVictoria Schuck Award, AmericanPolitical Science AssociationGlobalization and Well-BeingDonner Prize, Donner FoundationThe Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian NavyJohn Lyman Book Award, North American Society forOceanic HistoryMaking Native SpaceSir John A. Macdonald Prize,Canadian Historical AssociationClio Award for British Columbia,Canadian Historical AssociationPreserving What Is ValuedOutstanding Achievement Award,Conservation Category, CanadianMuseums Association2002/2003 SHORTLISTED The Cost of Climate Policy Donner Prize, Donner FoundationThe Halifax Explosion and theRoyal Canadian NavyKeith Matthews Prize, CanadianNautical Research SocietyDartmouth Book Award, Non-fictionJohn and Mary Savage First BookAward, Dartmouth Book AwardsMaking Native SpaceHubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize, BC Book PrizesModern Women Modernizing MenSir John A. Macdonald Prize,Canadian Historical AssociationA Trading NationDonner Prize, Donner FoundationDonald Smiley Award, CanadianPolitical Science AssociationDafoe Book Prize, J.W. Dafoe FoundationDoug Purvis Memorial Prize, Doug Purvis FoundationPUBLISHERS REPRESENTEDWORLDWIDECanadian Forest ServiceLaval University Press (EnglishLanguage Books)Royal British Columbia MuseumSierra Legal Defence FundWestern Geographical PressPUBLISHERS REPRESENTEDIN CANADABrookings Institute PressCanadian Museum of CivilizationHong Kong University PressJessica Kingsley PublishersKITLV PressManchester University PressMichigan State University PressNational Gallery of AustraliaOregon State University PressPaul Holberton PublishersPluto PressSilkworm PressUniversity of Arizona PressUniversity of Michigan PressUniversity of New Mexico PressUniversity of Washington PressUniversity Press of New EnglandUniversity of New South Wales PressWaanders PublishersWashington State University PressWesleyan University PressThe University of British Columbia2029 West MallVancouver BCCanada V6T 1Z2www.ubcpress.ca2004: THE YEAR OF THE UNIVERSITY PRESS


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