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UBC PRESS  PUBLISHERS REPRESENTED IN CANADA Athabasca University Press Brookings Institution Press Canadian Forest Service Earthscan / James & James Publishers Jessica Kingsley Publishers Hong Kong University Press KITLV Press Laval University Press  FALL 2007  PAGE 1  PAGE 3  (English Language Books)  Left Coast Press Manchester University Press Michigan State University Press National Gallery of Australia Oregon State University Press Paradigm Publishers Paul Holberton Publishers Royal British Columbia Museum Silkworm Books Transaction Publishers University of Arizona Press University of New South Wales Press University of Washington Press University Press of New England Waanders Publishers Washington State University Press Wesleyan University Press Western Geographical Press  The University of British Columbia 2029 West Mall Vancouver BC V6T 1Z2 www.ubcpress.ca  PAGE 7  PAGE 8  PAGE 9  PAGE 11  PAGE 18 PAGE 14  FEATURING TRADE SELECTIONS FROM OUR PUBLISHING PARTNERS  CONTENTS 1  Nature  2  History / Art  4  Military History  5  Native Studies  6  Urban Studies  7  Gender / Politics  8  Politics / Education  9  International Affairs  Owls of the United States and Canada  The Culture of Flushing  The Culture of Hunting in Canada  Capital and Labour in the BC Forest Industry 1934-74 Page 2  Journey Into Islam  Vanishing British Columbia  Betrayed  Battle Grounds  “Here is Hell”  The Earth Only Endures  Surviving the Century  Native Seattle  Being and Place Among the Tlingit  Race and the City  Sex Workers in the Maritimes Talk Back  Upbeat!  Implausible Beliefs  The University in Chains  Daring to Dream  Barack Obama  Autism Heroes  Page 1  Page 2  Page 2  Page 10  Failed Diplomacy Page 10  The American Lie  Celebrity Diplomacy  People Count!  Designers, Visionaries and Other Stories  Fighting for Love in the Century of Extinction Page 13  Hey Kids! You’re Cookin’ Now!  Voices Rising  The Adventures of Eddie Fung  Personal Information Management  Integrated Yoga  Bully Blocking  Page 10  Page 11  Page 11  12 Environment 14 Cookbooks 15 Cultural Studies 16 Asian Studies 17 Reference / Business 18 Parenting 19 Psychology 20 Autism 21 Health  Page 4  Page 4  Page 4  Page 3  Page 12  Page 12  Page 12  Page 14  22 Recent & Noteworthy 23 New Scholarly Paperbacks 24 New Scholarly Cloth 26 Environment Backlist 27 Health / Autism Backlist 28 History Backlist 29 Native Studies Backlist 30 Nature Backlist  Page 5  Page 6  Page 5  Page 15  Page 15  Page 16  Page 7  Page 16  Page 17  31 Politics Backlist 32 General Backlist 34 Index 36 Contact & Ordering Information  Cover photo by Wayne Lynch, from Owls of the United States and Canada (see facing page). Design and layout by Erin Gibbs and Jason Congdon, UBC Press  Bar Codes Page 7  Page 8  Page 8  Page 9  Page 18  Living Sensationally Page 19  Asperger Syndrome – A Love Story Page 20  Page 20  Page 21  CONTENTS 1  Nature  2  History / Art  4  Military History  5  Native Studies  6  Urban Studies  7  Gender / Politics  8  Politics / Education  9  International Affairs  Owls of the United States and Canada  The Culture of Flushing  The Culture of Hunting in Canada  Capital and Labour in the BC Forest Industry 1934-74 Page 2  Journey Into Islam  Vanishing British Columbia  Betrayed  Battle Grounds  “Here is Hell”  The Earth Only Endures  Surviving the Century  Native Seattle  Being and Place Among the Tlingit  Race and the City  Sex Workers in the Maritimes Talk Back  Upbeat!  Implausible Beliefs  The University in Chains  Daring to Dream  Barack Obama  Autism Heroes  Page 1  Page 2  Page 2  Page 10  Failed Diplomacy Page 10  The American Lie  Celebrity Diplomacy  People Count!  Designers, Visionaries and Other Stories  Fighting for Love in the Century of Extinction Page 13  Hey Kids! You’re Cookin’ Now!  Voices Rising  The Adventures of Eddie Fung  Personal Information Management  Integrated Yoga  Bully Blocking  Page 10  Page 11  Page 11  12 Environment 14 Cookbooks 15 Cultural Studies 16 Asian Studies 17 Reference / Business 18 Parenting 19 Psychology 20 Autism 21 Health  Page 4  Page 4  Page 4  Page 3  Page 12  Page 12  Page 12  Page 14  22 Recent & Noteworthy 23 New Scholarly Paperbacks 24 New Scholarly Cloth 26 Environment Backlist 27 Health / Autism Backlist 28 History Backlist 29 Native Studies Backlist 30 Nature Backlist  Page 5  Page 6  Page 5  Page 15  Page 15  Page 16  Page 7  Page 16  Page 17  31 Politics Backlist 32 General Backlist 34 Index 36 Contact & Ordering Information  Cover photo by Wayne Lynch, from Owls of the United States and Canada (see facing page). Design and layout by Erin Gibbs and Jason Congdon, UBC Press  Bar Codes Page 7  Page 8  Page 8  Page 9  Page 18  Living Sensationally Page 19  Asperger Syndrome – A Love Story Page 20  Page 20  Page 21  NATURAL HISTORY  Owls of the United States and Canada A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Behavior Wayne Lynch Lynch is among a select group of North America’s very best natural history writers and photographers. In Owls of the United States and Canada he showcases both of these talents and reveals a wealth of knowledge about owl biology. Anyone interested in these fascinating birds will treasure this book for years to come. – Brian E. Small, Birding Magazine There is no group of birds more mysterious and fascinating than owls. They have become the stuff of lore and legend – from the Roman myth that an owl foot could reveal secrets to the First Nations belief that an owl feather could give a newborn better night vision. But the truth about owls is much more exciting. In this gorgeous book, celebrated natural history writer and wildlife photographer Wayne Lynch reveals the secrets of these elusive species with stunning photographs, personal anecdotes, and accessible science. The photos alone are masterpieces. Unlike most published owl photos, the majority of these were taken in the wild – a product of the author-photographer’s incredible knowledge and patience. Lynch complements the photos with facts about anatomy, habitat, diet, and family life. For each of nineteen species inhabiting Canada and the United States, he provides a range map and a brief discussion of its distribution, population size, and status. Lynch debunks myths about owls’ “supernatural” powers of sight and hearing, discusses courtship rituals, and offers personal tips for finding them in the wild. From the great horned to the tiny elf owl, this amazing volume captures the beauty and mystery of these charismatic birds of prey.  Wayne Lynch is the author of numerous award-winning books and television documentaries. One of Canada’s most widely published photographers, his books include Wild Birds across the Prairies, Mountain Bears, and Penguins of the World. He lives in Calgary. October 2007 256 pages, 9 x 11” 188 colour photographs, 19 maps 0-7748-1459-4 / 978-0-7748-1459-1 New in cloth $44.95 UBC PRESS  » Also available  Birds of the World Les Beletsky Expert naturalist Les Beletsky and a team of first-rate artists have produced a bird world overview that is as accurate and informative as it is beautiful. – Kenn Kaufman, author of the Peterson Field Guide to Advanced Birding 2006, 528 pages, 6.8 x 11” 1690 colour illustrations 0-7748-1358-X / 978-0-7748-1358-7 Cloth $55.00 UBC Press  www.ubcpress.ca  Birds of Ontario: Habitat Requirements, Limiting Factors, and Status Nonpasserines, Waterfowl through Cranes Al Sandilands January 2007 368 pages, 8 x 10” 84 b/w photos, 88 maps 0-7748-1229-X / 978-0-7748-1229-0 Paper $39.95 UBC PRESS  An interesting read and a valuable information source for Ontario birders. – Ron Tozer, Ontario Birds  1  HISTORY The Culture of Flushing  A Social and Legal History of Sewage Jamie Benidickson To most, the flush of a toilet is routine – the way we banish waste and ensure cleanliness. It is safe, efficient, necessary, nonpolitical, and utterly unremarkable. Yet Jamie Benidickson’s examination of the social and legal history of sewage in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom demonstrates that the uncontroversial reputation of flushing is deceptive. At a time when community water quality can no longer be taken for granted, The Culture of Flushing is particularly relevant for investigating and clarifying the murky evolution of waste treatment.  ronmental law, public health, engineering, and public policy. Readers concerned with protecting water quality and the environment will also find it unique, comprehensive, and accessible.  The Culture of Flushing is essential reading for specialists in environmental history, envi-  NATURE | HISTORY | SOCIETY SERIES UBC PRESS  Jamie Benidickson is the author of Idleness, Water, and a Canoe: Reflections on Paddling for Pleasure. July 2007, 368 pages, 6 x 9” 16 b/w illustrations 0-7748-1292-3 / 978-0-7748-1292-4 New in paper $29.95  The Culture of Hunting in Canada Edited by Jean L. Manore and Dale G. Miner  The Culture of Hunting in Canada is about a pivotal but little studied aspect of Canadian history, culture, and society. It covers the history of hunting from the pre-colonial period until the present in all parts of Canada, featuring essays by practitioners and scholars of hunting and by pro- and anti-hunting lobbyists. The result crosses the boundaries between scholarship and personal reflection, and between academia and advocacy. The essays collected here address important historical and contemporary issues regarding the culture and practice of hunting. Topics include hunting identities; hunting and  conservation; tensions between hunters and non-hunters and between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal hunters; hunting ethics; debates over hunting practices and regulations; animal rights; and gun control. Jean L. Manore teaches history at Bishop’s University. Dale G. Miner is a partner in a research consulting business. July 2007 288 pages, 7 b/w photos, 2 maps, 6 x 9” 0-7748-1294-X / 978-0-7748-1294-8 New in paper $29.95 UBC PRESS  Capital and Labour in the British Columbia Forest Industry, 1934-74 Gordon Hak The history of British Columbia’s economy in the twentieth century is inextricably bound to the development of the forest industry. In this comprehensive study, Gordon Hak approaches the forest industry from the perspectives of workers and employers, examining the two main sets of institutions that structured the relationship during the Fordist era: the companies and the unions. Hak relates daily routines of production and profit-making to broader forces of unionism, business ideology, ecological protest, technological change, and corporate concentration. The struggle of the small-business sector to survive in the face of corporate growth, the  2  history of the industry on the Coast and in the Interior, the transformations in capitallabour relations during the period, government forest policy, and the forest industry’s encounter with the emerging environmental movement are all considered in this eloquent analysis. Gordon Hak is a member of the History Department at Malaspina University-College. July 2007 272 pages, 19 b/w photos, 2 maps, 6 x 9” 0-7748-1308-3 / 978-0-7748-1308-2 New in paper $29.95 UBC PRESS  www.ubcpress.ca  HISTORY / ART & PHOTOGRAPHY  Vanishing British Columbia Michael Kluckner  B.C. artist, writer and activist Kluckner has written and illustrated a number of books about Vancouver and Canadian points east. This work, a map of memory of British Colmbia’s old buildings and historic sites, combines his trademark delicate watercolour paintings (160 of them) with photographs, architectural plans and even old postcards. – The Globe and Mail Michael Kluckner, a highly talented watercolourist, began a decade ago to document in paintings some of the historic landmarks that signal the ever-evolving variety of human settlement patterns across B.C. …this book represents a substantial contribution to the literary matter of British Columbia and is one that anyone who loves this province will treasure. – Stephen Hume, Vancouver Sun The old buildings and historic places of British Columbia form a kind of “roadside memory,” a tangible link with stories of  settlement, change, and abandonment that reflect the great themes of our history. With small towns declining and old properties changing, so little of the history of these places has been recorded in museums or archives, and so much of it may disappear as families disperse and memories dim. Vanishing British Columbia is a record of these places and their stories. It combines engaging and insightful historical commentary with over 160 of the author’s original paintings. It has an exceptional assortment of historic imagery, including old postcards, architectural plans, and photographs. Michael Kluckner is a writer, artist, and heritage activist. He is the author of Vancouver Remembered and Vancouver the Way It Was, among other books. He is also a regular contributor to Canadian Geographic and Harrowsmith Country Life.  July 2007, 224 pages, 8.5 x 11” 220 colour and 130 b/w illustrations, 22 maps 0-7748-1126-9 / 978-0-7748-1126-2 New in paper $39.95  UBC PRESS  Surveying Central British Columbia A Photojournal of Frank Swannell 1920-1928 Jay Sherwood  Surveying Central British Columbia traces the career of Frank Swannell, one of British Columbia’s most famous surveyors, following his return from World War I. Considered one of BC’s most famous surveyors, Swannell’s journals and outstanding photographs of central BC show the changes beginning to occur in this largely wilderness region. Swannell photographed First Peoples, settlers, various methods of transportation, and the daily life of a surveying crew. He took about 1500 photographs from 1920 to 1928, and the author has selected the best for this book; many are previously unpublished and have historical significance. In particular, Swannell’s photographs of the landscape of the Coast Mountains are especially relevant in demonstrating climate change in British Columbia.  www.ubcpress.ca  Surveying Central British Columbia is based primarily on Swannell’s diaries and photographs. It is supplemented by interviews with descendants of some members of Swannell’s surveying crew, research, and the author’s personal visits to several places where Swannell surveyed. It includes a list of Swannell’s photographs, which are archived at the BC Archives. Jay Sherwood, a historian and former surveyor, is the author of Surveying Northern British Columbia, a 2005 BC Book Prize finalist. Sherwood now lives in Vancouver, where he works as a teacher-librarian. ROYAL BRITISH COLUMBIA MUSEUM November 2007 192 pages, 150+ Illustrations, maps, 9.5 x 10.5” 0-7726-5742-4 / 978-0-7726-5742-8 Paperback original $39.95  3  MILITARY HISTORY Betrayed Scandal, Politics, and Canadian Naval Leadership Richard O. Mayne Betrayed tells a fascinating story about Canada’s effort during the Battle of the Atlantic. – Roger Sarty, co-author of No Higher Purpose In January 1944, Vice Admiral Percy Walker Nelles was fired from his position as head of the Royal Canadian Navy. Betrayed reveals the true story behind the dismissal: a divisive power struggle between two elite groups within the RCN pitted the Navy’s regular officers against a small group of self-appointed spokesmen for the voluntary naval reserve. Threats of public scandal, mass insurrection, and political intimidation caused one of the worst breakdowns in Canadian civil-military relations,  revealing complex aspects of military leadership. This fascinating investigation into the machinations of a divided navy tackles important questions of military professionalism, leadership, and identity. Richard O. Mayne is a historian with the Department of National Defence’s Directorate of History and Heritage in Ottawa. July 2007 296 pages, 28 b/w photos, 4 figures, 6 x 9” 0-7748-1296-6 / 978-0-7748-1296-2 New in paper $29.95 STUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORY.  UBC PRESS  Battle Grounds  The Canadian Military and Aboriginal Lands P. Whitney Lackenbauer In this impeccably researched and sensitively written study, Whitney Lackenbauer provides valuable insights into how Canada’s military had used, and misused, Aboriginal lands through the twentieth century. – Jonathan Vance, author of Building Canada Base closures, use of airspace for weapons testing and low-level flying, environmental awareness, and Aboriginal land claims have focused attention in recent years on the use of Native lands for military training. But is the military’s interest in Aboriginal lands new? Battle Grounds analyzes a century of government-Aboriginal interaction and negotiation to explore how the Canadian  military came to use Aboriginal lands for training. It examines what the process reveals about the relationship between governments and Native communities, and how increasing Aboriginal assertiveness and activism have affected the issue. P. Whitney Lackenbauer is a professor of history at St. Jerome’s University, Waterloo. July 2007 368 pages, 30 b/w photos, 20 maps, 6 x 9” 0-7748-1316-4 / 978-0-7748-1316-7 New in paper $29.95 STUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORY.  UBC PRESS  “Here Is Hell” Canada’s Engagement in Somalia Grant Dawson This book will have wide appeal, especially since the events described were so controversial at the time (and arguably still now). – Chris Madsen, author, Another Kind of Justice For many Canadians, events during the mission to Somalia in the early 1990s remain a stain on our reputation as one of the world’s most respected peacekeeping nations. Grant Dawson’s analysis of political, diplomatic, and military decision making avoids a narrow focus on the shocking offences of a few Canadian soldiers, deftly investigating the broader context of the deployment.  4  Dawson shows how media pressure, government optimism about the United Nations, and the Canadian traditions of multilateralism and peacekeeping all helped to determine the level, length, and tenor of the country’s operations in Somalia. Grant Dawson teaches political science at Carleton University and history at the University of Ottawa. July 2007 240 pages, 25 b/w photos, 6 x 9” 0-7748-1298-2 / 978-0-7748-1298-6 New in paper $29.95 UBC PRESS  www.ubcpress.ca  NATIVE STUDIES Native Seattle Histories from the Crossing-Over Place Coll Thrush In traditional scholarship, Native Americans have been conspicuously absent from urban history. Indians appear at the time of contact, are involved in fighting or treaties, and then seem to vanish, usually onto reservations. In Native Seattle, Coll Thrush explodes the commonly accepted notion that Indians and cities – and thus Indian and urban histories – are mutually exclusive, that Indians and cities cannot coexist, and that one must necessarily be eclipsed by the other. Native people and places played a vital part in the founding of Seattle and in what the city is today, just as urban changes transformed what it meant to be Native.  In Seattle, the strands of urban and Indian history have always been intertwined. Including an atlas of indigenous Seattle, Native Seattle is a new kind of urban Indian history, a book with implications that reach far beyond the region. Coll Thrush is an assistant professor of history at the University of British Columbia. May 2007 376 pages, 32 illustrations, 6 x 9” 0-295-98700-6 / 978-0-295-98700-2 Paperback original $34.95 WEYERHAEUSER ENVIRONMENTAL BOOKS UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS  Being and Place Among the Tlingit Thomas F. Thornton This book will be a model for Native Alaskan cultural ecology. Case studies are illustrated with the lives of traditional Tlingit elders and the naming of particular places, showing how names, stories, songs, myth, legend, history, artistic designs, food gathering, and material culture (such as boat design) are specific to place. – Richard Dauenhauer, University of Alaska Thomas Thornton examines the concept of place in the language, social structure, economy, and ritual of southeast Alaska’s Tlingit Indians. As Thornton explains, place signifies not only a specific location, but also reveals the ways in which individuals and social groups define themselves.  Being and Place Among the Tlingit makes a substantive contribution to the literature on the Tlingit, the Northwest Coast cultural area, Native American and indigenous studies, and to the growing social scientific and humanistic literature on space, place, and landscape. Thomas F. Thornton is a professor of anthropology at Portland State University. December 2007 224 pages, 6 x 9” 0-295-98749-9 / 978-0-295-98749-1 Paperback original $29.95 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS  How It Is  The Native American Philosophy of V.F. Cordova Edited by Kathleen Dean Moore, Kurt Peters, Ted Jojola, and Amber Lacy V.F. Cordova sets out a complete Native American philosophy. Cordova clearly contrasts Native American beliefs with the traditions of the Enlightenment and Christianized Europeans (what she calls “Euroman” philosophy). By doing so, she leads her readers into a deeper understanding of both traditions and encourages us to question any view that claims a singular truth.  Viola Cordova was the first Native American woman to receive a PhD in philosophy. While becoming an expert in traditional Western philosophy, she began to define a Native American philosophy. Although she died prematurely of a brain aneurysm before she could complete her life’s work, some of her colleagues have organized her pioneering contributions into this provocative book.  From these essays – which are lucid, insightful, frequently funny, and occasionally angry – we receive a powerful new vision of how we can live with respect, reciprocity, and joy.  November 2007 108 pages, 6 x 9” 0-8165-2649-4 / 978-0-8165-2649-9 Paperback original $24.95 UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA PRESS  www.ubcpress.ca  5  URBAN STUDIES & POLITICS Race and the City Chinese Canadian and Chinese American Political Mobilization Shanti Fernando Matters of social justice and of diverse cities are increasingly important ... for community groups and policy-makers. Without question, the political participation of racialized minorities in multicultural cities is a critical subject, one that Race and the City handles deftly. – Lloyd Wong, co-editor of Transnational Identities and Practices in Canada In Race and the City, Shanti Fernando examines the mechanisms of political mobilization under systemic racism. She draws on case studies, interviews, and a detailed understanding of the racialized legal and sociocultural histories of both the United  States and Canada. Her case studies focus on Toronto and Los Angeles, respectively. Fernando argues that while increasing diversity may be a challenge for systemic inclusiveness, it is one that must be met if Canada is to uphold its vision of a truly democratic society. Shanti Fernando is an assistant professor of political science at York University. July 2007 288 pages, 6 x 9” 0-7748-1346-6 / 978-0-7748-1346-4 New in paper $29.95 UBC Press  The Intercultural City Planning to Make the Most of Diversity Charles Landry and Phil Wood In a world where individuals are increasingly mobile, how people from different cultures live together is one of the key issues of the 21st century. There is a growing need for new thinking on how diverse communities can live together in productive harmony and not in isolation. Policy is often dominated by mitigating the perceived negative effects of diversity, but little thought has been given to how a “diversity dividend” or increased innovative capacity might be achieved. The Intercultural City analyses the relationship of urban policy to policies on cultural diversity, principally in the UK but also drawing upon original research in North America, Europe, and Australasia. It provides significant and  practical advice for the reader, with new insights and tools for practitioners, including the “intercultural lens,” “indicators of openness,” and “urban cultural literacy”. Charles Landry is founding director of Comedia, a cultural planning consultancy. He is an international authority on city futures and the use of culture in city planning. Phil Wood is a former Director of the Huddersfield Creative Town Initiative. September 2007 192 pages, b/w illustrations, 6 x 9” 1-84407-436-6 / 978-1-84407-436-5 Paperback original $39.95 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS  Soul of the City The Pike Place Public Market Alice Shorett and Murray Morgan The Pike Place Market is Seattle’s favorite institution. Annually, it draws more people than the city’s major sporting and cultural events. Its reputation among American markets is comparable to Les Halles in Paris and Covent Garden in London – the difference being that it has survived. Survival of the peoples’ market has not been easy for Pike Place. Nevertheless, Pike Place Market remains. People arrive from farms and city neighborhoods to shop, sell, gather with friends, and take in the view. Soul of the City is the story of the reformers who conceived of the Market, the happenstance amalgam of entrepreneurs and populists who brought it into being, the truck  6  farmers who brought in their produce and their hopes, the people of Seattle who came to think of the Market as their birthright, and the recurring battles to keep progress from paving and reshaping it. Alice Shorett is president of Triangle Associates and lives in Seattle. Murray Morgan was the most widely admired historian of the Pacific Northwest. September 2007 176 pages, 179 illustrations, 7 x 10” 0-295-98746-4 / 978-0-295-98746-0 New in paper $24.95 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS  www.ubcpress.ca  GENDER STUDIES  Sex Workers in the Maritimes Talk Back Leslie Ann Jeffrey and Gayle MacDonald  Hard-hitting in its analysis, ethical and nuanced in its use of interview material, Sex Workers in the Maritimes Talk Back is an excellent book. Finally, there’s a study of prostitution in the Maritimes, which also contributes to and extends the global dialogue. A truly engaging read. – Shannon Bell, author of Reading, Writing, and Rewriting the Prostitute Body Sex workers are often “objects” of study for academics and policy makers. Theories about their lives and policies that affect their work are usually developed without input from the sex workers themselves, because they are rarely seen as capable of analyzing the social and political world in which they work. In this book, however, sex workers set the tone. Leslie Ann Jeffrey and Gayle MacDonald interview sex workers in three Maritime cities and those who work  around them: police, health-care providers, community workers/advocates, members of neighbourhood associations, and politicians. The sex workers discuss such issues as violence and safety, health and risk, politics and policy, media influence, and public perception, portraying the best and the worst facets of their working lives and expressing sentiments refreshingly at odds with commonly held opinions. Leslie Ann Jeffrey is an associate professor in the Department of History and Politics, University of New Brunswick, Saint John. She is the author of Sex and Borders: Gender, National Identity, and Prostitution Policy in Thailand. Gayle MacDonald is a professor in the Department of Sociology at St. Thomas University. She is the editor of Feminism, Law, Inclusion: Intersectionality in Action.  July 2007 288 pages, 6 x 9” 0-7748-1332-6 / 978-0-7748-1332-7 New in paper $29.95  UBC Press  Bar Codes Women in the Legal Profession Jean McKenzie Leiper  Bar Codes offers compelling insights into the balancing act of career and family among professionals, specifically how the careers of women lawyers are shaped, undermined, or even derailed as personal biographies confront rigid professional structures. – Fiona Kay, co-editor of Diversity, Social Capital, and the Welfare State. Bar Codes examines women lawyers’ attempts to reconcile their professional obligations with other aspects of their lives. It charts the life courses of women who constitute a first wave – an avant-garde – in a profession designed by men, for men, where formal codes of conduct and subtle cultural norms promote masculine values. A thorough analysis of women’s encounters with this culture provides some answers  and raises more questions about the kinds of stresses that have become extreme in the lives of many Canadian women. This book adds to mounting evidence of marked gender differences in opportunities for advancement, demonstrating that many men still enjoy freedom from domestic responsibilities while women continue to face multiple barriers in their quest for career success. As Bar Codes shows, change is under way in the legal profession and women can succeed in reaching high levels within it, but the law remains, in many ways, a masculine institution. Jean McKenzie Leiper is Professor Emerita at the Department of Sociology, King’s University College, University of Western Ontario. UBC Press  www.ubcpress.ca  July 2007 256 pages, 6 x 9” 0-7748-1320-2 / 978-0-7748-1320-4 New in paper $29.95  7  POLITICS / EDUCATION  The University in Chains Confronting the Military-Industrial-Academic Complex Henry A. Giroux  I know of no more acute a commentator on higher education in the United States today. Henry Giroux’s passion for education fires his powerful critique of the university ... While Giroux’s analysis is profound and unsparing, his book concludes with an imaginative strategy to transform the university into a truly democratic institution. – Howard Zinn Henry Giroux has been like a canary in the mine of U.S. culture – when he sends an alert, you know something is really amiss. If you have worked or studied in one of our universities, this is essential reading. – Toby Miller, author of Cultural Citizenship Henry Giroux is a tribune for democracy. He sees universities as democratic public spheres that must be defended in the repressive aftermath of 9/11. His new book is a tool we need to get the job done.  Dwight D. Eisenhower originally included “academic” in the draft of his landmark, oft-quoted speech on the military-industrial-complex. Giroux tells why Eisenhower saw the academy as part of the famous complex – and how his warning was vitally prescient for 21st-century America. Henry Giroux details the sweeping post9/11 assault being waged on the academy by militarization, corporatization, and rightwing fundamentalists who increasingly view critical thought itself as a threat to the dominant political order. Giroux argues that the university has become a handmaiden of the Pentagon and corporate interests, that it has lost its claim to independence and critical learning, and that it has compromised its role as a democratic public sphere. PARADIGM PUBLISHERS  August 2007 224 pages, 5.5 x 8.5” 1-59451-423-2 / 978-1-59451-423-4 Paperback original $24.95  – Ira Shor, CUNY Graduate School  Daring to Dream Toward a Pedagogy of the Unfinished Paulo Freire  As a voice of humane and sensitive understanding and insight, few can begin to compare with Paulo Freire. His last work enriches and extends the marvelous legacy he has left us, once again providing stimulating ideas and opening new directions for thought and action to create a more decent world. – Noam Chomsky, author of Manufacturing Consent and Perilous Powers Challenging us to recognize our “unfinished” selves, Freire’s uplifting message urges citizens, students, parents, and teachers to discover new horizons of hope and possibility for a better world. Connecting the personal with the political, Freire’s voice is as profound as it is inspiring, guiding us through the everyday acts of observation and critical thinking that link personal creativity with the prospects of a just and more humane world.  8  Freire’s liberating pedagogy resists forms of fatalism reproduced in traditional education discourses that too often mechanize the act of knowing. Freire challenges all educators to embrace history as possibility, where the act of analyzing reality opens up space for critical reflection and creativity. Such acts, he shows, are not isolated and individual, but integral to larger forces for social change. One’s capacity to dream, to reach, and to engage with a troubled world are the essence of a meaningful and liberating life. The late Paulo Freire is perhaps the most influential education writer of our times. His many books, including his classic Pedagogy of the Oppressed, have been translated into more than 40 languages. He is the author most recently of Pedagogy of Indignation. PARADIGM PUBLISHERS  July 2007 176 pages, 5.5 x 8.5” 1-59451-053-9 / 978-1-59451-053-3 Paperback original $24.95  www.ubcpress.ca  INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS  Barack Obama This Improbable Quest John K. Wilson  Barack Obama is quickly becoming America’s most popular politician, and his run for the presidency has drawn huge crowds at home and an unprecedented wave of international attention. Much more than a biography, this book is a political tour of Obama’s legislative experience as well as his ideas about race, religion, and politics. Political writer John K. Wilson explores the reaction Obama has received from the left, the right, and the media. As the first presidential candidate from Generation X, Obama has generated an exciting movement of young people to support his campaign as he defines a new kind of broadly popular progressive politics. As improbable as such a quest may be (as  Obama admitted in his announcement to run for the Presidency, from which the subtitle is quoted), this fresh new candidate may be just the right one to bridge not only generations but ideologies that often divide. Amid all the hype surrounding Obama, this book provides the first in-depth look at what he believes, what he represents, and how he might transform American politics. John K. Wilson is the author of How the Left Can Win Arguments and Influence People: A Tactical Manual for Pragmatic Progressives; Newt Gingrich: Capitol Crimes and Misdemeanors; and The Myth of Political Correctness: The Conservative Attack on Higher Education. PARADIGM PUBLISHERS  September 2007 224 pages, 6 x 9” 1-59451-477-1 / 978-1-59451-477-7 Paperback original $24.95  Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution Age, Position, Character, Destiny, Personality, and Ambition Carlos Alberto Montaner  Perhaps the foremost social analyst and journalist on Cuban affairs, Carlos Alberto Montaner has written a definitive study of the Cuban regime from the vantage point of the Cuban dictator. This is not simply a history of Cuban communism but rather a personal history of its leader, Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution is not an apologia for past United States involvement in Cuban affairs. The author is severe in his judgments of such participation. Nor is he sparing in his sense of the betrayal of the original purposes of the Revolution of 1959 as manifested in the character and policies of Fidel Castro. As the work progresses from a study of the victims to a study of the beneficiaries of the Cuban Revolution, it leaves the reader with a deep sense of the tragedy of a revolution betrayed, but not one that could have been avoided easily.  www.ubcpress.ca  Montaner sees his role as critical analyst, not as an interventionist. One especially valuable aspect of this book is its intimate reevaluation of Fulgencio Batista. Whatever the reader’s judgment of Montaner’s work, no one can read it and be dismissive of the effort. It is a work of intimacy even though written in exile – and hence must be viewed as an important effort to understand the character of the man whose regime has changed the course of Cuban history in our times. Carlos Alberto Montaner is director of Firmas, a news agency and journalistic bureau located in Madrid, Spain. TRANSACTION PUBLISHERS  September 2007 214 pages, 6 x 9” 1-4128-0731-X / 978-1-4128-0731-9 Paperback original $29.95  9  INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Journey Into Islam The Crisis of Globalization Akbar Ahmed This book is a breakthrough in our understanding of the complex relationship between globalization and Islam – Lord Anthony Giddens Rejecting stereotypes and “conventional wisdom” about Islam and its encounter with globalization, this important book offers a new framework for understanding the Muslim world. As Western leaders wage a war on terrorism, Ahmed offers insightful suggestions on how the United States can improve relations with Islamic nations and peoples. Written with equal parts compassion and urgency, Journey into Islam makes a powerful case for forming bonds across  religion, race, and tradition to create lasting harmony between Islam and the West. It is essential reading for anyone concerned with the future survival of the United States as a world leader, for the individual who faces the painful changes of globalization, and for the very future of our planet. Akbar Ahmed is the author of After Terror, Islam under Siege, and Discovering Islam. July 2007 320 pages, 6 x 9” 0-8157-0132-2 / 978-0-8157-0132-3 New in cloth $34.95 THE BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRESS  Failed Diplomacy The Tragic Story of How North Korea Got the Bomb Charles L. Pritchard North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons raises fears of nuclear war on the peninsula and the specter of terrorists gaining access to weapons of mass destruction. It also represents a dangerous and disturbing breakdown in U.S. foreign policy. Failed Diplomacy offers an insider’s view of what went wrong and allowed this isolated nation – a charter member of the Axis of Evil – to develop nuclear weapons. Charles L. “Jack” Pritchard was intimately involved in developing America’s North Korea policy under Presidents Clinton and Bush. Here, he offers an authoritative analysis of recent developments on the Korean peninsula and reveals how the Bush administra-  tion’s mistakes damaged the prospects for controlling nuclear proliferation. Although multilateral negotiations continue, Pritchard proclaims the Six-Party Talks to be a failure. Hard-hitting and insightful, Failed Diplomacy offers a stinging critique of the Bush administration’s manner and policy in dealing with North Korea. More hopefully, it suggests what can be learned from missed opportunities. June 2007 240 pages, 6 x 9” 0-8157-7200-9 / 978-0-8157-7200-2 New in cloth $32.95 THE BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRESS  The American Lie Government by the People and Other Political Fables Benjamin Ginsberg Ginsberg’s engaging jeremiad about the absence of truth in political discourse is in itself based on a big lie – the author’s claim that he is a dedicated cynic. His own words betray him as one of the few idealists remaining among us. And his trenchant analysis of America’s mendacity-ridden politics demands our attention and respect. – Robert Shogan, author of Backlash: The Killing of the New Deal George Washington is fabled to have said, “I cannot tell a lie.” But lie he did, and politicians have been lying ever since. Despite assurances to the contrary, politics is not about truth, justice, and principle. It is about money, power, and status. As astute political  10  commentator Ben Ginsberg convincingly shows, politicians pretend to fight for principles in order to conceal their true selfish motives. Thus, in this new political season, Ginsberg encourages citizens to think outside the ballot box, finding new ways to act on behalf of their interests and the public good. But if they do vote, their motto should be “when in doubt vote them out.” October 2007 256 pages, 6 x 9” 1-59451-413-5 / 978-1-59451-413-5 Paperback original $24.95 PARADIGM PUBLISHERS  www.ubcpress.ca  INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Celebrity Diplomacy Andrew F. Cooper Blending an appreciation of both complex forms of diplomacy and the exciting but unpredictable dynamics of popular culture, Andrew F. Cooper brings focus to this significant, yet underanalyzed, area of international relations. – Jorge Heine, Ambassador of Chile to India What has come to be called “celebrity diplomacy” attracts wide media attention, significant money, and top official access around the world. But is this phenomenon just the latest fad? Are celebrities dabbling in an arena that is out of their depth, or are they bringing justified notice to important problems that might otherwise be ignored?  Intended for readers who might not normally read about celebrities, it will also attract audiences often turned off by international affairs. Andrew F. Cooper is a professor of political science at the University of Waterloo. October 2007 160 pages, 6 x 9 1-59451-479-8 / 978-1-59451-479-1 Paperback original $18.95 PARADIGM PUBLISHERS  People Count!  Individuals in Global Politics James N. Rosenau People Count! rests on a single but important premise: As the world shrinks and becomes ever more complex, people have become ever more central to the course of events. The age of the nation-state has yielded to the age of the individual, and no one is better qualified than James N. Rosenau to track this shift. In prose that sings, he investigates the myriad ways that “people count” in global politics. Tracing developments in globalization, demography, and the skills revolution, Rosenau profiles 17 different groups and shows how and why they matter. Along the way, he tells the fascinating stories behind the roles that people play: Who the terrorists are, why soldiers fight, how citizens and  immigrants compare, what connects the networkers, where travelers feel at home, and when the here-and-now takes a back seat to another world. This book seeks to depict a new era by analyzing the basic roles people occupy in their family, community, and society, including the wider world. James N. Rosenau is author of Distant Proximities: Dynamics beyond Globalization. October 2007 192 pages, 6 x 9” 1-59451-415-1 / 978-1-59451-415-9 Paperback original $24.95 PARADIGM PUBLISHERS  Global Democracy and the World Social Forums Edited by Jackie Smith The World Social Forum has become the largest political gathering in human history. The Forums are an experiment in global and participatory democracy, bringing together organizations and activists from around the world to create visions of a just and liberated global society.  Jackie Smith is author of Global Visions/ Rival Networks. Contributors include Marina Karides, Marc Becker, Dorval Brunelle Christopher Chase-Dunn, Donatella della Porta, Rosalba Icaza, Jeffrey Juris, Lorenzo Mosca, Ellen Reese, Peter Jay Smith , and Rolando Vázquez.  This book is itself an experiment in collaboration among twelve leading scholars, all of whom have participated in World Social Forums around the globe. These authors draw on their knowledge of global politics to introduce the Forum process, explain its foundations, and discuss its relevance to ongoing transnational efforts towards freedom, peace, and democracy.  August 2007 176 pages, 5 x 8” 1-59451-421-6 / 978-1-59451-421-0 Paperback original $19.95  www.ubcpress.ca  PARADIGM PUBLISHERS  11  ENVIRONMENT The Earth Only Endures On Reconnecting with Nature and Our Place in It Jules Pretty A very powerful and very compelling book. – Bill McKibbon, author of The End of Nature For most of human history, we have lived our daily lives in a close relationship with the land. Yet now, for the first time, more people are living in urban rather than rural areas, bringing about an estrangement. This book is fundamentally about our relationship with nature, animals, and places. A series of interlinked essays leads readers on a journey that weaves through the themes of connection and alienation between humans and nature. The journey shows that our modern lifestyles and economies would  require six to eight Earths if the entire global population adopted first-world extravagance. Pretty reveals a tragedy unfolding: we are rendering our own world inhospitable, and unless we make substantial changes, we risk losing what it means to be human. Jules Pretty is a professor of environment and society at the University of Essex, UK. July 2007 240 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84407-432-3/ 978-1-84407-432-7 New in cloth $39.95 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS  Surviving the Century Facing Climate Chaos and Other Global Challenges Edited by Herbert Girardet Environmental and human catastrophe looms ever larger for planet Earth. Powerful action is needed now to turn a deepening global crisis into an opportunity: we must build sustainable cities to house growing billions and transform the international trade system to tackle run-away climate change. This book, by leading lights from the World Future Council (WFC), a new international lobby for future generations, seeks nothing less than a complete transformation of how humans relate to the world and one another. Taking on today’s biggest issues, this book is a must-have primer and action plan for government and business leaders, activists, and  everyday citizens who want to help solve the greatest challenges we face today. Herbert Girardet is Director of Programs of the World Future Council. Contributors include Michael Braungart, Peter Bunyard, Ross Gelbspan, Edward Goldsmith, Frances Moore Lappe, Herman Scheer, and Stewart Wallis. July 2007 208 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84407-458-7 / 978-1-84407-458-7 New in cloth $39.95 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS  Designers, Visionaries and Other Stories A Collection of Sustainable Design Essays  Edited by Jonathan Chapman and Nick Gant Designers, Visionaries and Other Stories is a compelling manifesto for change at a time of looming ecological crisis, mounting environmental regulation, and limited sustainable design progress. Written by the leading sustainable design thinkers, this book is a rich resource of creative ideas and design strategies for working towards a sustainable future. Designers, Visionaries and Other Stories boldly presents alternative understandings of sustainable design. Challenging, sometimes uncomfortable, and always provocative, this anthology aims to reinvigorate the culture of critique that in previous years  12  has empowered design with the qualities of social, environmental and economic revolution. Jonathan Chapman and Nick Gant are co-directors of the Inheritable Futures Laboratory at the University of Brighton, UK. Contributors include Kate Fletcher, Alastair Fuad-Luke, Ezio Manzini, John Thackara, Stuart Walker , and John Wood. October 2007 256 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84407-412-9 / 978-1-84407-412-9 Paperback original $49.95 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS  www.ubcpress.ca  ENVIRONMENT The Future Control of Food An Essential Guide to International Negotiations and Rules on Intellectual Property, Biodiversity and Food Security Edited by Geoff Tansey and Tasmin Rajotte This practical book is the first wide-ranging guide to the key issues of intellectual property and ownership, genetics, biodiversity, and food security. Proceeding from an introduction of the key issues, the book covers negotiations and instruments in various international bodies, including the World Trade Organization, Convention on Biological Diversity, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization, and the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants. This practical guide is an essential tool for everyone involved in shaping the future of  food, including negotiators, activists, environmentalists, food and intellectual property researchers, companies, farmer groups and all others affected by global negotiations. Geoff Tansey is a Joseph Rowntree Visionary for a Just and Peaceful World. Tasmin Rajotte is Programme Associate for the Quaker International Affairs Programme, Ottawa. November 2007 224 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84407-429-3 / 978-1-84407-429-7 Paperback original $39.95 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS  Local Action  The New Paradigm in Climate Change Policy Tommy Linstroth and Ryan Bell Traditionally framed as a national and international problem, climate change is also an important local issue. While most books on global warming focus on national and international implications and policy approaches, or serve as guides to help individuals live in an ecologically sound manner, Linstroth and Bell provide a blueprint for local governments to follow. Combining an analysis of existing federal policy with examples of successful local initiatives, they provide practical examples of measures that can be implemented by communities and local governments.  Tommy Linstroth is the Head of Sustainable Initiatives for Melaver, Inc., Savannah, Georgia. Ryan Bell is an Environmental Planner with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and was formerly the U.S. Program Manager with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) – Local Governments for Sustainability. November 2007 188 pages, 4 illustrations, 16 tables, 6 x 9” 1-58465-672-7 / 978-1-58465-672-2 New in cloth $29.95 UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND Photograph by Adrienne Bale  Fighting for Love in the Century of Extinction How Passion and Politics Can Stop Global Warming Eban Goodstein The central idea in this book is simple: Unchecked, global warming threatens to destroy one of every two animals, birds, plants, reptiles, forests, fish and other creatures alive today on the earth. This looming ecological collapse will only be arrested if we can articulate and embrace what the natural world means to each of us, and then fight a series of hard political battles to preserve creation. On a subject about which it is easy to feel despair, Goodstein offers a realistic, ambitious, and hopeful political solution to avoid a century of mass extinction: a vision grounded in a moral view that embraces the interconnection of all life forms on the planet.  www.ubcpress.ca  Eban Goodstein is a professor of economics, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon. He is author of The Trade-Off Myth: Fact and Fiction about Jobs and the Environment and Economics and the Environment, now in its fifth edition. September 2007 160 pages, 5.5 x 8” 1-58465-657-3 / 978-1-58465-657-9 New in cloth $24.95 UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND  13  COOKBOOKS Hey Kids! You’re Cookin’ Now! A Global Awareness Cooking Adventure  Dianne Pratt, with Illustrations by Janet Winter An awesome book to get you started on the basics of cooking! It has delicious and easy recipes, and also facts about animals, ecology, and food on every page. A must have! – Skipping Stones Magazine Hey Kids! You’re Cookin’ Now! is a “must” for young culinary adventurers and is ideal for parents wanting to teach their children how to make nutritious meals in the family kitchen safely. – Midwest Book Review Hey Kids! You’re Cookin’ Now! is winner of Parent’s Choice Honor Award Skipping Stone Honor Award: Best Nature and Ecology Book  Clarion Award for Best Non-fiction Book National Assn. of Parenting Publications: Honor Award Dr. Toy Best Children’s Products Dr. Toy Best Socially-Responsible Products Benjamin Franklin Best Cookbook Silver Award Benjamin Franklin Best New Voice Silver Award Now available (2007) 160 pages, 8 x 10” 80 recipes, 100 color illustrations 1-88686-207-9 / 978-1-88686-207-4 New in cloth $24.95 UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND  New England Summertime Cooking Sherri Eldridge, with contributions by Beth Davis New England Summertime Cooking is a collection of authentic recipes from this treasured American region. Food preparation is updated with a fresh style and a lowfat heart-healthy approach. The appetizing simplicity of the region’s cookery remains an essential ingredient of New England’s heritage. This concept – which relies heavily upon using commonly stocked food items and a “sensible” number of ingredients – is faithfully represented. Sherri Eldridge presents fabulously flavorful recipes in an exquisitely colorful format. Tempting images of fresh seafood dishes, homemade breads, and beautiful berry desserts will make your mouth water. Straightfor-  ward preparation instructions respect today’s busy schedules. Looking beyond the table, the book offers a stunning compilation of photographic vignettes. Spectacular imagery conveys the flavor of New England’s culinary, natural, and historical culture. See below for author information. July 2007 192 pages, 8 x 9” 150 recipes, 440 color photos 1-88686-252-4 / 978-1-88686-252-4 New in cloth $24.95 UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND  New England Winterfare Cooking Sherri Eldridge, with contributions by Beth Davis New England Winterfare Cooking provides hearty lowfat recipes that nourish, comfort, and cheer. Following the guidelines of the American Heart Association for healthy adults, this book celebrates nutritious homemade food, delicious by its very nature. Easy recipes from ultra-quick preparation to elegant holiday feasts are presented with festive decorating and elegant party buffets. Beautiful food, landscape and wildlife photographs provide a compelling backdrop for the book’s recipes. Sherri Eldridge is author of 40 topical cookbooks. Her user-friendly lowfat recipes focus on fresh produce and seafood.  14  Beth Davis, a registered dietician and former member of The American Heart Association’s Speaker’s Bureau, has certified the recipes of this four-book seasonal cooking series as following the guidelines of the American Heart Association for healthy adults. November 2007 192 pages, 8 x 9” 150 recipes, 420 color photos 1-88686-254-0 / 978-1-88686-254-8 New in cloth $24.95 UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND  www.ubcpress.ca  CULTURAL STUDIES Upbeat! Nine Lives of a Musical Cat David Amram, with a foreword by Frank McCourt David Amram is all joy. You can dip into this book at any page and find yourself breathless with wonder, music, laughter. That is his magic. – Frank McCourt, from the Foreword The Boston Globe describes David Amram as “the Renaissance man of American music.” From early collaborations with Kerouac and Sinatra to being chosen by Leonard Bernstein as the New York Philharmonic’s first composer in residence, Amram’s artistry has taken him from concerts with Willie Nelson to jamming with the Massai Tribesmen of Kenya. In Upbeat!, Amram recounts his extraordinary adventures in the many worlds of music he calls home, all told in a rollicking anecdotal  style that makes you feel that you are at home around the world. Threading through Amram’s tale of music, hard work, respect, and friendship are unforgettable stories of great artists – Dizzie Gillespie, Hunter S. Thompson, Janet Gaynor, George Plimpton, Lyle Lovett, Zoe Caldwell, Willie Nelson, and many more. November 2007 288 pages, 6 x 9” 1-59451-424-0 / 978-1-59451-424-1 New in cloth $29.95 PARADIGM PUBLISHERS  Frames of Remembrance The Dynamics of Collective Memory Iwona Irwin-Zarecka What is the symbolic impact of the Vietnam War Memorial? How does television change our engagement with the past? Can efforts to wipe out Communist legacies succeed? Should victims of the Holocaust be celebrated as heroes or as martyrs? These questions have a great deal in common, yet they are typically asked in isolation by people working in distinct fields. Frames of Remembrance shares ideas and concerns across such divides. Iwona Irwin-Zarecka writes in clear, trenchant prose as she journeys through wide-ranging terrain, allowing readers to explore emergent links and bridges in thinking about collective memory. Working through a selection  of analytically challenging questions, she opens new passages of inquiry. The results should prove a treasure trove for experienced researchers and newcomers alike. Iwona Irwin-Zarecka is associate professor of sociology and communication studies at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario. She is the author of Neutralizing Memory. October 2007 214 pages, 6 x 9” 1-4128-0683-6 / 978-1-4128-0683-1 Paperback original $29.95 TRANSACTION PUBLISHERS  Implausible Beliefs in the Bible, Astrology, and UFOs Allan Mazur Why do people accept ideas that are contradicted by science or logic? In Implausible Beliefs, Allan Mazur looks at the nature of irrational belief systems, their social roots and their cultural and political impact.  the overarching similarity of religious and secular belief systems. Lucidly written, it is a provocative and informative contribution to social psychology, sociology, religion, political science, and American culture.  Drawing on mainstream sociology and psychology, Mazur shows how as children we are socialized into these or similar beliefs, and how as adults we are influenced by spouses and friends. Personality is also a factor, sometimes abetted by stressful or lonely life situations.  Allan Mazur is professor of public affairs at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University.  Implausible Beliefs differs from most current books on the subject in that it analyzes  www.ubcpress.ca  December 2007 240 pages, 6 x 9” 1-4128-0677-1 / 978-1-4128-0677-0 New in cloth $44.95 TRANSACTION PUBLISHERS  15  ASIAN STUDIES Voices Rising  Asian Canadian Cultural Activism Xiaoping Li An immensely important book. As the first indepth analysis of Asian Canadian artistic and cultural life, Voices Rising will be referred to in years to come as a definitive work. It is not only full of interesting characters, but contains a succinct historical narrative that explains the genesis of the Asian Canadian social and creative movements, and shows how they have responded to the Canadian nation and a global world. – Anthony Chan, author of Perpetually Cool Voices Rising examines Asian Canadian political and cultural activism in the late twentieth century around such issues as community building, identity making, racial equity, and social justice. Informed by a  postcolonial cultural critique, Xiaoping Li draws on historical sources and compelling personal testimonies to show how culture acts as a means of engagement with the political and social world. Xiaoping Li is an independent researcher and professor in the Department of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Okanagan College, British Columbia. July 2007 320 pages, 40 b/w photos, 6 x 9” 0-7748-1222-1 / 978-0-7748-1222-1 New in paper $29.95 UBC PRESS  The Adventures of Eddie Fung  Chinatown Kid, Texas Cowboy, Prisoner of War Edited by Judy Yung An unusual and riveting contribution to Asian American history.  decorated Texan unit of any war shaped his later life.  – Valerie J. Matsumoto, author of Over the Edge: Remapping the American West  Judy Yung is professor emerita of American studies at the University of California Santa Cruz. She is the author of Unbound Feet: A Social History of Chinese Women in San Francisco.  In this moving and unforgettable memoir written with his wife, Eddie Fung recalls how he, a second-generation Chinese American born and raised in San Francisco’s Chinatown, reinvented himself as a Texas cowboy before going overseas with the U.S. Army. Eddie tells how his background helped him endure forty-two months of humiliation and cruelty, and how his experiences as the sole Chinese American member of the most  December 2007 256 pages, 6 x 9” 41 illustrations, 2 maps 0-295-98754-5 / 978-0-295-98754-5 Paperback original $27.95 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS  Letters from the 442nd The World War II Correspondence of a Japanese American Medic Minoru Masuda, edited by Hana Masuda and Dianne Bridgman This is the first collection of letters by a member of the legendary 442nd Combat Team, which served in Italy and France during World War II. Written by a medic serving with the segregated Japanese American unit, the letters describe a soldier’s daily life. Masuda’s vivid and lively letters emphasize his surroundings, his daily activities, and the people he encountered. He describes Italian farmhouses, olive groves, and cypress trees; he writes of nightly singing and bull sessions which continued throughout the war; he relates the plight of the Italians who scavenged the garbage for food, and the French children who pelted the medics with snowballs.  16  Excerpts from the 442nd daily medical log provide context for the letters, which are accompanied by snapshots, a drawing made in the field, and three maps drawn by Masuda. Minoru Masuda was professor of psychiatry at the University of Washington. Hana Masuda was Minoru’s wife. Dianne Bridgman is the former manager of the Washington State Oral History Program. December 2007 224 pages, 16 illustrations, 2 maps, 6 x 9” 0-295-98745-6 / 978-0-295-98745-3 Paperback original $27.95 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS  www.ubcpress.ca  REFERENCE / BUSINESS The Academic Writer’s Toolkit A Users Manual  Arthur Asa Berger Berger’s slim, user-friendly volume on academic writing is a gift to students and academics. Author of sixty published books, Berger speaks to junior scholars and graduate students about the process and products of academic writing. He differentiates between business writing skills for memos, proposals, and reports, and the scholarly writing that occurs in journals and books. He has suggestions for getting the “turgid” out of turgid academic prose and offers suggestions on how to best structure various forms of documents for effective communication. Written in Berger’s friendly, personal style, he shows by example that academics can write good, readable prose in a variety of genres.  Arthur Asa Berger is professor emeritus in the department of broadcast communication Arts at San Francisco State University. He is author of dozens of books on media, popular culture, visual culture, and writing.  Cover forthcoming  August 2007 176 pages, 6 x 9” 1-59874-139-X / 978-1-59874-139-1 New in paper $29.95 LEFT COAST PRESS  Personal Information Management Edited by William P. Jones and Jaime Teevan In an ideal world, everyone would always have the right information, in the right form, right when they needed it. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. This book looks at how people in the real world currently manage to store and process the massive amounts of information that overload their senses and their systems daily, and discusses how tools can help bring these real information interactions closer to the ideal.  sources of time, money, and energy, as well as greater workplace efficiency and productivity. Personal Information Management provides a framework for thinking about PIM as an area for future research and innovation.  Personal information management (PIM) is the practice and the study of the activities people perform to acquire, organize, maintain, and retrieve information for everyday use. PIM is a growing area of interest as we all strive for better use of our limited personal re-  October 2007 320 pages, 75 tables, 6 x 9” 0-295-98737-5 / 978-0-295-98737-8 Paperback original $41.95  William Jones is a professor in the Information School at the University of Washington, Seattle. Jaime Teevan is a researcher at Microsoft Research, Bellevue, Washington.  UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS  Corporate Truth The Limits to Transparency Adrian Henriques Transparency is a precondition of effective accountability, and Corporate Truth provides a compelling account of the state of corporate transparency today.  by the increasing calls for transparency. From the secrets of the boardroom to the struggles of NGOs, transparency is a persistent challenge.  – Jonathon Porritt, Founder and Director of Forum for the Future  Adrian Henriques is an independent adviser, writer, researcher, teacher, and campaigner on corporate responsibility, social accountability, and sustainability.  Drawing on a vast wealth of real-life examples from the commercial world, this lively business book seeks out the appropriate limits to transparency. From commercial confidentiality and the ethics of marketing to lobbying and corporate corruption, the author addresses the position, significance, and limits of transparency in modern corporate life, working through the dilemmas presented  www.ubcpress.ca  July 2007 180 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84407-390-4 / 978-1-84407-390-0 Paperback original $39.95 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS  17  PARENTING Autism Heroes  Portraits of Families Meeting the Challenge Barbara Firestone, with photographs by Joe Buissink Autism Heroes is a stunning collection of portraits of ordinary yet remarkable families affected by autism spectrum disorders. The book is the result of Firestone’s many years of following the lives of these 37 families through her work as a developer of therapeutic programs for children with special needs. Focusing on the themes of love, dignity, hope, and opportunity, the portraits convey the courageous and inspirational lives of their subjects in the face of challenging circumstances. This book offers a very personal view of families and children affected by autism spectrum disorders.  Barbara Firestone is the President and CEO of The Help Group, one of the largest and most comprehensive non-profit organizations in the US serving children with special needs related to autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, learning disabilities, ADHD, and abuse and emotional problems. November 2007 240 pages, 120 b/w photographs, 9.6 x 10.9” 1-84310-837-2 / 978-1-84310-837-5 New in cloth $39.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  Help Your Child or Adolescent Get Back On Track What Parents and Professionals can do for Childhood Emotional and Behavioural Problems Kenneth Talan This book offers self-help interventions and practical discussion of the types of professional help available for young people with emotional and behavioral problems.  Various kinds of professional interventions are discussed, including psychological treatment, psychiatric medications, and complementary and alternative therapies.  Kenneth Talan covers topics similar to those that would be discussed during a consultation with a child psychiatrist. He offers practical guidance to help parents understand their child’s problems and distinguish between normal disruption and behavior that warrants professional treatment. The book also includes useful information for those parents who are considering, seeking, or already involved with professional help for their child.  Kenneth H. Talan has served for over 20 years as a psychiatric consultant about troubled children to teachers, psychologists, counselors, and administrative staff. November 2007 256 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84310-870-4 / 978-1-84310-870-2 Paperback original $28.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  A Will of His Own  Reflections on Parenting a Child with Autism, revised edition Kelly Harland There’s a miraculous alchemy to these stories of one small boy. – The Seattle Times A Will of His Own sends a powerful and essentially positive message of hope, learning, and growth…highly recommended reading. – Midwest Book Review This book reveals the often dizzying mix of challenge and joy that comes with having a son with autism. Kelly Harland’s stories explore the first 14 years of her son’s life and the new and unexpected universe she and her husband must learn to navigate with him.  18  Beautifully written and optimistic, A Will of His Own is a moving and uplifting read for other parents whose child has taken them into uncharted territory, as well as anyone who wants to imagine what that journey entails. Kelly Harland is a voice teacher at the Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle. October 2007 176 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84310-869-0 / 978-1-84310-869-6 Paperback original $28.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  www.ubcpress.ca  PSYCHOLOGY Living Sensationally Understanding Your Senses Winnie Dunn Living Sensationally is the quintessential resource on sensation and how it relates to our everyday living. Dunn translates research into practical ideas for individuals, families, and businesses, creating an understanding of the complex array of sensory patterns. This book walks the reader through the key features of the four major sensory types: Seekers, Bystanders, Avoiders, and Sensors. The author helps readers to identify their own patterns and the patterns of those around them, and then offers suggestions for harnessing this knowledge to better align their lives and their sensations.  Winnie Dunn is Chair of the Department of Occupational Therapy Education at the University of Kansas Medical Center. She is internationally recognized for her research about how people respond to sensory experiences in their everyday lives. October 2007 192 pages, 9.2 x 6.2” 1-84310-871-2 / 978-1-84310-871-9 New in cloth $28.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  Regulation Disorders of Sensory Processing in Children Management Strategies for Parents and Professionals Pratibha Reebye and Aileen Stalker Children with regulation disorders are often misdiagnosed as “fussy,” “colicky,” or, worse, the parents are blamed for the child’s unusual responses to sensory input. The authors describe the everyday experiences of those who interact with infants and children with regulation disorders of sensory processing. They explain the distinguishing characteristics, symptoms, diagnosis, assessment and treatment of regulation disorders. Focusing on early intervention, this book presents a range of management strategies for sensory sensitivities, motor problems, overor under-reaction, and extremes of behaviour.  These practical strategies for parents and professionals will help children with regulation disorders integrate and succeed in the family, at school, and in the community. Aileen Stalker is an occupational therapist; Pratibha Reebye is a child and infant psychiatrist. Both work in Vancouver. September 2007 160 pages, Illustrations, 9.6 x 6.8” 1-84310-521-7 / 978-1-84310-521-3 Paperback original $24.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disabilities A Common-Sense Guide for Parents and Professionals Maggie Mamen This easy-to-read guide offers a complete overview of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLDs) and the wide variety of symptoms that different types of NLD present. Maggie Mamen enables readers to select the most relevant strategies for coping with and managing their particular symptoms. She provides a wealth of practical advice on key skills such as developing written and verbal communication, understanding social clues, managing behaviour, self-regulation, and improving organization. She also covers relevant teaching methods for the classroom.  www.ubcpress.ca  This practical introduction is an essential guide for families and professionals working with children and adults with NLDs. Maggie Mamen is a clinical psychologist based in Ontario. July 2007 176 pages, 9.6 x 6.8” 1-84310-593-4 / 978-1-84310-593-0 Paperback original $34.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  19  AUTISM / ASPERGER SYNDROME A Self-Determined Future with Asperger Syndrome Solution Focused Approaches  E. Veronica Bliss and Genevieve Edmonds This book examines autism and Asperger Syndrome from a social, rather than medical, perspective. It offers a “solution focused” approach, which uses the existing skills and coping strategies of people with Asperger Syndrome to help them reach their goals. The authors describe the origins of the solution focused approach and discuss how it can be used to support individuals on the autistic spectrum. Complemented by case study examples and practical worksheets and tools, the book treats people with Asperger Syndrome as individuals aside from the “problem” or “disordered” aspects of autism.  This empowering book will be of interest to people who are affected by Asperger Syndrome and autism, as well as professionals working with people on the spectrum. E. Veronica Bliss has over 20 years’ experience working as a psychologist with individuals on the autistic spectrum. Genevieve Edmonds provides talks, training and support in the field of autism. October 2007 160 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84310-513-6 / 978-1-84310-513-8 Paperback original $21.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  Asperger Syndrome – A Love Story Sarah Hendrickx and Keith Newton Foreword by Tony Attwood I have worked with couples where one is affected by Asperger syndrome for over ten years; reading this book was like being an observer of a world I am very familiar with. Any woman who has loved a man with Asperger syndrome will relate to this book and find her own experiences totally validated. This book offers hope and encouragement to both partners in an Asperger relationship; it is realistic, unbiased and heartwarming. I recommend this book to all who wish to develop an understanding of the effect that both having and living with Asperger syndrome can have upon a relationship.  Sarah Hendrickx and Keith Newton met in 2004. They have been together in some form or another ever since. Keith works with computers; Sarah works with people (adults with Asperger Syndrome). They give talks and support to professionals and people interested in Asperger Syndrome relationships and live in south-east England.  – Maxine Aston, author of Aspergers in Love and The Other Half of Asperger Syndrome  JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  July 2007 176 pages, 9.2 x 6.2” 1-84310-540-3 / 978-1-84310-540-4 Paperback original $21.95  Integrated Yoga  Yoga with a Sensory Integrative Approach Nicole Cuomo Practicing yoga involves being calm and focussed and having heightened awareness of the body’s functions and movements. For children with sensory processing needs – who either have low sensory thresholds and are overwhelmed by sensory stimulation, or have high thresholds and do not register stimulation – yoga can be hugely beneficial. This book presents easy-to-follow basic postures and sequences for children of different ages. Nicole Cuomo gives practical advice on choosing appropriate sequences according to the child’s particular needs and mood, and includes photographs of each posture to supplement her descriptions.  20  This practical book provides a wealth of ideas for therapists, educators, and parents to help their children with sensory processing needs. Nicole Cuomo has been a pediatric occupational therapist for over 15 years and a yoga practitioner for over 20 years. July 2007 64 pages, 57 b/w illustrations, 6 x 9” 1-84310-862-3 / 978-1-84310-862-7 Paperback original $19.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  www.ubcpress.ca  HEALTH Inside Anorexia  Bringing together Stories from Sufferers, Families and Research Christine Halse, Anne Honey, and Desiree Boughtwood Anorexia Nervosa takes diverse forms, and a one-size-fits-all approach is inadequate for managing this complex condition. Inside Anorexia describes the different experiences and challenges that teenage girls with anorexia and their families face. It demonstrates that the starting point for understanding anorexia must be the unique stories of individuals and their families. Structured around real-life accounts, the book provides a valuable insight into the lived experience of girls with anorexia and those who care about them. Useful fact boxes in each story provide an overview of current  knowledge from a variety of disciplines as well as new findings from the authors’ own research into anorexia nervosa. Dr Christine Halse is an associate professor of education at the University of Western Sydney, Australia. October 2007 224 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84310-597-7 / 978-1-84310-597-8 New in paper $22.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  A Personal Guide to Living with Progressive Memory Loss Sandy Burgener and Prudence Twigg This practical guide, written specifically for sufferers of progressive memory loss such as Alzheimer’s dementia, covers important issues such as accepting a diagnosis of dementia; therapeutic interventions and coping strategies for managing the effects of memory loss, including role changes, stigma, therapeutic activities, and independent functioning; health and medication management; and maintenance of personhood and self-esteem. The advice is supported by case studies that demonstrate how the suggested interventions and management strategies have led to positive outcomes.  Sandy Burgener is a certified Gerontological Nurse Practitioner with a clinical and research focus on increasing quality of life for persons with progressive memory loss or dementia. Prudence Twigg is a visiting lecturer at Indiana University School of Nursing. September 2007 160 pages, 9 x 6” 1-84310-863-1 / 978-1-84310-863-4 Paperback original $22.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  Bully Blocking  How to Help Children who are Teased or Bullied, revised edition Evelyn M. Field This book offers self-help interventions and wide-ranging, practical discussion of the types of professional help available for young people with emotional and behavioral problems.  their child. Various kinds of professional interventions are discussed, including psychological treatment, psychiatric medications, and complementary and alternative therapies.  Kenneth Talan covers topics similar to those that would be discussed during a consultation with a child psychiatrist. He offers practical guidance to help parents understand their child’s problems and distinguish between normal disruption and behavior that warrants professional treatment. The book also includes useful information for those parents who are considering, seeking, or already involved with professional help for  Kenneth H. Talan has served for over 20 years as a psychiatric consultant about troubled children to teachers, psychologists, counselors, and administrative staff.  www.ubcpress.ca  November 2007 256 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84310-870-4 / 978-1-84310-870-2 Paperback original $28.95 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  21  Recent & Noteworthy Capitalism as if the World Matters Revised Edition Jonathon Porritt One of the most prominent voices promoting green issues over the last 25 years.  How to Live a LowCarbon Life The Individual’s Guide to Stopping Climate Change Chris Goodall  – Financial Times  Valuable ammunition for those who want to do something about global warming. The carbon-aware future is coming. Goodall [and his colleagues] are the pioneers, and are doing a good job of taking us with them.  October 2007 224 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84407-193-6 / 978-184407-193-7 New in paper $39.95  2007, 320 pages, 6.7 x 8.5” 1-84407-426-9 / 978-1-84407-426-6 Paper $29.95  – Tony Blair A message that businesses may find they are surprised to agree with.  – Guardian [UK]  EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS  EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS  Eau Canada  Voluntary Carbon Markets  The Future of Canada’s Water Edited by Karen Bakker Without the knowledge contained in this book, we could lose the right to control our water in an increasingly thirsty world. – Maude Barlow, National Chairperson, Council of Canadians 2007, 440 pages, 6 x 9” 25 b/w photos, 2 maps 0-7748-1340-7 / 978-0-7748-1340-2 Paper $29.95 UBC PRESS  An International Business Guide to What They Are and How They Work Ricardo Bayon, Amanda Hawn, and Katherine Hamilton Describes a remarkable area of innovation in the fight to control global warming. – from the Foreword by Al Gore 2007, 192 pages, 6 x 9” 1-84407-417-X / 978-1-84407-417-X Cloth $49.95 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS  The Legacy Tradition and Innovation in Northwest Coast Indian Art Peter L. Macnair, Alan L. Hoover, and Kevin Neary This classic, delightful, and informative guide to continuing First Nations artistic and cultural traditions is back in print. 2006, 196 pages, 9 x 9” 110 colour and 160 b/w photos 0-7726-5609-6 / 978-0-7726-5609-4 Paper $36.95 ROYAL BRITISH COLUMBIA MUSEUM  First Nations of British Columbia An Anthropological Survey Second edition Robert J. Muckle A concise and accessible overview of First Nations peoples, cultures, and issues in the province. This fully revised edition familiarizes readers with the history, diversity, and complexity of First Nations. 2006, 168 pages, 5.5 x 8.5” 31 b/w photos, 3 maps 0-7748-1349-0 / 978-0-7748-1349-5 Paper $19.95 UBC PRESS  22  www.ubcpress.ca  NEW SCHOLARLY PAPERBACKS  Canada and the British World  Culture, Migration, and Identity Edited by Phillip Buckner and R. Douglas Francis  Historicizing Canadian Anthropology  Nutrition Policy in Canada, 1870-1939  Edited by Julia Harrison and Regna Darnell  Examines the beginnings and early evolution of nutrition policy in Canada.  An examination of Canada’s relationship to British culture in the decades after World War II.  This comprehensive history of Canadian anthropology ... will form the foundation for future developments in the field.  0-7748-1306-7 / 978-07748-1306-8 New in paper $34.95  – Richard Preston, author of Cree Narrative  Critical Policy Studies  0-7748-1273-7 / 978-0-7748-1273-3 New in paper $34.95  Edited by Michael Orsini and Miriam Smith Critical Policy Studies is, quite simply, a breath of fresh air. It is a timely intervention into the study of public policy in Canada that covers important substantive ground and raises critical questions. – Leah Vosko, editor of Precarious Employment 0-7748-1318-0 / 978-0-7748-1318-1 New in paper $29.95  Development’s Displacements  Economies, Ecologies, and Cultures at Risk Edited by Peter Vandergeest, Pablo Idahosa, and Pablo S. Bose This collection examines the crisis of development refugees – people forced to relocate because of development. 0-7748-1206-0 / 978-0-7748-1206-1 New in paper $34.95  www.ubcpress.ca  International Ecopolitical Theory Critical Approaches  Edited by Eric Laferrière and Peter Stoett An invaluable overview of the main critical strands of theory in global environmental politics. 0-7748-1322-9 / 978-0-7748-1322-8 New in paper $29.95  Misrecognized Materialists  Social Movements in Canadian Constitutional Politics Matt James Matt James does much to illuminate – and legitimate – the complex cases that social movement organizations have made on behalf of social esteem and social justice.  Aleck Samuel Ostry  0-7748-1328-8 / 978-0-7748-1328-0 New in paper $34.95  Social Capital, Diversity, and the Welfare State Edited by Fiona Kay and Richard Johnston A collection examining the diverse meanings, causes, and consequences of social capital. 0-7748-1310-5 / 978-0-7748-1310-5 New in paper $34.95  EQUALITY | SECURITY | COMMUNITY SERIES  Supporting Indigenous Children’s Development Community-University Partnerships  Jessica Ball and Alan Pence  Tibet and Nationalist China’s Frontier Intrigues and Ethnopolitics, 1928-1949 Hsiao-ting Lin A powerful revisionist study of the Sino-Tibetan relations during the first half of the twentieth century. – Uradyn Bulag, author of The Mongols at China’s Edge 0-7748-1302-4 / 978-0-7748-1302-0 New in paper $32.95  CONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIES SERIES  Teachers’ Schools and the Making of the Modern Chinese Nation-State, 18971937 Xiaoping Cong An innovative account of educational and social transformations in politically tumultuous early 20th-century China. 0-7748-1348-2 / 978-0-7748-1348-8 New in paper $32.95  CONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIES SERIES  Tells the story of an innovative curriculum that fosters community-based, face-to-face learning. 0-7748-1231-1 / 978-0-7748-1231-3 New in paper $34.95  – David Laycock, editor of Representation and Democratic Theory 0-7748-1169-2 / 978-0-7748-1169-9 New in paper $29.95  23  NEW SCHOLARLY CLOTH  Adaptive CoManagement  Creating Postwar Canada  Derek Armitage, Nancy Doubleday, and Fikret Berkes  Edited by Magda Fahrni and Robert Rutherdale  Introduces key concepts and tools in the emerging field of adaptive co-management.  Essays on Canada’s complex postwar history.  0-7748-1382-2 / 978-0-7748-1382-2  Collaboration, Learning, and Multi-Level Governance  New in cloth $90.00 OCTOBER  At the Far Reaches of Empire  The Life of Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra Freeman M. Tovell A biography of Bodega y Quadra, 17th century voyager to the Northwest Coast. 0-7748-1366-0 / 978-0-7748-1366-2  New in cloth $85.00 NOVEMBER  Awful Splendour  A Fire History of Canada Stephen J. Pyne This grand history of fire and people tells the story of a defining element in Canadian life. 0-7748-1391-1 / 978-0-7748-1391-4  New in cloth $85.00 OCTOBER  NATURE | HISTORY | SOCIETY SERIES  Bringing the Passions Back In The Emotions in Political Philosophy  Edited by Rebecca Kingston and Leonard Ferry  Community, Diversity, and Dissent, 1945-75  Canadian Nurses at the North China Mission, 1888-1947  Indigenous Storywork Educating the Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul  Sonya Grypma  Jo-ann Archibald  Offers a new perspective on Canadian nursing missions in China and the globalization of professional nursing.  A tapestry of teachings, stories, and practices about Indigenous meaning-making, knowledge, and methodology.  0-7748-1384-9 / 978-0-7748-1384-6  0-7748-1399-7 / 978-0-7748-1399-0  New in cloth $90.00 DECEMBER  New in cloth $85.00 DECEMBER  Criminal Artefacts  Hiroshima Immigrants in Canada, 1891-1941  Dawn Moore  Michiko Midge Ayukawa  Kiumajut (Talking Back)  Examines the idea of the criminal drug user and interrogates its role in explanations of crime.  A social history of people from Hiroshima prefecture who began to migrate to Canada in the late nineteenth century.  Peter Kulchyski and Frank Tester  Governing Drugs and Users  0-7748-1395-4 / 978-0-7748-1395-2  New in cloth $85.00 SEPTEMBER LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES  Defining Harm  Religious Freedom and the Limits of the Law Lori G. Beaman  0-7748-1431-4 / 978-0-7748-1431-7  New in cloth $85.00 DECEMBER  Hunting for Empire  Narratives of Sport in Rupert’s Land, 1840-70  Greg Gillespie  0-7748-1401-2 / 978-0-7748-1401-0  New in cloth $85.00 DECEMBER  Game Management and Inuit Rights, 1950-70  A close look at Inuit relations with the Canadian state over game management. 0-7748-1241-9 / 978-0-7748-1241-2  New in cloth $85.00 SEPTEMBER  Let Right Be Done  The story of one young woman’s legal battle to control her own medical treatment.  A history of big-game hunting, travel writing, and imperialism in Rupert’s Land.  Aboriginal Title, the CALDER Case, and the Future of Indigenous Rights  0-7748-1429-2 / 978-0-7748-1429-4  0-7748-1354-7 / 978-0-7748-1354-9  New in cloth $85.00 DECEMBER  New in cloth $85.00 OCTOBER  LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES  NATURE | HISTORY | SOCIETY SERIES  Edited by Hamar Foster, Heather Raven, and Jeremy Webber  Farming in a Changing Climate  In Search of Canadian Political Culture  Agricultural Adaptation in Canada  Edited by Ellen Wall, Barry Smit, and Johanna Wandel  An anthology on the place of emotions in political theory.  Surveys what we know and need to know about climate change and agriculture in Canada.  0-7748-1409-8 / 978-0-7748-1409-6  0-7748-1393-8 / 978-0-7748-1393-8  New in cloth $85.00 DECEMBER  Healing Henan  Nelson Wiseman A reflective inquiry into the character of Canadian political culture.  An examination of the Supreme Court of Canada’s Calder decision. 0-7748-1403-9 / 978-0-7748-1403-4  New in cloth $90.00 NOVEMBER LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES  0-7748-1388-1 / 978-0-7748-1388-4  New in cloth $85.00 SEPTEMBER  New in cloth $85.00 OCTOBER  SUSTAINABILITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT  24  www.ubcpress.ca  NEW SCHOLARLY CLOTH  Makúk  A New History of AboriginalWhite Relations John Sutton Lutz An examination of aboriginal people’s involvement in and displacement from the BC economy.  New Histories for Old Changing Perspectives on Canada’s Native Pasts  Edited by Ted Binnema and Susan Neylan A collection of original essays on Canada’s aboriginal history.  0-7748-1139-0 / 978-0-7748-1139-2  0-7748-1413-6 / 978-0-7748-1413-3  New in cloth $85.00 SEPTEMBER  New in cloth $85.00 NOVEMBER  Multiculturalism and the Canadian Constitution  The New Lawyer  Edited by Stephen Tierney Essays on the evolution of multiculturalism in the constitution of Canada. 0-7748-1445-4 / 978-0-7748-1445-4  New in cloth $85.00 DECEMBER  Navigating Neoliberalism  Self-Determination and the Mikisew Cree First Nation Gabrielle Slowey Looks at one First Nation’s response to contemporary political and economic challenges. 0-7748-1405-5 / 978-0-7748-1405-8  New in cloth $85.00 DECEMBER  Negotiating Responsibility  Law, Murder, and States of Mind Kimberley White Examines the insanity defence and the role of psychiatric expertise in the courts. 0-7748-1276-1 / 978-0-7748-1276-4  New in cloth $85.00 OCTOBER LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES  www.ubcpress.ca  Julie Macfarlane A look at recent changes in the practice of law in Canada and the US. 0-7748-1435-7 / 978-0-7748-1435-5  New in cloth $85.00 DECEMBER LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES  No Place to Go  Local Histories of the Battered Women’s Shelter Movement Nancy Janovicek This history of the battered women’s shelter movement examines the women’s activism against violence in small cities and rural communities. 0-7748-1421-7 / 978-0-7748-1421-8  New in cloth $85.00 OCTOBER  An Officer and a Lady  Canadian Military Nursing and the Second World War Cynthia Toman Reveals the experiences and everyday work of enlisted Canadian nurses during the World War II. 0-7748-1447-0 / 978-0-7748-1447-8  New in cloth $85.00 NOVEMBER STUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORY  Organizing the Transnational  Labour, Politics, and Social Change Edited by Luin Goldring and Sailaja Krishnamurti A collection of essays on Asian and Latin American transnational communities. 0-7748-1407-1 / 978-0-7748-1407-2  New in cloth $85.00 NOVEMBER  Political Culture in Nunavut Ailsa Henderson The first book ever published on Nunavut politics. 0-7748-1423-3 / 978-0-7748-1423-2  New in cloth $85.00 DECEMBER  Reaction and Resistance Feminism, Law, and Social Change  Edited by Dorothy E. Chunn, Susan B. Boyd, and Hester Lessard A critical interrogation of the idea of “backlash” in depictions of feminism. 0-7748-1411-X / 978-0-7748-1411-9  New in cloth $85.00 OCTOBER LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES  Village China at War  The Impact of Resistance to Japan, 1937-1945 Dagfinn Gatu A study of the forging of Chinese communism in the context of the anti-Japanese war. 0-7748-1457-8 / 978-0-7748-1457-7  New in cloth $85.00 SEPTEMBER  Voices Raised in Protest Defending North American Citizens of Japanese Ancestry, 1942-49 Stephanie Bangarth A comparative review of wartime policies and postwar developments concerning the Japanese in North America. 0-7748-1415-2 / 978-0-7748-1415-7  New in cloth $85.00 NOVEMBER  Working Girls in the West  Representations of WageEarning Women in Western Canada Lindsey McMaster An examination of early debates about women’s entry into the paid workforce. 0-7748-1455-1 / 978-0-7748-1455-3  New in cloth $85.00 NOVEMBER  Taking the Air  Ideas and Change in Canada’s National Parks Paul Kopas A critical study of the history of environmental policy making in Canada’s national parks. 0-7748-1329-6 / 978-0-7748-1329-7  New in cloth $85.00 DECEMBER  25  ENVIRONMENT BACKLIST  Animals, Ethics, and Trade The Challenge of Animal Sentience Jacky Turner and Joyce D’Silva 2006, pb $29.95 1-84407-255-X 978-1-84407-255-2 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS  Bioregionalism and Civil Society Mike Carr 2004, pb $32.95 0-7748-0945-0 978-0-7748-0945-0 UBC PRESS  The Business Guide to Sustainability Practical Strategies and Tools for Organizations Darcy Hitchcock and Marsha Willard 2006, pb $49.95 1-84407-320-3 978-1-84407-320-7 EARTHSCAN PUBLISHERS  Cold, Clear, and Deadly Unravelling a Toxic Legacy Melvin J. 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Boyd 2003, pb $29.95 0-7748-1049-1 978-0-7748-1049-4 UBC PRESS  26  www.ubcpress.ca  HEALTH / AUTISM BACKLIST  All Cats Have Asperger’s Syndrome Kathy Hoopmann 2006, pb $16.95 1-84310-481-4 978-1-84310-481-0 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  Asperger’s Syndrome A Guide for Parents and Professionals Tony Attwood 1998, pb $24.95 1-85302-577-1 978-1-85302-577-8 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  Asperger’s Syndrome and Sexuality From Adolescence through Adulthood Isabelle Hénault 2004, pb $29.95 1-84310-189-0 978-1-84310-189-5 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome Tony Attwood 2006, pb $34.95 1-84310-495-4 978-1-84310-495-7 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  Different Croaks for Different Folks All About Children with Special Learning Needs Midori Ochiai 2005, pb $19.95 1-84310-392-3 978-1-84310-392-9 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  Different Like Me My Book of Autism Heroes Jennifer Elder 2005, pb $19.95 1-84310-815-1 978-1-84310-815-3 JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS  Different Minds Gifted Children with AD HD, Asperger Syndrome, and Other Learning Deficits Deirdre V. 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Good Citizens? 32 Good Intentions Gone Awry 28 Great Blue Heron 26 Haida Monumental Art 29 Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy 28 Healing Henan 24 Heiress vs The Establishment 28 Help Your Child or Adolescent Get Back On Track 18 “Here Is Hell” 4 Hey Kids! You’re Cookin’ Now! 14 Hiroshima Immigrants in Canada, 1891-1941 24  Hughes, Nancy L. 30 Idahosa, Pablo 23 Irwin-Zarecka, Iwona 15 Jackson, Luke 27 James, Matt 23 Janovicek, Nancy 25 Jeffrey, Leslie Ann 7 Jiwani, Yasmin 31 Johnston, Richard 23 Jojola, Ted 5 Jones, William P. 17 Kahn, Miriam 33 Katz, James E. 32 Kay, Fiona 23 Keddie, Grant 29 Kernerman, Gerald 31 Keshen, Jeffrey A. 28 Kingston, Rebecca 24 Kluckner, Michael 3 Kopas, Paul 25 Krishnamurti, Sailaja 25 Kulchyski, Peter 24 Kutscher, Martin L. 27 Lackenbauer, P. Whitney 4 Lacy, Amber 5 Laferrière, Eric 23 Lambert, Philip 30 Landry, Charles 6, 32 Lang, Tim 26 Layman, William D. 26 Leiper, Jean McKenzie 7 Lessard, Hester 25 Li, Xiaoping 16 Lin, Hsiao-ting 23 Linstroth, Tommy 13  Historicizing Canadian Anthropology 23 How It Is 5 How to Find Work that Works for People with Asperger Syndrome 27 How to Live a Low-Carbon Life 22 How to Live Longer and Feel Better 32 How to Live with Autism 27 Howard Zinn on Democratic Education 31 Hunting for Empire 24 Implausible Beliefs in the Bible, Astrology, and UFOs 15 In Search of Canadian Political Culture 24 Indigenous Storywork 24 Inside Anorexia 21 Integrated Yoga 20 Intercultural City 6 International Ecopolitical Theory 23 Invasive Species in the Pacific Northwest 30 Journey Into Islam 10 Journey to the Ice Age 32 Keeping It Living 30 Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Asperger’s, Tourette’s, Bipolar, & More! 27 Kiumajut (Talking Back) 24  www.ubcpress.ca  INDEX Loo, Tina 26 Lovecky, Deirdre V. 27 Lutz, John Sutton 25 Lynch, Wayne 1 MacDonald, Gayle 7 MacDonald, George F. 29 MacDonald, Robert A.J. 28 Macdonald, Scott B. 33 Macedo, Donald 31 Macfarlane, Julie 25 Maclachlan, Morag 28 Macnair, Peter L. 22 Mamen, Maggie 19 Manore, Jean L. 2 Marles, Robin J. 30 Mason, Colin 26 Masuda, Hana 16 Masuda, Minoru 16 Matsuda, Brent M. 30 Maxwell-Stuart, P.G. 32 Mayne, Richard O. 4 Mazur, Allan 15 McCourt, Frank 15 McGhee, Robert 29 McGillivray, Brett 26 McHutchison, Meg 29 McKelvey, Robert S. 33 McMaster, Lindsey 25 Mestrovic, S.G. 31 Miner, Dale G. 2 Mitchell, Barbara A. 32 Montaner, Carlos Alberto 9 Moore, Dawn 24 Moore, Kathleen Dean 5 Moray, Gerta 33 Morgan, Murray 6 Morton, Desmond 28 Muckle, Robert J. 22  Land Snails of BC 30 Last Word 32 Legacy 22 Legends of Our Times 29 Let Right Be Done 24 Letters from Lexington 31 Letters from the 442nd 16 Life Lived Like a Story 29 Living Sensationally 19 Local Action 13 Love in Good Time 32 Magic in the Air 32 Making Native Space 29 Making Vancouver 28 Makúk 25 Malleus Maleficarum 32 Mapmaker’s Eye 32 Misrecognized Materialists 23 Multicultural Nationalism 31 Multiculturalism and the Canadian Constitution 25 Murdering Holiness 28 Native Seattle 5 Navigating Neoliberalism 25 Negotiating Responsibility 25 New England Summertime Cooking 14 New England Winterfare Cooking 14 New Histories for Old 25 New Lawyer 25 Nikolai’s Fortune 32 Ninstints 29 No Place to Go 25 Northern Exposures 28 Nutrition Policy in Canada, 18701939 23  www.ubcpress.ca  Nabhan, Gary Paul 30 Nagorsen, David W. 30 Naseef, Robert A. 27 Neary, Kevin 22 Newton, Keith 20 Neylan, Susan 25 Nisbet, Jack 32 Nixon, Wendy A. 30 Ochiai, Midori 27 Ormsby, Margaret A. 28 Orsini, Michael 23 Ostry, Aleck Samuel 23 Patullo, Polly 32 Pauling, Linus 32 Pence, Alan 23 Peters, Kurt 5 Phillips, Jim 28 Porritt, Jonathon 22 Pratt, Dianne 14 Preece, Rod 32 Pretty, Jules 12, 26 Pritchard, Charles L. 10 Punter, John 33 Pyne, Stephen J. 24, 26 Raglon, Rebecca 26 Rajotte, Tasmin 13 Raven, Heather 24 Reebye, Pratibha 19 Reid, Martine 29 Robson, Claire 32 Roche, Judith 29 Rosenau, James N. 11 Roy, Patricia E. 28 Ruff, Sue 30 Rutherdale, Robert 24  Officer and a Lady 25 Organizing the Transnational 25 Oriental Question 28 Orphan Tsunami 33 Our Box Was Full 29 Our Tellings 29 Owls of the United States and Canada 1 Pacific Voices 33 Paddling to Where I Stand 29 Pedagogy of Indignation 31 People Count! 11 Perilous Power 31 Personal Guide to Living with Progressive Memory Loss 21 Personal Hygiene? 27 Personal Information Management 17 Pesticide Detox 26 Pioneer Gentlewoman in British Columbia 28 Plant Technology of First Peoples of British Columbia 30 Playing With Fish 33 Political Culture in Nunavut 25 Political Parties 31 Pretending to be Normal 27 Race and the City 6 Reaction and Resistance 25 Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision 29 Regulation Disorders of Sensory Processing in Children 19 Renewing Salmon Nation’s Food Traditions 30 Rethinking Domestic Violence 33 River of Memory 26  Sandilands, Al 1 Sandilands, Catriona 26 Sauvageau, Florian 32 Scheer, Hermann 26 Schneiderman, David 32 Sewid-Smith, Daisy 29 Sherwood, Jay 3 Shorett, Alice 6 Sinclair, Pamela H. 30 Slowey, Gabrielle 25 Smit, Barry 24 Smith, Jackie 11 Smith, Miriam 23 Spencer, Metta 33 Stalker, Aileen 19 Stebbins, Robert A. 33 Stoett, Peter 23 Storck, Peter L. 32 Talan, Kenneth 18 Tansey, Geoff 13 Teevan, Jaime 17 Tepper, Leslie 29 Tester, Frank 24 Thornton, Thomas F. 5 Thrush, Coll 5 Tierney, Stephen 25 Toman, Cynthia 25 Torvik, Solveig 32 Tovell, Freeman M. 24 Tréhin, Gilles 33 Turner, Jacky 26 Turner, Nancy J. 30 Twigg, Prudence 21  Walker, Stuart 33 Wall, Ellen 24 Wandel, Johanna 24 Webber, Jeremy 24 White, Kimberley 25 Willard, Marsha 26 Willey, Liane Holliday 27 Williams, Chris 27 Wilson, Don E. 30 Wilson, John K. 9 Winter, Janet 14 Wiseman, Nelson 24 Wolfe, Robert J. 33 Wood, Phil 6 Wright, Barry 27 Wright-McLeod, Brian 32 Yapko, Diane 27 Younger, Erin 33 Yung, Judy 16 Zayani, Mohamed 32 Zinn, Howard 31  Vance, Jonathan 28 Vandergeest, Peter 23 Visser, Melvin J. 26  Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers 28 Scottish Family Tree Detective 33 Sea Cucumbers of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska, & Puget Sound 30 Sea Stars of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska, and Puget Sound 30 Self-Determined Future with Asperger Syndrome 20 Separating Fools from their Money 33 Serious Leisure 33 Sex Workers in the Maritimes Talk Back 7 Shattered Lives 27 Short History of the Future 26 Smithsonian Book of North American Mammals 30 Social Capital, Diversity, and the Welfare State 23 Social Life of Stories 29 Soldiers’ General 28 Songhees Pictorial 29 Soul of the City 6 Spy Satellites 33 States of Nature 26 Stormy Weather 31 Story of Modern Skiing 33 Suiting Themselves 26 Supporting Indigenous Children’s Development 23 Surveying Central British Columbia 3 Survival Strategies for people on the Autism Spectrum 27 Surviving the Century 12 Sustainable by Design 33 Taking the Air 25 Tales of Two Cities 31 Teachers’ Schools and the Making of the Modern Chinese Nation State, 1897-1937 23  This Blessed Wilderness 28 This Elusive Land 26 Tibet and Nationalist China’s Frontier 23 Totem Poles 29 Trading Nation 33 Transients 30 Trees and Shrubs of British Columbia 30 Trials of Abu Ghraib 31 Tsawalk 29 Two Aspirins and a Comedy 33 Undelivered Lettersto Hudson’s Bay Company Men on the Northwest Coast... 28 Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders 27 Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disabilities 19 University in Chains 8 Unnatural Law 26 Unsettling Encounters 33 Upbeat! 15 Urville 33 Vancouver Achievement 33 Vancouver Short Stories 33 Vanishing British Columbia 3 Village China at War 25 Voices from the Spectrum 27 Voices Raised in Protest 25 Voices Rising 16 Voluntary Carbon Markets 22 When a Child Dies 33 When Coal Was King 28 Wild Flowers 33 Will of His Own 18 Working Girls in the West 25  35  ORDERING & CONTACT INFORMATION CONTACTS  The University of British Columbia 2029 West Mall Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2 Canada Phone: Fax: E-mail:  604.822.5959 1.800.668.0821 or 604.822.6083 info@ubcpress.ca  Examination Copies: Elizabeth Whitton, Academic Marketing Manager Phone: 604.822.8226 or 1.877.377.9378 E-mail: whitton@ubcpress.ca Review Copies: Please submit review requests on letterhead to Kerry Kilmartin, Reviews Coordinator Fax: 604.822.6083  ORDERS – Canada  ORDERS – USA  Until September 30, 2007, please submit your orders to:  University of Washington Press P.O. 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