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1Hidden AgendasHow Journalists Influence the NewsIn our news-hungry society, where CNN is considered a stapleof primetime viewing, journalists have become celebrities andoften, political proxies. To a large degree, our world is shapedby their commentaries on everything from war to health careto trade. Hidden Agendas: How Journalists Influence the Newsis a no-holds-barred expos? of how the opinions of reportersdecidedly shape the information that we consider news.Focusing primarily on the political orientation of journalists,Miljan and Cooper investigate the link between what journalistsbelieve about politics and how they report political issues. Usingdata gathered from interviews with over 800 Canadians andsome 270 journalists, the authors compare how the attitudesof journalists differ from those of the general population, andhow the journalists? opinions influence the daily news. Byexamining the way they respond to questions on the economy,social issues, and national unity, and comparing these re-sponses with how the stories were reported in Canadian newsoutlets, the book arrives at the controversial conclusion thatjournalists, more so than the owners of the media, are thearchitects of the news, engineering not only its drama, but alsoits ideological thrust.A must-read for anyone interested in politics and the media, thisbook will appeal to journalists, politicians, academics, and allCanadians who are concerned about the hidden agendas of themen and women who bring us the news.Lydia Miljan and Barry Cooper are both professors of politicalscience. They teach at the University of Windsor and the Universityof Calgary, respectively.SEPTEMBER188 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1019-Xpb $24.95ISBN 0-7748-1020-3Communications/Media Studies/Current Events?[The media] seem to be nothing in themselves, and often say that they merely report what goes on.  In truth, theydo nothing on their own; they act in the manner of a compassionate passerby who sees an accident in the street andrushes to see if someone else can be of any assistance. But the media greatly affect how we regard government.?? Harvey Mansfield, Jr.Lydia Miljan and Barry CooperUBC PRESSWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/CURRENTEVENTS2 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Unnatural LawRethinking Canadian EnvironmentalLaw and PolicyWhile governments assert that Canada is aworld leader in sustainability, Unnatural Lawprovides extensive evidence to refute thisclaim. A comprehensive assessment of thestrengths and weaknesses of Canadianenvironmental law, the book provides abalanced, critical examination of Canada?srecord, focusing on laws and policies intendedto protect water, air, land, and biodiversity.Three decades of environmental laws haveproduced progress in a number of importantareas, such as ozone depletion, protectedareas, and some kinds of air and waterpollution. However, Canada?s overall recordremains poor. In this vital and timely study,David Boyd explores the reasons why somelaws and policies foster progress while othersfail. He ultimately concludes that the rootcause of environmental degradation in industri-alized nations is excessive consumption ofDavid R. BoydSEPTEMBER416 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00ISBN 0-7748-1048-3pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-1049-1Current Events/Law/Policy StudiesLAW AND SOCIETY SERIESRECENTLY RELEASEDTerrence Sullivan andPatricia M. BaranekFirst Do No HarmMaking Sense of CanadianHealth ReformIs there a crisis in Canadian health care? Whilethe establishment of the Canadian health caresystem is widely considered a triumph ofcitizenship, after four decades the nationalprogram is in a fragile state marked by decliningpublic confidence. In First Do No Harm, Sullivanand Baranek provide a concise introduction tothe fundamentals of health care in Canada andexamine various ideas for reforming the systemsensibly. Arguing that administrators and policymakers should follow Hippocrates? dictum ?firstdo no harm? when evaluating and reforming theCanadian health care system, the authorsdiscuss health care financing, popular Canadianhealth care myths, waiting lists and emergencyroom overcrowding, and home- and community-based health care. An accessible introductionto the issue, this book is an invaluable invitationto Canadians to think carefully and creativelyabout the present and future of our health caresystem.Terrence Sullivan is a professor in the Depart-ments of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation,and Public Health Sciences at the University ofToronto. Patricia M. Baranek is an independenthealth services research consultant.2002208 pages, 6 x 9?pb $14.95ISBN 0-7748-1016-5Current Events/Policy Studies/Health?David Boyd?s monumental workreveals the fatal weakness of thepatchwork quilt of legislation thatresults because laws are invariablycobbled together when environmen-tal crises are encountered ratherthan attempting to avoid such crisesin advance ... He reminds us that asbiological creatures, we requireclean air, water, soil, energy, andbiodiversity and once that isacknowledged, the path of legisla-tion is obvious: to protect thoseneeds for all life above anythingelse. That would be legislation forgenuine sustainability.?? David Suzukiresources. Unnatural Law outlines the innova-tive changes in laws and policies that Canadamust implement in order to respond to theecological imperative of living within the Earth?slimits.The struggle for a sustainable future is one ofthe most daunting challenges facing humanityin the twenty-first century. Everyone ? academ-ics, lawyers, students, policy makers, andconcerned citizens ? interested in the healthof the Canadian and global environments willfind Unnatural Law an invaluable source ofinformation and insight.David R. Boyd is an environmental lawyer,professor, and former executive director of theSierra Legal Defence Fund. He is the editor ofNorthern Wild: Best Contemporary Canadian NatureWriting and lives on Pender Island, BC.UBC PRESSWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LAW ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HEALTH3Murdering HolinessThe Trials of Franz Creffield and George MitchellJim Phillips and Rosemary GartnerSalvation. Seduction. Revenge. All play a role in this captivatingexporation of the ?Holy Roller? sect led by Franz Creffield in theearly years of the twentieth century. Creffield, a charismatic,self-styled messiah, taught his followers to forsake the worldli-ness of material goods and their families and seek only salva-tion. As his teachings became more extreme, the local commu-nity reacted by tarring and feathering him and incarcerating hismainly female followers in an asylum and other institutions.Creffield himself was imprisoned after a conviction for adultery,but revived the sect shortly after his release.George Mitchell, the brother of two of Creffield?s female follow-ers, pursued him to Seattle and shot him dead. In a trial thatmade headlines across the United States, Mitchell was acquit-ted, ostensibly on the basis of insanity but in reality due to the?unwritten law? that justified killing in defence of a femalerelative who had been sexually ?wronged.? Mitchell himself wasthen murdered two days after his acquittal by his own sister,Esther, whom he had claimed to be defending. In a final twist tothis gripping story, Esther did not stand trial for the murder ofher brother but was placed in the asylum, ultimately taking herown life by poison a few years later.In this fascinating story, Phillips and Gartner explore the rela-tionships among formal and informal law, gender relations, andreligious repression. Murdering Holiness will appeal to thosewith an interest in crime and punishment, as well as readers ofPacific Northwest history.Jim Phillips is a professor at the Centre of Criminology andFaculty of Law at the University of Toronto. Rosemary Gartneris a professor of criminology and sociology at the University ofToronto.SEPTEMBER352 pages est., 6 x 9?25 photos, 2 mapshc $45.00ISBN 0-7748-0906-XHistory/Law/Gender StudiesLAW AND SOCIETY SERIESUBC PRESSWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LAW4 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477JULY272 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95ISBN 0-7748-0978-7Anthropology/Cultural StudiesJulia Harrison, formerlya museum curator, is anassociate professor inthe Department ofAnthropology, TrentUniversity.512 pages, 6 x 9?38 b/w photos, 4 mapspb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0974-4HistoryJudith Hudson Beattieis the former Keeper ofthe Archives at theHudson?s Bay Company.Helen M. Buss,Department of English,University of Calgary, isa literary scholar whoworks with memoirs,diaries, and letters.NOW IN PAPERBACK NOW IN PAPERBACKEdited by Judith Hudson Beattie and Helen M. BussUndelivered Letters to Hudson?s BayCompany Men on the Northwest Coastof America, 1830-57In the early nineteenth century, when theHudson?s Bay Company sent men to its furth-est posts along the coast of North America?sPacific Northwest, the letters of those whocared for those men followed them in theCompany?s supply ships. Sometimes, theseletters missed their objects - the men hadreturned to Britain, or deserted their ships,or died. The Company returned the corre-spondence to its London office and over theyears amassed a file of ?undelivered letters.?Many of these remained sealed for 150 yearsuntil they were opened by archivist JudithHudson Beattie, when the Company archiveswere moved to Canada.These letters tell the fascinating stories ofordinary people whose lives are rarely re-counted in traditional histories. Beattie andHelen M. Buss skilfully introduce us to both thelives of the letter writers and their would-berecipients. Their commentaries frame, forcontemporary readers, the words of earlynineteenth-century working- and middle-classBritish folk as well as letters to ?voyageurs?from Quebec. The stories of their lives -fathers struggling to support a family, widowedmothers yearning to see their sons, bereftsweethearts left behind, and wives raising theirchildren alone - reach out over two centuriesto offer rare insight into the varied worlds ofmen and women of the nineteenth century,many of whom became settlers in Washington,Oregon, and the new British colony of Vancou-ver Island.Julia HarrisonBeing a TouristFinding Meaning in Pleasure TravelWhat is meaningful about the experienceof travelling abroad? What feeds the impulseto explore new horizons? In Being a Tourist,Harrison analyzes her conversations with alarge group of upper-middle-class travellers.Why, she asks, do these people invest theirresources -- financial, emotional, psychologi-cal, and physical -- in this activity? Suggestingthat they are fuelled by a search for intimacyand connection, an expression of personalaesthetic, an exploration of the understandingof ?home,? and a sensemaking strategy fora globalized world, Harrison reflects on themoral and political complexities of the travelsof these people.Being a Tourist draws on a wide range ofsocial theory, going beyond current debatesof authenticity and consumption. Engaginglyand thoughtfully written, it will be welcomereading for travellers and travel writers, andanyone curious about the various faces of thetravel bug.UBC PRESSWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HISTORY WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ANTHROPOLOGY52003448 pages, 6 x 9?43 b/w illus., 17 mapshc $45.00ISBN 0-7748-1008-4Military HistoryWilliam Johnstonis Historian with theDirectorate of Historyand Heritage, NationalDefence Headquarters,Ottawa.JULY256 pages, 6 x 9?16 b/w illus.pb $24.95ISBN 0-7748-0891-8Military History/Canadian HistoryJohn Griffith Armstrongis a retired career officerwho taught history at theRoyal Military Collegeof Canada and was partof the team at theDepartment of NationalDefence?s Directorateof History that wroteVolume 3 of The OfficialHistory of the RCAF.NOW IN PAPERBACKThe Halifax Explosion of 1917 is a definingevent in the Canadian consciousness, yet ithas never been the subject of a sustainedanalytical history. Astonishingly, until now noone has consulted the large federal govern-ment archives that contain first-hand accountsof the disaster and the response of nationalauthorities.Canada?s recently established navy was at theepicentre of the crisis. Armstrong reveals thenavy?s compelling, and little-known, story bycarefully retracing the events preceding thedisaster and the role of the military in itsaftermath. He catches the pulse of disasterresponse in official Ottawa and provides acompelling analysis of the legal manoeuvres,rhetoric, blunders, public controversy, andcrisis management that ensued. His disturbingconclusion is that federal officials knew ofpotential dangers in the harbour before theexplosion, took no corrective action, and keptthe information from the public. As a result,a Halifax naval officer was made a scapegoatand the navy received lasting, and mostlyundeserved, vilification.This is a compelling read not only for militaryand naval devotees but for anyone who wantsto understand one of the events that shapedCanada in the twentieth century.The extended peace the world anticipatedfollowing the decisive Allied victory in theSecond World War was abruptly shatteredin June 1950 by the invasion of South Koreaby communist North Korea.  Responding toa United Nations call to assist the SouthKorean regime, Canada deployed an 8000-man brigade to the peninsula to fight as partof an American-led UN force.This comprehensive account of the Canadiancampaign in Korea provides the first detailedstudy of the training, leadership, operations,and tactics of the brigade under each of itsthree wartime commanders as well as itsrelationship with American and Commonwealthallies. An impeccably researched analyticalhistory, the book examines the unevenperformance of the various Canadian unitsand argues that the soldiers of the ?SpecialForce? initially sent to Korea were morethorough and professional in their operationsthan were the army?s regular battalions thateventually replaced them at the front.In this, the 50th anniversary of the armisticein Korea, the revisionist interpretations ofA War of Patrols will attract both academicand military professionals, as well as generalreaders interested in a fresh look at animportant part of Canada?s military past.The Halifax Explosionand the Royal Canadian NavyInquiry and IntrigueJohn Griffith ArmstrongSTUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORYPublished in association with theCanadian War MuseumRECENTLY RELEASEDA War of PatrolsCanadian Army Operations in KoreaWilliam JohnstonSTUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORYPublished in association with theCanadian War MuseumUBC PRESSWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/MILITARYHISTORYThe Halifax Explosionand the Royal CanadianNavy has beenshortlisted for twoAtlantic Book Awards:? The Dartmouth Non-Fiction Book Award? The John and MarySavage First BookAward6 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Birds of the YukonTerritoryEdited by Pamela H. Sinclair,Wendy A. Nixon, Cameron D.Eckert, and Nancy L. HughesDestined to become a basic reference workon the avifauna of the North, Birds of theYukon Territory is a must-have for birdenthusiasts and anyone interested in thenatural history of the Yukon and the North.Lavishly illustrated with 600 colour photo-graphs and 223 hand-drawn bird illustrations,the book presents a wealth of information onbird distribution, migration and breedingchronology, nesting behaviour, and habitatuse, and on conservation concerns.?Every aspect of the Yukon?s birdlife iscovered in this monumental book, from detailsof the birds? status and habitat, to distinctiveaspects of their behavior in the Yukon, to theirimportance in traditional cultures. It makesfascinating reading, and every page providesevidence of the uniqueness of this little-knownregion. This book fills a large gap in theliterature on North American birds.?-- David A. Sibley, author of The Sibley Guideto BirdsPamela H. Sinclair, Wendy A. Nixon, andNancy L. Hughes are biologists at the CanadianWildlife Service in Whitehorse. Cameron D.Eckert is Conservation Biologist for the Parksand Protected Areas Branch of the YukonDepartment of Environment.2003596 pages, 8 ? x 11?600 colour photos, 223 b/w illus.,235 mapshc $125.00ISBN 0-7748-1012-2Natural HistoryRECENTLY RELEASEDEdited by Jacqueline Levitin,Judith Plessis, and Valerie RaoulWomen FilmmakersRefocusingNOW IN PAPERBACKWhat difference does it make when a womanwields the camera? Women Filmmakers:Refocusing casts a critical eye on the often-overlooked work of women filmmakers. Itprovides a rich sampling of the wealth ofthought and experience of women in the filmindustry and brings together in a unique waythe views of creators and critics from aroundthe world. This wide-ranging volume includescontributions from prominent filmmakers andscholars, such as Helma Sanders Brahms,Deepa Mehta, Pratibha Parmar, Margarethevon Trotta, Ann Wheeler, and E. Ann Kaplan.Questions of history and theory, genre,creativity, funding and distribution, nationaland cultural identity, and class all come to thefore in this unparalleled contemporary studyof women?s film culture.Equally accessible to non-specialists andresearchers, this book will appeal to filmmak-ers, film studies faculty and students, filmbuffs, and those with an interest in women?sstudies and cultural studies.Jacqueline Levitin is a filmmaker who teaches inWomen?s Studies and the School for ContemporaryArts at Simon Fraser University. Judith Plessis isDirector of Language Programs and Services at theUniversity of British Columbia (UBC). Valerie Raoulis Professor of French and Women?s Studies at UBC.JULY512 pages, 6 x 9?64 b/w illus.pb $34.95ISBN 0-7748-0903-5Film/Women?s StudiesLaura C. JohnsonThe Co-WorkplaceTeleworking in theNeighbourhoodThanks to telecommunications breakthroughs,almost half of all jobs in North America andEurope could today be performed away froma traditional office. This book explores the?co-workplace,? a new type of neighbourhood-based facility offering the benefits of remotework while maintaining boundaries betweenwork and home. Drawing lessons from spacesused collaboratively by software developers,artists, lawyers, and other professionals, LauraJohnson tackles one of the central policy andplanning issues of our time.?I learned so much from this wonderful smallbook! In her fascinating and well-researchedaccount, Laura C. Johnson discusses homework in historical perspective, looks at NorthAmerican telecommuting experiences by class,gender, and household type, and exposes thepotential of architectural design to improvelive-work solutions. The Co-Workplace isessential reading for anyone contemplatingwork from home and for all architects andurban planners.?? Dolores Hayden, Yale University, author ofRedesigning the American Dream: Gender,Housing, and Family LifeLaura C. Johnson teaches at the Schoolof Planning at the University of Waterloo andis a consultant on issues of social policy.JULY160 pages, 6 x 9?figurespb $24.95ISBN 0-7748-0970-1Planning/Human ResourcesNOW IN PAPERBACKUBC PRESSWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATURALHISTORY WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/FILM WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/PLANNING7Liberalism, Nationalism,CitizenshipEssays on the Problemof Political CommunityRonald BeinerA brilliant, ambitious rethinking of thenature of political community and thechallenges to modern citizenship by oneof Canada?s foremost political scientists.JULY240 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95, ISBN 0-7748-0988-4Political ScienceGame in the GardenA Human History of Wildlifein Western Canada to 1940George W. ColpittsThis intriguing book identifies howattitudes towards wild animals shapedhistory and social relations in westernCanada.JULY216 pages, 6 x 9?, illus.pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0963-9History/Environmental Studies/CulturalStudiesParties Long EstrangedCanada and Australia in theTwentieth CenturyMargaret MacMillan and FrancineMcKenzie, eds.A comparative collection of essays thatexamine different aspects of Canadian-Australian relations throughout thetwentieth century.JULY320 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0976-0HistoryGlobalization and Well-BeingJohn F. HelliwellRenowned economist John Helliwellconsiders the implications of globaliza-tion for Canadian domestic andinternational policy, and for the well-being of Canadians and Canadiansociety.? Shortlisted for the 2002/2003 Donner PrizeJULY104 pages, 6 x 8?pb $19.95, ISBN 0-7748-0993-0Economics/Public PolicyAvoiding ArmageddonCanadian Military Strategy andNuclear Weapons, 1950-63Andrew RichterAn examination of Canadian militarythinking on key issues of the nuclearage, such as deterrence, arms control,strategic stability, air defence, and thedomestic acquisition of nuclear weapons.JULY224 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95, ISBN 0-7748-0889-6Political Science/Military HistoryA Passion for WildlifeThe History of the CanadianWildlife ServiceJ. Alexander BurnettA chronicle of the Canadian WildlifeService and the evolution of wildlifepolicy over the first 50 years of thisvenerable Canadian institution?s history.JULY346 pages, 6 x 9?, illus.pb $27.95, ISBN 0-7748-0961-2History/Natural HistoryGendering GovernmentFeminist Engagement with theState in Australia and CanadaLouise A. ChappellThis comparative study examinesfeminist engagement with a broad rangeof political institutions in Australia andCanada.JULY224 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95, ISBN 0-7748-0966-3Political Science/Gender StudiesTales of GhostsFirst Nations Art in BritishColumbia, 1922-61Ronald W. HawkerAn insightful examination of the complexfunctions of Northwest Coast art objectsproduced between 1922 and 1961, anda vital addition to First Nations andCanadian history and art history.JULY248 pages, 6 x 9?, illus.pb $27.95, ISBN 0-7748-0955-8Native Studies/Art HistorySTUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORYPublished in association with the Canadian War MuseumUBC PRESSCorporate Governancein Global Capital MarketsJanis Sarra, ed.This collection of legal essays exploresthe theoretical underpinnings of corporategovernance and provides concreteillustrations of different models and theiroutcomes.AUGUST392 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1004-1LawCollective InsecurityThe Liberian Crisis, Unilateralism,and Global OrderIkechi MgbeojiA probing analysis and critique of thehistorical dysfunction of the postcolonialAfrican state and the tragic collapse ofLiberia.AUGUST200 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $80.00, ISBN 0-7748-1036-XLaw/African StudiesLAW AND SOCIETY SERIESAboriginal ConditionsResearch as a Foundationfor Public PolicyJerry P. White, Paul S. Maxim,and Dan BeavonSocial scientists from both within andoutside of government examine howresearch can be used as a foundationfor the development of public policy.AUGUST288 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1021-1Native Studies/Public PolicyMisplaced DistrustPolicy Networks and theEnvironment in France, theUnited States, and Canada?ric MontpetitA timely comparative study of state-network interactions in agro-environmen-tal policy making in the US, Canada,and France.AUGUST168 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $75.00, ISBN 0-7748-0908-6Public Policy/Environmental StudiesNEW SCHOLARLY PAPERBACKS NEW SCHOLARLY TITLES8 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477UBC PRESSThe Oriental QuestionConsolidating a White Man?sProvince, 1914-41Patricia E. RoyA revealing history of the political andpublic opposition to Asian immigrationto British Columbia from 1914 to 1941.NOVEMBER384 pages est., 6 x 9?, illus.hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1010-6History/Asian StudiesWhen Coal Was KingLadysmith and the Coal-MiningIndustry on Vancouver IslandJohn HindeThe first scholarly history of theLadysmith miners, the Great Strikeof 1912-1914, and the coal-miningindustry on Vancouver Island.DECEMBER288 pages est., 6 x 9?, illus.hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-0935-3Labour History/BC StudiesA Voyage to the NorthwestSide of AmericaThe Journals of James Colnett,1786-89Robert Galois, ed.A fascinating account that gives us a newunderstanding of early European presencein the Northwest and of Native responsesto these developments.NOVEMBER448 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $95.00, ISBN 0-7748-0855-1Maritime HistoryGender and Changein Hong KongGlobalization, Postcolonialism,and Chinese PatriarchyEliza W.Y. Lee, ed.This collection of essays provides aninnovative analysis of gender relations inHong Kong over the past two decades.AUGUST224 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-0994-9Asian Studies/Gender StudiesCONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIES SERIESGutenberg in ShanghaiChinese Print Capitalism,1876-1937Christopher A. ReedThis vital reevaluation of Chinesemodernity looks at how the advent ofChinese print capitalism had far-reachingand defining effects on Chinese culture.AUGUST384 pages est., 6 x 9?, illus.hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1040-8Asian Studies/History of the BookCONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIES SERIESFrigates and ForemastsThe North American Squadronin Nova Scotia Waters1745-1815Julian GwynA meticulously researched andgroundbreaking study of the activitiesand motivations of the British Navy onNorth America?s eastern seabord.SEPTEMBER224 pages est., 6 x 9?, illus.hc $75.00, ISBN 0-7748-0910-8Miltary History/Maritime HistoryShifting BoundariesAboriginal Identity, PluralistTheory, and the Politicsof Self-GovernmentTim SchoulsUsing relational pluralism as a theoreti-cal lens, the author takes a fresh lookat the complex issue of aboriginal self-government.OCTOBER192 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1046-7Political Science/Native StudiesPeople and PlaceHistorical Influences on LocalCultureJonathan Swainger and ConstanceBackhouse, eds.A path-breaking collection of essaysdemonstrating the fascinating ways inwhich personalities interact withphysical locale in shaping the law.NOVEMBER288 pages est., 6 x 9?, illus.hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-1032-7Law/HistoryLAW AND SOCIETY SERIESEmerging from the MistStudies in Northwest CultureHistoryR.G. Matson, Gary Coupland,and Quentin Mackie, eds.An archaelogically-based examinationof pre-contact Northwest Coast society.OCTOBER336 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $95.00, ISBN 0-7748-0981-7Native Studies/ArchaeologyPACIFIC RIM ARCHAEOLOGY SERIESHunters and BureaucratsPower, Knowledge, and Aboriginal-State Relations in the SouthwestYukonPaul NadasdyA timely anthropological examination ofthe effect of land claims settlements andco-management of resources on theKluane First Nation of the SouthwestYukon.SEPTEMBER360 pages est., 6 x 9?, illus.hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-0983-3Anthropology/Native StudiesMasculinities without Men?Female Masculinity in Twentieth-Century FictionsJean NobleIn this groundbreaking study, Jean Noblemaps historical similarities in fictional,cultural, and representational practicesbetween the periods of modernism andpostmodernism ? from 1918 to 1999.DECEMBER224 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00, ISBN 0-7748-0996-5Gender Studies/Literary CriticismSEXUALITY STUDIES SERIESNEW SCHOLARLY TITLES9ROYAL BRITISH COLUMBIA MUSEUMSonghees PictorialA History of the Songhees Peopleas Seen by Outsiders (1790-1912)Grant KeddieGrant Keddie has beenCurator of Archaeologyat the Royal BC Museumfor thirty-one years. Hehas written numerousarticles on archaeologyand ethnohistory inBritish Columbia. Thisis his first book.Since 1790, when Spanish explorers firstarrived, visitors to the southern tip ofVancouver Island and the colonists whosettled here have illustrated, written aboutand photographed the indigenous Songheespeople. In the mid 1800s, the establishmentof the old Songhees Reserve on VictoriaHarbour created a gathering place for FirstNations throughout the region seeking tradewith Europeans. This new commerce broughtprosperity, conflict, disease and culturalupheaval to the Songhees and other FirstNations.Grant Keddie presents these rapidly changingtimes through the eyes of outsiders, asdepicted in photographs and artist?s render-ings, as expressed in newspaper reports andprivate journals. Professional and amateurphotographers created a rich visual history ofthe old Songhees Reserve and the rapidlygrowing city of Victoria, from simple postcards to stunning panoramas.This delightful compendium will appeal toanyone interested in the history of Victoriaand British Columbia, First Nations, orphotography.Edited by Grace L. DillonHive of DreamsContemporary Science Fictionfrom the Pacific NorthwestGrace Dillon teachesUniversity Studies andEnglish at Portland StateUniversity and haspublished articles onscience fiction in anumber of books andperiodicals.SEPTEMBER288 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95ISBN 0-87071-555-0Science FictionThis unique collection brings together for thefirst time the work of a dozen internationallyprominent science fiction writers who maketheir home in the Pacific Northwest.Editor Grace L. Dillon?s informative introduc-tion shows how the region?s culture, economy,and natural environment are reflected in thework of these different authors. Exploringtensions between our increasing affinity withtechnology and traditional concerns withenvironmental sustainability, the workspresented here demonstrate the spirit thatmakes Northwest science fiction distinctive.Hive of Dreams begins in the forests andmountains of the Northwest with Ursula LeGuin?s ?The Good Trip? and ends in the citiesand multinational conglomerates of the PacificRim with William Gibson?s ?Idoru.? In the spacebetween, readers will encounter writings bysuch notable authors as Douglas Coupland,Greg Bear, Octavia Butler, Molly Gloss, RichardPowers, Joanna Russ, Neal Stephenson, andJohn Varley, among others.Hive of Dreams will clearly establish theunique signature of Northwest writers withinthe broader world and traditions of sciencefiction. Lovers of great science fiction, aswell as teachers and students of contempo-rary literature in general, will find much ofinterest in this exciting collection. The bookwill also appeal to readers looking for newwriters or for an introduction to the genre.? RECENTLY PUBLISHEDBY THE ROYAL BRITISHCOLUMBIA MUSEUMMagic LeavesA History of HaidaArgillite CarvingPeter L. MacNairand Allan L. Hoover176 pages, 8 x 10?, illus.pb $39.95ISBN 0-7726-4773-9OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY PRESSOCTOBER192 pages, 9 ? x 10 ??more than 150 photospb $39.95ISBN 0-7726-4964-2Native Studies/History/Photography? CONTRIBUTORSGreg BearOctavia ButlerTed ChiangMichael G. ConeyDouglas CouplandWilliam GibsonMolly GlossUrsula Le GuinRichard PowersJoanna RussNeal StephensonJohn VarleyWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATIVESTUDIES WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LITERATURE10 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477AUGUST (first released 1995)256 pages, 8 x 9?108 illus., 8 in colour, 2 maps,filmographypb $39.95ISBN 0-295-98337-XFilm/Native Studies/AnthropologyAnthropologist AnnFienup-Riordan is theauthor of numerousbooks on the peoples ofAlaska including TheLiving Tradition of YupikMasks: Agayuliyararput,Our Way of MakingPrayer.OCTOBER304 pages, 6 x 9?35 illus.pb $38.95ISBN 0-295-98324-8Biography/Fine Art/Native StudiesChris Friday is aprofessor of history andDirector of the Center forPacific Northwest Studiesat Western WashingtonUniversity.Don Smith, or Lelooska, (1933-1996) waswell-known in the Pacific Northwest as a NativeAmerican artist and storyteller. Of ?mixed-blood? Cherokee heritage, he was adopted asan adult by the prestigious Kwakiutl Sewid clanand had relationships with elders from a widerange of tribal backgrounds.Initially producing curio items for sale totourists and regalia for Oregon Indians, heemerged in the late 1950s as one of a handfulof artists who proved critical in the renaissanceof Northwest Coast Indian art. He alsodeveloped into a supreme performer andeducator, staging shows of dances, songs,and storytelling. During the peak years from the1970s to the early 1990s, the family showswith Lelooska as the centrepiece attracted asmany as 30,000 people annually.In this book, historian and family friend ChrisFriday shares and annotates interviews that heconducted with Lelooska between 1993 and1996. In the process, he develops a portraitthat is large enough to embrace the contradic-tory elements of Lelooska?s life. What, he asks,is Native identity? What is ?authenticity? in art?How are we to understand the concept of pan-Indianism? What are the politics of Indian tribaladoption? By engaging these questions and thecontradictions that produce them, Fridayhonours Lelooska?s complexity and constructsLelooska?s life as a prism for viewing theshifting and historically indeterminate nature oftwentieth-century Indian identities.Freeze Frame takes a penetrating, oftenhumourous, look at how Eskimos have beenportrayed in nearly a century of film, from thepioneering documentaries of missionaries andArctic explorers to Eskimo Pie commercialsof the 1990s. Some of these works areserious attempts to depict a culture; othersare unabashed entertainment, featuring papierm?ch? igloos and zebra-skin parkas. Evenfilmmakers who sought authenticity were likelyto build igloos in villages that had never seenone, and to hire non-Native actors to portraythe Eskimo principals.The groundbreaking film Nanook of the North,released in 1922, solidified the popularimpression of Eskimos and set the precedentfor dozens of ethnographic docudramas tofollow. Freeze Frame documents the ideas thatmotivate and lie behind this abundant genera-tion of images. The first study to look at thepopular image of Alaska Eskimos, it makes animportant contribution to our understanding ofNative American stereotyping.LelooskaThe Life of a Northwest Coast ArtistChris FridayFreeze FrameAlaska Eskimos in the MoviesAnn Fienup-RiordanUNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS?One of the real joysof this book is the richassortment of moviestills, lobby cards,posters, and other filmparaphernalia which theauthor has collected.These marvelousillustrations help makethis stimulating discus-sion of Alaskan popularculture a volume totreasure.?? Terrence Cole, AlaskaHistoryWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ART WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATIVESTUDIES? ALSO OF INTERESTTales of GhostsFirst Nations Artin British Columbia,1922-61Ronald W. HawkerJULY248 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0955-811OCTOBER304 pages, 6 x 9?52 illus., 7 mapshc $46.95ISBN 0-295-98329-9Environmental Studies/HistoryA Weyerhaeuser EnvironmentalBookKathryn Morse is anassistant professor ofhistory at MiddleburyCollege in Vermont.NOVEMBER288 pages, 6 x 9?61 illus.pb $34.95ISBN 0-295-98332-9Pacific Northwest History/Labour HistorySeattle consultant LindaCarlson has written andcontributed to severalbooks on business.?Company town.? The words evoke imagesof rough-and-tumble loggers and gritty miners,of dreary shacks in isolated villages, of wagespaid in scrip good only at price-gougingcompany stores, of paternalistic employers.But these stereotypes are outdated, espe-cially for those company towns that flourishedwell into the twentieth century. In CompanyTowns of the Pacific Northwest, Linda Carlsonprovides a more balanced and realistic look atthese ?intentional communities.?Drawing from residents? reminiscences,contemporary newspaper accounts, companynewsletters and histories, census and schoolrecords, and site plans, this vibrant historygives the details of daily life in communitiesthat were often remote and subject to severeweather ? as much as 100 inches of rain ayear near the coast or 10 feet of snow in themountains. It looks at the tragedies andcelebrations: sawmill accidents, mine cave-ins, and avalanches as well as IndependenceDay picnics, school graduations, and Christ-mas parties. Finally, it tells what happenedwhen people left ? when they lost their jobs,when the family breadwinner died or wasdisabled, when the mill closed.This lively and well-researched book will bewelcomed by those interested in Northwesthistory, as well as students of labour andbusiness history. An ample selection ofillustrations, most never previously published,broadens its appeal.In 1896, a small group of prospectorsdiscovered a stunningly rich pocket of goldat the confluence of the Klondike and Yukonrivers, and in the following two years thou-sands of individuals traveled to the area,hoping to find wealth in a rugged and chal-lenging setting. Ever since that time, theKlondike Gold Rush ? especially as portrayedin photographs of long lines of gold seekersmarching up Chilkoot Pass ? has had a holdon the popular imagination.In this first environmental history of thegold rush, Kathryn Morse describes howthe miners got to the Klondike, the miningtechnologies they employed, and the complexnetworks by which they obtained food,clothing, and tools. Her story is often nar-rated through the diaries and letters of theminers themselves. The daunting challengesof traveling, working, and surviving in the rawwilderness are illustrated not only by theminers? compelling accounts but by news-paper reports and advertisements thatcontributed to the public relations campaigndesigned to lure gold seekers ? and theirmoney ? to the businesses of the PacificNorthwest.This captivating drama of the miners? journeysnorth, their trials along the gold creeks, andtheir encounters with an extreme climate willappeal not only to scholars of the westernenvironment and of late-nineteenth-centuryindustrialism, but also to readers interestedin reliving the vivid adventure of the West?slast great gold rush.Company Townsof the Pacific NorthwestLinda CarlsonThe Nature of GoldAn Environmental Historyof the Klondike Gold RushKathryn MorseUNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS?This remarkable surveyof life in the companytowns of the PacificNorthwest and theirsignificance to theeconomy of the regionmakes an importantcontribution to the socialhistory of the West ...[Carlson?s] well-writtenstory reveals paternal-ism at both its best andits worst.?? James B. Allen, author ofThe Company Town in theAmerican WestWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HISTORY? ALSO OF INTERESTUnsettled BoundariesFraser Gold and theBritish AmericanNorthwestRobert E. FickenNOVEMBER208 pages, 6 x 9?pb $30.95ISBN 0-87422-268-0(see page 13)12 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESSAlfred CurrierImpastoTed LindbergWriter and curator Ted Lindberg offers alively yet thoughtful sketch of Alfred Currier?sevolution as an artist. He also takes thereader into the artist?s studio, where, in thecourse of painting, Currier discusses histools, techniques, and gratification foundwithin the process of artmaking. Colour platesrepresent works created between 1992 and2002 ? the time of Currier?s professionalcoming-of-age, which saw the crystallizationof his personal style and technique.As Currier paints layer upon layer, he plumbsthe depths of soul. After he rests his brushesand knives, the paintings continue to breatheand grow. They seem to expand before ourvery eyes, reaching outward to beyond thebeyond, even as they retract far behind thecanvas, back into the rarefied world of sheerpossibility.Currier dedicates this book to the Hispanicmigrant worker. Profits from this book go toTierra Nueva, an organization that helpsmigrant workers in Washington?s Skagit Valley.Ted Lindberg has been an art museum curatorand administrator at the Vancouver Art Gallery,Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, the ArtGallery of Greater Victoria, and California Collegeof Arts and Crafts. He lives on Vancouver Island.Marquand BooksJUNE112 pages, 10 x 12 ??87 illust., 85 in colourhc $38.95ISBN 0-9706394-3-0Twentieth-Century ArtWilliam WarmusFire and FormIn his thoughtful and informative essay,renowned glass scholar William Warmusidentifies prominent themes in the develop-ment of studio glass since 1960. Beginningwith what he has called the particular affinitybetween nature and the making of glass,Warmus explores the ability of glass toconvey the power of abstraction and colour.He further delves into the prevalent use ofglass ? sometimes called the new bronze ?to depict the human figure and animal forms.Finally, he contemplates the theatrical natureof installations and environmental sculptures,demonstrating the surprising capability ofglass to impose itself on the space we inhabitto alter our very perception of it.Warmus also gives a brief history of glass asan art form and places contemporary glasswithin the context of contemporary art andtheory at large. Fire and Form offers a uniqueperspective on this vital and ?intoxicating?medium, and its publication is a welcome eventfor all lovers of glass ? those who make it,those who collect it, and those who admire it.William Warmus is a former curator of theCorning Museum of Glass, a past editor of Glassmagazine, and the author of many books on glassand its artists.Norton Museum of ArtJUNE128 pages, 10 x 12 ??85 colour illus.hc $46.95ISBN 0-943411-39-4Twentieth-Century Art/GlassSheryl Conkelton and LauraLandauNorthwest MythologiesThe Interactions of MarkTobey, Morris Graves, KennethCallahan and Guy AndersonSome of the best-known modern paintersin the American Northwest, the artists MarkTobey, Morris Graves, Kenneth Callahan, andGuy Anderson have been called the leadersof a Northwest School since the 1940s. But adetailed investigation of their interactions from1930 to 1954 shows the perception of thesefour artists as a cohesive group to be a myth.Drawing on letters and interviews, NorthwestMythologies offers a new analysis of theirinteractions and accomplishments, and placestheir art and ideologies in the larger contextof American modernism.Although the artists exchanged ideas andshared common interests, they were closefriends and colleagues for only a few yearsaround the time of World War II. Each experi-mented with stylistic elements admired in theothers painting, yet they produced distinctive,wide-ranging bodies of work over their longcareers. What fundamentally united these artistswas their philosophical approach to artmaking,one that rested on humanism and their passion-ate belief in art as a moral pursuit.Sheryl Conkelton is a curator and historian basedin Seattle. She has worked at the Museum ofModern Art, New York, and the Los Angeles CountyMuseum of Art. Laura Landau is an independentcurator who has held positions with the Henry ArtGallery, the J. Paul Getty Museum, and the Museumof Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.JUNE176 pages, 8 ? x 11?125 colour illus., 30 b/w illus.hc $59.95ISBN 0-295-98322-1American ArtWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ART13UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESSThe Rudimentsof Genteel BehaviourFacsimile reprint of the firstedition of 1737Fran?ois NivelonNotes by Hugh Belsey and Paul HolbertonThis book provides delightful text and imagesexplaining deportment in 1737. The text isremarkably direct, precise, and informative.Exactly how to doff one?s hat, ?retire grace-fully from a room,? and execute a curtsey areexplained both in theory and practice.This book of manners is fascinating for arthistorians and social historians, actors, anddancers. Illustrated with copies of the originalplates from the first edition, The Rudimentsof Genteel Behaviour provides a key to theinterpretation of gesture and posture inRococo painting. All students of the ?GoldenAge of Elegance? will find many hiddenniceties revealed in this book.Hugh Belsey is curator of Gainsborough?s House,Sudbury, UK.Paul Holberton PublishingJULY72 pages, 8 ? x 11?12 illustrationspb $25.95ISBN 1-903470-10-2Cultural Studies /Art HistoryJim FredricksonRailscapesA Northern PacificBrasspounder?s AlbumRobert E. FickenUnsettled BoundariesFraser Gold and the British-American NorthwestWASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY PRESSPacked with spectacular photographs anda trainman?s vivid memories, Railscapes isan exceptional album, filled with the author?sunbounded enthusiasm, love, and respectfor the world of trains. Fredrickson opensthe shutter wide on more than six decadesof American railroading, and offers insiderinsights on the business of moving menand materials via the great steel ribbonsthat connected the Pacific Northwest withthe rest of the world.For thirty-eight years, the author worked for theNorthern Pacific in Washington state as atelegraph operator ? a ?brasspounder? ? andas a dispatcher. He had the good fortune towork and travel in some of the most beautifulterritory in the United States, and his cameracovered it all ? from the Bitterroot Mountainsof Montana and Idaho, to the Cascade Rangeof Washington, to the coastal region of PugetSound.Arranged thematically from his immensecollection of railroad images, Railscapesfeatures his favorite photographs, withsections on train wrecks, special and futuristictrains, the last of the steam engines, depots,railroad folks, and more.Jim Fredrickson is a noted regional photographerand railroad expert who has compiled an unparal-leled collection of pictures and historical memora-bilia about Northwest rail lines and trains.OCTOBER160 pages, 10 ? x 9?illus.pb $46.95ISBN 0-87422-271-0Responding to reports of gold discoverieson the Fraser River, thousands of prospec-tors from California and other points on thePacific coast crossed the 49th parallel toBritish territory in 1858. Most returned toSan Francisco and Puget Sound later in thesame year, blaming their failure to find wealthin the river canyons upon uncooperativeofficials of the Hudson?s Bay Company andthe English government.Viewing events from the perspective ofCalifornia, historians have generally consid-ered the gold rush a failure. In reality,however, the Fraser River experience was asustained success, continuing beyond 1858,embracing the vast interior of British Colum-bia and becoming one of the major develop-ments in Pacific Northwest history. Althoughit is an artificial line bisecting forest, moun-tain, and prairie, the 49th parallel separateddistinct regions of law and custom,  a factthat explains why Americans were unableto comprehend the true nature of theiradventures in British North America.Robert E. Ficken is a regional historian residingin Issaquah, Washington, and is the highlyacclaimed author of Washington Territory andRufus Woods, the Columbia River, and the Buildingof Modern Washington. He has won the F.K.Weyerhaeuser Award from the Forest HistorySociety, and the Charles M. Gates Memorial Awardfrom the Washington State Historical Society.NOVEMBER208 pages, 6 x 9?illus.pb $29.95ISBN 0-87422-268-0WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ART WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HISTORY14 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477This is the story of the insalubrious and utterlyfailed life of Edward Rulloff, notorious nine-teenth-century linguist, thief, murderer, andprofessional impostor, condemned to die andhanged for his crimes.Rulloff?s life makes a plot worthy of a SherlockHolmes mystery: adultery, murder, a publichanging, two missing bodies, and the secretof the origin of language. With one importantexception ? it really happened. Rulloff?s crimeswere unextraordinary ? thievery, fraud, murder.And on the face of it, Bailey?s treatment is calmand factual, calling on newspaper accounts,interviews, and eyewitness reports of the day.Yet the slow, quiet accumulation of detailsbuilds to a story that transcends its individualevents to touch on the universal themes of anyage.A compelling tale of a professional con artist,Rogue Scholar is also a stark portrait of acondemned man in his final hours, an examina-tion of the death penalty, and a reminder thatmedia sensationalism is nothing new. Finally,it is a story of the mystery of the human heart,and how each of us is alone in the end.Richard W. Bailey is Professor of English Languageand Literature at the University of Michigan.AUGUST275 pages est., 6 x 9?20 b/w illus.hc $39.95ISBN 0-472-11337-2Biography/True Crime/HistoryDrawing on myth, religious beliefs, and iconogra-phy from the Paleolithic Venus of Willendorf andancient Egyptian images of Isis to medievalMadonnas and contemporary visions of femaleHindu deities, Shahrukh Husain offers readersa comprehensive, cross-cultural panorama ofgoddess worship through the ages.Using a wealth of examples from every era andtradition, she traces a long and primal strugglethat over the course of millennia saw originallyfemale deities usurped by male-dominatedpriestly hierarchies, a process reflected both inmyth and in actual religious practice, which sawthe goddess principle attacked, diminished, andeclipsed, but never entirely eliminated.Filled with vivid full-colour illustrations anddozens of informative sidebars, this is a bookthat will appeal to a wide audience, fromscholars in women?s studies, anthropology,folklore, and ancient history to more generalreaders interested in the female influence oncultural evolution and the antecedents tomodern New Age thought.Shahrukh Husain is a psychotherapist, folklorist,and storyteller whose previous books includeDaughters of the Moon: Witch Tales from around theWorld (1993) and Handsome Heroines (1996).183 pages, 5 3/8 x 8?176 colour photos, 5 mapspb $22.95ISBN 0-472-08934-XReligion/Spirituality/Women?s StudiesRogue ScholarThe Sinister Life andCelebrated Deathof Edward H. RulloffRichard W. BaileyThe GoddessPower, Sexuality,and the Feminine DivineShahrukh HusainUNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PRESSWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/BIOGRAPHY WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/RELIGIONWar is overwhelmingly a male occupation. Yetits victims are often civilians ? many amongthem women and children. In Women and WarJenny Matthews gives a voice to this silentmajority of casualties through a series ofdeeply moving, and sometimes disturbing,photographs of human subjects in the midstof war and conflict wherever they are found.Twenty years of visual and written diariesdocument human struggle around the world:Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Burma,Chechnya, Haiti, the United Kingdom, Guate-mala, and Sudan, among others. Matthewsdocuments women and the roles they play ?avoiding, coping, confronting, participating ?as well as the emotions they experience:anger, fear, despair, joy, hope, terror.Matthews records the stories of the peopleshe photographs, both visually and with writtendiaries that underscore the immediacy of theimages, drawing connections between thedifferent countries. Above all her book is acelebration of the lives of women, and howtheir role as actual or potential motherschanges their relationship to war.Jenny Matthews is a freelance photographer andfilmmaker. Her work has been exhibited by Oxfamand Womankind Worldwide, and has appeared inmagazines such as Mother Jones.AUGUST187 pages est., 6 ? x 9 ??120 b/w illus.hc $45.95ISBN 0-472-08964-1Photography/Women?s Studies/Military HistoryWomen and WarJenny MatthewsWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/PHOTOGRAPHY15UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PRESSElevator MusicA Surreal History of Muzak,Easy Listening, and OtherMoodsongJoseph LanzaDiana Beresford-KroegerArboretum AmericaPhotographed and Orchestratedby Marjorie RyersonWater MusicArboretum America is, at the very least, theBible of Trees. But its ambitions are granderthan that. Author Diana Beresford-Kroeger aimsfor no less than the salvation of the planet ?through the miracle of trees.There are many books on both subjects. Somewarn, some inform, while others meditate onthe disappearance of the forests or themeaning of trees. Few books, though, touchon all of these subjects as this one does.Beresford?s remedy, what she calls theBioplan, commences with a simple directive:know thy trees. Most important, this revolutionmust start, not with governments and sweep-ing legislation, but with ?ordinary people withan acorn and a shovel.?As E.O. Wilson writes in his foreword, Beresford-Kroeger is a poet and naturalist, ?both druidicaland scientific in literary expression.? So, too, isher Bioplan, which in spirit and letter covers allaspects of trees, from their history and use byFirst Nations people, to their organic care, theirmedicinal and therapeutic properties, designand horticultural considerations, and the magicspell they cast over us.Diana Beresford-Kroeger is a botanist, researcher,lecturer, and self-defined ?renegade scientist? in thefields of botany, biochemistry, and organic andnuclear chemistry. She lives in Merrickville, Ontario.SEPTEMBER260 pages est., 8 x 9?145 illus.pb $38.95ISBN 0-472-06851-2Natural History/BotanyWater Music is first a tribute to the inspirationand magic of water. In this book, award-winning photographer Marjorie Ryerson hasrecruited some of the most important names inmusic to accompany her photographs. Theseartists have contributed memoirs, stories,poetry, music, and lyrics for Water Music,reinforcing the beauty of the images and thepowerful message they convey ? that in spiteof our reverence for water, we have placedthis most essential element in peril. Contribu-tors include Dave Brubeck, Paul Winter, TajMahal, Bruce Cockburn, Pete Seeger, SarahChang, Vladimir Ashkenazy, and George Winter.Water Music is also a piece of a much largerpicture: the Water Music Project, whichRyerson began not only to celebrate thebeauty of water and its connection to musicand to our lives, but also to increase aware-ness about water issues through concerts,lectures, events, and educational outreach.She is donating net royalties from sales of thebook to the Water Music Fund, at the UnitedNations Foundation, which will use the fundto aid water in the natural environment andto provide clean drinking water for familiesaround the world.Marjorie Ryerson is a teacher, journalist,photographer, and poet. She is a professorof communication at Castleton State College.SEPTEMBER208 pages, 11 x 11?26 illus.hc $54.95ISBN 0-472-11338-0Photography/Music/NatureIt?s campy, it?s cool, empty, intrusive, and trite.It?s Big Brother singing. Call it what you will ?elevator music, moodsong, easy listening, orMuzak?. For a musical genre that was sup-posed to offend no one, it has a lot of en-emies. Musical cognoscenti decry its insipidcontent; regular folk bemoan its pervasive-ness; while hipsters and campsters celebrateits retro chic. Mindful of the many voices,Joseph Lanza?s Elevator Music sings seriously,with tongue in cheek, the praises of thisvenerable American institution.Lanza addresses the critics who say thatMuzak and its ilk are dehumanized, vapid, orcheesy. Arguing that these reactions are basedmore on cultural prejudices than honestmusical appraisal, Lanza hails today?s so-calledmood music as the inheritor of a long traditionof mood-altering music stretching back to theancients. Contemporary atmospheric music,he maintains, is the inevitable background forour media-dominated age.?This book will have succeeded in its purpose,?Lanza writes, ?if I can help efface ... thedistinction between one person?s elevatormusic and another?s prized recording.?Joseph Lanza is an author, producer, and musichistorian.OCTOBER315 pages est., 5 ? x 8 ??12 illus.pb $29.95ISBN 0-472-08942-0Music/Cultural StudiesWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATURALHISTORY WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ART WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/CULTURALSTUDIES16 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477SEPTEMBER188 pages, 6 x 9?10 illus.hc $38.95ISBN 1-58465-344-2Judaica/MemoirBrandeis University PressFarideh Goldin studiedmath and Englishliterature at PahlaviUniversity in Shiraz, Iran.She transferred to OldDominion University inVirginia, earning her BAin English Literature, anMA in Humanities, and anMFA in Creative Writing.Goldin has shared herknowledge of IranianJews, Iranian Jewishwomen, their lives, andtheir literature withaudiences around theUnited States.SEPTEMBER256 pages, 7 x 10?724 illus.hc, $38.95ISBN 1-58465-303-5Judaica/Music/PerformingArtsBrandeis University PressScott Benarde is theformer rock musiccolumnist for the PalmBeach Post and theSouth Florida SunSentinel. As a freelancejournalist, Benarde hasbeen published in RollingStone, Musician,Billboard, Variety, and ahost of Jewish publica-tions. He lives with hiswife and two children inDelray Beach, Florida.What Grammy-award winning band?s Jewishmembers recite kiddush before their Fridaynight concerts? What famous rock musicianpacked his menorah as well as his drum setwhen preparing to go on world-wide concerttours? How did Judaism?s historic affinity withmusic translate into some of the best-lovedrock ?n? roll songs of the past century?Inspired by a backstage conversation withDavid Lee Roth during which the rock starrevealed that he first learned to sing preparingfor his Bar Mitzvah, Scott Benarde spent morethan five years combining his own love ofJudaism, journalism, and rock ?n? roll toinvestigate the Jewish contribution to rockmusic from 1953 to the present.Stars of David offers a highly readablecollection of short vignettes that demonstratethe rich strand of Jewish belief and sentimentthat underscores the work of many of thebest-known rock stars of our time. Amongthose discussed or interviewed are BobDylan, Melissa Manchester, Janis Ian, RandyNewman, Billy Joel, and David Lee Roth, andmembers of groups such as Yes, Tom Pettyand the Heartbreakers, Bon Jovi, Phish, theWallflowers and many others. With fascinatinganecdotes and personal revelations enhancedby more than 70 photographs, Stars of Davidis not so much about how Jewish these artistsare but ultimately, how they are Jewish, andhow this Jewishness has affected rock ?n? roll.Farideh Goldin was born to a fifteen-year-oldmother in 1953, into a Jewish communityliving in an increasingly hostile Islamic state ?pre-revolutionary Iran. This memoir is Goldin?spassionate and painful account of growing upin a poor Jewish household and her emigra-tion to the United States in 1975.In recalling trips to the market and the mikvehas well as preparations for ritual celebrationslike weddings, Goldin chronicles her child-hood, her relatives? lives, and the lives ofthe women in her community in the southernIranian city of Shiraz. Her memoir details herparents? ?courtship? (her father selected hermother from a group of adolescent girls);her mother?s lonely life as a child-bride in ahousehold dominated by her mother-in-law;and Goldin?s childhood home, presided overby her paternal grandmother.In its subtle way, Goldin?s memoir conveys notjust the personal trauma of growing up in aJewish extended family fraught with discord,but also the complex, and even tragic humancosts of religious fundamentalism, particularlyJewish fundamentalism supported by anIslamic context antagonistic to Jews but verymuch in sync with some Iranian Jewish viewson women. Although the profound sadness ofthe manuscript is balanced by her ability tocapture the feel of the place ? the scents andtextures of Jewish Iran ? this is nonetheless abrave and unflinching portrayal of a little-known geographical corner of Jewish life.Stars of DavidRock ?n? Roll?s Jewish StoriesScott BenardeWedding SongMemoirs of an Iranian Jewish WomanFarideh GoldinUNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND? ALSO OF INTERESTA Taste of the PastThe Daily Life andCooking of a Nineteenth-Century HungarianJewish Homemaker with85 Authentic RecipesAdapted for the ModernCookAndr?s KoernerNOVEMBER325 pages, 7 x 10?, illus.pb $55.00ISBN 1-58465-209-8WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/JUDAICA WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/JUDAICA17OCTOBER32 pages, 10 x 8?fully illustrated, colourhc $24.95ISBN 0-916718-18-2Children?sVermont Folklife CenterAUGUST120 pages, 9 x 11?65 colour photographshc $59.95ISBN 0-9705511-2-6Photography/Nature Studies/TravelA. Blake Gardner is anaward-winning photogra-pher specializing innature photography. Hiswork has appeared inArchitectural Digest,Country Journal, NationalParks, Sierra, VermontLife, and Yankeemagazines, amongothers. Tom Wessels isan ecologist, teacher,and writer who directsthe environmentalbiology program atAntioch New EnglandGraduate School.Vermont is generally thought of as quintessen-tially old New England: small villages withwhite clapboard houses and tall church spires;family farms with red barns and grazing cows;and verdant fields lined with maple and whitebirch trees.But there?s another Vermont ? virtually un-known to many ? that is composed ofuntamed wilderness with an extraordinaryvariety of landscape, soils, trees, andwildflowers, in a variety perhaps unmatchedin any other small region. These wild areasare among the state?s most beautiful andphotogenic. Some are protected permanently,but many are not. Some are difficult to reach,even on foot; others are just a short strollfrom a town or roadside.A. Blake Gardner has been trekking to wildareas throughout Vermont for more than adecade, and he photographs them, carefullyand lovingly, with his large-format camera.To supplement Gardner?s exquisite portraits,Tom Wessels writes about how these wildareas came to be. He looks at the state?sgeology, its natural history, and its culture.And he scrutinizes the threats to that diversityand discusses its preservation and steward-ship. Untamed Vermont serves as a pictorialreminder of the natural and fragile beautyof the wild areas within the Green Mountains,and how vital to our well-being the preserva-tion of that wildness is.In the summer of her twelfth year, a poorgirl named Emily leaves home to work on afarm in rural Quebec. Besides cooking andcleaning, Emily?s chores include, every night,scraping the candlewax from the family's bigstone hearth. The farmer and his wife loveEmily, but when she falls ill and dies, anothergirl is hired to take her place. Soon, a strangeevent keeps recurring in the farmhouse: Everynight, the new girl, Jenny, scrapes the waxfrom the hearth just as Emily did, but everymorning, the wax is there again! What is goingon? For two nights, the farmer and his wifefail to solve the mystery. But on the thirdnight, the farmer?s wife snaps awake to findherself staring at...a ghost!In classic, supple prose, acclaimed authorSusan Milord retells a legend passed downby a French-Canadian family since the 1830s.Illustrated with lively, beautiful paintings byaward-winning artist Lydia Dabcovich, TheGhost on the Hearth is both a thrilling tale ofthe supernatural and an affectionate celebra-tion of long-ago rural life.  An ?activities?page at the end of the volume invites youngreaders to create their own stories of thesupernatural.  Suitable for ages 6 to 10.Untamed VermontExtraordinary Wilderness Areasof the Green Mountain StatePhotographs by A. Blake GardnerCommentary by Tom WesselsThe Ghost on the HearthSusan MilordIllustrated by Lydia DabcovichUNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND? ALSO OF INTERESTThe Two BrothersWilliam JaspersohnIllustrated by Michael A.Donato32 pages, 10 x 8?fully illustrated, colourhc $22.95ISBN 0-916718-16-6? ALSO OF INTERESTMaineThe Home PlaceMurad Sa?enOCTOBER112 pages, 10 ? x 10 ??96 colour photospb $77.95ISBN 1-58465-293-4WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/PHOTOGRAPHY WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/CHILDREN18 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY PRESSA memoir that reads like a novel, this laugh-out-loud funny and heartbreakingly poignantcoming-out story tackles the trade-offs somegay people make after they leave the closetand choose acceptance instead of activism,work instead of sex, success instead ofhappiness, and silence instead of truth.?From her misbegotten marriage to her arrestas a housing squatter, from schoolyard tauntsto lesbian bed death, the healing power ofwomen?s basketball to grieving a dead parent,Robson is unflinching, funny, touching, andintimate in her disclosures. Reading hermemoir of coming into her own as a lesbian,a woman, and a human being is like the bestsort of long, ambling stories friends tell friendsover innumerable pots of tea.?? Hanne Blank, author of Unruly Appetites?Claire Robson has written a warm familysaga and an equally moving coming outstory. She has shown us how the exceptionalcan be woven into the ordinary with patienceand love. The writing in this book is deft andbeautiful. This is a story for everyone.?? Edmund White, author of A Boy?s Own StoryClaire Robson is a British-born writer who haslived in the US for the last fourteen years. Sheteaches writing in Boston and New Hampshire.SEPTEMBER288 pages, 6 x 9?pb $38.95ISBN 0-87013-694-1Memoir/Gay and Lesbian StudiesWei DjaoBeing ChineseVoices from the DiasporaJoe Ben WheatEdited by Ann Lane HedlundBlanket Weavingin the SouthwestUNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA PRESSChinese have travelled the globe for centuries,and today people of Chinese ancestry live allover the world. They are the Huayi or ?Chineseoverseas? and can be found not only in thethriving Chinese communities of the UnitedStates and Canada, but also in enclaves asfar-reaching as Zimbabwe. In this book,twenty-two Chinese living and working outsideof China tell us about their lives and what itmeans to be Chinese in non-Chinese societies.We meet a surgeon raised in Singapore butwesternized in London who still believes inthe value of Chinese medicine. A ChineseCanadian who bridles at the idea that youcan?t be Chinese unless you speak a Chinesedialect. Individuals who are all loyal to theircountries of citizenship and continue toobserve the customs of their ancestral home.In compiling these personal accounts, WeiDjao, who was born in China and now livesnear Seattle, undertook a quest that took hernot only to many countries but also to theinner landscapes of the heart. Being Chineseis a highly personal book that bares theaspirations, despairs, and triumphs of realpeople as it makes an insightful and lastingcontribution to Chinese diasporic studies.Wei Djao grew up in Shanghai and has lived inCanada, Hong Kong, and California.SEPTEMBER240 pages, 6 x 9?14 illus.pb $35.95ISBN 0-8165-2302-9Asian Studies/Cultural StudiesExquisite blankets, sarapes and ponchoshandwoven by southwestern peoples areadmired throughout the world. In his yearsof research, anthropologist Joe Ben Wheatstudied thousands of these nineteenth-century southwestern textiles. His exhaustivework resulted in a book that establishes anessential baseline for understanding craftproduction. Blanket Weaving in the Southwestdescribes the evolution of southwesterntextiles from the early historic period to thelate nineteenth century, establishes a revisedchronology for its development, and tracessignificant changes in materials, techniques,and designs.Throughout this gorgeous book, Wheatdiscusses and evaluates the distinct traitsof the Pueblo, Navajo, and Spanish Americanblanket weaving traditions. More than 200photos demonstrate these features, including191 colour plates depicting a vast array ofchief blankets, shoulder blankets, ponchos,sarapes, diyugi, mantas, and dresses.Joe Ben Wheat (1916-97) became the firstCurator of Anthropology at the University ofColorado Museum in Boulder in 1953, where heremained until his retirement in 1986. Ann LaneHedlund, is Director of the Gloria F. Ross Centerfor Tapestry Studies and curator of ethnology atthe Arizona State Museum.OCTOBER500 pages, 8 ? x 11?191 colour plates, 115 b/w figureshc $99.95ISBN 0-8165-2304-5TextilesLove in Good TimeA MemoirClaire RobsonWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/BIOGRAPHY WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ASIANSTUDIES WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ART19SEPTEMBER224 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??pb $27.95ISBN 0-8263-3085-1Writing/Nature StudiesJohn A. Murray is theauthor or editor of fortybooks, including CinemaSouthwest, whichreceived the SouthwestBook award, andMythmakers of the West,recipient of the ColoradoBook Award.DECEMBER224 pages, 6 x 9?hc $39.95ISBN 0-8263-3104-1Music/Performing ArtsHarvey Kubernik livesin Los Angeles, wherefor thirty years he hasbeen a journalist in print,radio, and film.Veteran record producer and journalist HarveyKubernik is a Los Angeles insider with ties tosome of the most influential performers andproducers in the music business. In thisexamination of the music and pop culture ofthe 1960s, we read Kubernik?s conversationswith famous people who speak very freely:Ray Manzarek, Berry Gordy, Grace Slick,Andrew Loog Oldham, Jim Keltner, JackNitzsche, Chrissie Hynde, Ravi Shankar, andKeith Richards.  There is also an epilogue onRoger Steffens, a renowned scholar of reggaemusic.No matter how much you think you knowabout the pop culture of the 1960s, you willfind new information here. Certain predictablepeople ? the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan ?come up in almost every interview. Othernames prominent in the interviews are PhilSpector and Sonny Bono.Reading Kubernik?s interview with MarianneFaithful, we learn that she and Mick Jaggeroften listened to Vivaldi and Marvin Gaye in themornings; Steven Van Zandt reveals that he isthe son of a Goldwater Republican; AllenGinsberg discloses that Bob Dylan tried,unsuccessfully, to get Phil Spector to producea recording by Ginsberg.This is Rebel Music is the initial volume inUniversity of New Mexico Press? newCounterCultures Series, available in Canadafrom UBC Press.?Nature is our grandest and oldest home,older than language, grander than conscious-ness. John Murray knows that in his bones,and he shares his knowledge generously withanyone who opens this book. Whether youwrite about the earth for publication or onlyfor deepening your perceptions, you will findkeen-eyed guidance here.?? Scott Russell Sanders, author of Staying PutOriginally published by the Sierra Club in1995, this handbook has already helpedthousands of aspiring writers, scholars, andstudents share their experiences with natureand the outdoors.Using exercises and examples, John Murraycovers genres, techniques, and publicationissues. He uses examples from such mastersas Barry Lopez, Annie Dillard, Larry McMurtry,Edward Abbey, Ernest Hemingway, and HenryDavid Thoreau. Also included are recom-mended readings, a directory of creativewriting programs, professional organizationsfor writers, and a directory of environmentalorganizations. This revised edition includes anew chapter on nature writing and environ-mental activism.This is Rebel MusicThe Harvey Kubernik InnerViewsHarvey KubernikWriting About NatureA Creative Guide, Revised EditionJohn A. MurrayUNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO PRESS?The true history of rockand roll and pop music isan oral history ? peopletalking about the greatmusic and how ithappened and theirexperiences being part ofit. Harvey Kubernik?swonderful book is a setof backstage passes tothe greatest show onEarth.?? Paul Williams, founder ofCrawdaddy! and author ofBob Dylan, PerformingArtistWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/MUSIC WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATURALHISTORY? ALSO OF INTERESTNewspaper FeatureWritingLen Granato180 pages, 8 ? x 12?pb $33.95ISBN 0-86840-453-520 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477NOVEMBER176 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??pb $22.95ISBN 1-84310-756-2Health/AutismDiane Yapko is alicensed speech-languagepathologist in privateclinical practice inSolana Beach, California.She specializes inworking with thepaediatric population inthe area of autismspectrum disorders aswell as other develop-mental disordersaffecting speech,language, social skills,learning, and behaviour.NOVEMBER256 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95ISBN 1-84310-755-4Health/Autism/ParentingRobert Hughes teachesEnglish at TrumanCollege in Chicago. Hisarticles have appeared inNewsweek, the ChicagoTribune, ParentsMagazine and ChicagoMagazine.The words hit my ears like an air raid siren.I flinch, duck, and look up, but too late. A HotWheels fire engine ? a metal truck about threeinches long ? comes flying over the balconyabove my head, hits the wall, ricochets off asupporting beam and bang! Lands on thestove, right next to the mulled cider I amstirring for the Christmas party. I dash out ofthe kitchen and up the stairs, three at atime?Walker, my 12-year-old autistic son, is in thecorner of the room bouncing wildly on a largeinflated therapy ball, another Hot Wheels firetruck in his hand. He is still shouting the sameline from a John Prine song even though to hisright a tape player is blaring ?Jingle Bell Rock?and to his left the video of ?The MuppetChristmas Carol? is playing on a television set.By the time he was three, Walker?s parentswere concerned enough about his delayeddevelopment to consult a paediatric neurolo-gist. Doctors diagnosed autism and issued agrim prognosis: ?I hold out no hope for thischild.? But they hadn?t accounted for Walker?sintelligence, affection, and sense of humour ?or for the remarkable bonds that grew withinhis family.Walker?s father, Robert Hughes, tells atouching and inspiring story of discoveringthat their ?perfect little boy had a problem.?With disarming honesty and humour, the booktells how a family copes and keeps hope alivedespite the staggering difficulties autismpresents.Readers seeking information about autismspectrum disorders often find it very difficultto find straightforward answers to theirquestions. In response to this, Diane Yapkohas produced this practical resource in aneasy to read question and answer format soreaders can go directly to the questions thatinterest them. There is no need to sift throughcomplex scientific literature or confusingprofessional jargon and readers can referback to the text again and again as theirneeds dictate.The book is divided into sections on diagnosisand characteristics, causes, medical issues,treatments and intervention programs, andapproaches. The last section is devoted tohelpful resources for people coping withautism spectrum disorders, and lists relevantorganizations and websites where moreinformation is available.Clearly written, with special attention paid toease-of-use and reference-friendly information,Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorderswill undoubtedly become an essential sourceof autism information for parents and friendsof children with autism, as well as teachersand professionals working with individuals onthe autism spectrum.Running with WalkerA MemoirRobert HughesUnderstanding Autism SpectrumDisordersFrequently Asked QuestionsDiane YapkoJESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS? ALSO OF INTERESTMaking Sense of theUnfeasibleMy Life Journey withAsperger SyndromeMarc FleisherDECEMBER176 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95ISBN 1-84310-165-3Multicoloured MayhemParenting the ManyShades of Adolescence,Autism, AspergerSyndrome and AD/HDJacqui JacksonNOVEMBER240 pages, 6 x 9?pb $28.95ISBN 1-84310-171-8? ALSO OF INTERESTParenting a Child withAsperger Syndrome200 Tips and StrategiesBrenda BoydSEPTEMBER192 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95ISBN 1-84310-137-8Stepping OutUsing Games andActivities to Help YourChild with Special NeedsSarah NewmanNOVEMBER240 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95ISBN 1-84310-110-6WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HEALTH21JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERSSeb is a loner. Brilliant with numbers buthopeless with people, he prefers the companyof computers and his only friend, Guzzle.Things change for the better when he makesfriends with Kristie, Madeline, and Jen, anda new computer teacher ? Miss Adonia ?arrives. However, Seb is soon caught up ina web of computer fraud and lies and turnsto Madeline?s mysterious cyber friend for help.Weaving the facts of Asperger Syndrome intothe story, this fast-paced book is acclaimedauthor Kathy Hoopmann?s best novel yet andwill be a rivetting read for teenagers of allsorts and abilities.Kathy Hoopmann lives in Australia with herhusband and three children. She is also the authorof the Asperger Adventure series for youngerchildren, Blue Bottle Mystery, Of Mice and Aliens,and Lisa and the Lacemaker, all published byJessica Kingsley Publishers, and available inCanada from UBC Press.NOVEMBER176 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??pb $19.95ISBN 1-84310-072-XYoung Adult/Asperger SyndromeHazeAn Asperger NovelKathy HoopmannExpelled from mainstream education andvaguely aware she has something called?Asparagus? Syndrome, 12-year-old Jessicais sent away to a residential school for youngpeople with autism. Here, at first miserableand misunderstood, she spends the next fiveyears trying to cope with the strict schoolsystem ? fighting against misguided teacherinterventions, dealing with the onset ofadolescence and fitting in with the otherpupils.Recalling her school years with humour andinsight, Jessica takes the reader right insidewhat it feels like to have Asperger Syndrome.Her account will open the eyes of readers tothe difficulties, and the rewards, of thiscondition.Jessica Peers was diagnosed with AspergerSyndrome at age twelve and spent the rest of hereducation in a residential school for young peoplewith autism. She received an MA in EnglishLiterature, and is now a voluntary researcher at theAutism Research Unit at the University of Sunder-land.NOVEMBER156 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??pb $27.95ISBN 1-84310-164-5Health/Asperger SyndromeAsparagus DreamsJessica PeersMeal-times, getting dressed, learning to writeand playing sports can all be difficult for achild with coordination difficulties. How toHelp a Clumsy Child is a practical resourcemanual for parents and professionals, offeringsensible advice on how to recognize normaland abnormal motor development, how toseek help and specific teaching strategiesto help a clumsy child in the classroom,playground and home.Discussing diverse approaches to coordinationproblems, including reviews of controversialtherapies, Lisa Kurtz uses clear diagrams andtables along with extensive contact informationto make this an essential and accessibleresource.Parents, teachers, therapists, pediatricians,and social workers will welcome this much-needed resource ? one of the first books tofocus on the motor aspects of developmentaldelays.Lisa A. Kurtz has worked with children with specialneeds for over twenty-nine years and has receivedthe AOTA Recognition of Achievement Award fortraining paediatrics. She is Assistant ClinicalProfessor of Occupational Therapy at the Universityof New England and staff therapist at the JamesonSchool, Maine.NOVEMBER176 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??pb $22.95ISBN 1-84310-754-6Parenting/HealthHow to Help a Clumsy ChildStrategies for Young Childrenwith Developmental MotorConcernsLisa A. KurtzWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HEALTH22 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY PRESSNOVEMBER250 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??pb $38.95ISBN 0-7453-2086-4Current Events/PoliticsPaul Rogers isProfessor of PeaceStudies at BradfordUniversity where heteaches courses ininternational security,arms control and politicalviolence. He is a frequentbroadcaster on interna-tional security issues.His previous book forPluto Press is the highlyacclaimed LosingControl: Global Securityin the Twenty-firstCentury.NOVEMBER272 pages, 6 x 9?17 b/w illus.pb $38.95ISBN 0-7190-6541-0Film Studies/Popular CultureChristoph Lindner isLecturer in English at theUniversity of Wales,Aberystwyth.Sean Connery?s tuxedo, Ursula Andress? bikini,Oddjob?s bowler hat, and Q?s gadgets are justa few defining features of the 007 worldexamined in The James Bond Phenomenon.Drawn from the fields of literary, film, music,and cultural studies, the essays in thiscollection range from revitalised readingsof Ian Fleming?s original spy novels to theanalysis of Pussy Galore?s lesbianism, MissMoneypenny?s filmic feminism, and PierceBrosnan?s techno-fetishism. Together, theessays not only consider the James Bondnovels and films in relation to their historical,political, and social contexts from the cold-war period onwards, but also examine theclassic Bond canon from an array of theoreti-cal perspectives. What The James BondPhenomenon shows is that there is much,much more to the 007 series than cheapthrills, fast cars, and beautiful women.Paul Rogers is one of the world?s leadingsecurity experts. Since September 11, hehas been a regular guest on TV news chan-nels throughout America and Britain, wherehe has offered expert advice on the realimplications of 9/11 and Bush?s ?war onterror.? His articles in newspapers aroundthe world, and in the web journal OpenDemocracy, have become essential readingfor many thousands of people, includinggovernment officials, senior military, headsof UN agencies, opinion formers, journalists,and peace activists.A War on Terror is Paul Rogers? radicalassessment of Bush?s new policy, the wayit has affected world security, and the graveimplications that it holds for future peace,not only in the Middle East but throughout theworld. Moving from the war in Afghanistanand its aftermath to the Israeli/Palestinianconflict, the continuing development of Al-Qa?ida and its associates through to the waron Iraq, Rogers presents a uniquely cogentanalysis of these rapid and traumatic events.For the US, in particular, the post-9/11 worldis one in which it is essential to maintain firmcontrol of international security, extending topre-emptive military action. In this book,Rogers demonstrates how futile, mistaken,and deeply counter-productive that belief is,and points the way to more effective routesto a more just and secure world.The James Bond PhenomenonA Critical ReaderChristoph LindnerA War on TerrorPaul Rogers? ALSO OF INTERESTReaping the Whirlwind,Revised EditionAfghanistan, Al Qa?idaand the Holy WarMichael GriffinJULY440 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95ISBN 0-7453-1915-7? ALSO OF INTERESTDefining Cult MoviesThe Cultural Politicsof Oppositional TasteMark Jancovich, AntonioLazaro Reboll, JulianStringer, and AndrewWillis, eds.AUGUST224 pages, 6 x 9?pb $38.95ISBN 0-7190-6631-XPLUTO PRESSWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/FILM WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/CURRENT EVENTS23PLUTO PRESSNOVEMBER256 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??pb $29.95ISBN 0-7453-2151-8Current Events/LawMichael Mandel isProfessor of Law atOsgoode Hall LawSchool at York University.He frequently appears asa commentator on radioand television and in op-ed pages in Canada andthroughout the world. Heis currently Co-Chair ofLawyers Against the War,formed in 2001 tooppose America?s War onTerrorism.OCTOBER250 pages, 6 x 9?hc $38.95ISBN 0-7453-2140-2Current Events/PoliticsSaul Landau hasproduced and directedforty films on social,political, and historicalissues. For his work onworldwide human rightshe won the Letelier-Moffitt Human RightsAward. His articles andcolumns have appearedin The New York Times,The Washington Post,The Nation, The Inter-national Herald Tribune,USA Today, MonthlyReview, Rolling Stoneand many other papers.Saul Landau is an internationally knownscholar, author, journalist, poet, and activist.This, his latest book, is a scathing accountof George W. Bush?s world before and afterthe 9/11 terrorist attacks that will appealto anyone who is disenchanted with thecynicism of Bush?s government, and theblatant imperialism US international policy ?or those who just want to learn about what?shappening in US politics.Landau covers the topical and controversialissues ? from terrorism and US foreign policyto Bush?s wondrous election victory; fromEnron, Chile, and Pinochet to Cuba, the MiddleEast, the IMF, the environment, and sexual andcultural politics.He delves into the erosion of civil libertiesand the proliferation of empire under theguise of pre-empting the scourge of terrorism.Landau reveals how Bush protects ?his?terrorists ? those who perpetrate violenceagainst Castro?s Cuba, and to whom he oweshis presidency. He also examines how Bushhas appointed former officials to high levelposts in his cabinet despite their membershipin a conspiracy to sell weapons of massdestruction to Iran in the 1980s.This is an entertaining read from one ofAmerica?s foremost cultural and politicalcommentators. Above all, Landau makes aconvincing case for the necessity of activism ?the book is not only funny but is also a ringingcall for citizens to participate in making theirown history.The trial of Slobodan Milosevic has raisedthe prospect of many former political leadersbeing tried for crimes against humanity. Warcrimes tribunals and the international criminalcourts are supposedly independent mecha-nisms through which we can administerinternational justice, and through whichtyrants and errant regimes can be broughtto account. But is it really that simple?For example, although Milosevic wound upon trial at The Hague, other attempts at warcrimes prosecutions ? notably Pinochet andSharon ? face insurmountable obstacles.Despite the hopes raised about ?an end toimpunity,? the United States is currentlyexempting itself entirely from the jurisdictionof the new International Criminal Court.This book by renowned scholar MichaelMandel offers the first truly critical accountof the war crimes movement. Mandel arguesthat this movement is not actually aboutending war crimes, or impunity for warcrimes, but about selectively punishing ?theusual suspects? as part of the imperialstrategy of the great powers ? primarily theUnited States.Mandel explores the moral and legal debatesover the recent wars in Kosovo, Afghanistan,and Iraq, supposed exercises in ?humanitarianintervention? and ?self-defence.? He analyzesthe role the war crimes movement has playedin these wars, variously promoting them ornot stopping them, despite their immoralityand illegality.The Pre-Emptive EmpireA Guide to Bush?s KingdomSaul LandauForeword by George McGovernHow America Gets Away with MurderIllegal Wars, Collateral Damage, and CrimesAgainst HumanityMichael Mandel? ALSO OF INTERESTThe Forging of theAmerican EmpireA History of AmericanImperialism from theRevolution to Vietnam,New EditionSidney LensWith an introduction byHoward ZinnAUGUST464 pages, 6 x 9?pb $39.95ISBN 0-7453-2100-3? ALSO OF INTERESTThe Greatest Seditionis SilenceFour Years in AmericaWilliam Rivers Pitt256 pages, 6 x 9?hc $38.95ISBN 0-7453-2010-4(see page 31)WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/CURRENTEVENTS WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LAW24 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477PLUTO PRESSOCTOBER336 pages, 6 x 9?hc $38.95ISBN 0-7453-2117-8Current Events/Economics/PoliticsLoretta Napoleoni isan economist who hasworked for banks andinternational organizationsin Europe and the US.She is also a journalistand was among the fewpeople to interview theRed Brigades in Italy afterthree decades of silence.DECEMBER200 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??pb $35.95ISBN 0-7453-2149-6Current Events/Politics/Middle Eastern StudiesJacqueline S. Ismaelis a professor of SocialWork at the Universityof Calgary. She haspublished extensively onsocial development andsocial policy in the Arabworld.On 15 February 2003, over 6 million peoplearound the world marched in protest againsta threatened war on Iraq. The protest wasunprecedented in world history as it precededwar. In effect, an international coalition ofpeople was attempting to assert its will ontothe stage of power politics to forestall a wardemanded by the world?s only superpower. Inthe light of these remarkable events, it is nowmore important than ever to properly assessIraq?s role in world politics, and the impactthat sanctions and war have had on thepeople of the country.This book serves both as a history of theregion, an assessment of its role in thebroader political landscape, and a movingaccount of the day-to-day reality experiencedby the people of Iraq. The authors look atIraq?s -- and Saddam Hussein?s -- political rolein the Middle East and examine the role of theUN, sanctions, and warfare. They then assessAmerican policy towards Iraq and how thishas changed since September 11, setting itwithin the broader context of America?sinvolvement in the Middle East. They offera historical analysis of Russian-Iraqi relations.Finally, they look at social policy within Iraq,explaining how the internal welfare system hascollapsed since the Gulf War, and the continu-ing effects of depleted uranium.There is no doubt that war will have a seriouseffect on the Iraqi people. This timely accounthelps us understand the true effect that warwill have, and how we can establish more justforms of social intervention in the future.Modern Jihad: The New Economy of Terrorpropels the reader into the netherworld ofillegal organizations. From the Contras toAl Qaeda, Loretta Napoleoni maps out thearteries of an international economic systemthat feeds armed groups the world over withan endless supply of cash. Chasing terrormoney, she takes the reader from CIAheadquarters to the smuggling routes of theFar East, from the back rooms of Wall Streetto Hawala exchanges in the Middle East.The ?economy of terror? that Napoleoniidentifies is a 1.5 trillion-dollar fast-growingeconomic system. It is made up of illegalbusinesses, such as arms and narcoticstrading, oil and diamonds smuggling, as wellas charitable donations, profits from legalbusinesses, and an intricate system offinance. Most importantly, Napoleoni revealsthe interdependency between economies runby armed groups and western economies.This ranges from the consumption of narcot-ics to the production of arms, and from therecycling of illegal money to speculation onthe stock markets, as occurred prior to 9/11.Loretta Napoleoni is the first author to tacklethe issues raised by September 11 from aspecifically economic perspective. Presentingan astonishing array of evidence taken fromextensive research and interviews, the book isa fascinating account of controversial issuesthat lie at the heart of many of today?sinternational problems.The Iraqi PredicamentPeople in the Quagmire of Power PoliticsTareq Y. Ismael and Jacqueline S. IsmaelModern JihadThe New Economy of TerrorLoretta NapoleoniForeword by Michael Hardt?This thoughtful andincisive inquiry yieldsmuch insight into someof the most importantissues of today, andtomorrow.?? Noam Chomsky?The embarrassing truthis that most books onterrorism have beenwritten by people whohave never spoken to aterrorist. The author ofthis volume has.??  Alex P. Schmid, Officer-in-Charge, TerrorismPrevention Branch, UnitedNations.WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/CURRENTEVENTS? ALSO OF INTERESTThe PsychologicalAssessment of PoliticalLeadersWith Profiles of SaddamHussein and Bill ClintonJerrold M. Post, ed.368 pages, 6 x 9?hc $45.95ISBN 0-472-09838-125PLUTO PRESSIn times of war, human rights violations oftengo unreported. In Israel and the OccupiedTerritories, where ongoing conflict has killedmany thousands, abuses of human rights arecommonplace, but these stories seldom reachthe outside world.This book redresses that balance: taken fromdocuments produced by international humanrights groups, it provides an authoritativeaccount of human rights violations that havetaken place on both sides of the conflict sincethe start of the second Intifada in September2000.Unlike conventional reportage or partisanpolemic, these accounts of abuses andviolations are careful not to over-dramatizethe story. Instead, they offer as objective anaccount as possible of the degradations thatboth Israelis and Palestinians have suffered.The reports are taken from groups includingAmnesty International, The Palestinian Centrefor Human Rights, The Palestinian HumanRights Monitoring Group, and Human Rights.Almost all have remained largely unknown tothe wider world until now.Reporters without Borders ? or Reporters sansFronti?res ? is a well-established international NGO,modelled on M?decins sans Fronti?res.OCTOBER224 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??pb $29.95ISBN 0-7453-2141-0Current Events/Journalism/PoliticsIsrael/PalestineThe Black BookEdited by Reporters withoutBordersThis is a new edition of a classic and highlycontroversial book that examines the historyand consequences of Jewish fundamentalismin Israel. It is essential reading for anyone whowants a full understanding of the way religiousextremism has affected the political develop-ment of the modern Israeli state.Acclaimed writer and human rights cam-paigner Israel Shahak was, up until his deathin 2001, one of the most respected of Israel?speace activists. He was, in the words of GoreVidal, ?the latest ? if not the last ? of the greatprophets.? Written by Shahak, with Americanscholar Norton Mezvinsky, this book showshow Jewish fundamentalism in Israel is ofgreat political importance.The authors trace the history and develop-ment of this fundamentalism, examining thevarious different strains, and conclude thatJewish fundamentalism is essentially hostile todemocracy because it opposes equality for allcitizens, and therefore poses a considerablethreat to democracy in Israel.Israel Shahak was a resident of the WarsawGhetto and a survivor of Bergen-Belsen. He arrivedin Palestine in 1945 and lived there until his deathin 2001. Norton Mezvinsky is Professor ofHistory at Central Connecticut State University.SEPTEMBER224 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??pb $29.95ISBN 0-7453-2090-2Current Events/Politics/Middle Eastern StudiesJewish Fundamentalismin IsraelSecond EditionIsrael Shahak and NortonMezvinsky?This brave and moving book forces us toopen our eyes to the full extent of the devasta-tion that AIDS is causing in Africa. Through thewords of AIDS orphans and those strugglingto cope with the flood of unwanted children,Children of AIDS serves as a wake-up call forthe international community.?? Susan SarandonThis is the new, fully updated, first paperbackedition of Emma Guest?s acclaimed book thatexplores how the AIDS crisis has devastatedthe world?s poorest continent, and shows howfamilies, charities, and governments areresponding to the next wave of the crisis ?millions of orphans.Based on extensive interviews, Guest letspeople tell their own stories in their own words.The result is a moving and disturbing accountof the experiences of orphans, street children,grandparents, aunts, foster parents, charityand social workers, and foreign donors acrossSouth Africa, Zambia, and Uganda.Emma Guest is a freelance writer on AIDS-relatedmatters for companies, charities, and the SouthAfrican government.SEPTEMBER208 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??pb $29.95ISBN 0-7453-2075-9Current Events/African Studies/HealthChildren of AIDSAfrica?s Orphan Crisis,New EditionEmma GuestWWW.UBCPRESS.CA/CURRENTEVENTS WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/POLITICS WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HEALTH26 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477SELECTED BACKLISTThe Cost of ClimatePolicyMark Jaccard, JohnNyboer, and BrynSadownik2003, pb $29.950-7748-0951-5Making Native SpaceColonialism, Resistance,and Reserves in BritishColumbiaCole Harris2002, pb $29.950-7748-0901-9No Place to LearnWhy Universities Aren?tWorkingTom Pocklington andAllan Tupper2002, pb $24.950-7748-0879-9A Trading NationCanadian Trade Policyfrom Colonialism toGlobalizationMichael Hart2002, pb $29.950-7748-0895-0Ancient Peopleof the ArcticRobert McGhee1996, pb $24.950-7748-0854-3At the EdgeSustainable Develop-ment in the 21stCenturyAnn Dale2002, pb $24.950-7748-0837-3The Birds of BritishColumbia: Volume 4PasserinesR. Wayne Campbell,et al.2001, hc $125.000-7748-0621-4Citizens PlusAboriginal Peoples andthe Canadian StateAlan Cairns2001, pb $25.950-7748-0768-7Couture andCommerceAlexandra Palmer2001, hc $65.000-7748-0826-8The First Nationsof British ColumbiaAn AnthropologicalSurveyRobert J. Muckle1998, pb $19.950-7748-0663-XFood Plantsof CoastalFirst PeoplesNancy Turner1995, pb $25.950-7748-0533-1Hollywood NorthThe Feature FilmIndustry in BritishColumbiaMike Gasher2000, pb $24.950-7748-0968-XKiller WhalesSecond EditionJohn K.B. Ford et al.2000, pb $22.950-7748-0800-4Sea Stars of BritishColumbia, SoutheastAlaska, and PugetSoundPhilip Lambert2000, pb $25.950-7748-0825-XTotem PolesAn Illustrated GuideMarjorie M. Halpin1981, pb $15.950-7748-0141-7Street Protestsand Fantasy ParksGlobalization, Culture,and the StateDavid R. 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Webb2002, pb $29.950-8165-2250-2Dining at theLineman?s ShackJohn Weston2003, pb $27.950-8165-2283-9Done into DanceIsadora Duncanin America2002, pb $33.950-8195-6560-1SilenceLectures and Writingsby John CageJohn Cage1973, pb $35.950-8195-6028-6SakharovA BiographyRichard Lourie2002, hc $46.951-58465-207-1The Ice ChroniclesPaul Andrew Mayewskiand Frank White2002, hc $38.951-58465-061-3Ask the BugmanJohnna Lachnit andRichard Fagerlund2002, pb $26.950-8263-2835-0Out There SomewhereSimon J. Ortiz2002, pb $28.950-8165-2210-330 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477SELECTED BACKLISTThe Pits and thePendulumA Life with BipolarDisorderBrian Adams2003, pb $27.951-84310-104-1SmokechasingStephen J. 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Cooley2002, pb $28.950-7453-1917-3Operation DefensiveShieldWitnesses to IsraeliWar CrimesMuna Hamzeh andTodd May, eds.2003, pb $30.950-7453-2063-532 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477AAaronson  Taking Trade to the Streets  28Aboriginal Conditions  7Adams  Pits and the Pendulum, The  30Afghanistan?s Endless War  27Alexander  Combatting Terrorism  28Alexy  Marrano Legacy, The  30Alfred Currier  12Along the Silk Road  27Ancient People of the Arctic  26Approaches to Popular Film  30Arboretum America  15Armstrong  Halifax Explosion, The  5Ask the Bugman  29Asparagus Dreams  21Asperger?s Syndrome  30At the Edge  26Atkins  Gay Seattle  27Attwood  Asperger?s Syndrome  30Avoiding Armageddon  7BBacardi  31Backhouse  People and Place  8Bailey  Rogue Scholar  14Baranek  First Do No Harm  2Barney  Prometheus Wired  26Barry  Beginning Theory  31Bauer  Open the Door  28Beattie  Undelivered Letters  4Beavon  Aboriginal Conditions  7Beckey  Range of Glaciers  28Beginning Postcolonialism  30Beginning Theory  31Being a Tourist  4Being Chinese  18Benarde  Stars of David  16Beresford-Kroeger  Arboretum America  15Berlo  Wild by Design  28Best Democracy Money Can Buy, The  31Beyond September 11  31Birds of British Columbia, The  26Birds of Oregon  27Birds of the Yukon Territory  6Black  Out of the Mist  27Blanket Weaving in the Southwest  18Blocksma  Great Lakes Nature  28Boyd  Unnatural Law  2Brabazon  Ladies Who Lunge  28Brennan  Philip Larkin I Knew, The  31Broswimmer  Ecocide  31Bud  Exposing Electronics  29Burnett  Passion for Wildlife, A  7Buss  Undelivered Letters  4CCage  Silence  29Cairns  Citizens Plus  26Cameron  Street Protests and FantasyParks  26Campbell  Birds of British Columbia, The  26Cannings  Introducing the Dragonflies of BritishColumbia  27Captured Honor  28Carlson  Company Towns of the Pacific Northwest11Carter  Education of Little Tree, The  30Celan  Glottal Stop  29Celebrating the Jewish Holidays  28Chan  Robert Mugabe  28Chappell  Gendering Government  7Che  31Children of AIDS  25Citizens Plus  26Citro  Curious New England  29Civic Literacy  29Clem  30Co-Workplace, The  6Coal Dust in my Blood  27Collective Insecurity  7Collier  Floods, Droughts, and Climate Change  29Colpitts  Game in the Garden  7Combatting Terrorism  28Company Towns of the Pacific Northwest  11Conkelton  Northwest Mythologies  12Cooley  Unholy Wars  31Cooper  Hidden Agendas  1Corporate Governance in Global Capital Markets  7Cost of Climate Policy, The  26Coupland  Emerging from the Mist  8Couture and Commerce  26Crews  Wild by Design  28Curious New England  29DDabcovich  Ghost on the Hearth, The  17Dale  At the Edge  26Dene Spruce Root Basketry  27Devouring Frida  29Dewey  Clem  30Dietrich  Natural Grace  27Dillon  Hive of Dreams  9Dining at the Lineman?s Shack  29Djao  Being Chinese  18EEarly French Cookery  28Eating an Artichoke  30Eckert  Birds of the Yukon  6Ecocide  31Education of Little Tree, The  30Elevator Music  15Ellis  Transients  26Emerging from the Mist  8Erasure  29Everett  Erasure  29Exposing Electronics  29FFagerlund  Ask the Bugman  29Ficken  Unsettled Boundaries  13Fienup-Riordan  Freeze Frame  10Finn  Exposing Electronics  29Fire and Form  12First Do No Harm  2First Nations of British Columbia, The  26Fischer  Rise of the Nazis, The  31Fling  Eating an Artichoke  30Floods, Droughts, and Climate Change  29Food Plants of Coastal First Peoples  26Ford  Killer Whales  26Ford  Transients  26Foulds  Curious New England  29Freaks, Geeks, and Asperger Syndrome  30Fredrickson  Railscapes  13Freeze Frame  10Friday  Lelooska  10Frigates and Foremasts  8GGalois  Voyage to the Northwest Sideof America, A  8Galtung  Searching for Peace  31Game in the Garden  7Garcia  Che  31Gardner  Untamed Vermont  17Gartner  Murdering Holiness  3Gasher  Hollywood North  26Gathering Moss  27Gay Seattle  27Gender and Change in Hong Kong  8Gendering Government  7Ghost on the Hearth, The  17Gibbons  Mammal Tracks and Sign of theNortheast  29Gilkey  Winter Twigs  27Globalization and Well-Being  7Glottal Stop  29Goddess, The  14Goldin  Wedding Song  16Goodson  Afghanistan?s Endless War  27Gray  Implements of Golf, The  27Great Lakes Nature  28Greatest Sedition is Silence, The  31Grover  Unforgiving Coast  27Guest  Children of AIDS  25Gutenberg in Shanghai  8Gwyn  Frigates and Foremasts  8HHalifax Explosion, The  5Halpin  Totem Poles  26Hamzeh  Operation Defensive Shield  31Harris  Making Native Space  26Harrison  Being a Tourist  4Hart  Trading Nation, A  26AUTHOR/TITLE INDEX33Hawker  Tales of Ghosts  7Haze  21Hedlund  Blanket Weaving in theSouthwest  18Helliwell  Globalization and Well-Being  7Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem  30Henry  Light People, The  29Hidden Agendas  1Hinde  When Coal Was King  8Hitchhiking through Asperger Syndrome  30Hive of Dreams  9Hizbu?llah  31Hollows  Approaches to Popular Film  30Hollywood North  26Hong Kong Ballet, The  28Hoopmann  Haze  21Hoover  Magic Leaves  27How America Gets Away with Murder  23How to Help a Clumsy Child  21Hughes  Birds of the Yukon  6Hughes  Running with Walker  20Hunter  Lawren Stewart Harris  28Hunters and Bureaucrats  8Husain  Goddess, The  14IIce Chronicles, The  29Implements of Golf, The  27Incorporating Social Goals in the Classroom  30Introducing the Dragonflies of British Columbia  27Invisible Giant  31Iraqi Predicament, The  24Ismael  Iraqi Predicament, The  24Israel/Palestine  25JJaccard  Cost of Climate Policy, The  26Jackson  Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome30James Bond Phenomenon, The  22Jancovich  Approaches to Popular Film  30Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel  25Johnson  Co-Workplace, The  6Johnston  War of Patrols, A  5Johnstone  Coal Dust in my Blood  27KKeddie  Songhees Pictorial, The  9Killer Whales  26Kimmerer  Gathering Moss  27Kimono  27Kneen  Invisible Giant  31Kozloff  Seashore Life of the Northern PacificCoast  28Kubernik  This is Rebel Music  19Kurtz  How to Help a Clumsy Child  21LLa Nouvelle France  29Lachnit  Ask the Bugman  29Lacy  Ring of Seasons  28Ladies Who Lunge  28Lambert  Sea Stars of British Columbia  26Landau  Northwest Mythologies  12Landau  Pre-Emptive Empire, The  23Lanza  Elevator Music  15Lawren Stewart Harris  28Lee  Gender and Change in Hong Kong  8Lelooska  10Levitin  Women Filmmakers  6Liberalism, Nationalism, Citizenship  7Light People, The  29Lindauer  Devouring Frida  29Lindberg  Alfred Currier  12Lindner  James Bond Phenomenon, The  22Lourie  Sakharov  29Love in Good Time  18Lundmark  Quirky Qwerty  28MMa  Along the Silk Road  27Mackie  Emerging from the Mist  8MacMillan  Parties Long Estranged  7Macnair  Magic Leaves  27Magic Leaves  27Making Native Space  26Mammal Tracks and Sign of theNortheast  29Mandel  How America Gets Away with Murder  23Marie  Dene Spruce Root Basketry  27Marrano Legacy, The  30Marshall  Birds of Oregon  27Masculinities without Men?  8Matson  Emerging from the Mist  8Matthews  Women and War  14Maxim  Aboriginal Conditions  7Mayewski  Ice Chronicles, The  29McClellan  My Old People Say  27McGhee  Ancient People of the Arctic  26McKenzie  Parties Long Estranged  7McLaughlin  War Correspondent, The  31McLeod  Beginning Postcolonialism  30McMurtry  Value Wars  31McNulty  Olympic National Park  28Mezvinsky  Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel  25Mgbeoji  Collective Insecurity  7Miljan  Hidden Agendas  1Milner  Civic Literacy  29Milord  Ghost on the Hearth, The  17Misplaced Distrust  7Modern Jihad  24Momaday  Way to Rainy Mountain, The  30Montpetit  Misplaced Distrust  7Moogk  La Nouvelle France  29Morse  Nature of Gold, The  11Moyes  Incorporating Social Goals in theClassroom  30Muckle  First Nations of British Columbia, The  26Murdering Holiness  3Murray  Writing About Nature  19My Old People Say  27NNadasdy  Hunters and Bureaucrats  8Napoleoni  Modern Jihad  24Natural Grace  27Nature of Gold, The  11Nivelon  Rudiments of Genteel Behaviour, The  13Nixon  Birds of the Yukon  6No Place to Learn  26Noble  Masculinities without Men?  8Nonverbal Learning Disabilities at Home  30Northwest Mythologies  12Nyboer  Cost of Climate Policy, The  26OOlympic National Park  28Open the Door  28Operation Defensive Shield  31Oriental Question, The  8Ortiz  Out There Somewhere  29Ospina  Bacardi  31Out of the Mist  27Out There Somewhere  29Overton  Snapshots of Autism  30PPackard  Winter Twigs  27Palast  Best Democracy Money Can Buy, The  31Palmer  Couture and Commerce  26Parties Long Estranged  7Passion for Wildlife, A  7Peers  Asparagus Dreams  21People and Place  8Philip Larkin I Knew, The  31Phillips  Murdering Holiness  3Pintak  Seeds of Hate  31Pits and the Pendulum, The  30Plessis  Women Filmmakers  6Plummer  Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem  30Pocklington  No Place to Learn  26Pre-Emptive Empire, The  23Pretending to be Normal  30Prometheus Wired  26Pyles  Hitchhiking through Asperger Syndrome  30Pyne  Smokechasing  30QQuirky Qwerty  28AUTHOR/TITLE INDEX34 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477RRailscapes  13Range of Glaciers  28Raoul  Women Filmmakers  6Reed  Gutenberg in Shanghai  8Rentz  They Can?t Take That Away from Me  29Reporters without Borders  Israel/Palestine  25Restless Northwest, The  28Richter  Avoiding Armageddon  7Ring of Seasons  28Rise of the Nazis, The  31Rivers Pitt  Greatest Sedition is Silence, The  31Robert Mugabe  28Robson  Love in Good Time  18Rogers  War on Terror, A  22Rogue Scholar  14Round Barn, The  29Roy  Oriental Question, The  8Rubin  Celebrating the Jewish Holidays  28Rudiments of Genteel Behaviour, The  13Running with Walker  20Ryerson  Water Music  15SSaad-Ghorayeb  Hizbu?llah  31Sadownik  Cost of Climate Policy, The  26Sakharov  29Sarra  Corporate Governance in Global CapitalMarkets  7Schouls  Shifting Boundaries  8Scraton  Beyond September 11  31Scully  Early French Cookery  28Sea Stars of British Columbia  26Searching for Peace  31Seashore Life of the Northern Pacific Coast  28Seeds of Hate  31Shahak  Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel  25Shifting Boundaries  8Silence  29Sinclair  Birds of the Yukon  6Siu  Hong Kong Ballet, The  28Smokechasing  30Snapshots of Autism  30Sola  Che  31Songhees Pictorial, The  9Stars of David  16Stein  Street Protests and Fantasy Parks  26Stewart  Implements of Golf, The  27Street of Dreams  31Street Protests and Fantasy Parks  26Sullivan  First Do No Harm  2Swainger  People and Place  8TTaking Trade to the Streets  28Tales from the Attic  27Tales of Ghosts  7Tanguay  Nonverbal Learning Disabilitiesat Home  30They Can?t Take That Away from Me  29This is Rebel Music  19Thom  Lawren Stewart Harris  28Thompson  Dene Spruce Root Basketry  27Totem Poles  26Trading Nation, A  26Transients  26Trischler  Exposing Electronics  29Tupper  No Place to Learn  26Turner  Food Plants of Coastal First Peoples  26UUndelivered Letters  4Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders  20Unforgiving Coast  27Unholy Wars  31Unnatural Law  2Unsettled Boundaries  13Untamed Vermont  17VValue Wars  31Voyage to the Northwest Side of America, A  8WWachtel  Street of Dreams  31War Correspondent, The  31War of Patrols, A  5War on Terror, A  22Warmus  Fire and Form  12Water Music  15Way to Rainy Mountain, The  30Webb  Floods, Droughts, and Climate Change  29Wedding Song  16Wessels  Untamed Vermont  17Weston  Dining at the Lineman?s Shack  29Wheat  Blanket Weaving in the Southwest  18When Coal Was King  8White  Aboriginal Conditions  7White  Ice Chronicles, The  29Wild by Design  28Willey  Pretending to be Normal  30Williams  Restless Northwest, The  28Wilson  Tales from the Attic  27Winter Twigs  27Wizowaty  Round Barn, The  29Wodnik  Captured Honor  28Women and War  14Women Filmmakers  6Writing About Nature  19AUTHOR/TITLE INDEXYYapko  Understanding Autism SpectrumDisorders  2035CONTACT USUBC PressThe University of British Columbia2029 West MallVancouver, BCCanada  V6T 1Z2Phone: 604.822.5959 or 604.822.9462 (marketing)Fax: 1.800.668.0821 or 604.822.6083E-mail: info@ubcpress.caExamination Copies:Elizabeth Whitton, 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