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UBCPressSPRING | S UMMER 2004TRADECATALOGUEThe Heiress vs theEstablishmentPage 2Saints, Sinners, and SoldiersPage 3Rodents and Lagomorphs ofBritish ColumbiaPage 9TRADECATALOGUESPRING 2004Living with Wildlife in the Pacific NorthwestPage 16Lifesaving LettersPage 17A Garden for LifePage 24Salmon NationPage 26Double or Nothing?Page 29The Sensitive SelfPage 30Regime UnchangedPage 18Journey to the Ice AgePage 1America UnboundPage 10Munitions of the MindPage 23On the BrinkPage 27Succeeding in College withAsperger SyndromePage 31Cover image: ?Attack on all Fronts?:World War II propaganda campaign, courtesy National Archives of Canada, C-103527Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers: Canada?sSecond World War, page 3?Tequila!Page 231Journey to the Ice AgeDiscovering an Ancient WorldAt the end of the Ice Age, small groups of hunter-gathererscrossed from Siberia to Alaska and opened the last chapter inthe human settlement of the earth. Many left little or no trace.But one group -- the Early Paleo-Indians -- exploded suddenlyon the archaeological record about 11,500 years ago andexpanded rapidly throughout North America and, eventually,into South America.Why was this group so successful? To understand this, we needto know how they coped with change and different Ice Ageenvironments. This book, by archaeologist and curator PeterStorck, focuses on the challenges faced by the Early Paleo-Indiansof northeastern North America. A revealing, autobiographicalaccount, Journey to the Ice Age is at once a captivating recordof Storck?s archaeological discoveries, as well as an introductionto the practice, challenges, and spirit of archaeology.Whether you?re in your teens or in your 80s, if you?ve everwanted to roll back the present and see the landscape of thepast, this book is sure to delight you. Designed to take readerson their own journey to the Ice Age, the book includes a guidedtour across ancient beaches, through glacially scoured valleys,and up into formerly remote highlands ? places evocative ofanother geological epoch and which contain hidden traces ofSouthern Ontario?s, and Canada?s, founding peoples. Of interestto both professional and amateur, student and teacher, special-ist and novice, this personal, often evocative, account is boundto satisfy anyone who?s ever yearned to ask an archaeologist:How do you know where to dig? Why do you do what you do?Or what does it all mean??A passionate yet consummately erudite account of his intellectualodyssey from young scientist to pre-eminent scholar of Ice Age archae-ology. It is an honest, inspiring, and well-written story of a life devotedto science combined with a remarkably intimate portrait of the Ice Agepeople that Storck has been tracking for his entire professional career.?? Bradley Lepper, Curator of Archaeology, Ohio Historical Society?This book will open the consciousness of North Americans to theancient world that surrounds their daily lives. Familiar landscapes willcarry new significance as the settings for primeval iceberg-ladenseas, exotic animals, and peoples whose way of life is totally aliento that of the modern world.?? Robert McGhee, author of Ancient People of the ArcticPeter L. Storck is Senior Curator Emeritus at the Departmentof Anthropology, Royal Ontario Museum.APRIL384 pages, 6 x 9?22 drawings, 19 photos, 21 maps, 3 tableshc $39.95, ISBN 0-7748-1028-9Science/ArchaeologyPeter L. StorckUBC PRESSPublished in association with:2 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477The Heiress vs the EstablishmentMrs. Campbell?s Campaign for Legal JusticeIn 1922, Elizabeth Bethune Campbell, a Toronto-born socialite,unearthed what she initially thought was an unsigned copyof her mother?s will, designating her as the primary beneficiaryof the estate. The discovery snowballed into a fourteen-yearbattle with the Ontario legal establishment, as Mrs. Campbellattempted to prove that her uncle, a prominent member ofOntario?s legal circle, had stolen funds from her mother?s estate.In 1930, she argued her case before the Law Lords of the PrivyCouncil in London. A non-lawyer and Canadian, with no formaleducation, Campbell was the first woman to ever appear beforethem. She won.Reprinted here in its entirety, Where Angels Fear to Tread,Campbell?s self-published manuscript, is an eloquent and rarefirst-person account of the world of overlapping intrigue andinfluence that constituted the early-twentieth-century legalsystem. Extensive commentary and annotations illuminatethe context for Campbell?s story, and allow readers to betterunderstand the implications of her case for Canadian legalhistory.So much more than a simple case study, The Heiress vs theEstablishment is a vibrantly written account that will be wel-comed by legal and social historians, those with an interest inCanadian letters, scholars of gender studies, as well as thepublic at large.Constance Backhouse is Professor of Law, Director of the HumanRights Research and Education Centre, and University Research Chairat the University of Ottawa. Madam Justice Nancy Backhouse sitson the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario.Constance Backhouse and Nancy BackhouseUBC PRESSJUNE356 pages est., 6 x 9?36 b/w photoshc $45.00, ISBN 0-7748-1052-1Law/Canadian History/Women?s StudiesPublished for The Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal  History by UBC Press.LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES?I belong to the old Canada, that Canada which is rapidly passing away. My own father, James Bethune, Q.C., was one of the  leadingcounsel at the Ontario Bar, and my step-father, Sir William Howland, K.C.M.G., C.B., was the second Lieutenant Governor of Ontario,for whom Government House in Toronto was built ... I should like to say just here that in my father?s and step-father?s day the legalprofession of Ontario and the trust companies, if any existed, were of the highest repute. My reading public will no doubt, as my storyproceeds, form their own opinion as to whether these traditions of honor still hold good in high places throughout Ontario today.?? From Where Angels Fear to Tread by Elizabeth Bethune Campbell, published in 19403Saints, Sinners, and SoldiersCanada?s Second World WarIt was the ?Good War.? Its cause was just; it ended the Depres-sion; and Canada?s contribution was nothing less than stellar.Canadians had every reason to applaud themselves, and theheroes that made the nation proud. But the dark truth was thatnot all Canadians were saints or soldiers. Indeed, many weresinners.In this eye-opening and captivating reassessment of Canadiancommitment to the cause, some disturbing questions cometo light. Were citizens working as hard as possible to backthe war effort?  Was there illegal profiting from the conflict?Did Canadian society suffer from a general decline of ?morality?during the war?  Would women truly ?back the attack? in newfactory jobs and the military, and then quietly return home?Would unattended youth produce a crisis with juvenile delin-quency?  How would Canada reintegrate a million veterans who,policy-makers feared, would create a social crisis if treated liketheir Great War counterparts?The first-ever synthesis of both the patriotic and the problematicin wartime Canada, Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers shows howmoral and social changes, and the fears they generated,precipitated numerous, and often contradictory, legacies inlaw and society.  From labour conflicts, to the black market,to prostitution, and beyond, Keshen acknowledges the under-belly of Canada?s Second World War, and demonstrates thatthe ?Good War? was a complex tapestry of social forces ? notall of which were above reproach. Essential to both military andsocial historians, this book will also prove fascinating to anyoneinterested in the evolution of Canada?s social fabric.?Opening up a large number of new questions about the 1940s and,by extension, other periods of the 20th century, Saints, Sinners, andSoldiers will become a standard work in Canadian social history.?? Terry Copp, author of Fields of Fire: The Canadians in Normandy?Jeffrey Keshen?s Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers is an extraordinarylook at how Canadians lived, loved, and worked on the homefrontduring the Second World War. His massive research into thesources that other historians usually skip over has produced thesingle best study of rapidly changing social values in a time ofgreat crisis that we have. Absolutely first-rate??? J.L. Granatstein, author of Canada?s Army: Waging War and Keepingthe PeaceJeffrey A. Keshen is a member of the Department of Historyat the University of Ottawa.APRIL448 pages est., 6 x 9?38 b/w illus.hc $45.00, ISBN 0-7748-0923-XMilitary HistoryJeffrey A. KeshenUBC PRESSSTUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORYPublished in association with theCanadian War Museum4 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Canadians Behind Enemy Lines, 1939-1945With a New Preface by the AuthorRoy MacLarenUBC PRESSBACK IN PRINTDuring the Second World War, Canadians found themselvesbehind enemy lines in Europe and Asia. Not all were ill-fatedairmen, shot down in the fury of battle. In fact, some were thereby design. As volunteers who risked their lives in extremelyhazardous assignments, almost one hundred Canadians servedthe Allied forces by passing as locals in occupied countries.At the behest of two secret British services, these men madelanguage and custom their costumes and wove themselvesinto the social fabric of France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary,Burma, Malaya, and Sarawak. As ?citizens? of these countries,they were uniquely positioned to assist resistance groups insabotage and ambush missions, and to smuggle Allied airmenout of the occupied territories. Quiet heroes of the war, thesebold Canadians helped to make the brutal and unrelentingwarfare of the underground a potent weapon in the Alliedarsenal.Out of print for more than two decades, this bestselling bookrecognizes the unique contribution of these individuals to theunderground war effort in WWII. It is also a study of unstintingpersonal courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Militaryand Canadian historians, veterans, and anyone interested in thisfascinating piece of Canada?s past will appreciate MacLaren?sengaging, well-researched account.The Honourable Roy MacLaren, a graduate of the Universities ofBritish Columbia, Toronto, and Cambridge, was a diplomat, business-man, and Member of Parliament.  He was Minister of State (Finance),Minister of National Revenue, and Minister of International Trade. He isthe author of four other books on Canadian military and politicalsubjects.PRAISE FOR THE ORIGINAL EDITION:?A rattling adventure yarn.?? The Vancouver Sun?Documents yet another stage in Canada?s reluctant coming of age.?? The Globe and Mail?An intensely interesting account of an unusual and little-known aspectof Canada?s fighting men overseas.?? The Canadian Historical ReviewMARCH352 pages est., 6 x 9?38 b/w illus., 3 mapspb $25.95, ISBN 0-7748-1100-5Military History5UBC PRESSDavid R. BoydUnnatural LawRethinking CanadianEnvironmental Lawand PolicyRECENTLY RELEASED?David Boyd has examined our condition, givenus a diagnosis, and written a prescription for asustainable future. The doctor is in.?? Thomas R. Berger?For all our sakes, read this book and helpmake the changes David Boyd prescribes.?? Elizabeth May, Sierra Club of CanadaWhile governments assert that Canada is aworld leader in sustainability, Unnatural Lawprovides extensive evidence to refute thisclaim. A comprehensive assessment of thestrengths and weaknesses of Canadianenvironmental law, the book provides abalanced, critical examination of Canada?srecord, focusing on laws and policies intendedto protect water, air, land, and biodiversity.The struggle for a sustainable future is one ofthe most daunting challenges facing humanityin the twenty-first century. Unnatural Lawprescribes the changes Canada must make inorder to respond to the ecological imperativeof living within the Earth?s limits. Everyone --academics, lawyers, students, policymakers,and concerned citizens -- interested in thehealth of the Canadian and global environmentswill find this book an invaluable source ofinformation and insight.David R. Boyd is an environmental lawyer, profes-sor, and former executive director of the Sierra LegalDefence Fund.2003488 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1049-1LAW AND SOCIETY SERIESEnvironmental Studies/Current AffairsMurdering HolinessThe Trials of Franz Creffieldand George MitchellJim Phillips andRosemary GartnerMurdering Holiness explores the story of the?Holy Roller? sect led by Franz Creffield in theearly years of the twentieth century. Creffield,a charismatic, self-styled messiah based inCorvallis, Oregon, taught his followers toforsake their families and worldly possessionsand to seek salvation through him. As histeachings became more extreme, the localcommunity reacted: Creffield was tarred andfeathered and his followers were incarceratedin the state asylum. Creffield himself wasimprisoned for adultery but later revived thesect. This proved too much for some of theadherents? families, and in 1906 GeorgeMitchell, the brother of two women in thesect, shot Creffield dead in Seattle.This was just the beginning of a remarkablesequence of events that included Mitchell?strial for murder, his acquittal and almostimmediate death in a revenge killing, and theproceedings against Mitchell?s murderers. Thiscaptivating book takes us into the courtroomfor the trial that made headlines across NorthAmerica and sheds light on the rise of ardentreligion in the Pacific Northwest, the justicesystem in Seattle, and the role of the pressin influencing public opinion.Jim Phillips is Director of the Centre of Criminologyand a professor in the Faculty of Law and Depart-ment of History. Rosemary Gartner is a professorat the Centre of Criminology and the Department ofSociology. Both are at the University of Toronto.2003360 pages, 21 b/w illus., 6 x 9?hc $45.00, ISBN 0-7748-0906-XLAW AND SOCIETY SERIESTrue Crime/HistoryRECENTLY RELEASEDLydia Miljan and Barry CooperHidden AgendasHow Journalists Influencethe NewsRECENTLY RELEASED?Hidden Agendas breaks new ground andexpands our understanding of Canada?s media.But be forewarned: Whatever your preconcep-tions about who?s right, who?s left and who?swrong, this little book is full of surprises.?? Terence Corcoran, Editor-in-Chief, Financial PostIn our news-hungry society, journalists havebecome celebrities and, often, political proxies.To a large degree, our world is shaped by theircommentaries on everything from war to healthcare to trade. Hidden Agendas is a no-holds-barred expos? of how reporters? opinionsshape the information that we consider news.Focusing primarily on the political orientationof journalists, Miljan and Cooper investigatethe link between what journalists believe aboutpolitics and how they report political issues.Using data gathered from interviews with over800 Canadians and some 270 journalists, thebook arrives at the controversial conclusionthat journalists, more so than media owners,are the architects of news, engineering notonly its drama but also its ideological thrust.Lydia Miljan and Barry Cooper are bothprofessors of political science. They teach at theUniversity of Windsor and the University of Calgary,respectively.2003188 pages, 6 x 9?pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-1020-3Journalism/Current Affairs/Politics6 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477UBC PRESSEdited by John Barkerand Douglas ColeAt Home with the BellaCoola IndiansT.F. McIlwraith?s Field Letters,1922?4NOW IN PAPERBACKBetween 1922 and 1924, the young Canadiananthropologist T.F. McIlwraith spent elevenmonths in the isolated community of BellaCoola, British Columbia, living among the peopleof the Nuxalk First Nation. During his time there,McIlwraith gained intimate knowledge of theNuxalk culture and of their struggle to survivein the face of massive depopulation, loss oftraditional lands, and the efforts of the Canadiangovernment to ban the potlatch. McIlwraith'sresulting ethnography, The Bella Coola Indians(1948), is widely considered the finest publishedstudy of a Northwest Coast First Nation.This volume is a rich complement to McIlwraith?sclassic work, incorporating his letters from thefield with previously unpublished essays on theNuxalk. Vivid and lively, the letters show thehuman side of the anthropologist, and providea fascinating insight into the famous Northwestwinter ceremonials and potlatch ? events inwhich McIlwraith was one of the few white menprivileged to participate as a dancer andpartner.John Barker is an associate professor in theDepartment of Anthropology and Sociology at theUniversity of British Columbia. Douglas Cole was aprofessor in the Department of History at SimonFraser University. He died in 1997.JANUARY224 pages, 15 b/w illus., 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0980-9Anthropology/Native StudiesJohn PunterThe VancouverAchievementUrban Planning and DesignNOW IN PAPERBACKThis book examines the development ofVancouver?s unique approach to zoning,planning, and urban design from the early1970s to the beginning of the twenty-firstcentury. By the late 1990s, Vancouver hadestablished a reputation in North Americafor its planning achievement, especially forits creation of a participative, responsive,and design-led approach to urban regenerationand redevelopment. This system has otherimportant features: an innovative approachto megaproject planning, a system of costand amenity levies on major schemes, aparticipative process to underpin activeneighbourhood planning, and a sophisticatedpanoply of design guidelines. These systems,processes, and their achievements placeVancouver at the forefront of internationalplanning practice. The Vancouver Achievementexplains the keys to its success, and evaluatesits approach to planning and design againstinternationally accepted criteria.Generously illustrated with over 160 photosand figures, this book ? the first comprehen-sive account of contemporary planning andurban design practice in any Canadian city ?will appeal to academic and professionalaudiences, as well as the general public.John Punter is with the Department of City andRegional Planning, Cardiff University, Wales.JANUARY448 pages, 69 b/w photos, figures, maps, 6 x 9?pb $34.95, ISBN 0-7748-0972-8Planning/Urban StudiesNOW IN PAPERBACKJohn R. HindeWhen Coal Was KingLadysmith and the Coal-MiningIndustry on Vancouver IslandThe town of Ladysmith was one of the mostimportant coal-mining communities onVancouver Island during the early twentiethcentury. The Ladysmith miners had a reputa-tion for radicalism and militancy and engagedin bitter struggles for union recognition andeconomic justice, most notably the GreatStrike of 1912-14. This strike, one of thelongest and most violent labour disputes inCanadian history, marked a watershed in thehistory of the town and the coal industry.This book explains the origins of the 1912-14strike by examining the development of thecoal industry on Vancouver Island, the found-ing of Ladysmith, the experience of work andsafety in the mines, the process of politicaland economic mobilization, and how thesefactors contributed to the development ofidentity and community. Unique to this analysisis Hinde?s emphasis on the importance ofclass, ethnicity, gender, and community increating the conditions for the mobilization ofthe working-class population. Informed bycurrent academic debates, this readablehistory draws on extensive archival research,and will appeal to historians and othersinterested in the history of Vancouver Island.John R. Hinde has taught at the University ofVictoria and Malaspina University College. His firstbook, Jacob Burckhardt and the Crisis of Modernity,was awarded the 2001 Wallace K. Ferguson Prizeby the Canadian Historical Association.JANUARY288 pages, 22 b/w illus., 3 maps, 6 x 9?pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-0936-1History7Growth and Governanceof Canadian UniversitiesAn Insider?s ViewHoward C. ClarkA veteran of university administrationconsiders the effect of remarkablechange on the growth and governanceof the modern Canadian university.JANUARY240 pages, 6 x 9?pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-1024-6Higher EducationJapan at the MillenniumJoining Past and FutureDavid W. Edgington, ed.A critical, multidisciplinary studyof economics, politics, society, andculture, this collection of essaysexamines the concepts of ?change?and ?continuity? in contemporaryJapan.JANUARY288 pages, 11 b/w illus., 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0899-3Asian StudiesIn the Long RunWe?re All DeadThe Canadian Turnto Fiscal RestraintTimothy LewisA superb analysis of how the decline ofCanadian Keynesianism has made wayfor the emergence of politics organizedaround balanced budgets.JANUARY288 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95, ISBN 0-7748-0999-XPolitical Science/Public PolicyCollective InsecurityThe Liberian Crisis,Unilateralism, and Global OrderIkechi MgbeojiA probing analysis and critique ofthe historical dysfunction of thepostcolonial African state and thetragic collapse of Liberia.JANUARY200 pages, 6 x 9?pb $24.95, ISBN 0-7748-1037-8Law/African StudiesLAW AND SOCIETY SERIESUBC PRESS | NOW IN PAPERBACK & NEW SCHOLARLY BOOKSThe Integrity GapCanada?s Environmental Policyand InstitutionsEugene Lee and Anthony Perl, eds.This thoughtful collection exposes thegap between rhetoric and performancein Canada?s response to environmentalchallenges.JANUARY304 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0986-8Environmental Studies/Public PolicyTraining the Excludedfor WorkMarjorie Griffin Cohen, ed.In an attempt to redress socialinequities in the workplace, the authorsexamine various kinds of trainingprograms and recommend specificpolicy initiatives to improve accessto these programs.JANUARY288 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1007-6Sociology/Policy StudiesTaking StandsGender and the Sustainabilityof Rural CommunitiesMaureen ReedGoing beyond simple notions of ?pro?and ?anti? environmentalism, Reedexplores the perspectives of womenwho support the forestry industry,and seek to protect its role in theirlivelihoods and communities.JANUARY296 pages, 10 b/w illus., 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1018-1Forestry/Gender StudiesNot the Slightest ChanceThe Defence of Hong Kong,1941Tony Banham?This meticulously researched bookopens up rich new detail on manyaspects of the battle of Hong Kong.?? Roger SartyJANUARY452 pages, 10 b/w illus., maps, 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1045-9Military History/Asian StudiesNew Perspectives on thePublic-Private DivideThe Law Commission of CanadaPart of a series designed to explorethe role of law in structuring humanrelationships, this collection of essaysre-evaluates the public-private divide toexamine how it affects the legal formsthat shape our personal relationships.JANUARY200 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95, ISBN 0-7748-1043-2LawLEGAL DIMENSIONS SERIESPublished in association withThe Law Commission of CanadaPilgrims, Patrons, and PlaceLocalizing Sanctity in AsianReligionsPhyllis Granoff and KoichiShinohara, eds.An interdisciplinary contemplation ofsacred place and biography in Asia thatshows how secular politics, religion,and sectarian rivalry intersect.JANUARY392 pages, 31 b/w illus., 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-1039-4Asian Studies/Religious StudiesASIAN RELIGIONS AND SOCIETY SERIESElectionsJohn CourtneyThis first volume of the CanadianDemocratic Audit series is a conciseanalysis of the complex history,development, and issues surroundingthe Canadian electoral system.MARCH192 pages est., 5? x 8??hc $65.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0917-5Political ScienceRepresentation andDemocratic TheoryDavid Laycock, ed.A thought-provoking collection ofessays by leading political theoriststhat illuminates the complexity ofpolitical representation in contemporarydemocratic politics.MAY304 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1078-5Political SciencePolitical PartiesWilliam CrossAn examination of the history, structure,mechanisms, and performance ofCanadian political parties, which alsoassesses how they function as vehiclesfor grassroots political participation.APRIL176 pages est., 5? x 8??hc $65.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0940-XPolitical Science* Denotes titles which are availableat short discount onlyCitizensElisabeth Gidengil, Andr? Blais,Richard Nadeau, and Neil NevitteA comprehensive assessment of thelevel of engagement of Canadiancitizens in the nation?s democratic life.MAY192 pages est., 5? x 8??hc $65.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0919-1Political ScienceGender and Changein Hong KongGlobalization, Postcolonialism,and Chinese PatriarchyEliza W.Y. LeeAn analysis of women?s changing rolesamidst the complex interaction of thethree important forces of globalization,postcolonialism, and Chinese patriarchy.JANUARY224 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7748-0994-9Asian Studies/Gender StudiesCONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIES SERIESStepping Stones to NowhereThe Aleutian Islands, Alaska, andAmerican Military Strategy,1867-1945Galen Roger PerrasThis book provides a probing analysisof how the Aleutian Islands and Alaskafigured in American military strategy upto and during the second world war.JANUARY288 pages, 14 b/w illus., maps, 6 x 9?pb $25.95, ISBN 0-7748-0990-6Military History8 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477UBC PRESS | NEW SCHOLARLY BOOKSFeminist Activismin the Supreme CourtLegal Mobilization and theWomen?s Legal Educationand Action FundChristopher P. ManfrediA cogent analysis of legal mobilizationas a strategy for social movements.FEBRUARY256 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0946-9LawLAW AND SOCIETY SERIESTournament of AppealsGranting Judicial Reviewin CanadaRoy B. FlemmingAn innovative study that offers aqualitatively and quantitatively basedexplanation of how Canada?s justicesgrant judicial review.MAY176 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $80.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1082-3LawCompulsory CompassionA Critique of RestorativeJusticeAnnalise AcornA multi-faceted consideration andcritique of the compelling andemotionally seductive rhetoricof restorative justice.MARCH256 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0942-6LawLAW AND SOCIETY SERIESWhat Is a Crime?Defining Criminal Conductin Contemporary SocietyThe Law Commission of Canada,ed.A sustained and critical interrogationof the definition of crime and its controlin contemporary society.MAY224 pages, 6 x 9?hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1086-6LawLimiting Arbitrary PowerThe Vagueness Doctrine inCanadian Constitutional LawMarc RibeiroThe first full-length study of thevoid-for-vagueness doctrine and itsimplications in Canadian constitutionallaw.MAY256 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1050-5LawCCF Colonialism inNorthern SaskatchewanBattling Parish Priests,Bootleggers, and Fur SharksDavid M. QuiringQuiring draws on extensive archivalresearch and oral histories to examinethe colonial relationship between theCCF and communities in northernSaskatchewan between 1944 and 1964.MAY384 pages est., 1 map, 6 x 9?hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0938-8History/PoliticsTsawalkA Nuu-chah-nulth WorldviewUmeek (E. Richard Atleo)Tsawalk, a Nuu-chah-nulth worldviewthat unifies the physical and thespriritual, is presented here as analternative and complement to Westernscientific views on the nature of theuniverse.MARCH160 pages est., 16 b/w illus., 6 x 9?hc $75.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1084-XNative Studies/AnthropologyPaddling to Where I StandAgnes Alfred, Qwiqwasut?inuxwNoblewomanMartine J. Reid, ed., and DaisySewid-Smith, trans.A first-hand account of the greatestperiod of change experienced by theKwakwaka?wakw people since their firstcontact with Europeans.MAY320 pages est., 35 b/w illus., 6 x 9?hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0912-4Native Studies/AnthropologyIntercultural DisputeResolution in AboriginalContextsCatherine Bell and David Kahane,eds.This collection considers howalternative dispute resolution canbe used to settle conflict betweenAboriginal and non-Aboriginal groups.MARCH384 pages est., 6 x 9?hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1026-2Native StudiesMusqueam ReferenceGrammarWayne SuttlesIn this definitive work, Wayne Suttlesdraws on half a century of linguisticresearch to document an endangeredFirst Nations language.APRIL632 pages est., 2 maps, 6 x 9?hc $125.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1002-5Native Studies/LinguisticsFIRST NATIONS LANGUAGES SERIESThe Cult of HappinessNianhua, Art, and Historyin Rural North ChinaJames A. FlathAn interdisciplinary study of thehistorical, cultural, and social signifi-cance of the Chinese woodblock printform of nianhua.MARCH256 pages est., 80 illus., 6 x 9?hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1034-3Asian Studies/Art HistoryCONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIES SERIESImages in Asian ReligionsTexts and ContextsPhyllis Granoff and KoichiShinohara, eds.A comprehensive look at the roleof images in Asian religions, whichexamines aspects of image worshipthat have only begun to be studied.MAY384 pages est., 60 b/w illus., 6 x 9?hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0948-5Asian Studies/ReligionASIAN RELIGIONS AND SOCIETY SERIESLEGAL DIMENSIONS SERIESPublished in association withThe Law Commission of CanadaNegotiated MemoryDoukhobor AutobiographicalDiscourseJulie RakUsing aspects of cultural studies andautobiography studies, Rak examineshow the Doukhobours used autobiogra-phy to create and sustain their ownsense of identity.MARCH192 pages, 3 b/w photos, 6 x 9?hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1030-0History/Cultural StudiesObedient AutonomyChinese Intellectuals and theAchievement of Orderly LifeErika E.S. EvasdottirAn anthropological study of Chinesearchaeologists which examines themoral, ethical, political, and economicunderpinnings of the discipline in context.FEBRUARY320 pages, 1 map, 6 x 9?hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0929-9Anthropology/Asian StudiesCONTEMPORARY CHINESE STUDIES SERIES* Denotes titles which are availableat short discount onlyRedrawing LocalGovernment BoundariesAn International Study of Politics,Procedures, and DecisionsJohn Meligrana, ed.An international comparative study oflocal boundary reform that presents asystematic examination of such criticalmunicipal restructuring.APRIL288 pages est., 15 maps, 6 x 9?hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-0933-7Planning/PoliticsGoverning Ourselves?The Politics of CanadianCommunitiesMary Louise McAllisterA new approach to the study of localgovernment and planning that addressesthe challenges of globalization to bothlarge and small Canadian communities.MAY356 pages est., 12 b/w illus., maps,6? x 9??hc $85.00*, ISBN 0-7748-1062-9Political Science9MAY176 pages, 5? x 8??illustratedpb $25.95ISBN 0-7748-0914-0ROYAL BRITISH COLUMBIA MUSEUMHANDBOOKS SERIESNatural HistoryRobert Forsyth is anamateur malacologistwho has studiedterrestrial molluscs inBritish Columbia since1990. He is a researchassociate with the RoyalBritish Columbia Museumand has published morethan a dozen articles onmolluscs. This is his firstbook.JUNE352 pages, 5? x 8??illustratedpb $25.95ISBN 0-7748-0729-6ROYAL BRITISH COLUMBIAMUSEUM HANDBOOKS SERIESNatural HistoryDavid Nagorsen owns aprivate biologicalconsulting businessspecializing in mammals.He is former Curator ofMammalogy at the RoyalBritish ColumbiaMuseum, and the authorof several books,including Bats of BritishColumbia (with R. MarkBrigham), Opossums,Shrews and Moles ofBritish Columbia, andThe Mammals of BritishColumbia: A TaxonomicCatalogue.David W. NagorsenRodents and Lagomorphsof British ColumbiaThe rodents are the world?s most numerousand diverse group of mammals. BritishColumbia is home to 45 species, from the tinywestern harvest mouse to the large and toothybeaver, from the ubiquitous rats and squirrelsto the endangered Vancouver Island marmot.Just seven species of lagomorphs inhabit BC:five rabbits and hares, and two pikas.Most people regard these small mammalsas pests or vermin, but we cannot overlooktheir importance to the province?s ecosystems.Because of their abundance, rodents andlagomorphs are vital prey species for raptorsand mammalian carnivores. Burrowing speciesplay an important role in aerating soils. Somerodents, such as chipmunks, voles, and flyingsquirrels, are also important in forest ecosys-tems because they consume truffles orunderground fungi and disperse their sporeson the forest floor.In Lagomorphs and Rodents of BritishColumbia, David Nagorsen summarizes themost up-to-date information on these mam-mals. He discusses their general biology,including ecology, diet, anatomy, conservationand relations with humans. Illustrated keys aidin identification of the 52 species inhabitingthe province. For each species, the authordescribes its natural history, identifyingcharacteristics, taxonomy, and conservation,status in the province. Each species account isaccompanied by illustrations and a distributionmap.Robert G. ForsythLand Snails of British ColumbiaSnails and slugs have a reputation as slimy,repulsive creatures that are nothing more thangarden pests, but they are important compo-nents of the ecosystems in which they live.Worldwide there are more species of snailsand slugs than all the mammals, birds,reptiles, and amphibians combined, yet theyare often overlooked because of their relativelysmall size. Land snails and slugs are welladaptedto live in almost any kind of environment, fromhigh arctic tundra to tropical forests. In BritishColumbia, they can be found just abouteverywhere.Land Snails of British Columbia is the firstbook on land snails (including slugs) thatdescribes all the species in a region ofCanada. Robert Forsyth describes the 88species known to live in our province andincludes photographs and detailed drawingsof each. Diagnostic keys and a selection ofcolour photographs also aid in identification.With each species description, the authordiscusses its natural history and distributionin the province. Reproduction, life history,diet, locomotion, and shell structure (yes,even slugs have shells!), are also discussed.Gardeners, nature buffs, and anyone inter-ested in looking past the bad reputation of themuch-maligned snail will find this handbook aneye-opening guide.UBC PRESS AND THE ROYAL BRITISH COLUMBIA MUSEUM? ALSO OF INTERESTBats of BritishColumbiaDavid W. Nagorsenand R. Mark Brighampb $19.95ISBN 0-7748-0482-3? ALSO OF INTERESTIntroducing theDragonflies of BritishColumbia and theYukonRobert A. Canningspb $12.95ISBN 0-7726-4637-610 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRESS2003246 pages, 6 x 9?hc $32.95ISBN 0-8157-1688-5PoliticsIvo H. Daalder is asenior fellow in ForeignPolicy Studies at theBrookings Institution, andholds the Sydney SteinJr. Chair in InternationalSecurity. His booksinclude Winning Ugly:NATO?s War to SaveKosovo and Getting toDayton: The Making ofAmerica's Bosnia Policy.James M. Lindsay isvice president anddirector of studies of theCouncil on ForeignRelations, where he holdsthe Maurice R. GreenbergChair.  He was previouslydeputy director andsenior fellow in ForeignPolicy Studies at theBrookings Institution. Hisbooks include Agenda forthe Nation and DefendingAmerica: The Case forLimited National MissileDefense.MARCH240 pages, 6 x 9?hc $38.95ISBN 0-8157-0904-8Politics/Slavic StudiesIsaiah Berlin (1909?97) taught for mostof his life at OxfordUniversity, where he wassuccessively professorof social and politicaltheory and foundingpresident of WolfsonCollege. His other booksinclude Karl Marx: HisLife and Environmentand Russian Thinkers.Henry Hardy is a fellowof Wolfson College,Oxford University.  Heis one of Isaiah Berlin?sliterary trustees and hasedited a number of othercollections of Berlin?sessays. Strobe Talbottis president of theBrookings Institutionand previously servedas US Deputy Secretaryof State (1994?2001).He is author of severalbooks on Russia and theSoviet Union.Isaiah Berlin, edited by Henry HardyForeword by Strobe TalbottThe Soviet MindRussian Culture under CommunismIsaiah Berlin?s response to the Soviet Unionwas central to his identity, both personal andintellectual. Born a Russian subject in Rigain 1909, he spoke Russian as a child andwitnessed both revolutions in St. Petersburgin 1917, emigrating to the West in 1921. Hefirst returned to Russia in 1945, when he metAnna Akhmatova and Boris Pasternak. Theseformative encounters helped shape his laterwork, especially his defense of politicalfreedom and his studies of pre-SovietRussian thinkers.Berlin?s writings about the USSR have notpreviously been collected. Some are notwidely known, having been published under apseudonym to protect his relatives in Russia.Three of these pieces have never beenpublished before, and two appeared onlyposthumously. Here are Berlin?s accountsof his famous meetings with Russian writersshortly after the Second World War; hiscelebrated 1945 Foreign Office memorandumon the state of the arts under Stalin; hisaccount of Stalin?s manipulative ?artificialdialectic;? portraits of Osip Mandel?shtam andPasternak; his survey of Soviet Russian culturewritten after a visit in 1956; a surprised butdelighted postscript stimulated by the eventsof 1989; and more besides. The Soviet Mindwill take its rightful place among Berlin?s worksand will be welcomed by all his readers. It willalso prove invaluable for policymakers,students, and other observers of Russianpolitics as they explore the roots of currenttrends.Ivo H. Daalder and James M. LindsayAmerica UnboundPresident George W. Bush is leading arevolution in American foreign policy. Galva-nized by the terrorist attacks of September11, he has radically amended, and in somecases abandoned, strategies and institutionsthat for decades guided America?s engage-ment in the world. With terrorists, tyrants,and technologies of mass destruction posinga grave and growing danger, Bush believesthat the best ? if not the only way ? to ensureAmerica?s security is to shuck the constraintsimposed by friends, allies, and internationalinstitutions.In America Unbound, Ivo Daalder and JamesLindsay explore how Bush became a foreignpolicy revolutionary. They show how Bushbelieved from the outset that the confidentand unilateral exercise of American powerwas the best way to promote America?snational interests. September 11, rather thantransforming US foreign policy, in fact rein-forced Bush?s worldview. For Bush, the need todefeat enemies abroad before they couldstrike again became not just his priority, buthis mission.The Bush revolution in foreign policy, theauthors argue, carries with it high risks andpossibly high costs. An America unbound bythe need to convince others of the justice ofits cause is an America that conveys anarrogance born of power rather than principle.At some point, they warn, America?s friendsand allies may refuse to follow its lead, andsome may actively oppose its chosen course.At that point, the United States will stand allalone ? a great power shackled in its pursuitof its most important goals.The Bush Revolution in Foreign PolicyRECENTLY RELEASED11BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRESSStephen Philip CohenThe Idea of PakistanMany observers have criticized Pakistan as afailed state, or even a ?rogue? state, particu-larly for its support of the Taliban regime inAfghanistan prior to the September 11thterrorist attacks. Armed with nuclear weaponsand working to develop more effective anddevastating delivery mechanisms, Pakistan isoften portrayed as hapless and on the vergeof imminent catastrophe.However, as noted South Asian affairs expertStephen Cohen contends, this is not necessarilythe case. Instead he argues that it is importantto take a nuanced view of the issues surround-ing the idea of ?state failure,? particularly beforethat term is applied to Pakistan.This book examines the factors contributing tostate failure and asks whether they are presentin the case of Pakistan. It also investigates thedistinctive political and social institutions of thecountry, as well as the debates taking placewithin Pakistan, particularly following the 1999coup, about the future of the country. Finally,Cohen scrutinizes evidence indicating areversal of the prevailing trend of decline inPakistan, and considers whether it is possiblefor this country to fulfill its promise of joiningthe community of nations as a functioningpartner.Stephen Philip Cohen is a senior fellow in theForeign Policy Studies program at the BrookingsInstitution. He is the author of several books onSouth Asia, including Nuclear Weapons and Conflictin South Asia  and India: Emerging Power.MAY240 pages, 6 x 9?hc $42.95, ISBN 0-8157-1502-1PoliticsBeyond TiananmenThe Politics of US-ChinaRelations 1989?2000Robert L. SuettingerIt has been thirteen years since soldiers of theChinese People?s Liberation Army (PLA) racedinto the center of Beijing, and killed studentdemonstrators. The U.S. and other Westerncountries recoiled in disgust after the horrificincident, and the relationship between the USand China went from amity and strategiccooperation to hostility, distrust, and misunder-standing.According to Robert Suettinger, the calamityin Tiananmen Square marked a critical turningpoint in U.S.-China affairs. This book traces theturbulent bilateral relationship since that time,with a particular focus on the internal politicalfactors that shaped it. Through a series ofcandid anecdotes and observations, Suettingersheds light on the complex and confuseddecision-making process that affected relationsbetween the US and China between 1989 andthe end of the Clinton presidency in 2000.By illuminating the way domestic political ideas,beliefs, and prejudices affect foreignpolicymaking, Suettinger reveals policy deci-sions as outcomes of complex processes,rather than the results of grand strategic trends.He also refutes the view that strategic confron-tation between the superpowers is inevitable.Robert L. Suettinger served as East Asia nationalintelligence officer for the National IntelligenceCouncil, Director of Asian affairs for the NationalSecurity Council, and in similar positions with the USDepartment of State and the CIA.2003556 pages, 6 x 9?hc $56.95, ISBN 0-8157-8206-3Politics/Asian StudiesRECENTLY RELEASEDYevgeny M. PrimakovA World ChallengedFighting Terrorism in theTwenty-First CenturyIn this candid account, former Russian premierYevgeny M. Primakov considers the threatsposed by independent terrorist organizationsto international security. As the attacks ofSeptember 11 made clear, the course ofinternational affairs is no longer shapedexclusively by cooperation and confrontationamong nations. Yet, the way states respond toterrorism ? including America?s war on terror ?can have a profound impact on the structureof the international system.In Primakov?s view, coordinated responsesto terrorism can limit its impact. However, heargues, a unilateral American approach to theproblem of international terrorism could makesuch cooperation difficult. In this context,Primakov explains Russian concerns aboutthe US war in Iraq ? and reveals new detailsof his final personal attempt to persuadeSaddam Hussein to step down.Primakov urges Russia and the US to joinforces more readily to share information andintelligence about emerging terrorist threats.More broadly, he writes, if America is preparedto work within a ?multi-polar world,? Russia canbe a true and loyal partner. On the other hand,if the United States tries to go it alone, it couldface the consequences in isolation.Yevgeny M. Primakov, one of Russia?s mostdistinguished statesmen, served as Russian premierfrom 1998 to 1999.FEBRUARY144 pages, 6 x 9?hc $32.95, 0-8157-7194-0Politics12 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRESSThe Media and the Waron TerrorismEdited by Stephen Hessand Marvin KalbThis dynamic collection of candid conversa-tions between journalists and federal officialscaptures the tensions between the press andthe state during wartime. Begun in late 2001,shortly after the US launched its groundcampaign in Afghanistan, the discussionsengage a number of complex issues, includingmilitary censorship and the difficulties ofmaintaining security in an era of satellitetechnology.Participants include current and formerhigh-ranking government officials, as wellas respected journalists, among them: JillAbramson (New York Times), Hafez Al-Mirazi(Al Jazeera), Victoria Clarke (Department ofDefense), Ted Koppel (ABC News), MikeMcCurry (former White House press secretary),Alan Murray (Wall Street Journal and CNBC),Susan Page (USA Today), Bob Schieffer (CBSNews), Daniel Schorr (National Public Radio),James R. Schlesinger (former Secretary ofDefense), Andrei Sitov (ITAR-TASS), R. JamesWoolsey (former director of the CIA), JudyWoodruff (CNN), and Robin Wright (Los AngelesTimes). Accessible and informative, this bookwill be of great value to anyone concernedabout the tensions between the state and thefourth estate.Stephen Hess is a senior fellow in the GovernanceStudies program at the Brookings Institution. MarvinKalb is a former journalist and senior fellow atHarvard?s Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politicsand Public Policy.2003320 pages, 6 x 9?pb $32.95, ISBN 0-8157-3581-2PoliticsAndrew ZimbalistForeword by Bob CostasMay the Best Team WinBaseball Economicsand Public PolicyMajor League Baseball is experiencing a periodof distinct uncertainty. Average game attend-ance has fallen since the 1994 strike. Broad-cast rights disputes have created complica-tions for fans. However, new stadium facilitiesand the renewed excitement brought to thegame by the shattered records of the late?90s brought fans back. A strike was narrowlyaverted at the end of the 2002 season, acampaign that yielded one of the most excitingpost-seasons yet, with the unlikely AnaheimAngels claiming the coveted World Seriestrophy.Beneath these encouraging developments,however, deep problems persist within MajorLeague Baseball. This book explores the abusesand inefficiencies in the functioning of thebaseball industry and how these problems aredirectly connected to Major League Baseball?smonopoly status, its presumed exemption fromantitrust regulation, and public policy.May the Best Team Win provides a solid,hard-hitting analysis of the current state ofAmerica?s pastime. Easily accessible andhighly informative, it is bound to become astandard reference tool for fans seeking adeeper understanding of the important issuesunderlying the game.Andrew Zimbalist is Robert A. Woods Professor ofEconomics at Smith College in Northampton,Massachusetts.2003198 pages, 6 x 9?hc $35.95, ISBN 0-8157-9728-1Sport/Economics/PoliticsRECENTLY RELEASEDVartan GregorianIslamA Mosaic, Not a MonolithRECENTLY RELEASEDAs terrorist activity is increasingly linked tomilitant Islamism, some western leaders andscholars have begun to fear the rise of aPan-Islamic totalitarian movement fueled bymonolithic Muslim ideology. In this succinct,powerful survey of the world?s fastest-growingreligion, Vartan Gregorian dispels these fearsby focusing on Muslim diversity and division,and portraying the faith and its people as amosaic, not a monolith.Beginning with an accessible overview of Islamthrough history, Gregorian concentrates on thehistorical struggle between modernists andtraditionalists, interaction between religion andnationalism, and key developments that havecaused bitter divisions among Muslim nationsand states. Today, Islamist views range acrossthe entire spectra of religious and politicalthought, and Islamism is anything but a unifiedmovement. This book urges Westerners todistinguish between activist Islamist parties,which promote ? sometimes violently ? Islamas an ideology in a theocratic state, andIslamic parties, whose traditional memberswant their secular political systems to co-existwith the moral principles of their religion.Vartan Gregorian is president of the CarnegieCorporation of New York. He has served as presidentof Brown University, president of the New York PublicLibrary, and founding dean and provost of the Facultyof Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania.2003164 pages, 5? x 8??hc $28.95, ISBN 0-8157-3282-1Religion/Politics13BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRESSDeadly ArsenalsTracking Weapons of MassDestructionJoseph Cirincione with Jon B.Wolfsthal and Miriam RajkumarAn authoritative study of the dangersposed today by weapons of massdestruction. With maps, charts, andgraphs, this proliferation atlasdocuments the spread of nuclear,chemical, and biological weaponsand missile delivery systems. Thebook describes the weapons and theregimes that try to control them; italso details the countries that have,want, or have given up weapons ofmass destruction.Deadly Arsenals provides the mostup-to-date and comprehensiveassessment available on the subjectand is a valuable resource for policy-makers, scholars, students, and themedia.2002450 pages, 7 x 10?pb $42.95, ISBN 0-87003-193-7Politics/Security StudiesPutin?s RussiaLilia ShevtsovaOn December 31, 1999, Boris Yeltsinabruptly handed the country?s leadershipover to the virtually unknown VladimirPutin. With Putin?s ascendancy to power,Russian leadership and Russia havechanged dramatically. A pragmaticmanager, Putin has tamed the Russianelite and arrogant tycoons, pushedforward economic reforms previouslystalled under Yeltsin, and instituted apro-Western foreign policy. He hasaccomplished all of this while maintain-ing an astonishing 70 percent approvalrating.In Putin?s Russia, Lilia Shevtsova, oneof Russia?s top political analysts andaward-winning journalists, examineshow, under Putin, the country vacillatesbetween optimism and anguish, hopeand resentment. She examines the truenature of Putin?s leadership and how farhe is willing and capable to go withfurther transformation.2003298 pages, 6 x 9?pb $28.95, ISBN 0-87003-201-1Politics/Slavic StudiesIntegrating China into theGlobal EconomyNicholas LardyChina?s accession to the World TradeOrganization (WTO) has been hailed asthe biggest coming-out party in thehistory of capitalism. In this book,Nicholas Lardy considers why theChinese communist regime wouldagree to comply with the complex rulesof the global trading system when ithas already become the world?sseventh largest trading country,despite its exclusion from the WTO.This book will become an importanttool for those who wish to understandChina?s new role in the global tradingsystem, to take advantage of the newopportunities for investment in China,or simply to gain a better understand-ing of what former President Clintoncalled a ?once in a generation event.?2003256 pages, 6 x 9?pb $28.95, ISBN 0-8157-5135-4Economics/Asian StudiesJapan?s Policy TrapDollars, Deflation, and theCrisis of Japanese FinanceAkio Mikuni and R. Taggart MurphyWinner of the 2002 Association ofAmerican Publishers Professionaland Scholarly Publishing Award forEconomics?A provocative new book.?? Financial TimesJapan?s Policy Trap offers a provoca-tive new analysis of the country?sprotracted economic stagnation.Japanese insider Akio Mikuni and long-term Japan resident R. Taggart Murphycontend that the country has landed ina policy trap that defies easy solution.The authors, who have together spentdecades at the heart of Japanesefinance, expose the deep-rootedpolitical arrangements that havedistorted Japan?s monetary policyin a deflationary direction.2003304 pages, 6 x 9?pb $32.95, ISBN 0-8157-0223-XEconomics/Asian StudiesThe Siberian CurseHow Communist Planners LeftRussia Out in the ColdFiona Hill and Clifford G. GaddyThe Siberian Curse is a provocativelook at a problem that has beenoverlooked since the collapse of theSoviet Union.In 1917, the Bolsheviks forciblyindustrialized the gigantic landmassthey inherited from the tsars. Theydeployed slave labor to build factoriesand cities, and operated industries insome of the most forbidding placeson the planet. They then used costlyincentives to attract new workerswhen the prison camps closed. Today,people and factories languish in placesCommunist planners put them ? notwhere market forces would haveattracted them. The book explainswhy this problem was not rectifiedin the 1990s, and why it is likely topersist. It concludes by consideringways in which Russian leaders shouldrethink the relationship between Russia,its economy, and its territory, espe-cially Siberia.2003303 pages, 6 x 9?pb $26.95, ISBN 0-8157-3645-2Economics/Politics/Slavic StudiesEngaging IndiaDiplomacy, Democracy,and the BombStrobe TalbottFrom June 1998 to September 2000,following controversial nuclear testingby both India and Pakistan, DeputySecretary of State Strobe Talbott andIndian Minister of External AffairsJaswant Singh met fourteen times inwhat was the most extensive dialogueever between the United States andIndia. They discussed the security andnonproliferation agenda, as well astheir wider visions for the US-Indiarelationship and the potential forcooperation between the two coun-tries. As the relationship improved overthe course of the talks, the US wasable to play a role in averting thepossibility of nuclear war over thecontested territory of Kashmir ? thespecifics of which are included for thefirst time in this book. This bookprovides, for the first time, anaccessible insider?s perspective on theground-breaking efforts to build acordial relationship between the UnitedStates and India. It is an indispensabletool for understanding America?scurrent role in South Asia.APRIL250 pages, 6 x 9?hc $39.95, ISBN 0-8157-8300-0Politics/Security Studies14 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477CANADIAN MUSEUM OF CIVILIZATION200394 pages, 6? x 9??85 b/w illus.pb $19.95ISBN 0-660-19078-8MERCURY SERIES, CULTURAL STUDIESPAPER 76History/Asian StudiesDr. Ban Seng Hoe isCurator of Asian Studiesof the Canadian Museumof Civilization. His otherpublications includeBeyond the GoldenMountain: ChineseCultural Traditions inCanada and SemelaiCommunities at TasekBera.2003212 pages, 7 x 9??104 b/w and 68 colour illus.pb $39.95ISBN 0-660-18998-4MERCURY SERIES, CANADIAN POSTAL MUSEUM,PAPER NO. 1HistoryChantal Amyot hasworked with theCanadian Postal Museumsince 1988. She isExhibition Manager at theCanadian Museum ofCivilization. John Willisis a historian with theCanadian PostalMuseum, CanadianMuseum of Civilization.He is the author of manyarticles and books onpostal communicationand social history.Chantal Amyot and John WillisCountry PostRural Postal Service in Canada,1880 to 1945The rural post office was once a vibrantinstitution of sociability and communicationin Canada. Its impact was both tangible andinescapable. Everyone who lived in a ruralcommunity was touched by it. The mail wasa necessity for anyone conducting business,running a farm or raising a family, no matterhow far you lived ?out of town.?As a mode of communication, the mailbrought books, magazines, and newspapersthat helped to shape the politics and cultureof the country.  It brought letters, sometimesmoney, from friends and family away at workor at war. It brought parcels and care-pack-ages, some marked fragile, some containinggood things to eat. In addition, mail ordercatalogues, postal savings banks, and theintroduction of the money order all had asignificant effect on the economies of ruraland small-town Canada.Country Post strives to recreate the postalworld of the period 1880 to 1945. Neverbefore or since have postal communicationshad a more immediate impact on the livesof Canadians, transforming rural life well intothe 20th century.Twenty-eight postmasters from all regionsof Canada were interviewed for this bookand their memories and insightful viewsprovide a vivid picture of rural postal service.Their perspective is supported by a vastbody of research presented in a readableand cogent text and complemented by over200 pictures gathered from sources in everyprovince of the country.Ban Seng HoeEnduring HardshipThe Chinese Laundry in CanadaFaced with systematic discrimination inCanada, early Chinese immigrants had littlechoice but to create their own economicniche. From the turn of the twentieth centurythrough the Second World War, a majority ofCanada?s Chinese immigrants were laundryworkers in towns and cities from coast tocoast. Although the hand laundry was nota traditional trade in China, laundry workrequired little capital, and could be performeddespite a lack of familiarity with Westernlanguages and financial systems. The hourswere long, the work was physically demand-ing, and most Chinese laundry workers liveda marginal existence ? as poignantly evoked inthis important new work.With the advent of modern laundry equipmentand synthetic fibres in the 1950s, and theageing of the laundrymen themselves, theChinese hand laundry came to an end. Togenerations of Chinese-Canadians, however,it remains a symbol of hard work, sacrifice,and enduring hardship.? ALSO OF INTERESTBeing ChineseVoices from theDiasporaWei Djaopb $29.95ISBN 0-8165-2302-9University of Arizona Press15CANADIAN MUSEUM OF CIVILIZATION2003160 pages, 9 x 11?300 colour illus.hc $39.95ISBN 0-660-19075-3HistoryGeorges-H?bertGermain is a well-knownQuebec writer andjournalist and co-authorof Inuit: Glimpses of anArctic Past.Georges-H?bert GermainAdventurers in the New WorldThe Saga of the Coureurs des BoisFor almost three centuries, the coureurs desbois traveled the length and breadth of NorthAmerica, finding their way through its tracklessforests and paddling its vast network of lakesand rivers ? essential skills that they hadlearned from the Aboriginal inhabitants.This book highlights the experience of theseadventurers in the New World. Over 300photographs and illustrations provide glimpsesof the land and the life that they shared withtheir Indian brothers.The book introduces the donn?s, pork eaters,winterers, and wagon men, inviting readersto accompany these guides, interpreters,voyageurs, hunters and trappers as theyadvance ever farther inland in pursuit of thebeaver, braving the rivers in their birchbarkcanoes and traversing the frozen wildernessby dogsled and on snowshoes. As thecoureurs des bois begin to mingle with theIndians, the readers follow their acculturation,from their horrendous initiation until theireventual adoption as full-fledged membersof the tribe.On the Prairies, the mixed-blood descendantsof these white Indians and their country wivesdeveloped a unique culture revolving aroundthe buffalo and a democratic society foundedon freedom, tolerance, and equality. Thehistory of the M?tis people and their struggleto defend their concept of a just society isan inspiring heritage that remains worthy ofemulation to this day.2003160 pages, 9 x 10?30 b/w and 70 colour illus.pb $45.00ISBN 0-660-19088-5ArtDr. A?da Kaouk is acurator and researcherat the Canadian Museumof Civilization, and wascurator of the originalexhibition, The Landswithin Me. DominiqueBourque has adoctorate in Frenchliterature from theUniversity of Ottawaand has publishedarticles in a numberof periodicals.Edited by A?da Kaouk and Dominique BourqueThe Lands within MeExpressions by Canadian Artistsof Arab OriginCelebrating the diversity of expression,media, styles, and ideas in contemporaryArab-Canadian artistic practice, this importantnew work expands on themes presented inthe landmark exhibition The Lands within Me,which was shown at the Canadian Museumof Civilization from October 2001 throughMarch 2003.Profiling the works of twenty-six Arab-Canadianartists, this book also addresses themes suchas cultural cross-pollination, identity, and themeaning of ?home? in a series of essayswritten by artists, critics, and scholars.Lavishly illustrated with more than 100 colourand black-and-white images, this book prom-ises to raise the profile of the Arab-Canadiancontribution to Canada?s arts scene, as wellas that of the immigrant experience, and theway this experience has been translated intoworks of undeniable impact.16 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESSAPRIL224 pages, 6 x 9?hc $35.95ISBN 0-295-98397-3WEYERHAEUSER ENVIRONMENTALBOOKSEnvironmental StudiesThomas Dunlap isprofessor of history atTexas A&M University. Hisbooks include DDT:Scientists, Citizens andPublic Policy and SavingAmerica?s Wildlife.350 pages, 8? x 11?150 b/w illus., 6 mapspb $38.95ISBN 0-295-98386-8Natural History/Home and GardenRussell Link is an urbanwildlife biologist with theWashington Departmentof Fish and Wildlife. He isthe author of the popularLandscaping for Wildlifein the Pacific Northwest.Russell LinkLiving with Wildlife in thePacific NorthwestLiving with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest isall about coexisting with the animals commonlyfound in gardens, ponds, attics, crawl spaces,and other places where humans and wildlifecross paths throughout Oregon, Washington,and British Columbia.From bats to woodpeckers, sixty-eight speciesare described here, including details aboutfeeding and mating habits, family structures,and life cycles. Living with Wildlife explainshow to attract animals; how to spot theirpresence by identifying tracks, droppings,and other signs; and how and where to lookto view them safely. Focusing on the speciesthat provoke the most calls to wildlife agenciesand nonprofit groups, the book providesdetailed information on how to preventand solve conflicts with wildlife.A valuable reference, this book will bewelcomed by homeowners, property owners,property managers, and habitat restorationprofessionals, as well as anyone interestedin wildlife protection and management.Thomas DunlapFaith in NatureEnvironmentalism as Religious QuestThe human impulse to religion ? the drive toexplain the world, humans, and humans? placein the universe ? can be seen to encompassenvironmentalism as an offshoot of thesecular, material faith in human reason andpower that dominates modern society. Faithin Nature traces the history of environmental-ism ? and its moral thrust ? from its roots inthe Enlightenment and Romanticism, throughthe Progressive Era to the present. Drawingastonishing parallels between religion andenvironmentalism, the book examines thepassion of the movement?s adherents andenemies alike, its concern with the moralconduct of daily life, and its attempt to answerfundamental questions about the underlyingorder of the world and of humanity?s placewithin it.Originally trained as a chemist, ThomasDunlap is among the leading environmentalhistorians and historians of science in theUnited States. He has a rigorous understand-ing of science and appreciates its vitalimportance to environmental thought. But heis also a devout practising Catholic whobelieves that the insights of religious revelationneed not be necessarily at odds with theinsights of scientific investigation. This bookhas grown from his own religious journeyand his attempts to understand human ethicalobligations and spiritual debts to the naturalworld.? ALSO OF INTERESTLandscaping forWildlife in the PacificNorthwestRussell Linkpb $45.95ISBN 0-295-97820-117UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESSFEBRUARY208 pages, 6? x 8??15 b/w photos, maphc $35.95ISBN 0-295-98370-1Literature/Southeast Asian StudiesRoslyn Jolly is a seniorlecturer in the School ofEnglish at the Universityof New South Wales. Sheis the editor of RobertLouis Stevenson?s SouthSea Tales.MARCH206 pages, 6 x 9?13 illus.hc $35.95ISBN 0-295-98377-9A SAMUEL AND ALTHEA STROUM BOOKWorld War II/Jewish StudiesMilena Roth is a retiredpsychiatric social workerliving in England.Milena RothLifesaving LettersA Child?s Flight from the HolocaustIn 1939, in the shadow of Hitler?s occupationof Czechoslovakia, six-year-old Milena Rothwas sent away from her home and her parentsand taken to safety by what came to be knownas the Kindertransport, which rescued tenthousand Jewish children from the Holocaustand placed them with guardians in England.Even at her young age, Milena was aware ofthe danger that surrounded her: ?I knew Iwould die if I didn?t go.?Milena settled into the household of hermother?s English friend, who had agreed totake Milena in and who planned to bring herparents to England as well. For six years, sheendured her foster mother?s complex ambiva-lence, as she waited for her parents to join her.It was only after the war that Milena learnedtheir fate: deported from Czechoslovakia inJuly 1943, they died at Auschwitz.Whatever the faults of Milena?s guardian, shehad been genuinely fond of Milena?s motherand preserved her friend?s letters. These shegave to Milena, and they form the heart of thisbook. The first letter dates from 1930; thelast, written less than a year before Milena?sparents were captured and murdered, is heavywith ?an air of despairing farewell,? an under-standing that escape was no longer possible.As an adult, Milena Roth spent many yearspiecing together the fate of her family andmaking sense of her life. In this book, drawingon her mother?s poignant letters and on herown memories and experiences, she recountsthe challenges of integrating, in adulthood, thewounds and bereavements of childhood and of?regaining the confidence of my place in theuniverse that had been lost.??I can see her now ? a small woman in a bluedress, sitting barefoot on the roof of the after-cabin of a trading schooner in the South Seas.Her Panama hat, set at a rakish angle, shadesa face of breath-taking beauty. She is holdinga large silvered revolver in each hand, shoot-ing sharks with deadly accuracy as they arecaught and hauled to the taffrail by excitedsailors.?? Austin Strong on Fanny Stevenson, ?The MostUnforgettable Character I?ve Met?In April 1890 the steamer Janet Nichol setoff from Sydney for a three-month tradingvoyage through the central and westernPacific. Aboard were seven European men,a crew of forty islanders, and one woman:a short-haired, barefoot, cigarette-smokingAmerican, Fanny Van de Grift Stevenson, wifeof Robert Louis Stevenson. The Cruise of theJanet Nichol among the South Sea Islands isFanny?s account of her journey with herhusband and grown son through what aretoday the Cook Islands, Tuvalu, Kiribati, andthe Marshall Islands.Fanny Stevenson?s spirited personality ledher into scenes and situations few Europeans,and even fewer European women, hadexperienced. Her diary and its photographsoffer unique glimpses of life in some of thelast independent Pacific kingdoms and thosejust coming under colonial rule at the endof the nineteenth century. This extraordinarytravel book is the story of an unconventionalwoman, her unusual marriage, and heradventurous journey through a rapidlychanging Pacific world.? ALSO OF INTERESTThe River of AngryDogsA MemoirMira Hamermeshhc $39.95ISBN 0-7453-2233-6Pluto Press (see p. 22)? ALSO OF INTERESTUndelivered Letters toHudson?s Bay CompanyMen on the NorthwestCoast of America,1830-57Judith Hudson Beattieand Helen M. Buss, eds.pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0974-4UBC PressA Diary by Mrs. Robert Louis StevensonEdited by Roslyn JollyThe Cruise of the Janet Nicholamong the South Sea Islands18 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Robyn MaxwellSari to SarongFive Hundred Yearsof Indian and IndonesianTextile Exchange?Sari to Sarong shows the 500-year-oldtradition of Indonesian textiles as art, notethnography. But the subtext is how Indonesia,frequently in the news for terrorist acts byIslamic extremists, draws much of its culturalheritage from the Hindu and Buddhist beliefsthat crossed the ocean from India.?? The New York TimesSari to Sarong brings together some of thegreatest surviving examples of traditionalIndian and Indonesian textiles to demonstratethe remarkable exchanges of ideas, materials,designs, and imagery ? royal and religious ?between the two great cultures of India andIndonesia over the last thousand years. Thepublication shows not only the great varietyand beauty of the cloths but also the manysources of inspiration carried across the IndianOcean by sailors and merchants, priests andwarriors. Drawn from the National Gallery ofAustralia?s famous Asian textiles collection, thesilks, cottons, batiks, gold brocades, tie-dyes,and embroideries feature Ramayana epics,elephant and camel processions, trading shipand floral designs from Indian chintz.2003224 pages, 225 colour illus., 9? x 11??pb $63.95, ISBN 0-642-54113-2TextilesNational Gallery of AustraliaUNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESSChristine Giles and Dave HickeyIntroduction by David HockneyIcons and LegendsThe Photographsof Michael ChildersIcons and Legends documents the careerof American photographer Michael Childers.One of the founding photographers for AndyWarhol?s magazine Interview, Childers hasphotographed magazine covers for Elle, Life,and Vogue; and has done special work forfilms and London National Theatre productions.Working mostly in black and white, Childershas captured the giants of popular culture andthe art world. His stunning portraits includeNatalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Clint Eastwood,Catherine Deneuve, Rock Hudson, and CarolChanning.  Included here as well are severalcelebrity portraits, taken before the subjects ?Sissy Spacek, Demi Moore, Mel Gibson, JohnTravolta, Richard Gere, Arnold Schwarzenegger? became household names.Artists, architects, writers, and musicianshave also fallen under Childers? discerninglens. A series of photographs of Andy Warholand David Hockney are included in this book,as well as portraits of artists Sam Francis,Edward Ruscha, Robert Graham, and EdMoses; architects Richard Meier and E.Stewart Williams; musicians Ringo Starr,Cat Stevens, Grace Jones, and Rod Stewart;and writers Tennessee Williams, Micky Spillane,and Christopher Rice.200380 pages, 78 illus., 9 x 12?pb $35.95, ISBN 0-295-98396-5PhotographyPalm Springs Desert MuseumJohn ColeThe Enduring NorthwestLandscapeDeloris Tarzan AmentJohn Cole is a painter whose canvases, buildingon the compositional and coloristic freedom ofthe twentieth-century masters, evoke the naturalworld of the Northwest in its rugged variety.This volume samples thirty years of his paintingand graphic work; it includes images of suchdiverse natural features as towering Alaskanglaciers and rushing Oregon waterfalls.An avid outdoorsman, Cole usually includeshiking, camping, and fishing as well as paintingand drawing in his excursions. Decades ofthese trips into the wilderness have given himan intimate familiarity with the landscape. Thisdeep understanding of nature is clearlycommunicated in his paintings.Cole?s bold colour combinations and abstractedshapes convey the essence of the region?sbeauty. As shown in the abundant colour platesand profiled in the essay by Deloris TarzanAment, Cole delves deeply into the enduringNorthwest landscape.Deloris Tarzan Ament served as art critic for theSeattle Times from 1971 through 1995 and is theauthor of Iridescent Light: the Emergence ofNorthwest Art.2003112 pages, 104 illus., 84 in colour, 10? x 8??pb $35.95, ISBN 0-938506-09-9ArtWhatcom Museum of History and Art19The Hidden WebFinding Quality Informationon the NetMaureen HenningerIn just a few years a generation has grown upbelieving that everything can be found on theWeb, and indeed there are now more than twobillion documents in cyberspace, not includingthe 550 billion documents that can beaccessed via the ?deep? or ?invisible? Web.But how do you separate high quality, authori-tative information from all the dross? It seemsthat the difficulties of finding valid informationon the Web are growing as fast as the Internetitself. New search tools appear every fewweeks and the familiar ones are constantlyevolving. Effective searching in this ever-expanding environment requires new strate-gies.Maureen Henninger assumes that for mostreaders the Internet is no longer a mystery,and that the finding of quality information hasbecome a major concern. So often it is thevaluable that remains hidden to Web users,even very experienced ones, and it is the roleof The Hidden Web to provide strategies foruncovering worthwhile information, whetherit is an HTML document, a paper buried deepwithin a public website, or a full-text documentin a publicly accessible database.Maureen Henninger is author of Don?t Just Surf:Effective Research Strategies for the Net.  She issenior lecturer in knowedge management at theUniversity of Technology, Sydney.2003284 pages, illus., 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-86840-566-3Computers/TechnologyUniversity of New South Wales PressCharles Birch and David PaulLife and WorkChallenging Economic Man?One of the key issues in a globalizing world,with a widening gap between rich and poor,is the role peoples? jobs play in their attemptsto lead fulfilling lives. Life and Work is a brilliantcontribution to the debate on this issue: it?sa road map to a needed transformation in theworkplace, and a truly thought-provoking read.?? Paul R. Ehrlich, Stanford UniversityTo get higher profits we need to work harderand longer. Right? Wrong!In this original look at the working lives ofemployees, managers, and executives, CharlesBirch and David Paul propose a new agendafor achieving a sensible work/life balance.Their basic message is that if companies gettheir relationships with employees and custom-ers right, profits follow as a matter of course.Too many organizations fixate on the bottomline and are insensitive to the needs and dignityof individuals.Charles Birch, emeritus professor of the Universityof Sydney and winner of the prestigious TempletonPrize, has published many books on ecology and thephilosophy of biology. David Paul has worked withbanks and government organizations and has beenan adjunct lecturer at the University of TechnologySydney Graduate School of Business.2003208 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 0-86840-670-8Business/EconomicsUniversity of New South Wales PressUNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESSStuart Rees; Foreword byArchbishop Desmond TutuPassion for PeaceExercising Power Creatively?Stuart Rees speaks to a wide public ofcitizens whatever their cultural allegiances,occupations, or religious beliefs. If the visionwhich characterizes this ?passion for peace?spread like an epidemic, universal humanrights could be attained and the well-being of acommon humanity would be assured.?? Archbishop Desmond TutuEngaging and optimistic, Passion for Peaceshows how the creative use of power contrib-utes to peace with justice in any context orcountry. A book about current affairs, such asthe ongoing conflict between Israel andPalestine, Passion for Peace explores the ideaof resolving conflict through peaceful ratherthan violent means. As examples, Reesconsiders charismatic leaders who have usednon-violence as a means of promoting civil andhuman rights, justice and democracy.In addition, however, Rees goes beyondinternational affairs and the big questions ofthe day. He makes the case that individualscan also develop a passion for peace, and useit every day in their personal and workingrelationships. Inspirational quotes enhance hisdiscussion of this creative power, andstrengthen his appeal to redefine sovereigntyby challenging any fundamentalism ? includingcountries? preoccupation with nationalism,religious dogmatism or border protection.2003164 pages, 5? x 8??pb $33.95, ISBN 0-86840-750-XCurrent Affairs/SpiritualityUniversity of New South Wales Press20 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477PLUTO PRESS2003256 pages, 6 x 8?pb $25.95ISBN 0-7453-2199-2Current AffairsMilan Rai is the authorof War Plan Iraq, co-founder of ARROW(Active Resistance to theRoots of War) ? a UKdirect-action affinitygroup ? as well as co-founder of Voices in theWilderness UK, whichworked for the lifting ofUN sanctions in Iraq.Milan RaiRegime Unchanged?This is a magnificent expos? of the lies thatpropelled the criminal attack on Iraq.?? John PilgerMilan Rai?s previous book became an interna-tional bestseller in the run up to war. RegimeUnchanged picks up where War Plan Iraq leftoff: it is a shocking, brilliantly persuasiveaccount of the conflict and its aftermath thatis essential reading for anyone who caresabout peace and democracy.Regime Unchanged shows how the UnitedStates government has involved itself in apolitical quagmire in Iraq, which threatens toevolve into a long and bloody conflict. As thenumber of US casualties rise every day, andfighting continues, the idea that the war hasbeen won has begun to fade. The longer thechaos continues, the more the conflictthreatens to engulf other regions alreadybitterly opposed to American intervention.Rigorously dissecting official propaganda andmedia misrepresentation, Regime Unchangeddocuments the real aftermath of the war. MilanRai presents damning evidence that Ba?athistswere deliberately restored to power. In theconfusion of the first month of Iraq?s ?libera-tion,? the US and Britain pursued a path verysimilar to that taken in liberated territoriesafter WWII: demobilization of resistancemovements and the restoration of collabora-tors and fascists. A shocking expos?, RegimeUnchanged demonstrates that this was not awar for disarmament, or for ?regime change,?but a war for power.Why the War on Iraq Changed NothingJANUARY168 pages, 5 x 7?pb $25.95ISBN 0-7453-2175-5Current Affairs/International PoliticsMotasser al-Zayyatjoined the Islamicmovement inEgypt in1974. He was arrestedfollowing the assassina-tion of former PresidentAnwar al-Sadat in 1982.After the trial, hisactivities as an Islamistshifted to defendingIslamists in Egyptiancourts. Ahmed Fekry isa Middle East Timesjournalist.Montasser al-ZayyatTranslated by Ahmed Fekry; Edited by Sara NimisIntroduction by Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi?The Road to Al-QaedaThe Story of Bin Laden?s Right-Hand ManThe Road to Al-Qaeda is a controversial book.Written by an Egyptian human rights lawyer,it is the first English-language account of thedevelopment of tensions between violent andnon-violent factions in radical Islamist move-ments, from the perspective of an insider. Itis also a biography of one of the world?s most-wanted terrorists: Egyptian-born Dr. Aymanal-Zawahiri. Widely recognized as the man whowill take over the leadership of Al-Qaeda afterOsama bin Laden, he is also the reputedarchitect of the Riyadh bombings in SaudiArabia.The original version of this book sold widelyacross the Arabic world. Reproduced intranslation here, with an extensive introductionfrom distinguished scholar Ibrahim Abu Rabi?,it stands alone as an unrivalled account of thedivisions within militant Islamist ideology. Theauthor provides insight into the internal politicsof Islamic Jihad, and the radicalization ofbin Laden?s deputy; he examines Zawahiri?sopposition to efforts by other militant Islamiststo call a ceasefire with the Egyptian authori-ties; and he narrates the redirection ofZawahiri?s activities towards the US and Israel.As an insight into one of the key minds behindAl-Qaeda, this book makes unparalleled anddisturbing reading. It is an important documentfor anyone who seeks to understand how aminority extremist ideology came to have suchan impact on world events.? ALSO OF INTERESTThe Pre-EmptiveEmpireA Guide to Bush?sKingdomSaul Landaupb $38.95ISBN 0-7453-2140-2? ALSO OF INTERESTModern JihadTracing the DollarsBehind the TerrorNetworksLoretta Napoleonihc $38.95ISBN 0-7453-2117-821PLUTO PRESSFEBRUARY176 pages, 5 x 7?pb $22.95ISBN 0-7453-2077-5Current Affairs/AgriculturePatrick Herman is along-time member of theConf?d?ration Paysanneand a full-time farmerand trade-union activist.Richard Kuper hasbeen a publisher,university lecturer,farmer, and trade-unionand political activist. Heis also a member of theConf?d?ration. Jos?Bov? is a global leaderof movements to savefamily farms. He is also aleader of the internationalfarmers? movement ViaCampesina.2003240 pages, 5? x 8??pb $25.95ISBN 0-7453-2191-7Current AffairsJoseph Rotblat wasinvolved in the creationof the first atom bomb,but left the project duringthe war, when it becameclear that Nazi Germanywas not building its ownbomb. He is a co-founderof the Pugwashconferences. RobertHinde was a pilot inWorld War II, is now aCambridge Universityprofessor and haswritten extensively onwar and strategies forpeace.Robert Hinde and Joseph RotblatForeword by Robert S. McNamaraWar No MoreEliminating Conflict in the Nuclear AgeNever before have so many people worriedabout the effects of military conflict. At a timewhen terrorism is opening the way for newforms of warfare worldwide, this book providesa much-needed account of the real dangers weface, and argues that the elimination ofweapons of mass destruction and of war areattainable and necessary goals.Written by Nobel Peace prizewinner andformer nuclear physicist Joseph Rotblat, andbiologist/psychologist Robert Hinde, War NoMore provides expert insight into the nature ofmodern warfare ? including ?weapons of massdestruction.? Examining the key factors thatare believed to contribute to conflict, theyexplain how best to approach a peacefulfuture. If war is ever to be eliminated, Hindeand Rotblat argue that we must address keyissues such as the gap between rich and poor;we must have fully effective arms controls; andabove all we must have better education. Theauthors emphasize that the United Nations ?as well as non-governmental organizations,religious groups, and grassroots movements ?also have important parts to play.Patrick Herman and Richard Kuper for theConf?d?ration PaysanneIntroduction by Jos? Bov?The French radical farmers union Conf?d?rationPaysanne, with its charismatic leader Jos?Bov?, has led the world in demonstrating thepossibility of a socially progressive future forfarming. Rejecting the increasing intensifica-tion and industrialization of agriculture, theConf?d?ration has argued for the need forlocal food production by small, independentfarmers ? both for the sake of the quality ofthe food we consume and to support the kindof societies we want to live in.Originally published in French, Food forThought has been expanded and adapted foran English-speaking audience. Patrick Hermanand Richard Kuper demonstrate how theEuropean Union?s Common Agricultural Policyand now the WTO?s Agreement on Agricultureare both designed to encourage an increas-ingly free-market, profit-maximizing, destruc-tive agriculture. The majority of farmers havelost out and continue to lose. Agri-businessthrives at their expense. The consequencesare dire in terms of social and environmentalcosts in the industrialized world, and devastat-ing for developing countries, whose ability tofeed themselves is being destroyed.This book describes and celebrates alternativeways of thinking about and doing farming.Showing how some farmers with an alternativevision are trying to change the face of farming,Food for Thought holds out the possibility of aradical, human-centred way of producing ourfood and organizing our society.Food for ThoughtTowards a Future for Farming? ALSO OF INTERESTSearching for PeaceThe Road toTRANSCEND,Second EditionJohan Galtung, Carl G.Jacobsen, and KaiFrithjof Brand-Jacobsenpb $38.95ISBN 0-7453-1928-9? ALSO OF INTERESTInvisible GiantCargill and ItsTransnationalStrategies,Second EditionBrewster Kneenpb $29.95ISBN 0-7453-1958-022 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Stolen YouthThe Politics of Israel?s Detentionof Palestinian ChildrenCatherine Cook, Adam Hanieh,and Adah KayStolen Youth is the first book to explore Israel?sincarceration of Palestinian children. Based onfirst-hand information from international humanrights groups and NGO workers in the WestBank and Gaza Strip, it also features interviewswith children who have been imprisoned. Theresult is a disturbing and often shockingaccount of the abuses that are being carriedout by Israel, and that have been widelydocumented by human rights groups such asAmnesty, but yet have never been addressedby the international community.The book presents a critical analysis of theinternational legal framework and the UNsystem, arguing that a major failure of theseinstitutions is their appeal to neutrality whileignoring the reality of power. The bookattempts to address the inadequacy of theseinstitutions by placing the issue of Palestinianchild prisoners within the framework of Israelistrategy and the overall system of control.Adam Hanieh was Research Co-ordinator forDefence for Children International/Palestine Sectionin Ramallah on the West Bank (2000-2002) whereCatherine Cook has worked as InternationalAdvocacy Co-ordinator. Adah Kay is seniorconsultant with CVS, a policy and consultancy unitspecialiszing in social welfare, health care andhousing. She is Honorary Professor at City UniversityBusiness School.APRIL176 pages, 5? x 8??pb $29.95, ISBN 0-7453-2161-5Current Affairs/Middle Eastern StudiesTransparency InternationalGlobal Corruption Report2004Special Focus: PoliticalCorruptionWith a focus on political corruption, the 2004edition of Transparency International?s GlobalCorruption Report (GCR) identifies some oftoday?s most pressing issues in the fightagainst corruption around the world.Essays examine the role of money in politics ?assessing the regulation of political partyfinancing, suggesting ways to ?rewire? thearms and oil trades for greater transparencyand analyzing the problem of vote buying.Reports consider attempts to repatriate assetsstolen by politicians, disclosure regulations, thenexus between the media, politics, andbusiness as well as the issue of immunity fromprosecution.This year?s GCR also features special contribu-tions by Jimmy Carter and former UN humanrights commissioner Mary Robinson, whoargues that ?corruption hits hardest at thepoorest in society.?Transparency International is the only non-governmental organization devoted to combattingcorruption. With 90 offices around the world, it worksat a national and international level to bring govern-ments, businesses, and civil society together to raiseawareness about corruption, and to advocate policyreforms.APRIL288 pages, 6? x 9??pb $35.95, ISBN 0-7453-2230-1Current Affairs/PoliticsPLUTO PRESSMira HamermeshIntroduction by Fay WeldonThe River of Angry DogsA Memoir?An extraordinary book, an extraordinary,frightening life. To be Polish without nation,Jewish without family, hunted down in a landat war ? and to be a genius in the making ?well, it's not the normal teenager?s life. MiraHamermesh sees past and present with afilm-maker?s flawless eye, in this shatteringwritten memorial to those she loved and lost.?? Fay WeldonMira Hamermesh is an award-winning film-maker, painter, and writer. This moving memoirgives a vivid account of her remarkable life.As a young Jewish teenager she escaped thehorrors of German-occupied Poland with onlyher natural creativity, a rebellious spirit, anda talent for good fortune to rely on. Of themillions of words written about WWII, fewcome from women, and even fewer recountsuch adventure. Spared the experience of theghetto and the concentration camp thatclaimed most of her family, Mira?s story is alife-affirming account of a life lived to the full,and a meditation on survival and coincidence,that pays homage to other people?s courage.Mira Hamermesh was born in Lodz, Poland. As afilmmaker she has won may international awardsincluding the Prix Italia and the Royal TelevisionSociety Award. She has been a visiting lecturer at theNational Film School and the Australian Film School.MAY352 pages, 5? x 8??hc $39.95, ISBN 0-7453-2233-6Memoir/Jewish Studies23PLUTO PRESS2003352 pages, 5? x 8??pb $35.95ISBN 0-7190-6767-7HistoryPhilip M. Taylor isProfessor of InternationalCommunications at theUniversity of LeedsPhilip M. TaylorMunitions of the MindA History of Propaganda,Third EditionA classic work, Munitions of the Mind traceshow propaganda has formed part of the fabricof conflict since the dawn of warfare, and howin its broadest definition it has also been partof a process of persuasion at the heart ofhuman communication. Stone monuments,coins, broadsheets, paintings and pamphlets,posters, radio, film, television, computersand satellite communications ? propagandahas had access to ever more complex andversatile media.This third edition has been revised andexpanded to include a new preface, newchapters on the Gulf War, information-ageconflict in the post-Cold War era, and theworld after the terrorist attacks of September11, 2001. It also offers a new epilogue anda comprehensive bibliographical essay.The extraordinary range of this book, as wellas the original and cohesive analysis it offers,makes it an ideal text for all internationalcourses covering media and communicationsstudies, cultural history, military history, andpolitics. It will prove fascinating and accessibleto the general reader.MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY PRESSMARCH320 pages, 5? x 8??pb $28.95ISBN 0-7453-2201-8Current Affairs/JournalismDavid Miller is based atStirling Media ResearchInstitute.Contributors include:John PilgerNoam ChomskyRobert FiskEdward HermanMark ThomasMark SteelPhillip KnightleyTim LlewelynAbdul Hadi JiadDavid CromwellDavid EdwardsMark CurtisJohn StauberSheldon RamptonPat HollandNorman SolomonNancy SnowDoug KellnerJulian PetleyYvonne RidleyTim GopsillFaisal BodiAlistair AlexanderGreg PhiloSteve DorrillAndy RowellGranville WilliamsSteve BellSteve CaplinPolypEdited by David MillerForeword by Mark ThomasTell Me LiesPropaganda and Media Distortionin the Attack on IraqWhat did the media tell us in the run up to waron Iraq? Was it all true? Where are the weaponsof mass destruction?This book is for everyone who is appalled bythe duplicity and misinformation churned outby the media in the lead up to war with Iraq,and in its long and continuing aftermath.Written by some of the world?s leadingjournalists and commentators, it?s a scathingindictment of the media?s role in creatingpublic support for a war which, day by day,is taking a heavy toll in coalition and Iraqi lives,and which threatens to create further instabilityand resentment of the US throughout theMiddle East.Critics, activists and journalists from bothsides of the Atlantic destroy the idea that themainstream media have anything to do withobjectivity and balance. The propagandamachinery in the Iraq war is exposed asfundamentally dishonest and as a significantthreat to freedom of thought and expression.Drawing on the experience of leading anti-warand media activists, Tell Me Lies providesindispensable analysis and guidance on howto resist the media war.? ALSO OF INTERESTThe Media and theWar on TerrorismStephen Hess andMarvin Kalb, eds.pb $32.95ISBN 0-8157-3581-2Brookings Institution Press(see p.12)24 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PRESSMAY235 pages est., 8? x 11?11 patterns, 120 illus.pb $29.95ISBN 0-472-06855-5Biography/Crafts & HobbiesGwen Marston is anationally known quiltmaker, teacher, andauthor. She is the authorof over fifteen books onquilting, includingLiberated String Quilts,70 Classic QuiltingPatterns, and AmishQuilting Patterns.MARCH260 pages est., 8 x 10?colour photos and illustrationspb $35.95ISBN 0-472-03012-4Gardening/NatureDiana Beresford-Kroeger is a botanist,medical and agriculturalresearcher, lecturer, andself-defined ?renegadescientist? in the fields ofclassical botany, medicalbiochemistry, organicchemistry, and nuclearchemistry. She is theauthor of ArboretumAmerica: A Philosophyof the Forest. Beresford-Kroeger lives inMerrickville, Ontario.Diana Beresford-KroegerPhotographs by Christian H. KroegerA Garden for LifeThe Natural Approach to Designing, Planting,and Maintaining a North Temperate GardenThe avid gardener will need no other resourcethan this book to plan and maintain a naturalgarden on the country farm or in the suburbanbackyard, a habitat congenial to the scarlettanager, the monarch butterfly, and the toad.Unique to this book is author Beresford-Kroeger?s concept of bioplanning, in which thegardener views the site as a biological systemand the activity of gardening as an ecologicaltask. To assist in bioplanning a garden, theauthor provides both plans that are adaptableto different garden sizes and shapes, as wellas planting instructions emphasizing organiccare, ecofunction, and environmentally friendlymeans of pest control.A Garden for Life challenges everyone tocreate an ecologically valuable garden for thejoy of doing so, and for the salvation of ournatural world.Gwen MarstonExtensively illustrated, with over 100 drawingsand 11 unique Mary Schafer patterns, MarySchafer, American Quilt Maker is a must-havebook for anyone passionate about Americanquilting.While we take that passion for granted today,author Gwen Marston shows that it wasn?talways so; indeed, one woman, Mary Schafer,was largely responsible for the restoration ofinterest in one of the greatest folk arts ? longbefore the American bicentennial turnedquilting into what seemed like an overnightsensation.Marston presents the picture of Schafer as anunassuming scholar: the anonymous quilter,remaining humble and somewhat retiring.Behind the modest fa?ade, however, Schaferdisplayed a remarkable devotion to research,historical accuracy, and community throughher efforts to make quilting available to asmany people as possible.Nonquilters will find Mary Schafer, AmericanQuilt Maker a welcome addition to theircollection of the work of masters of Americanfolk art, while quilting aficionados will appreci-ate it not only for the story it tells, but for thegenerous selection of patterns and illustrationsit offers.Mary Schafer,American Quilt Maker? ALSO OF INTERESTArboretum AmericaA Philosophy of theForestDiana Beresford-Kroegerpb $38.95ISBN 0-472-06851-2? ALSO OF INTERESTWild by DesignTwo Hundred Years ofInnovation and Artistry inAmerican QuiltsJanet Catherine Berloand  Patricia Cox Crews,eds.pb $54.95ISBN 0-295-98309-4University of WashingtonPress25UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PRESSJUNE250 pages est., 6 x 9?210 photos, 52 drawings,40 colour line drawings, 213 mapspb $35.95ISBN 0-472-11371-2Nature/ScienceCarl Hubbs and KarlLagler were influentialleaders in twentieth-century Americanichthyology and fisherymanagement; bothbrought their knowledgeof fish to the University ofMichigan. Gerald R.Smith is CuratorEmeritus at the Universityof Michigan ZoologyMuseum and is a leadingexpert in fish identifica-tion in the Great Lakesregion.APRIL226 pages est., 5? x 8?pb $22.95ISBN 0-472-08956-0Music/Social ScienceGerald Early is MerleKling Professor ofModern Letters in theDepartment of Arts andSciences at WashingtonUniversity. His book,The Culture of Bruising:Essays on Prizefighting,Literature, and ModernAmerican Culture, wonthe 1994 National BookCritics Circle Award forcriticism.Gerald EarlyOne Nation under a GrooveMotown and American Culture,Revised and Expanded Edition?Gerald Early and Motown, together at last inOne Nation under a Groove, seem as inevitableand harmonious a coupling as Marvin Gayeand Tammi Terrell.?? The NationGerald Early, an award-winning music, sports,and popular-culture scholar, brings us aconcise study of Motown Records, the mostfamous and successful black-owned businessin American history, and, arguably, the mostsignificant of all American independent recordlabels.Early tells the story of the historical andcultural conditions that made this recordcompany possible, including the dramaticshifts in American popular music, changesin race relations and racial attitudes, andthe rise of a black urban population. Earlyconcentrates in particular on the 1960s and70s, when Motown had its biggest impacton American musical tastes and styles. Inaddition, he provides an up-to-date bibliogra-phy of the major books that have been writtenabout Motown Records specifically, and blackAmerican music generally. With new appendi-ces featuring interviews with four of the majorcreators of the Motown Sound: Berry Gordy,Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, and Marvin Gaye.Carl L. Hubbs and Karl F. LaglerRevised by Gerald R. SmithFor everyday anglers, armchair enthusiasts,and serious students of fish alike, Fishes ofthe Great Lakes remains the definitive guidein the identification and study of the fishesof this important freshwater region.Organized by fish family, with sectionson waters of the Great Lakes region,zoogeography, field study and collection,preservation of fishes for study, fish identifica-tion, anatomy, terminology, and more, Fishesof the Great Lakes is comprehensive in itsscope and breadth of information ? truly theclassic work on Great Lakes fishes.It also documents a half century of changesin fish population in the region that haveresulted from pollution, development, and theintroduction of non-native species. This editionwill thus inspire future generations of anglersand students to take a fresh look at one ofour most important fauna.Fishes of the Great Lakes RegionRevised Edition? ALSO OF INTERESTGuitars, Bars, andMotown SuperstarsDennis CoffeyJUNEhc $32.95ISBN 0-472-11399-2? ALSO OF INTERESTGreat Lakes NatureAn Outdoor Year,Revised and in ColourMary BlocksmaAPRILpb $32.95ISBN 0-472-08982-X26 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY PRESSAPRIL384 pages est., 6 x 9?illus.pb $42.95ISBN 0-87071-024-9Nature/ScienceRobert S. Yeats issenior consultant forEarth ConsultantsInternational andprofessor emeritus inthe geosciencesdepartment at OregonState University. He livesin Corvallis, Oregon.JANUARY92 pages, 7 x 9?b/w illus., mapspb $13.95ISBN 0-9676364-1-8AN ECOTRUST BOOKNature/ScienceEdward C. Wolf is awriter and editor whoseprevious books includeThe Rain Forests ofHome and A TidewaterPlace. He lives inPortland, Oregon.Environmental writerSeth Zuckermancovers relations betweenpeople and the rest ofnature for Ecotrust?sonline news service Helives in Petrolia,California.Edited by Edward C. Wolf and Seth ZuckermanSalmon NationPeople, Fish, and Our Common HomeSecond Edition?An essential book for understanding thesituation of these magnificent magical fish inthe big picture of history and economy. Themaps, the range of accessible and informedessays, make it invaluable.?? Gary Snyder, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet andecological restorationistAlong the Pacific coast of North America,the fates of people and salmon have beenintertwined since the end of the last Ice Age.Salmon Nation leads readers deep into thewatersheds of the West Coast in the companyof six knowledgeable guides to better under-stand the most celebrated fish of westernNorth America. Thoughtful essays by NativeAmerican writer Elizabeth Woody, fisheriesbiologist Jim Lichatowich, journalist RichardManning, former commercial fishermanFreeman House, and environmental writerSeth Zuckerman trace the relationship be-tween people and salmon from the abundancethat sustained Northwest Coast cultures to thetroubled world of salmon today, and depict afuture of rivers restored and fishing livelihoodsrevived ? a future still within our reach.Geographer Dorie Roth?s full-colour maps ofthe state of Pacific salmon today offer apowerful ?big-picture? perspective that lends anew urgency to efforts to heal the breachbetween people and salmon.Though imperiled across much of their range,salmon populations can rebound when peoplemend their ways. With words, maps, andimages, Salmon Nation invites its readershome to a place where people and fish canthrive together.Robert S. YeatsIn 2001, earthquake preparedness in theNorthwest was tested by the Nisquallyearthquake, which damaged Seattle andOlympia. In this revised edition, Yeats de-scribes that earthquake and the planning thatworked and didn?t work.Combining cutting-edge research with practicalsafety information, Living with Earthquakes:? updates knowledge about the likelihood offuture earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest;? explores topics ranging from earthquakeforecasting and catastrophe insurance to therisks of tsunamis and soil liquefaction;? reviews the current level of earthquakepreparedness and disaster response;? suggests actions that citizens can take toprotect their families and homes.An essential guide for anyone interested inunderstanding earthquake science or inpreparing for the next major tremor, Livingwith Earthquakes is also a call to action.Earthquakes cannot be prevented, but thisbook shows how society can learn to live withearthquakes ? and survive them.Living with Earthquakes in the PacificNorthwestA Survivor?s Guide, Second Edition? ALSO OF INTERESTFirst Fish, First PeopleSalmon Tales of theNorth Pacific RimJudith Rosch and MegMcHutchison, eds.pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0686-9UBC Press27MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY PRESSFEBRUARY160 pages, 5? x 9??20 halftonespb $19.95ISBN 0-8165-1938-2Nature/Cultural StudiesAna G. Valenzuela-Zapata is recognizedin Mexico and the UnitedStates as the foremostbotanical and horticul-tural expert on agavesused in the tequilaindustry. Gary PaulNabhan has done fieldresearch on agaveconservation and use fora quarter century, andhis sixteen previousbooks include the JohnBurroughs Medal-winnerGathering the Desert.APRIL288 pages, 6 x 9?illus.pb $35.95ISBN 0-87013-705-0Environmental Studies/Great Lakes StudiesDave Dempsey isPolicy Advisor for theMichigan EnvironmentalCouncil and wasenvironmental advisorto Michigan GovernorJames J. Blanchard. Hewas appointed in 1994by President Clinton toserve on the Great LakesFishery Commission.Dempsey is the authorof Ruin and Recovery:Michigan?s Rise as aConservation Leader andteaches environmentalpolicy and law atMichigan StateUniversity.Dave DempseyOn the BrinkThe Great Lakes in the 21st CenturyDave Dempsey weaves the natural characterand phenomena of the Great Lakes and storiesof the schemes, calamities, and unusualhuman residents of the Basin with the historyof their environmental exploitation and recov-ery. Contrasting the incomparable beauty andcomplexity of the Lakes and the poetry,folklore, and citizen action they have inspiredwith the disasters that short-sighted humanfolly has inflicted on the ecosystem, Dempseymakes this history both engaging and relevantto today?s debates and decisions.Underlying the neglectful treatment of theLakes are two irreconcilable and faulty humanassumptions: that the Lakes are a systemso big that human beings cannot do it greatharm, and that the Lakes are a resource thatcan be bent to the will of humankind. Dempseyfinds evidence that, despite great changesin the laws governing the Lakes and publicattitudes toward them in the last fifty years,government policy and institutions are stilldominated by these dangerous attitudes.A central theme of On the Brink is thatcitizens, who have displayed an increasingsense of commitment to the Lakes and agrowing sense of place, must challenge theirleaders to reform Great Lakes institutions.Dempsey shows that it is necessary to createa governing system that reflects the realitiesof life ?on the ground? in communities and thattaps into the passion and determination ofcitizens to protect these treasures.Ana G. Valenzuela-Zapata and Gary Paul NabhanTequila ? more properly, mescal de tequila ?was the first mescal to be codified andrecognized by its geographic origin and isthe only one known internationally by thatname.  In this book, the leading agronomistin Mexico?s tequila industry and one ofAmerica?s most respected ethnobotanistsplumb the myth of tequila as they introducethe natural history, economics, and culturalsignificance of the blue agave plant cultivatedfor its production.Valenzuela-Zapata and Nabhan take readersinto the agave fields of Mexico to convey theirpassion for the ?century plant? and its popularby-product. They trace tequila?s progress fromits modest beginnings to one of the world?sfavoured spirits, reveal how the cultivation oftequila azul is maintained through traditionaltechniques passed down over generations,tell how innovations from cross-culturalexchanges made fortunes for Jos? Cuervoand other distillers, and educate readersabout the grades of tequila, from blanco toa?ejo.?Tequila! A Natural and Cultural History willfeed anyone?s passion for the gift of the blueagave as it heightens their appreciation forits rich heritage.?Tequila!A Natural and Cultural HistoryUNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA PRESS? ALSO OF INTERESTRestoration of theGreat LakesPromises, Practices,and PerformancesMark Sproule-Jonespb $27.95ISBN 0-7748-0871-3UBC Press28 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO PRESSMAY208 pages, 5? x 8??hc $26.95ISBN 0-8263-3266-8Fishing/Leisure and RecreationGordon M. Wickstromis the editor andpublisher of The BoulderCreek Angler, wheremany of these essaysfirst appeared. He is aretired professor ofEnglish and a Shake-spearean actor.MARCH144 pages, 5? x 9?8 line illustrationspb $19.95ISBN 0-8263-3363-XNature/Home and GardenRichard Fagerlundis a Board CertifiedEntomologist on thestaff of the Universityof New Mexico,Albuquerque. JohnnaStrange is a writer,artist, and technicalillustrator living inAlbuquerque.Richard Fagerlund and Johnna StrangeThe Bugman on BugsUnderstanding Household Pestsand the EnvironmentThis sequel to the authors? Ask the Bugman(2002) contains more valuable informationon how to identify assorted insects andarthropods and the best ways to keepthem out of your house, all presented withFagerlund?s trademark wry humour. Fagerlundand Strange are proponents of Integrated PestManagement rather than the technique theylabel ?Spray and Pray? used by most extermi-nating businesses. Anyone concerned aboutthe health effects of pesticides will want tofollow the useful advice in The Bugman onBugs, including specific information on whatkinds of substances and techniques workbest for particular pests.In addition to illustrated chapters on roaches,ants, flies, spiders, centipedes and scorpions,fleas, lice, bed bugs, mice, termites, and otherkinds of pests, the authors discuss humanreactions to these creatures, turning theirattention both to phobias and to the placeof insects in our religious and spiritual lives.Amazing pest control tales are sprinkledthroughout the book (have you thought aboutgreasing your linens with hog lard to makeyourself disgusting even to fleas?), as well aspeculiar facts and even a recipe for saut?edtermites.Gordon M. WickstromFishing is a pursuit for which writers havehad an affinity as far back as Izaak Walton,and Walton?s spirit hovers over this collectionof musings by well-known literary fishermanGordon Wickstrom. These writings use fishingas a lens through which to view and evaluatemost things in life: politics, art, friendship,religion, globalization, relations between thesexes, time, seasonality, and old age. Theresult is a book that will lift your spirits evenwhen it expresses annoyance with the technol-ogy-obsessed graphite rod fly fishermen andlooks back on a golden age when it wasacceptable to use grasshoppers as bait.Wickstrom does not confine himself tophilosophizing. He discusses technical matterssuch as equipment and techniques. He reviewsthe literature. He addresses the sticky issuesof nativism and catch-and-release-ism.  Inshort, he writes about all the things thatmatter to people who love to fish, and thosepeople will be grateful to him for havingproduced a book they can read when theyare not fishing.Late in an Angler?s LifeEssays on the Sport? ALSO OF INTERESTAsk the BugmanEnvironmentally SafeWays to ControlHousehold PestsRichard Fagerlund andJohnna Lachnitpb $26.95ISBN 0-8263-2835-029UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLANDJUNE356 pages, 5? x 8??pb $32.95ISBN 0-8195-6693-4EARLY CLASSICS OF SCIENCE FICTIONScience Fiction/LiteratureOlaf Stapledon (1886?1950) served as Lecturerin Psychology andPhilosophy at LiverpoolUniversity. PatrickMcCarthy is Professorof English at theUniversity of Miami,author of Olaf Stapledonand editor of The Legacyof Olaf Stapledon .Freeman J. Dyson isProfessor of Physics,Emeritus, at the Institutefor Advanced Studies inPrinceton, NJ.MARCH256 pages, 6 x 9?hc $42.95ISBN 1-58465-206-3BRANDEIS SERIES IN AMERICAN JEWISHHISTORY, CULTURE, AND LIFESociology/Jewish StudiesSylvia Barack Fishmandirects the program inContemporary JewishLife in the Near Easternand Judaic StudiesDepartment at BrandeisUniversity, where she isa professor. She is theauthor of severalprevious books on theAmerican Jewishexperience.Sylvia Barack FishmanDouble or Nothing?Jewish Families and Mixed MarriageIf intermarriage is a blessing, North AmericanJews are among the prime beneficiaries.Recent statistical studies show that abouthalf of all recent marriages involving a Jewhave been to non-Jews. Many of these Jewsmaintain at least some ties to their ownethnoreligious heritage. At the same time,very few of the non-Jews marrying Jewish menand women today convert to Judaism. Thesame cultural tolerance that nurtures mixedmarriage also promotes the idea that eachpartner can maintain his or her own distinctive,premarriage identity. Thus, the homes theyform include two religious identities, and,often, two or more ethnic identities.Drawing on more than 250 original interviewswith mixed-married men and women, focusgroup discussions with their teenaged children,materials produced by communal, secular,and religious organizations, and conferences,books, and films created by and for interfaithaudiences, Fishman examines family dynamicsin mixed-married households. She looks at theresponses of Jewish and non-Jewish family andfriends. She investigates how the ?Decemberdilemma? plays itself out in diverse mixedJewish households and explores popularcultural depictions of mixed marriages infiction, film, television, and in material artifactssuch as the ?Mixed Message Greeting CardCompany.?Olaf StapledonEdited with an introduction by Patrick McCarthyForeword by Freeman J. Dyson?A buried treasure of 20th century literaturereemerges in this splendid and practicaledition. McCarthy?s revealing introduction andnotes display the genius of Star Maker to anew century.?? Robert Crossley, author of Olaf Stapledon:Speaking for the FutureWidely regarded as one of the true classicsof science fiction, Star Maker is a poetic anddeeply philosophical work. The story detailsthe mental journey of an unnamed narrator,who is transported not only to other worldsbut also other galaxies and parallel universes,until he eventually becomes part of the?cosmic mind.? First published in 1937,Olaf Stapledon?s descriptions of alien lifeare a political commentary on human lifein the turbulent inter-war years.The book challenges preconceived notionsof intelligence and awareness, and ultimatelyargues for a broadened perspective that wouldfree us from culturally ingrained thought andour inevitable anthropomorphism. This is thefirst scholarly edition of a book that influencedsuch writers as C.S. Lewis and Arthur C.Clarke and which Jorge Luis Borges called?a prodigious novel.?Star Maker? ALSO OF INTERESTCelebrating the JewishHolidaysPoems, Stories, EssaysSteven J. Rubinhc $46.95ISBN 1-58465-184-9WESLEYAN?S EARLYCLASSICS OF SCIENCEFICTION SERIESProviding a new venuefor publication of earlyworks of science fiction,this important seriesincludes new scholarlyeditions of classicEnglish-language worksand new translations ofnon-English-languagescience fiction, withcritical introductions,extensive notes, andbibliographic materials.30 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLANDMAY224 pages, 6? x 9??25 b/w illus.pb $26.95ISBN 1-84310-184HealthChris Williams is aconsultant clinicalpsychologist workingwith children andadolescents withlearning disabilities.She also trains specialschool staff to under-stand and manageautistic behaviour.Barry Wright is aconsultant childpsychiatrist. He iswidely published andcurrently researchingautistic children?slanguage abilities,emotional recognition,and memory.APRIL224 pages, 5? x 8??pb $25.95ISBN 0-8195-6685-3Psychology/SpiritualityMichael Eigen is apsychologist andpsychoanalyst. Theauthor of numerousbooks, he is AssociateClinical Professor ofPsychology in thePostdoctoral Programin Psychotherapy andPsychoanalysis at NewYork University and aSenior Member of theNational PsychologicalAssociation for Psycho-analysis.Michael EigenThe Sensitive Self?Michael Eigen teaches by example. In thisremarkable work he lets us feel our alivenessby showing us his own. He is a creative forcein psychoanalysis: vulgar, frightening, fearlessand inspiring.?? Mark Epstein, M.D., author of Thoughts Withouta ThinkerWe are all sensitive beings, both physicallyand emotionally. What do we do with oursensitivity? How much of our sensitivity canwe take? How do we become partners with oursensitivity in ways that make life worthwhile?In The Sensitive Self, renowned psychologistMichael Eigen explores the varied nuances ofsensitivity as it threads its way through allfacets of our lives.Individual case studies, often achingly honest,are woven together by Eigen?s deeply feltmeditations, bringing us into the heart ofpsychotherapy. We see how our sensitivityto self and others plays a crucial role insustaining our sense of aliveness. Ultimately,Eigen argues, sensitivity is the basis for ahumane ethics. Powerful and illuminating, TheSensitive Self follows up on the themes ofEigen?s previous books, Rage and Ecstasy,with which Eigen has established himself asone of today?s most creative thinkers inpsychology.Chris Williams and Barry WrightIllustrated by Olive YoungThis accessible and valuable introductionto caring for a child with autism is an idealresource for teachers and members of autisticchildren?s immediate and extended families. Inclear and simple language, with many illustra-tions, the authors tackle common problemsexperienced in everyday routines such aseating, sleeping, and going to the toilet, aswell as how to cope with aggression andtantrums, preoccupations and compulsions,and how to enable better communication andsocializing. Step-by-step, the authors considerwhy each problem may be happening andsuggest a number of possible solutions.CONTENTSPart One: First WorriesEarly Detection ? AssessmentPart Two: How Does Your Child View theWorld?Understanding Autism ? In a World of His Own? Sensory Interests ? Communication Difficul-ties ? Time Perception ? Self Concept ?BehaviourPart Three: Specific ProblemsFeeding ? Toileting ? Sleeping ? Preoccupa-tions ? Compulsions ? Routines ? Tantrums ?Aggression and Frustration ? SocializationPart Four: Other IssuesCarer Exhaustion ? Grandparents ? Benefits ?Diets ? Alternative Therapies ? The Future ?Transition to AdulthoodHow to Live with AutismPractical Strategies for ParentsJESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS? ALSO OF INTERESTRageMichael Eigenpb $27.95ISBN 0-8195-6586-5EcstasyMichael Eigenpb $24.95ISBN 0-8195-6531-8? ALSO OF INTERESTSnapshots of AutismA Family AlbumJennifer Overtonpb $29.95ISBN 1-84310-723-631JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERSFEBRUARY272 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95ISBN 1-84310-201Health/Self-HelpJohn Harpur is alecturer in the Depart-ment of ComputerScience at the NationalUniversity of Ireland. Hiscurrent research includesa multidisciplinary projecton Emotional Intelligenceand Asperger Syndrome.Maria Lawlor is aconsultant child andadolescent psychiatristat the Child and FamilyCentre, St. Mary?sHospital, Drogheda,Ireland. MichaelFitzgerald is professorof child and adolescentpsychiatry at the Childand Family Centre inDublin.FEBRUARY272 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95ISBN 1-84310-766Health/Self-HelpYvona Fast lives in LakeClear, New York. She hasNLD and has worked asa librarian and missionaryand is now a freelancewriter. Her invitedcontributors are expertsin their field.Yvona Fast and othersEmployment for Individuals withAsperger Syndrome or Non-VerbalLearning DisabilityStories and StrategiesMost people with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder(NLD) or Asperger Syndrome (AS) are under-employed. With practical and technical adviceon everything from job hunting to interviewtechniques, from ?fitting in? in the workplaceto whether or not to disclose a diagnosis,this book successfully guides people with NLDor AS through the employment field.Full of valuable information for employers,agencies, and career counsellors, the bookalso includes an analysis of typical strengths,and how to use these positively in theworkplace. Other key areas addressed are:career planning, presentation skills, workplacecommunication, sociability, challenges peoplewith NLD/AS may be likely to encounter,and ongoing career management. Practicalinformation and resource material is supportedby numerous case studies to inspire andadvise. Employment for Individuals withAsperger Syndrome or Non-Verbal LearningDisability is an essential resource for peoplewith NLD or AS seeking or in employment,and their employers.John Harpur, Maria Lawlor, and Michael FitzgeraldCollege life is particularly stressful for studentswith Asperger Syndrome (AS). This much-needed handbook provides information to helpAS students prepare for the rites and ritualsof studying, interact with staff and fellowstudents, cope with expectations and pres-sure, and understand their academic anddomestic responsibilities. How will I cope withthe workload? What do I do if I feel ill? Howdo I make friends and initiate relationships?Drawing on interviews with AS students anddirect clinical experience, the authors addressthese and many other questions. The bookis a must for these students, their parents,and counsellors alike.CONTENTS? Preparing for College: A Brief Preamble? Welcome to the Rest of Your Life? The College Environment for the AspergerStudent? Attending to Academic Demands with AS? Working with Student Support Services? Communication: Getting Along with Others? Interacting with the Opposite Sex: Sex andSexuality? Managing Anxiety and Stress? Establishing an AS Support Group? Inspirational Thinkers and Scientists? Life After CollegeSucceeding in College with AspergerSyndromeA Student Guide? ALSO OF INTERESTAsperger Syndromeand Long-TermRelationshipsAshley Stanfordpb $29.95ISBN 1-84310-734-132 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477How to Find Work that Worksfor People with ASThe Ultimate Guide for GettingPeople with AS into the Workplace(and Keeping Them There!)Gail HawkinsFor those who want to help somebody withAsperger Syndrome (AS) find and keep asatisfying job, this book is a vital tool. GailHawkins guides readers through the entireprocess of gaining employment, from buildinga supportive team, identifying and addressingworkplace challenges, to securing an appropri-ate post. Including practical tips on topics suchas finding potential employers and creating adazzling CV, as well as sensitive advice onassessing when somebody is ready for work,and how, when, and where to disclose adisability to an employer, Hawkins? well-testedapproach aims to provide all the informationneeded for a fast, realistic, and successfulpath to fulfilling employment.This book is an indispensable resource forspecial education teachers, social service andemployment professionals, employers whohave staff with autism spectrum disorders,psychologists and psychiatrists, and people onthe autism spectrum in or seeking employmentand their families.Gail Hawkins is an experienced vocational consult-ant based in Toronto. Formerly Director of the Kerry?sPlace Autism Services, in 1995 she founded MissionPossible, the first agency in North America to findavenues to employment specifically for people withAsperger Syndrome.MAY240 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 1-84310-151-3Health/Self-Help/EducationLaurie Leventhal-Belfer andCassandra CoeAsperger Syndromein Young ChildrenA Developmental Approachfor Parents and ProfessionalsThis landmark book is unique in answeringpressing questions specific to younger childrenwith AS: How can parents help their AS childdevelop speech and language? What help isavailable at school and home? When, if at all,should a child be informed about AS?The authors provide a diagnostic model basedon assessment of the child in contrast to?neurotypical? children, considering relation-ships at home, in school, or in care. Anessential guide for parents and professionals,this book shows how to develop tailored earlyintervention strategies and make informeddecisions which will nurture the developmentof AS children.Laurie Leventhal-Belfer is Clinical AssistantProfessor at Stanford Medical School, Palo Alto,California, and Founder and Director of FriendsConnections, which runs therapeutic groups foryoung AS children and their families. CassandraCoe is a clinical social worker in San Francisco,California, and has taught, mentored, and assessed awide range of children and families.FEBRUARY250 pages, 6 x 9?pb $26.95, ISBN 1-84310-748-1Parenting/EducationJESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERSDeirdre V. LoveckyDifferent MindsGifted Children with AD/HD,Asperger Syndrome, andOther Learning DeficitsGiftedness is commonly associated with AD/HD or Asperger Syndrome and this originalbook explores the nature of giftedness and itscharacteristics in children with these condi-tions. Lovecky guides readers through meth-ods of diagnosis and on how best to nurtureindividual needs, positive behaviour, andrelationships at home and school.She explores asynchrony and the effects ofsuch ?uneven? development, using case studiesto illustrate emotional, intellectual, spiritual,and social development. She explains what isrequired to understand and help these childrento meet their needs positively. Different Minds,with its wealth of practical and backgroundinformation, is essential reading for all thosewho live or work with gifted children withattention difficulties.Deirdre V. Lovecky is a clinical child psychologistat the Gifted Resource Center of New England,Providence, Rhode Island, specializing in the needs ofgifted children, adolescents, and their families. She isa psychotherapist and consultant, a frequent speakerat conferences, and a regular writer on giftedness.FEBRUARY512 pages, 7 x 10?pb $33.95, ISBN 1-85302-964-5Psychology/Education33Latika Vasil and Harvey MolloyHow do teenagers with Asperger Syndromeview themselves and their own lives?This book is based on extensive interviewswith adolescents diagnosed with AspergerSyndrome. It includes six life stories, writtenin collaboration with the teenagers themselves.These present an authentic and fascinatinglook at the lives of the teenagers and howAS has shaped their growing identities. Thestories provide the basis for a discussion ofcommon themes and issues facing teenagerswith AS. Asperger Syndrome, Adolescence,and Identity also questions the medicalizeddeficit approach to Asperger Syndrome anddiscusses the social repercussions of labellingteenagers as having AS.Latika Vasil has a doctorate in educationalpsychology and is a researcher and writer specializ-ing in Asperger Syndrome based in Singapore.Harvey Molloy is an Assistant Professor in theScholars? Programme at the National University ofSingapore. Both authors research and write onAsperger Syndrome, and do volunteer work withautism and AS organizations.MAY240 pages, 6 x 9?pb $26.95, ISBN 1-84310-126-2Health/PsychologyAlison Morton-CooperHealth Care and theAutism SpectrumA Guide for Health Professionals,Parents, and CarersPlanning and managing health care forindividuals with autistic spectrum conditionspresents a unique set of challenges, fromdealing with communication difficulties andsensory overload to problems with physicalexaminations.This groundbreaking volume tackles all theissues that health professionals can encounteron a day-to-day basis, as well as addressingethical issues and more specific aspectsof health care. Professionals in all fields ofhealth care, as well as individuals with autismspectrum disorders and their carers, will findthis wide-ranging and informative book anessential, practical reference tool.Alison Morton-Cooper is a lecturer in HealthStudies at Glasgow University, and an AssociateFellow in Continuing Education at Warwick University.Last but not least, she is mother to Alastair, who hasAsperger Syndrome.MARCH176 pages, 6 x 9?pb $26.95, ISBN 1-85302-963-7HealthJESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERSLise PylesHomeschooling the Childwith Asperger SyndromeReal Help for ParentsAnywhere and on Any BudgetPacked with inspiring ideas and tips thatcan be used with any curriculum and onany budget, Homeschooling the Child withAsperger Syndrome explains how to designa varied study programme built around thechild?s own interests, making use of simplematerial as well as computers and on-lineresources.Parents planning to homeschool their child withAsperger Syndrome will appreciate Lise Pyles?encouraging and practical advice, includingstep-by-step instructions on how to assessand improve body language and social skills,accommodating the child?s need for ritual orperfectionist tendencies, and how to develophandwriting and coordination skills.Lise Pyles lives with her family in Aurora, Colorado,and is the parent of a child with Asperger Syndromeand the author of Hitchhiking through AspergerSyndrome. Her family?s journey has included severalschooling options, including homeschooling.APRIL272 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95, ISBN 1-84310-761-9Education/ParentingAsperger Syndrome,Adolescence, and IdentityLooking Beyond the Label34 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477SELECTED BACKLISTAboriginal Plant Use inCanada?s NorthwestBoreal ForestRobin J. Marles2000, pb $25.950-7748-0738-5Ancient People of theArcticRobert McGhee2001, pb $27.950-7748-0854-3Awe for the Tiger,Love for the LambA Chronicle of Sensibilityto AnimalsRod Preece2003, pb $29.950-7748-0897-7Being a TouristFinding Meaning inPleasure TravelJulia Harrison2003, pb $27.950-7748-0978-7Bill ReidBeyond the EssentialFormKaren Duffek1986, pb $16.950-7748-0263-4Birds of the YukonTerritoryPamela H. Sinclair,Wendy A. Nixon,Cameron D. Eckert,and Nancy L. Hughes,eds.2003, hc $125.000-7748-1012-2Citizens PlusAboriginal Peoples andthe Canadian StateAlan C. 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Syndrome in Young Children  32Asperger?s Syndrome  39At Home with the Bella Coola Indians  6Atkins  Gay Seattle  36Atleo  Tsawalk  8Attwood  Asperger?s Syndrome  39Awe for the Tiger, Love for the Lamb  34BBackhouse Heiress versus the Establishment  2Bailey  Rogue Scholar  37Balcomb  Killer Whales  35Banham  Not the Slightest Chance  7Baranek  First Do No Harm  34Barker  At Home with the Bella Coola Indians  6Barney  Prometheus Wired  35Barreca  Too Much of a Good Thing Is Wonderful38Barry  Beginning Theory  39Bats of British Columbia  9Battiste  First Nations Education in Canada  34Battiste  Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision35Baudrillard  Simulacra and Simulation  37Bauer  Open the Door  37Beattie  Undelivered Letters to Hudson?s BayCompany Men on the Northwest Coast ofAmerica, 1830-57  17, 35Beginning Theory  39Being a Tourist  34Being Chinese  14, 38Bell  Intercultural Dispute Resolution in AboriginalContexts  8Benarde  Stars of David  38Beresford-Kroeger  Arboretum America  24, 37Beresford-Kroeger  Garden for Life  24Berlin  Soviet Mind  10Berlo  Wild by Design  24Best Democracy Money Can Buy  39Beyond Tiananmen  11Bill Reid  34Birch  Life and Work  19Birds of Oregon  36Birds of the Yukon Territory  34Black  Out of the Mist  36Blais  Citizens  7Blanket Weaving in the Southwest  38Blocksma  Great Lakes Nature  25Bourque  Lands within Me  15Boyd  Unnatural Law  5Brabazon  Ladies Who Lunge  36Brand-Jacobsen  Searching for Peace  21Brennan  Philip Larkin I Knew  39Brigham  Bats of British Columbia  9Broswimmer  Ecocide  39Bud  Exposing Electronics  38Bugman on Bugs  28Burnett  Passion for Wildlife  35Buss  Undelivered Letters to Hudson?s BayCompany Men on the Northwest Coast ofAmerica,1830-57  17, 35CCairns  Citizens Plus  34Cameron  Street Protests and Fantasy Parks  35Canadians Behind Enemy Lines  4Cannings  Introducing the Dragonflies of BritishColumbia and the Yukon  9, 36Captured Honor  37Carlson  Company Towns of the Pacific North-west  36Carter  Education of Little Tree  38CCF Colonialism in Northern Saskatchewan  8Celan  Glottal Stop  37Celebrating the Jewish Holidays  29Cirincione  Deadly Arsenals  13Citizens  7Citizens Plus  34Civic Literacy  37Clark  Growth and Governance of CanadianUniversities  7Clem  38Coe  Asperger Syndrome in Young Children  32Coffey  Guitars, Bars, and Motown Superstars25Cohen  Idea of Pakistan  11Cohen  Training the Excluded for Work  7Cole  At Home with the Bella Coola Indians  6Collective Insecurity  7Company Towns of the Pacific Northwest  36Compulsory Compassion  8Contact and Conflict  34Contreras  Birds of Oregon  36Cook  No Place to Run  35Cook  Stolen Youth  22Cooper  Hidden Agendas  5Cost of Climate Policy  34Costas  May the Best Team Win  12Country Post  14Courtney  Elections  7Couture and Commerce  34Co-Workplace  34Crews  Wild by Design  24Cross  Political Parties  7Cruikshank  Life Lived Like a Story  35Cruise of the Janet Nichol among the South SeaIslands  17Cult of Happiness  8DDaalder   America Unbound  10Dabcovich  Ghost on the Hearth  37Deadly Arsenals  13Dempsey  On the Brink  27Dene Spruce Root Basketry  36Dewey  Clem  38Dietrich  Natural Grace  37Different Minds  32Dillon  Hive of Dreams  36Dining at the Lineman?s Shack  38Djao  Being Chinese  14, 38Double or Nothing?  29Duffek  Bill Reid  34Dunlap  Faith in Nature  16EEarly  One Nation under a Groove  25Eckert  Birds of the Yukon Territory  34Ecocide  39Ecstasy  30Edgington  Japan at the Millennium  7Education of Little Tree  38Eigen  Ecstasy  30Eigen  Rage  30Eigen  Sensitive Self  30Elections  7Ellis  Killer Whales  35Employment for Individuals with AspergerSyndrome or Non-Verbal Learning Disability31Enduring Hardship  14Engaging India  13Evasdottir  Obedient Autonomy  8Exposing Electronics  38FFagerlund  Ask the Bugman  28Fagerlund  Bugman on Bugs  28Faith in Nature  16Fast  Employment for Individuals with AspergerSyndrome or Non-Verbal Learning Disability31Feminism, Femininity and Popular Culture  39Feminist Activism in the Supreme Court  841AUTHOR/TITLE INDEXFicken  Unsettled Boundaries  37Fienup-Riordan  Freeze Frame  36Finn  Exposing Electronics  38First Do No Harm  34First Fish, First People  26First Nations of British Columbia  34First Nations Education in Canada  34Fischer  Rise of the Nazis  39Fisher  Contact and Conflict  34Fishes of the Great Lakes Region  25Fishman  Double or Nothing?  29Fitzgerald  Succeeding in College with AspergerSyndrome  31Flath  Cult of Happiness  8Flemming  Tournament of Appeals  8Food for Thought  21Ford  Killer Whales  35Forsyth  Land Snails of British Columbia  9Fredrickson  Railscapes  37Freeze Frame  36Friday  Lelooska  37Friedman  Planning the New Suburbia  35GGaddy  Siberian Curse  13Galtung  Searching for Peace  21Garden for Life  24Gartner  Murdering Holiness  5Gasher  Hollywood North  34Gathering Moss  36Gay Seattle  36Gender and Change in Hong Kong  7Germain  Adventurers in the New World  15Ghost on the Hearth  37Gidengil  Citizens  7Giles  Icons and Legends  18Global Corruption Report 2004  22Globalization and Well-Being  34Glottal Stop  37Goddess  37Goldin  Wedding Song  38Governing Ourselves?  8Granoff  Images in Asian Religions  8Granoff  Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place  7Gray  Implements of Golf  36Great Lakes Nature  25Greatest Sedition Is Silence  39Gregorian  Islam  12Growth and Governance of Canadian Universities7Guitars, Bars, and Motown Superstars  25HHalifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy34Halpin  Totem Poles  35Hamermesh  River of Angry Dogs  17, 22Hanieh  Stolen Youth  22Hardy  Soviet Mind  10Harpur  Succeeding in College with AspergerSyndrome  31Harris  Making Native Space  35Harrison  Being a Tourist  34Hart  Trading Nation  35Hawker  Tales of Ghosts  35Hawkins  How to Find Work that Works forPeople with AS 32Health Care and the Autism Spectrum  33Hedlund  Blanket Weaving in the Southwest  38Heiress versus the Establishment  2Helliwell  Globalization and Well-Being  34Henninger  Hidden Web  19Henry  Light People  38Herman  Food for Thought  21Hess  Media and the War on Terrorism  12Hickey  Icons and Legends  18Hidden Agendas  5Hidden Web  19Hill  Siberian Curse  13Hinde  War No More  21Hinde  When Coal Was King  6Hive of Dreams  36Hoe  Enduring Hardship  14Hollows  Feminism, Femininity and PopularCulture  39Hollywood North  34Homeschooling the Child with Asperger Syn-drome  33Hong Kong Ballet  36How to Find Work that Works for People with AS32How to Help a Clumsy Child  39How to Live with Autism  30Hubbs  Fishes of the Great Lakes Region  25Hughes  Birds of the Yukon Territory  34Hughes  Running with Walker  39Hunter  Birds of Oregon  36Hunter  Lawren Stewart Harris  37Husain  Goddess  37IIcons and Legends  18Idea of Pakistan  11Images in Asian Religions  8Impact of War on Children  34Implements of Golf  36In the Long Run We?re All Dead  7Integrating China into the Global Economy  13Integrity Gap  7Intercultural Dispute Resolution in AboriginalContexts  8Introducing the Dragonflies of British Columbiaand the Yukon  9, 36Invisible Giant  21, 39Iraqi Predicament  39Islam  12Ismael   Iraqi Predicament  39Israel / Palestine  39JJaccard  Cost of Climate Policy  34Jacobsen  Searching for Peace  21James Bond Phenomenon  39Japan at the Millennium  7Japan?s Policy Trap  13John Cole  18Johnson  Co-Workplace  34Johnston  War of Patrols  35Jolly  Cruise of the Janet Nichol among theSouth Sea Islands  17Journey to the Ice Age  1KKahane  Intercultural Dispute Resolution inAboriginal Contexts  8Kalb  Media and the War on Terrorism  12Kaouk  Lands within Me  15Kay  Stolen Youth  22Keddie  Songhees Pictorial  36Keshen  Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers  3Killer Whales  35Kimmerer  Gathering Moss  36Klondike Stampede  35Kneen  Invisible Giant  21, 39Kubernik  This Is Rebel Music  38Kuper  Food for Thought  21Kurtz  How to Help a Clumsy Child  39LLachnit  Ask the Bugman  28Ladies Who Lunge  36Lagler  Fishes of the Great Lakes Region  25Land Snails of British Columbia  9Landau  Pre-Emptive Empire  20,  39Lands within Me  15Landscaping for Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest16Lardy  Integrating China into the Global Economy13Late in an Angler?s Life  28Law Commission of Canada  New Perspectiveson the Public-Private Divide  7Law Commission of Canada  What Is a Crime?8Lawlor  Succeeding in College with AspergerSyndrome 31Lawren Stewart Harris  37Laycock  Representation and Democratic Theory7Lee  Gender and Change in Hong Kong  7Lee  Integrity Gap  7Lelooska  37Leventhal-Belfer  Asperger Syndrome in YoungChildren  32Levitin  Women Filmmakers  3642 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477AUTHOR/TITLE INDEXLewis  In the Long Run We?re All Dead  7Life and Work  19Life Lived Like a Story  35Lifesaving Letters  17Light People  38Limiting Arbitrary Power  8Lindner  James Bond Phenomenon  39Lindsay  America Unbound  10Link  Landscaping for Wildlife in the PacificNorthwest  16Link  Living with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest16Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest26Living with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest  16Love in Good Time  38Lovecky  Different Minds  32MMachel  Impact of War on Children  34MacLaren  Canadians Behind Enemy Lines  4Macnair  Magic Leaves  36Magic Leaves  36Making Native Space  35Manfredi  Feminist Activism in the SupremeCourt  8Marie  Dene Spruce Root Basketry  36Marles  Aboriginal Plant Use in Canada?sNorthwest Boreal Forest  34Marshall  Birds of Oregon  36Marston  Mary Schafer, American Quilt Maker24Mary Schafer, American Quilt Maker  24Matthews  Women and War  37Maxwell  Sari to Sarong  18May the Best Team Win  12McAllister  Governing Ourselves?  8McClellan  My Old People Say - Vol. 1  36McClellan  My Old People Say - Vol. 2  36McGhee  Ancient People of the Arctic  34McHugh  Glottal Stop  37McHutchison  First Fish, First People  26Media and the War on Terrorism  12Meligrana  Redrawing Local GovernmentBoundaries  8Mgbeoji  Collective Insecurity  7Mikuni  Japan?s Policy Trap  13Miljan  Hidden Agendas  5Miller  Tell Me Lies  23Milner  Civic Literacy  37Milord  Ghost on the Hearth  37Modern Jihad  20, 39Molloy  Asperger Syndrome, Adolescence, andIdentity  33Momaday  Way to Rainy Mountain  38Morse  Nature of Gold  37Morton-Cooper  Health Care and the AutismSpectrum  33Muckle  First Nations of British Columbia  34Munitions of the Mind  23Murdering Holiness  5Murphy  Japan?s Policy Trap  13Murray  Writing About Nature  38Musqueam Reference Grammar  8My Old People Say - Vol. 1  36My Old People Say - Vol. 2  36NNabhan  ?Tequila!  27Nadeau  Citizens  7Nagorsen  Bats of British Columbia  9Nagorsen  Rodents and Lagomorphs of BritishColumbia  9Napoleoni  Modern Jihad  20, 39Natural Grace  37Nature of Gold  37Negotiated Memory  8Negus  Popular Music in Theory  38Nevitte  Citizens  7New Perspectives on the Public-Private Divide  7Nimis  Road to Al-Qaeda  20Nixon  Birds of the Yukon Territory  34No Place to Learn  35No Place to Run  35Not the Slightest Chance  7Nyboer  Cost of Climate Policy  34OObedient Autonomy  8On the Brink  27One Nation under a Groove  25Open the Door  37Ortiz  Out There Somewhere  38Out of the Mist  36Out There Somewhere  38Overton   Snapshots of Autism  30, 39PPaddling to Where I Stand  8Palast  Best Democracy Money Can Buy  39Palmer  Couture and Commerce  34Passion for Peace  19Passion for Wildlife  35Paul  Life and Work  19Pepper in Our Eyes  35Perl  Integrity Gap  7Perras  Stepping Stones to Nowhere  7Philip Larkin I Knew  39Phillips  Murdering Holiness  5Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place  7Pitt   Greatest Sedition Is Silence  39Planning the New Suburbia  35Plant Technology of First Peoples of BritishColumbia  35Plessis  Women Filmmakers  36Pocklington  No Place to Learn  35Political Parties  7Popov  Glottal Stop  37Popular Music in Theory  38Preece  Awe for the Tiger, Love for the Lamb34Pre-Emptive Empire  20,  39Primakov  World Challenged  11Prometheus Wired  35Pue  Pepper in Our Eyes  35Punter  Vancouver Achievement  6Putin?s Russia  13Pyles  Homeschooling the Child with AspergerSyndrome  33Pyne  Smokechasing  38QQuiring  CCF Colonialism in NorthernSaskatchewan 8RRage  30Rai  Regime Unchanged  20Railscapes  37Rajkumar  Deadly Arsenals  13Rak  Negotiated Memory  8Raoul  Women Filmmakers  36Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision  35Redrawing Local Government Boundaries  8Reed  Taking Stands  7Rees  Passion for Peace  19Regime Unchanged  20Reid  Paddling to Where I Stand  8Rentz  They Can?t Take That Away From Me  38Reporters without Borders  Israel / Palestine39Representation and Democratic Theory  7Restoration of the Great Lakes  27Ribeiro  Limiting Arbitrary Power  8Rise of the Nazis  39River of Angry Dogs  17, 22Road to Al-Qaeda  20Robson  Love in Good Time  38Rodents and Lagomorphs of British Columbia  9Rogue Scholar  37Rosch  First Fish, First People  26Rotblat  War No More  21Roth  Lifesaving Letters  17Rubin  Celebrating the Jewish Holidays  29Running with Walker  39Ryerson  Water Music  37SSadownik  Cost of Climate Policy  34Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers  3Salmon Nation  26Sari to Sarong  18Searching for Peace  21Sensitive Self  30Sewid-Smith  Paddling to Where I Stand  8Shevtsova  Putin?s Russia  1343AUTHOR/TITLE INDEXShinohara  Images in Asian Religions  8Shinohara  Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place  7Siberian Curse  13Simulacra and Simulation  37Sinclair  Birds of the Yukon Territory  34Siu  Hong Kong Ballet  36Smith  Fishes of the Great Lakes Region  25Smokechasing  38Snapshots of Autism  30, 39Songhees Pictorial  36Soviet Mind  10Sproule-Jones  Restoration of the Great Lakes27Stanford  Asperger Syndrome and Long-TermRelationships  31Stapledon  Star Maker  29Star Maker  29Stars of David  38Stein  Street Protests and Fantasy Parks  35Stepping Stones to Nowhere  7Stevenson  Cruise of the Janet Nichol among theSouth Sea Islands 17Stewart  Implements of Golf  36Stolen Youth  22Storck  Journey to the Ice Age  1Strange  Bugman on Bugs  28Street Protests and Fantasy Parks  35Succeeding in College with Asperger Syndrome31Suettinger  Beyond Tiananmen  11Sullivan  First Do No Harm  34Suttles  Musqueam Reference Grammar  8TTaking Stands  7Taking Trade to the Streets  37Talbott  Engaging India  13Tales from the Attic  36Tales of Ghosts  35Taylor  Munitions of the Mind  23?Tequila!  27Tell Me Lies  23They Can?t Take That Away From Me  38This Is Rebel Music  38Thom  Lawren Stewart Harris  37Thompson  Dene Spruce Root Basketry  36Too Much of a Good Thing Is Wonderful  38Totem Poles  35Tournament of Appeals  8Trading Nation  35Transparency International  Global CorruptionReport 2004  22Trischler  Exposing Electronics  38Tsawalk  8Tupper  No Place to Learn  35Turner  Plant Technology of First Peoples ofBritish Columbia 35UUmeek  Tsawalk  8Undelivered Letters to Hudson?s Bay CompanyMen on the Northwest Coast of America,1830-57  17, 35Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders  39Unnatural Law  5Unsettled Boundaries  37VValenzuela-Zapat  ?Tequila!  27Vancouver Achievement  6Vasil  Asperger Syndrome, Adolescence, andIdentity  33WWar No More  21War of Patrols  35Water Music  37Way to Rainy Mountain  38Wedding Song  38Weston  Dining at the Lineman?s Shack  38What Is a Crime?  8When Coal Was King  6Wheat  Blanket Weaving in the Southwest  38Wickstrom  Late in an Angler?s Life  28Wild by Design  24Williams  How to Live with Autism  30Willis  Country Post  14Wilson  Tales from the Attic  36Wodnik  Captured Honor  37Wolf  Salmon Nation  26Wolfsthal  Deadly Arsenals  13Women and War  37Women Filmmakers  36World Challenged  11Wright  How to Live with Autism  30Writing About Nature  38YYapko  Understanding Autism SpectrumDisorders  39Yeats  Living with Earthquakes in the PacificNorthwest  26ZZimbalist  May the Best Team Win  12Zuckerman  Salmon Nation  2644 ORDER FROM   uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477SALES AND ORDERING INFORMATIONCONTACT USUBC PressThe University of British Columbia2029 West MallVancouver, BCCanada  V6T 1Z2Phone: 604.822.5959 or 604.822.9462 (marketing)Fax: 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November 3, 2003Much is made of the premise that scholarly communication is the driving force behindscholarly books and journals, but in this editorially-driven environment, the engine of that communication process, the marketing of scholarly books, is usually given shortshrift and takes a back seat to the editorial role. Without effective marketing it is impossible to communicate the ideas contained in the books we publish.For 20 of UBC Press? 32 years, one of its most important resources was the intellectualand emotional commitment of Berit Kraus to promoting its books. Her devotion to thescholarly works that the Press published was exceptional, and her loyalty to the Pressand its authors has been unwavering. Like our books, Berit?s catalogues were meticulously crafted: each page an expressionof extraordinary integrity. She never let her standards slip towards even a hint of hyperbole. There was never a misplaced ISBN or a wrong initial in an author?s name,and every word was carefully considered and the product of a careful reading of themanuscript and the reviewers? notes. Berit was not without contradictions. On one hand, she was the picture of Scandinavianprecision and order, a baker of perfect delicate little delights and a disciplined runner.But even in a world of publishers and academic strewn with papers and books, her office was a monument to chaos. There should have been avalanche warnings at the entrance. Generous to a fault, Berit was always willing to give a colleague the benefit of the doubtor a second chance. Most importantly she was a devoted wife to Alan, a mother to Per and Kajsa, and grandmother to Nathalie, Stella, and Linnea. And a very bravewoman. All of us at the Press shared a little bit of her pain as she struggled against the scourge of brain cancer that so suddenly assailed her in the summer of 2000. We marveled at her resilience and shared the joy of her recovery as twice she foughtback and seemed to triumph. Losing her has been a great blow to all of us.Berit was an important pioneer of scholarly publishing in western Canada. She was also the dearly loved matriarch of our little family of authors and publishers. We willmiss her.R. Peter Milroy Director, UBC Press2002/2003 AWARD WINNERSThe Cost of Climate PolicyPolicy Research Initiative Award for Outstanding Contribution toPublic PolicyDriven ApartFirst Annual Book Prize, CanadianWomen?s Studies AssociationPierre Savard Prize, InternationalCouncil for Canadian StudiesGendering GovernmentVictoria Schuck Award, AmericanPolitical Science AssociationGlobalization and Well-BeingDonner Prize, Donner FoundationThe Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian NavyJohn Lyman Book Award, North American Society forOceanic HistoryMaking Native SpaceSir John A. Macdonald Prize,Canadian Historical AssociationClio Award for British Columbia,Canadian Historical AssociationPreserving What Is ValuedOutstanding Achievement Award,Conservation Category, CanadianMuseums Association2002/2003 SHORTLISTED The Cost of Climate Policy Donner Prize, Donner FoundationThe Halifax Explosion and theRoyal Canadian NavyKeith Matthews Prize, CanadianNautical Research SocietyDartmouth Book Award, Non-fictionJohn and Mary Savage First BookAward, Dartmouth Book AwardsMaking Native SpaceHubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize, BC Book PrizesModern Women Modernizing MenSir John A. Macdonald Prize,Canadian Historical AssociationA Trading NationDonner Prize, Donner FoundationDonald Smiley Award, CanadianPolitical Science AssociationDafoe Book Prize, J.W. Dafoe FoundationDoug Purvis Memorial Prize, Doug Purvis FoundationPUBLISHERS REPRESENTEDWORLDWIDECanadian Forest ServiceLaval University Press (EnglishLanguage Books)Royal British Columbia MuseumSierra Legal Defence FundWestern Geographical PressPUBLISHERS REPRESENTEDIN CANADABrookings Institute PressCanadian Museum of CivilizationHong Kong University PressJessica Kingsley PublishersKITLV PressManchester University PressMichigan State University PressNational Gallery of AustraliaOregon State University PressPaul Holberton PublishersPluto PressSilkworm PressUniversity of Arizona PressUniversity of Michigan PressUniversity of New Mexico PressUniversity of Washington PressUniversity Press of New EnglandUniversity of New South Wales PressWaanders PublishersWashington State University PressWesleyan University PressThe University of British Columbia2029 West MallVancouver BCCanada V6T 1Z2www.ubcpress.ca2004: THE YEAR OF THE UNIVERSITY PRESS


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