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UBC Press acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Book Fund; the Canada Council for the Arts; the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences through the Aid to Scholarly Publications Program; and the Province of British Columbia through the British Columbia Arts Council.1 Aboriginal Studies4 Gender & Sexuality Studies5 Gender Studies5 Canadian History8 History / Education9 Military History11 Asian Canadian Studies12 Asian Studies15 Political Science20 Globalization21 Geography21 Resource Management23 Environmental History24 Ornithology24 Urban Studies & Planning26 Cultural Studies27 Communication27 Health27 Sociology28 Criminology29 Law31 Law / Aboriginal Studies32 Law / Politics32  Law / History32 Backlist Highlights34 Index35 Order Form36 Ordering InformationContentsSpring 2011Catalogues subsCription & inquiriesYou can download electronic copies of our seasonal and subject catalogues from our website, www.ubcpress.ca.  order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     1  Political sciencePolitical sciencePolitical scienceaBoriGinal studi saBoriGinal studi saBoriGinal studi s    oral history on Trial  recognizing aboriginal narratives in the Courts  Bruce Granville Miller  Th is important book breaks new ground by asking how oral histories might be incorporated into existing text-based, “black letter law” court systems. Along with a compelling analysis of Aboriginal, legal, and anthropological concepts of fact and evidence,  Oral History on Trial  traces the long trajectory of oral history from community to court, and off ers a sophisticated critique of the Crown’s use of Aboriginal materials in key cases. A bold intervention in legal and anthropological scholarship,  Oral History on Trial  presents a powerful argument for a reconsideration of the Crown’s approach to oral history.  brUCE GrANVillE millEr  is a professor of anthropology at the University of British C o l u m b i a .        n e W  r e l e a s e     May 2011 ,  192  pages,  6 x 9 "   978-0-7748-2070-7    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-2072-1    librAry E-book     Aboriginal Studies ,   Aboriginal History ,  Anthropology, Canadian Legal History , Law & Society         First-hand accounts of Indigenous people’s encounters with colonialism are rare. A daily diary that extends over fi ft y years is unparalleled. Based on a transcription of Arthur Wellington Clah’s diaries, this book off ers a riveting account of a Tsimshian elder who moved in both colonial and Aboriginal worlds. From his birth in 1831 to his death in 1916, Clah witnessed profound change: the arrival of traders, missionaries, and miners, and the establishment of industrial fi sheries, wage labour, and reserves. His many voyages – physical, cultural, and spiritual – provide an unprecedented Aboriginal perspective on colonial relationships on the Pacifi c Northwest Coast. pEGGy broCk  is professor emeritus, Edith Cowan University, Perth, and distinguished visiting professor at the University of Adelaide.       neW release  April 2011 ,  320  pages,  6 x 9 " 17 photographs, 4 maps  978-0-7748-2005-9    hC   $95.00   978-0-7748-2007-3    librAry E-book     Aboriginal Studies ,  Canadian Social History ,  BC History ,   Biography, Memoirs & Letters         In this innovative exploration, told-to narratives, or collaboratively produced texts by Aboriginal storytellers and (usually) non-Aboriginal writers, are not romanticized as unmediated translations of oral documents, nor are they dismissed as corruptions of original works. Rather, the approach emphasizes the interpenetration of authorship and collaboration. Focused on the 1990s, when debates over voice and representation were particularly explosive, this captivating study examines a range of told-to narratives in conjunction with key political events that have shaped the struggle for Aboriginal rights to reveal how these narratives impact larger debates about Indigenous voice and literary and political sovereignty.  sophiE mcCAll  teaches in the English Department at Simon Fraser University.  neW release  May 2011 ,  256  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1979-4    hC   $85.00     978-0-7748-1981-7    librAry E-book     Aboriginal Studies ,  Social & Cultural Anthropology ,   Canadian Literature        The  many Voyages of Arthur Wellington Clah  a tsimshian man on the Pacific northwest Coast  Peggy Brock    First person plural  aboriginal Storytelling and the ethics of Collaborative authorship  Sophie McCall 2      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.caPolitical scienceaBoriGinal studiesaBoriGinal studiesaBoriGinal studi sorder online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     3   Hunters, medicine men, and missionaries continue to dominate images and narratives of the West, even though historians have recognized women’s role as colonizer and colonized since the 1980s. Kristin Burnett helps to correct this imbalance by presenting colonial medicine as a gendered phenomenon. Although the imperial eye focused on medicine men, Aboriginal women in the Treaty 7 region served as healers and caregivers – to their own people and to settler society – until the advent of settler-run hospitals and nursing stations. By revealing Aboriginal and settler women’s contributions to health care,  Taking Medicine  challenges traditional understandings of colonial medicine in the contact zone.  krisTiN bUrNETT  is a member of the Department of History at Lakehead University.   recently released  October 2010 ,  248  pages,  6 x 9 " 15 b&w photographs, 1 map  978-0-7748-1828-5    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-1830-8    librAry E-book      Aboriginal Studies ,  Women’s Studies ,  Aboriginal Health ,   Aboriginal History ,  Alberta History  Women and indiGenouS StudieS SerieS    Taking medicine  Women’s Healing Work and Colonial Contact in Southern alberta, 1880–1930  Kristin Burnett  Being Again of One Mind  combines a critical reading of feminist literature on nationalism with the narratives of Oneida women of various generations to reveal that some Indigenous women view nationalism in the form of decolonization as a way to restore traditional gender balance and well-being to their own lives and communities. Th ese insights challenge mainstream feminist ideas about the masculine bias of Western theories of nation and about the dangers of nationalist movements that idealize women’s so-called traditional role, questioning whether they apply to Indigenous women.  liNA sUNsEri , whose Longhouse name is Yeliwi:saks (Gathering Stories/Knowledge), from the Oneida Nation of the Th ames, Turtle Clan, is an assistant professor of sociology at Brescia University College, an affi  liate of the University of Western Ontario.  recently released  November 2010 ,  216  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1935-0    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-1937-4    librAry E-book      Aboriginal Studies ,  Women’s Studies ,  Aboriginal History ,  Sociology, Political Science    Women and indiGenouS StudieS SerieS        being Again of one mind  oneida Women and the Struggle for decolonization  Lina Sunseri, Foreword by Patricia A. Monture   Can the specifi c concerns of Indigenous women be addressed by mainstream feminism?  Indigenous Women and Feminism  proposes that a dynamic new line of inquiry – Indigenous feminism – is necessary to truly engage with the crucial issues of cultural identity, nationalism, and decolonization particular to Indigenous contexts. Th rough the lenses of politics, activism, and culture, this wide-ranging collection crosses disciplinary, national, academic, and activist boundaries to explore deeply the unique political and social positions of Indigenous women. A vital and sophisticated discussion, these timely essays will change the way we think about modern feminism and Indigenous women.  ChEryl sUZACk  is an assistant professor of English and Aboriginal Studies at the University of Toronto.  shAri m. hUhNDorF  is a professor of Ethnic Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Oregon.  JEANNE pErrEAUlT  is a professor in and associate head of the Graduate Program Department of English at the University of Calgary.  JEAN bArmAN  is a professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia.   recently released  November 2010 ,  344  pages,  6 x 9 " 6 b&w photographs, 1 table  978-0-7748-1807-0    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-1809-4    librAry E-book     Aboriginal Studies ,  Aboriginal Politics ,  Aboriginal History ,  Women’s Studies ,  Cultural Studies  Women and indiGenouS StudieS SerieS     indigenous Women and Feminism  Politics, activism, Culture  Edited by  Cheryl Suzack,  Shari M. Huhndorf,  Jeanne Perreault, and  Jean Barman  2      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     3  Political sciencePolitical sciencePolitical scienceaBoriGinal studi saBoriGinal studi saBoriGinal studi s British traders and Ojibwe hunters. Cree women and their métis daughters. Th ese people and their complex identities were not featured in history writing until the 1970s, when scholars from multiple disciplines began to bring new perspectives to bear on the past.  Gathering Places  presents some of the most innovative approaches to métis, fur trade, and First Nations history being practised today. By drawing on archaeological, material, oral, and ethnographic evidence and exploring personal approaches to history and scholarship, the authors depart from the old paradigm of history writing and off er new models for recovering Aboriginal and cross-cultural experiences and perspectives.  CArolyN poDrUChNy  teaches history at York University.  lAUrA pEErs  teaches and is a curator at the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford.    neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  344  pages,  6 x 9 " 17 photos, 3 paintings, 1 map, 4 tables  978-0-7748-1843-8    hC   $90.00    978-0-7748-1844-5    pb   $34.95  978-0-7748-1845-2    librAry E-book      Aboriginal Studies ,  Canadian History ,  Anthropology ,  Historiography       Gathering places  aboriginal and Fur trade Histories  Edited by  Carolyn Podruchny and  Laura Peers   Th e story of the expansion of civilization into the wilderness continues to shape perceptions of how Aboriginal people became part of nations such as Canada. Patricia McCormack subverts this narrative of modernity by examining nation building from the perspective of a northern community and its residents. Fort Chipewyan, she argues, was never an isolated Aboriginal community but a plural society at the crossroads of global, national, and local forces. By tracing the events that led its Aboriginal residents to sign Treaty No. 8 and their struggle to maintain autonomy thereaft er, this groundbreaking study shows that Aboriginal peoples and others can and have become modern without relinquishing cherished beliefs and practices.  pATriCiA A. mcCormACk  is an associate professor in the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta.   recently released  December 2010 ,  408  pages,  6 x 9 " 47 b&w photos, 8 maps, 7 tables, 2 family trees  978-0-7748-1668-7    hC   $90.00   978-0-7748-1670-0    librAry E-book      Aboriginal Studies ,  Canadian History ,  Alberta History ,  Historiography          Fort Chipewyan and the shaping of Canadian history, 1788–1920s  “We like to be free in this country”  Patricia A. McCormack   In 2008, Canada established a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to mend the deep rift s between Aboriginal peoples and the settler society that created Canada’s notorious residential school system.  Unsettling the Settler Within  argues that non-Aboriginal Canadians must undergo their own process of decolonization in order to truly participate in the transformative possibilities of reconciliation. Settlers must relinquish the persistent myth of themselves as peacemakers and acknowledge the destructive legacy of a society that has stubbornly ignored and devalued Indigenous experience. A compassionate call to action, this powerful book off ers a new and hopeful path toward healing the wounds of the past.  pAUlETTE rEGAN  is the Director of Research for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.   recently released  December 2010 ,  316  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1777-6    hC $85.00 978-0-7748-1779-0    librAry E-book     Aboriginal Studies ,  Canadian History ,  Law & Society               Unsettling the settler Within  indian residential Schools, truth telling, and reconciliation in Canada  Paulette Regan, Foreword by Taiaiake Alfred  4      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.caPolitical scienceaBoriGinal studiesaBoriGinal studiesorder online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     5  Gender & sexuality studies In 2004, the fi rst same-sex couple married in Quebec. How did homosexuality – an act that had for centuries been defi ned as criminal and abominable – come to be sanctioned by law? In  Judging Homosexuals,  Patrice Corriveau fi nds answers in a comparative analysis of gay persecution in France and Quebec. By tracing over time how various groups – family and clergy, doctors and jurists – tried to manage people who were defi ned in turn as sinners, as criminals, as inverts, and as citizens deserving of protection, this book shows how the law helped construct the crime.  pATriCE CorriVEAU  is an associate professor in the Department of Criminology at the University of Ottawa.  kÄThE roTh  has been a literary translator, working mainly in historical non-fi ction, for more than twenty years.   neW release  February 2011 ,  224  pages,  6 x 9 " 7 tables, 1 map  978-0-7748-1720-2    hC   $ 85.00    978-0-7748-1722-6    librAry E-book     Gender & Sexuality Studies ,   Socio-legal Studies ,  Queer Studies ,  Criminology ,  Social Movements   SeXuaLitY StudieS SerieS     Judging homosexuals  a History of Gay Persecution in Quebec and France  Patrice Corriveau, Translated by Käthe Roth  In 1899 the Canadian government passed legislation to replace Mi’kmaw political practices with the triennial system, a Euro-Canadian system of democratic band council elections. Offi  cials in Ottawa assumed the federally mandated and supervised system would redefi ne Mi’kmaw politics. Th ey were wrong. Many Mi’kmaw communities rejected or amended the legislation, while others accepted it only sporadically to meet specifi c community needs and goals. Compelling and timely, this book supports Aboriginal claims to self-governance and complicates understandings of state power by showing that the Mi’kmaw retained political practices that distinguished them from their Euro-Canadian neighbours.  mArThA EliZAbETh WAlls  teaches Canadian, Atlantic Canadian, and First Nations history.   neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  216  pages,  6 x 9 " 9 b&w photos, 16 tables, 1 map 978-0-7748-1789-9  hC $85.00  978-0-7748-1790-5    pb   $29.95   978-0-7748-1791-2    librAry E-book     Aboriginal Studies ,  Canadian History ,  Aboriginal Politics & Policy ,  Atlantic Provinces ,  Political Science     No need of a chief for this band  the maritime mi’kmaq and Federal electoral Legislation, 1899–1951  Martha Elizabeth Walls   Following the removal of the grey whale from the Endangered Species list in 1994, the Makah tribe of northwest Washington State and the Nuu-chah-nulth Nation of British Columbia announced that they would revive their whale hunts. Th e Makah whale hunt of 1999 was met with enthusiastic support and vehement opposition. A member of the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nation, Charlotte Coté off ers a valuable perspective on the issues surrounding Indigenous whaling. Her analysis includes major Aboriginal studies and contemporary Aboriginal rights issues, addressing environmentalism, animal rights activism, anti-treaty conservatism, and the public’s expectations about what it means to be “Indian.”  ChArloTTE CoTÉ  is an associate professor of American Indian studies at the University of Washington.  recently released  August 2010 ,  328  pages,  6 x 10 " 22 b&w illustrations, 3 maps  978-0-7748-2053-0    pb   $24.95   Aboriginal Studies ,  Aboriginal Politics & Policy ,  Environmental History     Canadian Rights Only     spirits of our Whaling Ancestors  revitalizing makah and nuu-chah-nulth traditions  Charlotte Coté, Foreword by Micah McCarty 4      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     5  Gender & sexuality studiescanadian historyGender studies Th is monumental study of two generations of women who married either before or aft er the  Patriote  rebellions of 1837-1838 explores the meaning of the transition from wife to widowhood in early nineteenth-century Montreal. Bettina Bradbury weaves together the individual biographies of twenty women to off er new insights into the law, politics, demography, religion, and domestic life of the time. She shows how women from all walks of life interacted with and shaped Montreal’s culture, customs, and institutions, even as they laboured under the shift ing conditions of patriarchy. Immensely readable,  Wife to Widow  provides a rare window into the signifi cance of marriage and widowhood during key historical moments in the history of Montreal and Quebec.  bETTiNA brADbUry  teaches women’s studies and history at York University.  neW release  May 2011 ,  496  pages,  6 x 9 " 2 maps, 38 fi gures, 18 graphs, 4 tables  978-0-7748-1951-0    hC   $95.00     978-0-7748-1953-4    librAry E-book     Canadian Social History ,   Canadian Legal History ,  Women’s Studies ,  Quebec History                Wife to Widow  Lives, Laws, and Politics in nineteenth-Century montreal  Bettina Bradbury  Scholars of social movements tend to overlook the achievements and political signifi cance of women’s movements. Th rough theoretical discussions and empirical examples,  Solidarities beyond Borders  demonstrates the creativity and dynamism of transnational feminist and women’s groups around the world. Th ese timely case studies from North America, Latin America, and Southeast Asia explore the benefi ts and challenges of extending ties beyond national borders and disciplinary boundaries. Th e contributors not only bring to light the opportunities and challenges that globalization poses for transnationalizing women’s movements, they off er important strategic, conceptual, and methodological lessons for all social movements.pAsCAlE DUFoUr  is an associate professor of political science at the University of Montreal.  DomiNiQUE mAssoN  is an associate professor at the Institute of Women’s Studies and in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Ottawa.  DomiNiQUE CAoUETTEis an associate professor of political science at the University of Montreal.   neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  280  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1795-0    hC   $90.00    978-0-7748-1796-7    pb   $34.95  978-0-7748-1797-4    librAry E-book     Gender Studies ,  Globalization ,  Race & Transnationalism in Politics ,  Women’s Studies ,  Anthropology      solidarities beyond borders  transnationalizing Women’s movements  Edited by  Pascale Dufour,  Dominique Masson, and  Dominique Caouette   Th e lives of many lesbians prior to 1965 remain cloaked in mystery. Historians have turned the spotlight on upper-middle-class “romantic friends” and on working-class butch and femme women, but the lives of the lower-middle-class majority remain in the shadows.  Awfully Devoted Women  off ers a portrait of middle-class lesbianism in the decades before the gay rights movement in English Canada. Th is intimate study of the lives of women who were forced to love in secret not only challenges the idea that lesbian relationships in the past were asexual, it also reveals the courage it took to explore desire in an era when women were supposed to know little about sexuality.  CAmEroN DUDEr  is an independent researcher based in Vancouver. His research interests include sexuality, transgender studies, and the history of mental health.  neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  328  pages,  6 x 9 " 5 b&w illustrations 978-0-7748-1738-7  hC $85.00  978-0-7748-1739-4    pb   $32.95   978-0-7748-1740-0    librAry E-book      Gender & Sexuality Studies ,  Women’s Studies ,  Queer Studies ,  Canadian History   SeXuaLitY StudieS SerieS       Awfully Devoted Women  Lesbian Lives in Canada, 1900–65  Cameron Duder  6      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.cacanadian historycanadian historycanadian historyorder online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     7   In the early twentieth century, politicians singled out the Lakehead as a breeding ground for radical labour politics. Michel Beaulieu returns northern Ontario to its rightful place as a birthplace of left ism in Canada by exposing the conditions that gave rise to an array of left -wing organizations. Cultural ties among workers helped bring left -wing ideas to Canada, but ethnicity weakened the left  as each group developed a distinctive vocabulary of socialism and as Anglo-Celtic workers defended their privileges against Finns, Ukrainians, and Italians. At the Lakehead, ethnic diff erence oft en outweighed class solidarity – at the cost of a stronger labour movement for Canada.  miChEl s. bEAUliEU  is the director of the Centre for Northern Studies and an associate professor of history at Lakehead University.  neW release  May 2011 ,  280  pages,  6 x 9 " 2 maps  978-0-7748-2001-1    hC   $85.00     978-0-7748-2003-5    librAry E-book     Canadian Labour History , Ontario History         labour at the lakehead  ethnicity, Socialism, and Politics, 1900–35  Michel S. Beaulieu  A controversial sport, rodeo is oft en seen as emblematic of the West’s reputation as a “white man’s country.”  A Wilder West  complicates this view, showing how rodeo was an important contact zone – a chaotic and unpredictable place of encounter – that challenged expected social hierarchies. Rodeo brought people together across racial and gender divides, creating friendships, rivalries, and unexpected intimacies. Fans made hometown cowboys, cowgirls, and Aboriginal riders local heroes. Lavishly illustrated, this creative history returns to rodeo’s small-town roots to shed light on the history of social relations in Canada’s western frontier.  mAry-EllEN kElm  is a Canada Research Chair in the Department of History at Simon Fraser University.   neW release  May 2011 ,  256  pages,  6 x 9 " 52 b&w photos, 3 maps  978-0-7748-2029-5    hC   $85.00     978-0-7748-2031-8    librAry E-book     Canadian Social History ,  Communication & Cultural Studies ,  Canadian Aboriginal History ,  Women’s History         A   Wilder West  rodeo in Western Canada  Mary-Ellen Kelm  Th e experience of walking down a store aisle – replete with displays, sales people, and infi nite choice – is so common we oft en forget retail has a short history.  Retail Nation  traces Canada’s transformation into a modern consumer society back to an era – 1890 to 1940 – when department stores such as Eaton’s ruled the shopping scene and promised to strengthen the nation. Department stores emerge as agents of modern nationalism, but the nation they helped to defi ne – white, consumerist, middle-class – was more limited, and contested, than nostalgic portraits of the early department store suggest.  DoNiCA bElislE  is an assistant professor of women’s studies at Athabasca University.  neW release  February 2011 ,  272  pages,  6 x 9 " 35 b&w photographs  978-0-7748-1947-3    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-1949-7    librAry E-book     Canadian Social History ,  Sociology of Gender & Family ,   Women’s Studies ,  Gender & Politics          retail Nation  department Stores and the making of modern Canada  Donica Belisle 6      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     7  canadian historycanadian historycanadian history It is easy to forget that the death penalty was an accepted aspect of Canadian culture and criminal justice until 1976.  Th e Practice of Execution in Canada  is not about what led some to the gallows and others to escape it. Rather, it examines how the routine rituals and practices of execution can be seen as a crucial social institution. Drawing on hundreds of case fi les, Ken Leyton-Brown shows that from trial to interment, the practice of execution was constrained by law and tradition. Despite this, however, the institution was not rigid. Criticism and reform pushed executions out of the public eye, and in so doing, stripped them of meaningful ritual and made them more vulnerable to criticism.  kEN lEyToN-broWN  is an associate professor in the History Department at the University of Regina.  neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  216  pages,  6 x 9 "978-0-7748-1753-0  hC $85.00  978-0-7748-1754-7    pb   $32.95   978-0-7748-1755-4    librAry E-book     Canadian History ,  Legal History ,  Law & Society ,  Socio-legal Studies           T h e   practice of Execution in Canada     Ken Leyton-Brown   In  Acts of Occupation  historians Cavell and Noakes deliver the engrossing story of Canada’s early days of Arctic policy. Drawing on a wealth of previously untapped archival sources, they show how one explorer’s self-serving ambition fueled unfounded paranoia about Denmark’s designs on the north, and ultimately served as the catalyst for Canada’s active administrative occupation of the Arctic. A compelling tale that throws new light on a transformative period in Canadian Arctic policymaking,  Acts of Occupation  off ers much-needed historical context for contemporary debates on northern sovereignty.  JANiCE CAVEll  works in the Historical Section at Foreign Aff airs and International Trade Canada.  JEFF NoAkEs  is a historian at the Canadian War M u s e u m .     recently released  December 2010 ,  348  pages,  6 x 9 " 35 b&w photos, 5 maps  978-0-7748-1867-4    hC   $90.00    978-0-7748-1869-8    librAry E-book    Canadian History ,  Northern Canada ,  Political Science ,  Foreign Policy ,  Arctic Exploration          Acts of occupation  Canada and arctic Sovereignty, 1918–25  Janice Cavell and  Jeff Noakes   Th is important book explores the historical and theoretical relationships among place, community, and public memory across diff ering chronologies and geographies within twentieth-century Canada. It is a collaborative work that shift s the focus from nation and empire to local places sitting at the intersection of public memory making and identity formation – main streets, city squares and village museums, internment camps, industrial wastelands, and the landscape itself. With a focus on the materiality of image, text, and artefact, the essays gathered here argue that every act of memory making is simultaneously an act of forgetting; every place memorialized is accompanied by places forgotten.  JAmEs opp  and  JohN C. WAlsh  are in the Department of History at Carleton University and are research associates at the Carleton Centre for Public History.    recently released  November 2010 ,  352  pages,  6 x 9 " 33 b&w photographs, 10 illustrations, 5 maps, 5 graphs  978-0-7748-1840-7    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-1842-1    librAry E-book       Canadian History, Communication & Cultural Studies ,  Geography ,  Canadian Public History          placing memory and remembering place in Canada  Edited by  James Opp and  John C. Walsh  8      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.cahistory / educationorder online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     9  history / educationcanadian history Since the mid-twentieth century, sustained contact between Inuit and newcomers has led to profound changes in education in the Eastern Arctic, including the experience of colonization and progress toward the re-establishment of traditional education in schools. Heather McGregor assesses developments in the history of education in four periods – the traditional, the colonial (1945-70), the territorial (1971-81), and the local (1982-99). She concludes that education is most successful when Inuit involvement and local control support a system refl ecting Inuit culture and visions.  hEAThEr E. mcGrEGor  is a researcher who currently works for the public service in Nunavut.  neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  224  pages,  6 x 9 " 9 b&w photos, 1 map 978-0-7748-1744-8  hC $85.00  978-0-7748-1745-5    pb   $32.95    978-0-7748-1746-2    librAry E-book     History ,   Aboriginal Education ,  Aboriginal Politics & Policy , Northern Studies,  Educational Policy & Th e o r y                inuit Education and schools in the Eastern Arctic     Heather E. McGregor   Th e place of history education in schools has sparked heated debate in Canada. Is history dead? Who killed it? Should history be put in the service of nation? Can any history be truly inclusive? Th is volume advances the debate by shift ing the focus from  what  should be included in history education to  how we should think about and teach the past. In this book, historians and educators discuss the state of history education research and its implications for classrooms, museums, virtual environments, and public institutional settings. Th ey develop a comprehensive research agenda both to help students learn about the past and to understand how we construct history from its infi nite possibilities.  pENNEy ClArk  is an associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of British Columbia and director of the History Education Network/Histoire et éducation en réseau.    neW release  June 2011 ,  352  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2058-5    hC   $85.00     978-0-7748-2060-8    librAry E-book     History ,  Education ,  Educational Policy & Th eory ,  Education History ,  Historiography    New possibilities for the past  Shaping History education in Canada  Penney Clark  Th roughout history, Western women have inhabited a conceptual space divorced from the world of business. But women have always engaged in business.  Th e Business of Women  explores the world of those women who embraced British Columbia’s frontier ethos in the early twentieth-century. In this detailed examination of case studies and quantitative sources, Buddle reveals that, contrary to expectation, the typical businesswoman was not unmarried or particularly rebellious, but a woman reconciling her entrepreneurship with her identity as a wife, mother, or widow. Th is groundbreaking study not only incorporates women into the history of business, it challenges commonly held beliefs about women, business, and the marriage between the two.  mElANiE bUDDlE  teaches history and works as an academic advisor at Trent University.  neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  224  pages,  6 x 9 " 5 b&w photos, 6 tables 978-0-7748-1813-1  hC $85.00  978-0-7748-1814-8    pb   $32.95   978-0-7748-1815-5    librAry E-book     Canadian Social History ,  BC History ,  Business, Industry & Economics ,  Women’s Studies        The  business of Women  marriage, Family, and entrepreneurship in British Columbia, 1901–51  Melanie Buddle  8      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     9  military historymilitary historymilitary history In wartime, capturing the hearts and minds of the citizenry is arguably as important as victory on the battlefi eld.  Th e Information Front explores the Canadian military’s use of public relations units to manage news during the Second World War. Th ese specialized units were responsible for providing suffi  cient and positive news coverage to Canadians at home.  Th is fascinating study traces the transformation of an emergent PR organization into an effi  cient publicity machine. It also scrutinizes news coverage and PR activities during major Canadian operations at Dieppe, Sicily, and Normandy to reveal how the military used censorship and propaganda to rally support for the war eff ort.  TimoThy bAlZEr  has taught at the University of Victoria and for the Continuing Studies Division of the Royal Military College of Canada.  recently released  December 2010 ,  272  pages,  6 x 9 " 22 b&w illustrations  978-0-7748-1899-5    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-1901-5    librAry E-book     Military History ,  Canadian History ,  Media Studies   StudieS in Canadian miLitarY HiStorY SerieS    Published in association with the Canadian War Museum     The  information Front  the Canadian army and news management during the Second World War  Timothy Balzer   Th e Cold War space race between the United States and the Soviet Union is well documented, but few are aware of Canada’s early activities in this important arena of global power.  Defence and Discovery  represents the fi rst comprehensive investigation into the origins, development, and impact of Canada’s space program from 1945 to 1974. Meticulously researched, it demonstrates the central role of the military in Canada’s early space research, illuminating a signifi cant yet understudied period in Canada’s growth as a nation.  ANDrEW b. GoDEFroy  is a strategic analyst and historian with the Department of National Defence, as well as the editor in chief of the  Canadian Army Journal . He previously served with the Directorate of Space Development, National Defence Headquarters, and was an offi  cial historian for the Canadian Space Agency.  neW release  April 2011 ,  240  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1959-6    hC   $85.00   978-0-7748-1961-9    librAry E-book     Military History ,  Canadian History ,  Security Studies  StudieS in Canadian miLitarY HiStorY SerieS    Published in association with the Canadian War Museum        Defence and Discovery  Canada’s military Space Program, 1945–74  Andrew B. Godefroy  To be a strong leader, a military commander must master many skills – tactical analysis, timely decision-making, effi  cient communication, savvy supervision, and inspirational motivation. In  Corps Commanders,  Douglas E. Delaney explores the careers of an eclectic group of soldiers who commanded British and Canadian troops during the Second World War to show how these very diff erent individuals were able to serve with, under, and over each other. In so doing, he off ers a much-needed historical perspective on eff ective military action in a coalition context, and provides the most cogent picture to date of command and leadership at the corps level.  DoUGlAs E. DElANEy  is an associate professor of history and chair of war studies at the Royal Military College of Canada.  neW release  May 2011 ,  384  pages,  6 x 9 " 19 b&w photos, 17 maps, 1 table  978-0-7748-2089-9    hC   $90.00     978-0-7748-2091-2    librAry E-book     Military History ,  Canadian History ,  British History  StudieS in Canadian miLitarY HiStorY SerieS   Published in association with the Canadian War Museum         Corps Commanders  Five British and Canadian Generals at War, 1939–45  Douglas E. Delaney 10      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.camilitary historymilitary historymilitary historyorder online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     11   Th is ground-breaking book brings to a life a forgotten chapter in the history of Canada and Russia – the journey of 4,200 Canadian soldiers from Victoria to Vladivostok in 1918 to help defeat Bolshevism. Combining military and labour history with the social history of BC, Quebec, and Russia, Benjamin Isitt examines how the Siberian Expedition exacerbated tensions within Canadian society at a time when a radicalized working class, many French-Canadians, and even the soldiers themselves objected to a military adventure designed to counter the Russian Revolution. Th e result is a highly readable and provocative work that challenges public memory of the First World War while illuminating tensions – both in Canada and worldwide – that shaped the course of twentieth-century history.  bENJAmiN isiTT  is a historian specializing in twentieth-century Canadian and world history, with an emphasis on labour, social movements, and the process of cultural change.  neW in PaPerBacK  November 2010 ,  352  pages,  6 x 9 " 37 b&w photos, 5 maps 978-0-7748-1801-8  hC $85.00  978-0-7748-1802-5    pb   $29.95   978-0-7748-1803-2    librAry E-book      Military History ,  Canadian Social History ,  European History, Labour History  StudieS in Canadian miLitarY HiStorY SerieS   Published in association with the Canadian War Museum         From Victoria to Vladivostok  Canada’s Siberian expedition, 1917–19  Benjamin Isitt   Th is cultural history of the amateur military tradition traces the origins of the citizen soldier ideal from long before Canadians donned khaki and boarded troopships for the Western Front. Before the Great War, Canada’s military culture was in transition as the country navigated an uncertain relationship with the United States and fought an imperial war in South Africa.  Militia Myths  explores the ideological transformation that took place between 1896 and 1921, arguing that by the end of the War, the untrained citizen volunteer had replaced the long-serving militiaman as the archetypal Canadian soldier.  JAmEs WooD  teaches history at the University of Victoria .   neW in PaPerBacK  November 2010 ,  368  pages,  6 x 9 " 29 b&w photos, 6 tables 978-0-7748-1765-3  hC $90.00  978-0-7748-1766-0    pb   $32.95   978-0-7748-1767-7    librAry E-book      Military History ,  Canadian History   StudieS in Canadian miLitarY HiStorY SerieS   Published in association with the Canadian War Museum        militia myths  ideas of the Canadian Citizen Soldier, 1896–1921  James Wood   Since the mid-1950s, successive Canadian governments have responded to US ballistic missile defence initiatives with fear and uncertainty. Offi  cials have endlessly debated the implications – at home and abroad – of participation. Drawing on previously classifi ed government documents and interviews with senior offi  cials, James Fergusson off ers the fi rst full account of Canada’s unsure response to US initiatives. He reveals that factors such as weak leadership and a tendency to place uncertain and ill-defi ned notions of international peace and security before national defence have resulted in indecision. In the end, policy-makers have failed to transform the ballistic missile defence issue into an opportunity to defi ne Canada’s strategic interests at home and on the world stage.  JAmEs G. FErGUssoN  is the director of the Centre for Defence and Security Studies and a professor in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Manitoba.  neW in PaPerBacK  November 2010 ,  352  pages,  6 x 9 " 18 b&w photos, 3 maps 978-0-7748-1750-9  hC $85.00  978-0-7748-1751-6    pb   $34.95   978-0-7748-1752-3    librAry E-book     Military History ,  Canadian History ,  Political Science ,  Security Studies  StudieS in Canadian miLitarY HiStorY SerieS    Published in association with the Canadian War Museum        Canada and ballistic missile Defence, 1954–2009  déjà Vu all over again  James G. Fergusson  10      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     11  asian canadian studiesasian canadian studiesasian canadian studies As various nations wrestle with issues of immigration, integration, and pluralism, second-generation immigrants are exploring new ways to make sense of who they are and where they belong in the face of competing cultural demands.  Dreaming in Canadian  turns the spotlight on the role of Bollywood cinema in the production of cultural, religious, and national identities among South Asian youth in Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa. By documenting the voices of these young adults and how they draw on media in the formation of uniquely hybrid identities, this book interrogates the realities that underpin media portrayals of diaspora, nationalism, and multiculturalism. FAiZA hirJi  is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia at McMaster University.  recently released  November 2010 ,  264  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1798-1    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-1800-1    librAry E-book     Asian Canadian Studies ,  Media Studies ,  Multiculturalism & Transnationalism ,  Asian Diaspora ,  Film Studies ,  Race & Ethnicity         Dreaming in Canadian  South asian Youth, Bollywood, and Belonging  Faiza Hirji   Many early Chinese settlers to Canada were bachelors who settled in Prairie towns and cities, opened the region’s fi rst laundries, and invented the Chinese cafe. Th ey maintained ties to the Old World and negotiated a place in the new by fostering a vibrant homosocial culture based on friendship, everyday religious practices, the example of Sun Yat-sen, and food. Th is exploration of the intersection of gender, migration, and religion in rural Canada broadens our understanding of the Chinese quest for identity in North America. Also included is a foreword by the Honourable Inky Mark, former member of Parliament for Dauphin-Swan River-M a r q u e t t e .     AlisoN r. mArshAll  is an associate professor in the Department of Religion at Brandon University.   neW release  February 2011 ,  240  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1915-2    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-1917-6    librAry E-book     Asian Canadian Studies ,  Immigration & Emigration ,  Canadian Social History ,  Asian Diaspora ,  Religion & Spirituality ,  Sociology of Gender & Family   aSian reLiGionS and SoCietY SerieS      The  Way of the bachelor  early Chinese Settlement in manitoba  Alison R. Marshall  In 1922-23, Chinese students in Victoria, BC, went on strike to protest a school board’s attempt to impose segregation. Th eir resistance was unexpected and runs against the grain of mainstream accounts of Asian exclusion, which tend to ignore the agency of the excluded. In  Contesting White Supremacy,  Timothy Stanley combines Chinese sources and perspectives with an innovative theory of racism and anti-racism to explain the strike and construct an alternative reading of racism in British Columbia. His work demonstrates that education was an arena in which white supremacy confronted Chinese nationalist schooling and where parents and students contested racism by constructing a new category – Chinese Canadian – to defi ne their identity.  TimoThy J. sTANlEy  is a professor of anti-racism education and education foundations in the Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa.   neW release  February 2011 ,  352  pages,  6 x 9 " 16 b&w illustrations, 2 maps  978-0-7748-1931-2    hC   $95.00     978-0-7748-1933-6    librAry E-book   Asian Canadian Studies, Education History ,  Race & Ethnicity ,  BC History ,   Canadian Social History ,   Asian Diaspora ,  Historiography           Contesting White supremacy  School Segregation, anti-racism, and the making of Chinese Canadians  Timothy J. Stanley 12      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.caasian studiesasian studiesorder online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     13  asian studies In 1902 the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) petitioned the Japanese government to stop rewarding good deeds with the bestowal of sake cups. Th is campaign was part of a wide-ranging reform program to eliminate prostitution, eradicate drinking, spread Christianity, and improve the lives of women. As Elizabeth Dorn Lublin shows, members did not passively accept and propagate government policy but felt a duty to shape it by defi ning social problems and infl uencing opinion. Certain their beliefs and reforms were essential to Japan’s advancement, members couched their calls for change in the rhetorical language of national progress. Ultimately, the WCTU’s activism belies received notions of women’s public involvement and political engagement in Meiji Japan.  EliZAbETh DorN lUbliN  is an associate professor of history at Wayne State University.   neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  264  pages,  6 x 9 " 11 b&w photos 978-0-7748-1816-2  hC $85.00 978-0-7748-1817-9    pb   $32.95    978-0-7748-1818-6    librAry E-book     Japanese Studies ,  Women’s Studies ,  Asian History ,  Religion & Spirituality   aSian reLiGionS and SoCietY SerieS       reforming Japan  the Woman’s Christian temperance union in the meiji Period  Elizabeth Dorn Lublin   Japan has had three Catholic prime ministers, and its current empress was raised and educated in the faith. How did a non-Christian nation come to foster more Catholic leaders than the United States, particularly when Protestantism is said to defi ne Christianity in Japan and Catholicism is believed to be but a fl eeting element of Japan’s so-called “Christian century”? Th is volume reveals that, far from being a relic of the past – something brought to Japan by missionaries and then forgotten – Catholicism off ered, and continues to provide, an authentic and alternative way for Japanese believers to maintain “tradition” and negotiate modernity.  kEViN m. DoAk  is the Nippon Foundation Chair in the Department of East Asian Languages and Culture at Georgetown University. He is co-editor of the  Journal of Japanese Studies  and sits on the executive board of the Society for Japanese Studies.  neW release  March 2011 ,  224  pages,  6 x 9 " 5 tables  978-0-7748-2021-9    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-2023-3    librAry E-book     Japanese Studies ,   Asian History ,  Missiology History ,  Asian Religions     aSian reLiGionS and SoCietY SerieS            Xavier’s legacies  Catholicism in modern Japanese Culture  Edited by  Kevin M. Doak  British Columbia is Canada’s most ethnically diverse province. Yet in general we need to know more about the diversity of religions that accompanied immigrants to the province and how they are practised today. Th is book off ers intimate portraits of local religious groups, including Hindus and Sikhs from South Asia; Buddhist organizations from Southeast Asia; and Tibetan, Japanese, and Chinese religions from East and Central Asia. Th e fi rst comprehensive, comparative examination of Asian religions in British Columbia, this book is mandatory reading for teachers, policy makers, and scholars of local history and culture and of Asian Canadian studies.  lArry DeVriEs  is an instructor in religious studies and Asian studies at Langara College.  DoN bAkEr  is a professor in Asian studies at the University of British Columbia.  DAN oVErmyEr  is professor emeritus in Asian studies at the University of British Columbia.   neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  322  pages,  6 x 9 " 11 b&w photos 978-0-7748-1662-5  hC $85.00  978-0-7748-1663-2    pb   $32.95   978-0-7748-1664-9    librAry E-book     Religion & Spirituality ,  Asian Diaspora     aSian reLiGionS and SoCietY SerieS asian canadian studiesAsian religions in british Columbia  Edited by Larry DeVries, Don Baker, and Dan Overmyer  12      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     13  asian studiesasian studiesasian studies When the Chinese Communist Party came to power in 1949, Mao Zedong declared that “not even one person shall die of hunger.” Yet some 30 million peasants died of starvation and exhaustion during the Great Leap Forward.  Eating Bitterness  reveals how men and women in rural and urban settings, from the provincial level to the grassroots, experienced the changes brought on by the party leaders’ attempts to modernize China. Th is landmark volume lift s the curtain of party propaganda to expose the suff ering of citizens and the deeply-contested nature of state-society relations in Maoist China.  kimbErlEy ENs mANNiNG  is an assistant professor of political science at Concordia University.  FEliX WEmhEUEr  is an assistant professor in the Department for East Asian Studies at the University of Vienna.    recently released  December 2010 ,  352  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1726-4    hC   $90.00    978-0-7748-1728-8    librAry E-book   Chinese Studies ,  Asian History   ContemPorarY CHineSe StudieS SerieS       Eating bitterness  new Perspectives on China’s Great Leap Forward and Famine  Edited by  Kimberley Ens Manning and  Felix Wemheuer   Th e term  home economics  oft en conjures images of girls learning to cook dinner and swaddle dolls in sterile classrooms far removed from the seats of power. Helen Schneider unsettles this assumption by revealing how Chinese women helped to build a nation one family at a time. From the 1920s to the early 1950s, home economists transformed the most fundamental of political spaces – the home – by teaching women to nurture ideal families and manage projects of social reform. Although their discipline came undone aft er 1949, its legacies of gendered professions and leaders’ attempts to shape the domestic rituals of the people lived on.  hElEN m. sChNEiDEr  is an assistant professor at Virginia Tech and a research associate at the University of Oxford.  neW release  February 2011 ,  304  pages,  6 x 9 " 16 photos and 1 map  978-0-7748-1997-8    hC   $85.00     978-0-7748-1999-2    librAry E-book     Chinese Studies ,  Women’s Studies ,  Education History   ContemPorarY CHineSe StudieS SerieS            keeping the Nation’s house  domestic management and the making of modern China  Helen M. Schneider  China was affl  icted by a brutal succession of confl icts through much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Yet there has never been clear understanding of how wartime suff ering has defi ned the nation and shaped its people. In Beyond Suff ering,  experts in Chinese history draw on oft en fragmentary accounts of nearly forgotten incidents to piece together the multiple fronts – social, institutional, and cultural – on which wars have been fought, experienced, and remembered. From the Blagoveshchensk Massacre to the trials of the Jiangxi Number One Children’s Home, these accounts of war-infl icted suff ering bring us closer to understanding the larger problem of war and militarism in China.  JAmEs A. FlATh  is an associate professor in the Department of History at the University of Western Ontario .   NormAN smiTh  is an associate professor in the Department of History at the University of Guelph  .   neW release  May 2011 ,  320  pages,  6 x 9 " 6 photos, 2 maps, 3 tables  978-0-7748-1955-8    hC   $85.00     978-0-7748-1957-2    librAry E-book     Chinese Studies ,  Asian History ,  Military History   ContemPorarY CHineSe StudieS SerieS     beyond suffering  recounting War in modern China  Edited by  James Flath and  Norman Smith 14      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.caasian studiesasian studiesasian studiesorder online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     15   Harbin of the 1920s was viewed by Westerners as a world turned upside down. Th e Chinese government had taken over administration of the Russian-founded Chinese Eastern Railway concession, and its large Russian population. Th is account of the decade-long multi-ethnic and multinational administrative experiment in North Manchuria reveals that China not only created policies to promote Chinese sovereignty but also instituted measures to protect the Russian minority. Th is multi-faceted book is a historical examination of how an ethnic, cultural, and racial majority coexisted with a minority of a diff erent culture and race. It restores to history the multiple national infl uences that have shaped northern China and Chinese nationalism.  blAiNE r. ChiAssoN  is an associate professor of modern Chinese history and Sino-Russian relations at Wilfrid Laurier University.  neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  304  pages,  6 x 9 " 5 b&w illustrations, 2 maps 978-0-7748-1656-4  hC $90.00  978-0-7748-1657-1    pb   $34.95    978-0-7748-1658-8    librAry E-book     Chinese Studies, Asian History ,  Multiculturalism & Transnationalism  ContemPorarY CHineSe StudieS SerieS          Administering the Colonizer  manchuria’s russians under Chinese rule, 1918–29  Blaine R. Chiasson   First published in 1982, this book remains the classic account of the arms trade in warlord China. Th e second edition includes a new preface that reframes the argument within the paradigm of critical militarism and state criminality. Arming the Chinese  tells the story of the Western and Japanese merchants and governments who provided weapons to warlords for their expanding armies. Although the warlords were hearty individualists who retained control over domestic aff airs and rarely relied on single foreign suppliers, the armaments trade, Chan argues, was a new form of imperialism, which perpetrated the continued Western and Japanese domination of China. ANThoNy b. ChAN  is a professor and the founding associate dean of the Communication Program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.  recently released  October 2010 ,  216  pages,  6 x 9 " 4 maps  978-0-7748-1990-9    pb   $32.95    978-0-7748-1991-6    librAry E-book  Chinese Studies ,  Asian History     Arming the Chinese  the Western armaments trade in Warlord China, 1920–28, Second edition  Anthony B. Chan   Part history, part biography, and part mystery story,  Smokeless Sugar  traces the formation of a national economy in China through an intriguing investigation of the 1936 execution of an allegedly corrupt Cantonese offi  cial. Feng Rui, a Western-educated agricultural expert, introduced modern sugar milling to China in the 1930s as a key component in a provincial investment program. Before long, however, he was accused of colluding with smugglers to pass foreign sugar off  as a domestic product. Emily Hill makes the case that Feng was, in fact, a scapegoat in a multi-sided power struggle in which political leaders vied with commercial players for access to China’s markets and tax revenues.Emily m. hill  is an associate professor of history at Queen’s University.  recently released  October 2010 ,  336  pages,  6 x 9 " 5 b&w illustrations, 2 maps, 22 tables  978-0-7748-1653-3    hC $85.00 978-0-7748-1655-7    librAry E-book    Chinese Studies ,  Asian History  ContemPorarY CHineSe StudieS SerieS        smokeless sugar  the death of a Provincial Bureaucrat and the Construction of China’s national economy  Emily M. Hill  14      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     15  asian studiesasian studiesPolitical science Colony to nation? Isolationism to international-ism? WASP society to a multicultural Canada?  Focusing on imperial confl icts in the Pacifi c,  Orienting Canada  disrupts these familiar narratives in Canadian history by tracing the relationship between racism and Canadian foreign policy. Grounded in transnationalism and anti-racist theory, this study reassesses critical transpacifi c incidents, from the 1907 race riots to Canada’s early intervention in Vietnam. Shocking revelations about the eff ects of racism and war into the 1960s are tempered by stories of community resilience and transformation. A transpacifi c lens on the past,  Orienting Canada  defl ects Canada’s European gaze back onto itself to reveal images that are both provocative and illuminating. JohN priCE  is an associate professor of history at the University of Victoria.   neW release  May 2011 ,  416  pages,  6 x 9 " 26 b&w photos, 1 map  978-0-7748-1983-1    hC   $85.00     978-0-7748-1985-5    librAry E-book     Political Science, Canadian Foreign Policy, Asian Canadian Studies ,  Immigration & Emigration ,  History of Civil Liberties & Human Rights ,  Canadian History ,  Canadian Public Policy & Administration ,  Asian Diaspora      Orienting Canada  race, empire, and the transpacific  John Price  Half the world’s population now lives in cities. Governments and international development agencies have made housing the urban poor a priority, but few focus on women’s needs. Based on research conducted in Ahmedabad in collaboration with the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), this book maps the constraints and opportunities that low-income women throughout the Global South face in securing property, which remains overwhelmingly in male hands. Th eir experiences and vulnerabilities open a window to assess not only land tenure and property laws but also potential solutions such as microcredit fi nancing and diverse theoretical approaches to gender and development.  bipAshA bArUAh  is an assistant professorof international studies at California State University, Long Beach. She has also served as a gender specialist on CIDA’s Eastern Caribbean Economic Management Program and as a consultant on gender and environmental issues to Foreign Aff airs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT).  recently released November 2010 ,  258  pages,  6 x 9 " 5 b&w photographs, 8 tables, 1 map  978-0-7748-1927-5    hC   $85.00   978-0-7748-1929-9    librAry E-book      South Asian Studies,   Urban Studies & Planning ,  Economics ,  Women’s Studies ,  Development Studies   International Political Science            Women and property in Urban india     Bipasha Baruah   Th e mountainous borderlands of socialist China, Vietnam, and Laos are home to some 70 million minority people of diverse ethnicities. In  Moving Mountains,  anthropologists, geographers, and political economists with fi rst-hand experience in the region explore these peoples’ survival strategies, as they respond to unprecedented economic and political change. Although highland peoples are typically represented as marginalized and powerless, this volume argues that ethnic minorities draw on culture and ethnicity to indigenize modernity and maintain their livelihoods. Th is unprecedented glimpse into a poorly understood region shows that development initiatives must be built on strong knowledge of local cultures in order to have lasting eff ect.  JEAN miChAUD  is a professor in the Department of Anthropology at Université Laval.  Tim ForsyTh  is a reader in Environment and Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science.   recently released  November 2010 ,  256  pages,  6 x 9 " 15 b&w photographs, 16 maps, 6 graphs & tables  978-0-7748-1837-7    hC   $85.00   978-0-7748-1839-1    librAry E-book      Southeast Asian Studies ,  Anthropology ,  Ethnicity ,  Race & Transnationalism in Politics            moving mountains  ethnicity and Livelihoods in Highland China, Vietnam, and Laos  Edited by  Jean Michaud and  Tim Forsyth  16      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.caPolitical sciencePolitical sciencePolitical scienceorder online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     17   Th e Liberal Party has fallen on hard times since 2006. Once Canada’s governing party and now confi ned to the opposition benches, it struggles to renew itself. Drawing on interviews and personal observations in cross-country ridings, Royce Koop reveals that although the federal Liberal Party disassociated itself from its provincial cousins to rebuild itself in the mid-twentieth century, grassroots Liberals in the constituencies are building bridges between the national party and the provinces. Th is insider’s view of party politics challenges the idea that Canada has two distinct political spheres – the provincial and the national – and suggests that national parties can overcome the challenges of multi-level politics by deepening ties with constituencies.  royCE koop  is the Skelton-Clark Postdoctoral Fellow at Queen’s University.    neW release  May 2011 ,  224  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2097-4    hC   $85.00     978-0-7748-2099-8    librAry E-book     Political Science ,  Canadian Federal Politics ,  Provincial Politics ,  Canadian Government ,  Canadian Political Parties & Elections           Grassroots liberals  organizing for Local and national Politics  Royce Koop  Post-9/11 security measures have sparked fears that the West is violating the very civil rights it strives to protect. Debates centre on the United States, but how have the politics of security infl uenced the commitment to freedom in other liberal democracies? Addressing security certifi cates to the War in Afghanistan to the detainment of Abdullah Almalki, Colleen Bell’s wide-ranging analysis demonstrates that Canada’s counter-terrorism practices are not a departure from liberal governance but rather a reconfi guration of its structures with an emphasis on security. She traces how the logic and practices of security are increasingly coming to defi ne our rights and freedoms.  CollEEN bEll  is Lecturer of international politics in the Department of Politics at Birkbeck, University of London.  neW release  May 2011 ,  208  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1825-4    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-1827-8    librAry E-book     Canadian Political Science ,  Law & Politics ,  Security Studies  LaW and SoCietY SerieS             T h e   Freedom of security  Governing Canada in the age of Counter-terrorism  Colleen Bell  Th e recent agitation of lesbians, gays, and other sexual minorities for political recognition has provoked a heated response among religious activists, many of whom fear that moral decay is a necessary accompaniment to the public recognition of sexual diversity. In this remarkable comparative study, expert authors explore the tenacity of anti-gay sentiment, as well as the dramatic shift s in public attitudes towards queer groups across all faith communities in both the United States and Canada. Th ey conclude that, despite the ongoing confl ict, religious adherence does not invariably entail opposition to the political acknowledgment of queer rights.  DAViD rAysiDE  is a professor of political science and former director of the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto.  ClyDE WilCoX  is a professor of government at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  neW release  April 2011 ,  480  pages,  6 x 9 " 33 tables, 18 graphs and diagrams  978-0-7748-2009-7    hC   $90.00     978-0-7748-2011-0    librAry E-book     Political Science, Religious Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies ,   Queer Studies ,  Gender & Politics ,  Comparative Politics         Faith, politics, and sexual Diversity in Canada and the United states  Edited by  David Rayside and  Clyde Wilcox 16      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     17  Political sciencePolitical sciencePolitical science Many political observers, struck by low turnout rates among young voters, are pessimistic about the future of democracy in Canada and other Western nations. Building on these observations, Paul Howe examines patterns of participation and engagement from both the past and present, concluding that young Canadians are, in fact, increasingly detached from the political and civic life of the country. As  Citizens Adrift   shows, putting young people back on the path towards engaged citizenship requires a holistic approach, one which acknowledges that democratic engagement extends beyond the realm of formal politics.  pAUl hoWE  is a professor of political science at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton.  recently released  November 2010 ,  360  pages,  6 x 9 " 57 graphs, 22 tables  978-0-7748-1875-9    hC   $95.00    978-0-7748-1877-3    librAry E-book     Political Science ,  Canadian Public Policy & Administration ,  Canadian Elections ,  Social Movements ,  Canadian Government         Citizens Adrift  the democratic disengagement of Young Canadians  Paul Howe   Politics on the Canadian prairies are puzzling. Th e provinces share common roots, but they have nurtured three distinct political cultures: Alberta is Canada’s bastion of conservatism, Saskatchewan its cradle of social democracy, and Manitoba its progressive centre. Jared Wesley explains this paradox by looking at the rhetoric employed by dominant parties to renew their provinces’ political code: freedom for Alberta, security for Saskatchewan, and moderation for Manitoba. Although the content of their campaigns diff ered, leaders from William Aberhart to Tommy Douglas to Gary Doer have employed distinct codes to ensure their parties’ success and shape their provinces’ political landscapes.   JArED J. WEslEy  is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Manitoba.  neW release  April 2011 ,  304  pages,  6 x 9 " 6 text fi gures  978-0-7748-2074-5    hC   $85.00     978-0-7748-2076-9    librAry E-book     Political Science ,  Western Provincial Politics ,  Canadian Political Culture ,  Canadian Political Parties & Elections            Code politics  Campaigns and Cultures on the Canadian Prairies  Jared J. Wesley  In 2004, Jean Chrétien’s Liberals banned corporations and unions from contributing fi nancially to political parties. In 2008, opposition leaders were prepared to defeat the Conservative Party over its proposal to eliminate public subsidies to parties. In this book, prominent political scientists explore the underlying issues that led to the showdown. Are publicly funded parties compatible with democracy? What eff ect has party fi nance reform had on elections and on the balance of power between parties and donors and between national parties and local organizations? Contributors show that campaign fi nance reforms have shaped party organization and electoral competition, contributing to successive minority governments.  lisA yoUNG  is a professor of political science at the University of Calgary.  hArolD J. JANsEN  is an associate professor of political science at the University of Lethbridge.    neW release  February 2011 ,  224  pages,  6 x 9 " 16 graphs, 22 tables  978-0-7748-1891-9    hC   $90.00     978-0-7748-1893-3    librAry E-book     Political Science ,  Canadian Government ,  Canadian Public Policy & Administration ,  Canadian Political Parties & Elections ,  Canadian Federal Politics           money, politics, and Democracy  assessing the impact of Canada’s Party Finance reforms  Edited by  Lisa Young and  Harold J. Jansen 18      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.caPolitical sciencePolitical sciencePolitical scienceorder online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     19   National governments in the global North have struggled to govern populations and manage cross-border traffi  c without building new barriers to trade. What does citizenship mean in an era of heightened tension between global capitalism and the nation-state? Building on Foucault’s concept of biopolitics and an examination of national border and detention policies, Rygiel argues that citizenship is becoming a globalizing regime to govern mobility. Th e new regime is deepening boundaries based on race, class, and gender, and causing Western nations to embrace a more technocratic, depoliticized understanding of citizenship. kim ryGiEl  is an assistant professor of political science at Wilfrid Laurier University and co-editor of  (En)Gendering the War on Terror: War Stories and Camoufl aged Politics   neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  272  pages,  6 x 9 "   978-0-7748-1804-9    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-1805-6    pb   $34.95    978-0-7748-1806-3    librAry E-book      International Political Science ,  Globalization ,  Security Studies,   Socio-legal Studies,   Race & Transnationalism in Politics ,  International Relations          Globalizing Citizenship     Kim Rygiel   In 1999 and 2000, France adopted laws to ensure equal access to elected offi  ce for women and men.  Parity Democracy  explores the evolution and infl uence of France’s gender parity reforms, from their historical roots to their recent extension beyond the electoral sphere. Drawing on extensive interviews,  as well as on European and French legal documents, Praud and Dauphin show that although these reforms have not dramatically boosted women’s representation in the National Assembly, they have set in motion a process of feminization in the electoral sphere that bodes well for the future of parity democracy.  JoCElyNE prAUD  teaches in the Departments of Political Science at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Vancouver Island University.  sANDriNE DAUphiN  is a researcher affi  liated with the Centre de recherches sociologiques et politiques de Paris, a research laboratory of the Centre national de la recherche scientifi que.  recently released  November 2010 ,  204  pages,  6 x 9 "   978-0-7748-1943-5    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-1945-9    librAry E-book      Political Science ,  European Politics ,  Women’s Studies          parity Democracy  Women’s Political representation in Fifth republic France  Jocelyne Praud and  Sandrine Dauphin   Can election results be explained, given that each ballot refl ects the infl uence of countless impressions, decisions, and attachments? Leading young scholars of political behaviour piece together a comprehensive portrait of the modern Canadian voter to reveal the challenges of understanding election results. By systematically exploring the long-standing attachments, short-term infl uences, and proximate factors that infl uence our behaviour in the voting booth, this theoretically grounded and methodologically advanced collection sheds new light on the choices we make as citizens and provides important insights into recent national developments. CAmEroN D. ANDErsoN  and  lAUrA b. sTEphENsoN  are assistant professors in the Department of Political Science at the University of Western Ontario.   neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  320  pages,  6 x 9 " 28 b&w fi gures, 24 tables 978-0-7748-1783-7  hC $85.00 978-0-7748-1784-4    pb   $34.95   978-0-7748-1785-1    librAry E-book     Political Science ,  Canadian Political Parties & Elections           Voting behaviour in Canada  Edited by  Cameron D. Anderson and  Laura B. Stephenson  18      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     19  canadian democratic audit seriesthe canadian democratic audit seriesAuditing Canadian DemocracyEdited by William Cross Recipient of a Donner Foundation citation for best series in Canadian public policy.Authored by a team of Canada's leading political scientists, the award-winning Canadian Democratic Audit represents one of the most ambitious examinations of Canadian democracy in recent political scholarship. Auditing Canadian Democracy marks the culmination of this landmark project. Using the uniquely Canadian benchmarks of participation, responsiveness, and inclusiveness, the contributors synthesize and update their findings from the original volumes. A concluding synopsis considers the various reform proposals put forth in the series. A lively and accessible examination of existing practices and reforms, this book's timely analysis should interest all citizens concerned with the health of our democracy.WilliAm Cross is the Hon. Dick and Ruth Bell Chair for the Study of Canadian Parliamentary Democracy at Carleton University in Ottawa. recently releasedOctober 2010, 272 pages, 5.5 x 8.5"10 tables and graphs978-0-7748-1919-0  hC $85.00978-0-7748-1921-3  librAry E-book Political Science, Canadian Federal Politics, Canadian Government, Canadian Political Parties & Elections, Canadian Courts & ConstitutionCanadian demoCratiC audit SerieSElectionsJohn C. Courtney2004, 224 pp., 5.5 x 8.5"978-0-7748-0918-4pb  $25.95978-0-7748-5088-9 librAry E-bookpolitical partiesWilliam Cross2004, 216 pp., 5.5 x 8.5"978-0-7748-0941-2pb  $25.95978-0-7748-5098-8 librAry E-bookFederalismJennifer Smith2004, 208 pp., 5.5 x 8.5"978-0-7748-1061-6pb  $25.95978-0-7748-5112-1 librAry E-bookCitizensElisabeth Gidengil, André Blais, Neil Nevitte, and Richard Nadeau2004, 224 pp., 5.5 x 8.5"978-0-7748-0920-7 pb  $25.95978-0-7748-5104-6 librAry E-booklegislaturesDavid C. Docherty2004, 240 pp., 5.5 x 8.5"978-0-7748-1065-4pb  $25.95978-0-7748-5126-8 librAry E-bookCommunication TechnologyDarin Barney2005, 226 pp., 5.5 x 8.5"978-0-7748-1183-5pb  $25.95978-0-7748-5137-4 librAry E-bookAdvocacy GroupsLisa Young and Joanna Everitt2004, 188 pp., 5.5 x 8.5"978-0-7748-1111-8pb  $25.95978-0-7748-5117-6 librAry E-bookCabinets and First ministersGraham White2005, 224 pp., 5.5 x 8.5"978-0-7748-1159-0pb  $25.95978-0-7748-5162-6 librAry E-bookThe CourtsIan Greene2006, 200 pp., 5.5 x 8.5"978-0-7748-1185-9pb  $25.95978-0-7748-5515-0 librAry E-bookA groundbreaking series that examines the status of Canadian democracy at the outset of the 21st century.20      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.caGloBaliZationGloBaliZationorder online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     21  Political science Th e passage of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in 2007 focused attention on the ways in which Indigenous peoples are adapting to the pressures of globalization and development. Th is volume extends the discussion by presenting case studies from around the world that explore how Indigenous peoples are engaging with and challenging globalization and Western views of autonomy. Taken together, these insightful studies reveal that concepts such as globalization and autonomy neither encapsulate nor explain Indigenous peoples’ experiences.     mArio blAsEr  is Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal studies at Memorial University.  rAVi   de CosTA  is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University.  DEborAh mcGrEGor  is an associate professor cross-appointed in the Department of Geography and Planning and the Aboriginal studies program at the University of Toronto.  WilliAm D. ColEmAN  is CIGI Chair in Globalization and Public Policy at the Balsillie School of International Aff airs, Waterloo.   neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  312  pages,  6 x 9 "978-0-7748-1792-9  hC $85.00 978-0-7748-1793-6    pb   $32.95    978-0-7748-1794-3    librAry E-book      Globalization ,  Aboriginal Politics & Policy ,  International Relations  GLoBaLiZation and autonomY SerieS         indigenous peoples and Autonomy  insights for a Global age  Edited by  Mario Blaser,  Ravi de Costa,  Deborah McGregor, and  William D. Coleman   In a world of fl ux, as old territorial borders dissolve and new nations come together, who controls ideas, information, and creativity? Who patrols the new frontiers? Th is volume opens a window to the dark side of globalization and the struggles for autonomy it has generated – from forest disputes to Indigenous land claims to confl icts between farmers and the patent owners of genetically modifi ed seeds. Th e work of Palestinian poets, whose attachment to the land is explored in a powerful Coda, shows that a politics of place brings to the fore intense feelings of attachment, something common to all struggles over territory and autonomy.  WilliAm D. ColEmAN  is CIGI Chair in Globalization and Public Policy at the Balsillie School of International Aff airs, Waterloo.  neW release  April 2011 ,  288  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2017-2    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-2019-6    librAry E-book     Globalization ,   International Law  GLoBaLiZation and autonomY SerieS     property, Territory, Globalization  Struggles over autonomy  Edited by  William D. Coleman  Since 9/11, policy-makers and observers have questioned whether America should don the mantle of empire for the sake of world peace, or whether peace will come through world government.  Locating Global Order  questions the very idea that the political order is hierarchical, with state and international institutions at the top and groups and individuals at the bottom. Chapters examining various case studies on Canada’s role in the construction and maintenance of order domestically and internationally reveal that the global order post-9/11 is not exclusively American – allied powers are a key component of its hegemony.  brUNo ChArboNNEAU  is an associate professor of political science at Laurentian University.  WAyNE s. CoX  is an assistant professor of political studies at Queen’s University.   neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  368  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1831-5     hC   $85.00   978-0-7748-1832-2    pb   $32.95    978-0-7748-1833-9    librAry E-book     Political Science ,  International Relations ,  Canadian Foreign Policy ,  US Politics ,  Globalization, Security Studies          locating Global order  american Power and Canadian Security after 9/11  Edited by  Bruno Charbonneau and  Wayne S. Cox  20      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     21  enVironmental studiesGeoGraPhyGloBaliZationresource manaGement Public concern about worsening global environmental and social conditions has led to skepticism about the effi  cacy of voluntary corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, and pressure for governmental CSR engagement. One of the fi rst studies to investigate the role of the state in CSR, this book provides insight into the new governance model of private-public co-regulation emerging around the globe. Examining forest certifi cation in Canada, the US, and Sweden, Lister draws on extensive interviews with experts to off er unique evidence on CSR governance, ultimately arguing the importance of CSR as a supplement to rather than a substitute for state regulation.  JANE lisTEr  is a postdoctoral fellow at the Liu Institute for Global Issues at the University of British Columbia.  neW release  May 2011 ,  280  pages,  6 x 9 " 38 fi gures, 48 tables  978-0-7748-2033-2    hC   $85.00     978-0-7748-2035-6    librAry E-book     Resource Management ,  Environmental Ethics ,  Environmental Business & Economics ,  Environmental Law ,  Corporate Law ,  Environmental Politics ,  Forestry           Corporate social responsibility and the state  international approaches to Forest Co-regulation  Jane Lister  Why is British Columbia unique within Canada? What forces have shaped its landscape and its people? To answer these questions, Brett McGillivray adopts primarily a thematic approach. He begins by giving a regional over-view and introduction to geographic concepts and the physical processes that produced a spectacu-larly diverse landscape. He then tackles diff erent themes, tracing the province’s historical geog-raphy, off ering detailed accounts of its economic geography, and discussing contemporary issues such as urbanization, economic development, and resource management. Th is fully revised edition is enhanced by updated fi gures, maps, and graphs and by new discussions of how globalization, climate change, and recession are infl uencing the province and its people.  brETT mcGilliVrAy  is professor emeritus in the Faculty of Geography at Capilano University, having taught the geography of British Columbia there for over thirty-six years.   neW release  December 2010 ,  320  pages,  8 x 10 " 16 b&w photos, 144 maps and fi gures, 76 tables  978-0-7748-2078-3    pb   $ 55.00    978-0-7748-2079-0    librAry E-book     Geography ,  Environmental History ,  Natural History ,  Historical Geography ,  British Columbia            Geography of british Columbia, Third Edition  People and Landscapes in transition  Brett McGillivray  Globalization has challenged concepts such as local culture and cultural autonomy. And the rampant commodifi cation of cultural products has challenged the way we defi ne culture itself. Have these developments transformed the relationship between culture and autonomy? Have traditional notions of cultural autonomy been recast? Th is book showcases the work of scholars who employ a broad defi nition of culture to trace how issues of cultural autonomy have played out in various arenas, including literary criticism, Indigenous societies, the Slow Food movement, and skateboarding culture. Although they focus on the marginalized issue of autonomy, they reveal that globalization has both limited as well as created new forms of cultural autonomy.  pETrA rEThmANN  is an associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at McMaster University.  imrE sZEmAN  is Canada Research Chair in Cultural Studies and a professor of English and fi lm studies at the University of Alberta.  WilliAm D. ColEmAN  is CIGI Chair in Globalization and Public Policy at the Balsillie School of International Aff airs, Waterloo.   neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  336  pages,  6 x 9 "978-0-7748-1759-2   hC $85.00 978-0-7748-1760-8    pb   $32.95    978-0-7748-1761-5    librAry E-book      Globalization ,  Communication & Cultural Studies   GLoBaLiZation and autonomY SerieS      Cultural Autonomy  Frictions and Connections  Edited by  Petra Rethmann,  Imre Szeman, and  William D. Coleman  22      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     23  resource manaGementresource manaGementresource manaGement Th e extraction of oil and gas from off shore continental shelves represents one of the most dynamic sectors of global petroleum development. It is also one of the most complex. Atlantic Canada is no exception and the history of Scotian Basin petroleum over the past half century reveals a fascinating series of political challenges, accommodations, and settlements. Peter Clancy’s comprehensive analysis of petroleum politics in Nova Scotia demonstrates the complex intergovernmental and intercorporate relationships, ecological concerns, and Aboriginal interests that have complicated off shore development. His incisive analysis of the complex politics at play provides new insights into the unique challenges facing the petroleum industry in Atlantic Canada. pETEr ClANCy  is a professor of political science at St. Francis Xavier University.  neW release  May 2011 ,  368  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2054-7    hC   $95.00     978-0-7748-2056-1    librAry E-book     Resource Management ,  Environmental Business & Economics ,  Environmental History ,  Environmental Politics ,  Canadian Urban & Regional Politics             offshore petroleum politics  regulation and risk in the Scotian Basin  Peter Clancy  Th e vast temperate rainforests of coastal British Columbia are world-renowned, but much less is known about the other rainforest located 500 kilometres inland along the western slopes of the interior mountains. Th e unique integration of continentality and humidity in this region favours the development of lush rainforest communities that incorporate both coastal and boreal elements. In  British Columbia’s Inland Rainforest,  scientists bring together, for the fi rst time, a broad spectrum of information about this distinctive ecosystem. Th ey also consider the ecological consequences of human activities in the rainforest and present strategies for its management and conservation.  sUsAN k. sTEVENsoN  is an independent professional biologist and an adjunct professor at UNBC.  hArolD m. ArmlEDEr ,  ANDrÉ ArsENAUlT ,  DArWyN CoXsoN ,  s. CrAiG DeloNG , and  miChAEl JUll  work in ecology and biology.  recently released  January 2011 ,  448  pages,  6 x 9 " 45 colour photos, 40 b&w photos, 9 maps, 27 graphs, 3 diagrams  978-0-7748-1849-0    hC   $95.00    978-0-7748-1851-3    librAry E-book     Resource Management ,  Environmental History,  Environmental Politics ,  Forestry         british Columbia’s inland rainforest  ecology, Conservation, and management  Susan K. Stevenson,  Harold M. Armleder,  André Arsenault,  Darwyn Coxson, S. Craig DeLong, and  Michael Jull   Th ree-quarters of Canada’s forests are under provincial control, so provincial forest policies are crucial to long-term sustainability. With its up-to-date comparative scrutiny of forest policies, this book provides forest managers, scholars, and students with the information and concepts to critically examine Canada’s complex forest tenure systems. Looking at tenure, stumpage fees, and other forest practices, the authors assess how well diff erent provincial schemes achieve the goals of sustainable forest management. Th ey identify essential policy attributes that could be used to guide tenure reform, consider barriers that could prevent meaningful change, and off er much-needed practical guidance on overcoming these obstacles.  mArTiN k. lUCkErT  is a professor in the Department of Rural Economy at the University of Alberta.  DAViD hAlEy is a professor emeritus in the Department of Forest Resources Management at the University of British Columbia.  GEorGE hobErG  is a professor in the Department of Forest Resources Management at the University of British Columbia.  neW release  May 2011 ,  176  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-2066-0    hC   $85.00     978-0-7748-2068-4    librAry E-book     Resource Management, Environmental Studies ,  Sustainability ,  Resource Policy & Politics ,  Environmental Politics ,  Forestry  SuStainaBiLitY and tHe enVironment SerieS     policies for sustainably managing Canada’s Forests  tenure, Stumpage Fees, and Forest Practices  Martin K. Luckert,  David Haley, and  George Hoberg 22      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     23  enVironmental studiesenVironmental studiesenVironmental historynV nt l historynV nt l history Th e farming of aquatic organisms is one of the most promising but controversial new industries in Canada. Th e industry has the potential to solve food supply problems, but critics believe it poses unacceptable threats to human health, local communities, and the environment. Th is book is not about the methods and techniques of aquaculture, but it is an exploration of the controversy itself. Th e authors present the controversy as a multi-layered confl ict about knowledge, rights, and development. Comprehensive and balanced, this book addresses one of the most contentious public policy and environmental issues facing the world today.  NAThAN yoUNG  is an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Ottawa.  rAlph mATThEWs  is a professor of sociology at the University of British Columbia and professor emeritus of sociology at McMaster University.  neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  304  pages,  6 x 9 " 13 fi gures, 40 tables  978-0-7748-1810-0    hC   $85.00   978-0-7748-1811-7    pb   $34.95    978-0-7748-1812-4    librAry E-book Environmental History, Resource Management ,  Environmental Studies ,  Environmental Politics ,  Media Studies ,  Environmental Policy ,  Environmental Advocacy & Activism ,  Sustainability    T h e   Aquaculture Controversy in Canada  activism, Policy, and Contested Science  Nathan Young and  Ralph Matthews   National parks occupy a prominent place in the Canadian imagination, yet we are only beginning to understand how their visual representation has shaped and continues to inform our perception of ecological issues and the natural world. J. Keri Cronin draws on historical and modern postcards, advertisements, and other images of Jasper National Park to trace how various groups and the tourism industry have used photography to divorce the park from real environmental threats and instead to package it as a series of breathtaking vistas and adorable-looking animals.  Manufacturing National Park Nature  demonstrates that popular forms of picturing nature can have ecological implications that extend far beyond the frame of the image.J. kEri CroNiN  is an assistant professor in the Visual Arts Department at Brock University. She is also a faculty affi  liate in Brock’s Social Justice and Equity Studies graduate program and the editor of  Th e Brock Review .   recently released  December 2010 ,  208  pages,  6 x 9 " 42 b&w illustrations  978-0-7748-1907-7    hC   $85.00   978-0-7748-1909-1    librAry E-book     Environmental History ,  Environmental Politics,  Resource Management  , Canadian Social History , Art History  nature | HiStorY | SoCietY SerieS           manufacturing National park Nature  Photography, ecology, and the Wilderness industry of Jasper  J. Keri Cronin   Th e Canadian prairies are oft en envisioned as dry, windswept fi elds; however, much of southern Manitoba is not arid plain but wet prairie, poorly-drained land subject to frequent fl ooding. Shannon Stunden Bower brings to light the complexities of surface water management in Manitoba, from early artifi cial drainage eff orts to late-twentieth-century attempts at watershed management. She engages scholarship on the state, liberalism, and bioregionalism in order to probe the connections between human and environmental change in the wet prairie. Th is account of an overlooked aspect of the region’s environmental history reveals how the biophysical nature of southern Manitoba has been an important factor in the formation of Manitoba society and the provincial state.  shANNoN sTUNDEN boWEr  is a SSHRCpostdoctoral fellow in the Department of History and Classics at the University of Alberta.  neW release  April 2011 ,  232  pages,  6 x 9 " 10 b&w photos, 9 maps  978-0-7748-1852-0    hC   $85.00     978-0-7748-1854-4    librAry E-book     Environmental History ,  Resource Management ,    Environmental Politics ,  Historical Geography ,  Canadian Urban & Regional Politics   nature | HiStorY | SoCietY SerieS    Wet prairie  People, Land, and Water in agricultural manitoba  Shannon Stunden Bower 24      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     25  ornitholoGyenVironmental historyurBan studies & PlanninG Suburbanization, aff ordable housing, mass transportation, loss of fertile lands – these are modern problems, yet they are not new. Th omas Adams grappled with these same issues nearly a century ago, when he wrote  Rural Planning and Development,  a book that quickly became Canada’s planning bible. Reprinted for the fi rst time and updated with commentaries by leading Canadian planners, this book highlights Adams’ infl uence on the planning profession and the continued relevance of his comprehensive vision for planning – to move beyond the demands of the moment to embrace long-term strategies for building stronger rural communities. WAyNE CAlDWEll  is an associate professor in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development at the University of Guelph.  neW release  June 2011 ,  445  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1923-7    hC   $95.00     978-0-7748-1925-1    librAry E-book     Urban Studies & Planning ,  Historical Geography ,  Canadian Urban & Regional Politics                 rediscovering Thomas Adams  rural Planning and development in Canada  Edited by  Wayne Caldwell  Th e volumes in the  Birds of Ontario  series summarize life history requirements of bird species that are normally part of the ecology of Ontario. Th e fi rst volume dealt with waterfowl through cranes while this volume deals with shorebirds through woodpeckers and completes the treatment of the nonpasserines. Information on habitat, limiting factors, and status are dealt with for the three main bird seasons: breeding, migration, and winter. It will be an essential reference for biologists, planners, environmental consultants, and other resource professionals involved in environmental issues and management pertaining to birds. It will also be a valuable reference for serious birders.  Al sANDilANDs  is an environmental consultant employed by his own fi rm, Gray Owl Environmental Inc. His formal learning focused on fi sheries and aquatic entomology but, through his long-time interest in birds, he evolved into a wildlife biologist.  ross JAmEs,  an ornithologist by profession, has pursued bird illustration for more than forty years.    recently released  June 2010 ,  392  pages,  8 x 10 " 80 maps, 84 drawings of birds  978-0-7748-1762-2    hC   $95.00     978-0-7748-1764-6    librAry E-book     Ornithology ,   Natural History     birds of ontario: habitat requirements, limiting Factors, and status  Volume 2: nonpasserines, Shorebirds through Woodpeckers  Al Sandilands, Illustrations by  Ross James  Th e Newfoundland and Labrador cod fi shery was once the most successful commercial ground fi shery in the world. When it collapsed in 1992, many pointed to failures in management such as uncontrolled harvesting as likely culprits. Managed Annihilation  makes the case that the idea of natural resource management itself was the problem. Th e collapse occurred when the fi sheries were state-managed and still, two decades later, there is no recovery in sight. Although the collapse raised doubts among policy-makers about their ability to understand and control nature, their ultimate goal of control through management has not wavered and has been transferred from wild fi sh to fi shermen and farmed cod.  DEAN bAViNGToN  is an assistant professor and Canada Research Chair in Environmental History at Nipissing University.  neW in PaPerBacK  November 2010 ,  224  pages,  6 x 9 " 6 b&w fi gures, 2 maps, 6 tables  978-0-7748-1747-9     hC   $85.00   978-0-7748-1748-6    pb   $32.95    978-0-7748-1749-3    librAry E-book      Environmental History ,  Resource Management ,  Atlantic History ,  Resource Policy & Politics ,  Environmental Advocacy & Activism,  Environmental Business & Economics,  Environmental Politics ,  Sustainability   nature | HiStorY | SoCietY SerieS           managed Annihilation  an unnatural History of the newfoundland Cod Collapse  Dean Bavington  24      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     25  urBan studies & PlanninGurBan studies & PlanninGurBan studies & PlanninG Th e Hanshin Earthquake was the largest disaster to aff ect postwar Japan and one of the most destructive postwar natural disasters to strike a developed country. Although the media focused on the disaster’s immediate eff ects, the long-term reconstruction eff orts have gone largely unexplored. Drawing on extensive fi eldwork, David Edgington records the fi rst ten years of reconstruction and recovery and asks whether planners successfully exploited opportunities to make a more sustainable and disaster-proof city. Th is book presents an intricate investigation of one of the largest redevelopment projects in recent memory.  DAViD W. EDGiNGToN  is a former director of the Centre for Japanese Research and an associate professor of geography at the University of British Columbia.  neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  328  pages,  6 x 9 " 45 b&w photos, 21 maps, 28 charts, 27 tables 978-0-7748-1756-1  hC $95.00 978-0-7748-1757-8    pb   $45.00    978-0-7748-1758-5    librAry E-book     Urban Studies & Planning ,  Japanese Studies            reconstructing kobe  the Geography of Crisis and opportunity  David W. Edgington   When a recent wave of condominium development overtook Toronto, women emerged as powerful consumers, and reports claimed that home ownership was off ering young, single women freedom, fi nancial independence, and personal security.  Sex and the Revitalized Cityexamines the truth of these claims by exploring the phenomenon from the perspective of women condo owners and planners and developers. Th is fresh perspective on urban revitalization reveals that condo ownership is not freeing women from constraints – neoliberal ideologies are remaking women’s relationship with the city in the image of fast capital and consumer citizenship. Women’s emancipation through condominium ownership is a marketing ploy rather than a major shift  in gender relations.  lEsliE kErN  is an assistant professor of women’s studies at Mount Allison University.  neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  224  pages,  6 x 9 " 13 b&w photos 978-0-7748-1822-3  hC $85.00 978-0-7748-1823-0    pb   $32.95    978-0-7748-1824-7    librAry E-book      Urban Studies & Planning ,  Women’s Studies ,  Sociology of Gender          sex and the revitalized City  Gender, Condominium development, and urban Citizenship  Leslie Kern   Urban sprawl – low-density subdivisions and business parks, big box stores and mega-malls – has increasingly come to defi ne city growth despite decades of planning and policy. In  Perverse Cities , Pamela Blais argues that fl awed public policies and mis-pricing create hidden, “perverse” subsidies and incentives that promote sprawl while discouraging more effi  cient and sustainable urban forms – clearly not what most planners and environmentalists have in mind. She makes the case for accurate pricing and better policy to curb sprawl and shows how this can be achieved in practice through a range of market-oriented tools that promote effi  cient, sustainable cities.  pAmElA blAis  is a city planner and principal of Toronto-based Metropole Consultants.  recently released  November 2010 ,  294  pages,  6 x 9 " 2 graphs, 8 tables  978-0-7748-1895-7    hC $85.00 978-0-7748-1897-1    librAry E-book     Urban Studies & Planning ,  Canadian Urban & Regional Politics ,  Sociology         perverse Cities  Hidden Subsidies, Wonky Policy, and urban Sprawl  Pamela Blais  26      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.cacultural studiescultural studiesorder online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     27  cultural studies In the late 1990s, Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside became the setting for three monuments – Crab Park  Boulder ,  Marker of Change , and  Standing with Courage ,  Strength and Pride . Th e monuments were grassroots initiatives that challenged the norms of civic art by claiming a place in public space for society’s most vulnerable groups, and each fi gured in debates about many kinds of violence. Emphasizing the resilience and agency of artists, activists, and residents, this vivid account of the creation of memory-scapes off ers unique insights into the links between power, public space, and social memory. It asks us to reconsider what constitutes public art that will “speak for a long time.”  ADriENNE l. bUrk  is a senior lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Simon Fraser University.  neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  212  pages,  6 x 9 " 17 b&w images, 3 maps 978-0-7748-1698-4  hC $85.00 978-0-7748-1699-1    pb   $29.95   978-0-7748-1700-4    librAry E-book     Cultural Studies ,  Urban Studies & Planning ,  Canadian History ,  BC Studies          speaking for a long Time  Public Space and Social memory in Vancouver  Adrienne L. Burk   For communities who have been the target of political violence, the damaging aft er-eff ects can haunt what remains of their families, their communities, and the societies in which they live.  Terrain of Memory  tells the story of the Japanese Canadian elders who built a memorial in New Denver, British Columbia, to transform a site of political violence into a space for remembrance. Th e book shows how collectively excavating painful memories can contribute to building relations across social and intergenerational divides. Th ose seeking a deeper understanding of the potential of memorial projects in transforming the damaging eff ects of human rights abuses should read this compelling account of community building and social justice.kirsTEN Emiko mcAllisTEr  is an associate professor in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University.  neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  312  pages,  6 x 9 " 20 b&w photos, 3 maps 978-0-7748-1771-4  hC $90.00 978-0-7748-1772-1    pb   $34.95   978-0-7748-1773-8    librAry E-book     Cultural Studies ,  Social & Cultural Anthropology ,  Canadian Social History ,  Asian-Canadian Studies,  BC History             Terrain of memory  a Japanese Canadian memorial Project  Kirsten Emiko McAllister   Th e global pathways that connect cities and nations are congested with people, money, and cultural transmissions.  Transnational Yearnings  maps a new way to look at modern contact zones and the personal interconnections that inform them by tracing circuits of migration and leisure travel between postcolonial Jamaica and Toronto, a city that has become for Jamaican Canadians both a place of promise and cultural vitality and a site of criminalization and exclusion through deportation. Innovative and provocative, this book is about the desires, intimacies, and power relations that at once inform and refl ect transnational migration and the diasporization of urban space.  JENNy bUrmAN  is an assistant professor of communication studies at McGill University.  neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  224  pages,  6 x 9 "  978-0-7748-1735-6  hC $85.00 978-0-7748-1736-3    pb $29.95 978-0-7748-1737-0    librAry E-book      Cultural Studies ,  Multiculturalism & Transnationalism , Communications,  Race & Ethnicity ,  Sociology      Transnational yearnings  tourism, migration, and the diasporic City  Jenny Burman  26      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     27  socioloGysocioloGysocioloGyhealthcommunication Magazine articles, talk shows, and commercials advise us that our happiness and well-being rest on striking a balance between work and family. It goes unsaid, however, that the advice is based on an outmoded and unrealistic ideal. Th is provocative volume challenges the notion – oft en off ered in support of neoliberal agendas – that paid work (employment) and unpaid work (caregiving and housework) are separate and competing spheres, rather than overlapping aspects of a single existence. Alternative approaches to integrating work and family must be taken into account if we hope to build truly equitable family and childcare policies.  CAThEriNE krUll  is an associate professor in the department of Sociology and the Cultural Studies program at Queen’s University, cross-appointed to Women’s Studies, and is an associate dean in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.  JUsTyNA sEmprUCh  is a researcher at the Centre for Gender Studies, University of Basel, Switzerland.   n e W  r e l e a s e     February 2011 ,  272  pages,  6 x 9 " 5 tables  978-0-7748-1967-1    hC   $90.00     978-0-7748-1969-5    librAry E-book     Sociology of Gender & Family ,  Canadian Public Policy & Administration          A   life in balance?  reopening the Family-Work debate  Edited by  Catherine Krull and  Justyna Sempruch  Unequal access to health care is a much-studied problem in Canada. Yet there is a growing sense that proposed remedies overlook the multiple forms of oppression that produce health inequities. Th is volume brings together activists, scholars, and community-based researchers to highlight the potential of intersectionality as a research paradigm for the health sciences. By applying existing theories of intersectionality to concrete cases and drawing on current practices and experiences to build new theories of intersectionality, the authors reveal how multiple variables – race, class, and gender, religion, economics, and geography – are infl uencing health and healing in Canada and beyond.  olENA hANkiVsky  is an associate professor of public policy at Simon Fraser University and co-director of the Institute for Critical Studies in Gender and Health.    n e W  r e l e a s e     May 2011 ,  384  pages,  6 x 9 "   978-0-7748-1975-6    hC   $90.00     978-0-7748-1977-0    librAry E-book     Health Policy ,  Canadian Public Policy & Administration                 health inequities in Canada  intersectional Frameworks and Practices  Edited by  Olena Hankivsky Canada is at a critical juncture in the evolution of its communications policy. Will our information and communications technologies continue in a market-oriented, neoliberal direction, or will they preserve and strengthen broader democratic values?  Media Divides  off ers a comprehensive, up-to-date audit of communications law and policy. Using the concept of communications rights as a framework for analysis, leading scholars not only reveal the nation’s democratic defi cits in fi ve key domains – media, access, the Internet, privacy, and copyright – they also formulate recommendations, including the establishment of a Canadian right to communicate, for the future.  mArC rAboy  is professor and Beaverbrook Chair in Ethics, Media and Communications in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University.  JErEmy shTErN  is a Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la société et la culture (FQRSC) postdoctoral fellow in the Faculty of Communication and Design at Ryerson University.   neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  320  pages,  6 x 9 " 5 charts, 1 table 978-0-7748-1774-5  hC $90.00 978-0-7748-1775-2    pb   $32.95   978-0-7748-1776-9    librAry E-book     Communication ,  Media Studies ,  Socio-legal Studies ,  Canadian Public Policy & Administration     media Divides  Communication rights and the right to Communicate in Canada  Marc Raboy and  Jeremy Shtern, with  William J. McIver,  Laura J. Murray,  Seán Ó Siochrú, and  Leslie Regan Shade  28      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.casocioloGysocioloGyorder online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     29  criminoloGy Th is book presents the work of a new generation of critical criminologists who explore the geo-graphical, institutional, and political contexts of the discipline in Canada. Breaking away from mainstream criminology and law-and-order discourses, the authors off er a spectrum of theoretical approaches to criminal justice – from governmentality to feminist criminology, from critical realism to anarchism – and they propose novel approaches to topics ranging from genocide to white-collar crime. By posing crucial questions and attempting to defi ne what criminology should be, this book will shape debates about crime, policing, and punishment for years to come.  AAroN DoylE  is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University.  DAWN moorE  is an associate professor in the Department of Law at Carleton University.   recently released  December 2010 ,  336  pages,  6 x 9 " 4 b&w fi gures and tables  978-0-7748-1834-6    hC   $90.00   978-0-7748-1836-0    librAry E-book   Criminology ,  Law & Society ,  Socio-legal Studies ,  Canadian Social Policy , Sociology  LaW and SoCietY SerieS     Critical Criminology in Canada  new Voices, new directions  Edited by  Aaron Doyle and  Dawn Moore   Th e number of Canadian cities using video surveillance systems to monitor city streets is growing. In  Panoptic Dreams,  Sean Hier explores how and why Canadian cities introduced street surveillance programs between 1981 and 2005 and brings to light the governance structures and privacy protection policy frameworks that made these programs possible. Th is book uses empirical fi ndings to refl ect critically on video surveillance policy and design structures in Canada. Th e original analyses will assist academics, privacy advocates, and others with community-based interests to assess the strengths and weaknesses of establishing streetscape CCTV surveillance monitoring systems.  sEAN p. hiEr  is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Victoria.  neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  328  pages,  6 x 9 " 19 b&w photographs  978-0-7748-1871-1    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-1872-8    pb   $32.95    978-0-7748-1873-5    librAry E-book      Sociology ,  Law & Society ,  Socio-legal Studies ,  Security Studies          panoptic Dreams  Streetscape Video Surveillance in Canada  Sean P. Hier   In the new knowledge-based economy, information technology (IT) is a major fi eld of employment. However, the fast pace of technological innovation, globalization, and the volatile stock market have made IT an increasingly risky business – for some employees more than for others. Th is volume examines how women and older workers in small IT companies are disproportionately vulnerable to economic uncertainty within their industry. Drawing on original survey and interview data, the authors explore how gender and age aff ect work and workplace culture to produce a fresh contribution to the literature on inequality.  JUliE ANN mcmUlliN  is a professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Western Ontario.   n e W  r e l e a s e     January 2011 ,  192  pages,  6 x 9 " 12 tables  978-0-7748-1971-8    hC   $85.00     978-0-7748-1973-2    librAry E-book     Sociology ,  Technology & Society ,  Sociology of Gender & Family , Canadian Public Policy & Administration ,  Women’s Studies     Age, Gender, and Work  Small information technology Firms in the new economy  Edited by  Julie Ann McMullin 28      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     29  laWlaWlaWcriminoloGy Th e trade principles of Western liberal democracies are at the core of international trade law regimes and standards. Are non-Western societies adopting international standards, or are they adapting them to local norms and cultural values? Th is volume employs the paradigm of selective adaptation to explain the reception of international trade law in the Pacifi c Rim. Drawing on examples from China, Japan, Th ailand, and North America, the contributors show that formal acceptance of international trade standards does not necessarily translate into uniform enforcement and acceptance at the local level. Th ey off er compelling evidence that non-uniform compliance will be a legitimate outcome of the globalization of international trade law.  piTmAN b. poTTEr  is the Hong Kong Bank Chair in Asian Research at the Institute of Asian Research and a professor of law at the University of British Columbia.  lJilJANA biUkoViC  is an associate professor of law at the University of British Columbia.    recently released  January 2011 ,  320  pages,  6 x 9 " 5 graphs, 4 tables  978-0-7748-1903-9    hC   $90.00   978-0-7748-1905-3    librAry E-book       International Law ,  Globalization ,  Trade,  International Political Science  aSia PaCiFiC LeGaL CuLture and GLoBaLiZation SerieS        Globalization and local Adaptation in international Trade law  Edited by  Pitman B. Potter and  Ljiljana Biukovic   In  Transforming Law’s Family,  Fiona Kelly explores the complex issues encountered by planned lesbian families as they work to defi ne their parental rights, roles, and family structures within the tenets of family law. While Canada’s courts have made progress in recognizing lesbian parenthood, some issues that are largely unique to planned lesbian families – such as the legal status of known sperm donors and non-biological mothers – remain undefi ned. Drawing on interviews with lesbian mothers, Fiona Kelly illuminates the changing defi nitions of family and suggests a model for law reform that would enable the legal recognition of alternative forms of parentage.  FioNA kElly  is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of British Columbia.  neW release  May 2011 ,  184  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1963-3    hC   $85.00    978-0-7748-1965-7    librAry E-book     Law & Society, Gender & Sexuality Studies ,   Queer Studies ,  Socio-legal Studies ,  Parenting ,  Sociology of Gender & Family   LaW and SoCietY SerieS     Transforming law’s Family  the Legal recognition of Planned Lesbian motherhood  Fiona Kelly Constructing Crime  examines why particular behaviours are defi ned and enforced as crimes and particular individuals are targeted as criminals. Contributors interrogate notions of crime, processes of criminalization, and the deployment of the concept of crime in fi ve areas – the enforcement of fraud against welfare recipients and physicians, the enforcement of laws against Aboriginal harvesting practices, the perceptions of disorder in public housing projects, and the selective criminalization of gambling. Th ese case studies and an aft erword by Marie-Andrée Bertrand challenge us to consider just who is rendered criminal and why.  JANET moshEr  is an associate professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University.  JoAN broCkmAN  is a professor at the School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University.   neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  224  pages,  6 x 9 " 11 tables 978-0-7748-1819-3  hC $85.00 978-0-7748-1820-9    pb   $32.95   978-0-7748-1821-6    librAry E-book      Criminology ,  Law & Society ,  Sociology, Socio-legal Studies  LaW and SoCietY SerieS        Constructing Crime  Contemporary Processes of Criminalization  Edited by  Janet Mosher and  Joan Brockman  30      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.calaWlaWlaWorder online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     31   Human rights violations leave deep scars on people, societies, and nations. Rights groups argue that resolving past violence is necessary for a peaceful future. But how can nations ensure that instruments of transitional justice are the best path to reconciliation? Th is book develops a theoretical framework – a framework of acknowledgement – to evaluate truth commissions. Analysis of the diffi  culties encountered and the ultimate failure of truth commissions in Uganda and Haiti reveals that acknowledgement of past violence – by both victims and perpetrators – must come before goals such as forgiveness and social cohesion if reconciliation is to be achieved.  JoANNA r. QUiNN  is an assistant professor of political science and director of the Centre for Transitional Justice and Post-Confl ict Reconstruction at the University of Western Ontario.  neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  208  pages,  6 x 9 " 2 maps, 2 fi gures 978-0-7748-1846-9  hC $85.00 978-0-7748-1847-6    pb   $32.95   978-0-7748-1848-3    librAry E-book       Law,  Political Science ,  Race & Transnationalism in Politics  LaW and SoCietY SerieS        T h e   politics of Acknowledgement  truth Commissions in uganda and Haiti  Joanna R. Quinn   Since 9/11 and the onset of the “war on terror,” the principal challenge confronting liberal democracies has been to balance freedom with security and individual with collective rights. Th is book sheds new light on the evolution of human rights norms in liberal democracies by charting the activism of four Canadian NGOs on issues of refugee rights, hate speech, and the death penalty, including their use of diffi  cult, oft en controversial legal cases as platforms to assert human rights principles and shape judicial policy-making. Th e struggles of these NGOs reveal not only the fragility but also the resilience of ideas about rights in liberal democracies.  ANDrEW s. ThompsoN  is an adjunct assistant professor of political science at the University of Waterloo.  recently released  September 2010 ,  224  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1861-2    hC $85.00 978-0-7748-1863-6    librAry E-book Law & Society ,  History of Civil Liberties & Human Rights ,  Canadian Social Policy  LaW and SoCietY SerieS        in Defence of principles nGo s and Human rights in Canada  Andrew S. Thompson   Th e  Canadian Yearbook of International Lawis issued annually under the auspices of the Canadian Branch of the International Law Association (Canadian Society of International Law) and the Canadian Council on International Law. Th e  Yearbook  contains articles of lasting signifi cance in the fi eld of international legal studies; a notes and comments section; a digest of international economic law; a section on current Canadian practice in international law; a digest of important Canadian cases in the fi elds of public international law, private international law, and confl ict of laws; a list of recent treaties; and book reviews. D.m. mcrAE  (editor-in-chief) is a professor and Hyman Soloway Chair in Business and Trade Law at the University of Ottawa.  A.l.C. de mEsTrAl  (associate editor) is a professor and Jean Monnet Chair in the Law of International Economic Integration at McGill University.  recently released  February 2011 ,  688  pages,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1987-9    hC   $175.00     978-0-7748-1988-6    librAry E-book     International Law ,  Reference  Canadian YearBooK oF internationaL LaW           Canadian yearbook of international law, Vol. 47, 2009  Edited by  D.M. McRae and  A.L.C. de Mestral  30      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     31  LAW / ABORIGINAL STUDIESLAW / ABORIGINAL STUDIESLAW / ABORIGINAL STUDIESDelgamuukw. Mabo. Ngati Apa.  Recent cases have created a framework for litigating Aboriginal title in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. T_h e distinguished group of scholars whose work is showcased here, however, shows that our understanding of where the concept of Aboriginal title came from – and where it may be going – can also be enhanced by exploring legal developments in these former British colonies in a comparative, multidisciplinary framework. T_h is path-breaking book of_f ers a perspective on Aboriginal title that extends beyond national borders to consider similar developments in common law countries.  LOUIS A. KNAFLA  is a professor emeritus of the Department of History and director of socio-legal studies at the University of Calgary.  HAIJO WESTRA is a professor of Greek and Roman studies at the University of Calgary.   NEW IN PAPERBACK  January two.oldstylezero.oldstyleone.oldstyleone.oldstyle ,  two.oldstyleeight.oldstylezero.oldstyle  pages,  six.oldstyle x nine.oldstyle "nine.oldstyleseven.oldstyleeight.oldstyle-zero.oldstyle-seven.oldstyleseven.oldstylefour.oldstyleeight.oldstyle-one.oldstylefive.oldstylesix.oldstylezero.oldstyle-four.oldstyle  HC $85.00 nine.oldstyleseven.oldstyleeight.oldstyle-zero.oldstyle-seven.oldstyleseven.oldstylefour.oldstyleeight.oldstyle-one.oldstylefive.oldstylesix.oldstyleone.oldstyle-one.oldstyle    PB   $32.95    nine.oldstyleseven.oldstyleeight.oldstyle-zero.oldstyle-seven.oldstyleseven.oldstylefour.oldstyleeight.oldstyle-one.oldstylefive.oldstylesix.oldstyletwo.oldstyle-eight.oldstyle    LIBRARY E-BOOK     Aboriginal History ,  Political Science  LAW AND SOCIETY SERIES         Aboriginal Title and Indigenous Peoples  Canada, Australia, and New Zealand  Edited by  Louis A. Knafl a and  Haijo Westra   Political communities are def_i ned, and of_t en contested, through stories. Scholars have long recognized that two foundational sets of stories – narratives of contact and narratives of arrival – helped to def_i ne settler societies.  Storied Communities  disrupts the assumption in many works that Indigenous and immigrant identities fall into two separate streams of analysis. T_h e authors juxtapose narratives of contact and narratives of arrival as they explore key themes such as narrative form, the nature of storytelling in the political realm, and the institutional and theoretical implications of foundation narratives. By doing so, they open up new ways to imagine, sustain, and transform political communities.  HESTER LESSARD  is a professor of law at the University of Victoria.  REBECCA JOHNSON  is a professor of law at the University of Victoria.  JEREMY WEBBER  holds the Canada Research Chair in Law and Society at the University of Victoria and is also a Trudeau Fellow.   RECENTLY RELEASED  December two.oldstylezero.oldstyleone.oldstylezero.oldstyle ,  three.oldstyletwo.oldstylezero.oldstyle  pages,  six.oldstyle x nine.oldstyle " nine.oldstyleseven.oldstyleeight.oldstyle-zero.oldstyle-seven.oldstyleseven.oldstylefour.oldstyleeight.oldstyle-one.oldstyleeight.oldstyleseven.oldstylenine.oldstyle-seven.oldstyle    HC   $85.00    nine.oldstyleseven.oldstyleeight.oldstyle-zero.oldstyle-seven.oldstyleseven.oldstylefour.oldstyleeight.oldstyle-one.oldstyleeight.oldstyleeight.oldstyleone.oldstyle-zero.oldstyle    LIBRARY E-BOOK      Law ,  Political Science,   Race & Transnationalism in Politics ,   Historiography,   Aboriginal Politics & Policy,   Constitutional Law ,  Law & Politics          Storied Communities  Narratives of Contact and Arrival in Constituting Political Community  Edited by  Hester Lessard,  Rebecca Johnson, and  Jeremy Webber   Consent has long been used to establish the legitimacy of society. But when one asks –  who consented? how? to what type of community?  – consent becomes very elusive, more myth than reality. In  Between Consenting Peoples  leading scholars in legal and political theory examine the dif_f erent ways in which consent has been used to justify political communities and the authority of law, especially in Indigenous-nonindigenous relations. T_h ey explore the kind of consent – the kind of attachment – that might ground political community and establish a fair relationship between Indigenous and nonindigenous peoples.  JEREMY WEBBER  holds the Canada Research Chair in Law and Society at the University of Victoria and is a Trudeau Fellow.  COLIN M. MACLEOD  is an associate professor of law and philosophy at the University of Victoria.    RECENTLY RELEASED  October two.oldstylezero.oldstyleone.oldstylezero.oldstyle ,  two.oldstyleeight.oldstylezero.oldstyle  pages,  six.oldstyle x nine.oldstyle " nine.oldstyleseven.oldstyleeight.oldstyle-zero.oldstyle-seven.oldstyleseven.oldstylefour.oldstyleeight.oldstyle-one.oldstyleeight.oldstyleeight.oldstylethree.oldstyle-four.oldstyle    HC   $85.00    nine.oldstyleseven.oldstyleeight.oldstyle-zero.oldstyle-seven.oldstyleseven.oldstylefour.oldstyleeight.oldstyle-one.oldstyleeight.oldstyleeight.oldstylefive.oldstyle-eight.oldstyle    LIBRARY E-BOOK       Law ,  Political T_h eory ,  Aboriginal Politics & Policy,  Constitutional Law, Law & Politics,   Philosophy ,  Political Science         Between Consenting Peoples  Political Community and the Meaning of Consent  Edited by  Jeremy Webber and  Colin M. Macleod  32      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     33  laW / historylaW / Politics Since the  Charter of Rights and Freedoms  was introduced, Canada has experienced more than twenty-fi ve years of constitutional politics and countless debates about the future of Canada. Th ere has, however, been no systematic attempt to identify general theories about Canada’s constitutional evolution. Patrick James corrects this oversight. By adding clarity to familiar debates, this succinct assessment of major writings on constitutional politics sharpens our vision of the past – and the future – of the Canadian federation.  pATriCk JAmEs  is a professor of international relations and director of the Center for International Studies at the University of Southern California.  neW in PaPerBacK  January 2011 ,  200  pages,  6 x 9 " 9 b&w fi gures 978-0-7748-1786-8  hC $85.00 978-0-7748-1787-5    pb   $32.95    978-0-7748-1788-2    librAry E-book      Constitutional Law ,  Political Science ,  Canadian Federal Politics  LaW and SoCietY SerieS      Courts of law at once refl ect and shape the society in which they reside and dispense justice. To mark the 2010 centenary of the British Columbia Court of Appeal, this book presents an institutional, jurisprudential, and biographical account of the court and its evolving role in the province. Richly illustrated and replete with group portraits of judges and accounts of key cases, this authoritative history explores how the court came into being, how it has operated, and who its judges have been. In the process, it tells the story of how the court has shaped – and been shaped by – the social, political, and legal development of British Columbia.   ChrisTophEr moorE  is a well-known writer of Canadian history and the author of several works of legal history. His website can be found at www.christophermoore.ca.   recently released  March 2010 ,  304  pages,  6 x 9 " 105 b&w illustrations  978-0-7748-1864-3    hC   $45.00     978-0-7748-1866-7    librAry E-book     Legal History ,  BC Law ,  BC History ,  Law & Politics Co-published with the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History         Constitutional politics in Canada after the Charter  Liberalism, Communitarianism, and Systemism  Patrick James   The  british Columbia Court of Appeal  the First Hundred Years  Christopher Moore    Art in Turmoil  The Chinese Cultural Revolution, 1966–76  Richard King, ed.  2009 ,  318 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1543-7   pb   $32.95    World rights except China, Hong Kong, Korea, & Taiwan      on the Art of being Canadian    Sherrill Grace  2010 ,  328 pp.,  6 x 10 " 978-0-7748-1579-6   pb   $32.95         T h e   hero and the historians  Historiography and the Uses of Jacques Cartier Alan Gordon  2010 ,  248 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1742-4  pb   $29.95      Writing british Columbia history, 1784–1958    Chad Reimer  2009 ,  216 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1645-8   pb   $29.95          Urbanizing Frontiers  Indigenous Peoples and Settlers in 19th-Century Pacific Rim Cities  Penelope Edmonds  2009 ,  328 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1622-9   pb   $35.95           one of the Family  Metis Culture in Nineteenth-Century Northwestern Saskatchewan  Brenda Macdougall  2010 ,  360 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1730-1   pb   $34.95     BacKlist hiGhliGhts32      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     33  BacKlist hiGhliGhts    T h e   politics of procurement  Military Acquisition in Canada and the Sea King Helicopter Aaron Plamondon  2009 ,  288 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1715-8  pb   $32.95      At home and Abroad  The Canada-US Relationship and Canada’s Place in the World  Patrick Lennox  2009 ,  192 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1706-6   pb   $32.95          Veterans with a Vision  Canada’s War Blinded in Peace and War  Serge Marc Durfl inger  2010 ,  484 pp.,  6.6 x 9.5 " 978-0-7748-1856-8   pb   $29.95          Deliberative Democracy in practice  David Kahane,  Daniel Weinstock,  Dominique Leydet, and  Melissa Williams, eds.  2009 ,  264 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1678-6   pb   $32.95     Quebec Women and legislative representation   Manon Tremblay  2010 ,  272 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1769-1  pb   $32.95     T h e   politics of linkage  Power, Interdependence, and Ideas in Canada-US Relations  Brian Bow  2009 ,  232 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1696-0   pb   $32.95     Unsettled legitimacy  Political Community, Power, and Authority in a Global Era Steven Bernstein and William D. Coleman, eds.  2009 ,  408 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1718-9  pb   $32.95       A   perilous imbalance  The Globalization of Canadian Law and Governance  Stephen Clarkson and  Stepan Wood  2010 ,  360 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1489-8   pb   $32.95          Feminized Justice  The Toronto Women’s Court, 1913–34  Amanda Glasbeek  2009 ,  240 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1712-7   pb   $32.95          Justice bertha Wilson  One Woman’s Difference  Kim Brooks, ed.  2009 ,  344 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1733-2   pb   $32.95     What is Water?  The History of a Modern Abstraction Jamie Linton  2009 ,  334 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1702-8  pb   $34.95      sensing Changes  Technologies, Environments, and the Everyday, 1953–2003  Joy Parr  2010 ,  304 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1724-0   pb   $32.95     Nuclear Waste management in Canada  Critical Issues, Critical Perspectives Darrin Durant and Genevieve Fuji Johnson, eds.  2009 ,  208 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1709-7  pb   $32.95      American missionaries, Christian  Oyatoi , and Japan, 1859–73    Hamish Ion  2009 ,  440 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1648-9   pb   $34.95         T h e   New silk road Diplomacy  China's Central Asian Foreign Policy since the Cold War  Hasan H. Karrar  2009 ,  272 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1693-9   pb   $32.95          Unions, Equity, and the path to renewal    Janice R. Foley and  Patricia L. Baker, eds.  2009 ,  264 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1681-6   pb   $32.95     lost kids  Vulnerable Children and Youth in Twentieth-Century Canada and the United States Mona Gleason et al., eds.  2009 ,  272 pp.,  6 x 9 " 978-0-7748-1687-8  pb   $34.95       T h e   Canadian War on Queers  National Security as Sexual Regulation  Gary Kinsman and  Patrizia Gentile  2010 ,  328 pp.,  6 x 10 " 978-0-7748-1628-1   pb   $34.95      34      SPRING 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     35  IndexAAboriginal Title and Indigenous Peoples  31Acts of Occupation  7Administering the Colonizer  14Advocacy Groups  19Age, Gender, and Work  28American Missionaries, Christian Oyatoi, and Japan, 1859-73  33Anderson, Cameron D.  18Aquaculture Controversy in Canada  23Arming the Chinese  14Armleder, Harold  22Arsenault, Andre  22Art in Turmoil  32Asian Religions in British Columbia  12At Home and Abroad  33Auditing Canadian Democracy  19Awfully Devoted Women  5BBaker, Don  12Baker, Patricia L.  33Balzer, Timothy  9Barman, Jean  2Barney, Darin  19Baruah, Bipasha  15Bavington, Dean  24Beaulieu, Michel  6Being Again of One Mind  2Belisle, Donica  6Bell, Colleen  16Bernstein, Steven  33Between Consenting Peoples  31Beyond Suffering  13Birds of Ontario: Habitat Requirements, Limiting Factors, and Status  24Biukovic, Ljiljana  29Blais, André  19Blais, Pamela  25Blaser, Mario  20Bow, Brian  33Bower, Shannon  Stunden  23Bradbury, Bettina  5British Columbia Court of Appeal  32British Columbia’s Inland Rainforest  22Brockman, Joan  29Brock, Peggy  1Brooks, Kim  33Buddle, Melanie  8Burk, Adrienne L.  26Burman, Jenny  26Burnett, Kristin  2Business of Women  8CCabinets and First Ministers  19Caldwell, Wayne  24Canada and Ballistic Missile Defence, 1954–2009  10Canadian War on  Queers  33Canadian Yearbook of International Law,  Vol. 47, 2009  30Caouette, Dominique  5Cavell, Janice  7Chan, Anthony B.  14Charbonneau, Bruno  20Chiasson, Blaine R.  14Citizens  19Citizens Adrift  17Clancy, Peter  22Clark, Penney  8Clarkson, Stephen  33Code Politics  17Coleman, William D.  20, 21, 33Communication Technology  19Constitutional Politics in Canada after the Charter  32Constructing Crime  29Contesting White Supremacy  11Corporate Social Responsibility and the State  21Corps Commanders  9Corriveau, Patrice  4Coté, Charlotte  4Courtney, John C.  19Courts  19Cox, Wayne S.  20 Coxson, Darwyn  22Critical Criminology in Canada  28Cronin, J. Keri  23Cross, William  19Cultural Autonomy  21DDauphin, Sandrine  18de Costa, Ravi  20de Mestral, A.L.C.  30Defence and Discovery  9Delaney, Douglas E.  9Deliberative Democracy in Practice  33DeLong, S. Craig  22DeVries, Larry  12Doak, Kevin M.  12Docherty, David C.  19Doyle, Aaron  28Dreaming in Canadian  11Duder, Cameron  5Dufour, Pascale  5Durant, Darrin  33Durflinger, Serge Marc  33EEating Bitterness  13Edgington, David W.  25Edmonds, Penelope  32Elections  19Everitt, Joanna  19FFaith, Politics, and Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States  16Federalism  19Feminized Justice  33Fergusson, James G.  10First Person Plural  1Flath, James  13Foley, Janice R.  33Forsyth, Tim  15Fort Chipewyan and the Shaping of Canadian History, 1788–1920s  3Freedom of Security  16From Victoria to Vladivostok  10GGathering Places  3Gentile, Patrizia  33Geography of British Columbia, Third  Edition  21Gidengil, Elisabeth  19Glasbeek, Amanda  33Gleason, Mona  33Globalization and Local Adaptation in International Trade Law  29Globalizing Citizenship  18Godefroy, Andrew B.  9Gordon, Alan  32Grace, Sherrill  32Grassroots Liberals  16Greene, Ian  19HHaley, David  22Hankivsky, Olena  27Health Inequities in Canada  27Hero and the Historians  32Hier, Sean P.  28Hill, Emily M.  14Hirji, Faiza  11Hoberg, George  22Howe, Paul  17Huhndorf, Shari M.  2IIn Defence of Principles  30Indigenous Peoples and Autonomy  20Indigenous Women and Feminism  2Information Front  9Inuit Education and Schools in the Eastern Arctic  8Ion, Hamish  33Isitt, Benjamin  10JJames, Patrick  32James, Ross  24Jansen, Harold  17Johnson, Genevieve Fuji  33Johnson, Rebecca  31Judging Homosexuals  4Jull, Michael  22Justice Bertha Wilson  33KKahane, David  33Karrar, Hasan H.  33Keeping the Nation's House  13Kelly, Fiona  29Kelm, Mary-Ellen  6Kern, Leslie  25King, Richard  32Kinsman, Gary  33Knafla, Louis A.  31Koop, Royce  16Krull, Catherine  27LLabour at the Lakehead  6Legislatures  19Lennox, Patrick  33Lessard, Hester  31Leydet, Dominique  33Leyton–Brown, Ken  7Life in Balance?  27Linton, Jamie  33Lister, Jane  21Locating Global Order  20Lost Kids  33Lublin, Elizabeth Dorn  12Luckert, Martin K.  22MMacdougall, Brenda  32Macleod, Colin M.  31Managed Annihilation  24Manning, Kimberley Ens  13Manufacturing National Park Nature  23Many Voyages of Arthur Wellington Clah  1Marshall, Alison R.  11Masson, Dominique  5Matthews, Ralph  23McAllister, Kirsten  Emiko  26McCall, Sophie  1McCormack, Patricia A.  3McGillivray, Brett  21McGregor, Deborah  20McGregor, Heather E.  8McIver, William J.  27McMullin, Julie Ann  28McRae, D.M.  30Media Divides  27Michaud, Jean  15Militia Myths  10Miller, Bruce Granville  1Money, Politics, and Democracy  17Moore, Christopher  32Moore, Dawn  28Mosher, Janet  29Moving Mountains  15Murray, Laura J.  27NNadeau, Richard  19Nevitte, Neil  19New Possibilities for the Past  8New Silk Road Diplomacy  33Noakes, Jeff  7No need of a chief for this band  4Nuclear Waste Management in Canada  33OOffshore Petroleum Politics  22One of the Family  32On the Art of Being Canadian  32Opp, James  7Oral History on Trial  1Orienting Canada  15Overmyer, Dan  12PPanoptic Dreams  28Parity Democracy  18Parr, Joy  33Peers, Laura  3Perilous Imbalance  33Perreault, Jeanne  2Perverse Cities  25Placing Memory and Remembering Place in Canada  7Plamondon, Aaron  33Podruchny, Carolyn  3Policies for Sustainably Managing Canada’s Forests  22Political Parties  19Politics of Acknowledgement  30Politics of Linkage  33Politics of Procurement  33Potter, Pitman B.  29Practice of Execution in Canada  7Praud, Jocelyne  18Price, John  15Property, Territory, Globalization  20QQuebec Women and Legislative Representation  33Quinn, Joanna R.  30RRaboy, Marc  27Rayside, David  16Reconstructing Kobe  25Rediscovering Thomas Adams  24Reforming Japan  12Regan, Paulette  3Reimer, Chad  32Retail Nation  6Rethmann, Petra  21Rygiel, Kim  18SSandilands, Al  24Schneider, Helen M.  13Sempruch, Justyna  27Sensing Changes  33Sex and the Revitalized City  25Shade, Leslie Regan  27Shtern, Jeremy  27Siochrú, Seán Ó  27Smith, Jennifer  19Smith, Norman  13Smokeless Sugar  14Solidarities beyond Borders  5Speaking for a Long Time  26Spirits of Our Whaling Ancestors  4Stanley, Timothy J.  11Stephenson, Laura B.  18Stevenson, Susan  22Storied Communities  31Sunseri, Lina  2Suzack, Cheryl  2Szeman, Imre  21TTaking Medicine  2Terrain of Memory  26Thompson, Andrew S.  30Transforming Law's Family  29Transnational Yearnings  26Tremblay, Manon  33UUnions, Equity, and the Path to Renewal  33Unsettled Legitimacy  33Unsettling the Settler Within  3Urbanizing Frontiers  32VVeterans with a Vision  33Voting Behaviour in Canada  18WWalls, Martha Elizabeth  4Walsh, John C.  7Way of the Bachelor  11Webber, Jeremy  31Weinstock, Daniel  33Wemheuer, Felix  13Wesley, Jared J.  17Westra, Haijo  31Wet Prairie  23What Is Water?  33White, Graham  19Wife to Widow  5Wilcox, Clyde  16Wilder West  6Williams, Melissa  33Women and Property in Urban India  15Wood, James  10Wood, Stepan  33Writing British Columbia History, 1784-1958  32XXavier's Legacies  12YYoung, Lisa  17, 19Young, Nathan  2334      SPrinG 2011     |     order online @ www.ubcpress.ca order online @ www.ubcpress.ca     |    SPRING 2011     35  order formQTy TiTlE isbN  priCE____ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ _________________    _________________   _________________   _________________   _________________NAmE ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ADDrEss __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________phoNE _____________________________________   E-mAil  ___________________________________________________________________ACCoUNT # ________________________________________________  EXpiry DATE  __________________________________________siGNATUrE ________________________________________________________________________________________________________sUbToTAl  TAX**shippiNG** ToTAlpAymENT mUsT ACCompANy orDEr Forms From iNDiViDUAlsOutside Canada, please inquire as to prices.Enclosed is:  q   cheque (payable to UBC Press) Charge to my: q   Visa  q   MastercardCANADAUTP Distribution 5201 Dufferin Street Toronto, ON M3H 5T8Phone: 416.667.7791 or 1.800.565.9523 Fax:  416.667.7832 or 1.800.221.9985 E-mail: utpbooks@utpress.utoronto.caUNiTED sTATEsThe University of Washington Press  P.O. 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UBC Press acknowledges the fi nancial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Book Fund; the Canada Council for the Arts; the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences through the Aid to Scholarly Publications Program; and the Province of British Columbia through the British Columbia Arts Council.University of British Columbia Press2029 West Mall, Vancouver, BC  V6T 1Z2www.ubcpress.caAwfully Devoted Women AN EXCELLENT CONTRIBUTION TO CANADIAN LESBIAN HISTORIOGRAPHY AND TO THE GROWING LITERATURE ON GENDER AND SEXUALITY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. D.A. Chekki, University of Winnipeg, CHOICE The Canadian War on Queers THIS ACCOUNT OF THE SURVEILLANCE OF CANADIAN LESBIANS AND GAYS IN THE NAME OF NATIONAL SECURITY IS IMPRESSIVE, AT ONCE BONE-CHILLING AND INSPIRING. David Rayside, Left History From Victoria to Vladivostok [A] FASCINATING STUDY OF THE CANADIAN CONTRIBUTION TO THE MILITARY EXPEDITION TO SIBERIA. Nathan M. Greenfi eld, Time Literary Supplement Review The Practice of Execution in Canada ANYONE WHO READS THIS DISPASSIONATE BOOK WILL HAVE DIFFICULTY CONCLUDING THAT EXECUTION CAN EVER BE JUSTIFIED. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. J.L. Granatstein, emeritus, Canadian War Museum, CHOICE Art in Turmoil IN THIS NATIONAL CONVULSION THE ARTS PLAYED A STRIKINGLY LARGE ROLE, A PROCESS DESCRIBED WITH GREAT CARE IN Art in Turmoil. Robert Fulford, National Post Surveillance THIS PARTICULAR COLLECTION IS UNIQUE IN BOTH ITS STRONG CANADIAN CONTENT, AND THE BROAD RANGE OF EMPIRICAL CASES. Benjamin J. Muller, Kings University College, Canadian Journal of Sociology Feminized Justice GLASSBEEK’S BOOK IS AN IMPORTANT ADDITION TO FEMINIST COLLOQUY AS WELL AS FEMINIST INQUIRY … [A] COMPREHENSIVE AND INSIGHTFUL EXPLANATION OF HOW AND WHY A PATH PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS BECAME A DEAD END. Judith A. Baer, Texas A&M University, Law and Politics Book Review What is Water? LINTON PRESENTS THE ISSUES IN IMPRESSIVE BREADTH AND DEPTH, AND TELLS A COMPELLING STORY. RECOMMENDED. I.D. Sasowsky, University of Akron, CHOICE Managed Annihilation THE SORRY STATE OF OCEAN LIFE HAS LED TO A NEW KIND OF FISH STORY — A LAMENT NOT FOR THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY BUT FOR THE COUNTLESS OTHERS THAT DIDN’T ... DEAN BAVINGTON ... OBSERVES THAT TWO HUNDRED BILLION POUNDS’ WORTH OF COD WERE TAKEN FROM CANADA’S GRAND BANKS BEFORE 1992, WHEN THE COD SIMPLY RAN OUT. Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker On the Art of Being Canadian THIS IS AN IMPORTANT WORK FOR ALL ACADEMIC LIBRARIES. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. L.J. Sherlock, Victoria Library, CHOICE American Missionaries, Christian Oyatoi, and Japan, 1859–73 IT IS AN INDISPENSABLE READ FOR ANY SCHOLAR OF THE MEIJI ERA OR OF CHRISTIANITY IN JAPAN. Jim Hommes, University of Pittsburgh, Japanese Journal of Religious Studies Becoming British Columbia THE EVIDENCE PRESENTED … FORCES US TO CONSIDER THE IMPORTANT CONCLUSION THAT BRITISH COLUMBIA THROUGHOUT ITS HISTORY HAS BEEN “AT THE EXTREMES OF WESTERN WORLD DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS.” Becoming British Columbia DESERVES A WIDE READERSHIP. Robert A.J. McDonald, University of British Columbia, Labour/Le Travail Unions, Equity, and the Path to Renewal AN IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTION TO THE UNION DEBATE THAT HIGHLIGHTS THE WORK OF WOMEN AND EQUITY ADVOCATES OVER THE PAST SEVERAL DECADES … AND PROVIDES POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS. Canadian Dimensions Becoming Native in a Foreign Land IT IS A RARE PLEASURE TO HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE FINAL HALF-DOZEN PAGES TO FIND ANYTHING TO QUIBBLE ABOUT. THE QUALITY OF POULTER’S WRITING IS UNIFORMLY EXCELLENT AND JARGON FREE. Jason Blake, University of Ljubljana, and Eszter Szenczi, Eötvös Loránd University, H-Canada Speaking for Ourselves [THE] AUTHORS AND EDITORS ARE TO BE COMMENDED FOR BRINGING TOGETHER SEVERAL AREAS OF INQUIRY, INCLUDING ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIOLOGY, NATIONS POLITICS, RACE AND ETHNICITY, URBAN SOCIOLOGY, RURAL SOCIOLOGY, AND SOCIAL MOVEMENTS. THE COLLECTION WILL PROVE VALUABLE TO A BROAD RANGE OF STUDENTS AND RESEARCHERS. Mark C.J. Stoddart, Memorial University, Canadian Journal of Sociology Colonial Proximities IS A SCHOLARLY, INNOVATIVE, AND ILLUMINATING EXPLORATION OF LAW, RACE, AND SOCIETY IN THE BRITISH COLUMBIAN COLONIAL PERIPHERY. IT MAKES A SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO POSTCOLONIAL STUDIES. Eve Darian-Smith, University of California, Canadian Journal of Law and Society Multi-Party Litigation THIS BOOK IS A WELL RESEARCHED AND CRITICAL EXAMINATION OF HOW MASS LITIGATION CAN BE USED AS A TOOL TO SHAPE PUBLIC POLICY. Marshall Haughey, Saskatchewan Law Review  


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