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UBC Press   SPRING 20063www.ubcpress.caThe Big Red MachineHow the Liberal Party Dominates Canadian PoliticsStephen ClarksonAVAILABLE352 pages, 6 x 9?4 ?gures, 22 tablesISBN 0-7748-1196-X, pb $24.95PoliticsThe Liberal Party of Canada has governed for seventy-eight of the last 110 years. This astounding record makes the Liberals one of the most successful  political  parties  in  the  democratic  world.  Today,  however, the Liberals are on the ropes.In  The Big Red Machine , astute Liberal observer Stephen Clarkson tells the  story  of  the  Liberal  Party?s  performance  in  the  last  nine  elections, providing essential historical context for each and offering incisive, be -hind-the-scenes  detail  about  how  the  party  has  planned,  changed,  and executed  its  successful  electoral  strategies.  Arguing  that  the  Liberal Party has opportunistically straddled the political centre since Sir John A. Macdonald -- leaning left or moving right as circumstances required --  Clarkson  also  shows  that  the  party?s  grip  on  power  is  becoming  in -creasingly  uncertain,  having  lost  its  appeal  not  only  in  the  West,  but now  in  Qu?bec.  While  Clarkson  contends  that  the  Grits?  prospects  are less rosy in the years ahead, the ?big red machine? will remain a formi -dable political force.An  ideal  political  primer,  deftly  written  and  ?lled  with  a  wealth  of  fact and  analysis,  The  Big  Red  Machine   is  a  fascinating  history  of  Liberal pragmatism,  communication  tactics,  and  dramatic  changes  in  leader -ship style. ?...reveals insights and realities not available to the casual observer....  the shrewd and focused product of a seasoned political scientist [who] asks on that basis the really tough questions.? ?Senator Hugh Segal,  Literary Review of Canada , December 2005? The  Big  Red  Machine   is  ...  alive  with  clear,  bright  thinking.  Clarkson ?gets? electoral politics.?? John Duffy,  The Globe and Mail , October 15, 2005Stephen  Clarkson   is  author  of  Canada  and  the  Reagan  Challenge , Uncle  Sam  and  Us,  and  Trudeau  and  Our  Times ,  for  which  he  was awarded  the  Governor-General?s  Award.  He  is  Professor  of  Political Science at the University of Toronto.A LSO   OF  I NTERESTThe Canadian Democratic Audit SeriesSee page 9How to Win Campaigns100 Steps to SuccessChris Rose2005, 160 pages, ISBN 1-85383-962-0, pb $36.95 See page 31M ARKETING  H IGHLIGHTS? Clarkson is a major media pundit on the Liberal Party?s   prospects and performance in the January election? National advertising campaign including  Quill and   Quire, BC Bookworld, Atlantic Books Today, The Hill Times,     Geist, Georgia Straight, LRC, Policy Options,  and others? 200 media kits distributed, including over 100 review copies? Reviews in  The Globe and Mail ,  MacLean?s ,  LRC , and elsewherewww.ubcpress.caO R D E R   F R O M   u n i P R E S S E S :   1   8 7 7   8 6 4   8 4 7 7Unsettling EncountersFirst Nations Imagery in the Art of Emily CarrGerta MorayJUNE392 pages, est., 8.5 x 12?200 b/w & 85 colour illustrationsISBN 0-7748-1282-6, hc $75.00Art / Native StudiesUnsettling Encounters  radically re-examines Emily Carr?s relationship with the  First  Nations  of  the  Northwest  Coast,  and  her  goals  and  achieve -ments  in  representing  Native  villages  and  totem  poles  in  her  paintings and writings.  By reconstructing a neglected body of Carr?s works that was  central  in  shaping  her  vision  and  career,  it  makes  possible  a  new assessment of her signi?cance as a leading ?gure in the history of early twentieth century North American modernism.  Gerta  Moray  analyzes  a  body  of  works  that  are  of  vital  importance  to Canadians today not only as a representation of our culture, but also as a  signpost  of  a  new  stage  of  accommodation  with  the  country?s  First Nations. The text is accompanied by nearly 300 illustrations, including 85 in colour. Unsettling  Encounters   includes  a  vivid  recreation  of  the  rapidly  chang -ing  historical  and  social  circumstances  in  which  Carr  made  this  body of  paintings  and  writings.  Carr  lived  and  worked  in  BC  at  a  time  when the  growing  settler  population  was  rapidly  taking  over  and  developing the  land  and  its  resources.    Moray  argues  that  Carr?s  work  takes  on its  full  signi?cance  only  when  it  is  seen  as  a  conscious  intervention  in settler-Native relations. She examines Carr in relation to the images of Native  peoples  that  were  then  being  constructed  by  missionaries  and by anthropologists and exploited by the promoters of World?s Fairs and museums.  Carr?s famous, highly expressive, later paintings were based to a great extent  on  the  results  of  her  early  experience.    At  the  same  time  they were a response to new currents in North American culture in the 1920s and  30s.    Moray  explores  Carr?s  participation  in  the  Group  of  Seven?s agenda to build a national culture, and her sense of her own position as a woman artist in this masculine arena.Unsettling  Encounters   is  the  de?nitive  study  of  Carr?s  ?Indian?  images, locating them both within the local context of Canadian history and the wider international currents of visual culture.Dr. Gerta Moray  is a professor of Art History at the University of Guelph.  She  has  previously  taught  at  the  Universities  of  Shef?eld,  Edinburgh, Stirling, and Toronto.M ARKETING  H IGHLIGHTS? Published to coincide with  Emily Carr: New Perspectives      exhibit at the National Gallery of Canada opening in June 2006      and travelling to the Vancouver Art Gallery in September 2006? National author tour including Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver? National advertising campaign? Media kits to be distributed to over 200 media outlets?  Books for Everybody  submission [National and BC editions]A LSO   OF  I NTERESTWild FlowersEmily CarrSee page 13Tales of GhostsFirst Nations Art in British Columbia, 1922-61Ronald W. Hawker2002, 248 pages, ISBN 0-7748-0955-8, pb $27.95UBC Press   SPRING 20065www.ubcpress.caRiver of MemoryThe Everlasting ColumbiaWilliam D. LaymanJUNE168 pages, 11 x 9?130 color and duotone illustrations ISBN 0-295-98591-7, hc $49.95 ISBN 0-7748-1303-2, pb $29.95History / EnvironmentThe Columbia River of today bears little resemblance to the river  Native  Americans,  First  Nations,  and  settlers  knew in  the  early  twentieth  century.  Between  1933  and  1984, an unparalleled fervour of engineering transformed much of the river into a series of large reservoirs contained by fourteen hydroelectric dams. While many grieved the loss of the free-?owing river, others embraced a newly tamed waterway that could control ?oods, irrigate desert lands, and supply electrical power for the growing region.  River of Memory  honours a place and time now gone from view.  It  restores  an  unfettered  Columbia  through  more than  ninety  historical  photographs  that  capture  the  river as  it  once  appeared.  This  extraordinary  visual  record  is accompanied by the words of early explorers, surveyors, and  naturalists  who  wrote  about  speci?c  places  along the river and by the work of contemporary Canadian and American writers and poets.  Organized  to  carry  the  reader  from  the  mouth  of  the Columbia  where  it  enters  the  ocean  to  its  source  in eastern  British  Columbia,  the  narrative  introduces  the natural history of the river through the archetypal journey of salmon returning to the river?s headwaters in Columbia Lake.  Introducing  each  section  are  colour  illustrations  of salmon  and  other  indigenous  ?sh  by  noted  artist  Joseph Tomelleri.  River  of  Memory  encourages  readers  to  linger  along  the river?s  shores  and  spend  time  re?ecting  on  its  dramatic mountain  and  plateau  landscapes.  It  fosters  connections between  the  river?s  natural  and  human  histories  through the  words  of  the  distinguished  writers  represented throughout,  including  Jeannette  Armstrong,  Gloria  Bird, Peter  Christensen,  Tim  McNulty,  Kathleen  Dean  Moore, Eileen Pearkes, Theodore Roethke, Kim Stafford, William Stafford,  Robert  Sund,  David  Wagoner,  Elizabeth  Woody, and many more.  William  D.  Layman   is  a  recipient  of  the  James  B. Castles Award from the Center for Columbia River History and  author  of  Native  River:  The  Columbia  Remembered. He is the guest curator of the Wenatchee Valley Museum exhibition  River of Memory: The Everlasting Columbia .A LSO   OF  I NTERESTVanishing British ColumbiaMichael Kluckner2002, 248 pages, ISBN 0-7748-0955-8, pb $27.95See page 30The Mapmaker?s EyeJack NisbetSee page 12M ARKETING  H IGHLIGHTS? Published to coincide with  River of Memory  photo exhibit,   touring British Columbia museums in Summer 2006? Advertisements in   BC Bookworld, The Georgia Straight, BC  Studies,  and  Discovery , among others? BC  Books For Everybody  submissionwww.ubcpress.caO R D E R   F R O M   u n i P R E S S E S :   1   8 7 7   8 6 4   8 4 7 7Do Glaciers Listen?Local Knowledge, Colonial Encounters, and Social ImaginationJulie CruikshankJANUARY328 pages, est., 6 x 9?23 b/w photos, 10 mapsISBN 0-7748-1187-0, pb $29.95Anthropology / Native StudiesThe glaciers creepLike snakes that watch their prey, from their far fountains,Slow rolling on.? Percy Shelley, ?Mont Blanc,? 1816Glaciers in North America?s far northwest ?gure prominently in indigenous oral  traditions,  early  travelers?  journals,  and  the  work  of  geophysical scientists.  By  following  such  stories  across  three  centuries,  this  book explores  local  knowledge,  colonial  encounters,  and  environmental change.Do Glaciers Listen?  examines con?icting depictions of glaciers to show how natural and social histories are entangled. During late stages of the Little Ice Age, signi?cant geophysical changes coincided with dramatic social upheaval in the Saint Elias Mountains. European visitors brought conceptions  of  nature  as  sublime,  as  spiritual,  or  as  a  resource  for human progress. They saw glaciers as inanimate, subject to empirical investigation  and  measurement.  Aboriginal  responses  were  strikingly different. From their perspectives, glaciers were sentient, animate, and quick to respond to human behaviour. Focusing on these contrasting views, Julie Cruikshank shows how local knowledge is produced, rather than ?discovered,? and how oral histories conjoin social and biophysical processes. She traces how divergent views continue to weave through contemporary debates about protected areas, parks, and the new World Heritage site that encompasses the area where Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon Territory now meet.Readers  interested  in  Native  studies,  anthropology,  northern  studies, and  colonial  studies  will  ?nd  this  a  fascinating  read  and  a  rich  addition to circumpolar literature.Julie Cruikshank  is professor emerita in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at the University of British Columbia. She is author of  Life Lived Like a Story  and  The Social Life of Stories  (see pages 28, 30).THE BRENDA AND DAVID MCLEAN CANADIAN STUDIES SERIESGlobalization and Well-BeingJohn Helliwell2003, 104 pages, ISBN 0-7748-0993-0, pb $19.95Making Native SpaceColonialism, Resistance, and Reserves in British ColumbiaCole Harris2003, 448 pages, ISBN 0-7748-0901-9, pb $34.95Citizens PlusAboriginal Peoples and the Canadian StateAlan C. Cairns2001, 288 pages, ISBN 0-7748-0768-7, pb $29.95BorderlandsHow We Talk About CanadaWilliam H. New1999, 128 pages, ISBN 0-7748-0659-1, pb $19.95M ARKETING  H IGHLIGHTS? Author talk at BC Book Fair? Author talk at Vancouver Public Library, February 7, 2006? BC  Books For Everybody  submission? Advertisements in   BC Bookworld, The Georgia Straight, BC  Studies,  and  Discovery , among others7UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caThe Soldiers? GeneralBert Hoffmeister at WarDouglas E. DelaneyForeword by  J.L. GranatsteinSelf-doubt  so  plagued  him  that  he  suf fered  a nervous  breakdown  even  before  ?ghting  his  ?rst combat  action.  But,  by  the  end  of  the  Second World  War,  Ber t  Hoffmeister  had  exorcised  his anxieties,  risen  from  Captain  to  Major-General, and  won  more  awards  than  any  Canadian  of?cer in the war. Moreover, he earned a reputation as a fearless commander on the battle?eld ? one who led from the front, who was loved by those he led. How did he do it?The  Soldiers?  General   explains  how  Hoffmeister conducted his business as a military commander. With  an  astute  analytical  eye,  Delaney  carefully dissects Hoffmeister?s numerous battles to reveal how he managed and how he led, how he directed and  how  he  inspired.  An  exemplary  leader,  Hoff -meister  stood  out  among  his  contemporaries, not  so  much  for  his  technical  ability  to  move  the chess pieces well, but rather for his ability to get the chess pieces to move themselves. The  most  comprehensive  and  accessible  study of any Canadian military commander to date,  The Soldiers? General  will appeal as much to lovers of military  history  as  it  will  to  anyone  in  search  of  a good story.Douglas E. Delaney  is a professor at the Royal Military  College  of  Canada,  and  Infantry  Of?cer (Princess Patricia?s Canadian Light Infantry).S TUDIES   IN  C ANADIAN  M ILITARY  H ISTORYJANUARY320 pages, 6 x 9?21 b/w photos, 15 mapsISBN 0-7748-1149-8, pb $29.95Military HistoryMulticultural NationalismCivilizing Difference, Constituting CommunityGerald KernermanCanadian citizenship has long been characterized as a ?mosaic? instead of a ?melting pot.? Accept -ance of minority ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, and linguistic groups has been seen as key to our sense of what it means to be Canadian. Such multi -plicity, however, has given rise to ongoing debates over equality, diversity, identity, and unity.This groundbreaking work examines and expands accepted ways of thinking about Canadian citizen -ship. Kernerman examines Canadian constitutional documents,  public  speeches,  and  media  texts. He  critiques  what  he  sees  as  two  competing understandings of how Canada ought to manage its  diversity:  on  the  one  hand,  the  argument  for dif ferentiated  citizenship,  or  ?dif ference,?  and on  the  other,  the  case  for  universal  and  undif -ferentiated citizenship, or ?equality.? Positing that each  of  these  positions  is  preoccupied  with  the challenges diversity represents for cohesion and stability,  Kernerman  proposes  a  post-nationalist multiculturalism that does not attempt to ask, or answer, the thorny ?unity? question. An important contribution to the critical literature on Canadian politics, citizenship, and multicultural -ism,  Multicultural Nationalism  will appeal to read -ers  interested  in  critical  theory,  multiculturalism, and law and society. Gerald  Kernerman  is  a  professor  of  Political Science at York University.L AW   AND  S OCIETY  S ERIESJANUARY  160 pages, 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1001-7, pb $24.95PoliticsGood Government? Good Citizens?Courts, Politics, and Markets in a Changing CanadaW.A. BogartGood  Government?  Good  Citizens?   explores  the evolving  concept  of  the  Canadian  citizen  at  the beginning of this century. Three forces are at work to  reconstitute  the  citizen  in  Canadian  society: courts, politics, and markets. Bogart examines a number of issues surrounding C a n a d i a n   c i t i z e n s h i p ,   i n c l u d i n g   F i r s t   P e o p l e s , cyberspace,  education,  and  an  aging  Canada. The book concludes with re?ections on the ?good citizen? at the dawning of the new century.  Good Government? Good Citizens?  will appeal to readers interested in law, political science, and the chang -ing face of Canada and its citizens.?Professor  Bogart?s  book  is  a  timely,  thoughtful, a n d   p ro v o c a t i v e   e x p l o r a t i o n   o f   m a n y   o f   t h e important  issues  facing  contemporary  Canadian society. It is a useful and vibrant contribution to our continuing dialogue regarding law, politics, and the marketplace. Whatever the reader?s perspective, it will not disappoint.?? Eleanore A. Cronk, Justice of the Court of Appeal for Ontario?Bogart?s well-written and important book, drawing on  a  diverse  body  of  scholarship  and  evidence, traces  the  transformations  in  Canadian  law  and politics over the past twenty years. His analysis is ambitious, insightful, provocative, and timely.??  Harry  W.  Arthurs,  University  Professor  of  Law and Political Science, York UniversityW.A. Bogart  teaches in the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor.L AW   AND  S OCIETY  S ERIESJANUARY264 pages, 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1165-X, pb $29.95Politics / LawUBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caO R D E R   F R O M   u n i P R E S S E S :   1   8 7 7   8 6 4   8 4 7 7Morals and the Media, Second EditionEthics in Canadian JournalismNick RussellConfronted  daily  with  decisions  on  how  to present their stories, what to write and what not  to  write,  journalists  and  the  media  are frequently  accused  of  sensationalizing,  of choosing  to  repor t  the  bad  news,  and  of misquoting those they review.In this substantially updated edition of  Morals and the Media , Nick Russell addresses many of  the  concerns  the  public  has  about  the media as he examines why the latter behave the  way  they  do.  He  also  discusses  how values have been developed and applied and suggests value systems that can be used to judge special situations. This revised edition covers  the  many  changes  in  the  Canadian media  in  the  last  decade,  including  further concentration  of  media  ownership,  media convergence,  online  journalism,  the  rise  of the  web  log,  and  the  tightening  economic pressures on the industry as a whole.While  much  of  the  debate  in  this  ?eld  has focused  on  conditions  in  the  United  States, Russell points out that the ethical issues that arise in Canada are often substantially differ -ent from those in the US. In the US individuals have the protection of the First Amendment, but  it  is  the  very  different  Charter  of  Rights and  Freedoms  that  determines  the  rights  of Canadians,  and  also  the  laws  that  relate  to the media.Morals and the Media  will be of great value in journalism courses and an important resource for journalists, as it offers criteria for analyz -ing complex situations and reaching justi?able decisions.  It  will  also  be  of  interest  to  the general  reader,  as  it  gives  insights  into  how the  media  work  and  provides  a  yardstick  by which to judge their performance. AVAILABLE320 pages, 8 x 10?53 ?guresISBN 0-7748-1089-0, pb $39.95Journalism / Media StudiesNick  Russell  is  a  former journalist  who  taught  in  the School of Journalism at the U n i v e r s i t y   o f   R e g i n a   a n d now lives in Victoria. The Last WordMedia Coverage of the Supreme Court of CanadaFlorian Sauvageau, David Schneiderman, and David TarasThe  Last  Word   examines  the  relationship between  two  of  the  most  important  institu -tions  in  Canadian  life:  the  Supreme  Court  of Canada  and  the  Canadian  news  media.  This relationship  is  crucial  not  only  for  the  court and for journalists, but also for the public, who understand the work of the court through the media. The authors examine a year of media coverage centred around four very high-pro -?le cases: the  Marshall  case, about Aboriginal rights; the  Vriend  case, regarding gay rights; the  Quebec  Secession  Reference ;  and  the Sharpe   child  pornography  case.  Analyzing nearly  ?fteen  hundred  newspaper  and  TV reports, and interviewing judges, journalists, a n d   e x e c u t i v e   l e g a l   o f f i c e r s ,   S a u v a g e a u , Schneiderman, and Taras provide a rich and detailed account of the relationship between the court and the media in presenting these decisions to the Canadian public.The authors examine the differences between television and newspaper coverage, national and  regional  reporting,  and  the  French-  and English-language  media.  They  also  describe how  judges  and  journalists  understand  and interact  with  each  other  amidst  often-clash -ing  legal  and  journalistic  cultures.  The  Last Word   argues  that  journalists  often  have  the ?nal say in explaining the court?s actions and judgments  to  the  public.  While  judges  have uncontested power over legal interpretation, journalists control how the message reaches the Canadian people. Engagingly written and thoroughly researched, The  Last  Word   will  appeal  to  readers  inter -ested in the law, the media, and public affairs in general.L AW   AND  S OCIETY  S ERIES? T h e   L a s t   Wo rd   m a k e s   a very  important  contribution to  knowledge  in  an  almost non-existent ?eld: I know of no  other  book  published  in Canada  on  this  subject  in e i t h e r   E n g l i s h   o r   F re n c h . It  should  contribute  to  the very lively debate about the court,  not  only  in  the  legal and media milieu, but in the general public as well.? ?   A n d r ? e   L a j o i e ,   F a c u l t y of  Law,  Universit?  de  Mon -tr?alF l o r i a n   S a u v a g e a u   i s P ro f e s s e u r,   D ? p a r t e m e n t d?information et de commu -nication,  Universit?  Laval.  David  Schneiderman   is Associate  Professor,  Fac -ulty  of  Law,  University  of Toronto.  David Taras  is Uni -versity Professor, Faculty of Communication and Culture, University of Calgary.AVAILABLE  272 pages, 6 x 9?10 b/w photos, 35 tables, 2 graphsISBN 0-7748-1244-3, pb $24.95Law / Media StudiesRECENTLY RELEASED RECENTLY RELEASED9UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caCabinets and First MinistersGraham WhiteW h a t   p l a c e   d o   f i r s t   m i n i s t e r s ,   a l o n g   w i t h   t h e cabinets  they  select,  have  in  democratic  life  in Canada?  Has  cabinet  really  become  just  a  focus group for the prime minister? Do political staff and central  agency  bureaucrats  enhance  or  diminish democracy? In an accessible, thorough, and balanced fashion, Graham  White  examines  the  concentration  of power  in  cabinet  and  the  prime  minister?s  of?ce. Taking  the  view  that  explaining  our  Westminster-style  government  as  a  benign  dictatorship  is  an oversimpli?cation,  Cabinets and First Ministers  pro -vides an honest assessment of current conditions. White renders a clear account of the development, structure,  and  operation  of  cabinet,  and  the  role of the ?rst ministers at the federal, provincial, and territorial  levels.  He  fur ther  discusses  how  the processes that support cabinet are affected by the considerable power of the ?rst minister and looks at the ways in which they allow for the involvement of other elected members and the public.Keeping in mind the core concerns of the Canadian Democratic  Audit,  White  also  examines  ?rst  min -isters  and  cabinets  with  an  eye  to  accountability and transparency. His cogent analysis does much to explain this much-scrutinized aspect of our de -mocracy, and points the way to realistic proposals for its improvement.Graham White  is a professor of political science at the University of Toronto.T HE  C ANADIAN  D EMOCRATIC  A UDITAVAILABLE224 pages, 8 tables, 5.5 x 8.5?ISBN 0-7748-1158-7, hc $65.00ISBN 0-7748-1159-5, pb $22.95PoliticsCommunication TechnologyDarin BarneyWhen the Internet began to emerge as a popular new  mode  of  communication,  many  observers surmised  that  it  would  revolutionize  our  demo -cratic institutions. Today, voter turnout levels are at historic lows, while Internet usage is at historic highs. Can we still make the claim, then, that new i n f o r m a t i o n   a n d   c o m m u n i c a t i o n   t e c h n o l o g i e s (ICTs)  enhance  democratic  life  in  Canada?  How have  communication  technologies  affected  the distribution  of  power  and  practice  of  politics  in Canadian society? In  Communication Technology , Darin Barney inves -tigates the links between ICTs and our democracy. Framing his discussion around the Canadian Demo -cratic  Audit?s  central  concerns  of  inclusiveness, public  participation,  and  responsiveness,  Barney argues  that  the  potential  of  ICTs  to  contribute  to a  more  democratic  political  system  will  remain largely  untapped  unless  the  more  conventional dimensions of Canadian politics, the economy, and modes of governance are re-oriented.C o m m u n i c a t i o n   Te c h n o l o g y   p o s e s   s o m e   p ro -vocative  questions  about  the  state  of  Canadian democracy  and  the  place  of  ICTs  in  shaping  and improving  it.  Students  of  political  science  and media  studies,  as  well  as  those  with  an  interest in understanding the activist potential of ICTs will ?nd this book particularly compelling. D a r i n   B a r n e y   i s   C a n a d a   R e s e a rc h   C h a i r   i n Technology  and  Citizenship  and  a  professor  of communication studies at McGill University.T HE  C ANADIAN  D EMOCRATIC  A UDITAVAILABLE  226 pages, 5.5 x 8.5?ISBN 0-7748-1182-X, hc $65.00ISBN 0-7748-1183-8, pb $22.95PoliticsThe CourtsIan Greene192 pagesISBN 0-7748-1184-6, hc $65.00Advocacy GroupsLisa Young and  Joanna Everitt188 pages, 7 tables, 5.5 x 8.5?  ISBN 0-7748-1110-2, hc $65.00ISBN 0-7748-1111-0, pb $22.95CitizensElisabeth Gidengil,  Andr? Blais,  Neil Nevitte,  and  Richard Nadeau224 pages, 27 ?gures, 5.5 x 8.5?  ISBN 0-7748-0919-1, hc $65.00ISBN 0-7748-0920-5, pb $22.95ElectionsJohn C. Courtney224 pages, 2 ?gures, 2 tables, 5.5 x 8.5?  ISBN 0-7748-0917-5, hc $65.00ISBN 0-7748-0918-3, pb $22.95FederalismJennifer Smith208 pages, 5.5 x 8.5?  ISBN 0-7748-1060-2, hc $65.00ISBN 0-7748-1061-0, pb $22.95LegislaturesDavid Docherty240 pages, 31 tables, 5.5 x 8.5?ISBN 0-7748-1064-5, hc $65.00ISBN 0-7748-1065-3, pb $22.95Political PartiesWilliam Cross218 pages, 17 tables, 16 ?gures, 5.5 x 8.5?ISBN 0-7748-0940-X, hc $65.00ISBN 0-7748-0941-8, pb $22.95Other titles available in the Canadian Democratic AuditUBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caO R D E R   F R O M   u n i P R E S S E S :   1   8 7 7   8 6 4   8 4 7 7Keeping It LivingTraditions of Plant Use and Cultivation on the Northwest Coast of North AmericaEdited by Douglas Deur and Nancy J. TurnerThe European explorers who ?rst visited the Northwest Coast of North America assumed that the entire region was virtually untouched wilderness  whose  occupants  used  the  land only minimally, hunting and gathering shoots, ro o t s ,   a n d   b e r r i e s   t h a t   w e re   p e r i p h e r a l to  a  diet  and  culture  focused  on  salmon. Colonizers  who  followed  the  explorers  used these  claims  to  justify  the  displacement  of Native groups from their land. Scholars now understand,  however,  that  Northwest  Coast peoples  were  actively  cultivating  plants  well before they experienced contact with Europe -ans.  Keeping It Living  tells the story of tradi -tional Northwest Coast cultivation practices, and  of  how  they  came  to  be  overlooked  by Europeans. Bringing  together  some  of  the  world?s  most prominent  specialists  on  Nor thwest  Coast cultures, this book discusses plant manage -ment methods found from the Oregon Coast to Southeast Alaska. It looks at tobacco gar -dens among the Haida and Tlingit, managed camas plots among the Coast Salish of Puget Sound  and  the  Strait  of  Georgia,  estaurine root gardens along the central coast of British Columbia,  wapato  plot  maintenance  on  the Columbia and Fraser Rivers, and tended berry plots up and down the entire coast.AVAILABLE  384 pages, 6 x 9?  42 b/w illustrations, 16 tables  ISBN 0-7748-1266-4, hc $44.95Native Studies / EthnobotanyC ANADIAN   RIGHTS   ONLYD o u g l a s   D e u r   i s   a   p ro -f e s s o r   o f   g e o g r a p h y   a t the  University  of  Nevada, Reno.  Nancy  J.  Turner   is Distinguished  Professor  in Environmental  Studies  and Geography at the University of  Victoria.  Contributors  in -c l u d e   K e n n e t h   M .   A m e s , E.  Richard  Atleo  (Umeek), M e l i s s a   D a r b y,   D o u g l a s H a l l e t t ,   J a m e s   T.   J o n e s , Dana  Lepofsky,  Ken  Lertz -man, Rolf Mathewes, James McDonald, Sonny McHalsie, Madonna  L.  Moss,  Sandra Peacock,  Bruce  D.  Smith, Robhin  Smith,  Wayne  Sut -tles, and Kevin Washbrook.Geography of British Columbia, Second EditionPeople and Landscapes in TransitionBrett McGillivrayWhat  makes  British  Columbia  such  a  unique p ro v i n c e ?   W h a t   p h y s i c a l   p ro c e s s e s   h a v e made this province so rugged and produced such remarkable variation in climate and veg -etation? Why did non-Natives come to British Columbia, and what impact did they have on First Nations? How were resources developed in the past and how are those resources devel -oped today? This fully revised second edition of  Geography  of  British  Columbia  discusses these and many other aspects of the growth of this distinctive province. Brett  McGillivray  focuses  ?rst  on  the  combi -nation  of  physical  processes  that  produced a  spectacular  variety  of  mountains,  rivers, lakes,  islands,  fjords,  forests,  and  minerals, explaining the forces that created the province and  the  natural  hazards  that  can  reshape  it. McGillivray also covers the economic geogra -phy of the province, with chapters on forestry, the salmon ?shery, metal mining, energy sup -ply  and  demand,  agriculture,  water,  and  the tourism industry. It addresses the present-day issues  of  urbanization,  economic  develop -ment,  and  resource  management,  providing a  thorough  background  to  these  topics  and suggesting what the future might hold. This  up-to-date  and  comprehensive  explora -tion  of  the  rich  historical  geography  and development  of  British  Columbia  will  be  wel -comed by teachers, students, scholars, and everyone with an interest in the province. Brett McGillivray  teaches  t h e   g e o g r a p h y   o f   B r i t i s h C o l u m b i a   a t   C a p i l a n o College, North Vancouver. AVAILABLE282 pages, 8 x 10?16 b/w photos, 50 maps, 53 tablesISBN 0-7748-1253-2, hc $95.00 ISBN 0-7748-1254-0, pb $39.95 GeographyM ARKETING  H IGHLIGHTS? Nancy J. Turner will be speaking at the BC Book Fair?  Advertisements in   BC Bookworld, The Georgia Straight, BC  Studies,  and  DiscoveryRECENTLY RELEASED RECENTLY RELEASED11UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caJourney to the Ice AgeDiscovering an Ancient WorldPeter L. Storck?This is two books in one: a journey through time to  meet  the  people  living  on  the  beaches  of  Ice Age lakes, and a personal journey of the scientist who found them. Storck?s narrative is a delightful tale of science in action and a lifetime dedicated to the people of long ago. It has forever changed my view of the Ontario landscape.??   B o b   M c D o n a l d ,   h o s t   o f   C B C ?s   Q u i r k s   a n d QuarksNow available in paperback,  Journey to the Ice Age  is the winner of several awards, including:? The 2004 Floyd S. Chalmers Award for the best book written on the history of Ontario, awarded by the Champlain Society.?  The  Clio  Award  for  Ontario,  presented  by  the Canadian Historical Association for the best book on Ontario regional history.? The Public Communication Award of The Cana -dian Archaeological Association.Peter  L.  Storck   is  Senior  Curator  Emeritus  at the  Depar tment  of  Anthropology,  Royal  Ontario Museum.P UBLISHED   WITH   THE  R OYAL  O NTARIO  M USEUMMAY376 pages, 6 x 9?  41 b/w photos, 21 maps  ISBN 0-7748-1028-9, hc $39.95 [Now available]ISBN 0-7748-1029-7, pb $29.95History / ArchaeologyNorthern ExposuresPhotographing and Filming the Canadian North, 1920?45Peter GellerTo  many,  the  North  is  a  familiar  but  inaccessible place.  Most  of  us  have  never  been  there,  yet  im -ages of the region are within easy reach: in books and magazines, and on television, computer, and movie screens. Peter Geller uncovers the history behind these popular conceptions of the Canadian North.Northern Exposures  looks at the photographic and ?lm  practice  of  the  three  major  colonial  institu -tions  in  the  Arctic  and  Sub-Arctic  --  the  Canadian government, the Anglican Church of Canada, and the Hudson?s Bay Company -- in the ?rst half of the twentieth century. Their visual representations of the region were widely circulated in of?cial publica -tions and presented in ?lm shows and lantern slide lectures.  Geller  reveals  the  varied  ways  in  which taking and displaying pictures of northern people and  places  extended  control  over  the  nor thern reaches of the Canadian nation.This  book  sheds  light  on  twentieth-century  visual culture and the relationship between photography and colonial power, and raises questions about the role  of  visual  representation  in  history.  Illustrated with over eighty-?ve images from photographs and ?lms of the period, this book will appeal to those interested in Canadian history, Northern and Abo -riginal studies, anthropology, and visual culture.P e t e r   G e l l e r   l i v e s   a n d   t e a c h e s   i n   n o r t h e r n Manitoba and is the Dean of Arts at the University College of the North.AVAILABLE  280 pages, 6 x 9?  86 b/w photos  ISBN 0-7748-0928-0, pb $29.95History / Northern StudiesShaped by the West WindNature and History in Georgian BayClaire Elizabeth CampbellForeword by  Graeme W ynnAlong the east shore of Ontario?s Georgian Bay lie the Thirty Thousand Islands, a granite archipelago scarred  by  glaciers,  where  the  white  pines  cling to the ancient rock, twisted and bent by the west wind ? a symbol of a region where human history has been shaped by the natural environment. Over the  last  four  centuries,  the  Bay  has  been  visited by some of the most famous ?gures in Canadian history, from Samuel de Champlain to the Group of Seven. This book traces the history of Canadians? reactions  to  and  interactions  with  this  distinctive and often intractable landscape.Beginning  with  a  revealing  analysis  of  the  carto -graphic  history  of  the  Bay,  Campbell  proceeds to  examine  changing  cultural  representations  of landscape  over  time.  Each  chapter  presents  a different  type  of  encounter  ?  the  varying  ways  in which  people  approached  or  interacted  with  the Bay.  The  book  also  includes  many  illustrations, including historical maps, archival and contempo -rary  photographs,  and  paintings  by  the  Group  of Seven and other Canadian artists.Shaped by the West Wind  is about how places take on shifting cultural meanings over time. It speaks to a wide variety of interests, including geography, art  and  design,  literary  criticism,  environmental studies, and history. Claire Elizabeth Campbell  is Killam Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of History and Classics at the University of Alberta.N ATURE  | H ISTORY  | S OCIETY  S ERIESAVAILABLE320 pages, 6 x 9?35 colour photos,   10 b/w photos, 5 maps  ISBN 0-7748-1099-8, pb $29.95History / GeographyNEW IN PAPER RECENTLY RELEASEDO R D E R   F R O M   u n i P R E S S E S :   1   8 7 7   8 6 4   8 4 7 7UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caA Need to KnowThe Clandestine History of an American Cold War FamilyH.L. Goodall, Jr.When  Bud  Goodall?s  father  mysteriously  died,  he inherited three well-worn books: a Holy Bible,  The Great  Gatsby ,  and  a  diary.  They  turned  his  life upside down. From the diary Goodall learned that his  father  had  been  a  CIA  operative  during  the height of the Cold War. The Bible and Gatsby were his codebooks. Many mysteries of Bud?s childhood came into focus. The high living in Rome and Lon -don. The blood-stained stiletto in his jewelry case. The mysterious ?uncles? who interrogated the six-year-old boy after embassy parties for information  gleaned from other children. Bud  was always told he never had ?a need to know.? Or did he?N o w,   a s   a n   a d u l t   a n d   a   u n i v e r s i t y   p ro f e s s o r, Goodall attempts to ?ll in the missing pieces of his childhood by uncovering a lifetime of secrets. Who were his parents? What did his father do on those business trips ?working for the government?? What betrayal turned a heroic career of national service into  a  nightmare  of  alcoholism,  depression,  and premature  death  for  both  of  his  parents?  Slowly, inexorably,  Goodall  unearths  the  chilling  secrets of a CIA family in  A Need to Know .H.L. Goodall, Jr.  is Professor and Director of The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University. MAY416 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-59874-041-5, pb $29.95History / MemoirL EFT  C OAST  P RESSUBC Press is pleased to announce that we are the new Canadian distributor for Left Coast Press.Left Coast Press, Inc. is a new publisher of academic and professional materials in the humanities and social sciences,  specializing  in  materials  for  scholars,  students,  and  professionals  in  cultural  institutions.  Founder and  President  Mitch  Allen  was  the  founder  of  AltaMira  Press  and  was  former  Executive  Editor  of  Sage Publications.Eco-WarriorsUnderstanding the Radical Environmental MovementRik ScarcePublished in 1990,  Eco-Warriors  was the ?rst  in-depth look at the people, the actions, the history and the philosophies behind the ?radical? environ -mental movement. Focusing on the work of  Earth First!,  the  Sea  Shepherds,  Greenpeace,  and  the Animal Liberation Front, among others, Rik Scarce told  exciting  and  sometimes  frightening  tales    of front-line  warriors  defending  an  Ear th  they  see as  being  in  environmental  peril.  While  continuing to  study  these  movements  as  a  Ph.D.  student, Scarce was jailed for contempt of court for refus -ing  to  divulge  his  sources  to  prosecutors  eager to thwart these groups? activities. In this updated edition,  Scarce  brings  this  movement  up  to  date ? including material on the Earth Liberation Front ? and provides current resources for all who wish to learn more about one of the most dynamic and confrontational  political  movements  of  our  time. Literate, captivating, and informative, this is also an ideal volume for classes on environmentalism, social movements, or contemporary politics.   Rik  Scarce   is  a  professor  in  the  Department  of Sociology  at  Skidmore  College  and  previously taught  at  Michigan  State  University  and  Montana State University. JANUARY320 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-59874-028-8, pb $29.95Environment / SociologyL EFT  C OAST  P RESSShared HistoriesA Palestinian-Israeli DialogueE d i t e d   b y   P a u l   S c h a m ,   W a l i d Salem, and Benjamin PogrundThere is no single history of the Israeli-Palestinian con?ict.  There  are  two.  The  Israeli  historical  nar -rative  speaks  of  Zionism  as  the  Jewish  national movement, of building a refuge from persecution, and of national regeneration. The Palestinian narra -tive speaks of invasion, expulsion, and oppression.  No  wonder  peace  remains  elusive.  This  volume attempts to present both histories with parallel nar -ratives of key points in the 19th and 20th centuries to 1948. The histories are presented by 14 Israeli and Palestinian experts, joined by other historians, journalists, and activists, who then discuss the dif -ferences and similarities between their accounts. By  creating  an  appreciation,  understanding,  and respect for the ?other,? the ?rst steps can be made to  foster  a  shared  history  of  a  shared  land.    The reader has the opportunity to witness, at ?rst hand, a respectful confrontation between the competing versions of the Israeli-Palestinian con?ict. Paul Scham  is currently a Scholar at the Middle East  Institute  in  Washington,  D.C.  Walid  Salem i s   a   j o u r n a l i s t   a n d   d i re c t o r   o f   t h e   P a l e s t i n i a n Center  for  the  Dissemination  of  Democracy  and Community Development (Panorama), Jerusalem. Benjamin Pogrund  is a journalist and director of the Yakar Center for Social Concern, Jerusalem.  AVAILABLE304 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-59874-013-X, pb $29.95  Politics / Middle East StudiesL EFT  C OAST  P RESSwww.ubcpress.ca13They?re everywhere in the academy. Young, bright women mentored by older scholars, usually men, who attempt to mold them into their own masculine ideals. Janice Hocker Rushing?s study of over 200 women and their life transformations is the subject of this eloquent book. Using the tropes of mythol -ogy  and  Jungian  psychology,  the  author  charac -terizes the many paths these women?s academic lives  take:  as  muse  for  a  faltering  older  scholar, a s   m i s t re s s   o r   w i f e ,   a s   t h e   d u t i f u l   a c a d e m i c daughter. Their resistance to this power differen -tial  also  takes  many  forms:  as  a  veiled  woman, silent  in  public  but  active  in  private,  or  the  Siren, using her sexuality to beat the system. Ultimately, Rushing  arrives  at  the  myth  of  eros  and  psyche, where  women?s  self  understanding  and  personal development  turns  her  erotic  mentoring  into  an autonomous,  whole,  and  free  life,  unfettered  by any  man.  These  women?s  stories,  and  Rushing?s literary and literate framing of their lives, will ring true to many in the university. Janice Hocker Rushing  was professor of com -munication  at  University  of  Arkansas.  Coauthor of    Projecting  the  Shadow:  The  Cyborg  Hero  in American  Film   with  Thomas  S.  Frentz.  Rushing succumbed to cancer in 2004. JANUARY320 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-59874-027-X, pb $34.95Women?s StudiesL EFT  C OAST  P RESSErotic MentoringWomen?s Transformations in the UniversityJanice Hocker Rushing The Goddess and the Bull?atalh?y?k: An Archaeological Journey to the Dawn of CivilizationMichael BalterIn  The  Goddess  and  the  Bull ,  veteran  Science magazine reporter Michael Balter takes you inside the trenches of one of the world?s most important archaeological  excavations  and  the  biggest  pre -historic  village  ever  discovered:  9,500  year  old ?atalh?y?k, in south-central Turkey.Thousands  of  years  before  the  pyramids  were built  in  Egypt,  a  great  civilization  arose  on  the Anatolian plains.  The Goddess and the Bull  details the  dramatic  quest  by  archaeologists  to  unearth the buried secrets of this huge, spectacularly well-preserved early farming settlement. Balter pulls the curtain on romantic notions about archaeology to reveal the true story behind modern excavations ? the thrill of history-making scienti?c discovery as well as the crushing disappointments, the community and friendship, the love affairs, and the  often  bitter  rivalries  between  warring  camps of archaeologists. Along  the  way,  Balter  describes  the  cutting-edge advances  in  archaeological  science  that  have allowed  the  team  at  ?atalh?y?k  to  illuminate  the central questions of human existence.Michael  Balter   worked  for  many  years  as  a political,  environmental,  and  travel  writer  with hundreds  of  features  in  the  Los  Angeles  Times, Travel  &  Leisure,  Islands,   and  the   International Herald  Tribune .  Currently,  he  is  a  correspondent for  Science . He lives in Paris, France.MAY400 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-59874-069-5, pb $24.95Archaeology / AnthropologyL EFT  C OAST  P RESSAmerica?s best-known popular author of archaeol -ogy  distills  decades  of  experience  in  this  brief guide designed to help others wanting to broaden the  audience  for  their  work.  Brian  Fagan?s  no- nonsense  approach  explains  how  to  get  started writing, how to use the tools of experienced writers to  make  archaeology  come  alive  for  the  general public,  and  how  to  get  your  work  revised  and ?nished. He also describes the process by which publishers  decide  to  accept  your  work,  and  the track your publication will follow after it is accepted by a press. Dealing with several genres of popular publication  ?  articles,  columns,  trade  books  and textbooks ? Fagan shows both the differences and similarities in the writing and the publication proc -esses. While speaking directly to those interested in penning for a broad public, Fagan?s sage advice on writing and publishing will be of great value to all archaeologists and their students. Brian Fagan  is the best-known writer on popular archaeology topics in the United States. Emeritus professor  at  University  of  California,  Santa  Bar -bara, he has written over two dozen archaeology books for the general public.FEBRUARY176 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-59874-005-9, pb $29.95ArchaeologyL EFT  C OAST  P RESSWriting ArchaeologyTelling Stories About the PastBrian FaganO R D E R   F R O M   u n i P R E S S E S :   1   8 7 7   8 6 4   8 4 7 7UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caThe Mapmaker?s EyeDavid Thompson on the Columbia PlateauJack NisbetUpstreamSons, Fathers, and RiversRobin CareyAs a river guide on the Klamath River in northern California, Robin Carey fantasized about attempting ?an  entire  whitewater  river  in  upstream  mode.? Years later, Carey and his son Dev set out to kayak up the wild Klamath from its mouth at the Paci?c Ocean. A test of the limits of physical endurance, the river ascent forces Carey to work out tensions with  his  grown  son  and  come  to  terms  with  a painful  past  haunted  by  a  legacy  of  destructive family relationships.U p s t re a m   i s   a t   o n c e   a   c o m p e l l i n g   c h ro n i c l e of  the  river  journey  and  a  moving  por trayal  of turbulent father-son relationships. Carey?s paternal grandfather,  Thomas,  preached  a  hell?re  gospel in the Oklahoma Territories, carrying his message t o   c o w b o y s ,   s o d b u s t e r s ,   w h i s k e y   p e d d l e r s , Choctaws, Chickasaws, and Osage. In his church, he was honored. In his home, he was not ? neither his son nor his wife escaped his wrath or his razor strap.  The  son,  George,  carried  mental  scars forward into his own marriage, where they affected the author?s childhood.During  days  of  hard  paddling,  Carey  comes  to admit  the  quick  anger  and  violent  mood  swings he shares with his father and grandfather, and to acknowledge the crippling power of that legacy. His battle against the current, and his determination to reconcile  with  the  living  and  the  dead  men  of  his life, shape this powerful memoir.R o b i n   C a re y   i s   t h e   a u t h o r   o f   B a j a   J o u r n e y : Reveries  of  a  Sea  Kayaker   and  of  North  Bank: Claiming a Place on the Rogue. MAY168 pages, 5.5 x 8.5?ISBN 0-87071-090-7, pb $22.95MemoirO REGON  S TATE  U NIVERSITY  P RESSBetween  1801  and  1812,  North West  Company  fur  trader,  ex -plorer,  and  cartographer  David Thompson  established  two  vi -able  trade  routes  across  the Rocky  Mountains  in  Canada  and surveyed  the  entire  1,250-mile course  of  the  Columbia  River. In  succeeding  years  he  distilled his  mathematical  notations  from dozens  of  journal  notebooks  into the ?rst accurate maps of the entire northwest quadrant of North America. The writings in those same journals reveal a complex man who was headstrong, curious, and resourceful in ways that re?ected both his London education and his fur trade apprenticeship on the Canadian Shield. In  The  Mapmaker?s  Eye:  David  Thompson  on  the  Columbia  Plateau ,  Jack  Nisbet  utilizes  fresh research  to  convey  how  Thompson  experienced  the  sweep  of  human  and  natural  history  etched across  the  Columbia  drainage.  He  places  Thompson?s  movements  within  the  larger  contexts  of the  European  Enlightenment,  the  British  fur  trade  economy,  and  American  expansion  as  repre -sented by the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Nisbet courses through journal notebooks to assemble and  comment  on  Thompson?s  bird  and  mammal  lists,  the  explorer?s  surprisingly  detailed  Salish vocabulary,  the  music  Thompson  and  his  crew  listened  to  on  a  barrel  organ,  and  the  woodcraft techniques they used to maintain themselves under shelter or while on the move. Visual elements bring Thompson?s daybooks to life. Watercolour landscapes and tribal portraits by the ?rst artists to travel along his trade routes illuminate what Thompson saw. Tribal and fur trade artifacts  reveal  intimate  details  of  two  cultures  at  the  moment  of  contact.  The  Mapmaker?s  Eye  also  depicts  the  surveying  instruments  that  Thompson  used,  and  displays  the  series  of  remark -able maps that grew out of his patient, persistent years of work. Nisbet taps into oral memories kept by the Kootenai and Salish bands who guided Thompson and his par ty along their way. Jack Nisbet  has been a Washington resident for over 30 years. His books include  Sources of the River:  Tracking  David  Thompson  across  Western  North  America ,  which  won  a  Washington  State Governor?s award, the Idaho Librarians Book of the Year, and the Murray Morgan History Prize.AVAILABLEIIlustrations, maps192 pages, 9 x 10.5?  ISBN 0-87422-285-0, pb $36.95History / GeographyW ASHINGTON  S TATE  U NIVERSITY  P RESS15UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caWild Flowers Emily Carr Illustrated by Emily Henrietta WoodsForeword by Kathryn BridgeW i l d   F l o w e r s   i s   a   c o l l e c t i o n   o f   E m i l y   C a r r ?s delightfully evocative impressions of native ?owers and  shrubs.  Carr  wrote  these  short  pieces  later in  life  and  they  rekindled  in  her  strong  childhood memories  and  associations.  She  delights  in  the brightness of buttercups that ?let Spring?s secret out,?  muses  over  the  hardiness  of  stonecrop ?  ?How  any  plant  can  grow  on  bare  rock  and be  so  ?eshy  leafed  and  fat  is  a  marvel.?  ?  and declares  that  ?botanical  science  has  un-skunked the  skunk  cabbage.?  Carr?s  playful  words  often bring a smile to readers. About catnip, she writes: ?I  did  think  it  was  kind  of  God  to  make  a  special ?ower for cats.? W ild  Flowers   is  illustrated  with  ?nely  detailed watercolours  of  wild  plants  by  Emily  Henrietta Woods, who was Carr?s childhood drawing teacher in Victoria. The originals of Carr?s manuscript and Woods? botanical illustrations reside in collections of  the  BC  Archives;  neither  have  been  published before now.In the Foreword to this book, archivist and historian Kathryn Bridge gives context to  Wild Flowers  within the  body  of  Carr?s  previously  published  writings. S h e   a l s o   d e s c r i b e s   t h e   e x t e n s i v e   E m i l y   C a r r literary records held by the BC Archives, and gives short biographies of Carr and Woods.Emily Carr  (1871-1945) is one of Canada?s most recognized and loved artists. MAY96 pages, 7 x 10?colour illustrationsISBN  0-7726-5453-0, pb $19.95Art / NatureR OYAL  B RITISH  C OLUMBIA  M USEUMAmphibians and Reptiles of British ColumbiaRoyal BC Museum HandbookBrent M. Matsuda, David M. Green and Patrick T. GregoryThis  new  book  is  a  revised  and  updated  edition of  two  popular  handbooks,  combined  into  one. Matsuda, Green and Gregory describe 22 species of  amphibians  and  17  species  of  reptiles  known to  live  in  British  Columbia,  along  with  details  on their  biology,  habits,  breeding  and  distribution. They also cover several introduced, accidental and uncon?rmed species that may be recent arrivals in the province. This useful handbook contains general information on  the  biology  of  amphibians  and  reptiles,  fossil history,  snake  venoms  and  amphibian  toxins, m a t i n g   a n d   re p ro d u c t i v e   b e h a v i o u r,   p h y s i c a l development  and  metamorphosis,  relationships with humans and much more.Amphibians  and  Reptiles   is  written  in  the  same easy-to-read  style  as  the  1984  editions,  and  it includes detailed illustrations of all the established species, including many new drawings. This edition features additional photographs, including a colour section to help in identi?cation.Brent M. Matsuda  is an environmental consultant in  Davis,  California.  David  M.  Green   teaches b i o l o g y   a t   M c G i l l   U n i v e r s i t y   w h e re   h e   i s   a l s o Director  of  the  Redpath  Museum.  Patrick  T. Gregory  is a professor of biology at the University of Victoria. MARCH272 pages, 5.5 x 8.5?b/w illustrations, colour photos ISBN 0-7726-5448-4, pb $25.95Natural HistoryR OYAL  B RITISH  C OLUMBIA  M USEUMUp CoastForests and Industry on British Columbia?s North Coast, 1870?2005Richard A. RajalaUp  Coast   offers  the  ?rst  comprehensive  history of British Columbia?s central-and-north-coast forest industry.  Rajala  integrates  social,  political,  and environmental themes in depicting the relationship of  coastal  people  and  communities  to  the  forest from the late 19th century to the present. The  account  begins  with  the  emergence  of  a small-scale industry tied to salmon canneries and early  settlements,  and  traces  the  development of  a  diverse  structure  involving  sawmills,  tie  and pole  producers,  and  handloggers  struggling  to earn a pro?t. But from the early 20th century on, government policies favoured the interests of giant pulp-and-paper  ?rms  such  as  Paci?c  Mills.  A  turn to  sustained-yield  forestry  after  World  War  II  pro -moted  further  concentration  of  ownership,  while postwar development drew the region into a role as hinterland log extraction site for southern plants fed by enormous Tree Farm Licenses.Relating  these  themes  to  a  tradition  of  activism against  capitalist  inequities,  Up  Coast   discusses F i r s t   N a t i o n s ,   u n i o n   a n d   c o m m u n i t y   p ro t e s t s a g a i n s t   c o r p o r a t e   e x p l o i t a t i o n   o f   l a b o u r   a n d resources.  In  addressing  the  modern  era  of  land claims, environmentalism and capital-?ight, Rajala turns to the complex and unresolved struggle for a more equitable and sustainable human relationship with British Columbia?s forests.Richard  Rajala   is  professor  of  history  at  the University of Victoria and the author of  Clearcutting the Paci?c Rain Forest.MAY400 pages, 6 x 9?150 b/w photosISBN 0-7726-5460-3, hc $49.95HistoryR OYAL  B RITISH  C OLUMBIA  M USEUMwww.ubcpress.caO R D E R   F R O M   u n i P R E S S E S :   1   8 7 7   8 6 4   8 4 7 7UBC Press   SPRING 2006The Grail A Year Ambling & Shambling Through an Oregon  Vineyard  in  Pursuit  of  the  Best Pinot Noir Wine in the Whole Wild WorldBrian DoyleA self-described ?wine doofus,? Brian Doyle set out to spend a year in one Willamette Valley vineyard, chronicling  the  creative  and  chaotic  labor  as  the winemakers  chase  after  the  per fect  pinot  noir. He  follows  closely  at  the  elbow  of  Jesse  Lange, of Lange Winery, peppering the young winemaker with questions about growing grapes and making wine. With dry wit and otherworldly patience, Jesse Lange  offers  his  interlocutor  a  primer  on  pinot, describing  how  acres  of  tiny  black  grapes  are turned into complex and superb wines.Doyle is absorbed in the real work of winemaking ? ?the sheer labor of it, the creativity, the dust, the bugs,  the  machinery,  the  botany,  the  chemistry, the wild nuttiness of trying to make a great wine.? He records the rhythms and cycles of winemaking ?  the  fallow  times,  the  times  of  wild  energy,  and always the worry about the precious crop.Doyle  serves  as  a  cheer ful  tour  guide  through t h e   w o r l d   o f   w i n e ,   a l e r t   t o   t h e   c o l o r f u l   a n d riveting  stories  that  swirl  around  its  creation  and consumption. In  The Grail , he collects and shares dozens of these stories ? about the natural history of the vineyard, the fussiness of the pinot vine, the boom in pinot noir around the world, the surprising buying  habits  of  tasting  room  visitors,  and  the subtle  craft  of  winemakers  who  know,  as  Jesse Lange says, grinning, ?how to get out of the way of great grapes.? In short,  The Grail  is a spirited and entertaining chase for a truly special wine.Brian  Doyle   is  the  editor  of  Portland  Magazine , and the author of six books.MAY224 pages, 5.5 x 8.5? 20 line drawingsISBN 0-87071-093-1, pb $22.95WineO REGON  S TATE  U NIVERSITY  P RESSHow to Live Longer and Feel BetterLinus PaulingA  New  York  Times  bestseller  when  it  was  ?rst p u b l i s h e d   i n   1 9 8 6 ,   P a u l i n g ?s   s e m i n a l   w o r k proposes taking vitamins and minerals to prevent disease  and  live  a  long  life.  Pauling?s  simple, inexpensive plan suggests avoiding sugar, stress, and  smoking,  working  in  a  job  that  you  like,  and being  happy  with  your  family.  To  avoid  serious illness  and  enjoy  a  longer  life,  he  recommends taking vitamins for optimal health and as insurance against disease.Pauling  greatly  in?uenced  subsequent  research regarding  the  role  of  nutrition  in  healthy  living, c o i n i n g   t h e   t e r m   ? o r t h o m o l e c u l a r   m e d i c i n e ? to  describe  the  practice  of  using  vitamins  and other  substances  normally  present  in  the  body t o   i m p ro v e   h e a l t h   a n d   f i g h t   v i r u s e s ,   c a n c e r, cardiovascular  disease,  allergies,  ar thritis,  and o t h e r   i l l n e s s e s .   T h i s   n e w   e d i t i o n   o f   P a u l i n g ?s book  includes  an  afterword  and  information  on additional resources by the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University.W h e t h e r   o n e   r e a d s   P a u l i n g ?s   b o o k   f o r   h i s prescription for healthy living, for an understanding of  his  impact  on  nutritional  science  today,  or  for its historical importance, one cannot escape the conclusion  that  diet  and  lifestyle  are  the  key  to disease prevention. Linus  Pauling   (1901-1994),  the  only  recipient of two unshared Nobel Prizes, is widely regarded as  one  of  the  greatest  scientists  of  the  20th century.JUNE360 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 0-87071-096-6, pb $24.95HealthO REGON  S TATE  U NIVERSITY  P RESSDown in My HeartPeace Witness in War TimeWilliam StaffordIntroduction by Kim StaffordFrom 1942 to 1946, William Stafford was interned in camps for conscientious objectors after refusing to be inducted into the U.S. Army. As a paci?st, he worked on conservation projects for Civilian Public Service, an alternative program for young men who refused to participate in World War II. As a writer, he recorded the life he found there.Down in My Heart  tells the story of how a wartime draft created a community for peace. It recounts life  in  the  camps:  the  men?s  day-to-day  activities ?  ?ghting  forest  ?res,  building  trails  and  roads, restoring eroded lands ?  and their earnest pursuit of  a  social  ethic  rooted  in  religious  and  secular paci?st ideals. In his introduction to this new edition of the book, Kim Stafford calls them a ?generation of  seekers,?  men  who  practiced  alternatives  to violence, refused to augment the killing, and spent the war years working full time to ?envision ways to avoid the next war.? A fascinating look at the formative years of a major American poet,  Down in My Heart  also provides a rich glimpse into a little-known aspect of the war. First published in 1947, it remains timely, inviting readers  to  imagine  how  this  legacy  of  paci?sm might inform their own lives.W i l l i a m   S t a f f o rd   ( 1 9 1 4 - 1 9 9 3 )   w a s   a n   e n o r -mously  loved  and  admired  teacher  and  poet.  He received    the  National  Book  Award  for  Traveling through the Dark.  MAY128 pages, 5.5 x 8.5?b/w photosISBN 0-87071-097-4, pb $19.95History / MemoirO REGON  S TATE  U NIVERSITY  P RESS17UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caFables of La FontaineIllustratedEdited by Koren G. Christo?des Translations by Constantine Christo?des and Christopher Carsten In  1855  the  French  caricaturist  Honor?  Daumier and  six  other  artists  proposed  to  illustrate  anew the fables of revered French poet and fabulist Jean de La Fontaine (1621-95). Their project was never realized-until now. Koren Christo?des has brought together over sixty artists from around the globe to  create  original  ar twork  for  the  international exhibition and book,  Fables of La Fontaine . These illustrations celebrate an extraordinary intersection of contemporary art with the fabulist tradition.  Constantine Christo?des and Christopher Carsten have  translated  sixty-?ve  of  La  Fontaine?s  fables. Readers  will  ?nd  not  only  familiar  tales  like  ?The Hare  and  the  Tortoise,?  but  will  also  discover  a trove  of  lesser-known  satiric  fables,    translated here  with  sophisticated  gusto  and  an  elegance worthy of La Fontaine?s enduring genius.  A cogent introduction by Constantine Christo?des describes the volatile social context of seventeenth-century France as well as the literary tradition, stemming from Aesop, that underlies La Fontaine?s fables. Koren  Christo?des   is  a  widely  exhibited  painter whose work is in private and public collections in the US and Europe.  Constantine Christo?des  is pro -fessor emeritus of comparative literature, French, and art history at the University of Washington.   Poet and translator  Christopher Carsten  teaches at the Institute for American Universities. JUNE172 pages, 8.5 x 11?   68 colour illustrationsISBN 0-295-98614-X, hc $62.95 ISBN 0-295-98599-2, pb $37.95 Literature / Art P UBLISHED   WITH  M ARYLAND  I NSTITUTE  C OLLEGE   OF  A RTU NIVERSITY   OF  W ASHINGTON  P RESSSleeping AroundThe Bed from Antiquity to NowAnnie Carlano and Bobbie SumbergThere?s  more  than  one  way  to  make  a  bed,  and humans  throughout  history  have  devised  myriad ways  to  sleep.  From  a  blanket  on  the  ground to  elaborately  carved  four-poster  beds,  from  a hammock  swinging  under  the  stars  to  a  sti?ing cupboard bed built into a wall, this well-illustrated book  introduces  readers  to  beds  and  sleeping customs over time and around the world. B e g i n n i n g   w i t h   ? s l e e p i n g   l o w, ?   C a r l a n o   a n d Sumberg show that whereas sleeping on bedding on  the  ?oor  was  the  lot  of  the  poor  in  Europe and  North  America,  in  many  other  parts  of  the world  it  has  long  been  a  cultural  and  aesthetic choice. ?Sleeping high? started early, too: raised platform  beds  are  known  from  archaeological ?nds and tomb paintings from the fourth century BCE in Egypt. Rounding out the tour, Carlano and Sumberg describe the ways people have found to sleep safely and comfortably while on the move, from  full-time  nomads  sleeping  in  tents  to  20th century  tourists  in  Pullman  cars.  They  devote  a chapter  to  special  beds,  cradles,  and  cribs,  and an  aptly  ?nal  chapter  to  the  abundance  of  sleep imagery associated with death. S l e e p i n g   A r o u n d   o f f e r s   a n   i n f o r m a t i v e   a n d entertaining look at the history of beds and their ever-changing designs. Annie  Carlano   is  senior  curator  and  Bobbie Sumberg  is curator of textiles and costume at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe.JUNE   200 pages, 8.5 x 11.5? 140 color illustrations   ISBN 0-295-98598-4, pb $39.95HistoryP UBLISHED   WITH  M USEUM   OF  I NTERNATIONAL  F OLK  A RTU NIVERSITY   OF  W ASHINGTON  P RESSNikolai?s FortuneA NovelSolveig Torvik  Blending memoir and historical ?ction, grandmoth -er,  mother,  and  daughter  each  share  their  own story  in  Nikolai?s  Fortune :  Kaisa,  of  her  mother?s love  for  Nikolai  and  her  own  500-mile  trek  at  the age  of  twelve  from  impoverished  Finland  across the  snowy  mountains  of  Lapland;  Berit,  of  child slavery  and  an  obsession  with  seeking  out  her grandfather?s fortune for her mother; and Hannah, the  voice  of  Torvik,  of  her  childhood  during  the Nazi  occupation  of  Norway  and  her  family?s  later emigration to Idaho. Mothers and daughters face the  anguish  of  famine,  poverty,  rape,  illegitimate children,  emigration,  ethnic  prejudice,  and  war, hiding  shameful  secrets  that  reach  across  three countries and four generations. Through  detailed  historical  research  including census, church, and weather records, as well as academic  and  museum  sources,  Torvik  recap -tures a dramatic story nearly lost to memory and inherits  something  worth  more  than  a  fortune  in riches-a  sense  of  her  own  family  history,  ethnic background, and of the generations of remarkable women who came before her.  Norwegian-born   Solveig  Torvik  was  a  reporter, editor,  and  columnist  at  the  Seattle  Post-Intel -ligencer  for thirty years. ?Torvik  tells  a  story  that  is  at  times  moving,  at times disturbing, and nearly always riveting.? ? Katherine Hanson, editor of  An Everyday Story: Norwegian Women?s Fiction  MARCH   332 pages, 6 x 9?    ISBN 0-295-98563-1, hc $31.95Fiction / Memoir A M C L ELLAN  B OOKU NIVERSITY   OF  W ASHINGTON  P RESSO R D E R   F R O M   u n i P R E S S E S :   1   8 7 7   8 6 4   8 4 7 7UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caThe  Ethical  Travel  Guide   is  a  natural  follow-up to  Tourism  Concern?s  hugely  successful  Good Alternative Travel Guide ? it is the essential global resource for responsible travellers. Find hundreds of new ideas for your next holiday and visit amazing communities not listed in other guidebooks. If you are tired of tourist traps and guilt trips, or just want to have a positive impact on local people and their environment, this book is for you. The  extensive  directory  in  this  new  Guide  lists places  to  visit  and  stay  in  over  60  countries  and other useful resources chosen by Tourism Concern for  anyone  interested  in  ethical  and  sustainable tourism ? ?because tourism should always bene?t local people.?Tourism Concern  is an organization which works w i t h   c o m m u n i t i e s   i n   d e s t i n a t i o n   c o u n t r i e s   t o reduce  social  and  environmental  problems  con -nected to tourism and with the out-going tourism industry in the UK to ?nd ways of improving tourism so that local bene?ts are increased.JUNE240 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84407-321-1, pb $24.95Environment / TravelE ARTHSCAN  P UBLISHINGThe Ethical Travel GuideYour Passport to Exciting Alternative HolidaysPolly Patullo for Tourism ConcernCapitalismAs if the World MattersJonathan PorrittAs our great economic machine grinds relentlessly forward  into  a  future  of  declining  fossil  fuel  sup -plies,  climate  change  and  ecosystem  failure,  hu -manity, by necessity, is beginning to question the very  structure  of  the  economy  that  has  provided so  much  wealth,  and  inequity,  across  the  world. In this fresh, politically charged analysis, Jonathon Porritt weighs in on the most pressing question of the 21st century ? can capitalism, as the only real economic game in town, be retooled to deliver a sustainable  future?  Porritt  argues  not  only  that  it can but that it must as he lays out the framework for a new ?sustainable capitalism? that cuts across political divides and promises a prosperous future of wealth, equity and ecosystem integrity.Jonathon Porritt  is Co-Founder and Programme Director of Forum for the Future. A leading adviser to business and industry, he is Chairman of the new UK Sustainable Development Commission.  JANUARY304 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84407-192-8, pb $39.95Politics / BusinessE ARTHSCAN  P UBLISHINGCity making is an art, not a formula. It involves an act  of  re-creation,  especially  when  the  world  of cities is changing dramatically. Writing in an acces -sible style, Charles Landry   examines urban life in an age of complexity, explaining how imagination and cultural creativity can be used for cities to be more successful. He looks at how cities can har -ness their resources by strengthening their identity and distinctiveness and get onto the ?radar screen? in adapting to the changing economic dynamics, global terms of trade and mass migration.Landry explores the ?geography of misery and ge -ography of desire? in suggesting how we can better experience  the  sensory  and  physical  landscape of  cities  and  turn  both  into  assets.  He  examines the  deeper  faultlines,  paradoxes  and  strategic dilemmas  that  make  creating  the  ?good  city?  so dif?cult and crystallizes how the concept of urban psychology is helpful in decision making.The Art of City Making  is practically focused and presents guidelines, policy approaches, and clear recommendations,  drawing  on  an  array  of  fasci -nating international case studies and the author?s extensive experience working in over 30 countries around the world. The Art of City Making  will be read by  professionals  in  town  planning,  architecture, economic development, or anyone connected with city development. Charles Landry  is founding director of COMEDIA, a cultural planning consultancy. MAY248 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84407-245-2, pb $39.95  Urban StudiesE ARTHSCAN  P UBLISHINGThe Art of City MakingCharles Landry19UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caThe vast literature on Virginia Woolf ?s life, work, and marriage falls into two groups. A large majority is certain that she was mentally ill, and a small minor -ity is equally certain that she was not mentally ill but was misdiagnosed by psychiatrists. In this daring exploration of Woolf ?s life and work, Thomas Szasz examines  the  evidence  and  rejects  both  views. Instead, he looks at how Woolf, with her husband Leonard,  used  the  concept  of  madness  and  the profession of psychiatry to manage and manipulate their own and each other?s lives. Szasz  argues  that  Woolf  was  a  victim  neither  of mental  illness,  nor  psychiatry,  nor  her  husband. He ?nds her to be an intelligent and self-assertive person,  a  moral  agent  who  used  mental  illness, psychiatry, and her husband to fashion for herself a life of her own choosing.Szasz  interprets  Virginia  Woolf ?s  life  and  work  as expressions  of  her  character,  and  her  character as the product of her free will. He offers this view as  a  corrective  against  the  prevailing,  ostensibly scienti?c view that attributes both her ?madness? and  her  ?genius?  to  biological-genetic  causes. We  tend  to  attribute  exceptional  achievement  to genius, and exceptional failure to madness. Both, says Szasz, are ?ctitious entities. This illuminating volume  will  interest  the  wide  audience  interested in  Virginia  Woolf  and  her  work,  as  well  as  those interested in the use and abuse of psychiatry.Thomas Szasz  is professor of psychiatry emeri -tus at the State University of New York.  MARCH173 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 0-7658-0321-6, pb $36.95Environment / TravelT RANSACTION  P UBLISHERS?My Madness Saved Me?The Madness and Marriage of Virginia Woolf Thomas SzaszThe Genius of the Jewish JokeArthur Asa BergerThe  Genius  of  the  Jewish  Joke   focuses  on  what is distinctive and unusual about Jewish jokes and Jewish  humor.  Jewish  humor  is  humor  by  Jews and  about  Jews,  in  whatever  medium  this  humor i s   f o u n d ;   j o k e s   a re   d e f i n e d   a s   s h o r t   s t o r i e s , meant  to  amuse,  with  a  punch  line,  though  Jew -ish  humor  exists  in  many  other  forms  ?  riddles, comic  de?nitions,  parodies  ?  as  well.  The  book makes  a  ?radical?  suggestion  about  the  origin  of Jewish humor ? namely, that Sarah and Abraham?s relation  to  God,  and  the  name  of  their  son  Isaac (which, in Hebrew, means laughter), recognizes a special af?nity in Jews for humor. Abraham does not sacri?ce Isaac (humor) and, thus, humor and the Jews are linked early in Jewish history.The  Genius  of  the  Jewish  Joke   is  an  entertaining and  informative  inquiry  into  Jewish  humor  that explores its distinctiveness, its unique spirit, and its role in Jewish identity.?This  is  the  funniest  thing  I?ve  read  since  Freud. It?s  also  funnier  than  anything  on  TV.  The  book ?nally explained to me why I laugh ? not that there is  anything  to  laugh  about?.  Berger  is  wasting his time in academia. We need him in television.?  ? Marvin Kitman,  Newsday?In  this  ?nely  argued  study,  Berger  discounts  the theory  of  Jewish  humor  as  masochistic,  arguing instead that the self-criticism in Jewish jokes is lib -erating and life-enhancing.?  ?  Publishers WeeklyAr thur  Asa  Berger  is  professor  emeritus  of broadcast  and  electronic  communication  arts  at San Francisco State University. APRIL218 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-4128-0553-8, pb $29.95Humour / Jewish StudiesT RANSACTION  P UBLISHERSIn  this  timely  volume,  James  E.  Katz,  a  leading authority on social consequences of communica -tion  technology,  analyzes  the  way  new  mobile telecommunications  affect  daily  life  both  in  the United States and around the world. Magic in the Air  is the most wide-ranging analysis of  mobile  communication  to  date.    Katz  investi -gates  the  spectrum  of  social  aspects  of  the  cell phone?s  impact  on  society  and  the  way  social forces  affect  the  use,  display  and  re-con?gura -tion of the cell phone. Surveying the cell phone?s current  and  emerging  role  in  daily  life,  Katz  ?nds that  it  provides  many  bene?ts  for  the  user,  and that  some  of  these  bene?ts  are  subtle  and  even counter-intuitive. He identi?es ways the cell phone has not been entirely positive, and outlines some steps  to  ameliorate  the  cell  phone?s  negative  ef -fects.  Katz  also  burrows  beneath  the  obvious  to investigate deeper changes in social organization and  family  life  that  are  enabled  by  the  seemingly ubiquitous cell phone. James E. Katz  is a professor of communication at  Rutgers,  The  State  University  of  New  Jersey and  director  of  the  Rutgers  University  Center  for Mobile Communication Studies, the ?rst academic center dedicated to the study of social aspects of mobile communication. JUNE270 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 0-7658-0335-6, hc $42.95  Technology / CultureT RANSACTION  P UBLISHERSMagic in the AirMobile Communication and the Transformation of Social LifeJames E. Katz O R D E R   F R O M   u n i P R E S S E S :   1   8 7 7   8 6 4   8 4 7 7UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caProminent  social  critic  Henry  Giroux  explores how new forms of media are challenging the very nature of politics in his most poignant and striking book to date.Through  the  Internet  and  other  media  the  ability of small groups (including terrorists) to broadcast political messages has changed the landscape of politics  and  challenged  democracy  in  new  ways. Violence is now routinely visible through the theatri -cal staging efforts of governments, media corpora -tions,  and  terrorists.  Reality  television  programs run weekly along with beheading videos and other visuals intent on playing upon public fear.The  emergence  of  the  spectacle  of  terror  as  a new  form  of  politics  raises  important  questions about how fear and anxiety can be marketed, how terrorism can be used to recruit people in support of authoritarian causes, and how the spectacle of terrorism works in an age of injustices, deep inse -curities, disembodied social relations, fragmented communities, and a growing militarization of eve -ryday  life.  At  the  same  time,  new  media  such  as the Internet, digital camcorders, and cell phones can be used to energize sites of resistance, pro -vide  alternative  public  spheres,  pluralize  political struggles,  and  expand  rather  than  close  down democratic relations. Giroux considers what condi -tions  and  changes  are  necessary  to  reinvigorate democracy in light of these new challenges.Henry A. Giroux  holds the Global TV Network Chair in Communications at McMaster University.APRIL128 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-59451-240-X, pb $19.95Politics / Media StudiesP ARADIGM  P UBLISHERSBeyond the Spectacle of TerrorismGlobal Uncertainty and the Challenge of the New MediaHenry A. GirouxTwo Aspirins and a ComedyHow Television can Enhance Health and SocietyMetta SpencerCan  television  be  a  positive  force  in  society? Can  socially  conscious  enter tainment  change the  world?  Two  Aspirins  and  Comedy   asks  these questions and more and arrives at surprising and unconventional answers. The very real social and political  rami?cations  of  books  like  Uncle  Tom?s Cabin  and  ?lms  such  as  Ghandi   led  sociologist Metta  Spencer  to  delve  deeper  into  the  signi? -cance  and  power  of  entertainment  as  a  means to in?uence society. Not only did she ?nd current examples  of  socially  constructive  TV  program -ming  but  she  also  prescribes  ways  that  mass entertainment sources can better use their power to positively in?uence society.Two  Aspirins  and  a  Comedy  explores  the  health bene?ts  of  entertainment  through  the  moral  and spiritual  effects  of  vicarious  involvement  with  ?c -tional characters. Spencer ?nds the television dra -mas like  Northern Exposure  and  ER  to be examples of series that can elevate viewers? emotions as well as meaningfully instruct them on important life les -sons. In a climate where television is often a culprit for  society?s  woes,  Spencer  casts  a  redemptive eye  on  the  medium.  She  asserts  that  television, like  other  ?ctional  landscapes,  offers  invaluable lessons,  emotional  bonding,  and  catharsis  for  a modern society whose members are increasingly cut off from one another.Metta Spencer , Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto,  currently edits  Peace Magazine . MARCH392 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-59451-155-1, pb $29.95  Media / Cultural StudiesP ARADIGM  P UBLISHERSPope John Paul II was famous as the most visible and politically active pope of all time. He took his positions  with  great  personal  integrity,  yet  his views  variously  pleased  and  angered  citizens  on the right and the left. His inaugural appearance as pope  in  his  native  Poland  helped  spur  Solidarity and the fall of the communist bloc, yet he recently chided  George  W.  Bush  and  Western  world  lead -ers  for  excessive  capitalist  policies,  citing  their actions  as  a  factor  in  deepening  world  poverty. He  took  exception  to  the  liberation  theology  of Central American church leaders who viewed the philosophy as vital to the region?s future well being. His positions on family, sexuality, and reproductive issues have been welcomed by many, but viewed as out of step with the reality of the times by many church  members.  The  book  also  considers  Ben -edict XVI and his continuance of the conservative agenda set by John Paul II.This compact anthology is the ?rst book to focus on  the  political  legacy  of  Popes  John  Paul  II  and Benedict XVI. It brings together articles to present this legacy from a variety of viewpoints to give the reader a well-considered portrait of John Paul II and Benedict XVI ? as men, as world citizens, and as re -ligious leaders of a church of one billion members who today comprise one sixth of all humanity. The ?nal  pages  look  to  the  future  of  the  papacy  and Catholicism in the twenty-?rst century.Chester M. Gillis  is associate professor of Theol -ogy and Catholic Studies at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. JANUARY272 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-59451-181-0, hc $29.95  Religious Studies / Cultural StudiesP ARADIGM  P UBLISHERSThe Political PapacyJohn Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Their In?uenceChester M. Gillis21UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caPlaying with Fish and Other Lessons from the NorthRobert J. WolfeBernie WhitebearAn Urban Indian?s Quest for JusticeLawney L. ReyesR o b e r t   J .   W o l f e ? s   m p a s s i o n e d e s s a y s   i n v i t e   re a d e r s   t o   c o n s i d e r the  relationships  between  humans a n d   a n i m a l s   i n   o u r   m u l t i c u l t u r a l world. A cultural anthropologist from California,  Wolfe  spent  twenty  years in Alaska documenting the traditional hunting and ?shing practices of Alaska Natives  and  discovered  much  about s u s t a i n a b l e   re l a t i o n s h i p s   b e t w e e n people  and  nature.  In  this  series  of thought-provoking essays contrasting California  and  Alaska  ?  worlds  far a p a r t ,   y e t   c o n n e c t e d   b y   p e o p l e s , cultural  traditions,  and  ecology  ?  he challenges readers to re?ect on their own  personal  conduct  within  nature and within our multicultural world.Robert J. Wolfe  is an anthropologist w h o   o w n s   h i s   o w n   s o c i a l   s c i e n c e research  group.  He  has  published numerous articles and has contributed to books on the contemporary Alaska Native subjects. MAY 152 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 0-8165-2485-8, pb $19.95Environment / Native Studies U NIVERSITY   OF  A RIZONA  P RESSThis is the ?rst biography of one of the Paci?c  Nor thwest?s  most  in?uential Native  American  activists.  Sin  Aikst Indian Bernie Whitebear (1937-2000) was  a  Seattle-based  Indian  activist who uni?ed Northwest tribes to ?ght for  the  return  of  their  land  and  won the praise and admiration of an entire community. This inspiring account of his life takes readers from the Colville Reservation of the 1930s to the ?Red Power?  movement  of  the  1970s  as it  traces  Bernie?s  emergence  as  an activist, whether staging the success -ful  protest  at  Fort  Lawton  or  acting on  behalf  of  Native  ?shing  rights  in Puget Sound.L a w n e y   L .   R e y e s   i s   f o r m e r   a r t director  for  the  Sea?rst  Corporation and  a  member  of  the  Seattle  Ar ts Commission.  He  is  author  of  White Grizzly Bear?s Legacy .MAY160 pages, 6 x 9?   ISBN 0-8165-2521-8, pb $19.95Native Studies / BiographyU NIVERSITY   OF  A RIZONA  P RESSHusk  of  Time   is  a  beautiful  career retrospective  of  the  work  of  a  major Hopi  photographer  and  ?lmmaker. As Masayesva navigates his personal associations with Hopi subject matter in  varied  investigations  of  biology, ecology, humanity, history, planetary e n e rg y,   p l a c e s   re m e m b e re d ,   a n d musings on things broken and whole, he has created an extraordinary visual cosmography.  In this compilation of his photographic journey, he presents s o m e   o f   t h e   m o s t   i m p o r t a n t   a n d vibrant  images  of  that  visual  quest and  re?ects  on  them  in  provocative essays.? A r t i c u l a t i n g   t h e   r i c h n e s s   o f   h i s h e r i t a g e   i n   h i s   o w n   l a n g u a g e ,   h e allows  the  Hopi  voice  to  be  heard.?  ?  Electronic Arts IntermixVictor  Masayesva,  Jr.,  is  a  Hopi artist whose work has been exhibited and  sold  in  galleries  nation-wide.  He is  well-known  for  his  experimental ?lms on the Hopi culture, particularly Imagining Indians . JUNE128 pages, 11 x 9?42 colour plates, 23 b/w photos ISBN 0-8165-2497-1, pb $19.95Native Studies / PhotographyU NIVERSITY   OF  A RIZONA  P RESSHusk of TimeThe Photographs of Victor MasayesvaVictor Masayesva, Jr.Aptly  subtitled  More  Than  a  Century of  Recordings  from  Wax  Cylinder  to t h e   I n t e r n e t ,   T h e   E n c y c l o p e d i a   o f Native  Music  contains  almost  1,800 e n t r i e s   s p a n n i n g   o v e r   a   c e n t u r y.Wright-Mcleod,  producer  and  host of  Canada?s  longest-running  Native radio  program,  leads  readers  from early performers of traditional songs like  William  Horncloud  to  ar tists  of the  new  millennium  such  as  Zotigh. Along  the  way,  he  includes  entries for jazz and blues artists never widely acknowledged  for  their  Native  roots ?   O s c a r   P e t t i f o rd ,   M i l d re d   B a i l e y, and  Keely  Smith  ?  and  traces  the recording  histories  of  contemporary per formers  like  Rita  Coolidge  and Jimmy  Carl  Black,  ?the  Indian  of  the group? in the original Mothers of Inven -tion. It also includes ?lm soundtracks and  compilation  albums  that  have been  instrumental  in  bringing  many artists to popular attention. In addition to music, it lists spoken-word record -ings, including audio books, comedy, interviews, poetry, and more. Brian  Wright-McLeod  is  producer and  host  of  Renegade  Radio ,  a  live two-hour  weekly  music  and  issues program.AVAILABLE464 pages, 7 x 10?ISBN 0-8165-2448-3, pb $34.95Music / Native StudiesU NIVERSITY   OF  A RIZONA  P RESSThe Encyclopedia of Native Music  Brian Wright-McLeodO R D E R   F R O M   u n i P R E S S E S :   1   8 7 7   8 6 4   8 4 7 7UBC Press  SPRING 2006  than  a  grave  and  a  ruin,?  writes  Peter Josyph, ?Ground Zero was a new New York neigh -borhood.? A writer and feature ?lmmaker, Josyph spent  a  year  and  a  half  combing  the  streets  and the debris-blasted buildings of the area, talking with workers and residents, capturing its struggles and transformations.  This  book  is  a  haunting  record of  the  extraordinary  world  that  was  created  on September 11 and has now vanished forever.Exploring this ?dust-driven world of collateral dam -age,? Josyph documented their struggle at a time when  the  bans  against  photography  made  him ?a  spy  in  the  house  of  destruction.?  Misinformed and  marginalized  by  city  and  federal  agencies, the  neighborhood  was  on  its  own  in  coping  with toxic  infestation,  landlords,  insurers,  and  simple access to the place they were proud ? and cursed ? to call their home.Josyph ?nds in every detail new ways to envision that  morning,  and  challenges  more  simplistic, m a i n s t re a m   v i e w s   o f   G ro u n d   Z e ro   w i t h   v i v i d portraits of exceptional New Yorkers who made a place for themselves in that tragic and transitory neighborhood.Peter  Josyph   is  an  author  and  ?lmmaker.  His books  include   The  Wounded  River ,  which  was a  New  York  Times  Notable  Book  of  1993;  his ?lms include  Liberty Street: Alive at Ground Zero  (2005).JUNE320 pages, 6 x 9?16 illustrationsISBN 1-58465-551-8, hc $29.95Politics / Urban StudiesU NIVERSITY  P RESS   OF  N EW  E NGLANDLiberty StreetEncounters at Ground Zero Peter JosyphCrab WarsA Tale of Horseshoe Crabs, Bioterrorism, and Human HealthWilliam SargentScientists,  entrepreneurs,  and  environmentalists collide in a battle over the horseshoe crab and the lucrative biotech industry based on its blood.?Here?s a species older than time, a species key to the great migrations transecting our planet ? and in  the  space  of  a  few  years  our  short-term  inter -rests have brought it close to ruin. It?s a powerful metaphor (one wishes it were only a metaphor) and its tale is told with enormous care and balance. And with just the faintest hint of optimism at the end.?  ? Bill McKibben, author of  The End of Nature ?A popular interest book about how a 300 million year  old  organism  became  essential  to  the  mod -ern  pharmaceutical  industry.  Sargent  traces  the discovery of horseshoe crab blood as the perfect in-vitro test for gram-negative bacteria through the development of a multi-million dollar business. He recounts  the  battles  between  multinational  phar -maceutical companies to ?bleed? enough crabs for Limulus  lysate  and  the  demand  for  crabs  by  the bait ?shery. Regulation of the ?shery by individual states  complicates  the  issue  of  preserving  this natural resource.?  ?  Northeastern NaturalistWilliam  Sargent   is  a  consultant  for  the  NOVA Science Series and has written seven books about science  and  the  environment,  including  A  Year  in the  Notch:  Exploring  the  Natural  History  of  the White Mountains .MARCH136 pages, 5.5 x 8.5?4 mapsISBN 1-58465-531-3,  pb $17.95Environment / PoliticsU NIVERSITY  P RESS   OF  N EW  E NGLANDLust is arguably the most basic of human desires. It determines much of our behavior and our culture, but is it understood? Building on his groundbreaking work in  Ecstasy and Rage , Michael Eigen confronts lust, mining the history of psychology and religion as  well  as  the  literary  depths  of  the  Symposium , the  Iliad , and the book of  Genesis . He also takes us  into  his  own  sessions  as  a  psychoanalyst  to show how lust expresses itself in the daily lives of real  people.  This  comprehensive  and  accessible account  of  a  still-taboo  subject  includes  lust?s inescapable  ties  to  reproduction  and  its  ultimate resolution in death. Eigen uses contemporary and historical examples to show how lust is simultane -ously a positive force and potentially destructive. In  championing  the  life-af?rming  aspects  of  lust, Eigen?s conclusions are thought-provoking, illumi -nating, and ultimately, healing.?Insightful and original,  Lust  is a major contribution from one of our most provocative thinkers. Michael Eigen continues to push the form of psychoanalytic discourse in a more personal and passionate direc -tion. Courageous, intelligent, and deeply engaging, it is a pleasure to read.? ?  Mark Epstein, author of Going to Pieces Without Falling ApartMichael Eigen  is in private practice in New York. Author  of  numerous  books,  he  is  also  associate clinical  professor  of  psychology  at  New  York University  and  a  senior  member  of  the  National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis.APRIL136 pages, 5.5 x 8.5?ISBN 0-8195-6808-2, pb $19.95  Psychology / SexualityW ESLEYAN  U NIVERSITY  P RESSLustMichael Eigen23UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caToxic Feedback Helping Writers Survive and ThriveJoni B. ColeOver the Hill, You Pick Up SpeedRe?ections on Aging (for anyone who happens to be) Nardi Reeder CampionAll writers have stories of how some t e a c h e r,   f r i e n d ,   o r   s p o u s e   g a v e them  commentary  that  undermined their  con?dence  and  their  writing. T h i s   ? t o x i c   f e e d b a c k ?   h a s   t a i n t e d feedback?s  reputation  as  a  whole, causing too many writers to avoid or mismanage this valuable resource. In the ?rst book to focus on this vital but  delicate  dynamic,  Joni  B.  Cole  shows  writers  how  to  use  feedback to  energize  and  inform  their  writing at  every  stage  of  the  process.  For f e e d b a c k   p ro v i d e r s ,   s h e   d e l i v e r s insights  into  constructive  criticism and  the  dif ference  between  being heard  and  being  obnoxious.  Finally, she  offers  advice  to  workshops  and critique groups on how to thrive in this collective experience. T h ro u g h   a   m i x t u re   o f   i n s t r u c t i o n , anecdotes,  and  moral  support,  Cole manages  to  detoxify  the  feedback p ro c e s s   w i t h   h u m o r   a n d   w i t h o u t laying  blame,  inspiring  both  sides  of the  interaction  to  make  the  most  of this powerful resource.A   p ro f e s s i o n a l   w r i t e r   a n d   e d i t o r, Joni  B.  Cole     has  led  ?ction-writing workshops  for  over  ten  years  and has developed a workshop based on Toxic Feedback .JUNE192 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-58465-544-5, pb $19.95Creative Writing / EducationU NIVERSITY  P RESS   OF  N EW  E NGLANDF ro m   t h e   h e a r t b re a k   o f   g i v i n g   u p one?s  driver?s  licence  to  the  joys  of geriatric  dating,  Nardi  Reeder  Cam -pion  brings  her  distinctive  mix  of  wit and candour to the subject of aging. Campion considers with amusement both the things that change (society?s attitudes towards sex) and those that remain the same (her own inability to use  the  f-word).  She  shares  her  love o f   t e a   a n d   t r a v e l ,   h e r   p l e a s u re   i n family  and  friends,  and  her  ongoing frustration at her penchant for losing items large and small, worthless and precious.  And  she  introduces  us  to some  notable  people  she  has  met along  the  way  whose  in?uence  she continues to feel.Whether inviting her retirement home neighbours to watch a belly dancer or taking a long-dreamed-of trip to Paris and Normandy at eighty-six, Campion shows  that  aging  can  be  both  funny and fun. If you or someone you know happens  to  be  aging,  this  book  is for you.N a r d i   R e e d e r   C a m p i o n   i s   t h e author  of  Everyday  Matters   and  of seven other books. JUNE224 pages, 4.5 x 7?ISBN 1-58465-526-7, pb $27.95 Aging / HumourU NIVERSITY  P RESS   OF  N EW  E NGLANDHighland Homecomings  is concerned with  practices  through  which  mem -bers  of  transnational  communities construct  and  negotiate  aspects  of their identities in relation to perceived a n c e s t r a l   h o m e l a n d s .   A d d re s s i n g a  central  paradox  of  globalization ?  the  contrary  movement  towards l o c a l i z a t i o n   ?   t h e   b o o k   e x a m i n e s t h e   ro l e   o f   p l a c e ,   b e l o n g i n g ,   a n d territorial attachment in an age often c h a r a c t e r i z e d   b y   p l a c e l e s s n e s s , mobility and deterritorialization. More particularly,  the  book  explores  ?ows of  people,  images,  objects,  ideas, symbols,  and  stories  within  a  pos -ited  Scottish  diaspora,  focusing  on journeys  made  by  people  who  claim Scottish Highland descent living in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and  other  regions  in  which  Scottish migrants have historically settled, to the  Scottish  Highlands  and  Islands to pursue genealogical research and seek out places associated with their ancestors.Paul  Basu   is  part  of  the  School  of S o c i a l   C u l t u r a l   S t u d i e s ,   U n i v e r s i t y of Sussex.MAY392 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84472-127-6, pb $39.95 Travel / GenealogyC AVENDISH  P UBLISHING Highland HomecomingsGenealogy and Heritage Tourism in ScotlandPaul BasuUrville ,  the  capital  of  a  large  island province,  has  a  population  of  nearly 12  million,  making  it  the  one  of  the most signi?cant cities in Europe. It is also entirely imaginary.Gilles  Tr?hin,  an  autistic  man  with exceptional  creative  talents  and  an obsession with cities, conceived and developed  Urville   over  the  course  of 20 years. He shares his vision in this beautifully illustrated guide to the city, which he renders in nearly 300 draw -ings of different districts of Urville. He describes  the  architectural  styles  of its  individual  buildings  and  provides historical,  geographical,  economic and cultural information. This includes historical  ?gures  and  cultural  anec -dotes  grounded  in  historical  reality ?  Tr?hin  accounts  for  the  effects  of the  Vichy  regime,  World  War  II,  and globalization on his imagined city.This  book  offers  fascinating    insight into the creative power of the autistic mind and will be of interest to people with autism and without.Gilles  Tr?hin   is  32  years  old  and autistic.  He  has  exceptional  talents in  mathematics,  music,  languages and  art.  He  has  been  developing  his vision  of  Urville  since  the  age  of  15, and drawing since the age of 5. APRIL192 pages, 11.7 x 8.25?ISBN 1-84310-419-9, pb $29.95 Psychology / ArchitectureJ ESSICA  K INGSLEY  P UBLISHERSUrvilleGilles Tr?hinO R D E R   F R O M   u n i P R E S S E S :   1   8 7 7   8 6 4   8 4 7 7UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caSpirituality is increasingly acknowledged to be an essential  par t  of  child  development.  David  Hay argues for the inclusion of spiritual awareness as a  cross-curricular  element  in  the  school  syllabus to promote the development of morality and social cohesion.While  culturally  constructed  pressures  and  the decline  in  institutional  religion  have  led  to  the suppression  of  spiritual  expression,  children  are, the  author  maintains,  capable  of  profound  and meaningful beliefs from an early age. A three-year research study into young children?s spirituality and its survival value informs Hay?s view that spirituality in  education  needs  to  overcome  traditional  ap -proaches and should adopt a theory of spirituality that includes religion but is not con?ned to it.This  stimulating  book  will  encourage  educators, parents  and  others  involved  in  teaching  children to consider new approaches to facilitate children?s natural spiritual development.David  Hay   is  Reader  in  Spiritual  Education  at the  University  of  Nottingham,  where  he  formerly directed the Children?s Spirituality Project. MARCH224 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84310-371-0, pb $29.95Child Development / SpiritualityJ ESSICA  K INGSLEY  P UBLISHERSThe Spirit of the Child David Haywith Rebecca NyeJ e a n e t t e   P u r k i s   s p e n t   h e r   e a r l y   l i f e   re a c t i n g violently  against  her  feelings  of  embarrassment, anger  and  confusion  about  her  ?difference?  from other people. She was unaware until well into adult -hood that everything she found dif?cult, including her lack of success in forming relationships, could be a result of having Asperger Syndrome.Used  to  being  a  mis?t  from  a  very  young  age, Jeanette found that being a member of a group in which she had a label ? Jeanette the communist; Jeanette, enemy of the state; Jeanette the convict; Jeanette  the  drug  addict  ?  gave  her  a  sense  of order she could depend on, particularly in prison, where each day had a set routine and the inmates accepted her because of her rebel attitude. Finally diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at age 20, the author only began to accept her diagnosis some years later when she felt for the ?rst time that she might learn to cope with being herself.Jeanette?s remarkable life and her journey towards ?nding a different kind of normal is compelling and inspiring reading for people with autism spectrum disorders, and those living or working with them.Jeanette  Purkis  is  an  artist  who  has  Asperger Syndrome.  She  has  a  masters  degree  in  Art  and owns a small business.MARCH192 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84310-416-4, pb 22.95  Health / AutismJ ESSICA  K INGSLEY  P UBLISHERSFinding a Different Kind of NormalMisadventures with Asperger SyndromeJeannette PurkisHomespun RemediesStrategies in the Home and Community for Children with Autism Spectrum and Other DisordersDion E. Betts and Nancy J. Patrick Homespun  Remedies  provides  creative,  practi -cal,  and  proven  strategies  for  helping  children with  autism  spectrum  disorders  (ASDs)  function effectively at home and in the community.Authors  Dion  E.  Betts  and  Nancy  J.  Patrick  offer s e n s i b l e   a n d   s p e c i f i c   a p p ro a c h e s   t o   t a c k l i n g the  day-to-day  problems  faced  by  parents  and caregivers.  Splitting  the  book  into  four  general life  zones  ?  ?home  life?,  ?community?,  ?hygiene?, and  ?schools  and  organizations?  ?  the  authors alphabetically  list  common  problem  areas  (such as bathing, haircuts, feeding, and shopping), and provide ?homespun? tips and advice. A culmination of  years  of  experience  from  people  coping  with daily life with an ASD child, the book is peppered with  vignettes  and  stories  of  real-life  situations and successes.A  practical  and  accessible  resource,  this  book will encourage parents and caregivers to ?think in autism? ? to take the perspective of their ASD child and  work  to  make  their  environment  a  friendlier place to be.  Homespun Remedies  is about making small  and  simple  changes  that  will  result  in  big improvements  in  the  quality  of  life  for  children, their parents, families and caregivers.Dion E. Betts  is a special education administrator, adjunct professor, writer, and presenter.  Nancy J. Patrick  is an assistant professor of special educa -tion at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania. She is an author, teacher, writer, and presenter. APRIL160 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84310-813-5, pb $22.95Health / AutismJ ESSICA  K INGSLEY  P UBLISHERS25UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caThis  concise,  accessible  handbook  for  families, friends,  and  caregivers  of  children  with  seizures provides all the information they need to approach seizures from a position of strength. Part one discusses types and causes of seizures, and  what  to  do  during  a  seizure.  The  medical concepts  and  technical  terminology  as  well  as t h e   a v a i l a b l e   t e s t s   a n d   t re a t m e n t s ,   i n c l u d i n g anticonvulsant  medication,  are  clearly  explained. The author also addresses some of the emotional and  social  issues  that  may  arise,  and  there  are chapters  for  kids  and  teens  to  read  themselves or  with  their  parents.  Part  two  covers  some  of the  most  common  epilepsy  syndromes  in  more detail.  Fur ther  reading  and  useful  contacts  are also provided.Targeted  to  the  families  of  children  with  easy-to-control seizures ? which make up the majority of cases ? this reassuring, informal, and upbeat book will  reinforce  and  help  clarify  the  discussion  with the child?s treating medical professional.Mar tin  L.  Kutscher,  MD   is  Assistant  Clinical Professor  in  the  Departments  of  Pediatrics  and Neurology of New York Medical College in Valhalla, NY, and a partner of Pediatric Neurological Asso -ciates  in  White  Plains,  NY,  where  he  has  worked since  1987  with  children  who  have  seizures  or other special needs.MAY128 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84310-823-2, pb $19.95Health / Child DevelopmentJ ESSICA  K INGSLEY  P UBLISHERSChildren with SeizuresMartin L. Kutscher, MDDisorganized ChildrenA Guide for Parents and ProfessionalsSamuel M. Stein and Uttom ChowdhuryDisorganized  children  may  display  a  range  of behaviours  symptomatic  of,  for  example,  ADHD, autism and conduct disorders, but they often fail to meet all the criteria for a clear diagnosis. In  this  book,  psychiatrists,  speech,  family  and occupational  therapists  and  neurodevelopment specialists  present  a  range  of  behavioural  and psychological  strategies  to  help  disorganized c h i l d re n   i m p ro v e   c o n c e n t r a t i o n   a n d   p e r f o r m -ance  in  the  classroom  and  deal  with  a  variety  of behaviour  and  social  interaction  dif?culties.  The authors also provide information and interventions for  dyslexia,  dyspraxia,  OCD  and  schizophrenia, among others. The  combination  of  information,  exercises  and case  studies  makes  this  a  valuable  tool  for  use b y   p a re n t s ,   h e a l t h   c a re   a n d   t e a c h i n g   p ro f e s -sionals,  and  the  authors  provide  an  insight  into the  mind  of  disorganized  children  and  practical guidance on how best to help them achieve their full potential.Samuel M. Stein  is a Consultant in Child, Adoles -cent and Family Psychiatry in Bedfordshire. He is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London.  Uttom  Chowdhury  is  a  Consultant  in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for Bedfordshire and Luton Mental Health and Social Care Partner -ship NHS Trust.MAY320 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84310-148-3, pb $29.95  Health / Child DevelopmentJ ESSICA  K INGSLEY  P UBLISHERSWritten  speci?cally  for  siblings  of  children  with Tourette  Syndrome  (TS),  Why  Do  You  Do  That? is  an  age-appropriate  source  of  information  for children and adolescents aged 8 to 16. Uttom  Chowdhury  and  Mary  Robertson  describe tics and Tourette Syndrome in clear, child-friendly terms  and  provide  a  simple  explanation  of  the biological causes. Other chapters focus on living with  someone  who  has  TS,  associated  features such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention de?cit/hyperactivity disorder and aggression, and what siblings can do to help. The authors also offer practical tips on how to deal with issues such as problems at school and bullying. This  book  will  prove  invaluable  for  brothers  and sisters of children with TS, as well as parents and other family members.Uttom  Chowdhury  works  as  a  Consultant  in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for Bedfordshire a n d   L u t o n   C o m m u n i t y   M e n t a l   H e a l t h   Tr u s t . M a r y   R o b e r t s o n   i s   E m e r i t u s   P ro f e s s o r   o f Neuropsychiatry at University College London.MAY276 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84310-395-8, pb $18.95  Health / Tourette SyndromeJ ESSICA  K INGSLEY  P UBLISHERSWhy Do You Do That?A Book about Tourette Syndrome for Children and Young PeopleUttom Chowdhury and Mary RobertsonO R D E R   F R O M   u n i P R E S S E S :   1   8 7 7   8 6 4   8 4 7 7UBC Press  SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caCutting it Out  is a largely autobiographical account of a young woman?s battle with self-harm. Carolyn?s  story  documents  her  own  challenging journey, offering unique insights into her feelings about self-harming and also her attitudes towards the therapy sessions commonly employed to help people  who  self-harm.  It  explores  the  complex nature  of  her  relationship  with  the  therapist,  her initial  resistance  to  recovery  and  her  eventual progression  towards  self-knowledge  and  taking responsibility for her own actions. The  ?rst-person  narrative  offers  a  vividly  honest voice  to  the  feelings  and  compulsions  that  drive someone  to  harm  themselves  and  explores  the con?ict  between  the  desire  to  self-harm  and  the struggle  to  control  and  overcome  this  addictive, self-destructive behaviour. This  timely  book  breaks  the  silence  surrounding a dif?cult subject. It will provide valuable insights for therapists, counsellors, people who self-harm and their families and friends.Carolyn Smith  was educated at the University of Derby  and  University  of  Wales  and  is  a  quali?ed librarian.  This  is  her  ?rst  book,  which  is  inspired by  her  own  experiences  of  psychotherapy  and self-harm.  She  currently  lives  in  London  with  her partner and three cats.FEBRUARY128 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84310-266-8, pb $24.95Health / PsychologyJ ESSICA  K INGSLEY  P UBLISHERSCutting it OutA Journey Through Psychotherapy and Self-HarmCarolyn SmithStroke SurvivorA Personal Guide to RecoveryAndy McCannAt 37 years old, Andy McCann was physically ?t, strong and in good health. Then, mid-way through instructing his weekly martial arts class, he expe -rienced a stroke and was rushed to hospital. Until then,  the  word  ?stroke?  had  meant  little  to  Andy, and in this book he recounts the many dif?culties in learning to live with his new situation. Funny,  poignant  and  informative,  the  book  is  not just a personal story, but also offers a wealth of ad -vice and information for anyone who wants to know more about strokes. He explores a broad range of issues experienced by stroke survivors, from the very practical considerations of managing ?nancial security  and  understanding  medical  approaches and terminology to the more personal challenges of  coming  to  terms  with  a  new  sense  of  vulner -ability and dealing with the attitudes of friends and family.  The  common  thread  throughout  is  Andy?s insistence that he will not be a ?stroke victim? but a ?stroke survivor?, determined to live with his new set of circumstances in a positive way. This book is a compelling yet practical source of information that will be valued by professionals and patients  alike  ?  whether  a  fellow  stroke  survivor, a concerned family member or a health or social care professional working with stroke victims.Andy  McCann   held  the  position  of  Assistant Headteacher at a secondary school in South Wales when  he  suffered  his  stroke.  Since  his  stroke  he has  retired  from  teaching  and  is  training  as  a clinical  hypnotherapist  and  life  coach.  He  lives  in Cardiff, Wales, with his partner Anne.MARCH208 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84310-410-5, pb $24.95Health / MemoirJ ESSICA  K INGSLEY  P UBLISHERSRelated titles available from Jessica Kingsley PublishersFreaks, Geeks, and Asperger SyndromeA User Guide to Adolescence Luke Jackson, Foreword by Tony Attwood  2003, 217 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84310-098-3, pb $24.95Autism and Asperger SyndromeDifferent Like MeMy Book of Autism HeroesJennifer Elder2005,   60 pages, 21 colour illus., 6 x 9? ISBN 1-8431-815-1, hc $19.95Autism and Asperger SyndromeAsperger?s Syndrome in the FamilyRede?ning NormalLiane Holliday Willey2005, 224 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84310-189-0, pb $29.95Autism and Asperger SyndromeChildren, Youth and Adults with Asperger SyndromeEdited by Kevin P. Stoddart2005, 336 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-84310-319-2, pb $44.95Autism and Asperger SyndromeDifferent MindsGifted Children With AD/HD, Asperger Syndrome, and other Learning De?citsDeirdre V. Lovecky2004, 528 pages, 6 x 9?ISBN 1-85302-964-5, pb $29.95Autism and Asperger SyndromePersonal Hygiene  What?s that Got to Do with Me?Pat Crissey2005, 80 pages, 7 x 9.5?ISBN 1-84310-796-1, pb $24.95Autism and Asperger Syndrome27www.ubcpress.caDefending Rights in RussiaLawyers, the State, and Legal Reform in the Post-Soviet EraPamela JordanAn examination of legal as well as social reforms in Russia in the 1990s.302 pages, 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1163-3, pb $29.95  Law / Russian StudiesA Dynamic BalanceSocial Capital and Sustainable Community DevelopmentAnn Dale and Jenny Onyx, eds.A  collection  of  case  studies  exploring the  relationship  between  social  capital and sustainable development.288 pages, 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1144-7, pb $29.95  EnvironmentJapan?s Modern ProphetUchimura Kanz?, 1861-1930John F. HowesThe spiritual biography of one of Japan?s foremost thinkers.464 pages, 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1146-3, pb $29.95  Asian Studies / ReligionFirst Nations Sacred Sites in Canada?s CourtsMichael Lee RossA s s e s s e s   t r e a t m e n t   o f   i n d i g e n o u s sacred sites in Canada?s legal system.248 pages, 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1130-7, pb $29.95  Law / Native StudiesLaw and RiskLaw Commission of Canada, ed.A  collection  of  essays  exploring  the t re a t m e n t   o f   r i s k   i n   C a n a d a ?s   l e g a l system.220 pages, 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1192-7, pb $29.95  Law Negotiating Identities in 19th- and 20th- Century MontrealBettina Bradbury and Tamara Myers, eds.Essays  on  the  rich  cultural  complexity  of 19th- and 20th-century Montreal.328 pages, 6 x 9?  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ISBN 0-7748-1177-3, pb $29.95  Law Between Justice & CertaintyTreaty Making in British ColumbiaAndrew WoolfordE x a m i n e s   j u s t i c e   a n d   c e r t a i n t y   a s c o m p e t i n g   t h e m e s   i n   t h e   B C   Tre a t y process.248 pages, 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1132-3, pb $29.95  Law / Native StudiesBiotechnology UngluedScience, Society, and Social CohesionMichael MehtaA collection  assessing whether biotech -nology is a threat to social cohesion.208 pages, 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1134-X, pb $29.95  Sociology / EnvironmentCarefairRethinking the Responsibilities and Rights of CitizenshipPaul KershawKershaw  argues  the  case  for  treating caregiving as a matter of citizenship.239 pages, 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1161-7, pb $29.95  Politics / Social PolicyBuilding Health Promotion CapacityAction for Learning, Learning from ActionScott McLean, et al.A n   a s s e s s m e n t   o f   t h e   p ro f e s s i o n a l practice of health promotion.152 pages, 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1151-X, pb $24.95  Public HealthNEW IN HARDCOVERGood Intentions Gone AwryEmma Crosby and the Methodist Mission on the Northwest CoastJan Hare and Jean Barman320 pages, est., 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1270-2, hc $85.00www.ubcpress.caO R D E R   F R O M   u n i P R E S S E S :   1   8 7 7   8 6 4   8 4 7 7Discourses of DenialMediations of Race, Gender, and ViolenceYasmin JiwaniJiwani examines issues of race, gender, and violence in the public imagination.288 pages, est., 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1237-0, hc $85.00  Gender / CriminologyN a t i o n a l   V i s i o n s ,   N a t i o n a l BlindnessCanadian Art and Identities in the 1920sLeslie DawnInvestigates  the  complexities  of  native Canadian identity in Group of Seven art.  384 pages, est., 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1217-6, hc $85.00  Canadian History / ArtSustainable ProductionBuilding Canadian CapacityGlen TonerThis  is  the  ?rst  book  to  examine  sus -tainable  production  from  a  Canadian perspectiveS USTAINABILITY   AND   THE  E NVIRONMENT  S ERIES256 pages, est., 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1251-6, hc $85.00  EnvironmentSwitchbacksArt, Ownership, and Nuxalk National IdentityJennifer KramerKramer explores how the Nuxalk of Bella Coola,  BC,  negotiate  such  complex  is -sues as who owns culture.192 pages, est., 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1227-3, hc $85.00  Art / Native StudiesTales of Two CitiesWomen and Municipal Restructur -ing in London and TorontoSylvia BashevkinBashevkin  compares  the  impact  of  ur -ban restructuring on women citizens in Canada and England?s largest cities. 172 pages, est., 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1278-8, hc $85.00  Gender / Urban StudiesZina, Transnational Feminism, and the Moral Regulation of Pakistani Women Shahnaz KhanK h a n   e x a m i n e s   m o r a l   re g u l a t i o n   o f Pakistani women by their families under Zina law. 160 pages, est., 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1285-0, hc $85.00  Politics / GenderTransnational Identities and Practices in CanadaVic Satzewich and   Lloyd Wong, eds.This  collection  provides  a  comprehen -sive  and  interdisciplinary  examination of transnationalism in Canada.352 pages, est., 6 x 9?  ISBN 0-7748-1283-4, hc $85.00  Sociology / Canadian StudiesBeyond Mothering EarthEcological Citizenship and the Politics of CareSherilyn MacGregorMacGregor  looks  at  women?s  environ -mental activism from the perspective of feminist ecological citizenship.320 pages, est., 6 x 9?  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Indians and Others   29Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision   29Red Man?s on the Warpath, The   29Reid, Martine  29Reyes, Lawney L.  19River of Memory   3Robertson, Mary  23Robes of Power   29Roche, Judith  28Rod Preece  27Rose, Chris  31Ross, Michael Lee  25Roy, Patricia E.  29Ruan Ling-Yu  33Rushing, Janet Hocker  11Russell, Nick  6Sa?re, William  33Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers   29Salem, Walid  10Salmon Nation   32Samuel, Cheryl  29Sandilands, Al  27Sargent, Polly  29Sargent, William  20Satzewich, Vic  26Sauvageau, Florian  6Scarce, Rik  10Scham, Paul  10Schneiderman, David  6Scholl, Inge  32Sea Cucumbers of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska, and Puget Sound  29Sea Stars of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska, and Puget Sound  29Secret Shakespeare   32Securing Borders   25Selling British Columbia   29Sensitive Self, The   32Sewid-Smith, Daisy  29Shaped by the West Wind  9, 30Shared Histories  10Shef?eld, R. Scott  29Shepard, M.P.  25Sinclair, Pamela H.  27Sleeping Around   15Smith, Carolyn  24Smith, Jennifer  7Social Life of Stories, The   30Soldier?s General, The   5Song of Songs, The  32Songhees Pictorial  33Spencer, Metta  18Spirit of the Child, The  22Springberry, Tracy  33Stafford, William  14States of Nature  26Stein, Samuel M.  23Stoddart, Kevin P.  24Storck, Peter L.  9Straley, Gerald B.  30Stroke Survivor   24Sullivan, Terrence  27Sumberg, Bobbie  15Survival Strategies for people on the Autism Spectrum   31Sustainable Production  26Switchbacks  26Szasz, Thomas  17Tales from the Attic   33Tales of Ghosts   30Tales of Two Cities  26Taras, David  6Taylor, Philip M.  32Tepper, Leslie  28?Tequila!   31This Blessed Wilderness  30This Elusive Land   30Toner, Glen  26Torvik, Solveig  15Totem Poles  30Toxic Feedback  21Trading Beyond the Mountains   30Trading Nation, A  30Transients  30Transnational Identities and Practices in Canada   26Trees and Shrubs of British Columbia  30Trees of Vancouver   30Tr?hin, Gilles  21Tsawalk   30Turner, Nancy J. 8,  29Two Aspirins and a Comedy   18Umeek (E. Richard Atleo)  30Undelivered Letters to Hudson?s Bay Company Men...   30Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders   31Unnatural Law   30Unsettling Encounters  2Unwilling Mothers, Unwanted Babies   25Up Coast   13Upstream   12Urville   21Valenzuela-Zapata, Ana G.  31Vance, Jonathan  27Vancouver Achievement, The   30Vancouver Short Stories  30Vanishing British Columbia  30When Coal Was King  30White Rose, The   32White, Graham  7Why Do You Do That?  23Wild Flowers  13Willey, Liane Holliday  24 ,  31Williams, Chris  31Wilson, Colleen  33Wilson, Richard  32Wolf, Edward C.  32Wolfe, Robert J.  19Wong, Lloyd  26Woolford, Andrew  25Wright, Barry  31Wright-McLeod, Brian  19Writing Archaeology   11Yapko, Diane  31Yeats, Robert S.  32Young, Lisa  7Younger, Erin  33Zayani, Mohamed  32Zina, Transnational Feminism, and the Moral Regulation of Pakistani Women  26Zuckerman, Seth  32UBC Press   SPRING 2006 www.ubcpress.caO R D E R   F R O M   u n i P R E S S E S :   1   8 7 7   8 6 4   8 4 7 7CONTACT USUBC Press  The University of British Columbia  2029 West Mall  Vancouver, BC  Canada   V6T 1Z2Phone:   604.822.5959 (reception) or   604.822.9462 (marketing)  Fax:   1.800.668.0821 or 604.822.6083  E-mail:  info@ubcpress.caExamination Copies:  Elizabeth Whitton, Academic Marketing Manager  Phone:   604.822.8226 or 1.877.377.9378  E-mail:  whitton@ubcpress.caReview Copies:P l e a s e   s u b m i t   r e v i e w   r e q u e s t s   o n   o f f i c i a l letterhead  to  Kerry  Kilmar tin,  Reviews  Coordinator  Fax:  604.822.6083For  up-to-date  information  on  UBC  Press,  the  pub -lishers  we  represent,  and  our  titles,  please  visit  our website at .ORDERSCanadauni PRESSES  34 Armstrong Avenue  Georgetown ON   L7G 4R9Phone:   905.873.9781 or 1.877.864.8477  Fax:   905.873.6170 or 1.877.864.4272  E-mail:   USAUniversity of Washington Press  P.O. 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