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Spring Summer 2003 Trade Catalogue UBCPressUBC PRESS SPRING 2003A War of PatrolsPage 2First Do No HarmPage 3A Trading NationPage 4Awe for the Tiger, Love for the LambPage 4Global Goes LocalPage 5Making Native SpacePage 5At Home with the Bella Coola IndiansPage 6Stepping Stones to NowherePage 6Birds of the Yukon TerritoryPage 1The Vancouver AchievementPage 6Taking StandsPage 6Training the Excluded for WorkPage 61 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CAUBC PRESS? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATURALHISTORYBirds of the Yukon TerritoryEdited by Pamela H. Sinclair, Wendy A. Nixon,Cameron D. Eckert, and Nancy L. HughesIn the spirit of our bestselling Birds of BritishColumbia series, Birds of the Yukon Territoryprovides unprecedented coverage of the birdspecies of the Yukon. Lavishly illustrated withmore than 400 colour photographs and 223hand-drawn bird illustrations, the book presentsa wealth of information on bird distribution,migration and breeding chronology, nestingbehaviour, habitat use, and conservation con-cerns. Two hundred eighty-eight species of birdsare documented, including 223 regular species,and 65 casual and accidental species. In com-piling this meticulously researched volume, theauthors consulted over 166,000 records in adatabase created by the Canadian WildlifeService, with information dating back to 1861.Sections on birds in Aboriginal culture and history,and bird names in the Yukon First Nations andInuvialuit languages, enhance the book, as do thenumerous easily interpreted charts and graphs.Destined to become a basic reference work on theavifauna of the North, Birds of the Yukon Territoryis a must-have for bird enthusiasts and anyoneinterested in the natural history of the Yukon andthe Northern regions.The editors all live in the Yukon Territory and are avid birdersand members of the Yukon Bird Club. Pamela H. Sinclair,Wendy A. Nixon, and Nancy Hughes all work with theCanadian Wildlife Service in Whitehorse. Cameron D. Eckertis Conservation Biologist for the Parks and Protected AreasBranch of the Yukon Department of Renewable Resources.MARCH628 pages, 8 ? x 11?235 maps, more than 400colour photos,223 drawings, 225 graphs,hc, $125.00ISBN 0-7748-1012-2Natural HistoryBirds of British Columbia,Volume 3Passerines: Flycatchersthrough VireosR. Wayne Campbell et al.0-7748-0572-2, hc $95.00Birds of British Columbia,Volume 4Passerines: Wood Warblersthrough Old World SparrowsR. Wayne Campbell et al.0-7748-0621-4, hc $125.00? ALSO OF INTEREST2 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477UBC PRESS? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/MILITARYHISTORYA War of PatrolsCanadian Army Operations in KoreaWilliam JohnstonThe extended peace the world expected followingthe decisive Allied victory in the Second World Warwas abruptly shattered in June 1950 with theinvasion of South Korea by communist NorthKorea.  Responding to a United Nations call toassist the South Korean regime, Canada deployedan 8,000-strong brigade to the peninsula to fightas part of an American-led UN force.This comprehensive account of the Canadiancampaign in Korea provides the first detailed studyof the training, leadership, operations, and tacticsof the brigade as well as its relationship withAmerican and Commonwealth allies. An impeccablyresearched analytical history, the book examinesthe often uneven performance of the variousCanadian units and argues that the soldiers of the?Special Force? initially sent to Korea were morethorough and professional in their operations thanwere the army?s regular battalions, who eventuallyreplaced them at the front.The revisionist interpretations in A War of Patrolswill attract both academic and military profession-als, as well as general readers interested in afresh look at an important part of Canada?s militarypast.William Johnston is Historian with the Directorate of Historyand Heritage, Department of National Defence, Ottawa.The Canadian War Museum and UBC Press areproud to publish this book on the 50th anniversaryof the Armistice in Korea.MAY512 pages, 6 x 9?illustrations, maps, photoshc $45.00ISBN 0-7748-1008-4Military History? ALSO OF INTERESTThe Halifax Explosion andthe Royal Canadian NavyInquiry and IntrigueJohn Griffith Armstrong0-7748-0809-X, hc $39.95see page 30No Place to RunThe Canadian Corpsand Gas Warfarein the First World WarTim Cook0-7748-0740-7, pb $25.95see page 30They Can?t Take That Awayfrom MeOdyssey of a POWRalph Rentz with PeterHrisko0-87013-672-0, hc $39.95see page 22Captured HonorPOW Survival in thePhilippines and JapanBob Wodnik0-87422-260-5, pb $32.95see page 20STUDIES IN CANADIAN MILITARY HISTORY SERIESPublished in association with theCanadian War Museum3 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CAUBC PRESS? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/CURRENTEVENTSFirst Do No HarmMaking Sense of Canadian Health ReformTerrence Sullivan and Patricia M. BaranekIs there a crisis in Canadian health care? While theestablishment of the Canadian health care systemis widely considered a triumph of citizenship, afterfour decades the national program is in a fragilestate marked by declining public confidence. InFirst Do No Harm, Sullivan and Baranek provide aconcise introduction to the fundamentals of healthcare in Canada and examine various ideas forreforming the system sensibly. Arguing thatadministrators and policymakers should followHippocrates? dictum ?first do no harm? whenevaluating and reforming the Canadian health caresystem, the authors discuss health care financing,popular Canadian health care myths, waiting listsand emergency room overcrowding, and home-and community-based health care. This book is aninvaluable invitation to Canadians to think carefullyand creatively about the present and future of ourhealth care system.?First Do No Harm is an extraordinarily readableand reliable guide to the issues at stake in thedebate about reforming Canada?s health caresystem. Sullivan and Baranek ? bring readers upto date on fact and fiction about waiting lists,?passive privatization,? pharmaceutical coverage,and primary care reforms. They admirably achievetheir aim of attacking the considerable misinforma-tion that travels as analysis. One need not agreewith all their conclusions to celebrate their consid-erable contribution.?? Ted Marmor, Professor of Public Policy, Management, andPolitical Science, Yale University, and author of The Politics ofMedicare2002120 pages, 6 x 9?figures, tablespb $14.95ISBN 0-7748-1016-5Current Events/HealthTerrence Sullivan has been the Executive Director of Ontario?sPremier?s Council on Health Strategy; the President of theInstitute for Work and Health; and is currently Vice President ofCancerCare Ontario. Dr. Sullivan is Associate Professor in thedepartments of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, andPublic Health Sciences at the University of Toronto. Patricia M.Baranek is an independent health services research consultant.She has had considerable research experience in a number ofdiverse fields which include health care and criminology. Shehas held management positions in health and social policy in theOntario Ministries of Health, Intergovernmental Affairs, andCitizenship.The Cost of Climate PolicyMark Jaccard, John Nyboer,and Bryn Sadownik0-7748-0951-5, pb $29.95see page 5? ALSO OF INTEREST4 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477UBC PRESS? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ECONOMICS ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/CULTURALSTUDIESNEW IN PAPERBACK!A Trading NationCanadian Trade Policyfrom Colonialism to GlobalizationMichael HartFEBRUARY576 pages, 6 x 9?38 b/w illustrations,2 maps, tablespb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0895-0History/Economics/PoliticsMichael Hart is SimonReisman Chair in TradePolicy, Norman PatersonSchool of InternationalAffairs, Carleton Univer-sity, and a former tradeofficial in Canada'sDepartment of ForeignAffairs and InternationalTrade.? ALSO OF INTERESTGlobalization andWell-BeingJohn Helliwell0-7748-0992-2hc $40.00NEW IN PAPERBACK!Awe for the Tiger, Love for the LambA Chronicle of Sensibility to AnimalsRod PreeceJANUARY420 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0897-7Animal Studies/CulturalStudies/LiteratureRespect for animals has always been a partof human consciousness. Poets, thinkers,philosophers, scientists, and statesmen havelong celebrated our compassion towardsEarth?s other beasts.Awe for the Tiger, Love for the Lambcompiles the most significant statements ofsensibility to animals in the history of thought.From the myths of the ancient world to theMiddle Ages to Darwin and beyond, Preececaptures the most telling and most fascinat-ing accounts of humankind?s relationship tothe wild world, and places them in historicalcontext.Jung called it ?an unconscious identity withanimals,? while Wordsworth saw it as the?primal sympathy which having been mustever be.? Linking the diverse chords of humanexperience that are touched by the animalworld, Preece shows that despite a historicalthread of cruelty, there still remains in allhumanity a constant underlying concern forother beings as an integral part of the moralcommunity.Awe for the Tiger, Love for the Lamb is anoriginal, superbly researched history thatdeepens our understanding of all livingbeings.Rod Preece is Professorof Political Science atWilfrid Laurier University.He is also the author ofAnimals and Nature:Cultural Myths, CulturalRealities, which received aCHOICE OutstandingAcademic Book Awardand was short-listed forthe Raymond KlibanskyPrize.? ALSO OF INTERESTAnimals and NatureCultural Myths, CulturalRealitiesRod Preece0-7748-0724-5, hc$39.95Canada has always been a trading nation.From the early days of fur and fish, to thepresent, when a remarkable ninety percentof our gross national product is attributableto exports and imports, Canadians haverelied on international trade to bolster oureconomy. A Trading Nation, Michael Hart?sbrilliantly crafted overview and analysis ofthe historical foundations of modern Cana-dian trade policy, is the first survey toaddress the history of Canadian commercialpolicy in over fifty years.This bold and original study is a tour deforce, evocative of Harold Innis?s and DonaldCreighton?s pioneering works in the history ofthe nation, and is destined to become aclassic of Canadian historical, economic, andpolitical studies.?Written by someone who has been an activetrade negotiator as well as a teacher andwriter on the subject (an unusual combina-tion), this first-rate volume presents all thereis to know about the history, recent evolution,and future prospects of trade policy inCanada.?? CHOICE? SELECTED AS A CHOICE OUTSTANDING   ACADEMIC TITLE FOR 20025 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CAUBC PRESS? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ASIANSTUDIES ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATIVESTUDIESNEW IN PAPERBACK!Global Goes LocalPopular Culture in AsiaEdited by Timothy J. Craigand Richard KingNEW IN PAPERBACK!Making Native SpaceColonialism, Resistance, andReserves in British ColumbiaCole HarrisCheap mechanical and satellite transmissionshave made a predominantly North Americanculture available to a global audience. Doesthis mean that rock ?n? roll, soap opera reruns,and professional wrestling will destroy Asiantraditions and leave Asian nations to producenothing but imitations of a shallow, hedonisticalien culture? Far from it!In Global Goes Local, international scholarsfrom a variety of disciplinary perspectivesexamine different forms of popular culturein Asia. Covering topics from pop music inKorea to TV commercials in Malaysia, thiscollection shows how imported cultural formscan be invested with fresh meaning andtransformed by local artists to result in newforms of assertion and resistance that alsomeet the needs of their particular audiences.Timothy J. Craig is Associate Professor, Faculty ofBusiness, University of Victoria, and author of JapanPop! Inside the World of Japanese Popular Culture.Richard King is Chair of the Department of Pacificand Asian Studies, University of Victoria.JANUARY320 pages, 6 x 9?illus.pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0875-6Asian Studies/Cultural StudiesThis elegantly written and insightful bookprovides a geographical history of the reservesystem in British Columbia. Cole Harrisanalyzes the impact of reserves on Native livesand livelihoods and considers how, in light ofthis, the Native land question might begin to beresolved. The account begins in the colonialoffice in the 1830s and then follows Nativeland policy ? and Native resistance to it ? inBritish Columbia from the Douglas treaties inthe early 1850s to the formal transfer ofreserves to the Dominion in 1938.?Cole Harris has written the definitive historyof the Aboriginal struggle for recognition andjustice in British Columbia.?? Neil J. Sterritt, Gitksan Nation, co-authorof Tribal Boundaries in the Nass WatershedCole Harris recently retired from the Departmentof Geography at the University of British Columbia.He is the author or editor of numerous books aboutBritish Columbia and Canada.JANUARY448 pages, 6 x 9?illus.pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0901-9Native Studies/GeographyRECENTLY RELEASEDThe Cost of Climate PolicyMark Jaccard, John Nyboer,and Bryn SadownikThe ratification of the Kyoto Accord hasemerged as one of the most contentiouspolitical issues of Chr?tien?s final term. Thisbook is the perfect primer for anyone wishingto understand more about the economics ofclimate change policy ? how much will theKyoto commitment cost Canadians? Whatwould ratification of the Accord mean to theaverage Canadian?The Cost of Climate Policy makes clear whatCanadians can expect on a personal level fromthe reduction of greenhouse gas emissions ?the technologies they use, the energy bills theypay ? and how government policy can help toreduce long-run costs and decrease theuncertainties that frustrate our current nationaldebate.  Anyone who wants the informationnecessary to make up their own mind about theKyoto Accord will find this book indispensable.Mark Jaccard, John Nyboer, and Bryn Sadownikare all members of the Energy and MaterialsResearch Group, Simon Fraser University.2002264 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95ISBN 0-7748-0951-5Environmental Studies/Public Policy/Current Affairs? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ENVIRONMENTSUSTAINABILITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT SERIES6 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477At Home with the BellaCoola IndiansT.F. McIlwraith?s Field Letters,1922?4John Barker and Douglas Cole, eds.These vivid letters and essays byT.F. McIlwraith, one of Canada?s firstanthropologists, shed light on the cultureof the Nuxalk First Nation in Canada.MARCH224 pages est., 6 x 9?0-7748-0979-5, hc $85.00*AnthropologyGrowth and Governanceof Canadian UniversitiesAn Insider?s ViewHoward C. ClarkA veteran of university administrationconsiders the effect of remarkablechange on the growth and governanceof the modern Canadian university.MAY256 pages est., 6 x 9?0-7748-1023-8, hc $85.00*Higher EducationTraining the Excludedfor WorkMarjorie Griffin Cohen, ed.In an attempt to redress social inequitiesin the workplace, the authors examinevarious kinds of training programs andrecommend specific policy initiatives toimprove access to these programs.MAY256 pages est., 6 x 9?0-7748-1006-8, hc $85.00*Sociology/Policy StudiesThe Integrity GapCanada?s Environmental Policyand InstitutionsEugene Lee and Anthony Perl, eds.This thoughtful collection exposes thegap between rhetoric and performancein Canada?s response to environmentalchallenges.MAY320 pages est., 6 x 9?0-7748-0985-X, hc $85.00*Environmental Studies/Public PolicyIn the Long Run We?reAll DeadThe Canadian Turn to FiscalRestraintTimothy LewisA superb analysis of how the decline ofCanadian Keynesianism has made wayfor the emergence of politics organizedaround balanced budgets.MAY288 pages est., 6 x 9?0-7748-0998-1, hc $85.00*Economics/Political ScienceStepping Stones to NowhereThe Aleutian Islands, Alaska,and American Military Strategy,1867?1945Galen Roger PerrasIn this thoroughly researched volume,Perras reveals the pivotal role playedthe Aleutian Islands and Alaska in WWII.MARCH288 pages est., 6 x 9?0-7748-0989-2, hc $85.00*Military HistoryThe Vancouver AchievementUrban Planning and DesignJohn PunterAn original examination of the develop-ment of Vancouver?s unique approach tozoning, planning, and urban design fromits inception in the early 1970s to thepresent day.MAY416 pages est., 6 x 9?0-7748-0971-X, hc $85.00*PlanningTaking StandsGender and the Sustainabilityof Rural CommunitiesMaureen ReedGoing beyond simple notions of ?pro?and ?anti? environmentalism, Reedexplores the perspectives of womenwho support the forestry industry, andseek to protect its role in theirlivelihoods and communities.MAY320 pages est., 6 x 9?0-7748-1017-3, hc $85.00*Forestry/Gender StudiesPilgrims, Patrons, and PlaceLocalizing Sanctity in AsianReligionsPhyllis Granoff and KoichiShinohara, eds.Anthropologists, religious scholars, andart historians contemplate sacred placeand sacred biography in Asia to showhow secular politics, religious experi-ence, and sectarian rivalry intersect.MAY384 pages est., 6 x 9?0-7748-1038-6, hc $85.00*Asian Studies/Religious StudiesNot the Slightest ChanceThe Defence of Hong Kong, 1941Tony Banham?Written from the perspective of theuniquely international city itself, thismeticulously researched book opensup rich new detail on many aspectsof the battle of Hong Kong?? Roger SartyMAY280 pages est., 6 x 9?0-7748-1044-0, hc $85.00*Military History/Asian StudiesUBC PRESS? NEW TITLES OF SCHOLARLY INTERESTNew Perspectives on thePublic-Private DivideThe Law Commission of CanadaPart of a series designed to explorethe role of law in structuring humanrelationships, this collection of essaysre-evaluates the public-private divide toexamine how it affects the legal formsthat shape our personal relationships.MAY160 pages est., 6 x 9?ISBN 0-7748-1042-4, hc $85.00*LawLEGAL DIMENSIONS SERIESPublished in association withThe Law Commission of Canada* denotes short discount titleA Voyage to the NorthwestSide of AmericaThe Journals of James Colnett,1786-89Robert GaloisAn account of the early maritime furtrade on the Northwest Coast.JUNE448 pages est., 6 x 9?0-7748-0855-1, hc $95.00*Maritime History7 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CAUBC PRESS? NEW PAPERBACKS OF SCHOLARLY INTERESTThe Indian Associationof AlbertaA History of Political ActionLaurie Meijer DreesAn exploration of treaty rights discussionsbefore their constitutional entrenchmentand the political philosophies of FirstNations leaders in the prairie provincesin their fight for recognition.JANUARY272 pages, 6 x 9?0-7748-0877-2, pb $29.95Native StudiesWomen and the WhiteMan?s GodGender and Race in theCanadian Mission FieldMyra RutherdaleAn original and comprehensiveexamination of women?s roles in thedomestic missions of northern BC, theYukon, and the Northwest Territories.FEBRUARY224 pages, 6 x 9?0-7748-0905-1, pb $29.95History/Gender Studies/ReligionRestoration of theGreat LakesPromises, Practices, andPerformancesMark Sproule-JonesA vital demonstration of the need fornew rules and institutions to addressenvironmental pollution in the GreatLakes.FEBRUARY160 pages, 6 x 9?0-7748-0871-3, pb $24.95Environmental Studies/Public PolicySex and BordersGender, National Identity, andProstitution Policy in ThailandLeslie Ann JeffreyAn impeccably researched and originalaccount of the critical interplay ofgender, national identity, and prostitu-tion policy in modern Thailand.FEBRUARY224 pages, 6 x 9?0-7748-0873-X, pb $27.95Gender Studies/Political ScienceAgenda-Setting Dynamicsin CanadaStuart N. SorokaHow do the media, the public, andpolicy come together? In this book,Soroka explores this intersection toexamine the factors behind thedevelopment of political and socialagendas.FEBRUARY168 pages, 6 x 9?0-7748-0959-0, pb $27.95Political Science/Public PolicyModern WomenModernizing MenThe Changing Missionsof Three Professional Womenin Asia and Africa, 1902-69Ruth Compton BrouwerA bold exploration of changing gender,professional, and race relations incolonial missionary settings.FEBRUARY212 pages, 6 x 9?0-7748-0953-1, pb $29.95History/Gender Studies/ReligionPersonal Relationshipsof Dependence andInterdependence in LawThe Law Commission of CanadaA critical look at the legal concepts thatstructure our interpersonal dependentrelationships.JANUARY180 pages, 6 x 9?0-7748-0885-3, pb $27.95LawLEGAL DIMENSIONS SERIESPublished in association withThe Law Commission of CanadaAnatomy of a ConflictIdentity, Knowledge, andEmotion in Old-Growth ForestsTerre SatterfieldAn ethnographic exploration of how thedispute over old-growth loggingpractices and the survival of endan-gered species is really a debate aboutthe shaping of the culture of the PacificNorthwest.JANUARY208 pages, 6 x 9?0-7748-0893-4, pb $24.95Anthropology/Environmental StudiesTaxing ChoicesThe Intersection of Class,Gender, Parenthood,and the LawRebecca JohnsonThis analysis of the controversial Symescase of the 1990s reveals how therhetoric of choice, responsibility, andselfishness is often invoked in responseto women?s attempts to place childcareon the public agenda.FEBRUARY256 pages, 6 x 9?0-7748-0957-4, pb $27.95Law/Gender Studies/Public PolicyLAW AND SOCIETY SERIESForestry and the ForestIndustry in JapanYoshiya Iwai, ed.A timely exploration of the strugglingJapanese forestry industry, with lessonsfor forest-dependent economies aroundthe world.FEBRUARY336 pages, 6 x 9?0-7748-0883-7, pb $35.95ForestryRegulating LivesHistorical Essays on the State,Society, the Individual, and the LawJohn McLaren, Robert Menzies, andDorothy Chunn, eds.This important collection examinesCanadian experiences of social control,moral regulation, and governmentalityduring the late nineteenth and earlytwentieth centuries.FEBRUARY320 pages, 6 x 9?0-7748-0887-X, pb $29.95Law/HistoryLAW AND SOCIETY SERIES8 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477CANADIAN MUSEUM OF CIVILIZATION? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATIVE ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATURALHISTORYDene Ts?ukegh?? Tene Rahesi /Dene Spruce Root BasketryRevival of a TraditionSuzan Marie and Judy Thompson200243 pages, 8 ? ? 11?9 colour and 18 b/w illus.pb $14.99ISBN 0-660-18830-9Native Studies/CraftsSuzan Marie, aChipewyan Dene, is theowner of BushTeaResources, a companybased in Yellowknife,which specializes inproviding training in theproduction of Dene andMetis fine arts. JudyThompson is Curatorof Western SubarcticEthnology at the CanadianMuseum of Civilization.She is the author ofseveral publications onthe clothing and artistictraditions of NorthernAthabaskan peoples.Introducing the Dragonflies of BritishColumbia and the YukonRobert A. Cannings200296 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??125 colour photos, illus.pb $12.95ISBN 0-7226-4637-6Natural HistoryBirding and butterfly watching have beenpopular outdoor activities for decades. Now,dragonfly watching is catching on as afascinating and enjoyable pursuit. In his newbook, noted entomologist Robert Canningsintroduces students and outdoor enthusiaststo the world of dragonflies. He shows readerswhere to find these amazing insects and howto watch them in the field.The perfect book for beginners ? easy toread and full of large, colourful photographs ?Introducing the Dragonflies of British Colum-bia and the Yukon also provides enough detailto satisfy even the most experienceddragonfly watchers.In the introduction, Dr. Cannings outlines thenatural history of dragonflies ? their structure,life cycles, habitats, and behaviour. He thendescribes the 88 species known to live inBritish Columbia and the Yukon, noting habitatpreferences and distribution. To makeidentification easy, each description has oneor more colour photograph, as well ascomparisons with similar species.Robert A. Cannings isCurator of Entomology atthe Royal British ColumbiaMuseum. He has studieddragonflies for more than30 years and is the authorof many popular andtechnical publications onthese insects.? ALSO OF INTERESTBats of BritishColumbiaDavid W. Nagorsenand R. Mark Brigham0-7748-0482-3pb $19.95see page 29Baskets made from coiled spruce rootsonce were commonplace items in manyDene homes. The craft died out, however, inthe nineteenth century, as copper kettlesbecame available through trade withEuropeans. By the end of the twentiethcentury, all that remained to attest to thisancient tradition were a few baskets inmuseum collections. In 1999, Suzan Marie,a Dene with a passion for the traditional artsof her people, saw a photograph of one ofthese baskets and initiated a project toreintroduce the lost art of spruce rootbasketry to small Dene communities.This book tells the story of this modernrevival of a traditional skill, and of themuseum collections that were essential tothe process. It is richly illustrated withphotographs of baskets ? both thosecollected in the nineteenth century and thosemade recently by a new generation of Denebasket-makers. Also included are detaileddescriptions and illustrations of the proc-esses involved in making a basket, fromharvesting of spruce roots to coilingtechniques. This book will be a resource foranyone interested in Dene culture andheritage. It will also serve as a practicalguide to artisans wishing to make a Denespruce root basket.ROYAL BRITISH COLUMBIA MUSEUM? ALSO OF INTERESTColumbia River BasketryGift of the Ancestors,Gift of the EarthMary Dodds Schlick0-295-97289-0pb $58.959 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CA? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/BIOGRAPHYUNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PRESSStephen ChanFEBRUARY243 pages, 6 x 9?hc $43.95ISBN 0-472-11336-4Biography/PoliticsStephen Chan isProfessor of InternationalRelations and Dean of Lawand Social Sciences, theSchool of Oriental andAfrican Studies, at theUniversity of London.He advised the earlygovernment of Zimbabweand has published manybooks on the internationalrelations of SouthernAfrica.Robert MugabeA Life of Power and ViolenceOpen the DoorThe Life and Music of Betty CarterWilliam R. BauerMARCH456 pages, 6 ? 9?16 photographspb $29.95ISBN 0-472-06791-5Biography/MusicWilliam R. Bauer isAssistant Professor ofMusic, College of StatenIsland, the City Universityof New York.In this informed, insightful, even-handed yetunsparing biography of Zimbabwe?s first ?and only ? president, Stephen Chan explainsand interprets Mugabe as a freedom fighterturned tyrant, an idealist whose triumphover racism and colonialism bore bitter fruit.Chan, a first-hand witness to Zimbabwe?sstruggle for independence and an advisorto Zimbabwe?s early post-independencegovernment, gives us a masterly portraitof Mugabe: his strengths and victories ?and, increasingly, his tragic flaws anddestructive failures.Chan?s tightly argued and rigorous narrativedepicts a triumphant nationalist leader whodegenerated into a petty despot consumedby hubris and self-righteousness and drivento such desperate measures as seizingwhite-owned farms, muzzling the press,and unleashing violence on his politicalopponents. It?s a true African tragedy, witha protagonist who came to personify all thathe once reviled ? at a cost to his countryand his continent that will be reckoned formany years to come.Betty Carter?s influence on the music worldis unparalleled. Her contributions as a jazzsinger, composer, arranger, and teacherinspired a generation of musicians and fans,while her independence and determinationblazed a trail for artists seeking to retaincontrol over their material, financial, andcreative lives.Drawing upon dozens of interviews withCarter and her musical colleagues, WilliamR. Bauer traces Carter?s life and music asit evolved. He shows how Carter absorbedvarious musical influences and made themher own. He reveals how her demanding,mercurial temperament helped develop avirtual finishing school for young musiciansand how exploitation by commercialinterests taught her to become a shrewddeal-maker able to do her own contracting,A&R, marketing, and distribution.Fascinating, well-rounded, and technicallydetailed, Open the Door is a vivid portrait ofone of the great figures of modern jazz anda remarkable chronicle of a half-century ofmusical innovation and accomplishment.? ALSO OF INTERESTJohn ColtraneHis Life and MusicLewis Porter0-472-08643-Xpb $29.95see page 3110 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATURALHISTORYUNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PRESSGreat Lakes NatureAn Outdoor YearMary BlocksmaAPRIL352 pages, 6 x 9?263 illus.pb $30.95ISBN 0-472-08929-3Natural HistoryMary Blocksma is afreelance writer and artist.She has published morethan twenty books,including NecessaryNumbers, Great LakesSolo, and Lake Lover?sYear.? ALSO OF INTERESTNatural GraceThe Charm, Wonder, andLessons of PacificNorthwest Animals andPlantsWilliam Dietrich0-295-98293-4,pb $30.95see page 16Early French CookerySources, History, Original Recipesand Modern AdaptationsD. Eleanor Scully and Terence ScullyWith illuminations by J. David Scully2002392 pages, 7 x 10?pb $38.95ISBN 0-472-08877-7CookingA delicious introduction to the food preparedin wealthy medieval French households, EarlyFrench Cookery presents over one hundredrecipes, drawn from actual medieval manu-scripts, and includes an overview of earlyFrench culinary traditions, foodstuffs, andmethods of preparation. The authors helpplace these enticing recipes in contextthrough a short survey of medieval diningbehaviour, and they give practical menusuggestions for simple meals and banquetsthat incorporate these delectable dishes.?[The authors] explain early French cookerymore thoroughly than any earlier study.?? Times Literary Supplement?An excellent addition to a medieval histori-an?s library.?? ParergonD. Eleanor Scully is anoccasional lecturer at theStratford Chef School andadvisor to Wilfrid LaurierUniversity on Medieval andRenaissance cooking andcustoms. Terence Scullyis Professor of FrenchLanguage and Literature,Wilfrid Laurier University,Waterloo, Ontario.? ALSO OF INTERESTDining at the Lineman?sShackJohn Weston0-8165-2283-9pb $27.95see page 20?How will we save the planet if we can?t evenname the trees on our streets?? Thus beginsMary Blocksma?s ambitious quest to identifythe flora and fauna of her Great Lakeshome. With no big program, and no particu-lar organization, Blocksma sets out toidentify her environment just a name at atime, a few times a week, for a year.Covering everything from blue moons andbald eagles to arbor vitae and lake-effectsnow, this book transports the armchairexplorer out of the living room and into theforests and wetlands of the Great Lakes.A charming guide to the everyday but oftenoverlooked ecological treasures that awaitthe would-be naturalist, this book containsnot just the names of plants and animals, buttips on buying birdfeeders, identifyingspiders, and telling a blue jay from a beltedkingfisher. Packed with helpful hints, noveltrivia, and a useful ?guide to guidebooks,?Great Lakes Nature is sure to delight andeducate.White-breasted Nuthatch? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/COOKING11 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CA? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/CURRENTEVENTSUNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PRESSCombating TerrorismStrategies of Ten CountriesEdited by Yonah AlexanderForeword by R. James Woolsey,Former Director of the C.I.A.2002426 pages, 6 x 9?hc $44.95ISBN 0-472-09824-1Current Events/PoliticsYonah Alexander isProfessor and Director,Inter-University Centerfor Terrorism Studies;Senior Fellow andDirector, InternationalCenter for TerrorismStudies, PotomacUniversity; and Co-Director, Inter-UniversityCenter for Legal Studies,International Law Institute.? ALSO OF INTERESTUnholy Wars,Third EditionAfghanistan, America andInternational TerrorismJohn K. Cooley0-7453-1917-3pb $28.95see page 34Taking Trade to the StreetsThe Lost History of Public Effortsto Shape GlobalizationSusan Ariel Aaronson2002248 pages, 6 x 9?pb $30.95ISBN 0-472-08867-XCurrent Events/Politics/HistoryIn the wake of civil protests at meetingsof world leaders in Seattle, Quebec, andGenoa, many issues raised by globalizationand free trade have been front page news.But these issues, despite their new-foundheadliner status, are not necessarily new.Taking Trade to the Streets traces thecompelling history of civil society involvementin the international trade debate, and ulti-mately links the history of trade policy to thehistory of social regulation. It is a social,political, and economic history that will beof interest to anyone following the growingdebate on globalization and trade.?A week before the Summit of the Americasin Quebec City, I began reading SusanAaronson?s Taking Trade to the Streets.I finished the book in my hotel room on theeve of the summit. It was then that I beganwishing I had brought along 10,034 extracopies ? thirty-four for President Bush andthe other leaders, ten thousand for theactivists outside the security fences... Thebook should be read by those who arearguing over the pluses and minuses of freetrade and globalization.?? Mark Memmott, International ReviewSusan Ariel Aaronson isSenior Fellow, NationalPolicy Association (USA).? ALSO OF INTERESTStreet Protests andFantasy ParksGlobalization, Culture,and the StateDavid R. Cameron andJanice Gross Stein, eds.0-7748-0881-0pb $24.95The tragic events of September 11, 2001,and the consequent ?war on terrorism? havemade the question of effective counter-terrorism policy a growing public concern,not just in the United States but throughoutthe world. The essays in Combating Terror-ism offer a unique overview and evaluationof the counterterrorism policies of tencountries: the United States, Argentina,Peru, Colombia, Spain, the United Kingdom,Israel, Turkey, India, and Japan. A post-September 11 assessment of currentcounterterrorism practices is given for eachcountry.Combating Terrorism will be of interest topolicymakers, scholars, and other individualswith professional responsibilities in the areaof terrorism and security studies. Clear andaccessible, this book will also provide thegeneral reader valuable insight into the widearray of issues that face governments andconvey possible solutions to one of theforemost threats to world peace.White-Breasted Nuthatch12 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HEALTHJESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERSAsperger?s SyndromeA Guide for Parents and ProfessionalsTony Attwood1998240 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95*ISBN 1-85302-577-1HealthTony Attwood is apractising clinical psy-chologist who specializesin the field of Asperger'sSyndrome. For the lasttwenty-five years he hasmet and worked withseveral hundred individu-als with this syndrome,ranging widely in age,ability, and background.? ALSO OF INTERESTDemystifying theAutistic ExperienceA Humanistic Introductionfor Parents, Caregiversand EducatorsWilliam Stillman1-84310-726-0pb $27.95FEBRUARYFreaks, Geeks, and Asperger SyndromeA User Guide to AdolescenceLuke JacksonForeword by Tony AttwoodJANUARY240 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95ISBN 1-84310-098-3HealthLuke Jackson is thirteenyears old and has threesisters and threebrothers. One of hisbrothers has AD/HD, oneis autistic, and Luke hasAsperger Syndrome. He isthe author of A User Guideto the GF/CF Diet forAutism, AspergerSyndrome and AD/HD.? ALSO OF INTERESTA User Guide to theGF/CF Diet for Autism,Asperger Syndrome andAD/HDLuke Jackson1-84310-055-Xpb $27.95With over a 150,000 copies sold, thisbook is the most widely used referenceon Asperger?s Syndrome. Tony Attwood?sguide will assist parents and professionalswith the identification, treatment, and careof both children and adults with Asperger?sSyndrome. The book provides a descriptionand analysis of the unusual characteristicsof the syndrome and practical strategies toreduce those that are most conspicuous ordebilitating. Beginning with a chapter ondiagnosis, including an assessment test, thebook covers all aspects of the syndromefrom language to social behaviour and motorclumsiness, concluding with a chapter basedon the questions most frequently asked bythose who come into contact with individualswith this syndrome.?Tony Attwood?s empathy, knowledge andcommon-sense approach to describingindividuals with Asperger?s syndrome ...and outlining the practical and achievablestrategies for intervention and education isspot-on. Attwood has achieved the rare featof describing the current state of scientificknowledge in accessible and understandablelanguage.?? Clinical Child Psychology and PsychiatryAdolescence and the teenage years area minefield of emotions, transitions, anddecisions for anyone and for someone withAsperger Syndrome, the combination canbe explosive. Luke, who is thirteen and hasAsperger Syndrome, is acutely aware of justhow different he is and how little informationis available for adolescents like him. Thisenlightening, forthright and entertaining bookaddresses difficult topics such as bullying,friendships, when and how to tell othersabout Asperger Syndrome, school problems,dating and relationships, and morality. Anessential user guide for teenagers andadolescents with AS, their friends, family,and all those who come into contact withthem.?I have two autistic sons and have readmany books on the subject; this is one ofthe most useful. There should be a copy inthe staffroom of every school with an ASpupil ? which, at the rate things are going,means nearly every school.?? Daily Telegraph (UK)?An excellent book.?? The Guardian (UK)* denotes short discount title13 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CA? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HEALTHJESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERSSnapshots of AutismA Family AlbumJennifer OvertonJUNE176 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95ISBN 1-84310-723-6HealthJennifer Overtongraduated from YorkUniversity, Toronto with aMaster?s Degree inTheatre Performance andhas been a professionalactor and director forover twenty years. Shelives with her family inHalifax, Nova Scotia.The Pits and the PendulumA Life with Bipolar DisorderBrian AdamsJANUARY160 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95ISBN 1-84310-104-1Mental HealthWriting a prize-winning play; spending a weekdoing nothing but build Lego constructions;sinking all his savings into wildly impracticalmoney-making schemes ? these are justsome results of the periods of intense energyBrian Adams has experienced. As a suffererof bipolar disorder, he has also been hospital-ized several times with debilitating depressionand undergone electric shock treatment, andgained and lost eleven jobs.This engaging, humorous, and sometimesstartling account gives rich insight into howit feels to experience this mental healthdisorder. It is illuminating reading for peoplewith mental health problems, their families,and professional caregivers.Brian Adams first trainedas a baker, then worked inyouth and communityservices for many years.He has also been ajournalist and a conserva-tion officer, has run hisown small business, anddone much voluntarywork. He has sufferedfrom bipolar disordersince his mid-twenties.Starting and ending on the anniversary ofher son Nicholas? diagnosis, Jennifer Overtonuses key calendar events in the year toillustrate the roller coaster of emotions thataccompany life with Nicholas. Among manyepisodes, she describes the sadness onMother?s Day of parenting a child withouthugs and kisses, and her fear that while sheloves Nicholas unconditionally, the widerworld might not be so accepting. Snapshotsof Autism is a powerful account of the realityof raising an autistic child and puts a much-needed human face to autism amid all themyths that surround it.? ALSO OF INTERESTPlaying, Laughing andLearning with Childrenon the Autism SpectrumA Practical Resource ofPlay Ideas for Parentsand CarersJulia Moor1-84310-060-6pb $29.95? ALSO OF INTERESTCrackedRecovering AfterTraumatic Brain InjuryLynsey Calderwood1-84310-065-7pb $29.9514 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HEALTHJESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERSAsperger Syndrome in AdolescenceLiving with the Ups, the Downsand Things in BetweenEdited by Liane Holliday WilleyForeword by Luke JacksonJUNE256 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95ISBN 1-84310-742-2HealthAdolescence is a difficult time for anyteenager, but when you have AspergerSyndrome this time of life becomes allthe more challenging. Reflecting the viewsof parents, professionals and those withAsperger Syndrome themselves, this booktackles issues that are pertinent to allteenagers, such as sexuality, depression andfriendship, as well as discussing topics suchas disclosure and therapeutic possibilitiesspecific to those with Asperger Syndrome,making this an essential survival guide toadolescence.Liane Holliday Willey is adoctor of education, awriter, and researcher.Both she and her daughterhave Asperger Syndrome.Her previous books,Pretending to be Normaland Asperger Syndrome inthe Family, are alsoavailable in Canada fromUBC Press.Asperger Syndromeand Long-Term RelationshipsAshley StanfordJANUARY256 pages, 6 x 9?pb $29.95ISBN 1-84310-734-1HealthAshley Stanford hasworked as a technicalwriter for eleven yearsand has published manytechnical guides, teacherguides, parent guides andchildren?s activity books.Her husband and her twosons have AspergerSyndrome.Written by the wife of a man with AspergerSyndrome (AS), this book will provide theanswers to many of the questions askedby the increasing number of people in thatsituation. With great clarity and compassion,Ashley Stanford explains how behavioursthat may have appeared odd ? or evendownright irritating ? are the manifestationof AS, and shows how understanding canlead to change, or to greater tolerance. Sheprovides a wealth of strategies for livingsuccessfully with characteristics that cannotbe changed, pointing out that AS can alsobring enormous strengths to a relationship,and emphasizing the value of understanding.With the help of numerous quotes andstories from people in long-term AS relation-ships, the book describes many of thepositive solutions that have worked forother couples.? ALSO OF INTERESTLiving and Loving withAsperger SyndromeFamily ViewpointsPatrick, Estelle, andJared McCabe1-84310-744-9pb $29.95APRIL? ALSO OF INTERESTPretending to be NormalLiane Holliday Willey1-85302-749-9pb $27.95see page 3215 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CA? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HEALTHJESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERSGiggle Time ? Establishingthe Social ConnectionA Program to Developthe Communication Skillsof Children with Autism,Asperger Syndrome and PDDSusan Aud SondersGiggle Time is a step-by-step programfor parents, teachers and otherprofessionals to help develop the non-verbal, verbal and social reciprocityskills of children with autism. Itdescribes in accessible detail how tocommunicate with children with autismand gives clear instructions on ?how to?techniques for developing languageskills. Specifically addressing develop-mental delays, Giggle Time helps to laythe necessary framework for futurelanguage growth by turning the actionsthe child initiates into interactions withmeaning. This is a user-friendly guide,packed full of fun and child-centeredexercises that can be carried out athome or in the classroom.2002192 pages, 6 x 9 ??1-84310-716-3, pb $27.95Health/EducationBuster and the AmazingDaisyAdventures with AspergerSyndromeNancy OgazDaisy White was not crazy. Clumsymaybe, but definitely not crazy. In thisexciting adventure story, Daisy, who hasAsperger Syndrome, defeats her bulliesand overcomes her fears with the helpof Buster, a very special rabbit. All isgoing well until a terrible fate threatensDaisy?s new friend Cody. Will Daisy beable to gather her courage and specialtalents to save him?Buster and the Amazing Daisy is not justa humorous and engaging story. It alsogives readers an insight into the hopesand dreams, as well as the fears andfrustrations, of children with autismspectrum conditions.2002112 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??1-84310-721-X, pb $19.95Health/ChildrenThe Dragons of AutismAutism as a Source of WisdomOlga HollandWhen a child is diagnosed with autism,the parents? reaction is often one ofhopelessness and fear. Olga Hollandexperienced these emotions when herson Billy was diagnosed, but instead ofgiving up hope, she developed strate-gies that have made Billy better able tocope with life. She explains how workingwith autism?s many strengths has led toa better quality of life for all her family.Full of advice for everyday living andlong-term progress, The Dragons ofAutism is a positive and inspirationalread, and is illustrated with Billy?sdragons.APRIL208 pages, 6 x 9?1-84310-741-4, pb $29.95HealthExperiences of DonorConceptionParents, Offspring, and Donorsthrough the YearsCaroline LorbachFrom finding out you have an infertilityproblem, through considering whether ?and how ? to tell your children abouttheir conception, this thoughtful volumeprovides much-needed guidance andinformation. Drawing on the first-handexperiences of parents, offspring, anddonors, including the author?s own andher family?s story, this is a must read forall those concerned with the signifi-cance of advances in reproductivetechnology for society and the indi-vidual.MAY208 pages, 6 x 9?1-84310-122-X, pb $29.95HealthExposure Anxiety ?The Invisible CageAn Exploration of Self-ProtectionResponses in the AutismSpectrumDonna WilliamsExposure anxiety is increasinglyunderstood as a crippling conditionaffecting a high proportion of peopleon the autism spectrum. To many it isan invisible cage, leaving the personsuffering from it aware, but buried alivein their own involuntary responses andisolation.Exposure Anxiety ? The Invisible Cagedescribes the condition and itsunderlying physiological causes, andpresents a range of approaches andstrategies that can be used to combatit. Based on personal experience, thebook shows how people with autismcan be shown how to emerge from thestranglehold of exposure anxiety anddevelop their individuality.2002256 pages, 6 x 9?1-84310-051-7, pb $29.95HealthBuild Your Own LifeA Self-Help Guide for Individualswith Asperger SyndromeWendy LawsonAs someone with Asperger Syndrome,Wendy Lawson knows all about thesocial difficulties that accompany thecondition. Here she guides others onthe autism spectrum through theconfusing map of life, tackling thebuilding bricks of social existence oneby one. With insight and practicalsuggestions she looks at issues suchas the concept of ?self? and ?other,?the difficulty of ?putting on a face? andhow to deal with unwelcome changes,helping all those on the higher-functioning end of the autism spectrum,and those close to them, to get the bestout of a world that is often perplexing.JUNE160 pages, 6 x 9?1-84310-114-9, pb $27.95Health16 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATURALHISTORYUNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESSNatural GraceThe Charm, Wonder, andLessons of Pacific NorthwestAnimals and PlantsWilliam DietrichDrawings by Brenda CunninghamOlympic National ParkA Natural HistoryTim McNultyOn Washington?s Olympic Peninsula more than1,400 square miles of rugged mountains,richly forested river valleys, and pristinewilderness coast have been preserved asOlympic National Park. From rain forests withmore than 160 inches of annual precipitationto near-desert valleys, from rugged glacier-covered mountains to the wild Pacific coast,the park?s varied ecosystems feature anextraordinary range of plants and animals,including many species found nowhere elseon earth. This illustrated complete guidecovers geology, wildflowers and other plantlife, rain forest ecology, glaciers, wildlife,rivers, the Pacific coast, and visitor informa-tion.?Tim McNulty carries readers along with acombination of intimate knowledge andunbounded enthusiasm.?? Seattle Post-IntelligencerTim McNulty is a poet and nature writer who livesin the foothills of the Olympic Mountains.MARCH320 pages, 6 x 9?93 illus., 40 colour illus.pb $29.95ISBN 0-295-98300-0Natural History/GuidebooksFrom the interactive clockwork world ofgeology, tides, and Northwest weather, to thehidden roles of dirt and lichens, Pulitzer Prizewinner William Dietrich explores the naturalsplendours of the Pacific Northwest. His topicsinclude alder and cedar; jellyfish, geoducks,and killer whales; mosquitoes and spiders;gulls, and bald eagles; and sea otters,coyotes, possums, deer, and cougars.Not a field guide nor an environmental policybook, Natural Grace is intended as a primerfor people who are curious about the environ-ment they live in and the pressures upon it.?We only care about what we know,? says theauthor. ?I?ve concluded that enthusiasm andcommitment begin from learning just howmarvelous this region is: Passion has toprecede purpose.? Natural Grace is full ofboth passion and purpose and is vital readingfor anyone who experiences a sense ofwonder at the marvels of the natural world.William Dietrich is a writer for the Seattle Times?Pacific Northwest magazine. He won the PulitzerPrize for his coverage of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.FEBRUARY248 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??19 illus.pb $25.95ISBN 0-295-98293-4Natural HistoryRange of GlaciersThe Exploration and Surveyof the Northern CascadeRangeFred BeckeyIn this first comprehensive account of the19th-century exploration and survey of thenorthern Cascades, Fred Beckey presentsa wide range of materials from dozens ofarchives: voyagers? logs, trappers? yarns,agency and government documents, officialsurveys, tall tales, climbers? journals, andsober histories. The voices range fromwonder at the magnificence of the terrain,through frustration with the rigours of itsharsh conditions, to the often humorous andsometimes tragic anecdotes of daily life inwhat was still mostly unexplored wilderness.This wide-ranging study will be particularlyappealing to those interested in the waypeople approached wilderness areas duringa time of dynamic change in the PacificNorthwest. At the same time, it will be aninvaluable sourcebook for future historiesof the northern Cascades.Fred Beckey, a legend among mountain climbers,is also the author of a number of climbing guides.Oregon Historical Society PressFEBRUARY568 pages, 7 x 10?18 maps, 56 photoshc $59.95ISBN 0-87595-243-7Natural History/Northwest History17 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CA? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATURALHISTORYUNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESSPicturing French StyleThree Hundred Yearsof Art and FashionGay SeattleStories of Exile and BelongingIn 1893, the Washington State legislaturequietly began passing a set of laws thatessentially made homosexuality, and eventu-ally even the discussion of homosexuality,a crime. A century later Mike Lowry becamethe first governor of the state to address theannual lesbian and gay pride rally in Seattle.Gay Seattle traces the evolution of Seattle?sgay community in those hundred turbulentyears.Atkins? expertly rendered narrative reveals thecomplex process of claiming a civic life, andrecounts gays? and lesbians? multilayeredstruggle for social acceptance against theforces of state and city politics, the police,the media, and public opinion. Drawing onnumerous original interviews and casestudies, this book is the remarkable storyof how a previously hidden sexual minority?comes out? as a people and establishesa public presence in the face of tremendouschallenges from within and without.Gary Atkins is Associate Professor of communica-tion at Seattle University.APRIL464 pages, 6 x 9?44 illus.hc $39.95ISBN 0-295-98298-5Gay and Lesbian Studies/Northwest HistoryGary AtkinsPicturing French Style features works of artand fashion that highlight the special relation-ship between these two cultural forces inFrance. It explores the reciprocal influencesof art and fashion, and demonstrates thecollaborative spirit that continues to thrivetoday among designers and artists.Portraits beginning with the reign of Louis XIVreveal the details of 18th century fashion,while essays discuss the careers of Marie-Jeanne ?Rose? Bertin, Marie-Antoinette?sminister of fashion, and Charles FrederickWorth, often termed the father of hautecouture. Works by Rodin, Degas, Bonnard,C?zanne, Renoir, and Picasso, and gownsby Chanel, Ungaro, Givenchy, and Dior bringfashion through the 19th and 20th centuries,ending with the contemporary World Cupinstallation by Matthieu Manche and Dresson Wheels by Marie-Ange Guilleminot.Mobile Museum of Art2002226 pages, 8 ? x 11?146 illus., 123 in colorpb $59.95ISBN 1-893174-02-6Eighteenth-Century Art / FashionJill Berk Jiminez? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HISTORY ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/FASHIONWild By DesignTwo Hundred Years ofInnovation and Artistryin American QuiltsWild by Design explores the two-hundred-year-old American tradition of freewheeling,improvisational, often asymmetrical quilts,whose makers experimented boldly withdesign, colour, and pictorial motifs. Itexamines both the aesthetics and the socialhistory of quilts from the early 19th centuryto the present, including Amish, AfricanAmerican, and modern art quilts.Over fifty appliqu? and pieced quilts areillustrated, each accompanied by a livelydialogue that illustrates the varied dimensionsof quilts as aesthetic objects and as reflec-tions of the lives and societies of theirmakers. This multifaceted analysis of quiltssheds light on the histories of women,textiles, and American art and culture.Janet Berlo is Professor of art history at theUniversity of Rochester in New York. Patricia CoxCrews is Professor of textiles and Director of theInternational Quilt Study Center at the University ofNebraska?Lincoln.International Quilt Study Center at theUniversity of Nebraska?LincolnJUNE176 pages, 8 ? x 11?66 illus., 48 in colourpb $54.95ISBN 0-295-98309-4Textiles/Women?s StudiesJanet Catherine Berlo andPatricia Cox Crews18 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ARTUNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS HONG KONG UNIVERSITY PRESSInside the Floating WorldJapanese Prints from theLenoir C. Wright CollectionAllen HockleyThe Hong Kong BalletInside the Floating World presents an overviewof Japanese social history from the 17ththrough 19th centuries using images ofchildren, actors, courtesans, and landscape.The most eminent woodblock artists arefeatured, including Hiroshige, Hokusai, andUtmaro.In the last two decades, visual culture of ourown time has come under the scrutiny ofspecialists from such diverse disciplines asanthropology, sociology, film studies, psychol-ogy, comparative literature studies, and arthistory. Inside the Floating World affords aunique opportunity to bring these recentcritical approaches to bear on the historicaland aesthetic issues surrounding Japaneseprintmaking. The book serves as both anintroduction to and a serious explication of thesocial meanings imbedded in Japanese prints.Allen Hockley is Associate Professor of art historyat Dartmouth College. He is the author of ThePrints of Isoda Koryusai.Weatherspoon Art Museum2002102 pages, 9 x 12?120 colour illus.pb $54.95ISBN 0-295-98286-1Asian ArtThe work of Thomas Gainsborough lives onnot only in museums and stately homes butin reproductions and reflections of all kinds ?ceramics, cigarette cards, biscuit tins, fans,hats, films, and cartoons.These incidental objects and ephemera arepart of the history of Gainsborough?s art andinfluence. Naturally, his most iconic worksfeature strongly ? The Blue Boy and TheDucchess of Devonshire (once the mostexpensive picture in the world, dramaticallystolen and finally recovered by Pinkertonsdetective agency). Told for the first time inthis book, this is an important episode in thehistory of English and American taste.Hugh Belsey is Curator at Gainsborough?s Housein the artist?s home town of Sudbury, Suffolk.Christopher Wright is a collectibles expert.Paul Holberton PublishingMARCH32 pages, 6 ?  x 9 ??30 colour illus.pb $22.95ISBN 1-903470-08-0Art HistoryHugh Belseyand Christopher WrightSiu Wang-ngai has established himself as oneof the world?s foremost performance photog-raphers. In this stunning book, he turns histalent to the dynamic world of the Hong Kongballet. Vibrant colours and vivid photos recordthe full beauty of the performance moment,but also convey the dynamism of the dancersand their movements.Over the past few years, Siu has photo-graphed 25 different ballets from thecompany?s repertoire: among them, classicssuch as Swan Lake, Giselle, and The Nut-cracker Suite; Asian-themed dances such asButterfly Lovers and The Last Emperor, andsuch modern works as The Happenings andIn the School for Dolls. This book representsthe most striking and poignant of his photos,and will delight all who take pleasure in theart of both the ballet, and the camera.Siu Wang-ngai is a Fellow of the Royal Photo-graphic Society and photographer and co-authorwith Peter Lovrick of Chinese Opera: Images andStories (page 29).MARCH130 pages, 10 x 10?130 colour photoshc $69.95ISBN 962-209-618-2Photography/DanceSiu Wang-ngai? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/DANCE19 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CAOREGON STATE UNIVERSITY PRESSBirds of OregonA General ReferenceEdited by David B. Marshall, Matthew G. Hunter,and Alan L. ContrerasJUNE768 pages, 8 ? x 11?illus., mapshc $110.00ISBN 0-87071-497-XNatural HistoryDavid B. Marshall is abiologist and wildlifeconsultant who is widelyconsidered the preeminentauthority on Oregon birds.Matthew G. Hunter is aconsulting wildlifeecologist. Alan L.Contreras is pastpresident of the OregonField Ornithologists.? ALSO OF INTERESTNorthwest Birds inWinterAlan L. Contreraspb $29.950-87071-425-2Gathering MossA Natural and Cultural History of MossesRobin Wall KimmererMARCH176 pages, 6 x 9?line drawingspb $27.95ISBN 0-87071-499-6Natural History/Nature WritingRobin Wall Kimmerer isan associate professor inthe faculty of Environmen-tal and Forest Biology atthe State University ofNew York College ofEnvironmental Scienceand Forestry. She haspublished numerousarticles on the biologyand ecology of mosses,as well as articles ontraditional NativeAmerican knowledgeof the natural world.Gathering Moss is herfirst book.Birds of Oregon is the first completereference on Oregon?s birds to be publishedsince 1940. Five years in the making, thiscomprehensive volume includes individualaccounts for the 485 species now known tooccur in Oregon, including detailed accountsfor the 350 species that regularly occur andbriefer accounts for 135 species that areconsidered vagrants, wanderers, andaccidental in Oregon.While it describes the appearance and anyunique or special characteristics of eachspecies, Birds of Oregon is not a field guidefor identifying birds. Instead, it compiles andpresents in a single large volume what isknown today about the population status anddistribution of each species, as well as theirhabitat requirements and diet, their seasonalactivities and behavior, where and how theymight be found, and any conservationproblems.Although thoroughly supported with approxi-mately 4,000 literature citations, Birds ofOregon is written in non-technical languageand will appeal to a broad audience,including birders, wildlife biologists, landmanagers, conservationists, naturalists,hunters, and wildlife enthusiasts in general.Living at the limits of our ordinary percep-tion, mosses are a common but largelyunnoticed element of the natural world.Gathering Moss is a beautifully written mixof science and personal reflection thatinvites readers to explore and learn fromthe elegantly simple lives of mosses.Robin Wall Kimmerer?s book is not anidentification guide, nor is it a scientifictreatise. Rather, it is a series of linkedpersonal essays that will lead generalreaders and scientists alike to an under-standing of how mosses live and how theirlives are intertwined with the lives ofcountless other beings, from salmon andhummingbirds to redwoods and rednecks.Kimmerer artfully explains the biology ofmosses, while at the same time reflectingon what these fascinating organisms haveto teach us.?This is so much more than a book aboutmosses. This is a Native American womanspeaking. This is a mother?s story. This isscience revealed through the humanpsyche.?? Janisse Ray, author of Ecology of aCracker Childhood and Wild Card Quilt:Taking a Chance on Home? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATURALHISTORY20 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477WASHINGTON STATEUNIVERSITY PRESS UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA PRESSCaptured HonorPOW Survival in thePhilippines and JapanBob WodnikDining at the Lineman?sShackSmokechasingIn November 1945, former prisoner of warJack Elkins finds himself before a gatheringof people clamouring to hear his experiences.They want nice, neat stories of heroes whobeat the odds. They want ?blood withoutspatters? and death with dignity ? whileburned in his mind are images of Japaneseblood staining the bright azure of Manila Bay;of maggots assaulting the corpse of a fellowprisoner; of a mounting stack of boxesholding the ashes of captives cremated bythe Japanese.It was fifty years before Jack could tell hisstory, and he wasn?t alone. This book presentsthe stories of several POWs. Through abrilliant blend of narrative, dialogue, andletters, Wodnik depicts prison-camp life inunrelenting detail, and the courage ? andsuffering ? of the common soldier. In thewords of historian Stephen Balzarini, CapturedHonor is ?moving and unforgettable.? It is alsoa testament to the men who endured so muchfor their country.MAY192 pages, 6 x 9?photographs, maps, indexpb $30.95ISBN 0-87422-260-5Military History/American History?Smokechasing? is an American coinagedescribing the practice of sending firefightersinto the wild to track down the source ofreported smoke. In this book, Steven J. Pynetracks down more of the history and lore offire in a collection that focuses on wildlandfire and its management.In engaging and thought-provoking essays,Pyne ? a leading fire expert ? makes it clearthat humans and fire interact at particularplaces and times to profoundly shape theworld, and that understanding the contextsin which fire occurs can tell us much aboutour natural and cultural landscapes.  Fire?scontext gives it its meaning, and Smoke-chasing not only helps illuminate thosecontexts but also shows us how to devisenew contexts for tomorrow?s fires.Stephen J. Pyne is the author of several bookson fire, including World Fire and Fire: A BriefHistory om UBC Press). He is aprofessor in Arizona State University?s Biology andSociety Program.MARCH270 pages, 6 x 9?pb $30.95ISBN 0-8165-2285-5Natural History/Environmental StudiesStephen J. PyneMountain lion barbacoa. Margarita?s yamsouffl?. Pastel de Choclo, a.k.a. Rodeo Pie.And for dessert, perhaps, Miss Ruby Cup-cakes...In this quirky and sumptuous book, Westonevokes a fond remembrance of a bygone erathat moves from the Depression to wartime,with food as its foundation. Whether remem-bering his father?s occasional deer poachingor his community?s annual Goat Picnic,Weston laces his stories with actual recipes ?augmenting his instructions for roasted wildvenison with tips for preparing jerky.This tantalizing smorgasbord of memories,stories, and recipes is a wholly captivatingcommentary on American culture, both in anearlier time and in our own. Dining at theLineman?s Shack is a book that will satisfyany reader?s hunger for the unusual ? and abook to savour, in every sense of the word.John Weston is the author of six works of fiction,including Hail, Hero! and Goat Songs.APRIL225 pages, 6 x 9?pb $27.95ISBN 0-8165-2283-9Memoir/CookingJohn Weston? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/MILITARYHISTORY ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ENVIRONMENT ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/COOKING21 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CAUNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO PRESSClemThe Story of a RavenJennifer Owings DeweyMAY128 pages, 5 ? x 8?39 drawingspb $15.95ISBN 0-8263-3023-1Children/Natural History/ScienceJennifer Owings Deweyis a prolific writer andillustrator of children?sbooks, most recentlyAntarctica: A Journal ofDays.The Marrano LegacyA Contemporary Crypto-Jewish PriestReveals Secrets of His Double LifeTrudi AlexyForeword by Stanley M. HordesMARCH160 pages, 6 x 8 ??hc $35.95ISBN 0-8263-3055-XBiography/JudaicaTrudi Alexy is also theauthor of The Mezuzah inthe Madonna?s Foot:Marranos and OtherSecret Jews.When Jennifer Owings Dewey and herhusband adopted the orphaned raven theynamed Clem, he was six inches long, cold,wet, and ugly. They made him a nest in acardboard box lined with soft fabric, fedhim twelve times a day, and fell in love withhim. Eventually he learned to eat chocolateice cream, which he demanded every day.First published in 1986, Dewey?s straight-forward account of Clem?s first year,illustrated with her beautiful drawings, wonan award from the National Association ofScience Teachers as an Outstanding ScienceBook for Children. But any adult interestedin birds will enjoy these vivid observationsof one little corvid?s development and hisrelationships with other creatures in theDewey household, including a bull snake,a burrowing owl named Clyde, and theDewey family?s own daughter, Tamar.?The writing is precise and lucid and filledwith detail about the lives of birds andanimals.?? Hartford CourantTrudi Alexy and her family fled from Pragueto Paris and hid in Barcelona as hastilybaptized Catholics to escape the Holocaust.Fifty years later, when she set out torecapture her lost Jewish identity, shediscovered a spiritual kinship with themedieval Marranos who had survived theSpanish Inquisition by concealing theirJewishness.The Marrano Legacy comprises Alexy?se-mail correspondence with a man knownonly as Simon who has lived the hazardouslife of a Crypto-Jewish Catholic priest,providing protection to a large communityof secret Jews living as Catholics in a LatinAmerican nation. Chosen by his family tocarry on their Jewish traditions, Simonstruggles in his letters with his hidden selfand his sense of duty to his family, whileAlexy struggles to understand why hecontinues to carry the burden of secrecy.Clem by Jennifer Owings Dewey? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATURALHISTORY ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/JUDAICA22 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY PRESSThey Can?t Take That AwayFrom MeOdyssey of a POWRalph Rentz with Peter HriskoExposing ElectronicsRalph Rentz grew up in Lansdowne, Pennsylva-nia, with one dream: to be a professionalmusician. As a young man, he wanted no partof the looming conflict that would becomeWWII. At twenty-one, he joined the NationalGuard to avoid being drafted. Ten days later,he was called up for active duty. While on asecret mission in the Pacific, Rentz?s B-17 wasshot down over Malang, Java, where he andthe rest of the crew were captured andbecame Japanese POWs.They Can?t Take That Away From Me recountsnot only Rentz?s devastating three-and-a-halfyears of captivity, but also his involvement ina secret government mission that has neverbefore been revealed. Bittersweet andevocative, They Can?t Take That Away FromMe explores the irony of human resilienceamidst the atrocity of war, and in that survivalthe unconquerable loss of a man?s mostcherished dream.Ralph Rentz, 84, married his wife, Ellie, in 1991,and is currently at work on another book. PeterHrisko is a writer living in Los Angeles.MAY224 pages, 6 x 9?hc $38.95ISBN 0-87013-672-0Memoir/Military HistoryNow back in print, this American Book Award-winner is a multi-genre novel that includes aseries of nested stories about a tribalcommunity in Northern Minnesota.  Majorthemes include Oskinaway?s search for hisparents and the legal wrangling over thepossession of a leg that has been removedfrom a tribal elder. Each story is linked toprevious and successive stories to form adiscourse on identity and cultural appropria-tion, all told with humor and wisdom.?Heavy themes ? cultural identity, therewriting of history, mythmaking ? lurkeverywhere, waiting to go ponderous. ButHenry keeps The Light People nimble with asteady measure of humor and a deft hand,both quick and dangerous.?-? New York Times Book ReviewGordon Henry is Professor of English at MichiganState University. The Light People, his first novel,won the American Book Award in 1995.MAY226 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??pb $30.95ISBN 0-87013-664-XNative Studies/FictionGordon HenryA cathode-ray tube, a cardiac pacemaker,an integrated circuit ? these are the artifactsof the history of electronics. Even as museumpieces, however, they are able to provide uswith fresh insights into what is arguably thecore technology of the twentieth century.Exposing Electronics is a book for serioushistorians who want to look beyond theirusual documentary sources. But it is also foranyone who is intrigued by the electronicdevices that are woven into our culture (suchas J.A. Fleming?s valve, Earl Bakken?spacemaker, or the supercomputers ofSeymour Cray) and who sense that they havesomething to say about their own history.Sponsored by the Deutsches Museum,Munich; the Science Museum, London; andthe Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.APRIL216 pages, 9 ? x 7 3/8?64 b/w illus.pb $39.95ISBN 0-87013-658-5Technology/History of ScienceEdited by Bernard Finn, RobertBud, and Helmuth Trischler? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/MILITARYHISTORY ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATIVESTUDIES ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/TECHNOLOGY23 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CAUNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/JUDAICACelebrating the JewishHolidaysPoems, Stories, EssaysEdited by Steven J. RubinAPRIL448 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 ??illus.hc $54.95ISBN 1-58465-184-9Judaica/LiteratureSteven J. Rubin isProfessor of English andAssociate Dean of theCollege of Arts andSciences at AdelphiUniversity. He is theauthor of a criticalbiography of the AmericanJewish author MeyerLevin, and the editor oftwo previous anthologies:Writing Our Lives:Autobiographies ofAmerican Jews, 1890?1990 and Telling andRemembering: A Centuryof American JewishPoetry.2002256 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??hc $38.95ISBN 1-58465-282-9Fiction/Gay and LesbianStudiesSuzi Wizowaty lives withher longtime partner inBurlington, Vermont,where she is AssociateDirector of Northern NewEngland Tradeswomenand teaches writing at St.Michael?s College. This isher first novel.Celebrating the Jewish Holidays gathersJewish writing from the Middle Ages to thepresent relating to the six most celebratedJewish holidays (Sabbath, Rosh Hashanah,Yom Kippur, Hanukah, Purim, and Passover).This impressive volume brings togetherliterature from Europe, Latin America, theMiddle East, and North America, and rangesfrom memoir, to poetry, to short stories.Among many other, Steven J. Rubin includesworks by the medieval poets Yehuda Haleviand Solomon Ibn Gabirol; fiction by the greatYiddish-language authors Sholom Aleichem,I. L. Peretz,  and Isaac Bashevis Singer;autobiographical essays by Golda Meir,Theodor Herzl, and Elie Wiesel; and selec-tions from such well-known contemporaryAmerican-Jewish writers as AllegraGoodman, Grace Paley Cynthia Ozick,Marge Piercy, and Nathan Englander.Rubin?s informative introductory essaysdiscuss the cultural and historical signifi-cance of each holiday and give contextfor the individual literary selections. Thecollection also includes useful biographicnotes for all authors represented. Thismemorable book will be a perfect andvalued gift for any holiday through the year.Brandeis University PressThe Round BarnSuzy WizowatyIn a deft and satisfying debut, Suzi Wizowatyskillfully weaves multiple story lines, told ina variety of voices, around the acquisitionand relocation of a historic round barn bya museum in northern Vermont. With sympa-thy and insight, Wizowaty creates a rangeof characters ? men and women, gay andstraight ? who wrestle with the consequencesof frustrated desires.?Wizowaty?s spare and beautiful first novelis as elegant and finely wrought as (yes) around barn. It is a delightful homage to aNew England in transition, and to the peoplewho live there ? a Winesburg, Ohio forVermont.?? Chris Bohjalian, author of The BuffaloSoldier and Midwives?Imagine Virginia Woolf taking up residencein the new Vermont, and you begin toapprehend the delicious tensions thatvibrate through The Round Barn. This bookis ? boldly and usefully ? about sex, art,madness and death. New England is justlyfamous for never revealing such secretsas Suzi Wizowaty spills.?? Carolyn Cooke, author of The Bostons? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LITERATURE24 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLANDThe Art and Practiceof ExplosionA NovelG.F. MichelsenCurious New EnglandThe UnconventionalTraveler?s Guideto Eccentric DestinationsMammal Tracks and Signof the NortheastAlmost ten years after the event that firstbrought them together, three people arereunited in Paris: an American internationalaid worker turned arms dealer turned profes-sor of international relations; a Hungarianneurologist working on the nature of memoryand its physical manifestation in the brain;and a French marine archaeologist supportinghimself by consulting on movies requiringunderwater filming. A decade earlier, theyhad been among a group of hostages heldin South America by Indian revolutionaries.Reunited by a chance encounter, they travelto Alsace together for a holiday weekend.This captivating tale of their journey revealsthe ways in which circumstance, choice, andchance combine to shape their lives, andexplores the human desire to impose orderon existence through the storytelling nature ofmemory.G.F. Michelsen is the author of Hard Bottom,acclaimed by Publisher?s Weekly as ?a beautifullywritten, impeccably crafted book.? He teacheswriting at New York University.JUNE320 pages, 5 ? x 8 ??hc $38.95ISBN 1-58465-308-6FictionMammal Tracks and Sign of the Northeast isa field guide to the tracks of mammal speciesnative to the region that extends from NewEngland to eastern Canada. Simple to useand easy to carry, the book contains themost important information that a trackerwill need ? life-size illustrations of tracksand scat, gait patterns, trail width, specieshabitat, food sources, scat and urineinformation, breeding seasons, range maps,and special tracking tips. A unique dichoto-mous key allows trackers to identify eventhe most confusing track through a processof elimination. The highly detailed, to-scalepencil illustrations are indispensable aidsto accurate identification. This artistic andaccurately rendered guide is suitable forprofessional trackers, naturalists and wildlifeprofessionals, outdoor educators, hunters,and amateurs alike.Diane K. Gibbons is an accomplished naturalistand illustrator and has spent over twelve yearsstudying wildlife tracking with some of the besttrackers in the United States.MAY152 pages, 6 x 9?235 illus.pb $25.95ISBN 1-58465-242-XNatural HistoryDiane K. GibbonsNew England is truly a Cabinet of Curiosities,and this indispensable guide directs you toits most bizarre, off the wall, and unsettlingexhibits. Some evoke hilarity, some horror.Discover singing sand, glowing tombstones,ghostly squirrels, and a musical instrumentsaid to cause madness. Marvel at the mostmysterious manuscript in the world. Visit aminiature replica of the Holy Land or climbcarved stone steps leading ... nowhere.With precise directions, hours, and informa-tion, Curious New England points the way toall the tantalizing treats and terrifying treas-ures that remain tucked away in overlookedmuseums, private collections, and forgottenrecesses of this very special area.Joseph A. Citro is a novelist and commentator onVermont Public Radio. Diane E. Foulds is anauthor and journalist who has been a specialcorrespondent for The Washington Post.MARCH320 pages, 5 1/4 x 8 ??pb $27.95ISBN 1-58465-112-1TravelJoseph A. Citroand Diane E. Foulds? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/LITERATURE ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/NATURALHISTORY ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/TRAVEL25 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CAPLUTO PRESSStreet of Dreams ?Boulevard of Broken HeartsWall Street?s First CenturyHoward M. WachtelJUNE288 pages, 6 x 9?25 b/w photoshc $38.95ISBN 0-7453-1925-4American HistoryHoward M. Wachtel isProfessor of Economicsat American Universityand Fellow at theTransnational Institute,Amsterdam.  He has mademany appearances onradio and television  onCNN, National PublicRadio, the BBC, andelsewhere.The Greatest Sedition is SilenceFour Years in AmericaWilliam Rivers PittJUNE256 pages, 6 x 9?hc $38.95ISBN 0-7453-2010-4Current Events/PoliticsWilliam Rivers Pitt is anauthor and politicalanalyst from Boston, MA.He recently published Waron Iraq: What Team BushDoesn?t Want You toKnow, and his commentar-ies are regularly publishedby and manyother Web news outlets.? ALSO OF INTERESTThe Best DemocracyMoney Can BuyGreg Palast0-7453-1846-0hc $39.95This is the story of America?s most famousstreet, Wall Street. No other place is soinextricably linked to the nation?s history, thedevelopment of capitalism, and the dramatichighs and lows of the financial markets. Noother place has provoked such mythology,or has been the subject of so many dreamsand illusions.Howard Wachtel?s book provides a fascinat-ing account of the origins of this famousstreet. Exploring its development through theeighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and intothe twentieth century, he charts its dramatictransformation, offering a window on thepast that helps us understand how it becamethe center of world finance that we seetoday. Drawing on original archive research,and illustrated throughout with photographs,Street of Dreams ? Boulevard of BrokenHearts is a lively and informative narrativethat reads not only as a popular history ofone of America?s great icons, but also as acritical assessment of Wall Street?s role inthe political, economic, and cultural evolutionof the country.This controversial book is the work of oneof America?s most outspoken and talentednew journalists, William Rivers Pitt. Burningwith anger, he argues that, under George W.Bush, America makes a mockery of thevalues of liberty and truth that it purportsto stand for, and that it is now moreimportant than ever to speak out.In a series of astonishing revelations, RiversPitt makes the case that both the downfallof the Clinton administration, and theillegitimate installation of George W. Bushinto the presidency were engineered by agroup of Christian conservatives. In GeorgeW.?s America, he goes on to argue, Americahas in many senses lost its way. Citizens arecounselled to ?watch what they say? by theWhite House, just as questions of deadlyimport are ignored by the government andthe media. In their rush to defend ?liberty,?George Bush and his allies are actuallyendangering the freedom of the individual,as laid down in international law.Pitt's message is clear: seeking answersand demanding truth is not treasonous. Inthese dangerous days, with all that is atstake, the greatest sedition in America issilence.? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HISTORY ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/POLITICS26 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477PLUTO PRESSBacardiThe Hidden WarHernando Calvo OspinaTranslated by Stephen Wilkinson and Alasdair HoldenPreface by James Petras2002144 pages, 5 1/4 x 8 ??pb $30.95ISBN 0-7453-1873-8Current EventsHernando Calvo Ospinais a Colombian investiga-tive journalist.EcocideA Short History of the Mass Extinctionof SpeciesFranz Broswimmer2002224 pages, 5 1/4 x 8 ??pb $38.95ISBN 0-7453-1934-3Environment/Current EventsFranz Broswimmeris Research Specialist atthe Globalization ResearchCenter, University ofHawai?i, Manoa. Hisacademic fields ofexpertise includeenvironmental sociology,social theory, andglobalization.? ALSO OF INTERESTInvisible GiantCargill and ItsTransnational StrategiesBrewster Kneen0-7453-1958-0pb $29.95The Bacardi rum company is one of themost successful and recognizable brandsin the world. It spends millions on marketingitself as the spirit of youth and vitality. Butbehind its image as a party drink lies a verydifferent story.In this book, investigative journalistHernando Calvo Ospina brings to light thecommercial and political activities of theBacardi empire to reveal its role in fosteringthe 40-year-long confrontation between theUnited States and the revolutionary govern-ment of Cuba. Through meticulous research,Ospina reveals how directors and sharehold-ers of the family-owned firm have aggres-sively worked to undermine the Castrogovernment. He explores how they havebeen implicated in supporting paramilitaryorganizations that have carried out terroristattacks, and reveals their links to theextreme right-wing Cuban-American Founda-tion that supported Ronald Reagan's Contrawar in Nicaragua.Exploring the Bacardi empire?s links to theCIA, as well as its inside links with the Bushadministration, this fascinating accountshows how multinational companies act forpolitical as well as economic interests.We live in an age of ecocide. The ozonelayer is beginning to disintegrate. Since1970 the world?s forests have almosthalved. A quarter of the world?s fish havebeen depleted. Seventy percent of biologistsbelieve the world is now in the midst of thefastest mass extinction of species in theplanet?s 4.5 billion-year history. Biodiversityloss is rated as a more serious environmen-tal problem than the depletion of the ozonelayer, global warming, or pollution andcontamination.Ecocide: A Short History of the MassExtinction of Species examines the factsbehind the figures to offer a disturbingaccount of the ecological impact that thehuman species has on the planet. Highlight-ing important counter-movements who areworking for ecological democracy, thisunique book is essential for anyone whocares about conserving our environment forthe future.?Broswimmer?s compelling polemic shouldbe required reading for politicians andcaptains of industry everywhere... He pointsforward to a progressive politics andeconomics that truly could sustain Earth?sbounty while looking after its people.?? Charles Secrett, Director, Friends of theEarth? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/CURRENTEVENTS ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/ENVIRONMENT27 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CAPLUTO PRESSIsrael and Palestine: Out of the AshesThe Search for Jewish Identityin the Twenty-First CenturyMarc H. EllisJANUARY208 pages, 5 1/4 x 8 ??pb $35.95ISBN 0-7453-1956-4Judaica/Middle Eastern StudiesMarc H. Ellis is UniversityProfessor of Americanand Jewish Studies andDirector of the Center forAmerican and JewishStudies at BaylorUniversity.Seeds of HateHow America?s Flawed Lebanon PolicyIgnited the JihadLawrence PintakJUNE352 pages, 5 1/4 x 8 ??hc $35.95ISBN 0-7453-2043-0Middle Eastern Studies/PoliticsLawrence Pintak isa veteran foreigncorrespondent who hasreported from more than40 countries. As CBSNews Middle Eastcorrespondent in the1980s, he covered thebirth of modern Islamicterrorism in Beirut. Hewrites frequently onterrorism, the MiddleEast, and SoutheastAsia for a variety ofpublications.As the world watches with horror at theevents unfolding in Palestine and Israel,Marc Ellis, a Jewish American scholar,examines what he sees as a crisis pointin Jewish identity. Ellis offers a vision ofJudaism that testifies to an ethical life inour era, based on the principles of justiceand community upon which the Jewish faithwas founded. Only by addressing how thoseoriginal principles are being squandered bya militarized state of Israel and a complicitJewish establishment in America, he argues,can there be hope for peace in the future.Israel and Palestine: Out of the Ashes isa deeply personal, philosophical accountof contemporary Jewish identity. Lookingbeyond the legacy of the Holocaust andthe portrayal of Jews as either victims orpersecutors, Ellis forges a new vision ofwhat it means to be Jewish today.?Marc Ellis has demonstrated great courage,integrity, and insight in the very importantwork he has been doing for years. It hasbeen an inspiration for all of us.?? Noam Chomsky?Marc Ellis is a brilliant writer, a deeplythoughtful and courageous mind.?? Edward SaidIn the aftermath of 9/11, America has beenhaunted by one question: Why do they hateus? This book is an attempt to answer thatquestion, tracing the roots of the crisis backto American involvement in the Middle East,and Lebanon in particular. JournalistLawrence Pintak was a correspondent forCBS in Beirut in the 1980s, where hewitnessed the birth of the current ?terror?:its tactics were honed there. In Seeds ofHate, he explores how America?s flawedpolicy in the Lebanon transformed Muslimperceptions of the US ? from impartialpeace-keeper to hated enemy of theLebanese Muslims.Based on Pintak?s earlier and much-acclaimed book Beirut Outtakes, firstpublished in 1987, Seeds of Hate shouldbe required reading for anyone who wantsa deeper understanding of how and why therelationship between America and the MiddleEast is now more volatile than ever.? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/JUDAICA ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/CURRENTEVENTS? ALSO OF INTERESTHizbu?llahPolitics and ReligionAmal Saad-Ghorayeb0-7453-1792-8pb $29.95see page 3428 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY PRESSThe Philip Larkin I KnewMaeve Brennan2002256 pages, 6 x 9?pb $38.95ISBN 0-7190-6276-4Biography/LiteratureMaeve Brennan held thepost of sub-librarian in theBrynmor Jones Library atthe University of Hull from1973 to 1985, havingheld other posts since1953.The Rise of the NazisConan Fischer2002224 pages, 8 ? x 5 ??pb $28.95ISBN 0-7190-6067-2European History/World War IIConan Fischer isProfessor of ModernEuropean History at theUniversity of Strathclyde.The Philip Larkin I Knew traces the author?sclose friendship with the poet and stretchesover a thirty-year period. It reveals Larkinin a new light ? courteous, compassionate,generous; a man of deep sensitivity andcharm ? with a natural sense of fun andinstinctive wit; in contrast to the gloomyand somewhat objectionable portrait thathas emerged since his death.An intimate friend for three decades, MaeveBrennan testifies to Larkin's idealism,romanticism, and otherworldliness, qualitiesthat inspired his lyrical poems but that arenot readily associated with Larkin?s publicpersona. As his professional colleague, shewas well placed to observe Larkin?s signifi-cant contribution to librarianship, in particu-lar the planning and direction of one ofBritain?s first post-war libraries.This is a unique memoir of the poet; theauthor?s love affair with Larkin is interwovenwith their shared professional interests andhis literary achievements. An appendix of55 letters, of which only three have beenpreviously published between Larkin and theauthor corroborates the text. It is the firsttime both sides of Larkin?s correspondencehave appeared side by side.How and why did the Nazis seize powerin Germany?  Nearly seventy years on, thequestion remains heated and importantdiscoveries continue to challenge long-standing assumptions. In this new editionof The Rise of the Nazis, Conan Fischertakes stock of the current debates andconcludes that certain orthodoxies requireradical rethinking.What lent Nazi ideology its coherence andcredibility?  What distinguished the Nazis?program from their competitors? and howdid they project it so effectively?  How wasHitler able to put together and fund anorganization so quickly and effectively that itcould launch a sustained assault on Weimar?Who supported the Nazis and what weretheir motives? Where, precisely, doesNazism belong in the history of Europe?These are the questions at the heart ofFischer?s excellent study, in which he offersa superb examination of Nazism, its context,and its supporters.? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/BIOGRAPHY ? WWW.UBCPRESS.CA/HISTORY29 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CABACKLIST BESTSELLERSThe Birds of BritishColumbia: Volume 4PasserinesR. Wayne Campbell,et al.2001, $125.00, hc0-7748-0621-4Butterflies of BritishColumbiaCrispin S. Guppyand Jon H. Shepard2001, $95.00, hc0-7748-0809-8Couture andCommerceAlexandra Palmer2001, $65.00, hc0-7748-0826-8Ancient Peopleof the ArcticRobert McGhee2001, $24.95, pb0-7748-0854-3The First Nationsof British ColumbiaAn AnthropologicalSurveyRobert J. Muckle1998, $19.95, pb0-7748-0663-XDeath So NobleMemory, Meaning, andthe First World WarJonathan Vance1999, $22.95, pb0-7748-0600-1Food Plantsof CoastalFirst PeoplesNancy Turner1995, $25.95, pb0-7748-0533-1Food Plantsof InteriorFirst PeoplesNancy Turner1997, $25.95, pb0-7748-0606-0Citizens PlusAboriginal Peoples andthe Canadian StateAlan Cairns2001, $25.95, pb0-7748-0768-7At the EdgeSustainableDevelopment in the21st CenturyAnn Dale2002, $24.95, pb0-7748-0837-3BorderlandsHow We Talk aboutCanadaW. H. New1998, $19.95, pb0-7748-0659-1British ColumbiaPlace Names,Third EditionG.P.V. and Helen B.Akrigg1997, $19.95, pb0-7748-0637-0Geography of BritishColumbiaPeople and Landscapesin TransitionBrett McGillivray2000, $39.95, pb0-7748-0785-7Haida MonumentalArtVillages of the QueenCharlotte IslandsGeorge F. MacDonald1983, $60.00, pb0-7748-0484-XBats of BritishColumbiaR. Mark Brigham andDavid W. 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Garciaand Oscar Sola, eds.2000, $32.95, pb0-7453-1700-635 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CAAUTHOR/TITLE INDEXAAaronson  Taking Trade to the Streets 11Adams  Pits and the Pendulum, The 13Adventure Cambodia 34Afghanistan?s Endless War 32Agenda-Setting Dynamics in Canada 7Akrigg  British Columbia Place Names 29Alexander  Combating Terrorism 11Alexy  Marrano Legacy, The 21Along the Silk Road 32Amphibians and Reptiles of the Great    Lakes Region 31Anatomy of a Conflict 7Ancient People of the Arctic 29Andrew  Ice Chronicles, The 33Armstrong  Halifax Explosion and the Royal    Canadian Navy, The 29Art and Practice of Explosion, The 24Art of the Loom, The 32Aruri  Palestinian Refugees 34Ask the Bugman 33Asperger Syndrome and Long-Term    Relationships 14Asperger Syndrome in Adolescence 14Asperger Syndrome in the Family 31Asperger?s Syndrome 12At Home with the Bella Coola Indians 6At the Edge 29Atkins  Gay Seattle 17Attwood  Asperger?s Syndrome 12Awe for the Tiger, Love for the Lamb 4Ayer III  Boreal Ties 33BBacardi 26Banfield  Sondheim?s Broadway Musicals 31Banham  Not the Slightest Chance 6Barker  At Home with the Bella Coola Indians 6Barney  Prometheus Wired 30Basinger  Silent Stars 33Bats of British Columbia 29Bauer  Open the Door 9Beckey  Range of Glaciers 16Belsey  Gainsborough Pop 18Berlo  Wild by Design 17Best Democracy Money Can Buy, The 34Beyond September 11 34Birds of BC, Volume 4 29Birds of Oregon 19Birds of the Yukon Territory 1Black  Out of the Mist 31Blocksma  Great Lakes Nature 10Borderlands 29Boreal Ties 33Brennan  Philip Larkin I Knew, The 28British Columbia Place Names 29Broswimmer  Ecocide 26Brouwer  Modern Women Modernizing Men 7Buddhism Explained 34Build Your Own Life 15Buster and the Amazing Daisy 15Burns  Saga of Billy the Kid, The 33Butterflies of BC 29CCahalan  Edward Abbey 33Cairns  Citizens Plus 29Cameron  Street Protests and Fantasy Parks 30Campbell  Birds of BC, Volume 4 29Cannings  Introducing the Dragonflies    of BC and the Yukon 8Captain Cook?s World 32Captured Honor 20Carlton  Churchill and the Soviet Union 34Carter  Education of Little Tree, The 33Celebrating the Jewish Holidays 23Chan  Robert Mugabe 9Che 34Chinese Opera 29Churchill and the Soviet Union 34Citizens Plus 29Citro  Curious New England 24Civic Literacy 33Clark  Growth and Governance of Canadian    Universities 34Clem 21Cohen  Training the Excluded for Work 6Cole  This Blessed Wilderness 30Combating Terrorism 11Cook  No Place to Run 30Cooley  Unholy Wars 34Corrigan  Miao Textiles from China 32Cost of Climate Policy, The 5Couture and Commerce 29Coyotes and Town Dogs 33Craig  Global Goes Local 5Curious New England 24DDalby  Kimono 32Dale  At the Edge 29Daly  Done into Dance 33Death So Noble 29Dene Spruce Root Basketry 8Dietrich  Natural Grace 16Dining at the Lineman?s Shack 20Done into Dance 33Dragons of Autism, The 15Drees  Indian Association of Alberta, The 7Dunn  Insects of the Great Lakes Region 31EEarly French Cookery 10Eating an Artichoke 31Ecocide 26Education of Little Tree, The 33Edward Abbey 33Ellis  Israel and Palestine: Out of the Ashes 27Embroidery from India and Pakistan 32Eriksen  Tyranny of the Moment 34Experiences of Donor Conception 15Exposing Electronics 22Exposure Anxiety 15FFarallon 33Ferber  Mes Confitures 34Finn  Exposing Electronics 22Fire 32First Do No Harm 3First Nations of BC 29Fischer  Rise of the Nazis, The 28Fling  Eating an Artichoke 31Food Plants of Coastal First Peoples 29Food Plants of Interior First Peoples 29Ford  Killer Whales 30Ford  Transients 31Forestry and the Forest Industry in Japan 7Fraser Gold 33Freaks, Geeks, and Asperger Syndrome 12Friedman  Planning the New Suburbia 30Frontier World of Edgar Dewdney 29GGainsborough Pop 18Galois  Voyage to the Northwest Coast    of America 6Galtung  Searching for Peace 34Garcia  Che 34Gasher  Hollywood North 30Gathering Moss 19Gay Seattle 17Geography of BC 29Gibbons  Mammal Tracks and Sign    of the Northeast 24Giggle Time 15Gilkey  Winter Twigs 33Global Goes Local 5Goodson  Afghanistan?s Endless War 32Gorillas among Us 33Granoff  Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place 6Great Lakes Nature 10Greatest Sedition is Silence, The 25Griffin  Reaping the Whirlwind 34Grover  Unforgiving Coast, The 32Growth and Governance of Canadian    Universities 6Guppy  Butterflies of BC 29HHaida Monumental Art 29Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian    Navy, The 2936 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477Halpin  Totem Poles 31Hamzeh  Refugees in Our Own Land 34Hard Drive to the Klondike 32Harding  Amphibians and Reptiles    of the Great Lakes Region 31Harding  Video Activist Handbook, The 34Harris  Making Native Space 5Hart  Trading Nation, A 4Hecht  Art of the Loom, The 32Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem 31Henry  Light People, The 22Hitchhiking through Asperger Syndrome 31Hizbu?llah 34Hobnobbing with a Countess and Other    Okanagan Adventures 30Hockley  Inside the Floating World 18Holland  Dragons of Autism, The 15Hollywood North 30Hong Kong Ballet, The 18Hoofed Mammals of BC 30Hoover  Nuu-chah-nulth Voices, History,   Objects, and Journeys 31Hunter  Lawren Stewart Harris 32IIce Chronicles, The 33Impact of War on Children, The 30In the Long Run We?re All Dead 6Incorporating Social Goals in the Classroom 31Indian Association of Alberta, The 7Insects of the Great Lakes Region 31Inside the Floating World 18Integrity Gap, The 6Introducing the Dragonflies of BC    and the Yukon 8Israel and Palestine: Out of the Ashes 27Issenman  Sinews of Survival 30Iwai  Forestry and the Forest Industry    in Japan 7JJaccard  Cost of Climate Policy, The 5Jackson  Freaks, Geeks, and Asperger    Syndrome 12Jacobson  Adventure Cambodia 34Jeffrey  Sex and Borders 7Jimenez  Picturing French Style 17John Coltrane 31Johnson  Taxing Choices 7Johnston  War of Patrols, A 2Jones  Hobnobbing with a Countess and    Other Okanagan Adventures 30KKeyser  Plains Indian Rock Art 30Killer Whales 30Kimmerer  Gathering Moss 19Kimono 32Kurta  Mammals of the Great Lakes Regions 31LLachnit  Ask the Bugman 33Lambert  Sea Cucumbers of BC, Southeast    Alaska, and Puget Sound 30Lambert  Sea Stars of BC, Southeast    Alaska, and Puget Sound 30Landscaping for Wildlife in the Pacific    Northwest 32Law Commission of Canada  New    Perspectives on the Public-Private Divide 6Law Commission of Canada  Personal    Relationships of Dependence and    Interdependence in Law 7Lawren Stewart Harris 32Lawson  Build Your Own Life 15Lee  Integrity Gap, The 6Lewis  In the Long Run We?re All Dead 6Light People, The 22Link  Landscaping for Wildlife in the Pacific    Northwest 32Llloyd  Farallon 33Lorbach  Experiences of Donor Conception 15Lourie  Sakharov 33Lundmark  Quirky Qwerty 34MMa  Along the Silk Road 32MacDonald  Haida Monumental Art 29Machel  Impact of War on Children, The 30Making Native Space 5Making Salmon 32Mammals of the Great Lakes Region 31Mammal Tracks and Sign of the Northeast 24Marie  Dene Spruce Root Basketry 8Marrano Legacy, The 21Marshall  Birds of Oregon 19McClellan  My Old People Say Vol 1 31McClellan  My Old People Say Vol 2 31McGhee  Ancient People of the Arctic 29McGillivray  Geography of BC 29McLaren  Regulating Lives 7McNulty  Olympic National Park 16Merrill  Odyssey of Homer, The 31Mes Confitures 34Messages from Frank?s Landing 32Miao Textiles from China 32Michelsen  Art and Practice of Explosion, The 24Mighetto  Hard Drive to the Klondike 32Mills  Buddhism Explained 34Milner  Civic Literacy 33Modern Women Modernizing Men 7Momaday  Way to Rainy Mountain, The 33Moyes  Incorporating Social Goals in the    Classroom 31Muckle  First Nations of BC 29My Old People Say Volume 1 31My Old People Say Volume 2 31NNagorsen  Bats of British Columbia 29Natural Grace 16New  Borderlands 29New Perspectives on the Public-Private Divide 6No Place to Run 30Nonverbal Learning Disabilities at Home 32Not the Slightest Chance 6Nuu-chah-nulth Voices, History, Objects    and Journeys 31OOctavio Paz 33Odyssey of Homer, The 31Ogaz  Buster and the Amazing Daisy 15Olympic National Park 16Open the Door 9Ortiz  Out There Somewhere 33Ospina  Bacardi 26Out of the Mist 31Out There Somewhere 33Overton  Snapshots of Autism 13Owings Dewey  Clem 21PPaine  Embroidery from India and Pakistan 32Palast  Best Democracy Money Can Buy, The 34Palestinian Refugees 34Palmer  Couture and Commerce 29Pepper in Our Eyes 30Perras  Stepping Stones to Nowhere 6Personal Relationships of Dependence and    Interdependence in Law 7Philip Larkin I Knew, The 28Picturing French Style 17Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place 6Pintak  Seeds of Hate 27Pits and the Pendulum, The 13Plains Indian Rock Art 30Planning the New Suburbia 30Plant Technology of First Peoples of BC 30Plummer  Eating an Artichoke 31Plummer  Helping Children to Build    Self-Esteem 31Porter  John Coltrane 31Preece  Awe for the Tiger, Love for the Lamb 4Pretending to be Normal 32Prince-Hughes  Gorillas among Us 33Prometheus Wired 30Pue  Pepper in Our Eyes 30Punter  Vancouver Achievement, The 6Pyles  Hitchhiking through Asperger    Syndrome 31Pyne  Fire 32Pyne  Smokechasing 20AUTHOR/TITLE INDEX37 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CAQQuirky Qwerty 34RRange of Glaciers 16Reaping the Whirlwind 34Reed  Taking Stands 6Refugees in Our Own Land 34Regulating Lives 7Rentz  They Can?t Take That Away from Me 22Restoration of the Great Lakes 7Rise of the Nazis, The 28Rivers Pitt  Greatest Sedition is Silence, The 25Robert Mugabe 9Robson  Captain Cook?s World 32Roots  Special Places 30Round Barn, The 23Rubin  Celebrating the Jewish Holidays 23Rutherdale  Women and the White Man?s God 7Ryan  Trickster Shift, The 31SSaad-Ghorayeb  Hizbu?llah 34Saga of Billy the Kid, The 33Sakharov 33Satterfield  Anatomy of a Conflict 7Sayer  Textiles from Mexico 32Scraton  Beyond September 11 34Scully  Early French Cookery 10Sea Cucumbers of BC, Southeast Alaska,    and Puget Sound 30Sea Stars of BC, Southeast Alaska,    and Puget Sound 30Seabrook  Travels in the Skin Trade 34Searching for Peace 34Seeds of Hate 27Sex and Borders 7Shackleton  Hoofed Mammals of BC 30Silent Stars 33Silk in Africa 32Sinclair  Birds of the Yukon Territory 1Sinews of Survival 30Siu  Hong Kong Ballet, The 18Siu  Chinese Opera 29Smithsonian Book of North American    Mammals, The 30Smokechasing 20Snapshots of Autism 13Sonders  Giggle Time 15Sondheim?s Broadway Musicals 31Soroka  Agenda-Setting Dynamics in Canada 7Special Places 30Spring  Silk in Africa 32Sproule-Jones  Restoration of the    Great Lakes 7Stanford  Asperger Syndrome and Long-Term    Relationships 14Stavans  Octavio Paz 33Stepping Stones to Nowhere 6Sterne  Fraser Gold 33Street of Dreams 25Street Protests and Fantasy Parks 30Sullivan  First Do No Harm 3TTaking Stands 6Taking Trade to the Streets 11Tanguay  Nonverbal Learning Disabilities    at Home 32Taxing Choices 7Taylor III  Making Salmon 32Textiles from Mexico 32They Can?t Take That Away from Me 22This Blessed Wilderness 30Titley  Frontier World of Edgar Dewdney 29Tollefson 34Totem Poles 31Trading Nation, A 4Training the Excluded for Work 6Transients 31Travels in the Skin Trade 34Trickster Shift, The 31Turner  Food Plants of Coastal First Peoples 29Turner  Food Plants of Interior First Peoples 29Turner  Plant Technology of First Peoples    of BC 30Tyranny of the Moment 34UUnforgiving Coast, The 32Unholy Wars 34VVance  Death So Noble 29Vancouver Achievement, The 6Video Activist Handbook, The 34Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America 6WWachtel  Street of Dreams 25War of Patrols, A 2Way to Rainy Mountain, The 33Weston  Dining at the Lineman?s Shack 20Wild by Design 17Wilkinson  Messages from Frank?s Landing 32Williams  Exposure Anxiety 15Willey  Asperger Syndrome in Adolescence 14Willey  Asperger Syndrome in the Family 31Willey  Pretending to be Normal 32Wilson  Smithsonian Book of North American    Mammals, The 30Winter Twigs 33Wizowaty  Round Barn, The 23Wodnik  Captured Honor 20Women and the White Man?s God 7AUTHOR/TITLE INDEXZZakin  Coyotes and Town Dogs 3338 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477ANTHROPOLOGYAnatomy of a Conflict 7At Home with the Bella Coola Indians 6Travels in the Skin Trade 34ARTGainsborough Pop 18Haida Monumental Art 29Inside the Floating World 18Lawren Stewart Harris 32Magic Leaves, The 31Out of the Mist 31Plains Indian Rock Art 30Totem Poles 31Trickster Shift, The 31Wild by Design 17ASIAN STUDIESGlobal Goes Local 5Hong Kong Ballet, The 18Inside the Floating World 18Not the Slightest Chance 6Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place 6Sex and Borders 7BC STUDIESBats of British Columbia 29Birds of BC, Volume 4 29British Columbia Place Names 29Butterflies of BC 29First Nations of BC 29Fraser Gold 33Frontier World of Edgar Dewdney 29Geography of BC 29Hobnobbing with a Countess and    Other Okanagan Adventures 30Hollywood North 30Hoofed Mammals of BC 30Introducing the Dragonflies of BC    and the Yukon 8Killer Whales 30Making Native Space 5Sea Cucumbers of BC, Southeast Alaska,    and Puget Sound 30Sea Stars of BC, Southeast Alaska,    and Puget Sound 30This Blessed Wilderness 30Transients 31Vancouver Achievement, The 6BIOGRAPHYChe 34Done into Dance 33Edward Abbey 33Open the Door 9Philip Larkin I Knew, The 28Robert Mugabe 9Saga of Billy the Kid 33Sakharov 33CHILDRENBuster and the Amazing Daisy 15Clem 21Education of Little Tree, The 33COOKINGDining at the Lineman?s Shack 20Early French Cookery 10Mes Confitures 34CRAFTS AND TEXTILESArt of the Loom, The 32Dene Spruce Root Basketry 8Embroidery from India and Pakistan 32Miao Textiles from China 32Silk in Africa 32Textiles from Mexico 32Wild by Design 17CULTURAL STUDIESAwe for the Tiger, Love for the Lamb 4Global Goes Local 5Quirky Qwerty 34Tyranny of the Moment 34CURRENT EVENTSBacardi 26Best Democracy Money Can Buy, The 34Beyond September 11 34Cost of Climate Policy, The 5Combating Terrorism 11Ecocide 26First Do No Harm 3Greatest Sedition is Silence, The 25Palestinian Refugees 34Reaping the Whirlwind 34Refugees in Our Own Land 34Searching for Peace 34Taking Trade to the Streets 11Unholy Wars 34DANCEDone into Dance 33Hong Kong Ballet, The 18EDUCATIONGiggle Time 15Growth and Governance of Canadian    Universities 6Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem 31Nonverbal Learning Disabilities at Home 32ENVIRONMENTAt the Edge 34Cost of Climate Policy, The 5TITLE INDEX BY SUBJECTCoyotes and Town Dogs 33Ecocide 26Ice Chronicles, The 33Integrity Gap, The 6Making Salmon 32Restoration of the Great Lakes 7Smokechasing 20FASHIONCouture and Commerce 29Picturing French Style 17FILMHollywood North 30Silent Stars 33Video Activist Handbook, The 34FORESTRYAnatomy of a Conflict 7Forestry and the Forestry Industry in Japan 7Taking Stands 6GAY AND LESBIANGay Seattle 17Round Barn, The 23GENDER STUDIESModern Women Modernizing Men 7Sex and Borders 7Taxing Choices 7Women and the White Man?s God 7HEALTHAsperger Syndrome and Long-Term    Relationships 14Asperger Syndrome in Adolescence 14Asperger Syndrome in the Family 31Asperger?s Syndrome 12Build Your Own Life 15Buster and the Amazing Daisy 15Dragons of Autism, The 15Eating an Artichoke 31Experiences of Donor Conception 15Exposure Anxiety 15First Do No Harm 3Freaks, Geeks, and Asperger Syndrome 12Giggle Time 15Hitchhiking through Asperger Syndrome 31Pits and the Pendulum, The 13Pretending to be Normal 32Snapshots of Autism 13HISTORY ? MARITIMEBoreal Ties 33Captain Cook?s World 32Farallon 33Unforgiving Coast, The 32Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America, A 639 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.UBCPRESS.CAHISTORY ? MILITARYCaptured Honor 20Death So Noble 29Halifax Explosion and the Royal    Canadian Navy, The 29No Place to Run 30Not the Slightest Chance 6Stepping Stones to Nowhere 6They Can't Take That Away from Me 22War of Patrols, A 2HISTORY ? WORLD AND GENERALModern Women Modernizing Men 7Range of Glaciers 16Regulating Lives 7Rise of the Nazis, The 28Street of Dreams 25Trading Nation, A 4Women and the White Man's God 7JUDAICACelebrating the Jewish Holidays 23Israel and Palestine: Out of the Ashes 27Marrano Legacy, The 21LAWNew Perspectives on the Public-Private Divide 6Personal Relationships of Dependence and    Interdependence in Law 7Regulating Lives 7Taxing Choices 7LITERATUREArt and Practice of Explosion, The 24Awe for the Tiger, Love for the Lamb 4Borderlands 29Light People, The 22Octavio Paz 33Odyssey of Homer, The 31Out There Somewhere 33Philip Larkin I Knew, The 28Round Barn, The 23Way to Rainy Mountain, The 33MIDDLE EASTERN STUDIESAfghanistan's Endless War 32Hizbu'llah 34Israel and Palestine: Out of the Ashes 27Palestinian Refugees 34Reaping the Whirlwind 34Refugees in Our Own Land 34Seeds of Hate 27MUSICChinese Opera 29John Coltrane 31Open the Door 9Sondheim's Broadway Musicals 31TITLE INDEX BY SUBJECTNATIVE STUDIESAncient People of the Arctic 29At Home with the Bella Coola Indians 6Dene Spruce Root Basketry 8Education of Little Tree, The 33Food Plants of Coastal First Peoples 29Food Plants of Interior First Peoples 29Haida Monumental Art 29Indian Association of Alberta, The 7Magic Leaves, The 31Making Native Space 5My Old People Say Vol 1 31My Old People Say Vol 2 31Nuu-chah-nulth 31Out of the Mist 31Plains Indian Rock Art 30Plant Technology of First Peoples of BC 30Sinews of Survival 30Totem Poles 31Trickster Shift, The 31Way to Rainy Mountain, The 33NATURAL HISTORYAmphibians and Reptiles of the Great    Lakes Region 31Bats of British Columbia 29Birds of BC, Volume 4 29Birds of Oregon 19Birds of theYukon Territory 1Butterflies of BC 29Clem 21Food Plants of Coastal First Peoples 29Food Plants of Interior First Peoples 29Gathering Moss 19Gorillas among Us 33Great Lakes Nature 10Hoofed Mammals of BC 30Insects of the Great Lakes Region 31Introducing the Dragonflies of BC and    the Yukon 8Killer Whales 30Landscaping for Wildlife in the Pacific    Northwest 32Mammals of the Great Lakes Region 31Mammal Tracks and Sign of the Northeast 24Natural Grace 16Olympic National Park 16Plant Technology of First Peoples of BC 30Range of Glaciers 16Sea Cucumbers of BC, Southeast Alaska,    and Puget Sound 30Sea Stars of BC, Southeast Alaska,    and Puget Sound 30Smithsonian Book of North American    Mammals, The 30Special Places 30Transients 31Winter Twigs 33PHOTOGRAPHYChe 34Chinese Opera 29Hong Kong Ballet, The 18PLANNINGPlanning the New Suburbia 30Vancouver Achievement, The 6POLITICS AND PUBLIC POLICYAgenda-Setting Dynamics in Canada 7At the Edge 29Best Democracy Money Can Buy, The 34Citizens Plus 29Civic Literacy 33Combating Terrorism 11Cost of Climate Policy 5First Do No Harm 3Greatest Sedition is Silence, The 25Hizbu'llah 34In the Long Run We're All Dead 6Integrity Gap, The 6Pepper in Our Eyes 30Prometheus Wired 30Restoration of the Great Lakes 7Seeds of Hate 27Sex and Borders 7Street Protests and Fantasy Parks 30Taking Trade to the Streets 11Trading Nation, A 4Training the Excluded for Work 6REFERENCEAsk the Bugman 33Video Activist Handbook, The 34RELIGIONBuddhism Explained 34Modern Women Modernizing Men 7Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place 6Women and the White Man's God 7World Within Me, The 15SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYClem 21Exposing Electronics 22Prometheus Wired 30Quirky Qwerty 34SOCIOLOGYTraining the Excluded for Work 6TRAVELAdventure Cambodia 34Curious New England 2440 ORDER FROM  uniPRESSES TEL: 1 877 864 8477SALES AND ORDERING INFORMATIONCONTACT USUBC PressThe University of British Columbia2029 West MallVancouver, BCCanada  V6T 1Z2Phone: 604.822.5959 or 604.822.9462 (marketing)Fax: 1.800.668.0821 or 604.822.6083E-mail: info@ubcpress.caExamination Copies:Elizabeth Whitton, Academic Marketing ManagerPhone: 604.822.8226 or 1.877.377.9378E-mail: whitton@ubcpress.caReview Copies:Requests should be submitted on official letterhead to:Jessica Metters, Reviews CoordinatorFax: 604.822.6083For up-to-date information on UBC Press, thepublishers we represent, and our titles, please visitour website at Armstrong AvenueGeorgetown ONL7G 4R9Phone: 905.873.9781 or 1.877.864.8477Fax: 905.873.6170 or 1.877.864.4272Email: orders@gtwcanada.comUSAUniversity of Washington PressP.O.Box 50096Seattle, WA 98145-5096USAPhone: 1.800.441.4115; 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Stacey Award, Canadian Committeefor the History of the Second World WarA Trading NationCHOICE Outstanding Academic Title for 2002SHORTLISTEDThe Birds of British Columbia: Volume 4 ? PasserinesShortlisted, Roderick Haig-Brown RegionalPrize, BC Book PrizesWhen the Plumes RiseShortlisted, Harold Adams Innis Prize,Humanities and Social SciencesFederation of CanadaFlexible CrossroadsShortlisted, Harold Adams Innis Prize,Humanities and Social SciencesFederation of CanadaPUBLISHERS REPRESENTEDWORLDWIDECanadian Forest ServiceLaval University Press (English Language Books)Royal British Columbia MuseumSierra Legal Defence FundWestern Geographical PressPUBLISHERS REPRESENTED IN CANADACanadian Museum of CivilizationHong Kong University PressJessica Kingsley PublishersKITLV PressManchester University PressMichigan State University PressNational Gallery of AustraliaOregon State University PressPluto PressSilkworm PressUniversity of Arizona PressUniversity of Michigan PressUniversity of New Mexico PressUniversity of Washington PressUniversity Press of New EnglandUniversity of New South Wales PressWaanders PublishersWashington State University PressWesleyan University PressClio Award for Ontario, CanadianHistorical AssociationTom Fairley Award for EditorialExcellence, Editors? 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