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Brand-Building In A Bowtie : A Presidential Perspective Ono, Santa Jeremy 2018-09-28

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BRAND-BUILDING IN A BOWTIEA Presidential PerspectiveP RO FE S S O R S AN T A  J .  O N O ,  P RE S I DE N T  AN D  V I CE - CH AN CE LLO R2ABOUT MEMcGill University  Harvard University  University of ChicagoUniversity of Cincinnati  Emory University  Harvard UniversityEducationClass of 1991·PhD ·Experimental MedicineHelen Hay Whitney FellowClass of 1984 ·BA ·Biological SciencesPrevious WorkPresident,  Sr.Vice President for Academic Affairs & UniversityProvostSr.Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education &Academic Affairs  Associate Professor,Harvard Medical SchoolResearch Focus Immune system, eye inflammation and age-related macular degeneration3SOCIAL SANTA4CONNECTOR-IN-CHIEF“… communicator, coach, problem solver. While others in your organization can also fill those roles, there’s one critical job only a CEO can do: link the outside world (society, economy, technology, customers) with the inside world (your organization).” - Procter & Gamble Chairman A.G. Lafley (2009) 5CONNECTOR-IN-CHIEFFACULTYALUMNIDONORS STUDENTSSTAFFPARENTSPRESIDENTLOCALGOVERNMENTPROV.GOVERNMENTFEDERALGOVERNMENTPREMIERPROSPECTIVEFACULTYPROSPECTIVESTUDENTSINDIGENOUSPEOPLESLOCALBUSINESSESPARENTS OFPROSPECTIVESTUDENTS67SOCIAL MEDIA USE BY AGE GROUP (%)8SOCIAL MEDIA IN HIGHER EDUCATION9SNAPSHOT: UNIVERSITY LEADERS & SOCIAL MEDIA• Facebook accounts: 58%• Twitter: 55%• Blogs: 35%10CHALLENGES• PERSONAL VS PROFESSIONAL- who are you speaking for?• VULNERABILITY - easy access to complaints• LOSS OF ANONYMITY - life is now very public• VANDALISM- vulnerable to attacks, parody11PERSONAL VS PROFESSIONAL1213VULNERABILITY14LOSS OF ANONYMITY15VANDALISM16POSITIVESCOMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT - ability to connect with many different constituentsBUILDING EXCITEMENT- impact on enrolment, engagement, pride in UBCDIALOGUE - discussing issues17ENGAGEMENT18ENGAGEMENT19BUILDING EXCITEMENT20DIALOGUE21222324252627282930PRESIDENT’S PODCAST SERIESNEW PODCAST EVERY MONTHwith Santa Ono and Jennifer Gardywww.blueandgoldcast.caSubscribe Now31BUILDING BRAND AND COMMUNITY“There’s an amazing difference between building an AUDIENCE and building a COMMUNITY. An audience will watch you fall on a sword. A community will fall on a sword for you.” - Chris Brogan, Trust Agents32AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP• To thine own self be true.• Bringing our true selves into our leadership role. 33AUTHENTIC INSTITUTIONAL BRAND• To thine own institution be true.• Defining the authentic attributes and offerings of your institution.34UBC BRAND WHEEL35Dr. Haakon Nygaard, Professor, Alzheimer’s ResearchLearn how we’re shaping the future at ourpotential.caThe potential is yours.TAXI CANADA INC 515 Richards Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z5 T: 604 683 8294 F: 604 683 6112CLIENT UBCUBC181004BC_Potential_Is_Yours_BC Business APPROVALSART DIRECTOR/DESIGNER:WRITERMAC ARTISTPRODUCERPROOFREADERCLIENT / ACCOUNT MANAGERCREATED 241/08/2018TRIM 7.875" x 10.875" CREATIVE Adam/ Erich ACCOUNT RuanLIVE 7.25" x 10.125" MAC ARTIST Roger PRODUCER ScottBLEED 8" x 11.025" INSERTION DATE(S) DD/MM/YYYY AD NUMBERCOLOURS  CYANI MAGENTAI YELLOWI BLACKI PMS XXXIPUBLICATION(S) BC Business MagazineREVISION # RX 3 REVISION DATE DD/MM/YYYY PRINTED SCALE 100%All colours are printed as process match unless indicated otherwise. Please check before use. In spite of our careful checking, errors infrequently occur and we request that you check this proof for accuracy. TAXI’s liability is limited to replacing or correcting the disc from which this proof was generated. We cannot be responsible for your time, film, proofs, stock, or printing loss due to error.@ubcprezpresidents.office@ubc.cahttp://www.president.ubc.ca


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