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[Pulse : UBC President’s Update] Ono, Santa Jeremy 2017-08-14

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 at the point where concept meets connectionubc vancouver campuschange beginsat the point  of possibility,  new knowledgesee the possibilityUBC’s entrepreneurial spirit infuses curriculum design, funding opportunities,  and operations in order to make big ideas happen. estimated value of sales of products, treatments and services incorporating ubc discoveriesventures that  have registered in entrepreneurship@ubc  (e@ubc) programsUBC technologies have formed the basis of 199 spin-off companiesco-follow on money in  funded ventureslean launch pad venturespatents filed each year (all countries)$11b750+199$42m121200+explore togetherCollaboration extends the  path of where we can go.  UBC welcomes diverse perspectives in exploring  the farthest reaches of  human knowledge. ranked “north america’s most international university” by times higher education (2016)formal partnership agreements with over  300 universities and research institutions in more than 50 countriesubc research centres, institutes and interdisciplinary organizationsresearch projects with industry partnersresearch contracts  and agreements  with government  and non-profits1300+95+1,3261,172at the point of collaboration, discoveryat the point  of mastery,  breakthrough reach your potentialUBC offers exceptional opportunities to members of  its community—be they  student, faculty, staff, alumni,  or partner—to reach their greatest potential.nobel prize winnersamong current or former faculty and alumni:olympic medals won by  varsity athletes rhodes scholars, one rhodes scholars in the last five years royal society of  canada memberscanadian prime ministers, including current prime minister justin trudeau 765692083global impactWe connect you to innovative learning, world-class expertise, strategic partnerships and a global network.TRIUMF’s cyclotron particle accelerator, located on UBC’s Vancouver campus, is the largest in the world. Since its first beam in 1974, the cyclotron has provided unique research opportunities for scientists at UBC and from around the world. More than 350 scientists, engineers  and staff now work year round at the centre, joined by over  500 national and international visiting researchers. TRIUMF serves as a key broker for Canada in global research  in particle, nuclear, and accelerator physics.UBC Professor William Rees argued—long before it  became popularly accepted —that the world has a  finite bio-capacity to sustain  the human population.  He originated the ecological footprint analysis (EFA)— a framework that describes  the amount of productive land needed to support a given population—and coined the term ‘ecological footprint.’  His work inspired well-known ‘spin-off’ terms such as ‘carbon footprint’ and ‘water footprint.’Dr. Julio Montaner, UBC faculty member and pioneering HIV researcher, led the innovation of a highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). This combination therapy effectively stops HIV’s disease progression to AIDS.In 1997, UBC Department  of Computer Science faculty member Murray Goldberg perfected his World Wide Web Tools or WebCT invention. The web-based learning platform revolutionized e-learning.  The platform is a world leader  in online teaching with more  than 800 universities utilizing the platform. Michael Smith, a distinguished researcher at UBC, won the Nobel Prize for his development of the technique of site-directed mutagenesis, which allows  the DNA sequence of any gene  to be altered in a designated manner. Today, the Michael Smith Laboratories at UBC is  an award-winning leader in cross-disciplinary research led by internationally recognized faculty whose work continues to build on Dr. Smith’s legacy.  stories: from concept to connectionat ubc your idea can go beyond concept to world-changing connectiontogether, we can create a better worldubc okanagan campusconnect with ubc and president ono @ubc | @ubcprez universityofbc | ubcprez @universityofbc | @ubcprez ubc.caWhile UBC is a hothouse for creativity, we also connect students  and faculty with one another and to the broader global community.  We nurture (and recruit) highly qualified people and actively  partner with private and social sectors to translate ideas into action.  UBC is leading in transforming the possibilities of today into the  reality of the future.”  — Professor Santa Ono,President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of British Columbia“at its simplest,  innovation is  conception-plus- connection. 


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