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The Power of Diversity : Better decisions? Better outcomes? Ho, Kendall; Mahtani, Minelle; Steel, Daniel; Strehlke, Tina


Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by UBC Equity and Inclusion Office. We now know that overemphasizing “fit” in hiring or team formation presents a number of challenges, including, inevitably, around decision-making, and the potential of it leading to “groupthink”. But beyond this, what are other ways in which bringing in diverse voice can impact decision-making and outcomes more broadly? How does involvement of diverse voices help inform social and system changes? Diversity contributes to creativity and holds potential to enhance innovation within different fields by bringing in different perspectives and experiences. It also drives everyone to confront the biases of their own expectations. Bringing in diverse individuals is beyond simply being “the right thing to do” – it is essential to creating a better world. However, diversity alone is not enough – an inclusive culture must be in place to ensure a thriving environment.

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