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Beyond #MeToo and #IWill: Changing Workplace Culture Finlay, Sara-Jane; Avola, Ryan; MacFarlane, Fiona; Krish, Chantelle; Berdahl, Jennifer


Webcast sponsored by the Iving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by alumni UBC with Equity and Inclusion. #MeToo. #IWill. Awareness is important, but how do we move beyond hashtags and words to making substantive change to the workplace experience for women? It seems every day new accusations of harassment come to the fore – from Hollywood to Wall Street to Commercial Drive. In response, thousands of women have posted “#metoo” on social media, indicating that they too have been sexually assaulted or harassed. Men have since responded with #IWill, signaling their individual commitment to take action in order to prevent such events happening in their midst. The #metoo campaign demonstrates just how pervasive the everyday sexual harassment of women is. But what next? How can we change what seems to be an accepted way of treating women? How can we improve the workplace and what concrete role can each and every one us play in helping to do so? How do we go beyond awareness to actual – and more permanent – change? Join us for a panel discussion as we examine this timely and pervasive issue and explore options for moving forward. This event is open to all members of the public and seeks to foster thoughtful dialogue on this important issue. We hope that participants walk away with broadened perspectives and inspired with ideas to help make change happen in their communities. Speakers: Prof. Jennifer Berdahl, Sauder School of Business, The University of British Columbia (TBC) Fiona MacFarlane, Managing Partner and Chief Inclusiveness Officer, Ernst & Young, LLP (TBC) Chantelle Krish, Associate Director, Communications and Advocacy, YWCA (TBC) Moderator Sara-Jane Finlay, PhD, Associate Vice-President, Equity & Inclusion Office, The University of British Columbia

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