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Africa Awareness Week Conference 2015 Abrahams, Cecil, keynote speaker


Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by Africa Awareness Initiative. Africa Awareness's Conference Week is the flagship event of Africa Awareness Initiative and is hosted annually in the second week of January at the University of British Columbia. Conference Week has historically been a meeting place of great minds, purposes, and movement. It is a culmination point of what we do as Africa Awareness Initiative, and a vehicle to display the African Continent in its entire splendour. In this week, the conference explores the theme of trans-formative leadership by fostering progressive dialogues, intellectual discussions and celebrations of artistry, by engaging passionately with the continent by inspiring conversations surrounding leadership. Honouring the cultural inclusiveness of the Museum of Anthropology, the opening ceremony is an evening that formally introduces Conference Week, highlighted by the giving of a Keynote speech. A night filled with cultural dance and artistry truly an inspired introduction to trans-formative leadership. The Keynote speech is given by Dr. Cecil Abrahams a native of South Africa and a prominent opponent of Apartheid. Having been a colleague of Nelson Mandela in the African National Congress, Dr. Abrahams has had a wealth of experience in battling injustice and actualizing transformative leadership.

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