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National School Library Day : The Place and Space for Canadian Children's Literature in Our Lives and Libraries DeVries, Maggie; Hare, Jan, 1965-; Saltman, Judith; Tosa, Yukiko


Why should we care about Canadian Children’s literature in our lives and libraries? Is Canadian identity critical in a digital, global, pop culture world? Do parents, teachers, teacher-librarians, librarians and young people really care whether they read Canadian or not? Join with our panel presenters as they discuss these questions and more. Maggie DeVries will offer her perspective as a writer for children who has situated both her fiction and non-fiction in BC. Jan Hare will comment as a First Nations scholar and Associate Professor of Indigenous Education at UBC. Yukiko Tosa will provide insights into public and school library collections in her role as head of Britannia Community School Library. Judith Saltman will conclude with remarks based on her research as a Canadian children’s literature scholar.

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