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alumni UBC100 What’s Next? : William Shatner : The Curious Life Shatner, William; Forbes, Fiona


Great things happen when our brightest minds have the freedom to explore. When we pursue our unique interests, the resulting collective capacity for innovation is limitless. The issues of the future will require these creative solutions as the need to build connections between people, nations and disciplines has never been greater. On May 28th, UBC closed out the Centennial year with some great minds providing perspectives on topics of the future. Curiosity propels both research and learning, the very things that UBC is known for. As students, we have the freedom to indulge our curiosity, but as we head off into the world, we often abandon it in favour of security. What does it mean to live with a spirit of curiosity? Join iconic Canadian actor William Shatner as he shares stories about the fascinating places his curiosity has led him, and the possibilities that await us if we follow our own. Following his talk, Mr. Shatner will answer questions from the audience.

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