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Strenghtening Leadership in Community Health Nursing and Collaborative Partnerships Etowa, Josephine B., 1965-


In today's complex dialogues of an ever changing health care system, nursing leaders are being required to think and work across boundaries; both to build collaborative visions and to accomplish those visions together through joint goal setting and active pursuit of those goals. Having stakeholders share commonalities of purpose have been associated with productive environment and positive health outcomes, which rightly serve the common good of Canadians. And there are reasons to believe that collaborative partnerships are effective strategies for promoting health outcomes, especially in community-based efforts. What is equally important to effective collaborative partnership is the leadership necessary to promote and sustain it. This includes leaders who have a passion for change and expertise in politics, policy making and implementation as well as communication. This keynote lecture will examine and discuss various aspects of the kind of leadership needed in community health nursing and effective collaborative partnerships including the processes, activities, and relationships necessary deal with the challenge of collaboration. It will use current research to uncover the conditions that inhibit or hinder collaborative leadership in community health and the characteristics of successful collaborative leaders. The speaker will conclude with a discussion of the vital role that community health nurses may play in promoting innovation in community health practice and collaborative leadership.

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