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World Poetry 24 Hour Peaceathon Sawyer, Ariadne; Antonias, Tony; James, Candace


World Poetry initiated a 24 hour Peaceathon on September 21 at the New Westminster Public Library, thanks to the inspiration of Adisa AJA Andwele, believing that 24 hour hours of powerful peace focus would make a difference in the world. World Poetry has been promoting peace through peace gift poems, events by poets in different countries, a free Peace E-book, Four International Peace and Human Rights Festivals , peace poems to the John Lennon Tower and many other venues. The 24 hour Peaceathon included all ages and all countries. Created by Ariadne Sawyer and Alejandro Mujica-Olea in 1997, the World Poetry foundation strives to recognize multicultural and multilingual poets and writers who have written in more than 100 languages spoken in Canada. The foundation has connected with over 500 poets, musicians, and writers from sixty-four countries of origin in the Lower Mainland alone, and boasts a strong Canadian and First Nations component. Co-founder Adriadne Sawyer and musician Laura Kelsey were hosts for the New Westminster World Peaceathon on September 21.

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