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Innovation city : Is Vancouver poised to make a quantum leap? Johnson, Lisa; Brownell, Vern; Laberge, Michel; Hoffman, Jennifer; Bagger, Jonathan, 1955-


Entrepreneurs at companies like Slack and Hootsuite have put Vancouver’s $23 billion high tech industry on the map. But building the economy of tomorrow—not to mention a utopian, Star Trek future—means taking a step beyond the digital. We need fundamental leaps in computing power, clean energy, and smart materials. Now a new set of innovators and disruptors are setting up shop in Vancouver, looking to harness the extremes of physics to build tomorrow’s technologies. Join us as we chat with leaders at Vancouver quantum computing start-up D-Wave, magnetized target fusion pioneer GeneralFusion, and UBC’s world-renowned Quantum Matter Institute. These local, award-winning teams are on the long path in pursuit of game-changing solutions—warpdrive, transporters and holo-decks might be closer than we think.

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