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Master Mind Master Class with Mohamed Fahmy Fahmy, Mohamed


Notable Egyptian-Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy has spent his career in conflict zones covering major stories for outlets including New York Times and CNN. However, in December 2013, during his time as Egypt Bureau Chief of Al Jazeera International, Fahmy made international headlines when he and two colleagues were arrested by Egyptian authorities and charged with falsifying news and conspiring with the banned fundamentalist group, the Muslim Brotherhood. He was incarcerated for 438 days alongside ISIS terrorists and jihadists, during which time Egypt’s government faced mounting pressure to release the three journalists. In September 2015, the government pardoned Fahmy, allowing him to return to Canada, where he joined UBC’s School of Journalism for a term as a visiting professor. How did his incarceration change him personally as well as his views on media control and press freedoms? What role did diplomatic relations play in this case?

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