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Technology and the academic librarian : emerging, merging, and changing the game Dymarz, Ania; Hendrigan, Holly; Thorne, Laura; Fields, Erin; Ure, Lindsay; White, Nicole


Flexible learning; virtual campus infrastructure, open access, open learning, open data, open textbooks, (open everything!)’ MOOCs, LOOCS! What does it all mean for academic librarians? Do place and physical presence matter or is good technology enough? This December come share your strategies, questions, and innovations related to these new models for higher education. We are looking for speakers who have something to say about our shifting landscape and how we are adapting to it. Is your institution embracing a new model for instruction? How has your library been involved in developing or supporting new ways of delivering services and information to our students, staff and faculty? Are we doing a good job of adapting? Sessions and speakers: • Online Instruction: Keeping it Personal -- Ania Dymarz, Life Sciences Librarian (SFU) • Teaching via Skype: The Rashomon Effect -- Holly Hendrigan, Liaison Librarian for Education and Arts & Social Sciences (SFU) • To Use or Not To Use: Should Academic Libraries be Using Web 2.0 Tool to Engage Students and Faculty? -- Laura Thorne, Learning Services Librarian (UBC-O) • Web Literacy Standards and Open Badges -- Cynthia Ng, Accessibility Librarian (Langara) • Experimenting with Shifting Sands: UBC Library's Localized Open Online Course (LOOC) Partnership -- Erin Fields, Teaching & Learning Librarian (UBC) • Flexible Learning Support for a First Year Business Course -- Lindsay Ure, Business Liaison Librarian (UBC) • Qualitative Data Analysis Support for Researchers -- Nicole White, Head, Research Commons (SFU)

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