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Public Symposium On Endangered Languages: On Endangered Languages, Digital Technologies and Archives Galla, Candace; Nathan, David; Turin, Mark; Tallio, Clyde


Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by the UBC Museum of Anthropology. Chair: Kate Hennessy. Panelists: Candace Galla, David Nathan, Mark Turin, Clyde Tallio. As documentary and archiving technologies rapidly change, we ask: What role does the digital play in the preservation––or conversely, the loss––of documentary media? What uses and reuses of language documentation are appropriate and who, ultimately, are the beneficiaries of these documentary initiatives? Has digital technology facilitated community access and control of language archives and served the ongoing project of endangered language revitalization? How might this be either complicated or enlivened by the politics and practices of digital circulation and remix?

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