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Japan is Back: Abe, Governance, Abenomics, and Abe Foreign Policy Kojo, Yoshiko; Kume, Ikuo; Tiberghien, Yves; Uchiyama, Yu


Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Discussants: KOJO Yoshiko (Univ of Tokyo); KUME Ikuo, (Waseda Univ/Institute of European Studies, UBC); Yves TIBERGHIEN (IAR, UBC); UCHIYAMA Yu (Univ of Tokyo). How will Shinzō Abe take advantage of his recent electoral victory to move forward with his domestic and international agendas? Informed experts, including six distinguished Japanese analysts, will consider the prospects for Abe economics, for constitutional reform, and for relations with regional powers.

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