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Public Symposium On Endangered Languages: Documenting Language and the Gitxsan Project Shaw, Pat; Wilson, Louise; Harris, Barbara; Jensen-Fisk, Cynthia; Grant, Larry


Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by the UBC Museum of Anthropology. Chair: Tyler Peterson. Panelists: Pat Shaw, Louise Wilson, Barbara Harris, Cynthia Jensen-Fisk, Larry Grant. In recent decades there has been a flurry of language documentation, maintenance, and revitalization initiatives. In this session we engage in the ongoing discussion of the ways these initiatives can be developed and directed. Using the Gitxsan project as a starting point, this entails touching on issues surrounding language community involvement, the linguist-speaker research relationship, community-led language activities, and the sustainability of long-term projects. We will also extend this discussion by asking: What are the ethical and creative boundaries of what we might call a ‘traditional’ language documentation and/or maintenance project?

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